Barbados – King Arthur’s Fourth Coup-d’état and Widespread ‘Immorality’ take Centre Stage within a Deep Political-Economic Crisis.

Submitted by Pachamama
Current BLP Leader Mia Mottley (l) Former BLP Leader Owen Arthur

Current BLP Leader Mia Mottley (l) Former BLP Leader Owen Arthur

As a recidivist coup plotter within a political culture where displacing the leaderships within his party and the other partner in a hideous duopoly dance, Owen Seymour Arthur (OSA), may not be operating contrary to law but certainly his actions border on the immoral. An immorality that is widespread and infects the entire polity. In the nation newspaper of Monday, January 06, OSA is quoted with a determination that the policies of his political leader were a mere ‘gimmick’. Mia Amor Mottley (MAM), as leader of the opposition BLP, had earlier suggested some sort of eminent persons group should be set up to help government, at least, better understand their current problems. Indeed, she indicated that the recommendations of this group, as proposed, should guide national policy as her party, the BLP, would have been represented. She suggested OSA and some former agriculture minister of little merit. OSA was not to be beguiled but this Trojan horse.

Certainly it was beyond our comprehension that after the scandalous removal of MAM, just before the last elections, that this same project could have had a place in Barbadian politics, let alone at its centre. We considered then that OSA was now perceived as having treated at least one woman badly and that the current objective reality would have precluded this scenario a second time around. Not so! So much so we were forced to contact a noted Caribbean political scientist to aid our understanding of this behavior at the centre of national politics. This renewed, open and vicious attack on MAM must be best located within the mind of the man who is known to have promised his erstwhile and closest advisers that he will never leave MAM in the leadership of the BLP. Most importantly, it seems informed by a deep sense of hatred (loathing) that could have been generated from the interference of Mia into the domestic affairs of Owen.

At that time Mia had suggested that men were to be able to take horns, regardless from whence they came. These actions seemed to hurt Owen in his most sensitive region. Now, he speaks like a man who wants to work out a deeply personal matter within the politics of a party, a country, at the most inappropriate time. This level of unbridled viciousness is not well known in Barbadian politics, within parties and outside of an election period. Let alone aimed at a party leader.

Our sources have reliably informed us that the Nation Newspaper, acting to save face for Mia, called Owen to inquire whether his public statement might have been wrongly calibrated. His apparent response was that he was correctly quoted. This represents the immorality of a newspaper that will only let us read what a significant political figure in Barbados has to say when once that person insist that he meant what he said. An immorality well established by its leading founder/member.

Owen deepens his loathing for Mia by privately dressing up his determination in issues of class. He being the ‘poor’ boy and she with the money and social class pedigree. It is from that resource base that certain expenditure were to be made to support a number of DLP candidates in the last election. For Owen, this was one of the reasons for the lost the last elections. Others may include the lethargy and general unhelpfulness of Mia and the Mottley crew during those elections.

The immorality in Barbadian politics is generalized to the wider culture. So whether we are talking about the relationship amongst men or those between women they represent powerful factors that are hardly measured in the polls by Wickham and others. But the culture of immorality extends to the economic sphere as well. In both cases these relationships are to be hidden from the general populace. Even when we suspect that certain central tendencies exist they are never represented in and of themselves. So the infliction of emotional pain on Owen by Mia, several years ago, may serve to avoid the best critical responses from the BLP; handed a life line to Sinckler on the very day he was scheduled to appear before the press in circumstances of a national economic meltdown; undermined Mia and depressurized Stuart as captain of a boat either leaking or adrift in a turbulent ocean. Until Owen could complete this fourth coup he seems well prepared to have the Sinckler/Stuart duo in charge of Barbados. For Owen it is to be anybody else but Mia. And as such, any attempt by her to run the government of Barbados from the opposition benches must of necessity be seen as a failure.

But Stuart has his problems too. Like Mia, he has a team of people who are essentially Thompson’s people. Our sources tell us that there is a certain level of anxiety within the cabinet of the DLP. Indeed Stuart is not in a position to, for example, fire Sinckler even as a way of alleviating current pressures or buying time. He is not known to, himself, have any deep technical understanding about economics and therefore is at a certain disadvantage given the history of power in Barbados. Not that this makes him dissimilar to Sinckler.

