Oppressive DLP Creates a Fiscal Crisis and Again Punishes the Innocent for its Crime and Recklessness

Henderson Bovell

Henderson Bovell

How could the DLP be allowed to get away with such a vulgar and horrible crime against Barbadians and the region? Where is the social justice and accountability?  Has Barbados become a banana republic and a place where the innocent pays and are punished for the atrocities of the wicked? Because of the DLP, the whole world now thinks regional leaders and Governments are incompetent at economic leadership and management!

Barbadians have to be candid about what has happened and why this country now finds itself in this sorry mess and perilous state, where thousands of relatives; friends and neighbours (fellow Barbadians) are being oppressed and subjected to an unknown period of human suffering and a life of poverty, with no light or hope – in the DLP’s tunnel. There has to be a point beyond which, failure to accept sound, well-reasoned advice, from experienced professionals, including those who have “successful-actual on-the-job experience” – constitutes criminal negligence.

Very few would deny that this-failed-DLP-Government’s expenditure fiasco is caused primarily by its “flawed fatted calf doctrine and political entitlement programme,” which the country is now finding-out – has resulted in the reckless over-employment in the public sector, by stealth, over the past six years.

It did not interest the DLP that its secret was bound to come to light and that it would have a devastating knock-on-effect since it would also drive the deficit, in circumstances where such would neither stimulate nor stabilize the economy.  It was long after the damage was done that the Finance Minister was forced to admit that the DLP’s flawed policy (my emphasis) is causing Government to borrow $14m a month, to pay 7,000 casual workers.

It should have been foreseeable that such reckless borrowing (not to build productive capacity) would incur high interest cost and an increase in the National debt, without justification.  We then had the vulgar printing of money by the Central Bank of Barbados, which in turn – is putting pressure on the foreign exchange; causing investor and consumers to get glittery and may have even been a factor in the capital flight from Barbados. All along the Opposition was raising the red flag and sounding the alarm but nobody – not even the unions or the electorate, listened or was interested.

This is serious! Because, this-failed-DLP-Government ignored sound advice and persisted with its ‘fatted calf doctrine’ and political entitlement programme. It then recklessly mismanaged the economy and borrowed like there was no paying back, even borrowing more in four (4) years than the BLP did in fourteen (14) but, unlike the BLP – with nothing to show! It is now borrowing to pay-back money it already borrowed and to prop-up the foreign reserves it squandered.  Having created a such a horrible  mess (the same DLP that does not know what it is doing) now wants the country to make more haphazard sacrifices that will not achieve any sensible outcome. Barbados is suffering because of a crisis of confidence and the  DLP’s weak economic and political leadership is to blame.

This country has to be honest: The DLP has been getting it consistently wrong and if it is not reeled-in – it will hurt even more people. It is causing Barbados to plummet from being ‘the #1 Developing Country in the world to becoming a failed society.’ There will be no ‘better or brighter tomorrow’ with the DLP, as the Government! If it cannot even clean-up its mess, how can the DLP be expected to “fix Barbados” or make this country better?

Everybody knows that the DLP makes bad decisions; exercises poor judgment and continues to introduced flawed policies, on a sustained basis – often achieving the opposite of what was intended.  As an example, it introduced policies to reduce the deficit but it increased. The rate of poverty also increased. Unemployment did not come down, instead more ended-up on the bread-line and thousands and being sent home, all now.

Even “IF” it had the capacity to, (and nobody believes it does) it was too busy complaining, making excuses and wasting time, to conceptualise viable, economic policies that would have ensured trade and fiscal sustainability. It therefore caused the country to be downgrade to ‘junk;’ a loss of consumer and investor confidence; a capital flight from Barbados; a number of businesses to close or to simply leave Barbados and set-up elsewhere. The DLP is therefore, totally responsible for this perilous fiscal crisis, which now grips this country.

But it gets worse: The DLP acted as though a FETE was a substitute for sound leadership! And so, it did very little (if anything at all) to reposition our economic enterprises and sectors to accommodate changes in international trade law and relations. This-failed-DLP-Government is responsible for the social, economic and political instability in Barbados. Imagine! A crisis and a brawl is raging between the unions and the Cabinet and nobody to call a cease-fire – even as the social partnership implodes!

