Living With Arawak Cement Dust

Submitted by Kammie Holder

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—–Original Message—–
From: Ranley Griffith []
Sent: 04 February 2014 20:23

Subject: Living With Arawak Cement Dust

Dear Hannah:
Further to our discussion earlier today, I have attached some pictures of
the conditions we face at Malton Road Residence so that you can see for
yourself what it is that we go through on a regular basis.

I would like to make you or any of the TCL senior Management from the CEO to
your Board of Directors and the Chairman the same offer that I have
continually made to the Management at Arawak Cement Ltd. i.e..  I am offering
any of you to come and live in my house for one week free of cost to
experience what we go through.

We the Residents and Owners at Malton road are totally fedup after all of
these years of just talk and promises  without any tangible results and
therefore we are now left with no other option but the Legal option.

Malton Road Home Owners Representative

38 thoughts on “Living With Arawak Cement Dust

  1. @ David
    I am sorry to detract attention away from the very important discussion at hand, but, perhaps you would be willing to listening to an observation that discovered on your blog.

    Now, no impertinence to the older bloggers here on BU and this includes myself of course, but I’ve noticed quite recently that the majority of the blogger here on BU are middle -age and older. And this in itself does a disservice to the very important debate which involves the future of our island, as far as the younger folk is concern.

    The blog obviously needs to actively seek out the younger bloggers and actively involves them in this crucial debate regarding their future. I’ve been on many blogs and it is quite the contrary; younger bloggers else way are actively involved and well informed regarding the issues that affects their livelihood. I haven’t seen this materialized since I’ve been on the Bu blog!

    Moreover, BU needs to attract more of the twenty year old and thirty year old crowd because their voices do matters, especially in a time such as this. And as I’ve stated earlier, no disrepect to the middle- age and olders blogger, but let’s face it though, we’re on our way out. In the not distant future death is going to arrange our personal affairs and we will shed this earthly tabernacle to be with Lord or the Devil.

  2. SMALL. The small particles are smaller than 2.5 micrometers (100 times thinner than a human hair). These particles are called PM2.5 (we say “P M two point five”, as in Particulate Matter up to 2.5 micrometers in size).

  3. Which particles do you think travel farther? PM10 (big) OR PM2.5 (small)?
    The smaller particles are lighter and they stay in the air longer and travel farther. PM10 (big) particles can stay in the air for minutes or hours while PM2.5 (small) particles can stay in the air for days or weeks. And travel? PM10 particles can travel as little as a hundred yards or as much as 30 miles. PM2.5 particles go even farther; many hundreds of miles.

  4. The smaller particles are lighter and they stay in the air longer and travel farther. PM10 (big) particles can stay in the air for minutes or hours while PM2.5 (small) particles can stay in the air for days or weeks. And travel? PM10 particles can travel as little as a hundred yards or as much as 30 miles. PM2.5 particles go even farther; many hundreds of miles.

    Particulate Matter and Your Health

    Getting into your body.

    When you inhale, you breathe in air along with any particles that are in the air. The air and the particles travel into your respiratory system (your lungs and airway). Along the way the particles can stick to the sides of the airway or travel deeper into the lungs.

    The farther particles go, the worse the effect.

    Which particles can go farther into the lungs?

    PM10 (big)

    PM2.5 (small)

    Answer: the smaller PM2.5 particles. Smaller particles can pass through the smaller airways. Bigger particles are more likely to stick to the sides or get wedged into one of the narrow passages deep in the lung.

    Other factors that affect how deep into the lungs particles can go:

    Mouth or nose breathing. Breathing through your mouth allows particles to travel deeper into your lungs.
    Exercise. While exercising, particles can travel deeper.
    Age. Older people breath less deeply so particles may not get as deep.
    Lung disease. If lung diseases block the airway, particles will not travel as far.
    Weather (temperature).
    Other pollutants in the air.
    Your body responds to the particulate invasion!

    Your lungs produce mucous to trap the particles, and tiny hairs wiggle to move the mucous and particles out of the lung. You may notice something in the back of your throat (this is the mucous); the mucous leaves the airway by coughing or swallowing. If the particle is small and it gets very far into the lungs, special cells in the lung trap the particles and then they can’t get out and this can result in lung disease, emphysema, lung cancer.

