Just a Bunch of Little Non-Entity Ass-Kissing For-Sale Negroes

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel
The enemy in the gates - www.rastafarivisions.com

The enemy in the gates – www.rastafarivisions.com

A LACK OF IDEOLOGICAL SOUNDNESS on the part of Africans is a necessary pre­requisite for prolonging the hour of Black subjugation and Black subordination.

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26 thoughts on “Just a Bunch of Little Non-Entity Ass-Kissing For-Sale Negroes

  1. @ ac | February 7, 2014 at 9:02 AM |
    “what the negro been asking the white establishment for years”

    Is it “asking” or begging?”

    And which establishment are you referring to? The Fumbler ‘s administration who, if not democratically removed from power rather soon would soon be selling out the same negro’s birthright to compensation and real manumission from physical slavery.

    Watch and see how easy the ‘jerk man’ will be given permission to turn good farm land into concrete. That’s good negro thinking for you!
    The 40 acres and a mule have been sold for a big ugly house in the Heights with a BMW (black man wagon) with a big able petrol tank for a belly.

    Now who are you going to blame for that ac, the white establishment or the big nose screw-faced negro who likes to show his pearly whites only when in the presence of pale skins?

    Here is what the same negro promised to the other negroes in February 2013:

    “As greater emphasis was placed on the transition of
    Barbados into a service economy over the 1994 to
    2008 period, Barbados became an even more heavily
    food import dependent country. The food import
    bill averaged approximately BDS$560.00 million
    during the last five years. A new Democratic Labour
    Party Administration is committed to the sustained
    expansion of production in key areas of food
    production. A target of a ten percent (10.0%) increase
    in food production during the next five years will be
    set. In addition, a reduction of the food import bill
    by at least 25% over the next five years will be
    pursued. A key element in achieving this will be the
    modernization of Agriculture and Fisheries to take
    advantage of the latest technology, which will enhance
    the productivity of the sector and increase its
    attractiveness to young persons.”

  2. Miller
    So mote it be.And our ass is grass as long as this peddler of ignorance and stupidity coming out of the grasslands of Marchfield,remain ‘primate inter pares’ of the other primates inter ignorami.

  3. Miller NO asshole….FS did not invent or create a society of greed and corruption he came along and found it now being an overseers of the white establis controlled global economy he has no other option than than one of towing the line or face inevitable defeat.

  4. There is a little analysis of people I heard once which comes out of Nigeria.

    “There are white men, black men, and black men like white men”.


    Sorry – but this constant stuff about race which, apparently, is behind every ill simply pisses me off and not least because it’s all one way. I would want to say there are conditioned people but otherwise shitty people are just shitty people. But sure, doubtless the obsession with race is also a product of our conditioning. I simply think it’s time to reach above and beyond all that. If we don’t we shall never grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. ‘Race’ is just a cop out.

  5. @ ac | February 7, 2014 at 11:14 AM |
    “Miller NO asshole….FS did not invent or create a society of greed and corruption he came along and found it now being an overseers of the white establis controlled global economy he has no other option than than one of towing the line or face inevitable defeat.”

    Ac, you have just called your boss man a real Uncle Tom (to borrow from CCC’s nomenclature) ass-licking sambo.

    We were thinking all along you considered the genuflecting line towing sycophant a man of the highest integrity.
    Now what is the difference between him and OSA? Only Bushie can tell the difference between one crooked brass bowl and the other bent one.

    Whether your volte-faced man tows the line (aka continues to kiss jada backside) or not he will still face defeat.
    Watch out for the political lightweight called David instead of using a sling shot to kill the obese goliath called “DLP Cabinet” turns into a suicide bomber and puts his arms around Fumble and shouts “OSA Akbar”.

  6. Ross………I swear, I am actually with you on this one…..AC is annoying the shit out of me with her harping about the whites this and the whites that, instead of telling Inniss to stop joining in business with and letting Harris take advantage of Bajans through his insurance company JUST BECAUSE he is greedy as shit little midget, no amount of money, houses, cars etc, etc, is enough for him and all he is interested in doing is sucking Barbados dry with the help and complicity of politicians.