Thousands are sent home but not one of them can appeal to the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister or the Central Bank Governor – to intervene on their behalf – like a pal did recently, when he had a problem! Workers cannot appeal to the Labour Minister; the Prime Minister or the union because they are all holding the smoking gun! This is a real change because workers had a lot of friends before the February General Election. None now! The DLP is the Government again!

Because it is reckless and in disciple, the DLP continues to spend more than it has and in circumstances where that spend, neither stabilizes nor stimulates the economy.  It is causing the debt to increase with nothing to show. It has caused the NIS Fund to be in a sad state, where it could be broke in nine years and will put it under even greater stress, because of ‘the DLP’s current labour massacre or it forcing thousands of workers on the bread-line – an activity, which has now become the new core-business and core-competency of this-failed-DLP-Government!’

Every time the DLP gets it wrong, it punishes and harasses the country for more taxes.  It triggered a meltdown of the economy with a 77% diesel price increase and made matter worse with an inflation budget, which snatched over $108m from the pockets of Barbadians. Not satisfied, it tried every year thereafter to tax its way out of a recession and to use a fiscal instrument (flawed taxation policy) to ease the pressure on the balance of payments. Its thinking was; ‘if Barbadians have less to spend then Government would not have to spend foreign exchange to import, to replace what consumers purchased.’

This failed-DLP-government spent all the money it had and more and then printed more. In fact, this DLP did all that, including causing the economy to collapse and the country to be downgrade to junk and to be now adrift; in danger of becoming a failed-state, while staring a devaluation in the face. And yet, it purports to have some moral authority to send home thousands, while being serious about keeping their job and expect to be allowed to loitering long enough, to also qualify for pension – so they can continue to live comfortable, while the thousands it placed on the bread-line and the rest of the country – suffer. There is something fundamentally wrong with such vulgarity!

There is no one else for the DLP to blame and Rating Agencies have already cautioned about a further downgrade if it continues printing money!  The only thing worse now, would be for the DLP to import tear gas; announce a “curfew” or go to Parliament for a supplementary for funds to provide for ‘armed security for DLP Ministers,’ who now fear and feel they have to be protected from the very constituents they are suppose to represent but want to make sure they lose no sleep over, having agreed to fire them.

Bajans!  Know your history!  There is a reason why Bussa is a National Hero!  Why Clement Payne is a National Hero! There is a reason why people like Nanny Greg are in our history books: do not dishonour or respect the memory and legacy of your ancestors! The world will laugh at you if you continue to  allow yourselves to be savaged by sheep!

How can an entire country sit on its hands and allow an incompetent Government; a bunch of people who seem to be making-it-up as they go; people who after six (6) years still have their training wheels on – to cause all this unprecedented level of “barbaric butchery,” pain, dislocation and unjustified human suffering; to create such an economic cess-pool and unnecessary mess.  I mean – even! Even at a time when Nelson Mandela was in the news? Nelson Mandela of all people! The symbol of symbols for black people and those who oppose oppression everywhere!  And yet! Barbadians, the unions, civil society organizations, the private sector and people who love this country – all sit on their hands and watch, as an unproductive; incompetent DLP Government, gets it wrong AGAIN and punishes thousands of innocent people it recently gave a solemn oath to – by literally firing them – when it is the DLP that should be fired for its cold betrayal, deceit and lies: lies that the country is “stable,” which would have been a factor of the electorate’s trust but a weapon of mass destruction in the DLP’s betrayal.

You know: “Alice” got bored listening to her sister tell her about the history of the world. Instead, her bright idea was to chase a rabbit wearing a white waist-coat, which passed her saying it was late for an appointment – down a rabbit hole!  Stupidity is not an asset, neither is it a flattering commodity to display publicly in Barbados or anywhere.

Long before February 2013, it was clear that ‘the DLP is bad for this country and that is was and remains the crisis Barbados faces.’ Even people who have never even passed near a Primary School or no school at-all – could not have imagined that given all of what had happened (some outlined above) despite all of the warnings – that the DLP could still have won the last election! But it did!