    Health Effects

    Both PM10 (big) and PM2.5 (small) particles can cause health problems; specifically respiratory health (that’s the lungs and airway). Because the PM2.5 travels deeper into the lungs AND because the PM2.5 is made up things that are more toxic (like heavy metals and cancer causing organic compounds), PM2.5 can have worse health effects than the bigger PM10.

    Exposure to particulate matter leads to increased use of medication and more visits to the doctor or emergency room. Health effects include the following:

    Coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath
    Aggravated asthma
    Lung damage (including decreased lung function and lifelong respiratory disease)
    Premature death in individuals with existing heart or lung diseases

  5. @Fenty
    “no disrepect to the middle- age and olders blogger, but let’s face it though, we’re on our way out.”

    Speak fa yaself ya!

    Observing is a young yam ready, willing and able ta percolate, agitate and a lot of other -ates once they have the right dates…mate.

    Just Observing

  6. Just Observing, I don’t want to take away from the important debate at hand, but I am only 48 years of age and that is middle- age by any standard. All I am saying is it would be of great interest to obtain some feedback from the younger group of Barbadian youth. Since we have had their ring as it relates to what is taking place in Barbados- at least on the BU blog.

  7. Mark Fenty you are a crack head. I just cannot conceive that Kammie raised such an important issue that directly affects the health and longevity of those folk and you introduced the stupid thread about the age of bloggers. If young people want to contribute they will do so. But please do not slight this serious issue. The cement plant is wrecking those people lives. Cammie’s approach is noble. The place should be closed. Cement can be had from elsewhere far cheaper. Moreover this same plant sells cement at lower prices across the region and then blinds Barbadians with dust and high price. That is truly dust in your face. Dem dusting we out!!!!!!

  8. @ Fenty

    “Now, no impertinence to the older bloggers here on BU and this includes myself of course, …..”

    It is physically impossible for one to be impertinent to oneself Mr Fenty.

    Your enthusiasm is noted and it is evident that you are agitating for change, mostly positive change, but when oblique reference is made to these faux pas, one does not do so to belittle the effort but because it is technically impossible and the construct “grates the senses”

    You then continue and I quote “… but I’ve noticed quite recently that the majority of the blogger here on BU are middle -age and older.”

    Unless David [BU] has (i) given you carte blanche access to the IP addresses of bloggers here, (ii) and you have subsequently secured the statistics of every “hit” of every reader on the site (iii) and you have the NRN and age of every BU-ian on this blog or (iv) you have become Omniscient by some process of Ascension then your posit is flawed.

    Furthermore if you remember the old people’s sayings, as you seem to recall the names of every policeman at Station A police station, and every crook and vagrant, (you remember Mopsie?) “you can carry a horse to the water but you cyan mek it drink!!”

    Coming to BU, and then contributing to this blog, is a self actuation thing that youth may either not be inclined to, nor capable of, doing.

    While it is desirable to have someone to pass the proverbial mantle to at ascension, or the other thing, it is impossible to predict and the travails of David, of the Old Testament, not BU, attest that even though he was beloved by the Lord, saw his son Absalom rebel against He who was chosen by the Lord.

    Membership here is not exclusive, all are welcome but those who come here to pontificate wid small words or big words dem are held up to a very rigourous standard, either you make sense, even in your dissent or you will get a new one torn by those of us who abhor ignorance.

    Finally Mr. Fenty this is not about numbers, demographics or any of those statistical things that censii catalogue.

    Your comments seem to suggest that you are promoting some type of social club that needs youthful representatives for it to validate its existence and, if so, might i recommend that you go to facebook, twitter, young M.I.L.Fs and other superfluous e-gatherings that will attract that demographic.

  9. @ Lighthouse

    Sometimes a blogger gets a little of the beaten track or will like Plantation Deeds stay true to a particular cause irrespective of the thread.

    I think Fenty is new here so he may not be too familiar with “the unspoken rule?” smile but then again why you picking pun Fenty when the blogmaster put a whole long three hour tingy bout de Peoples Assembly??

    If you going jump pun Fenty’s back you have to jump pun David’s too.

