Adrian Loveridge - Hotelier

Adrian Loveridge – Hotelier

Currently before Parliament are the Barbados Tourism Product Authority and Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc bills. Not surprisingly, considering the protracted time it has taken so far getting legislation to this stage, many industry partners may have forgotten about them altogether.

Given the infrequent holding of Parliament, the late starts, early finishes, extended lunch periods and volume of non-constitutional subjects discussed, whether it is now realistic to have the required readings of these bills in both houses and passed into law by the stated 2nd April 2014 date seems rather ambitious.

The Barbados Tourism Authority as we have known it will cease to exist and replaced by the two new entities. What does this mean? Will some current employees be severed and if so how many? Government’s stated moratorium, ‘no new hiring’ will surely limit staffing the new statutory corporations. So what is the plan?

Reading through the documentation contained on the Parliament’s website, it would also appear that all the substantial debt of the present Barbados Tourism Authority will be transferred to one or both new companies. How will this impact on budgets and spending? Are there now to be two boards with two Chairman, two Deputy Chairman, two Presidents/CEO’s, two luxury SUV vehicles, multiple first class travel allowances, two administration offices etc., and what will become of the current ‘consultants’ employed by the BTA after the transition? Will either or both organisations be mandated to operate on performance based criteria and obliged to publish their annual audited accounts on a timely basis.

So many unanswered questions!

Again, we have heard quoted in the media that this winter has so far been an ‘exceptional’ one. Hopefully these latest predictions will in fact transpire as the vast majority of others made over the last year simply proved to be just wishful thinking. February is traditionally one of the most important months of the entire year, especially in terms of occupancy, length of stay and higher room rate revenue.

In February 2013 we recorded our second lowest number of long stay visitor arrivals during the last decade.  A total of 48,870 persons which represented a decline of 9.6 per cent, when compared with the same month in 2012! Therefore any increase in February 2014 of anything less than 5,186 long stay visitors will represent another dismal performance. When you factor the lower numbers in December 2013 and slightly higher ones in January 2014, there is still an overall accumulated deficit of almost 4,800 people to make up for in the first two months of this peak season.

We have the advantage of a late third week April Easter this year, but even with this there is another massive 6,605 additional stay-over visitor needed in the last two months of the winter, on top of the near 4,800 mentioned above to achieve last year’s figures. With the closure of Sandals Barbados on 1st April and up to 280 rooms out of use, compounded by reduced airlift, it becomes close to unattainable in recouping that possible 11,000 visitor shortfall.

So I really caution our policymakers in releasing any ‘good news’ prematurely, before there is any clear evidence of recovery.

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  1. Somehow to me it does not matter how many ways they split responsibilities or how many new agencies are created, the issue of staffing with the appropriate types will remain, There has to be a place where all high priced bureaucrats go after they die, where “You can check in anytime you like but you can never leave ..”

    As for performance based criteria .. they would think that an impertinent ask …!

    How much do the CEO’s of the Enterprise Growth Fund and Fund Access make … Impertinent questions
    Why was Sandiford sent to China in the first place … Impertinent question
    What really is the significance to Black and other non-White Barbadians of a Parliament that happens to be 375 years old … Absolutely impertinent question

    • @Baffy

      If the political faithful and cabals are to be believed we cannot asked the hard questions, we the people must know our place to avoid the label of impertinence. Here is another question: why did the Central Bank announce the rollout of the death of the one cent only to announce that it will be conducting a study on the impact on businesses.

  2. Your kidding right Baf, the 375 year old parliament is what investors call proven product stability.
    People feel a lot more secure about their money with a motto like …Pride and Industry, …..than…. Pass the Bong

  3. @ David that is a very impertinent question ..

    @ Lawwon proven stability for investors but what of the general citizenry who should by now be aware of its legacy of dashed promises ..? … another Impertinent question

  4. The bid to create two government controlled organizations to carry out functions that have since the mid 90s been done by one government controlled organization is absolute madness.

    These are the kinds of ignorancies that many citizens in Barbados must seriously use their power to stop once and for all.

    That is why we shall continue to say it that the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country must help bring an end to evil wicked TAXATION in this country, and must help to usher in replacements for it.

    For these intellectually and politically bankrupt and discredited DLP and BLP governments continue to take for granted that they will be able indefinitely to subject the remunerations (nominal) of the same broad masses and middle classes and too the remunerations (nominal) of the main wealth and property owning class to anti-people anti-industry anti-productive fascist TAXATION, what ever the existing levels of consciousness knowledge that most members of these so-called classes have – or do not have – concerning the fact that TAXATION is CRIMINAL THEFT, that is EVIL, and that it must be ABOLISHED.

