Operation Corrective Measures

Submitted by Douglas
Owen Arthur would not want anything to do with Mia Mottley's eminent persons group.

“Owen Arthur would not want anything to do with Mia Mottley’s eminent persons group”

It is worth repeating- Sandiford’s structural adjustment programme of the 90s right-sized the public service of Barbados. It is worth stating that the Owen Arthur administration from 1994 started the process of inflating the ranks of the public service of Barbados. Growing the government; to the detriment of the private sector of Barbados – an unsustainable economic policy. He failed to take the advice at the turn of the century to reduce the size of the civil service by 10,000 spread over 10 years. The warning signs were there. But he failed to take the corrective measures.

Owen Arthur would not want anything to do with Mia Mottley’s eminent persons group. He knows that such a group would point fingers at him for failing to continue the restructuring of the Barbados economy which he had inherited from Sandiford. Like the prodigal son, for 14 years he partied, feasted, and feted spending the surplus revenue from the VAT and money borrowed for a rainy day, wasting billions of dollars on dead-end projects (Greenlands, Dodds Prison, Highway Expansion, Kensington, Crab Hill Police Station, and Eastry House). He also presided over decisions which left us with very little space to manoeuvre: the sale of the national bank, the insurance company and selling off the private sector of Barbados to foreign interest. Not to mention the first three downgrades of Barbados’ credit rating.

When you are managing an economy in good times you are expected to make provision and savings for hard times. Arthur did not do this. This was his greatest failure as a leader. He did not have the vision or foresight to adequately prepare for the future.

In 2008, the Barbados Labour Party was voted out for their mismanagement of public funds. Do we remember the cost overrun bill which stood at over a billion dollars? That was money which was wasted, spent and not saved. What a difference it would make today if the Owen Arthur administration had been able to save that money for a rainy day! One of the things which make the Singapore economy great is that they actually save their surplus budget and set it aside for a rainy day. The Arthur administration, which had the opportunity, never did it. When Ms. Mottley advised him as the Minister with responsibility for Economic Affairs she too did not have the foresight to suggest such. What a difference it would make to civil servants if those rainy day savings were available now.

Not only did Arthur fail to save, he failed to invest in projects which would put the Barbados economy on a sustainable growth path. Why is it that we have to wait until now in 2014 for the Sanitation Service Authority to invest millions to construct a Waste-to-Energy plant? Why didn’t Arthur invest the millions spent on Greenland on such a project?

Why is it that we have to wait until 2014 to invest millions of dollars in the construction of a purpose built designated cruise pier to expand Barbados’ potential in cruise tourism and also create a hub for the expansion and development of our cultural industries in Barbados?

Why is it that we had to wait until 2013 to revolutionise our energy generation capacity in Barbados by passing legislation and creating a suite of investment incentives to grow the renewable energy sector in Barbados?

Why is it that we had to wait until 2014 to put serious plans in place to revitalize the sugar industry in Barbados? By building a multipurpose plant capable of producing a number of by products from sugar cane we will be developing a sugar cane industry.

Why is it that we had to wait until 2013 for the Sandals brand to join the Barbados tourism product helping the country to boost airlift from the Canadian and UK markets? Soon, Sandals will be investing over US$65 million into the economy creating over 1000 jobs in construction during the “sandalisation” of Sandals Casuarina.

Why is it that we had to wait until 2008 to recognise that NHC was wasting millions of dollars trying to build office complexes and could do a better job of building housing accommodations for Barbadians?

The answer to those questions – the Owen Arthur administration lacked vision. They did not know then how to restructure the economy of Barbados and they cannot offer today a solution to the economic challenges which the economy is presently facing. That is why Owen wants nothing to do with the eminent persons group. That is why in his opinion Mia was just about political gimmicks. He knows that the only thing that comes from her mouth is, “march!” Marching does not solve economic or financial crisis.

To all Barbadians we are making sacrifices to put the Barbados economy back on track. It is our hope that the sacrifices which are being made now will be brief. The Barbados economy will revive and you can help it to grow. We encourage you to grasp the opportunity for training and re-tooling during this time. Sharpen your skills and help us to build a stronger and more sustainable economy and society. We need to put our minds and talents to creative uses. We need to produce, we need to be creative, and we need to be innovative.



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  1. Enuff

    From Barbados Today article on February 7, 2014.

    Beaches construction starts in April 2015

    The start date for construction of the much talked about Beaches Resorts in Barbados is set for the second quarter of 2015.

    Speaking to Barbados TODAY in Grenada at the Sandals La Source property recently, Stewart said the construction project should be completed in about 22 months after the start date.

    How is Sandals boosting airlift when Sandals is shutting down for (at least) nine months, and Beaches rebuild will not be done until 2017?

  2. @ Warinka
    The Estwick/UAE funding of US$5 billion: why is DE silent on the job offer as an attachment to the loan. Employment of 4,000 Bdians in the UAE

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  4. Suggest that Estwick talk to Sandiford-Garner – with winter forward bookings going “through the roof”, there should be no need for the 30 year $5 billion UAE loan.

    Or better still, just sell the whole 166 square miles to the Arabs, and become the eight Emirate. Then Arabs can pay off loans to IADB, World Bank, IMF and Chinese etc. Presto, no more debt service payments.

