Minister David Estwick May be ABOUT to Deliver on His Time Longer Than Twine Declaration

Minister David Estwick

Minister David Estwick

Cabinet collective responsibility is constitutional convention in governments using the Westminster System that members of the Cabinet must publicly support all governmental decisions made in Cabinet, even if they do not privately agree with them. This support includes voting for the government in the legislature. Some Communist political parties apply a similar convention of democratic centralism to their central committeeWIKIPEDIA

The Estwick Affair has started to gather momentum contrary to what the goto political scientists of Messrs Bell and Wickham ‘originally’ predicted. Whether the DLPites like it or not Estwick now commands the attention of the country and beyond given the current state of the Barbados economy which has started to severely interact with another reality; a 2-seat majority government. While the current tension between Estwick is cause for concern for the government, of greater concern is the likely impact on the need to effuse confidence at a most challenging time in our post Independence history.

Local media has been quoting an inside source (attributed to a member of Cabinet) suggesting Estwick should adhere to the tenet of collective responsibility practiced by the Cabinet in the Westminster System.  BU’s response is: do we practice a true true Westminster system of governance in Barbados respecting “codified and uncodified” procedures?

The 2-party system is entrenched in Barbados and like it or not one of the ways to attempt to crack the code maybe from within the bowels of the system itself. Such an approach has been advocated by BU commentators. It appears Estwick has decided to FINALLY take this route AND must be given credit for trying to do so. Unlike several of his colleagues in the house he has the stature, financial and otherwise, to give it a shot no pun intended.

The challenge for Estwick will be to defend his credibility in the latest imbroglio with onlookers. Many political pundits are prepared to shove Estwick under the bus because he sat in Cabinet for the last six years and appear to have agreed with the policies of government. He added his voice to debates in the Estimates Debates with no dissent. During the last general election platform his stature was raised as a result of promising to reform the sugar industry by getting the Japanese to finance a multi-purpose sugar factory in the amount of USD$200 million.  So far nothing to show for it.

There is the lingering perception Estwick is a hothead aptly demonstrated by his nickname Pitbull and characterized by his Lammie Craig political style. Further supported by the gun incident where Estwick is alleged to have brandished a weapon in the presence of MP Dale Marshall and had to be restrained. The matter was quelled by the Committee of Privileges with the help of both parties. Something to support the view our so called democracy is contrived. DLPites who are honest have to admit Estwick has been a high maintenance member of the ‘team’. Who can forget his 2,405 words statement – read Estwick’s statement – when he was dumped into the Ministry of Agriculture by the late David Thompson from his death’s bed? Who can forget Estwick’s show of defiance at the DLP parliamentary group meeting in a red shirt on the morning of Thompson’s death to select a prime minister? Estwick has a history of demonstrating varying levels of discomfort within the Democratic Labour Party.

In his 201 statement Estwick made the now famous reference ‘time longer than twine…’.

Although it might seem that I have been given the bad end of the stick it is my belief that I have been chosen by the Almighty, and my constituents of St Phillip West to work on behalf of this country.  My mother always said: time longer than twine and that the race is not for the swift but is for he that endureth. I am resilient and will endure. However, under these circumstances I hereby tender my resignation from the Chair of the Cabinet Committee on Economic policy to allow for the Prime Minister to so appoint a new Chair

The public intervention by former Prime Minister Owen Arthur  following the Estwick’s outburst was interesting. Those who follow local politics may recall that Mascoll considered Estwick an apprentice and allowed him to express himself on economic matters when he [Mascoll] was leader of the DLP before being dumped for Thompson. The situation smells.

What matters is that Minister David Estwick  ‘will get his day’ to present to one and all. We are left to contemplate what next for Barbados.

350 thoughts on “Minister David Estwick May be ABOUT to Deliver on His Time Longer Than Twine Declaration

  1. @fracuturedDLP clearly the only things that are fractured is your skull from the ignorance u saying, and the DLP a la Estwick . Don’t mistake the quietness of Barbados as total acceptance only temporary tolerance. With the electorate now seeing the DLP as frauds they are quietly waiting to see what is next. The back of Barbados is bent to its maximum, any more austerity measures WILL be met by resistance. With a further 4 years of this gov’t and with the economy not making any forsee able turnaround it can only be projected that more austerity measures will come. The DLP gov’t MUST heed the call to “come clean” NOW on the true state of the economy or just not be tolerated any more.
    To Mia statements, I don’t believe Pit bull will make any politically major moves at least not yet. I can only guess that Mia has move info on the true state of the economic crisis we are in that will put Fumble and Stinkliar on the backfoot. The sending home of the 3000 is a economic necessity but like Clyde said the numbers are not adding up. The populace should be told what transpired in the Article IV consultation on Dec 2013 entirely. It looks like the devaluation of the Bdos dollar is the economic path we are on now. If Barbadians don’t make their voices heard when this occurs then this society is truly dead.

  2. Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel.
    John Quinton, American actor/writer

  3. Tell me Why | February 11, 2014 at 8:25 PM |
    David or Anybody, Was Estwick in the house today, and did he speak?
    While Mia was speaking and made reference to the Minister of Agriculture, someone made an aside : “that is why he is not in here today”

  4. @ Hants
    Man why don’t you give it a rest nuh? You ain’t know that where politics is bliss it is folly to be wise…?

    Imagine – ANY idiot can see that the world’s economic system (and most else) is collapsing before our very eyes….and we have a set of bloggers going on and on about BLP this and DLP that….