Arthur’s attempt to justify his characterization along bureaucratic lines makes this public denunciation of Mia no less visceral. It is however consistent with the most notable public behaviors of Arthur.  We speak about the crying in Parliament for porridge; the coup against a DLP of Sandiford; some aspects of his reign as prime minister; the instigation of the coup against Mascol as leader of the DLP; the removal of Mia the first time, and now this missive.

What we have here is a country unable to respond to a deep and growing crisis and the emergence of a level of inbreeding that makes national problem solving impossible. When political parties have lost their abilities to manage themselves. When the culture of the coup becomes the only accepted mechanism to overthrow an establishment or to make political change. When all these political and personal shenanigans take place, largely, outside of the public’s eye. When issues of the heart continue to nibble away at the very fabric of the society as problematized by personal relationships that are yet to be generally acceptable to most Bajans, at least as measured by their public utterances.

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  1. @ lawson | 08/01/2014 at 5:23 pm |
    “…better yet hypnotize the masses to pick up there garbage or the taxi drivers to use the restrooms in bridgetown”

    Excellent idea worthy of endorsement! The implementation of such could be a simple but effective way of improving the tourism product of the country.
    Maybe the planting of few rose trees around Bridgetown and a few other popular spots around the Island might just bring a breath of fresh air to “fumigate” the environment.

  2. @ Just Asking
    I still do not know to whom I am speaking. Perhaps, I am confabulating with Sir Garfield Sobers but I would never know this, because you’re still concealed behind your public persona.

  3. @ Fractured BLP | 08/01/2014 at 6:59 pm |

    If you want to make a meaningful contribution to mitigate the effects of your DLP administration’s effort in “fcuking up” the country why not make a difference by taking up some of the unsightly garbage off the streets?

    Since you are incapable of managing the economic affairs of Barbados you might find the removal of garbage and detritus along with the garbage you write on this blog right in line with your pay grade and reflecting your skills set.

    Imagine an administration with severely misplaced priorities keen on supporting conspicuous consumption by pushing the country into further debt while starving the SSA of resources to protect public health and project a good image of the environment in the eyes of visitors.

  4. Are-You-There- perhaps Caswell can enlighten us from where this new dipsydoodling concept of ‘Apology to mask inaction’ has suddenly creeped into industrial relations practice. Yesterday, Mr Trotman like Saul on his way to Damascus was preaching threats and breathing fire and brimstone; today he is seeking comfort behind some innocuous nondescript apology he purportedly received from the Government for unceremoniously giving 300 drainage workers marching orders. Was this apology in writing and should it not have been delivered to the National Union of public workers who has been valiantly representing their drainage unit members. It is instructive that interspersed in Mr Trotman’s comments was the subtle indication that apology notwithstanding, drainage workers would still be on the breadline.

  5. “Is it true that Owen Arthur wrote a note to the current PM of Barbados with the express intention of getting rid of Mia Mottley ?There are a number of things about the NOTE that was reproduced in Barbados Today that is somewhat troubling.”

    Fractured- this paste from a previous post should answer your concerns.

    Only a portion of the note is given. The first portion is not shown.

    It is evident that the writer considered the first part of the letter shown “I sent a note to you by Hal Gollop etc.” as the most important part of the note and that he confirms that he would not get involved in the Eager 11 situation as he knew the problems involved in keeping a party together.

    It is also clear that the above discussion did not come out of the blue. There must have been some discussion between OSA and Freundel about the eager 11 which led to this note.

    The note was mainly about the eager 11 situation

    The note ends with “you can help me by taking Mottley”. It does not say I am giving you Mottley, especially since Mottley was not OSA’s to give. It says (let me repeat) “You can help me by TAKING;. To my mind that puts an entirely different complexion on the matter. It suggests to me that moves were afoot for Mottley, perhaps by Mottley, to go over to the DLP. Indeed that was rumoured on this blog around the time of the rift. So the note then becomes one where OSA might be saying I am not getting involved in your eager 11 affair as I told you through Hal Gollop and as a matter of fact you are free to TAKE Mottley as it is rumoured that you are considering.

    If that is so. and I am almost certain it is, then the spin by FS [Prime Minister Stuart] is disingenuous at the best and shows a total lack of integrity at the worst. People of integrity do not publish notes themselves sent to them in confidence (something falling off a truck and published by someone else might be par for the political course but is unheard of for someone who promotes himself as being a paragon of virtue

  6. Balance it is time once again for OSA to pick up the same attitude of publicly issuing an apology to MIA for once again he has made her the laughing stock of the country.