Nobody is saying that the electorate is “stupid!” But that the DLP cannot be trusted. The danger of trusting the DLP was known as far back as the late 1980’s and long before the 2008 general election, when it again promised (on that occasion) to do a number of things within the first 90 and 100-days if elected, despite having argued all along – that the economy was in crisis and that the debt was too high.

Still, the DLP has long held the view that ‘anybody can be bought, once the price is right!’ But it was and remains foreseeable that an incompetent man, who gives you $500 (whatever the reason) will still be incompetent long after you have spent that money – even if you were not living in Barbados, where the-cost-of-living is high!

There is only one way, that such a critical fact would have escape anybody or why anybody would be lured by a moment of pleasure but fail to see the accompanying five years of pain and oppression.  But this is Barbados, and if the DLP calls elections tomorrow, it would not surprise some – if it won all 30 seats – even though there being absolutely no justification for it to win even one, especially since the DLP has now become the single biggest threat to the stability of the Barbados dollar.

71 thoughts on “Oppressive DLP Creates a Fiscal Crisis and Again Punishes the Innocent for its Crime and Recklessness

  1. Errol Barrow must be rolling in his watery grave at what has befell his party. Every time the people entrusted the government to this party since EWB, this is the end result. HB, excellent analysis, right on point!

    I am tired of this DLP, tired, tired going over the same thing daily, an inept, incompetent bunch!

  2. It is all about the FX reserves and the IMF dictate which is all being acted on to save the precious fixed peg of the dollar to the US$. We all living beyond our means and 3000 people being asked to carry the load of the problem.. Every person in Barbados need to make a contribution to bringing balance to our current overspending lifestyle. Tighten your belts, we gotta prepare for more bad news.

    • It is about clawing back the current account deficit as well.

      On 9 January 2014 00:15, Barbados Underground

  3. I heard on the CMC newscast at 6.00pm the PMof StKitts,Dr Denzil Douglas making reference to the Barbados Government sending home 3000 public servants and they will not be doing that.In the said newscast the PM of Antigua Dr Baldwin Spencer made a similar reference to the Barbados state of affairs and promising not to do similarly in Antigua/Barbuda.What say you Dr Freundel Stuart,Failure Extraordinaire who managed to align Barbados with North Korea,Somaliland and Haiti in
    reducing the real GDP of a once prosperous country led by a brilliant economist Owen Seymour Arthur, 1994-2007,statesman extraordinaire.The DLP can’t have pins with Owen Arthur.The man is success story and investors along with intelligent Barbadians have lots of confidence in him.

  4. @ Prodigal Son
    “…Everytime the people entrusted the government to this party since EWB, this is the end result…”
    So you’re saying that the People of Barbados are Suckers for Punishment. Because it makes no sense for a horse to kick you twice…. You ought to give the people of Barbados a little more credit than that Prodigal….

  5. Barbadian voters over the years have been noted for having good political judgement in the general elections. It is because of this that we have always have peaceful elections. This time we have made aq big mistake and we are going to pay for it dearly. It only took one mistake like this one to bring disaster to this country. In 2008 I voted for the DLP because I thought three terms of the BLP was enough plus the then PM was becoming arrogant. In 2013 I voted for the BLP because with the KING MAN gone, the rest of the party is like chickens without heads. It is now impossible for the noe PM to say anything against any of his MP’s because with such a slim majority, if one person leaves the government collapses, so don’t expect the PM to say anything against them. Don’t you see they are all singing different tunes with the director not knowing how far down or up the bar they are?

  6. Why do we need a min of drainage? why do we need a min. for constituentcy coucils? Why do we need constituentcy councils? Why do we need so many ministers without portfolio and junior ministers? If this government is serious of bringing this country out of the hold, they must demonstrate a level of seriousness and set the example. I’m sure most barbadians would be willing to bite the bullet and take some pain, but why should they while the big boys who ate the fatted calf still got some in their fregs? Even at the late juncture I belive right thinking bajans would forgive the government if they come clean and admit their mistakes. ALL PARTIES MAKE MISTAKES.