    While she is at it, she can also ask Fruendel and his cabinet why Estwick did not get the money he needed for agriculture? why the crop season has not yet started? It is being said that the government was unable to buy fertilizer and the canes did not grow properly….she can also ask the cabinet why the cane workers have not been paid since last year?…………the PM should be answering all these questions instead of showing us how he can grovel to tourists while spending taxpayers money on feteing up said tourists at Llarro Court while sporting a huge ass licking smile….someone needs to tell the PM that tourism is a multi-trillion dollar industry in US, England, Canada, etc. does he see anyone of their presidents/prime ministers spending taxpayers money feteing up tourists, they don’t need to, the tourists will come anyway, just like they will to Barbados as they have been doing for more than 40 years, IF THEY WANT TO…Thompson started up that crap, it’s a waste of money and could have bought fertilizers for the cane crop.

  7. Ross instead of being pissed put in your two sense worth presenting a “defense” of cruelty and injustices ” after all your are a “good defense” lawyer would be interesting to see u put a defense .. for startes maybe you can try the classic “self defense” or stand your ground

  8. AC

    I don’t need to defend anything. It’s called res ipsa loquitur. Think of how people are cruel and unjust to you on here. Is there a need to defend YOU? We all understand how you must suffer.

  9. Collectively those who pride themselves on cruelty on BU are themselves victims victimized by there own failure of being able to be superior using self defense slave master tactics of lashing out at those who they believe are threats or threatenings ..hence WELL WELL responses a classic answers one of indictrination and brainwashing which she wears like a badge of honour

  10. AC…yeah, classic sign indeed of a head filled with POOP for brains, did you even read what you typed.?

    Anyway, if you have finally satisfied yourself and let it out of your system, there are still all those freaking problems in Barbados with the politicians of the DLP selling out the island and it’s people to the highest bidders more often than not from the minority class, that is your next project to fix since racism in the US, Canada, England etc, etc, does not directly impact on you in Barbados AC, it’s the shit that the politicians do that’s causing the problems in Barbados.,

  11. 400 years of abuse,cruelty,denial of rights,subjugation,starvation and made to be a soulless animal,separated from family,raping of womenfolk and you wonder why the transplanted African won’t stop the race talk!It has taken the Brits and the Jews hundreds of years to get over their inferiority complexes brought about by a dominant group subjugating them and what did they do?Looked around and did the same to their fellowman and treat them like dirt.The transplaneted African and the Palestinians are the
    people you are asking to get over race.It may happen in another 500 years.

  12. David.. Wkend Nation Pg 19…the progeny of London Bourne….the rulers of Liberia…..very interesting that his name was left out,for some “unknown” reason this slave,who bought himself out slavery,bought Plantations and owned slaves as well as a mercantile empire……is not accepted in Barbados,furthermore the historians would love to eradicate his name.
    Why is it so difficult to accept this man as the Father of Bim,entrepreneur par excellence.

  13. Slavery is any condition which prevents a person from being his fully human self; which treats him or her as a res, a thing.

    Under no circumstances, to answer AC in a different way, can it be justified but it can be explained. As we know very well, it is an idea which predates the British. The Greeks had them. The Hebrews had them. The Roman texts are replete with examples involving Stichus the slave. St Paul condoned the condition. Did Jesus speak against it? The Olus of Warri practised it and traded in it. It took the Enlightenment to demonstrate the absurdity and wickedness by our standards of the concept, and bold judges like Lord Mansfield in Somersett’s case and all those ‘Christian’ advocates for freedom who saw the end of it as we conventionally understand it. Yes, we could read our history backwards and judge the past in the eyes of the present – but most respectable historians would say that that was a historical fallacy. All that explains what we know. In our understandings, it does not justify it. But the blot is not the blot of the British, the Spanish and the rest. The blot is on humankind.

    It is a humankind which still treats women as less than they are, a humankind which still mutilates girl children; a humankind which seeks the destruction of whole peoples in the name of the tribe; a humankind which continues to treat workers as if they are commodities and so on and on.

    Of course, to address Gabriel, it is a hard thing to get over. But so are the easy, wanting tantrums of the child, the insecurities of those who seek to control us, the legacy of parents in our genes, the nonsenses rooted in us in the name of religion and so on and on. All that explains. But it does not justify – which is why I say it is time to grow up and realize and express our freedom as men and not whining like children fortified by all the ills, the allegedly justifying ‘cop outs’, of the past. If not, how do we grow? At what point do we say “Enough. I am my own master now’?