  5. @ CHAUCER | February 8, 2014 at 1:07 PM |
    “The Estwick/UAE funding of US$5 billion: why is DE silent on the job offer as an attachment to the loan. Employment of 4,000 Bdians in the UAE”

    Explain yourself here.
    Are you saying that, in addition to the $5 billion loan to Bim, 4,000 Bajans will be given the opportunity to work and live in UAE?
    Next minute you will be telling us the loan will be made on Sharia terms and conditions where no element or rate of interest is specified.

    Does Estwick appreciate the UAE is a conglomerate or federation of former Islamic fiefdoms where Islamic fundamentalism is a way of life and most foreign workers of non-Arabic origin are de facto “indentured” workers; especially the unskilled and semi-skilled ones?

    Which kind of Bajan workers would be finding employment in the UAE? Would the so –called skilled (brain drain to Bim) be competing with the Muslim professionals from the Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia , parts of Africa and the UK?

    Are you aware the majority of Bajan workers with exportable professional and administrative skills are the educated females who would find life in the UAE a massive turnoff and totally off-putting to their customary liberal lifestyle?

    Pampered Bajans will not only be encountering a cultural shock of unparalelled proportions but the heat and generally debilitating weather conditions alone will kill off many of them who have never even work a full day in the Bajan hot sun.

  6. @ MIller
    As we say in diplomacy, there is no free lunch. DE is a simpleton in international affairs and finance; his behavior is as erratic as TCs, what a family

  7. @Miller etc.
    Pampered Bajans will not only be encountering a cultural shock of unparalelled proportions but the heat and generally debilitating weather conditions alone will kill off many of them who have never even work a full day in the Bajan hot sun
    The speculation about jobs may be pie in the sky but many Europeans and North Americans are employed in these countries in Administrative, Health or Service fields and survive. If they lack certain benefits because of Islamic laws many have contracts which provide a weeks respite where they can take off for the fleshpots of Europe where their urges can be satiated.
    If however Bajans are competing against the Filipino household helper or the Indian construction worker it will be a tough row to hoe.

    BTW have you ever seen the conditions under which some Bajan farm workers ply their trade in the USA and Canada?

  8. BU is truly an interesting virtual rum shop. The inside information that contributors have makes the “media” look miniscule.

  9. The seriouness of DE” should not be taking too seriously by all. he says he isa man before and after politics.the same can be said in a similar vein for the DLP which would remain as a DLP part with or without DE . the politics of inclusion is what the DLP paractice but If DE wants to excluded he absolutely has that right but the party would remain intact whatever the circumstance

  10. @ ac | February 8, 2014 at 2:29 PM |
    “..but If DE wants to excluded he absolutely has that right but the party would remain intact whatever the circumstance”.

    If Estwick part ways with the current DLP Cabinet it would trigger the premature but inevitable fall of the government.
    Most of the current DLP ‘supporters’ (and yard-birds like you) are only there for the party when a fatted calf is available for slaughter and distribution. As long as the IMF are around the once fatted calf would be starving.

    The democratic removal of the current piss-poor administration would see your party in the opposition wilderness as long as the tremendous damage done remains in the minds of the people.
    It is possible only Mara could retain her seat by default. But we doubt very much the hag will be running next time around.

    Many will distance themselves from the party which would find it extremely difficult to attract young members.
    Even you, ac, would disappear from this blog since you would be so ashamed you would be unable to defend the indefensible.

    But heck, we are only dreaming. Please, Estwick please, pretty please remain in the bosom of the DLP and in the Cabinet of blind men for another year running behind the black bald pooch cat so that the letters R.I.P could be firmly and finally inscribed before the initials of that destructive lying party.

    Poor EWB must be crying tears of pain to see what has become of his legacy.
    Ac, why not start a new political entity called the EWB Movement for Change & Survival to capitalize on the pending collapse of the Stuart DLP?

  11. @millerdenuksie
    I can see de smile pon you face. lol wunah BLP yardfowls smelling blood nuh. Well, I feel de BLP should use de time to get it house in order cause although de DLP doing crap that don’t mean that de BLP is an attractive alternative either. If things remain as they are right now, de next election could bring an interesting result. Get wickham do a poll nuh.

  12. @ Oilman | February 8, 2014 at 3:27 PM |

    Mr. Oily man, how could you misread so deliberately the miller’s intentions and desires? Don’t you think if you have a nuksie it should be oily to attract and trap suckers like you?

    Come on oil man, don’t be so slimy and slick. The miller wants the DLP to remain in power for at least another year.
    By that time all the lovely projects expected to save your sorry asses from Devaluation will be out of the oil pipeline and into the Bananados SOS recovery tank ready for distribution to feed the once fatted calf brigade now about to die from starvation just like the 3,500 to be discharged.
    But make sure you have projects and not molasses including the $5 billion from the UAE. What about the Chinese and Japanese money for the hotel and sugar industry?

    BTW, who is financing the Exmouth housing project, jada?

  13. @millerdenuksie
    Yeah devaluation look very possible. That is not de issue though. My previous submission was very clear and straightforward. De BLP is not an attractive option EITHER, so deal wid it.

  14. Then don’t feel sorry for the miller. Feel sorry for poor Bim.
    Imagine all those billions of dollars spent on education trying to fulfil EWB’s dream and this is what you have ended up with.

    A country that can’t govern itself in a way the semi-educated old people did without a begging bowl outstretched and with 30 ‘mis-educated’ clowns on show.

    What you have to say, Oilerts, to this puzzling enigma of paradox?