  7. Prodigal Son seems to painted a completely different pictutre of the political landscape in Barbados June Boy. If what he said is true…. then why does he continue to make the same mistake over and over again ? It is because he is a pathological liar. Or could it be that he is operating with a short supply of Brain – Power imposed upon him by the hands of nature?

  8. June Boy, it is time to give some consideratiion to the American Republican form of government. I’ve studied and I do understand the dynamics of the American constitutional form of government. And what I love and trust most about this system of government, is the Checks and Balances that gives the system its Spirit.

  9. And the beautiful thing about the American Constitutional form of government is that, isn’t a state of meaning but a process of growth. The system continues to evolve to meet and addressed the contemporary challenges of the day….

  10. June Boy;
    Most Barbadians recognize that the current DLP Government has made a number of egregious mistakes. Admitting to those mistakes now will not make a difference for the mistakes have been serial ones that indicate that they cannot do anything but make mistakes and the electorate knows this.

    They want to keep the Government but they are not competent to run it properly with the current configuration of Cabinet. They are unlikely to call elections now because of the likelihood of losing not only the elections but their pensions as well. They are well and truly between the devil and the deep blue sea.

    What is needed (imho) is a new configuration of a significantly leaner Cabinet since the BLP doesn’t appear to want to be daubed with the brush of cleaning up the DLP’s mess. I would suggest a Cabinet of 12 persons only that would by some machination exclude the current PM and would have the current MoF transferred to another Ministry (eg Foreign Affairs) as I think he still has a lot to offer but not in the MOF. The displaced Ministers including those ministers who sit only in the Upper chamber could be accommodated at no loss in salaries and hence pension benefits as parliamentary secretaries or some such designation. This, aligned with all taking significant cuts in salaries and or perks might send a message to the populace that they are indeed serious about associating themselves with the punitive changes that are yet to come for significant numbers of Bajans.

    An election victory in 2018 would not be guaranteed but they should do much better than they would if they continue with the same team up to that date.

  11. And would you believe if I tell you that a West Indian was one of the chief designers of the American Constitution. Yes, Sir Alexander Hamilton was born in Nevis….

  12. And would you believe me if I tell you that Barbadian whites transported the Plantocracy to America in the 1600’s. Just study the historical record of the state of South Carolina and then tell me what you think.

  13. @ Mark Fenty | 08/01/2014 at 10:33 pm |

    Since you know so much about white men of West Indian plantation descent in relation to the American Constitution what do you know about Prince Hall?

    Mental slavery is forever worse than physical bondage. Why don’t you Mark free your mind?

  14. The American system of government is not without its flaws but it cut close to perfection. If things are done decent and in order. (of course we have to add man’s faults and failings in the mix) In any event, we have had little or no discussion on this being a suitable alternative for the little island of Barbados.

  15. Prince Hall was born in Barbados from white father and haft white mother. He was the founder of the black Masons in America..

  16. I’ve never heard of the imaginery character you have constructed in the dark domain of you thinking box Georgie.

  17. Georgie, are you aware of the fact that prior to Independence, the right to vote in Barbados was determined by how much one owned? After spending countless hours in the down town library some thirty years ago, this fact hadn’t escaped my noticed. I think was working at Home Center limited upon the discovery of this fact at the time.

  18. BACK TO THE POLLS is the only solution to our problem. There is no other way out.I have said so and others have echoed my sentiments.
    After all the talk , Back to the Polls is the only solution and the longer we take to get back to the polls, the more we will suffer.

    DLP supporters know that the DEMS have failed us and they should cast their votes wisely against their party and for Barbados.

    The single most important thing that BACK TO THE POLLS will achieve is CONFIDENCE that will bring a breath of fresh-air. This can make a lot of difference and give people hope which is such an exhilarating and up lifting feeling that Bajans would get a sense of relief

    Right now we have a silent Prime Minister- FREUN-DUL Stuart who is either asleep or in a COMA, A MAN WHO DOES NOT INSPIRE CONFIDENCE

    FREUN-DUL STUART does not inspire confidence

    A Minister of Fiasco -DUL-Chris who inspires less confidence than his good friend FREUN-DUL , the target of assault via the EAGER 11

    These two in particular are DESTROYING BARBADOS


    After SANDY in 1991 -94 started the mission to DESTROY only to be stopped by OWEN ARTHUR and the BLP , these two think that it is their right to FINISH off BARBADOS.