    BTW i sat and viewed the PA meeting for over an hour, i skip the oblong head, wife beater Kerrie and a few of them lost souls but I spent time with Mia and a few others. Retirement does gi’ we pensioners alot uh time nuh?

    One thing that you have to admire Fenty for is that he is using his name, not a nom de plume like old geezers like me, who even at this time of imminent departure, fear the Night of the Long Knives and/or the lawsuits that de ole man will assuredly encounter if I ingrunt enough to use me real name.

    As to the substantive issue about the dust up Clinketts side it has alot to do with being poor.

    Like Plantation deeds has been saying for a long time it is about how the “who is who in Bulbados” control how things are run around here.

    Who live up in Malton Road? You did know dat dere was a Malton Road skippa?

    Does dem Maltonites deserve to get resettle? How long was it known that PM 10 and PM2.5 was/is health risks? Did this issue obtain during the BLP administration? Was it brought to the authorities then? Did this dust problem cause the same breathing problems for asthmatics then?

    Is it not a case where because it was seen that “dem Maltonites does vote fuh Kellman” that they were left to suffer there for these many years?

    During the South Coast Sewerage Project I saw them recover every trench every single evening when they were dealing with white Bulbados’ problems and health issues.

    In fact, they even paid business money for the inconvenience caused.

    But we dealing wid poor ingrunt, uneducated black people who did vote fuh Kellman and the poor among us MUST suffer.

    That is why i spout my vile about DLP and BLP representatives ultimately being the same six or half dozen, not really giving a s*ite about the people and that “these fields and hills” cant be our own if the parties are promoting representatives who are enemies of the people of Bulbados

  10. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Arawak Cement Plant when Mr Bjerkham gets his new cement manufacturing plant up and running. I don’t think Arawak makes any money at the moment, so presumably it won’t last long.

  11. @Mark Fenty, why throw cold water on the sufferings of the people at Checker Hall? You are behaving like a man who abuses a woman and tells her to forgive him for the abuse. Could you not be so selfish and understand the discomfort of these residents from this “Fugitive Dust”. Selfishness is another vice which has brought Barbados to this position.

  12. First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

  13. Looks almost like a dust storm in China. The unfortunate thing is Barbados gets pelted with lots of particulate matter from the other side of the ocean. If we are talking about health, lets not forget about the horrible black smoke from our buses and ZR’s.

  14. @ Kammie Holder | February 10, 2014 at 1:22 PM |

    That M F fella doesn’t possess the emotional intelligence or intellectual savoir-faire to appreciate what you are talking about.

    Next he, the M F, would accused you of attacking the DLP administration and being a fierce critic of its leader.
    Watch your back with that M F.

    Any news to report on the Lowe’s WTE pet project?
    Once the SSA Administration building is in the 5 &10 kickback bag the WTE will be sent back to the start of the project pipeline.

  15. Both the Ministries of Health and the Environment are nothing but a load of jokers. Like the former Minister of Health, Donville Inniss, who promised long suffering Barbadians residents, that legislation to curb the indiscriminate burning of household garbage, was “coming sooner than later’, that was over two years ago. The present minister of Health appears to be part of the duo , Dumb and Dumber . A few months ago the National Petroleum Corporation / SOL were given kudos for the introduction and distribution of Low Sulfur Diesel fuel into the island. This appeared to have been done mainly to satisfy those who own top of the line vehicles, but the Barbadian public is still suffering from the obnoxious emissions from many diesel powered vehicles. In addition to the Low Sulphur Diesel, there should have been enforceable legislation relating to the emission of black smoke. Portable test equipment is now available to operators, the Police and the transport ministry .There is a smelly sickening emission from the chicken processing plant in Lowlands ,that has been allowed to go unchecked almost daily for over 1o years. Unauthorised modified exhaust systems on many motor cars,and almost every motorcycle is wreaking havoc with the health and peace of Barbadians.
    Then we have all -night staked out kites, and of late, “landscapers” with their whackers and mowers, “brekking’ jobs as early as 6 am on mornings, including Sundays.
    My sympathy goes out to those residents living in the vicinity of the Cement plant. We as a people will forever be cast aside , when we suffer at the hands of big businesses of the elite in this country, and this will only stop when we begin to come together, and take positive active against these entities,in a civil way.
    The proposed new cement plant may end up shutting down the Arawak, cement plant, but we can be sure that as soon as this happens the price of cement in this island will sky rocket, thanks to the friends and associates of the very people that we have elected into our parliament to look after OUR interest.