    Thus, also, these evil wicked governments falsely erroneously believe that they can continue to STEAL ROB the relevant people of countless portions of the remunerations, and whereupon doing so, use the money proceeds in many cases to help create and represent many instances, or NOT, of horrific horrible squandermania ( Greenland Landfill, GEMS project, the Princess Alice Bus Terminal, the Eagle Hall market, the former Sherbourne Conference Centre, etc) and too to wickedly saddle, or NOT, the people in Barbados with projects and buildings they NEVER from the start had the financial means to maintain the remunerations of their main occupiers/users, operators or service providers either.

    But they are absolutely wrong!!

    For TAXATION will eventually be Abolished and the proper property transfer service systems necessary to help realize the government coming fairly by money and revenue put in place.

    Moreover, the role of the government in the tourism industry, or any other industry for that matter of this country, must be very limited to maximum respect for the income and property rights of citizens and other people in this country and to what it is actually putting in and getting out of the particular industry.

    So, while it is true and proper for the government to play a significant role in the regulation and marketing of aspects of the tourism sector of this country, it is absolutely idiotic for it to be seeking to create two more organizations that it does not from the outset have the financial means in the short or long term to support or maintain the remunerations of the members of them and the remunerations of persons or entities providing products or services to them – and too notwithstanding such stark alarming deficiencies at a time when already, in ways unrelated to those deficiencies however, it does not have any hotels, villas, condominiums, fine dining restaurants, etc operating in this country enough for the PDC to say that it is a genuine substantial contributor to stakeholder in the industry; which in any case it should only be in control of a few hotels, villas, condominiums, for primary purposes of accommodating any foreigners here to do business with the government; for primary purposes of accommodating local or foreign delegates to major international or national conferences conventions held at the government controlled hotels themselves or at any other hotels or conference facilities; and for primary purposes of locals staycationing at.

    Anyhow, Down with the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP!!


    • Didn’t we just witnessed Bermuda doing away with their tourism board and absorbing oversight via central government?

  5. @ David,
    “Here is another question: why did the Central Bank announce the rollout of the death of the one cent only to announce that it will be conducting a study on the impact on businesses”………………………….

    I heard a lady on the 7.30 news purporting to be the advisor to the Governor…………when I shook my head, no wonder this economy is in so much trouble! They have made a bone headed decision to scrap the one cent and now has to do the research on its impact on businesses. Good Lord! You dont know but you go ahead and implement the decision. A relative of mine was at a store in Sheraton on Saturday and the store clerk said she was not accepting or giving cents.

    Just like when VAT was introduced, businesses up their prices and then added on VAT, so will businesses do now, up the cents and it will be the consumers who will lose out!

    Meanwhile as usual, this inept incompetent government continues to “dilly dally”.

  6. Sith,
    January 2014 saw the first increase in long stay visitors for 21 months, of 1,545.
    However this has to be taken in context with January 2013 which recorded a decline of 8.2 per cent (total 48,288).

    Sadly, yet again the Barbados Statistical Service has been tardy in posting the figures and no news of February 2014 yet.

  7. Baf said:

    “What really is the significance to Black and other non-White Barbadians of a Parliament that happens to be 375 years old”

    Again, education fellas, I mean it’s common sense, if the descendants of slaves still have more than a little residue left and side effects of the treatment meted out to their ancestors, most, including the leaders still have this slave mentality where they don’t know their asses from their elbows,………………now tell me, what type of mentality does anyone think the descendants of the former slave masters have, do you think they suddenly found ‘religion’ and will never do what they ancestors did? dream to fcuk on……they all have the same mentality and given the perfect opportunity would do the same shit all over again, without any sentimentality seeing it was so damn profitable the first time around., wuh is only commonsense….only asses like Dumbville Inniss would be proud, I wonder where his ancestors were 375 years ago, maybe they were in buckingham palace charting their own destiny.

  8. So what you hotelier reject Loveridge ? who the hell takes you seriously anyway ?
    You want to promote yourself as a Peter Morgan ????? That you are not Loveridge that guy was very intelligent and he knew what he was about you don’t and never will.

  9. Minister of Tourism stated this week that ‘the numbers from the US are still quite strong, only a very small decline.


    2012 US long stay visitors were DOWN 11,652 or 8.2 per cent

    2013 US long stay visitors were DOWN 10,178 or 7.8 per cent

    Could a fall of over 22,000 American stay-over visitors during the last two years be considered ‘quite strong’ or only ‘a very small decline’ ?