  19. Barbadians, the unions, civil society organizations, the private sector and people who love this country – all sit on their hands and watch, as an unproductive; incompetent DLP Government, gets it wrongAGAIN and punishes thousands of innocent people it recently gave a solemn oath to – by literally firing them – when it is the DLP that should be fired for its cold betrayal,.

    Our problem as a nation is unsubstantiated rhetoric. In all this huffing and puffing, where is the evidence? It is true that after six years the DLPP government has shown that it is incompetent and none more so than our ‘silent’ prime minister.
    But please show me how Barbados has benefited what after 14 years of BLP government at a time of the greatest prosperity in global economic history.
    People in glass houses ……

  20. Dude, Barbados is no worse off than United States of America which still hasn’t dealt effectively with its national debt of some 17.5 trillion and climbing. I do not care if it is Oranges to Apples to making such comparison I will because what goes in America will obviously impact Barbados and else where in the Caribbean in significant ways . At least the DLP is wise enough to take real steps to address it economic situation. America hasn’t done so as of yet. Listen dude! Tough times do not last forever but tough people do. And I have known Barbadians to be a tough ,resourceful and industrious people.

  21. Fenty you definitely do not sleep. You are too busy trying to shore up the government’s propaganda machine that you can’t get any rest at all. A lack sleep and rest your thoughts become blurred and you appear very confused as we are seeing here on BU. You spend every waking moment defending a bunch of feeble minded politicians. Please go get some sleep and perhaps you may be able to see more clearly. GIVE THE computer a break man!

  22. We will get through this economic crisis, irrespective of how much fear you’re trying to infuse this blog with. I know this to be true because we have the testimony of the historian on our side.

  23. ” I know this to be true because we have the testimony of the historian on our side.”

    ROFLMAO…..what a heap of cat shoite! Sounds like a drowning man clutching at straws. What historian what? Of course we will get through this crisis BECAUSE we are IN IT. It is the casualties and the rebuilding that will be the most difficult to deal with.

  24. The spin doctors and BLP yardfowls cries of doom and gloom have become tiresome and nauseating…the yardfowls seem to be more sicker than the economy with they ongoing disturbing and distracting sickly daily doses of regurgitating crap with out any remedy. you guys are really a sickening hopeless bunchof retards.







  26. @ islandgal246 | 09/01/2014 at 5:50 am |
    “… Of course we will get through this crisis BECAUSE we are IN IT”

    You call it a “crisis”. I call it the new economic norm for Bim.
    Barbados has been late in facing up to its current economic realities by simply borrowing other people’s money (OPM) to maintain a false lifestyle of trying to keep up with the materialistic Joneses.

    The few opportunities Barbados had of earning a fairly decent living without using OPM have been either squandered (collapse of agribusiness, light manufacturing, failure to follow through with innovative technologies especially in RE and environmental protection) or are being put under severe pressure with the real fear of drying up (international business, tourism especially health tourism).

    There is no going back to the days of financial squandermania, politically-promoted welfarism and State dependency; and indeed private sector parasitism.

    Check and see who would be rewarded with the bulk of the road works allegedly ready to come out of the planning pipeline and announced on numerous occasions starting with the 2013-2014 estimates. Would it be the known financial backer of the DLP in the last general elections but with no known abilities in road construction and maintenance? Or would the goodies be spread around to ensure COW- in a gambling fit of mad cow madness- does not fire the entire construction crew, calls it quit and emigrate to the great beyond?

    Coverley has not been an outstanding success as it was promoted by the previous minister known for planting both wood and indeed stee(a)l in the ground. So money has to come from the easy suckers aka taxpayers.
    Who is going to see taxpayers get value for all the money they will be asked to fork out?
    Which senior civil servant will have the intestinal fortitude to tell Lashes the Stasher: “Enough is enough! There is no need to put so much stee(a)l in the concrete road as you did in the preconco fabrications”.