  15. @millerdenukie
    That is exactly why I can’t rejoice like you BLP yard fowls cause after de DLP, a return of de BLP is more of de same.

  16. @ Miller
    In all this chat, you have just made a point that should be the talk of the nation. For a country that puts education at its very heart, or did, why has it failed us.
    We now have a situation in which Barbadians despise learning. Those expensively educated professionals have failed the nation. The long-term consequences of that will be more damaging than the messed up economy.

  17. I hear all this talk bout education and nobody can deny de importance of education. However, when you got educated yardfowls, educated bajan men and women who would wish us to believe that this two party system wuking, then what is de use of education in this whole context?

    All these politicians, de cabinet and opposition, all them ent so called educated men and women? Stupse, wunah could as well stop talking bout education.

  18. @Hal
    On this stage called life we all have different roles. My role is certainly not to form any political party. And please don’t tell me nonsense bout if I call for a third party I should start it. Calling for something can simply be an acknowledgement that such is needed. One needs to get in where one fits.

    I do hope that those who are so inclined and who have a real vision for Barbados beyond the narrow minded, colonial suggestions that you tend to spout in your essays, will take on the challenge and give bajans another political option.

  19. Minister David Estwick would be well advised to view “Life and Debt” a film By Stephanie Black. He would see and hear former Jamaican prime minister, Michael Manley, state how he was disappointed by his Mid-Eastern Third World Comrades’ refusal to answer his appeal for assistance prior to the IMf’s arrival in the island.

  20. @ Sargeant
    “…..don’t want to give the honchos at BOA an excuse to frolic in Sochi.”

    You don’t know Bajans fuh truth….Bushie would be totally un-surprised to find out that this is already the case.

  21. @ Oilman
    Then put up or shut up. If we want change then it is all hands on deck.
    I can’t be narrow minded on the one hand and know it all on the other..

  22. Hal go training to wuk wey, in drainage unit? It would be interesting to find out how many persons trained in government’s skills training programme were employed in Lowe’s Chain Gang.

  23. @Hal
    lol put up or shut up?! You sound like a real BLP arrogant. I glad you show de ppl pon this blog de real you.

  24. @ Hal
    Then form a third party. There is nothing inevitable about the two-party system.

    Hal the man just explained that the problem is that the so-called education system has failed. It is producing brass bowls instead of intelligent, Honorable men and women of character.

    Cuh shiite!!! If we can’t find intelligent, honorable people to mek up two parties …where we going find to make three….? PDC?
    …sometimes you does come with a roll hear…?

    The ONLY viable solution is the one articulated by BAFFY, BUSHIE and BU….the ten point plan.

    Elect persons to a national supervisory committee
    ADVERTISE AND HIRE professionals to run government
    …and keep the politicians busy snooping to see if anybody stealing, …..while the professionals run the damn place, – being FORCED to be transparent due to the lotta malicious snooping by the NSC – which is the only shiite that Bajans do well anyhow….

  25. @Miller
    “……. Semi- educated old people……”
    1) Errol Barrow: Harrison College, London School of Economics

    2) Tom Adams: Harrison College, University of Oxford

    3) Bernard St. John: Christ Church Foundation, University of London

    4) Lloyd Erskine Sandiford: Harrison College University of the West Indies

    It would be interesting to see your credentials Miller?

  26. @ Oilman | February 8, 2014 at 4:44 PM |

    Since you have started to peek into the book the miller is reading and almost finished why don’t you tell the bleeding ‘mi-educated’ fools in Parliament to use the mandate given by the ‘people’ be imaginatively proactive?

    Why not exploit the current crisis as an opportunity to move the mainly black population from one of a party -dependent relationship with the State facilitated and encouraged through electoral enfranchisement and a colonial based education system to one of economic enfranchisement and self-reliance for a brave new 21st Century world for the average black person who needs to be liberated not just physically but also psychologically?

    Why in 2014 should a government led by a physically perfect specimen of a black man elected by mainly black people be considering divesting national assets like the Transport Board to a clique of people who have no interests whatsoever in seeing the black masses advanced economically other than being consumers of their imported crap?

    Same thing goes for construction of public funded housing projects and road maintenance.

    What has become of the grandiose vote-catching promise that at least 40% of all government contracts for the supply of goods and services would be geared towards SME businesses to broaden and democratize the business and commercial landscape to reflect a fairer balance of the country’s ethnicity make-up?

    Is the miller, Mr. Oilman, soaring too high for you?

  27. @millerdenuksie
    You is a good example of de kind of ppl we got in parliament. Nuff pretty talk to mek yahself feel important and de country going nowhere but down. Keep beating yah chest.

  28. @Mark Fenty | February 8, 2014 at 5:19 PM |

    You are such a cunt (sorry, rabbit) we will not even respond to you in any extended discourse.
    We are talking about the broad mass of the people. The real people who build countries not chatter boxes with lanterns.

    If the miller told you he is a graduate of Oxford with first class honours, would you believe him?

  29. Mark Fenty…….you know Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin and he had none of the above credentials and none of the above degreed names you called from the above schools invented anything…that’s the major problem in the world now, all these paper degreed people and the ones who don’t bother are the inventors, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, the little guy who left i believe it was Bronx School of Science or Stuyvesant (gifted schools) because he was fedup and stayed in his basement tinkering around sold Flickr for millions, I can call the names of billionaires who have no degrees but are inventors, Steve Zucker, yes, he went to Harvard, but what he invented, Facebook, had nothing to do with his Harvard degree, it was a hobby while he was in high school, it would take me all day, Barbados needs inventors and people with innovative skills, not more degrees..