    The ONLY difference between those two sets of political donkeys is which one happens to be in government fcuking up the place and which set are in opposition seeking to frustrate them – so that THEY can get the chance to do the fcuking up…

    Intelligent people would be circling wagons, putting heads together, covering each other’s backs and taking turns on watch – in an effort to MAXIMIZE our chances of surviving the storm – after which we could safely get back to our yardfowl brass bowlery….but not Bajan brass bowls….we intend to face the storm by threatening national suicide….killing off each other…

    One wonders how these yard fowls could REALLY think that our politicians will be able to save our asses from the grass! ….when those fellows scrambling to look after themselves – come hell or high water…

  5. BTW the good Doctor is on the right track if he was trying to secure funds from the ME, those Arab Sheiks in the UAE got so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Check out what kind of vehicles the Police using in Dubai.

    Latest acquisition a Bugatti which goes along with their Lamborghini,Aston Martin ,Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley etc.

  6. And talking about high water:

    What happens if a politician drowns in a river?
    That is pollution.
    What happens if all of them drown?
    That is a solution

  7. Hants. Why on earth you always bringing information regarding some big country. Don’t you realise it has nothing to do with Barbados. How can you compare a rich person living in the heights with swimming pool etc on well manicured enclosed property complaining about water and electricity consumption against a poor person person living in the slums with only one pipe . Unrealistic comparisons my friend.. Deal with Barbados.

  8. @Tell Me Why
    Hants. Why on earth you always bringing information regarding some big country. Don’t you realise it has nothing to do with Barbados.
    You had no problem when Barbados was compared to other countries according to the UN Human Development Index. Barbados doesn’t exist in a vacuum, events in other countries especially those that have close business and trading ties with Barbados have an impact on the island, when they have a cold, Barbados gets pneumonia.

  9. Tell me why Its like trodding a dead horse trying to show gentlemen like Mr Sargeant and ‘the shooting from the hip’ Bushie that despite the world wide economic problems and the increase in debt under the tenure of BLP as during all administrations since 1961 that the economic problems of the country since 2009 has been grossly exacerbated by ill-conceived economic policies of DLP aided and abetted by our academically gifted Central Bank Governor and this has been confirmed by the statements from none other than the Minister of Agriculture Mr David Estwick , a die hard DEM, and former Minister of Economic Affairs.
    Gentlemen, the present administration is doing an excellent job in managing the economic affairs of the country may they continue forevermore.

  10. @ balance
    You may not like the analogy, but prostitutes tend to go through a predictable sequence of life.
    When one “succeeds” by borrowing, it catches up with you eventually. Barbados put its eggs in “services” – meaning tourism, and leveraged its assets in search of the high life, …by ongoing borrowings – including borrowing to pay off old debt.

    Shiite man….even you must be able to predict the consequences. Owen worried about it before 2005…..but was unable to change ANYTHING (not even bus fares) because of political pressures to please mendicants….

    When the DLP jokers took over, they too succumbed to the political pressure to please yardfowls and give… give ….give.
    Unless we are talking about a totally NEW political system (or suddenly intelligent people), any party in power will be forced to bribe Bajan brass bowls in exchange for votes – by fooling them that they can get something for no effort.

    Your attempts to be balanced are mediocre at best …largely because you think that some mythical leader is owed to Barbados, and that Stuart has not lived up to the myth….
    Freundel is the same brass bowl as the rest of us.
    Trust Bushie….put anyone else in his place (yourself included) and the result will be the exact same…..

    Yuh can’t send a BB to do a man’s job……and we have VERY few men….

  11. @ prodigal son
    You worry about the DLP people on the blog using their energy to curse the BLP activists . Can you imagine what good you and your team could do if you would use the energy and passion required to spout such venom towards the Government , goverment officials like the Governor of the Central Bank and any other persons whom you think are favourable to the Government to suggest any reasonable action that might assist this country at this time ?

  12. @Sargeant | February 11, 2014 at 11:19 PM |
    “events in other countries especially those that have close business and trading ties with Barbados have an impact on the island, when they have a cold, Barbados gets pneumonia.”

    Sarge, you feel if Leroy Grrenverbs were living in Canada, USA or the UK he would still be walking around with his lucre and his pals in high places like the MoF and Guv of the CBB backing him to the hilt? Or would he be in the same place as Stanford and Madoff or even where Conrad Moffat Black was for a time?

    What about a situation where the PM of Canada along with the AG (or his Canadian equivalent) witnessing with their very eyes incidents of voter fraud and the RCMP not invited to investigate and charge the perpetrators?
    How about the Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty being told by a very senior member of the RCMP that there is credible first-hand evidence of threats being made against his life but the known makers of those threats remain “out of custody”?
    When big up crooks and law breakers- especially those that live in ‘countries that have close business and trading ties with Barbados’- go to jail in those countries, their counterparts in Barbados remain free and untouchable and protected by the same people sworn to uphold the Law.
    When it comes to events like those above Barbados has a perfect immune system totally insulated from those kinds of moral viruses and vices.
    You see now, Sarge, where the comparison irretrievably breaks down? A clear case of chalk and cheese, would you say?

  13. @ just asking , | February 12, 2014 at 8:06 AM |
    “Can you imagine what good you and your team could do if you would use the energy and passion required to spout such venom towards the Government , goverment officials like the Governor of the Central Bank and any other persons whom you think are favourable to the Government to suggest any reasonable action that might assist this country at this time ?”

    But wouldn’t we first have to be part of the DLP esteemed ‘eminent persons group to be listened to?
    Be that it may, here are a few ‘reasonable’ suggestions to imminently assist the country?

    What about suspending the Constituency councils? Can the country afford at this time of economic meltdown these appointed servers of the fatted calf?

    How about reducing the Cabinet to an affordable size to reflect the reduction in the size of the public sector?
    Just remember less work and reduced numbers of junior employees require fewer managers, would you not agree?