  27. Just fo make u BLP yardfowls feel better……….ac declare today……INTERNATIONAL DAY OF DOOM AND GLOOM………….ENJOY…. the treats and fireworks are on MIA…….

  28. Mark said:
    “Yes, Sir Alexander Hamilton was born in Nevis”

    Mark….don’t know if you also recall that Hamilton was the founder of the Bank of New York until he had the duel in Weehauken, New Jersey with the founder of Chase Manhattan Bank and was shot and killed when his gun jammed.….

  29. @David

    You are right, clawing back the current account deficit is important as well. The GBB told us some time ago deficits create foreign exchange leakage. So yes there is a connection but our need for FX is what brings the IMF to our front door. These next few months are going to be critical to what the IMF next dictates are.. 3000 people not having money to spend on day to day things that are mostly imported will reduce the expenditures of FX.

    • @Sith

      Both are important because an out of control deficit has implications for fx leakage. There is also the fact that there is significant leakage in the main forex earner tourism. How much remains offshore?

      ac should note that Dr, Farrell and many commentators who have posited that Barbados has been taken incorrect policy decisions are not Barbadians or members of a local political party.

  30. @Miller @Sith
    Local businesses will never flourish as long as the educated thieves at the top continue to tax, steal and plunder while the uneducated thieves at the bottom continue to dig up 1000 lbs of potatoes or slaughter 1000 chickens. Neither without any fear of consequence. The IMF will put Barbados on an allowance, tell it when to wash its face and go to bed, but even they cannot be everywhere to monitor the outright moral decay that has reduced Barbados to its present state. A Singapore model is needed before the whole of Barbados becomes a 21 x 14 inner-city housing estate.

  31. What say you Just Asking and The Millar?

    I think that Arthur is paving the way ahead of the next convulsion of the Leadership of the BLP, ahead of the revelation that Drawing Dottin was advised very poorly by Mottley to pursue his matter in the format of an appeal to the High Courts for a matter that she played a significant role in the Wiretapping and EAVESDROPPING of innocent Barbadians, and she has ill advised Dottin to pursue the matter before the law Courts on a matter that the evidence is more than compelling that both Dottin and Mottley should be charged in the Courts of Barbados for their role in this fiasco, but more disgusting than this is the in Dottin’s desire to save his ass and his pension he has dropped the Mottley firm and sought the help of a Sir to extricate him from this mess created by his alliance with Mottley, Dottin is trying his hardest now to come out of this case minus his association with Mottley and to keep his Pension in service.
    Arthur may also be ahead of the program as very shorty the evidence will be made known of Mottley’s and a fellow named Jevan Jutugir of Red Advertising her role and her payment to Jutugir to circulate via email the Porn Video taken from a St Lucian hosted website the host of the site have cooperated extremely well to provide details of where and by whom the site was viewed and their IP addresses, now if as if Wiretapping and EAVESDROPPING are not enough to be associated with in terms of slime she has also now incorporated Mr Jevan Jutugir in her eagerness to propagate more of her nastiness and to have people like Jutagir be paid and accept money to try to to destroy honest and the credibility of others with decent characters by use of videos of untruths and by dishonest means.
    So I agree with Arthur to separate and give distance between himself and Symmonds from that vile nasty beast Mottley who will try to beat, buy, bite, bully her way to being a PM and thank god for Arthur for letting John Public know she is vile and not suited to hold any post of office in Barbados not even one of The Leader of the Opposition she is just NOT FIT FOR ANY OFFICE.

  32. Now seriously tell me what a person such as Bovine Ass Bovell who has rape charges facing a person who when the Chairman of the National Assistance board was caught stealing food stuffs from hampers from the elderly? What serious or sensible advice a Rapist and Thief can deliver to us honest Bajans ?

  33. Thank god for David.. cause had them kind be policy makers they would have been plenty homless and empty stomach to feed a long time ago…..Outsiders like them looking in should stay out “outiders”

  34. Mark Fenty you have the most fuc;;;; up minded person in BIM ,do you have amy family ? You have to be living under DT tombstone in st j

  35. @Watchman
    What have I done to deserved such an introduction, Watchman? Now I am sorry you feel that way about me buddy. But I am entitled to and shall express my opinion, irrespective of how you or anyone else feels about it. Now, I’ve opted not to respond to your above comment, as I should with gutter – langauage because it wouldn’t change in any meaningful way the imbecility that you have displayed here. I’ve never spoken to and I do not really know who you are from Adam.