  30. @Oilman | February 8, 2014 at 5:26 PM |
    “Nuff pretty talk to mek yahself feel important and de country going nowhere but down. Keep beating yah chest.”

    The country going down the drain has no direct impact on the miller.
    So why should he care other than out of concern for fools like you who can’t differentiate shit from shite being fed to stupid people like you who is so deep in ignorance you can’t separate the oil of ignorance from the water of knowledge.
    Reread my contribution above and see if you can identify a thread of enlightenment contained therein.

  31. Should read:Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg i believe………..and Mark those are the white ones I called, there are just as many blacks who are inventive who do not require a degree to be innovative or become extremely wealthy world leaders.

  32. Estwick laid down the gauntlet and the PM responded i hope before he goes spouting off his plan that he thinks about the possibilty the BLP being poised and ready to stealif rejected so far their leader has been applying gimmicks and marches and as often as they have held DE in high regards in economic matters thev possibity of such an occurence seems relatively high..

  33. Well Well, what you’re saying is quite true and I can’t help but to agree with you. In my unqualified opinion, Barbados is lacking the kind of intellectuals with that sociological – imagination. That inventive ability to think outside of the academic paradigm.

  34. @ Oilman | February 8, 2014 at 5:38 PM |

    Would a level-headed conservative man like you listen or engage the old stupid miller in anything to do with government in “Christian” Barbados?

    Can’t you see the old retired miller is one mad-ass ballistic outlier promoting the decriminalization of marijuana, gambling and prostitution and homosexuality in your lovely prim and proper country called Little England when you ought to be emulating your mother.
    There is where the miller stands, except for the sunshine.

  35. Spewing others ideas, theories and concepts, does not necessarily makes one academically gifted, Georgie Porgie. All one needs is a good memory to recapitulate what he has ingested!

  36. @millerdeNuksie
    You want to mek this country a den of sin or whuh? The is what wunah got plan fuh this God fearing country? God help we!

  37. @ Oilman | February 8, 2014 at 6:12 PM |

    Do you, “to the point” oil monger understand the meaning of the saying ‘oil and water don’t mix’?
    It’s equivalent to expecting ignorance to be in agreement with commonsense.
    As it stands your innocent Bim which has never known the sins of slavery or apartheid has no dens of gambling, bars or rum drinking, blocks of drug taking, and hills of prostitution.

    Good for you fool, living in an AIDS paradise full of diseases of such ‘sweet’ proportions to justify being called the amputation capital of the world.

    Now how on Earth can vinegar spoil lime and salt?

  38. @Oilman | February 8, 2014 at 7:24 PM |

    The drinking of rum is not an illegal activity, within reason, in Bim. Do you get drunk often?

    Listen fool ,there is another thread going on Estwick. why not chip in with your ignorance and climb down from your moral high ground?

  39. Miller, you’re at liberty to besmear, denigrate, and castigate Oilman as you wish, but please don’t vitiate the image of our beautiful island man. If you’re a Bajan and I presume you are, then you ought to be shame of the statement you have written above, regarding the conduct of some folks in Barbados. Once you write it, you own it brother.

  40. @millerdeNUKIE
    At my age I can afford to tek de moral high ground. And you can preach all you want, you can’t mek this old man support widespread government sanctioned gambling, prostitution and homosexulaity, more and above what we already got !

  41. Miller, when you assume an absolute in any given situation, it does a disservice to those persons that aren’t party to such conduct brother.

  42. @ Mark Fenty | February 8, 2014 at 8:03 PM |

    Who can be more “absolute” in crap than you Marcus in proclaiming the DLP the party of the poor downtrodden masses whereas the BLP is for the rich and famous?
    Where is your blasted evidence especially when jada and his ilk control the stupid black boys in the DLP?

    How stupidly absolute can you Fenty get when you proclaim some fictional character called Jesus to be God despite the fact that there are many other religions, both for the dead and living, which mankind has practised for thousands of years if not hundreds of thousands?

    Now piss off, Fenty boy!

  43. Oh Lord! I am beginning to lose respect for you brother…. I thought you had it all together but you have just shown me that you’re pure nutts. As civilized men, we ought and should behave better than we have been doing Miller.

  44. @ Mark Fenty | February 8, 2014 at 8:40 PM |

    Do you understand the meaning of the British phrase to “piss off”?
    We do not require your respect. Maybe Gearbox ‘s but not yours, Mr. Fenty.
    Now, shoo!

  45. Miller, the true essence of an educated man can be found in the level of equanimity he displays under trying conditions. My friend, I am sorry to say, but have allowed your impetuosity to get the best of you.

  46. Man Milla tek a break from d ppl blog…
    Are you Bajan? Then why do you wish the worst for the country?
    Are you Black? Then why do you refer to Black people in such condescending fashion?

    Follow Bushie’s advice and go look for your suppositories. All you do is come on the blog insulting and denigrating, yet, miraculously saying nothing of merit at all.


  47. @Fenty

    ” I thought you had it all together but you have just shown me that you’re pure nutts”

    Don’t you realise yet that the Spiller is a total loon?