  16. Current municipal waste stream equals 1200 tons daily.
    70% of municipal waste is recyclable

    14MW Plasma Gasification Waste To Energy Plant needs between 500 to 600 hundred tons daily to run efficiently

    Will the river tamarind and tires be sufficient to run this energy hog?
    Where will we import the garbage from and who will pay?

    Why all the secrecy surrounding this plant?

    Have not the residence of Arch Hall and Sandy Lane suffered sufficient?

    Who now monitors air quality and who will in the future?

    What about the large amount of water to be used and the possibility of ground water contamination?

    The agencies entrusted with environmental protection currently lack the enforcement and policing capability due to a lack of equipment, legislative framework and manpower to even test for the water soluble MTBE gasoline additive.

    The cost of WTE plants are 3 times more costly and prone to breakdown due to high maintenance requirements.

    If we think Greenland was a white elephant this will be a white elephant of enormous proportion in excess of a $500,000,000 since it will be BOLT arrangement of $377,000,000.

    What about dioxin, furans and other particulates such as PM2.5?

    The projected $939,000,000 projected and the by products from the Waste To Energy Plant are not sufficient enough to imperil the health of Barbadians especially those downwind and the marine life offshore.


  17. @Kammie , the Emtage, Williams and Simpson families are the paymasters and are not interested in the lives that will be lost in the operation of this plant. The politicians are all compromised so good luck in your fight

  18. @ Miller
    Sir, is there any conceivable reason that I should doubt the validity of Mr. Holder’s claims? When I’ve read of instances where African Americans have accused the federal as well as the state governments ( much like Mr. Holder has) of disposing of radioactive waste in predominately black neighborhoods throughout America. (And for your personal information, this practice is called Environmental – Racism) So in essence Mr. Holder’s claims are quite credible, given the precedent that I’ve outlined above Mr. Miller.

  19. David | February 10, 2014 at 6:20 PM |


    What do you think would happen if Fort George was downwind from Arawak?
    Under Dipper Barrow, the residents would have to sell out or grin and bear it. Under other mortals , the plant would be closed down.

  20. CORRECTION: The projected $939,000,000 revenue and the by products from the Waste To Energy Plant benefits are not sufficient enough to justify to need to imperil the health of Barbadians especially those downwind and the marine life offshore.

  21. How many of us care enough or are the least concerned about what the Griffith family are the other residence of Checker are going thru? The residence have not gotten any support from GOB’s or the relevant agencies. What more can the residence do to fight this corporate giant?

  22. @ Kammie Holder

    Kammie, since you’re the one that brought this matter before the court of public opinion, why don’t you rally your troop of friends and marched down to the House of Assembly and demand answers? Be the trendsetter Kammie, take an active role by way of CIVIL -PROTEST, in your efforts to demand the answerability, accountability and transparency, that is rightfully due to the Griffith family.

    • @Kammie

      You should ignore those who are ignorant to what you do as a social advocate. Were you not involved in the chaining to the Balboa tree in Warrens which then minister John Boyce went ahead and dug up anyway?

  23. It isn’t Quantum Physics Kammie! There is your solution to what appears from your infinitesmal perspective as a somewhat complex question. Man, you have to effectively utilize your intellectual juices that circulates in the chemical soup we call a brain.

  24. While Kammie sounds all emotional and environmental, he has to be realistic and to be factual -if he hopes to be taken seriously.
    The REAL reason that this plant should be stopped is that the politicians currently responsible for its promotion are all a bunch of incompetent, crooked, brass bowls who could not successfully sell snow cones at kadooment.
    EVERYTHING about it says that it will be used to extract bribes, spread graft and enrich friends – and then be handed to the taxpayers to pick up the debt and the chaos left..
    …like Greenland,
    like cotton,
    like the pier head project,
    like the warrens building,
    like waterworks ….etc etc

    By trying to discredit the TECHNICAL aspects of WTE, Kammie is just making himself look silly.