  36. @Mark fenty
    you are trying to imbued people because you think their are imbecile to what is happening in BIM ,but 5yrs old don’t VOTE , you don’t have to know me ,I read the Bu and you writing is your opinion well said Mark , I know you imbibe a lot of,…… 000000

  37. @Watchman
    Do I have to insult your intelligence by informing you that you’re an egotistical nincompoop, who poisons what’s left of the intellectual luminosity of the blog? And it seems as though you have forgotten to take your evening does of antipsychotic medication? Which cures psychosis that is doing Blow Job on your twisted sense of reality dude.

  38. @Watchman
    You’re a consummated idiot. Who is too quintessentially stupid to know that challenging me is bad for your self – esteem

  39. well seriously though u blp yardfowls not got nothing better to do than piss all ova people who u don;t agree wid,,wunna really learn well from wunna master oSA,,,,, see how he pissing all ova MIA wunna just like he,,,,,,

  40. I’ll go back to bed as soon as I finish verbally molest this egotistical nincompoop -Watchman. Who has the brain- power of an ant, the judgment of a frog and attention span of a Gerbil.

  41. You got me good Mark, like an ant i put by something from the 14yrs OSA run this BIM, but now I am like a frog have to get out of the water the DLP muddy up ,only crocodile like you and Ac can live in

  42. @ watchman
    Why are you blaming me for what DLP has done…? I think I am entitled to exercising my fundamental constitutional right as a free agent who have been endowed with the gift of Self – determination that democracy as well as promises of God offers you as well as I . Listen! the persons who constitutes the DLP are power driven individuals, who often seeks self – interest rather than the collective – interest of the people as Does the BLP membership. That is what politics offers you as well as I these days, whether you want to accept this narrative or not its up to you.
    But that shouldn’t in any meaningful way prevent neither you or I from supporting the idelological platforms of our parties? (I surely hope not) I’ve always love and I do respected what the DLP stood for in the past and I am surely not going abandon it because of what it has done in the present.

  43. So watchman, please leave alone. And do not forget to take your “antipsychotic” – “medication” before you attempt to engage me in conversation in the future.

  44. David;
    Any news on the outcome of the meeting between the PM plus 3 of his most loyal Ministers and the aggrieved laid off workers of the Drainage Unit? That meeting was either an uncharacteristically closely kept secret or the Journalists were very lax in their reporting prior to the meeting.

    Any bets that the PM will once again undo anything that Chris Sinckler and his Cabinet has wrought? But, I will wait on the outcome to see if the PM had the balls to enter the Lion’s den and stoutly defend his MOF and Cabinet and tell the workers the truth.

    It was also reported that there was (is) a very heavy police presence at the meeting so it should be very interesting to get the reports later today of what transpired.

  45. (I surely hope not) I’ve always love and I do respected what the DLP stood for in the past and I am surely not going abandon it because of what it has done in the present.



  46. Balance, Caswell;

    In any situation of people being laid off from a small Government Department in any of the Caribbean Islands has there been a precedence of a PM having a meeting with former, very upset, workers who have been just laid off?

    Unless he’s telling them he will arrange for them to be reemployed (presumably using some of the proceeds of the Credit Suisse loan) it would appear to be breaking new ground for a Caribbean PM.

    I wonder what the MoF thinks of this approach to problem solving?

    Help muh, Please!

  47. The PM should:

    Promote Sinckler to Deputy PM and Minister Tourism
    Make Sealy the Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Retire McClean from the Cabinet
    Promote Estwick to Minister of Finance & Economic Affairs
    Retire D Boyce from the Cabinet
    Leave Inniss as he is

  48. Back InTimeJack;

    I agree with your basic reshuffling proposals above but can’t help thinking that the unthinkable also needs to be considered; i.e. a more focused top level cabinet reshuffling resulting from a majority of Cabinet members implementing a strategic movement geared to setting up conditions for and deciding on the best mix of that body that could resolutely lead the country forward without apparent sporadic back-backing on its decisions re. serious and seemingly necessary fiscal adjustments.