  48. Estwick was a member of the Cabinet when all the decisions were made which invokes collective responsibility”

    Not only a member of Cabinet but according to him Chairman of the Cabinet committee on Economic affairs up to 2010. How can he now feign ignorance is beyond my limited comprehension skills.

  49. With ac’s latest in mind…….

    Please let’s hold hands and move clockwise in a circle….is there room for a government of national unity?

    On academic credentials: “Would you believe…Oxford…First….”

    No of course not. You’re far too intelligent and dark blue doesn’t suit you.

    On Oilman putting his money where his mouth is………Lochinvar in London come west and show us your balls and let the rest of us dream dreams and scribble on BU.

  50. “Wuh cuh dear…..if other (and bigger) boats in the sea sinking and rolling, ….does it not say that our problems may be more EXTERNAL than internal.
    …obviously if there is a BIG storm going on, it may not be the best time to shoot the captain. RATHER , it may make sense to put ALL heads together and try to ride out the storm – and THEN shoot the BB.

    Bushie hope that your balance returns soon…”

    your satirical comments demonstrate to me that you are a man of great intellect and I suggest you stick to satire and avoid serious political discourse. Bushie, I was not responsible for the manifesto which if what you are saying is true would have lied to the public to regain election ‘by promising much now the recession was ended.’ It was the DLP who indicated that the recession was ended , not me and if the recession is ended then our problems could not be external. If the recession is not ended according to you and our problems are external, what accounts for growth in other countries with similar economies like ours. Ryan Sraughan’s submission’ The slide in the Barbados Economy’ clearly demonstrates to a numbskull like me that our problems are definitely homemade.
    Hope you stick to satire

  51. “Yuh think the world ends at Barbados doorstep?”
    Definitely not but I have too many problems of my own here not knowing what tomorrow holds for me living under an administration that does not inspire confidence to worry about whether Puerto Rico get down grade or not. I do not know what your comment about Puerto Rico was intended to portray. It certainly cannot give hope to those already laid off and those about to be.

  52. “but even Arthur had a fool from the hill as his PS in Finance during the years of plenty”

    Mr Smith went to Combermere and he is not a fool. Up to retirement he was a respected, decent, hardworking, diligent and honest public officer who gave his all for Barbados in whatever position he held.

  53. @ Balance
    I can confirm that Grantley Smith as a school boy was a person of the highest integrity, in my opinion. Even then he was not one of the rowdies and as a mature man he maintained the expected decency and courtesy.

  54. @ MillertheAnunnaki

    You said and I quote “Why in 2014 should a government led by a physically perfect specimen of a black man elected by mainly black people be considering divesting national assets like the Transport Board to a clique of people who have no interests whatsoever in seeing the black masses advanced economically other than being consumers of their imported crap?”

    I was observing the dialogue between you, Mark Fenty and Oilman with interest.

    Kasparov playing against Bobby Fisher brings two grandmasters into the same arena, men of equal skill, intellect and strategy pitted against each other and not men playing with children.

    You speak of a concept of empowerment that the BLP and most definitively this intellectually impoverished government of the DLP CANNOT CONCEIVE furthermore implement.

    Imagine that Oh Anunnaki, placing the opportunity to be “Craftsmen of our fate” into the hands of the masses?

    You speak of anarchy and treason and I shall be sending we-Jonesing for you in the Night of the Long Knives.

    Fumble and cohort could not come up with a strategy to enfranchise the black people of Barbados in the same vein that it is impossible to have a month of Sundays.

    That 40% concept was and is just that – a fanciful suggestion that was not worth the paper that it is written on.

    At a time when we have to pare down this overweight government and public sector, a time when it is imperative that we reduce the sluggards and indolent in the public service hallways, stragglers on in the army of occupation, you would thing that the rule to be employed would be one based on competence, skills, work ethics and commitment to country.

    Instead we who are soon to die are looky at party cards!!

    So Oh Anunnaki, it is alien for 100% of this group, and 7/8 of the other clowns (for they too had a chance to embark on a similar strategy) to begin to conceive of such enfranchisement furthermore implement same

  55. @ MillertheAnunnaki

    and as if to prove my point 123 jumps into the fray with “Are you Bajan? Then why do you wish the worst for the country? Are you Black? Then why do you refer to Black people in such condescending fashion?”

    Totally missing the point, the continuous call to persons “in the castle of my skin” to “rise” and rise again as impossible as it seems.

    You know Mr. Miller, I can see that as part of your life’s passage among the many other experiences and broughtupsy you would have been exposed to things like “Up Pompeii, Benny Hill etc. Living in a time when innuendo, inflection, isometrics, nuance as opposed to enforced laughter tracks, slapstick humour, crudity, falling on a banana peel.

    And therein lies the defining element, for unless one comes here and says 1, 2, 3 in simple English with words not exceeding 4 characters, some assembled in this cyberspace hall CAN AND WILL NEVER GET IT!

    May I introduce the double negative construct?

    LORD forbid that as a requirement for blogging here David[BU] should require that one has to begin their first submission with one such sentence!