  7. Balance
    It is known that history has a way of repeating itself. It happened before in the mid 70’s and the Nation carried a cartoon type comment with EDM saying”You are a giant Errol” and EWB responding”You are a Mottley,Elliot”

  8. ac
    How did OSA make Mia the laughing stock of the country? I can’t believe that at this serious juncture of our very exsistence as a respected country, yardfowls like you could still be singing praises of the DLP. If a laughing stock was make of anyone it had to be the MOF. He is the only FOF that I know in this country that make statements and then seek opinions, he has every thing bachwards. Obviously, he had to make the statement about the layingoff of the civil servants before the IMF term boarded that flight out of Barbados that afternoon. The dye has been casted, the MOF, the BWU and the NUPW are just playing for the cameras..Either do as the IMF demands or the dog dead

  9. It is very obvious that Pachamama has exposed the whole Arthur/Mottley mess. We have journalists in this country , who are paid hefty salaries to worship politicians. Owen Arthur is still the darling of these spineless professionals. Owen Arthur kept a press conference and said that Mia is unacceptable to the country as a Prime Minister . To this day he has never been grilled or made to explain what he meant by that. How can a woman such as Mottley continue to take such a battering is beyond me !She was his Attorney General; his Minister of Education; his Minister of Economic Affairs and his Deputy Prime Minister. Yet he can openly state that she is unsuitable for Prime Minister.
    This means that on several occasions he deliberately entrusted the security of our island state and its citizens to a woman, he thought all along ,was unfit to be our de facto Commander in Chief. What kind of a person is Owen Seymour Arthur to have played fast and loose ,with the security of our country?
    Mia Mottley should have resigned there and then or refuse to even be seen in the same room as him. He has now shot her another poisoned spear by calling her , as his opposition leader and the leader of his party, a fraudster. Dress this up however we want to ,but Owen Arthur strategically chose to bury Mia Mottley, when she was probably preparing to dominate the headlines, going after the current Miniister of Finasco, Chris Sinckler. Arthur succeeded beyond expectations. Taking into consideration that his lieutenant Gline Clarke recently said that he does not think the BLP,currently under Mia’s leadership, has the solutions to save the country; one can easily see that while Stuart is playing dead or is in fact dead or under sedation from the Eager 11; Mottley is really upon a political cross and Owen has the hammer and spikes. He is driving them without mercy into her ambitions to be Prime Minister. Politics in our country is now a gladiator sport and the BLP/DLP canibalism is rampant.

  10. @ Are there yet and William Skinner
    No one has asked the one question but both of you have made it quite clear.

    Arthur said that Chris and PM do not call nor consult him. He made it abundantly clear that neither does nor did the Mia Mottley.

    Regardless of what the BLP loyal supporters write and say here it is abundantly clear that the Hon. Mia does not consult Owen.

    There is a committee already in place that deals with research and recommendations for small island states including Barbados. At no time did the DLP mention these brains that are working on our behalf and Mia could have used to establish a sound case for the BLP but instead she suggested ’eminent group of persons’ which was already operational under Owen’s leadership.

    Mia dismissed Owen’s work and Owen in no uncertain terms diffused any rebuttal from her and all she was left to say was ‘ there was nothing new.’

    Do we recall the late David Thompson commending Owen on his assiduous work within the region? Owen worked feverishly on economic policies throughout the region as he himself highlighted. That is what Mia should be telling the public instead of trying to create an entity that was created, established, published and is still functioning.

    Mia refused to give Owen his MERIT and due respect even now that she really, really needs his expertise as an Economist.

    In his press conference which should have been that of the sworn-in Leader of the Opposition, Owen listed ways not mentioned by the DLP to gain the foreign exchange and stop overtaxing the populace.

    Why don’t we just compare Owen’s comments with Chris done made deal as Owen said.

  11. According to the Hon. Owen, the NUPW and other trade unions could talk ’til the cows come home – the deal is done and there is no turning back. Even if we are not signed onto an agreement, in order to even be recognized for a loan in the int’l market, we are required to follow the IMF policies to realize reduction in our expenses by January 15, 2014 in the first instance.

    Let us put this together and see where we are.

    Owen said that we should have discontinued, about 3 years ago, the Constituency Councils, Thompson Football, Summer Camps which are funded by Government.