    All means of generating energy result in some kind of cost to the environment. ALL!!
    Societies have to make informed decisions about the compromises that they are prepared to make.
    Japan took a decision to gamble with nuclear energy….
    Some countries invest BILLIONS in hydro – flooding hundreds of square miles of land – and centuries of history in the process.

    Technically, WTE makes sense for Barbados as it solves two major problems with one stone.
    – solid waste disposal
    – reduced fossil fuel imports

    OBVIOUSLY there is a price to be paid….high cost; high maintenance; health risks; dislocation to some residents….

    We need to weigh the pros and cons and make an INFORMED decision.

    …also Kammie….a 14 MW plant only means that it can produce UP TO 14 MW. If only 8 MW worth of garbage is available it will produce 8MW……so drop the obsession with importing garbage.

    Having said the above, you are correct that the project should be halted.
    1- such a project MUST be led by competent persons, and NOT by the collection of jackasses currently warming the 30 seats in parliament. A competent national corporation should be created to manage the design, build and operations of this project.

    2- this is not a private project. ALL information MUST be in the public domain and open discussions held BEFORE any actions are taken.

    3- a competent, independent and transparent board should be appointed and put in full control of this project – and politicians should be kept as far as is humanely possible away from anything to do with it…..

    ….so you are correct in your concerns…but please refine your reasoning.

  25. @ Kammie, folks living in the vicinity of Rayside Quarry in Green Hill suffered a similar fate for decades. I used to visit a family whose windows were closed 24/7. The Rayside company was very powerful and important to Bim’s development at the time, so nothing could be done.

  26. @ Bush Tea | February 11, 2014 at 8:26 AM |
    “..this is not a private project. ALL information MUST be in the public domain and open discussions held BEFORE any actions are taken.”

    You said it all except for one vital aspect of it all.

    It cannot materialize until funding is found for the project.
    The public should be fully apprised of the funding arrangements for this project especially if it involves a “BOLT” scenario promoted by the same people behind the Prisons, the ABC Highway extension, the Pierhead marina redesign or even the Sugar Point (what a perfect epigram for a former King’s epitaph) Cruise terminal.

  27. @Bush Tea perhaps if you saw what dropped of a truck you would not try to discredit Kammie Holder so much The Government is not listening in their desperation to get money. In addition how much of the $377M will actually benefit the Barbados economy. We should all be concerned about our environmental health.

  28. @ Towney…

    Discredit Kammie….?
    Boss man, Bushie agrees with Kammie….but one does not win a case with emotional but flawed evidence. The FACT is that WTE is a viable, sound technology.
    Kammie’s REAL line should be that this is a DISHONEST proposal with a hidden agenda.

    What dropped off your truck is a well known fact. Anyone who cares to look back a few years and see the number of projects funded for various governments – PARTICULARLY in energy, environment, health, (and other EASILY-FUNDED areas) where the money is long GONE and the project NEVER came…..can see that.

    If we had real journalists, …who could actually think…. these would be matters for the public record, …but our “journalists” can only smell around behind people like Peter Wickham and other she-men and freaks who are pushing their warped agendas….

    Kammie’s objective is right.
    His methodology is wrong… he will lose his fight.

    Bushie is only providing an independent analysis….but Bushie knows pearls are treated in some quarters….

  29. It should be simple guys. All the residents have to do is enter a law suit against a the plant taking it all the way to the CCJ. Any resident living there before the plant will win and get serious damages.

  30. This is where air pollution laws would come in handy. We have a Minister of Finance who can put a new tax law on the Statute books within two or three months, but the Minister of the Environment has to wait until next year to get air pollution laws on the same Statute books. Air pollution laws should be more important than any tax, because we all have to breathe in the polluted air – even the Minister of Finance. That is the problem in our country. It is true about the 2.5 particulates. The EU is clamping down on air pollution because of these mini particulates because they mostly go directly to the airways and are a cause of NCDs, but our Government would have us believe that reducing NCDs only needs people to eat healthy and exercise. The main reason is that they can push another tax by pretending that it would go away if people stop buying sweet drinks. That is nothing but a red herring!

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