    Our alternating current colleague would be lost, incapable of participating

    Because i may say that I think that the current lot of DLPites are s*ites does not mean that I am contra the Democratic Labour Party or the sterling contribution of the late Errol Barrow (during his time)

    And while i too feel that they are the most incompetent government that Barbados has ever had such certainly does not make me a BLP supporter!! I support any person who proactively supports Barbados, in deeds, not all the long talk, fullstop and if that includes Eric Fly well then Eric would have had my vote

    @123 The Anunnaki is black, and is a patriot who loves Barbados and cannot for the life of me understand why, with 95% blacks and a HoA that does not have one buckra johnny, syrian, coolie or any flavour of the week that we Bajans feel inclined to castigate dese people colour and blame our woes on de “white man”

    The Miller, like so many of us “old fogeys” can’t understand the equation of why Barbados is wallowing in this deep shit.

    After a while the only conclusion that we can come to, given the vaunted education laurels we hold so high over Bulbados, is that the black DNA is flawed and that something IS WRONG WID WE NIGGERS. I hope that this is clear enough for you

  56. @ Well Well

    THe ole man cant remember names too well, so forgive me

    Before this fancy thing called magic jack there was a man, a black bajan, who has a business on St. Lawrence Gap, close to the Dover Convention site (it gone now) who developed and patented the precursor to the billion dollar MagicJack.

    He had a little support from BIDC but that poor black Bajan had to pay to patent what is now a billion dollar revenue generator himself.

    Let me ask you this Well Well.

    I see that you have an expansive list of Caucasoids whose names bespeckle the Invention heavens as well as the Forbes front covers.

    Those names dont reflect we niggahs and knowing your normal submissions, I know that this was not intentional.

    Dance with me a little longer if you will.

    Do you think that anywhere on this 11 x 14 rock in the Caribbean Sea, that there is any ministry or agency that has a list of my nigger bretheren or sisteren that potentially have this DNA??

    Is there any Bulbados Registry that you or I can go to tomorrow morning, note that i did not say online, causing that would bring down fire and brimstone on us BU-ians one time, but does such a registry exist?

    Did you know that if one of our private sector companies, say FCIB or LIME, wanted to hire a graduate from the Computer Science Department at Cave Hill that there is no electronic registry through which the department could retrieve that information and give the names and email addresses of 10 of its best students, for the last 2 years??

    ans 123 wonders why ole farts like me and The Anunnaki speak in such “condescending terms” about us niggahs?

    De Madam getting ready fuh Church an i gots to go en mek sure dat de car clean, inside and outside. so dat when we pass fuh pickup dem sistahs “dat de car inside an’ outside et ent look like a marl hole”

    I used to get a young man down de road tuh clean it but since Sinckler increase tings dem all de money gine in food, bills, and i cyan get a lil’ $15 to gi’ de you man..

    You know any bajan Inventors who cud mek a ting tuh clean me car? While you at it you tink dem cud invent someting to mek dem sisters energise tuh de church?

    Man all uh dem does be talking suh much bout evey body business pun de way to de “Halls of Zion” dat when i get dey I does hafta’ pray special fuh de cusswords dat i cyan tell dem during dat 25 minute journey of the damned’

  57. @ 123 | February 8, 2014 at 9:55 PM |
    “Are you Bajan? Then why do you wish the worst for the country?”

    Why would you want to associate me with a bunch of brass bowls, according to Bushie’s labelling?
    Bushie is of the ingrained view Barbados is full of brass bowl led by a brass bowl government. So why not attack him also?

    Who would wish the worst for your country when your government a doing a fantastic job of it? Do you know the consequences of borrowing other people’s money and can’t repay it?
    You end up in the creditors’ hand and eventually in the poor house or financial jail.
    Moreover , you are doing a perfect job of putting the declining value of your currency at greater risk of a deep and sudden devaluation
    because of the government’s fiscal incompetence and the DLP administration’s unashamed lies, deceit and cover up.
    Instead of focusing on the big fool why not spend your energy proving the fool’s claims to be nonsense with evidence to the contrary?
    Why would the miller sing in a choir of jingoists who believe God is Bajan that hates foreigners especially those from the other “lower islands”?
    If the miller was singing the praises of the present administration he would be seen as the greatest thing to hit the blog and you would not be wishing him to exit, permanently.
    It wouldn’t happen in spite of your jingoistic fascist threats people like you like to level at people like Hal Austin and whoever dares to have a different view of Barbados.

    If you really love your country as much as the miller is very concerned about it and the future suffering of many of its innocent citizens you would be more strident in your call for a much higher standard of governance as they received in the past and rightly deserves given the vast investment in education and not the mediocre tripe that is presently being served to you as pudding.

    Imagine keeping in place an employee in charge of an organization finances who can’t add or subtract far less multiply or divide.
    Yet you tolerate a man in charge of the national finances who doesn’t know his decimal elbow from his percentage arse. Is that the kind of Bajan you want the miller to be proud of and sing his praises to high heavens and recommend to international investors and lenders?

    Don’t you think when the so-called more learned (from your perspective) foreign financial analysts interact with the same fool, like the miller, they can smell from a mile off a pure bullshitter and finance idiot lacking the commonsense and guile possessed by Leroy Greenverbs?

    Why, therefore, are you surprised at the loss of confidence in your government and country as confirmed by its junk-bond status and numerous downgrades?

    Get your dirty house in order then you can welcome the miller back as the “prodigal son”?

    The miller took a welcome break from the “ppl’s blog” what about you?

    PS: Where is the home work you were set 3 days ago? Can’t a highflying jackass like you answer 3 short questions?

  58. WHAT THE HELL!!!
    Instead of sleeping when the night come, balance up in the wee hours looking to bad talk Bushie, and Miller up early Sunday morning encouraging 123 to cuss the poor innocent bushman…..