    Let us do the calculations and see how much we would have saved. Let’s include the Spirit of the Nation and Community Dancefest. These are figures that we should have published.

    How impactful are these social programmes? and, are they more relevant than the drainage work? Will they be a part of 2014.

    Government stress importance of entrepreneurship and discontinued disbursements to start-up business under the Ministry of Commerce.

    The social programmes are good, but can we afford them.

    Isn’t it more palatable to see men working and providing for their families than to have them unemployed and depressed?

    Anyway!!! The mergers and dissolving of some statutory corporations are needed: Six come to mind BIDC, BTIC, BTI; Training Division, Public Sector Reform and NISE; BTA should return to the Min of Tourism.

    Although tough, some good will come out of this challenge we are a bright, literate people and based on what I read here on BU we are still the ‘simply the best BIM.’

    Drum roll: ‘The Lord has been the people’s guide for past 300 years, with Him still on the people’s side we have no doubts nor fears. Upward and onward we shall go inspired exulting free and greater will our nation grow in strength and unity.”

  12. William Skinner !
    You have written a bunch of shite


    The only correct thing you wrote is that there is a Minister of Fiasco not Finance
    So along with FREUN-DUL Stuart

    You have the Minister of Fiasco DUL-Chris

  13. My Grandmother tells me that she used to sell something, a sweetie she says in her shop ,called a NUT-CHRIS

    Well from NUT-CHRIS it is DUL-Chris


  14. “ac | 08/01/2014 at 8:33 pm |

    Balance it is time once again for OSA to pick up the same attitude of publicly issuing an apology to MIA for once again he has made her the laughing stock of the country.”
    Please read the interview and comprehend if you can. The apologies should come from those like you who were led gleefully into misrepresenting the facts.

  15. @Just Asking,
    If you grandmadda told you that she used to sell Nut – Chris and you haven’t had it, obviously means that you’re a young man. I do not know where in Barbados you were born and bred? But I do remembered quite vividly buying Nut – Chris on my way to Roebuck Boys Primary on Roebuck Street back in the early 70’s.

  16. @Are we there yet?
    Yes, at least that’s what we used to call it back in Primary School. But at Secondary School a lot more names emerged like Blackbitch and pully etc…

  17. @ David
    No right thinking objective person should be holding up Mr Erskine Griffith as a symbol of anything that is excellent notwithstanding all of the qualifications listed . After all those qualifications were acquired while he was a career Civil Servant who was intended to give the best possible advice to the Government of Barbados . That he allowed himself to be dragged into naked party politics and in the process acting contrary to all the principles governing employment in the Civil Service is quite unfortunate. That action was a repeat of the former Government taking a naked poliician and making him the Chief Justice of this country .

  18. @ Unbiased . | 09/01/2014 at 7:48 am |

    You forgot another person from your “unbiased” list of traitors to the principles of sound public administration and good governance. The quisling Darcy Boyce.
    We would not even mention the nonentity Patrick Todd.

  19. @ Brief | 09/01/2014 at 1:01 am |
    “Anyway!!! The mergers and dissolving of some statutory corporations are needed: Six come to mind BIDC, BTIC, BTI; Training Division, Public Sector Reform and NISE; BTA should return to the Min of Tourism.”

    Such proposals/recommendations have been made to this administration much earlier on but to no avail.
    Don’t hold your breath, Brief, these guys just don’t have the political will of managerial capacity to do such. Are you forgetting the establishment of the Central Revenue Authority (CRA) has been on the cards for sometime now?
    Even though it is pellucidly known this government’s inability to bring this agency into existence is preventing the country from accessing much crucially important developmental loans from the IADB and other development -oriented financial institutions.
    The eventual establishment of the CRA under the supervision and discipline of the IMF would result in further job losses in the public sector (to use a politically acceptable term, the attrition of manpower numbers in central government with the effluxion of time).