    What about embarking on a programme of privatization (on the country’s own terms) before it is forced down the throat of the same ‘eminent persons’ by external forces who will certainly dictate the terms and conditions that will definitely be inimical to the economic enfranchisement of any of the black masses your administration certainly like to pretend to be their champion?

    What do you have to say about the above suggestions, “just asking”?
    After all, they have been made many times before but your incestuous ‘eminent persons’ group appear not to be listening or interested in hearing from any outside critics.
    Or are you one of the inbred lot of ego massagers appointed to make the administration feel good about its performance?

  14. And to think u guys crying crocidle tears for the unemployed while holding the KEYS to unlocking the door and stopping the govt from retrecnhing workers.why is MIA/MOTTLEY and tbe BLP yardfowls still adamant about using Gimmicks instead of sound and alternative solutions to our nations problem…SHAME ! SHAME! a god dam SHAME.

  15. @Miller etc.
    Sarge, you feel if Leroy Grrenverbs were living in Canada, USA or the UK he would still be walking around with his lucre and his pals in high places like the MoF and Guv of the CBB backing him to the hilt?
    You won’t find me defending the former CLICO honcho on these pages or anywhere but to answer your question he would be radioactive and the politicians would be running for cover.

    As to the other allegations the relevant bodies would surely be engaged to investigate allegations of voter fraud or threats of bodily harm but Miller yuh have to work with what you got I can’t comprehend if someone threatens your life why you wouldn’t take steps to prolong it perhaps the people involved didn’t think they were credible and were only talking for political rhetoric. BTW did the Police ever investigate the MOA about the alleged gun threat on the steps of parliament? Yuh gotta work with what yuh got.
    I know you don’t have time to immerse yourself in the goings on in this country but stick with me a minute: A few years ago the MOF up here a fellow name Ralph Goodale brought in a budget and the Opposition claimed that details were leaked prior to the Election and that created a hooforrah since these details are supposed to be confidential. In the midst of the Election called a few months later the Comm. Of the RCMP announced an investigation into those allegations, immediately the support for the Governing Party nosedived to the benefit of the Opposition and the Opposition formed a minority Gov’t. So the question is why would a top Cop announce something like that in the midst of an Election? Goodale was cleared but it was too little too late and the Top Cop retired and moved to a lucrative post somewhere in Interpol.

    The Gov’t is behind a proposed pipeline into the USA which is opposed by many Environmental groups on both sides of the border, suddenly these groups are being audited by the CRA when previous audits were few and far between. I won’t bore you with other issues but politics and political interference are not absent from the scene up here as you may believe.

    BTW the afore mentioned Black gave up his Canadian citizenship to accept a peerage in England but as a convicted felon the Gov’t could have barred him from reentering Canada so did his ties to the Governing Party help?

    Last thing my retort to TMW was about Economics and you shifted the subject to Crime and Punishment nice try Fyodor.

  16. @ ac | February 12, 2014 at 9:03 AM |
    ” and tbe BLP yardfowls still adamant about using Gimmicks instead of sound and alternative solutions to our nations problem”

    And who in the government’s ‘eminent persons group’ will be prepared to listen to or implement any of the solutions you are begging for?
    Would the chief of the eminent persons change his mind and listen to his critics or continue to refer to them as nuisances?

    But here is a proposal to you ac. Let us suggest to Ms Mottley she accedes to the amendment of the Constitution to allow Cabinet to ‘adjust’ downwards public workers salaries. But as a ‘quid pro quo’ (exchange for your understanding, ac) in the interest of the entire nation the following pari passu adjustments must be agreed and implemented by the DLP administration:

    Suspension of the Constituency Council Act.
    Reduction in the size of the Cabinet to a manageably efficient and effective level (say to 15, 16 at most including the PM).

    A return to work of the those 3,500 to be fired in the current wave with a deferral of the second wave. After all this is at the core of the MoF’s (and his sidekick of folly Kellman) argument that a reduction in pay across the board could have saved every single job lost or about to be lost from the public sector.

    The questions are:-
    Would such an entente cordiale in the ‘national interest’ and ‘formalized’ within the Constitutional amendment stave off a devaluation or hasten its arrival?

    What would be the size of the pay cut to help make a significant impact on the fiscal deficit? Would it be 10%, 20%, 30% or the required 40%?

    But most importantly, would the DLP administration keep its end of the bargain or would it renege on its publicly stated announcements as it did in regard to the ‘no layoff’, no privatization’ promises to the electorate prior to February 2013.
    Or would it be another one of the same type of iron clad promises made to Al Barrack, the CLICO aggrieved policyholders and the BCC students about to go on to higher education at the UWI?

    You call, ac! What would you suggest Ms Mottley do?

  17. Miller;
    The above “Just asking” is an imposter, had a brain transplant from one of the George Street lot, or has his tongue stuck in his teeth. The old Just asking usually signed as “JUST ASKING” in capitals.

    Also, don’ mine Bushtea and Hants.

    One uh Dem has his navel string buried in George street and is stuck in the past and tinks dat de current DLP is the same one he left in Barbados several years ago and can therefore do no wrong despite significant evidence to the contrary.

    The other one tinks dat everybody in Barbados are Brass Bowls except himself but that the DLP are lesser Brassbowls than the others. He even thinks that FS despite being demonstrably the worst leader this country or any other in the Caribbean has produced to date, should remain to wreck more havoc on this country and in so doing, produce a harvest of Tares for his BBE weed whacking team. However, he is still the best read on BU for laughs, insightful and wry comments, and very predictable apocalyptic prescriptions that emphasize letting the status quo remain until BBE comes a calling.