    But looka Bushie crosses nuh…..

    @ balance
    Face it boss… You have NO case.
    You claim that the DLP said that the recession was over and if we voted for them we would live happily ever afterwards…. YOU CANT SEE/READ/THINK/SMELL for yourself?

    Shiite man….you don’t know a fairy tale when you hear one…?
    You meant to say that you ACTUALLY believe the things that politicians say? …..you take their manifestos seriously…? ….you thought that there would be no layoffs because Freundel said so….
    HA HA HA LOLLOL……muh belly!!! Oh shirt!!!
    Steupsss you let down Bushie balance….you like you living too close to Carl Moore yuh…. 🙂

    @ Miller…
    Why you always putting people to attack Bushie? …you getting on like the bushman is some kinda centipede or snake….
    Man ease muh nuh? Bushie just here practicing with the weed whacker….. cause the whacking time is almost upon us….

  59. @Mill

    ” Living in an AIDS paradise full of disease of such sweet proportions to justify being called the amputation capital of the world”

    Your words Miller and I hardly think we can interpret them as a direct attack on the political establishment. So let not insult the intelligence of the semi- educated on this blog because your words can be interpreted as a direct attack on the national character of the island of Barbados.

    • Let us stay with honest analysis and NOT political poppycock.

      Stuart is not in a position of strength with a 2-seat government.

      For BU the pressing question remains: why should Estwick have to make noise to be heard as a senior cabinet minister.

  60. @ Miller
    Miller, I know this much: you ought to be ashamed of yourself sir. You can’t honestly call yourself a Bajan, and use such egregious, despicable, and atrocious language to characterized the land that has given birth to you. You should have attacked the person in question sir, rather than the medical necressities that afficted the common folks on the island.

  61. Oh dear…..please spare us the sanctimonious prickery.


    Frankie and Benny from beyond the grave say…YES

  62. @Ross
    Internationally, Barbados is already labelled the Faggot Capital of the world and especially within the West Indian community. So why add more fuel to the fire? Funny enough, there is a saying within the West Indian community abroad: “That one has to be careful not to bend down, when one goes to Barbados.”

  63. Do you know Fenty, apart from the Brits and a few Americans I rarely find anyone who has even heard of Barbados. As for what the ‘West Indian Community’ ABROAD (???) thinks – who gives a monkeys?.

  64. But in any case, listen Fenty. You are into Aristotle so you know that the Greeks were gay as goats and yet changed the world – as they say all philosophy since Plato is just a series of footnotes. Then think of all the wonderfully creative people down the centuries who, in their gayness, have contributed to the arts and sciences. My beef is why it is that gays in our communities seem incapable of doing the same.

    NOW – Given what I’ve just said – that is knocking the creativity of gay Bajans – I do expect you to say that I am now “atrociously” “characterizing” my homeland. Yes?

    Which causes me to mention the irritation I felt last evening when I heard on the radio Professor somebody-or-other from London telling us to abolish the anti-gay legislation. This was apparently newsworthy. Why do we give such deference to these people? But then I suppose every little helps.

  65. But forgive me Fentry…everyone else seems to be at Church including Miller. Imagine – Miller AT CHURCH! MILLER – are you there? Tell me I’m wrong. But if I’m right, bless you, tell me the secret of the place and maybe I’ll join you.

  66. Well, Ross, the St. Lucians among others West Indians, continually reminds me of this ever present reality. Now, I do care what is said about Barbados because it is my home and the place that holds legacy of our people. Which leaves me to as this question: what has happened to patriotism, as well as the nationalistic spirit, which makes it self known else way in the region Ross?

  67. @ PUDRYR

    “After a while the only conclusion that we can come to,… is that the black DNA is flawed and that something IS WRONG WID WE NIGGERS. I hope that this is clear enough for you”

    This proves my point exactly. With this level inveterate self-loathing the writing was always going to be on the wall. You are a muppet! I will say no more on that score.

    A yes/no would have sufficed. Everything else is froth mate.

    @PUDRYR/ Swiller

    I put it to you that (one of the chief reasons) Barbados is where it is exactly because of the (currently) old people like you: hypocritical and thoroughly corrupt. Nuff long talk, nuff call-in shows but when it is time for righteous action, nowhere to be found.
    Your generation effectively ruined the place and now you act surprised!??

    Your generation had a chance to make a real (positive) difference, did the opposite and now pretending you do not know where the wheels fell off. You make me laugh

    Look fellas go and play wid de grans or something…

  68. But Fenty nationalism and patriotism don’t mean closing your eyes to what IS – quite the opposite. IF I am a patriot, my sincerity demands I speak out else my patriotism is meaningless. I love my country too much to do otherwise.

  69. @ Robert Ross
    I cannot continue agreeing with you, but why do we allow second rate people to come down from North America or Britain and tell us what our values should be?
    Some of these so-called professors are not even recognised in their own homes. It speaks to the paucity of ideas at the very top of Barbadian society.

  70. @123 | February 9, 2014 at 1:17 PM |

    For PUDRYR and over 60’s:
    In respect of the puerile piffle of a No 2 done by “123” on February 9, 2014 at 1:17 PM, do you want to do the honours and kick the little jumped-up whippersnapper to the kerb?