    January 2013 they were down 4 per cent

    • He also stated the UK market is on the rebound as a result of and increase year over year 2013 over 2012 coming after a 15 year low performance in 2012. Why not wait for 3 or for months to see a trend before making empty comments?

  10. “He also stated the UK market is on the rebound as a result of and increase year over year 2013 over 2012 coming after a 15 year low performance in 2012.”

    By saying that he has kicked the two supporting propaganda planks from under the scaffold of excuses for the declining UK market.
    The APD and the ‘on-going’ recession can no longer be propagated as the reasons for a poor performing tourism industry.

    Maybe he will find another bogeyman to blame.
    Since the MoT is rather good at making early predictions what about climate change and the expected floods in the UK for the upcoming summer arrivals?

  11. The Minister’s quote (Barbados Advocate – 7th March)
    ‘The UK market, I would say, is completely recovered’

    Now the FACTS.
    UK long stay visitor arrivals for 2012 finished down 15,631 when compared with 2011, with a decline in every month except December.
    UK long stay visitors for 2013 finshed down 4,786 when compared with 2012.
    An overall decline of 20,417 persons over the last two years.
    ‘completely recovered’ is a little premature, I think, as David pointed out.

  12. So what ?

    You reject of a hotelier reject Loveridge ?

    Who the hell takes you seriously anyway ?

    You want to promote yourself as a Peter Morgan ?????

    That you are not a Peter Morgan,Loveridge that guy was very intelligent and he knew what he was about you don’t and never will.

    Was it you that was recently laughed out the door at a recent BCCI luncheon, was it at a address delivered by someone who knows something about the industry that you once molested ? .

    • And is it Minister Sealy whose legacy will be that he presided over the darkest period in our tourism industry?

  13. David,

    I think the figures speak for themselves under the current Minister of Tourism.

    Barbados long stay visitor arrivals:
    2007 – 572, 937
    2013 – 508,520
    DOWN 64,417 persons

    St. Lucia long stay visitor arrivals:
    2007 – 287,435
    2013 – 318,626
    UP 31,191 persons

    And thats with the Minister’s statement in June last year that ‘If we had to be perfectly honest, St. Lucia is at least 30 years behind Barbados in terms of tourism…. that’s the reality’.

    I think the political hacks can try and spin whatever they want to and attack people personally, but it does not reflect on the actual FACTS if they want to be ‘perfectly honest’.

  14. I should add that Jamaica is way more affordable that Barbados with a difference of $2000 for a week long stay for a family of four. A friend who has lived in Bermuda is going to the Dominican (second visit) as they find it very affordable, she told me that they were thinking of Cuba or Aruba but had negative feedback re quality of food in Cuba and thought that Aruba was expensive.

    They are thinking of Costa Rica for her next family trip.

    • Sealy: Pulled AA flight from NY still being addressed


      ATTEMPTS are ongoing to address the withdrawal of the American Airlines flight from New York to Barbados.

      This assurance was made by Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Richard Sealy, as he welcomed a group of repeat visitors at a reception held at the Prime Minister’s official residence at Ilaro Court on Wednesday night.

      According to the Minister, “The winter period has been very good for us in terms of the arrivals, much improved on last year and we hope that will continue. Those of you who have expressed some concern about the situation [concerning] the direct flight from New York, do not despair; we are talking with other carriers and we are still hoping that AA will reconsider their decision now that the merger with US Airways is behind them.”

    • Perhaps the MoT is banking on Feb and March being good months spured by the 3 20/20s in Barbados. BTW Adrian the GAIA’s tarmac was a hive of activity this evening, let us hope we have turned the corner.

  15. April and May could be good.

    This has been a long bitterly cold winter in Canada and some parts of the USA.

  16. I vowed never to argue with an idiot Loveridge and will not break that vow, but will ask what do you survive on for funds? seeing you have run the hotel into the ground, is it because of a lack of funds you are compelled to write the crap you write to earn a payment from the Nation? You ever put any thought into what you write? From what we are reading you obviously do not, but then again when up against a real real hotelier you were laughed out of the room with your BLP theories and propaganda.

    • @Fair and Balanced

      How does your comment reflect on all the small hotels and apartment houses which make up the Intimate Group of Hotels?

  17. @ Fair and Balanced | March 9, 2014 at 3:59 AM |
    “Friday and Saturday have not had any seats available to purchase to or from London.”

    Hallelujah , it’s raining British tourists again in Bim!
    Now the good times are back so there is no need for scapegoats. The APD is a thing of the past; just like the solid waste tax will soon be.
    The international recession is over.

    But more importantly, the man who gave real meaning to the pseudonym BLP (Beresford Leon Padmore) is dead.