  18. @ Sargeant | February 12, 2014 at 9:36 AM |
    “…was about Economics and you shifted the subject to Crime and Punishment nice try Fyodor.”

    What you said about people being “radioactive” instead of attractive to political bosses or having to resign or ‘forced’ to retire, or entities being audited to retire only puts more fuel to the fire to destroy your comparison between 21 x 14 miles or so island of a banana republic and matured democracies and thousands of times larger countries like Canada.

    The attempt to separate matters of economics (involving the management and abuse of taxpayers’ money and the source of most corruption in public office) from the justice system is similar to an attempt to separate the development of the economy from the development of the society , or vice versa.
    Both are inextricably link in a symbiotic unbreakable relationship.

    Barbados is suffering tremendously from dwindling economic activity especially those involving FDI primarily because of a lack of confidence in both the current economic management and the country’s legal and justice systems.
    You see the link now, Sarge?

  19. @just asking , | February 12, 2014 at 8:06 AM |

    Why cant you come up with your OWN moniker instead of being critical of BLP bloggers as well?

  20. then miller let the nation see that sinckler call was a bluff with an intent to misled let MIa take the challenge.r the game is on and the burden is one for the BLP to prove Sinckler to be speaking bullshit also removing the tag of “hypocrisy and gimmicks from the BLP..

  21. @ are-we-there-yet? | February 12, 2014 at 9:47 AM |
    “The other one tinks dat everybody in Barbados are Brass Bowls except himself but that the DLP are lesser Brassbowls than the others.”

    The miller already has the bush man’s number and has called him out many times when his yellow hypocrisy floats to the top like a cork of shit in the sea.

    The same way the miller was able to identify from very early on the Fumbler as merely a solid wall of lies and incompetence hiding behind a false façade of integrity, Bushie also has been as transparent as devil hiding behind his imaginary friend(s) called BBE.

    Watch out for his lecture and outburst of diarrhoea laced with a barrage of abuse from blaming the current economic shit on the corruption and constipation the country suffered under 14 years of BLP fiscal gorging to questioning the miller’s faecal habits and sexual interludes.

    The man is so blindly indifferent to the fact that the current managers, led by a man who drives from the back seat, have been at the wheel for over 6 years (15-01-2008) and had ample time to administer the dose of economic purgative to eliminate the faecal build-up of 14 years of economic blockage.

    What has the Bushman witnessed other than his favourite brass bowls have compounded the crap by allowing the already distended bowels to swell to more than twice the size they came and found.
    Where was the Johnny-come-lately Doctor D E in all of this misdiagnosis?

    You better watch yourself, Bushie, because the accumulated shit might just be coming in your direction with specific aim at your offspring of little brass bowls when Dr. IMF comes a visiting with the perfect purgative 20 years in its concoction and labelled “D” for the brass bowls, both guilty and innocent.

  22. “You may not like the analogy, but prostitutes tend to go through a predictable sequence of life.”
    I suppose that’s why your comments are couched in clandestine language which demand ‘reading between the lines’ so may God rest you and the other merry gentlemen and may nothing you dismay

  23. Speaking of prostitutes. A fellow on the block asked me the other day, What is the difference between a pregnant prostitute and PM Stuart.?
    None . They both do not know their fecking job.

  24. David
    A little birdie in the Cabinet room today told be that up to the end of the meeting Sinckler was having great difficulty to grasping the simple economic and fiscal issues under discussion. The birdie also lamented that “Sinckler clearly has a very slow CPU”

    The Governor of the Central Bank was not there, apologies were offered to the extent that he is creature of the Minister of Financial and had more pressing matters to attend to.

  25. David

    We have to wait and see. It is clear that PM is a most difficult situation. A can either get a board and surf the wave of support for Estwick or alternatively he can let go over him and possibly drown him as a result.

  26. @David
    “When will this end? What are the next steps?”
    An observation of the crystal ball showed

    Further retrenchment
    Greater uncertainty in the remaining labour force
    Forever skepticism wrt. Guvment jobs
    Apathy, disillusionment and resentment with ALL trade unions
    Continued private sector layoffs
    Increased unemployment rate
    Ballooning of the non contributing informal employment sector
    Slow pace of entrepreneurship and sectoral diversification leading to “same ole same ole”
    Output from education will continue to be 10-20 years behind where it needs to be…leading to a labour market that is 0-20 years behind where there’re supposed to be

    International Business:
    DI continues talking all over his face…same ole same ole

    Slight uptick in arrivals, continued stagnant of lower value added
    Continued decline from April 2014 down
    RS continues talking all over his face…same ole same ole

    Slightly better statistics due to the retrenchment in the short term
    Lower than expected revenue in the medium to long term
    Slow paced growth that’s barely in line with the consolidation
    More austerity measures in the next budget to “strengthen” the consolidation program
    Budget cuts in every area of Government
    A dog eat dog fight to get the BRA up and running
    Greater and needed attention to our domestic debt and the role of the CBB

    Survival of the fittest by almost any means necessary.


    quote from the optimistic IMF
    “The debt-to-GDP ratio could level off by 2015/16 and decline slowly thereafter, though foreign reserves would remain below desirable levels.”

    This is not supposed to be gloom and doom, but it acknowledges that what’s missing is confidence, hope and clear purpose or resolve.

    There are now only two persons in B’dos who can significantly impact the path we’re on. Whether they have the courage to or not is another story.

    Just Observing

  27. @ Observing | February 14, 2014 at 8:01 AM |
    “There are now only two persons in B’dos who can significantly impact the path we’re on. Whether they have the courage to or not is another story.”