  49. We are indeed a docile people as borne out by the comments of the laid off workers who at least got their “green papers” to apply for relief and promises that some of them would be reabsorbed into a new, better Drainage Unit.

  50. @ are-we-there-yet? | 10/01/2014 at 5:40 pm |

    What do you expect from unintelligent clones from a union between ac and CCC?

    BTW, is CCC blogging under another pseudonym or has he done like the legendary Saul on the way to Damascus and has seen the Light and followed Reudon Eversley into the realm of stark reality of the utter incompetence of the current DLP administration.

    Why is this DLP administration treating the workers who voted for them in such a manipulative way offering promises of reemployment they will never be able to keep? Why not advise the fired workers their only chance of reemployment in with a private sector organization given the contract to keep the drains of Barbados free of debris to avert a similar incident recently witnessed in St. Vincent?
    Why not let them form themselves into a cooperative venture (Bushie should like the sound of that) to bid for such a contract given their knowledge and experience but most of all their allegiance to and support for the present administration.

  51. A story in Barbados Today caught my eye it centered on Ralph Gonzalves of Saint Vincent warning MOF Sinckler not so fast on a CLICO settlement. Can someone explain to me who the fcuk is Gonzalves to be telling an elected member of the Barbados Parliament what do?

    I hope June Fowler read the story and takes off her blinkers to see the rubbish GOB is up against to get CLICO holders their just desserts. Tom Adams dealt with Gonzalves correctly. Since his ascension to supreme Leader of St. Vincent this mout giant makes a point to interfere in the domestic affairs of Caribbean states. Politicians in Jamaica and Trinidad have publicly told Gonzalves where to put his advise on more than one occasion.

    If Sinckler deems his veiled threat as worth answering he should tell Gonzalves to go to h##l. June Fowler should weigh in too to let Gonzalves know he cannot tell anyone in Barbados what to do and certainly not policyholders who have been waiting on their monies for years.

  52. it is really amazing what people hear.

    i would think when Sinckler said a settlement was in the cards and he sent this information to the other countries for approval, he would be looking (WAITING) for a reply from person like Gonzalves but i guess Waiting is really in vain. smh.

  53. @ Waiting | 10/01/2014 at 8:01 pm |

    Why are you elevating the muff-diving smirking financial idiot to the status of Barbados’s Prime Minister? Shouldn’t such a rebuttal to PM Gonsalves come from a colleague and not a junior asshole?
    Or are you a fortuneteller for Sinkliar’s reheated bid to replace an ailing Stuart?
    PM Gonsalves has more regional and international “status” than both the Fumbler and the Stink-liar combined.

  54. My my !! ,how much lower can we sink ?.Following the fatal accident at Eagle Hall ,yesterday., an official of the Barbados Ambulance Service,sounding gleefully, revealed that the island is down to a single ambulance, plus a general service vehicle, ie a panel van, operating as an ambulance. Where are those relatively new indestructible Land Rover Ambulances that I ‘ve seen on the road in recent times?
    Can’t we get a single thing in this damn island working properly?

  55. Can’t we get a single thing in this damn island working properly?


  56. How many times over recent years have we been down to”the last ambulance”
    We have a surfeit of”Toads of Toad hall” driving the FKucking things.

  57. Well doctor…have you heard of any shake ups in the ambulance service as a result of the pissy management of the ambulances over the years?

    Has ANYONE done anything differently…
    …Other than buying new ambulances?
    Are not the SAME brass bowls in charge?
    Are not the same brass bowls responsible for their upkeep?
    Are not the same brass bowls driving the ambulances?
    ….and are not we, the same brass bowls depending on them…?

    Shiite den!
    What OTHER results did you expect?
    We MUST like um so…….

    …the whole place is like one of those low budget American comedy shows…..no wonder we like days of our lives (days of bare shiite…) so much.
    Brass bowl jokers…..!!

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