    Long live tourism the breadwinner by whom the Barbados labouring people will never starve.

  18. @ millertheanunnaki | March 9, 2014 at 2:37 PM |

    Forgot to sign the welfare cheque as “Beresford Leopold Philips” aka Lionel Craig. May he rest in peace and Light perpetual shine on him.

  19. At the time of posting still seats avalable Manchester/Barbados on either 16th or 20th March returning on 27th March with Thomas Cook at some of the lowest prices available – GBPounds 366 return including all taxes.

    • It would be interesting to know to what degree Barbados is subsidizing airline seats and marketing.

  20. Adrien it is time for you to stop propagating the doom and gloom theory of the tourist industry ..what is evident here( is) mother nature has stepped him and in the most miraculous way have given tourism a reprieve or a boost using the cold harsh winters of north america as a source,,,also for good measure some of the perks which govt had introduce earlier in the year seem to be on targetand working… hope that the advantage( given) that the hoteliers would not take for granted but use whatever additional fiances… to help restore confidence in the local industry through up keep and marketing strategy of their business and not solely wait for govt handouts,, until the next crisis occurs

  21. David wrote “It would be interesting to know to what degree Barbados is subsidizing airline seats and marketing”

    Hopefully not as much as they have to subsidize the Sugar and Rum Industry.

    I watching cricket on line and it is great to see the Barmy Army in the stands.
    Nuff Forex fuh Bim.

  22. AC the guy is not one that either the DLP or the BLP trust, and on the evidence of his own hotel management performance he is a proven failure, here we have the island bustling with large numbers of tourist and all hotels being at maximum carrying capacity but this BLP mouth piece cannot get his small property in shape or capable of cashing in on a wonderful tourist season but continues to spout uneducatedly so on everything that is wrong with Barbados Tourism, you know what Loveridge with your vast and extreme knowledge of all things related to tourism take my advice your time is being wasted in Barbados your talent would be better utilized in the UK where I am sure their Tourism Authority is in dire need of your highly rated services even if you consider them rated at all, in other words Loveridge take a hike and move on from whence you came return to the UK and I am certain that no one in Barbados will miss you one iota, I am sure you will be saved from more episodes of being laughed and booed out of any other lunches.

    • @Fair and Balanced

      Tell us if Adrian has taken tax dollars from government to support his hotel like others?

      Tell is if he is a party yardfowl who has to toe the line to share in the spoils.

      Tell us if his hotel has not supported hos family and other employees over the years.


      Yes the criket is a boost at thos time. However thos is not a planned activity. We need to sustain it with a sensible strategy. Where is the rollout of the tourism master plan?

  23. fair and balance…………by now any and everybody in barbados understands loveridge extreme approach at undermining govt policy ,,,,,and most does not take him seriously at alll,,,,,,,,,,,,except a few blp yardfowls……sources told me in the hotel industry that when he was booed and laughed at most were not surprised cause they belive he is more of a lightning rod between hoteliers and govt…

    • Again you show you are a liar and a yard fowl. Anybody who attended were instantly aware the clapping came from a few jackasses in the back of the room.

  24. @ Fair and Balanced | March 9, 2014 at 3:55 PM |
    “AC the guy is not one that either the DLP or the BLP trust..”

    “..but this BLP mouth piece cannot get his small property in shape or capable of cashing in on a wonderful tourist season.”

    Why are you, oh “Fair and Balanced” one confusing yourself with the above paradox of contradiction?
    How can he Adrian be an unwanted untrustworthy leper of the BLP while at the same time be the BLP mouthpiece?
    Is it the same way you are the DLP mouthpiece for fairness and balance just like Fractured BLP is a staunch supporter of Beresford Leon Padmore?

    Barbados needs every single British visitor at this crucial time.
    If you guys should only clean up the place and don’t allow the Oistins Bay Garden facility to run to hygienic ruin minus the harassment the Brits will come in droves to buy up your Banks beer and enjoy the food and sunshine on your lovely beaches.
    The Brits do indeed like Barbados, please keep it that way.

    BTW, Britain does not need Loveridge to promote its tourism industry. We are sure you have been to London in the summer.
    What a lovely place indeed, to enthrall you juvenile colonials of dreams of the mother country!
    So leave the man alone where he is most needed in a place that needs to up its game in order to stay competitive with its sea sand sun and slavery past.

  25. David | March 9, 2014 at 4:20 PM |

    Again you show you are a liar and a yard fowl. Anybody who attended were instantly aware the clapping came from a few jackasses in the back of the room.


    • No need for video for those who were in attendence. A listen to the audio already posted should be enough for people like you who were miles away.

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