    One of them certainly can’t be David “Es(cape)twit”.
    He has jumped right back into the lap of Fumble his owner after being given another opportunity to emit his crap and piss all over the place to mark his imaginary territory in the woods of economic misery and pending mayhem.

    Don’t expect to hear any more noise from the muzzled lapdog until Fumble again reneges on his promise to reshuffle his cabinet early in the new financial year.
    The mad doctor should take a dose of his own medicine and put himself to bed like RIP van Winkle by reading from a storybook with the title:
    “A promise is a comfort to a fool. Many promises are pillows to the sleeping giant of all fools”.

  28. @gutterperc and miller

    lol. actually Estwick is one of the two having paved the wicket with his rhetoric, idealism, principles, values and opposition to the current path. The question is, does he have the courage to stand by his loudly stated beliefs or will he be like the neutered lap dog with a greased buttocks that cowers in the corner behind the curtain whenever there’s a noise at the door. Time will tell.

    The other of the two is the LOTO. At some point the “conversations” and “assemblies” will have to stop and be replaced by something. Will it be action? Will it be patience? Will it be silence? Will it be 4 more years of blah blah blah? Time will tell.

    Regardless of preference, we must now reach the conclusion that so far, the PM is again proving that he has what it takes to remain in the leadership chair. Or conversely, those around him or so daft, doltish and out of depth that he can do as he likes.

    Just Observing

  29. In the race to become Minister of Finance, the bald pooch cat is still in comfortable lead ignoring any challenge from the gelding.

  30. Observing; You said above:-
    Regardless of preference, we must now reach the conclusion that so far, the PM is again proving that he has what it takes to remain in the leadership chair. Or conversely, those around him or so daft, doltish and out of depth that he can do as he likes.

    I normally agree totally with your analyses but I wonder if you read and digested the ongoing story in todays Nation newspaper. The PM is only in the leadership chair today on the accommodation of David Estwick. DE has thrown down the gauntlet by allowing the leakage of his presentation to the Nation and thereby to all of Barbados. The PM has to fire DE from the Cabinet asap. Cabinet protocols says so. If he doesn’t and operates in his customary way of not making decisions DE will make the decision for him, if only to prove that he is no lap dog as most of us feel.

    The mere act of the leakage of that presentation says that DE has gone past his Rubicon. There is no going back. This Government can last for only a few weeks at the most.

    Either Freundel fires him or he walks. There are no other options.

    What “he (The PM) has what it takes to remain in the leadership chair” what?

  31. I forgot to mention above that we must not assume that DE will go alone since some of the others must see that staying with FS is likely to lead to their political demise long before they qualify for a ministerial pension and would be willing to do what is necessary to salvage at least a possibility of coming back again in the elections that will soon come. That means jettisoning FS and the DLP in the very near future and letting the public know that they were always uncomfortable with their leadership. Watch for some of the mice and cats coming out soon.

    The hints at this are in comments on this BU by the poster who said he assisted in developing the DE Presentation and then leaked that the presentation was indeed made and was an excellent one. He was right on both scores. Of course it might have been DE himself doing that leaking but I suspect that it was some other Cabinet member who did it.

    Wunnah still tink dat Mia was clueless when she gave FS the ultimatum last week dat he should fire CS by Sunday coming?

  32. @awty
    actually read the paper after the comment but the substance of my post remains.

    I agree that Estwick all by his lonesome holds ALL the political cards. Whether he’s man enough to use them or not is the magic question. As I said, time will tell.

    Mia also holds ALL the potential tipping points. Whether she’s woman or not to push them is another question. Time will tell on that too.

    now, regarding the PM my opinion is based on what has happened so far.

    imho, he’s not going to fire Estwick. That represents decisive and immediate action. Enough said. lol.

    regarding his staying in power, look at it this way….

    he was appointed acting PM despite having verbally lambasted his eventual leader back in 2007.
    he managed to get the votes to become official PM in 2010
    he staved of the Eager Eleven fiasco
    he managed to “win” the election in 2013
    he staved off a no confidence motion with silence
    he’s weathered all of the controversies, crises, confusion and chaos….and he’s still the PM and holds the power and publicly stated (even if false) confidence of the Parliamentary group…….for now.

    Regardless of what you think of him, all of the above speaks volumes for him… or at worst the dolts around him.

    with regards to Estwick’s presentation…I can only say wow. An entire Cabinet presentation leaked to a newspaper the same evening of the presentation and printed in two parts on a matter as grave as this.

    Guerilla politics are clearly at play.

    Just observing

  33. Observing; I think it speaks more of the dolts around him than of any great leadership on his part. However, I agree with you about most of your post.

    It is really incredible that an entire Cabinet presentation could be leaked to a newspaper on the evening of the presentation. I presume it was leaked as one document and the 2 part aspect is probably the Newspaper’s method of maximising their revenue from the sale of the Saturday.

    To me, what has transpired so far speaks to this event probably having been planned well in advance of the presentation. If so, and if Mia’s challenge to the PM is taken into account along with OSA’s arguably supportive comments on the matter, it suggests to me that they were aware or divined that the worm was turning. In addition, there were some aspects of the presentation that were purely gratuitous BLP talking points. They were not necessary for the presentation to be effective but they did hint that the PM should be very careful in any response. Hmmmmmm!

    Does anyone know of any previous leaks of Cabinet Papers or substantial portions of them in that short time frame? It must be a record. As a former public servant the system for ensuring CP secrecy was so well structured and policed that what has now happened seems to be almost an impossibility but, having happened, points in only one direction as the source.

    This storm is unlikely to be a nine days wonder only that will be relegated to the dustbin in less than 2 weeks time. But what do I know? I’m usually wrong in such matters anyway.

  34. “Prime Minister, retrenchment is not a policy, it is the action of last resort
    because of failed policies”.