  14. you tell the descendants of slavery to grow up ,,but how does one grow up when with ever step that is made a stumbling block is put in the way of making progress… a baby first crawls before it walks but babies are not limited and moves on to another stage of movement which allows them to stand on their own two feet , blacks and minorities have been limited by crawling their way through life constantly finding the struggle to be hard.. a struggle throwing them further back into a past ;; others would prefer to forget and a future daunted with insecurities and questions,,,so yes blacks are going to whine and yes blacks would continue to question out of fear fully aware that if the past is forgotten it would rear its ugliness again in the future trapping and engulfing their descendants in maddening ways ,,similar to what is happening now disguised in the form of economic freedom while securing the wealth of the plantation owners;;;; blacks are “whinihg ” because and rightfully so after years of struggle are now struggling even harder to get themselves out of economic freedom one that has not allowed them the freedom to stand on their own two feet a freedom that would allow them access and the same rights and freedoms descendants of the former slave masters so easily enjoyed,, that is the struggle that blacks are “whining ” about,,, the present( as it is now) would always be a constant reminder for blacks as they see how easy it is for their gains to be eroded by the new owners of the plantation ,,those who are highly knowledgeable and educated and can make rules laws and policies which gives black an inequality for economic freedom;; yes blacks are still crawling and searching crawling their way to reach the top in economic bondage while forcing them to relive the pain that is real as they crawled inwardly into a future of insecurity and wondering what will the future hold for their descendants.Not Good….

  15. ac

    All the conditions you describe – don’t they apply to all of us and everywhere? And AC – aren’t YOU you’re own master now? Whether you are or not – life’s a bitch. There will always be those who try to put you down; there will always, and for all, be insecurities about the future; there will always be “crawling” and asserting and cowering and the struggle to assert rights; always be false friends and those who take the credit for what you do or who seek to destroy the integrity which is YOU; always be those who seek to treat equals unequally; and, yes, AC all those with children will worry about the future for them. None of this has anything to do with colour. There is no such thing as black insecurity or white insecurity, black fear and white fear or manufactured black egos and white egos. Stop making us more – or less – important than we are – all of us, black, white, brown and the rest feeling our way through it all as best we can, exhibiting all the worst, and the best, in us as we go.

    I used to think that the concept of ‘original sin’ was crude make-believe. Now I believe that though crude, it was, in fact, a primitive attempt to explain why, despite being part of a wonderful creation, we are all so shitty to each other. It’s called ‘the human condition’.

  16. U speak of “struggles” and life insecuties going against mankind……but in the broader sense the struggles are not the same for blacks these are generational struggles constant profilic remainders which denies equal access to good jobs..proper housing fair credit .living in an a society which refers to them as “lazy” and untrustworthy” these are the struggles which blacks have to constanly fight barriers that stop most from achieving and forever keeping them bond and chained to a life of poverty

  17. ac, go thru the US deep south and see white rednecks living in the same poverty as black men and women. Why? I work in Mississippi for a few years and I can tell you dat they are all lazy as shite and don’t have no ambition to move on and up, black and white alike.

    And both races complaining bout they dey ain’t got dis and nobody give dem that, and I could barely hold my mouth to tell them get off their lazy asses, get an education and go to work! Me as a Bajan boy come into their country with one suitcase of my clothes, etc., and I can make a good living with no help from anyone. And don’t tell me bout luck, cause I will tell you about 10 years going to night school while working and supporting a family too.

    Take the chip of BS off you shoulder and take responsibility for you life. NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING!

  18. The comparison is not the same…very seldom have any one refer to p whites as lazy yes there are but society never mentions or holds it aginst in the same racist manner. blacks have been content to work hard for less in mediocre jobs to prove otherwise and still sits at tbe bottom of the tatem pole bnegging for approval. yes blacks have been subjected to a life of begging one which begs for justice and equality removing the yoke of injustices and inequality.

  19. Problem with the ACs, they continue to look at slavery from only one perspective, if you delve really deep into history and take an up close and personal look at slavery from a human angle, you gain a new perspective, because, each and every group on earth including the black race has at one time or another enslaved some other group of persons on this earth……

    slavery can in no way be justified, but there are so many dimensions to the various experiences that you cannot just apply a single experience to the EVIL that was perpetrated through the enslavement of humans for greed and self-enrichment, the current crop of greedy pigs who still live well off the establishment and enslavement of others are not as comfortable as they have fooled the people on earth into believing, that is why the bullshit chip on the shoulder has to go so the descendants and victims of slavery and racism can move forward, it makes no sense going around in circles…..

  20. ac….the internet is there as a research tool, just put in the key words and you will get ALL the information you need on slavery going back before the albino (whites) were directed to Africa as a source of free labor and limitless wealth to steal,………..just googe as i said Mansa Musa of Mali and work your way forward…i like to read so it was no problem for me, I am sure you like to read as well. The internet is where you will find the human angle of slavery that goes back thousands of years.

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