    Here he is cussing fogeys. The same fogey generation that “invented” (used cautiously for “123” reasons) the same communications technology that allows the boy still in intellectual diapers to cuss us.
    At least junior has grown over the last few days and instead of cussing and blaming the white man for all his shortcomings he has decided to attack the black geriatrics.

    Ask the silly boy if he ever earned a dollar in foreign exchange for the same Barbados he believes we are denouncing in our old age.
    We wonder what the likes of the obnoxiously rude boy will do when the pensions from abroad cease to arrive as the great leveller in the fullness of time rolls towards the same “123” while taking under the grass of yesteryear.

    What would he do when tourists of the same fogey generation find it too “taxing” to come and spend the much sought after disposable income on rude children like “123 and a skip” to allow them to buy their toys and trinkets from abroad.

    PUDRYR, do you want to finish “disciplining” the brat or should we just overlook the miscreant of an urchin and put it down to an misunderstood outburst of exuberance from the very young but naïve new kid on the blog?

    ‘Every generation always blame the one before’ for all the ills in their modern society. Whom should we fogeys blame, the colonial masters?

  71. Well Well | February 8, 2014 at 5:29 PM |

    Mark Fenty…….you know Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin and he had none of the above credentials and none of the above degreed names you called from the above schools invented anything…that’s the major problem in the world .
    Frank Butcher, the Bajan who made a workable aeroplane, and who pioneered the manufacturing of metal bus bodies in Barbados,among other things , would have faced prosecution if he had referred to himself as an engineer in Barbados ,simply because he had no university papers.
    But its really funny that a number people trained in Britain and now living in Barbados ,are registered with the UK Engineers’s Registration Board, and are entitled to call themselves Engineers in the UK and the EEC, but not so in Barbados.

  72. Filled with the Spirit Miller is back breathing wafer and wine. Yeah.

    But Miller, O wise-one, be patient.

    123 still has to learn that 4 comes after 3. Besides, for all his cheek maybe he is the “little child”. He’s certainly learned the BU game quickly.

  73. @Colonel Buggy

    I really do not care if the blackman invented MOON and whiteman invented SUN. What I do care about however, is that it is done to the betterment of the conditions that afflicts a helpless humanity.

  74. @ MillertheAnunnaki

    I wont not where to go with the young whippersnapper and his useless counting (what a difference the vowel “o” makes to the pronunciation of that word else I might have “said a bad word).

    If it were Monday, I would have told him something like if his ole man, one of the same generation that he seeks to denigrate this day of rest, with his commentary, had done the right thing and committed the sin of Onan, he would not be here to make such statements but we ole peoples dem but it is Sunday and I cannot say these things dem.

    I attribute his comments and contempt to the of-late syndrome called “batting too long”

    You see Mr. Miller we are of that generation that experienced 5 day test cricket with scintillating centuries but 123 comes from the limited 20 overs generation, intellectus interruptus, a cadre of quick gratification so-called batsmen that abound around this place.

    They are not born to last long and will not experience any golden years, they prefer short innings, infected as they are by the diseases like HIV/AIDS that brings them lowe early in their youth, sorry, I, like Fenty, am beseiged of late with misspellings.

    So because they will NOT make it beyond 30 years, they spit upon us grandfathers and tell us that we should withdraw from the fray, “impotent things that we are”

    And even now, challenged as we are in our osteoporotic existence, we can run rings around their lilliputian psyches, without need to use the online thesaurii that recent comers obviously resort to in their abusive submissions.

    Is it worth it to tell that lad how, unlike Greek that has no ablative case, latin words in similar case, cannot be followed by any other word but a “by, with or from”? Can somebody tell him that you can’t say commensurate of?

    So when he and his partner in crime upon the spoken/written word Henderson Bovell, or should i say Henderson Bovine, bull russian that he is with the english language, juxtapose these words in their dribble, you can appreciate the agony that literate readers feel when you struggle through what they have written.

    Then of course when you comment on their intellectual shortcomings they resort to threats of violence and does use bas words dem pun we the saints at de church.

    Of late oh Anunnaki it is quite tiring to engage with these characters

    On one side here we encounter this paucity and on the nex side we have Jonesing, Minister of Edukashun, you ent got no choice but withdraw from the fray ( a ting dat alternating current would want people like me to do permanently) Observe the 123 reparte…

  75. Mark Fenty | February 9, 2014 at 8:07 PM |

    @Colonel Buggy
    I really do not care if the blackman invented MOON and whiteman invented SUN
    @ Mark why are you so eager to play the race card. In my submission about Frank Butcher, I described him simply as a Bajan, not a black one ,nor a white one.

  76. I’ve noticed that you have drawn a few words from my expansive vocabulary, to composed what appears to be rambling mess? (Whoever you may be) And as I’ve said numerous times before: I am writing on a phone without the help of spell check. So therefore, what I’ve written on this blog thus far, comes drectly from my standard memory bank. Commend me you ought to because my vocabulary is of the rare type. (Whoever you may be!) Love ya!

  77. Colonel, I am just sick and tired of this black and white crap that seems to infused this blog from time to time. Could God! The name Fenty is practically the whitest name a blackman like me myself can carry on the island of Barbados. Taa Hell with the race business because in the final analysis it all boils down to green cash brother. You know, the late Justice of the Supreme Court Sir Oliver Wendell Holmes said that, ” life is continual clash of groups, nations, races, and classes, representing great conflicting principles, strugglying for survival in a world of limited resources.” Good night brother and God bless!

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