    So said Dr David Estwick to the PM of this country yesterday. This is what we on BU have been telling this inept incompetent government for years. now one of the inside said it, so it must be so.

    What next? How can Dr Estwick continue to be a member of this cabinet after this? My heart bleeds for my country.

  35. @Prodigal
    “How can Dr Estwick continue to be a member of this cabinet after this?

    Bingo. For him to stay would make a mockery of the entire Cabinet process.

    Never said that the PM has great leadership. I said he’s shown an ability to maintain leadership. lol

    One of two scenarios are playing out here. Either the ENTIRE country and its people are being taken for one big smoke and mirrors ride by the powers that be while the layoffs and austerity measures continue exactly as planned, or we are in for a political shift and movement of unprecedented proportions.

    Time will tell.

    Just observing

    • Observing

      I am also having problems interpreting what is happening. This self-serving bunch of ministers is making a mockery of our system of governance but worse yet, they are totally disrespectful of the people of this country. Mind you, they are hanging on for dear life so that they could qualify for pensions. Also, if the Government falls at this time (pre pensions) many of them would be going back to unemployment, and in one case back to the lowly existence of hiding from court marshals with warrants because of his failure to pay child support.


  36. Caswell

    This is is as unprecedented as it appears complex. How will it end and who will be the victory, Stuart, Mottley, Estwick or Arthur?

    I am perplexed.

  37. @Gutterperc and Caswell

    I am uncertain as well. This seems like the inevitable sequel to the election blockbuster movie of February 2013 that had a very unexpected ending.

    Time will tell.

    Just Observing

    • Based on what Estwick is reported to have delivered in his presentation yesterday how can he remain a member of the Cabinet?

  38. I am wondering the same thing, David. Not only did he say what he wanted, he challenged the PM and his statements made last Sunday in St Andrew.

    It is clear that Estwick now feels that he can challenge the PM and get away with it. He clearly does not agree with the PM nor the Stinkliar, so how does he go back to the MoA and continue as if nothing happen? It boggles the mind!

    • Of interest to pundits should be the report after a group met at Inniss’ house including Estwick.What message is the disorganization sending to Barbadians and the private sector. The same private sector being asked to invest.

  39. David
    re. your 10.04 pm post; Freundel is probably trying to find a way to allow DE to remain and gloss over the happenings yesterday since he has not removed him so far. I can’t help thinking that with any of our previous PMs (even though none of them ever had a situation like this one to deal with) at least a new Minister for Agriculture would have been appointed last night.

    But there must now be palpable, hard feelings between DE and many of his colleagues that would make it almost impossible for them to coexist peaceably in Parliament and Cabinet after the latest black Thursday happenings.

    • Are-we-there-yet

      You seem not to understand the character of these politicians, they would pretend to peaceably exist in a sewer if it meant holding on for their pensions.


  40. I do feel so, David. It is as if David Estwick is daring Fruendel Stuart to fire him. I would be surprised if Fumble does anything. Party paramountcy!

    • How could you all be so daft. Fire Estwick what? If I know Freundel well enough, he was asleep during the presentation and did not hear what Estwick said.


  41. David;

    No punditry here.

    Just thinking aloud about these very complex happenings. With absolutely no evidence of what transpired at the Inniss led meeting, I think that at that stage, Estwick felt that here were some colleagues who were on his side and would intercede with the PM for a hearing on what he had to say. Alas that was not to be. He realized that they were not willing to bell the black cat and the last straw was when the PM made that uncalled for comment at the Branch meeting that showed that he was adamant not to move from the Sinckler – GoCBB austerity prescriptions and was actually trying to trick Estwick. IMHO, that apparent insensitivity, more than anything else, was the tipping point for DE’s reported performance yesterday.

    I think this seeming quandary is a marker for the start of events that will stop the downward trajectory and lead to Barbados moving forward at last and was the necessary catalyst for the removal of the current team that has amply demonstrated that it cannot lead Barbados up from the bottom of the cliff where we now lie, broken.

    I think that the only reasonable thing that can happen now is for Estwick to leave Cabinet and sit on an Independent bench temporarily and then engineer changes in Government from that seat. But then who knows what Estwick will actually do?

    The actual future dispensation of Government is indistinct in my crystal ball since there are so many permutations of possible events, personalities and propensities that could result in a wide variety of futures. I hope that one of those futures will be a new leader of the DLP in parliament as the effort would not be worth it if FS retains the leadership.

  42. @ A-W-T-Y
    Like Caswell, I believe the ball is in minister Estwick’s half of the court. The past 3 years show that P.M. Stuart has the ability to allow things to go on as if Estwick’s outbursts never occurred and presentation didn’t take place. P.M Stuart will force Estwick to shut up and get with the program or make his move.

  43. Observing on February 14, 2014 at 6:26 PM
    “How can Dr Estwick continue to be a member of this cabinet after this?

    Prodigal Daugther

    How can Mia Mottley remain leader of the BLP after all Owen Arthur has disparagingly said about her ?

    Bajans smarter than you think. After all is said and done….those in your BLP camp still make Bajans cringe !

  44. I have said on BU before and I repeat again…Dr. David Estwick cannot leave the DLP camp.
    Whatever maybe displeasing him at this time….he will have to bear it.
    But right now it is only the Dems that the Bajan electorate want.

    No amount of BLP rabble rousing is going to get the rational thinking Barbadians to become disgusted with their beloved DLP.

    While the BLP were planning mischief…we the Dems were ensuring that our CHIEFS were ready for the battle ahead.

    • Loss in the melee of the discussion is the reality the economic policies have not been working. Should this not be the central issue? Is the government able to turn it around?

  45. @David, turn around what ? this incompetent lot having caused the situation we now find ourselves in cannot, & do not have the ability to reverse the downturn since – in their opinion — their policies were correct.

  46. Dr Estwick is not an idiot nor a certifiable madman.
    He was smiling broadly when he exited the marathon cabinet meeting.
    Could he have thought that he had swayed enough of his colleagues to make a difference into accepting that his alternative plan was feasible?
    Could we now have two factions in Cabinet, the ones who think that the UAE plan is workable and will solve most of their political problems against the others led by a normally pliable PM?
    Could there be a possibility in the very near future of a rollback of the Sinckler Strategy and acceptance of the Estwick plan, contrary to what the PM indicated at the St Andrew branch meeting?
    Would this indicate that there will be no earth shaking changes in the Government, just a changing of the rider of the Finance horse which was apparently Estwick’s main objective?
    Have the financial gurus actually looked very closely at the Estwick plan?
    Politically it might be very attractive, but financially, what are the drawbacks?
    Could the positive aspects of it outweigh the negative?

    The objectively verifiable indicators for how this battle is heading will be:

    A relatively quick changing of the holder of the Minister of Finance position (at least before the Estimates debate).
    A different tune coming from the PM over the next few weeks.
    All the DLP voices on this blog singing praises to Estwick.
    The Central Bank Governor himself singing a different tune or retiring for health reasons.
    A media campaign to extol the benefits of the Estwick plan.
    More Ministers and rank and file DLP people coming out against the steady state Sinckler strategy.

  47. “Your attempts to be balanced are mediocre at best ”
    Just couldn’t allow the commiseration to pass unnoticed bushie, yes, indeed , my attempts to be ‘balanced’ might very well be mediocre but that does not negate the reality that fact eventually triumphs over fiction ad satire too for one does not have to read between the lines to decipher the gravity of Mr Estwick’s profound indictment on his administration. “GOVERNMENT’S ERRORS RESPONSIBLE FOR PRESENT ECONOMIC CRISIS.” There you have it chapter and verse from the horse’s mouth. The proof of the pudding Bushie is indeed in the eating.

    • Note the indictment of the Cabinet by Estwick extends to himself IF Cabinet is still regarded as a collective.

  48. David | February 16, 2014 at 1:02 PM |

    “Note the indictment of the Cabinet by Estwick extends to himself IF Cabinet is still regarded as a collective.”

    Not really if indeed as he says he was trying to point out to them the error of their ways since 2009; where he falls down is to remain in a Cabinet and subscribe through the mantra of collective responsibility to policies with which he did not agree. He could have taken a leaf out of Mr Ronald Toppin’s book who left the last BLP Cabinet when he and Mr Arthur could not see eye to eye over policy matters. Real nuff respect due to Mr Toppin. you think.

    • @balance

      You are aware as recent as 1 year ago Estwick was seen and heard on the general election campaign in full support of the government’s economic strategy? Has he shown decent in the House when voting on The Estimates and other related resolutions/bills?

  49. “You are aware as recent as 1 year ago Estwick was seen and heard on the general election campaign in full support of the government’s economic strategy? Has he shown decent in the House when voting on The Estimates and other related resolutions/bills?”

    So did Mr Stuart with respect to his vow not to send home any workers, not to privatise, not to make students pay for university education but to be fair I do take your point; but on the one hand we are calling for parliamentarians to more forthright yet Mr Estwick’s newly found forthrightness has come under negative scrutiny. Tell me, David , what would you have done during the election campaign if you were in Mr Estwick’s position? With regards to support of the policies he now denounces publicly but which he says he did not support internally, haven’t we been saying that Cabinet members are bound by collective responsibility and he should not be disagreeing publicly with policy emanating from the Cabinet. Holding that view would dictate that he go against his conscience during the election campaign and in the affairs in Cabinet as well. Suppose Mr Estwick in his wisdom had become so fed up that he crossed the floor, what would have been your opinion of Mr Estwick?



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    • @balance

      To repeat, Estwick had his chances in recent debates in the House to recant based on government’s about turn on UWI education and sending home workers. Why did he wait till the 11th hour?

  50. David

    Somehow I don’t think Estwick works according to your timetable so why comment in that regard.
    Deal with the substance of the issue not the cosmetics.

  51. I suppose like Mr Mascoll’s crossover to the BLP, only Mr Estwick knows. Perhaps he was not yet ready to battle the likes of AC, Fractured and the other apologists.

    • @Gutterperc

      Estwick has a long history of rebellious behaviour, is inclined to the histrionics and vacillates. To allocate time to Estwick’s proposal it becomes a credibility matter as well.

    • Maybe crap to you but a senior minister openly hostile and in disagreement with his Cabinet and other colleagues will NOT foster the confidence and esprit de corps required to mobilize the country. Have you considered? This should not be about Estwick’s ego.

  52. What a roll of crap you should be ashamed but then again you have a job to do. Here is a senior Minister saying what everyone in Barbados knows, starting with Thompson and culminating with Sinckler them destroy the economy of Barbados but worse still, them lie to get re-elected.

    Can you imagine Estwick throwing bombs at the DLP from the independent or opposition benches? That a real dooms day scenario and one that far away.

  53. Dear Mr. Genius Minister of Agriculture you have the opportunity to make an awesome contribution to restructuring the economy.
    1. Make Barbados 90% self sufficient in Food production.

    Introduce SOLAR energy to produce electricity to directly power all the chicken farms and to pump water from wells and ponds.

    3.Provide funding for Farmers who want to create more manageable food production operations. Fish farms, green houses.

    4 Create an organic vegetable industry by building green houses that meet the nest practices for certified organic food.

    Okay its sunday afternoon and I just writing Shiite. so wunna doan mine me.

    But I might put muh pennies wey muh mout is.

    • @Gutterperc

      Who is going to invest anyway with a government which appears to be at war with itself?

      Now who has a thick skull?

  54. David

    There is not confidence because public finances of this country are facked can’t you get that thru your thick skull?
    Who the hell is going to invest in a country which has all the indications that it is facked at that at some future stage the Government will default on its debts.

  55. Confidence ain’t got anything to do with BLP or DLP or Stuart or Mottley, it has to do with the fact that this country has a debt to GDP of 150% and it continues to climb.

    • @Gutterperc

      You need to stop navel gazing. The government has a 2-seat majority (5,000 votes separated the two at the last general election) governing a country split down the middle 40:40 DLP/BLP. The antics emanating from Cabinet and Donville’s house and how it is perceived by the public will play a role in how the debate is moved and carried in the public domain. For Estwick to attempt to move a national debate about the economy and at the same time do so spouting his rhetoric and orchestrations with the Nation will muddy the waters. It is a strategy 1010 matter.

  56. David
    I see. I don’t think this is about a debate. It seems to me the man has said you had to say and put for an alternative approach which is ask his Cabinet colleagues to consider.

    David Estwick does have all the answers but at least he is trying get intelligent debate going on how we can help ourselves. I just hope the Cabinet take the good parts to augment the current fiscal plan.

    If only the politics and egos could be left out we might just start on the road to recovery.

    • Balance

      This nonsense is not about Estwick’s ego: it is about the wholesale dishonesty employed by the DLP in an effort to win the elections. Everything has caught up with them and they are still employing dishonest tactics to fool the public. If it is not that the only credible explanation for Estwick’s flip-flops is that they took him to Donville’s house where they plied him with enough to drink that he was compromised and they are now holding that over his head. Estwick cannot be that stupid; after all, he is a medical doctor and I hear a good one.


  57. “Dear Mr. Genius Minister of Agriculture you have the opportunity to make an awesome contribution to restructuring the economy.”

    How about this Hants.
    Dear Mr Integrity Prime Minister when will you decide to contribute to the restructuring of the economy earn your handsome salary and by extension pension entitlements by ascribing to yourself duties commensurate with the handsome remuneration package you receive and the handsome pension to which you are entitled.

  58. I want a poll conducted on BU. The Sinckler Plan or the Estwick Plan? I must say Estwick’s plan is thinking outside the box and I favour it.

    Freundel will do absolutely nothing. As Reudon Eversley puts it “Events will overtake PM Stuart”. I do not even think Stuart is the least perturbed or worried. Stuart seems not to really care or he is in his own world. He hasn’t even read the Clico report as yet!

    I see the following playing out: Donville Inniss becoming DLP leader by next general conference as a start. I have no idea if David Estwick will cross or not. This is a real suspense thriller movie. Not even Days of Our Lives with Stefano comes close.

  59. Is Dr. Estwick’s public rebuke of Cabinet decisions a breach of the Official Secrecy Act ?

    If it is proven , that Dr. Estwick indeed leaked his PPT document to the press even before Cabinet ruled one way or the other on it, is it a breach of the Official Secrecy Act ?
    Does the Nation newspaper publication of the same Cabinet presented PPT document breached any laws ?

    If so, can the Nation news paper be sued ?

    Is this matter still about ….U A E ?
    United Arab Emirates !!!! Or has it become…..E A U
    Estwick Against Us ??????

    Ponder on these things !!

    • There the DEMS go again trying to intimidate people again. Estwick’s PowerPoint presentation was not a cabinet document. It was one he prepared by himself, or with Owen Arthur’s assistance, who cares? He shared his intellectual property with Cabinet: the Cabinet Secretary, as far as I am aware, did not circulate the document, it is therefore not a cabinet document and subject to official secret status.


  60. “Fractured BLP | February 17, 2014 at 1:04 AM |

    Is Dr. Estwick’s public rebuke of Cabinet decisions a breach of the Official Secrecy Act ?”
    You should ask yourself that question since you have been masquerading under a pseudonym as a cabinet insider and leaking happenings to the public since the spectacle began having been privy to the presentation of the power point presentation among other things..

  61. @Caswell, Well said above.

    Reality is, it is over. Elections are around the corner, to ignore this is ridiculous, and for those who ‘hold the cards’ to sit tight and refuse to budge, shows self interest over country.

    And, perchance ‘if’ allegations of giveaways for votes that were claimed to exist at last election were true, who will actually fund such this time??

    Tme longer than twine.

  62. The Prime Minister would be a fool not to give Dr Estwick responsibility for the Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs. He has proven to be the only one in the DLP who has both competency and capability when it comes to matters on economy. Seems to me Dr Estwick is making public his proposals in the event that he leaves the DLP and the Stuart cabinet.

  63. @ Fractured BLP | February 17, 2014 at 1:04 AM |

    It seems very likely your ‘glassy’ Cabinet is about to break into pieces .
    Don’t you think it’s time you change your moniker to “Broken up DLP” to reflect more clearly the realities in your mickey-mouse administration?

    Even Sir Lloyd is being critical of the jokey boss man accusing him of being so lethargic in his leadership that even his donkey cart is in front of him.

    Now, “Broken up DLP”, don’t you go cussing Ryan Straughn and the miller for telling your countrymen what is facing them as they look down the barrel of a devaluation gun. This is more ominously dangerous than the Powerpoint gunslinger shooting off his mouth and in breach of some Act you are totally ignorant about.

    Keep him in check by giving him the MoF. Stinkliar would be eternally grateful for relieving him of the intellectual constipation he is suffering from.

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