  20. What say you Just Asking and The Millar?

    I think that Arthur is paving the way ahead of the next convulsion of the Leadership of the BLP, ahead of the revelation that Drawing Dottin was advised very poorly by Mottley to pursue his matter in the format of an appeal to the High Courts for a matter that she played a significant role in the Wiretapping and EAVESDROPPING of innocent Barbadians, and she has ill advised Dottin to pursue the matter before the law Courts on a matter that the evidence is more than compelling that both Dottin and Mottley should be charged in the Courts of Barbados for their role in this fiasco, but more disgusting than this is the in Dottin’s desire to save his ass and his pension he has dropped the Mottley firm and sought the help of a Sir to extricate him from this mess created by his alliance with Mottley, Dottin is trying his hardest now to come out of this case minus his association with Mottley and to keep his Pension in service.
    Arthur may also be ahead of the program as very shorty the evidence will be made known of Mottley’s and a fellow named Jevan Jutugir of Red Advertising her role and her payment to Jutugir to circulate via email the Porn Video taken from a St Lucian hosted website the host of the site have cooperated extremely well to provide details of where and by whom the site was viewed and their IP addresses, now if as if Wiretapping and EAVESDROPPING are not enough to be associated with in terms of slime she has also now incorporated Mr Jevan Jutugir in her eagerness to propagate more of her nastiness and to have people like Jutagir be paid and accept money to try to to destroy honest and the credibility of others with decent characters by use of videos of untruths and by dishonest means.
    So I agree with Arthur to separate and give distance between himself and Symmonds from that vile nasty beast Mottley who will try to beat, buy, bite, bully her way to being a PM and thank god for Arthur for letting John Public know she is vile and not suited to hold any post of office in Barbados not even one of The Leader of the Opposition she is just NOT FIT FOR ANY OFFICE.

  21. @ miller
    When was darcy Boyce at the centre of Government economic policy ? I wont waste time toraise the same question about Patrick Todd .

  22. Almost on Question and with impeccable and mature timing, Arthur digs out foundations from around and under Mottley’s palace with a delivery Malcolm Marshall would have been proud to have delivered.

    His No Gimmicks speech which was delivered to make Mottley look more inept than she generally and usually looks was not wild Scud Missile lacking in a navigation system it was precise and calculated to perfection of timing and opportunity and placement.

    Let, etc enlighten your darkness and in doing so let me take you back to New Year’s Eve 2013 a few short weeks ago, when a hasty meeting of the present crop of BLP representatives in the Lower House were summoned to the home of Sir Fred Gollop to meet there to discuss the present issue of the Leadership and direction of the BLP under leadership of Mottley, on hand to decide on Mottley’s demise was a Who’s Who of those who try to determine outcomes from Board Rooms across this island.

    The list of those attending is an interesting and instructive one, when people that attended the New Years Eve remove Mottley evening ranged from the Sirs of Sir Allan Fields, Sir Fred Gollop and Sir David Seale and Sir Charles Williams, it also included Mr Bizzy Williams, Mr Peter Harris, Mr Hallam Nicholls, Mr Peter Boos, Mr Lalu Vaswani, while all of these folks were on hand there was no sight of Mottley to attend her own trial and death by Arthur Firing Squad but the ones invited were invited for one common goal and it was to remove Mottley from the leadership of the BLP and this they did without a whisper to lend support to Mottley they met and reformed the BLP in a real pacy way,by voting to strip her as leader of the opposition with only the females in the Lower House lending support to Mottley in her muted bid to stay on as a part time leader.

    So based on this sequence of events and the comfort and knowledge that Mottley has been put out to pasture once again it was no surprise to listen to Arthur dress down and humiliate Mottley with his No Gimmicks tirade he was armed with knowledge that Mottley have been discarded as Leader of The Opposition yet again, Arthur is obviously adamant to make her the door mat to Roebuck Street.

    Also Arthur is armed with certain knowledge that Minister of Finance will very soon expose her as a liar and FRAUD so her days are numbered and sequenced to be shown the way out within the next few days and hours.

  23. Fair and balanced- why this obsession with the affairs of the BLP at this point of time. Nothing Mr Arthur or Ms Mottley or the BLP opposition do can harm the country for the memory of them as the god book says is forgotten and there is nothing more for them under the sun as an opposition party. what should be of concern to you is the damaging commentary of the Government’s performance by Mr Reudon Eversley and I await the views of yourself, AC, CCC and Fractured on Mr Eversley’s poignant comments about the non-performance of Government and leadership.

  24. @ balance
    Di you not read the same Reudo Eversley said that VALUES , MORALS and PRINCIPLES ARE UNIMPORTANT? To set up such a person as a symbol of ANYTHING makes you the most UNBALANCED person around !!! Eversley has always been a mixed up confused man and has not changed over the years .

  25. @ Pachama

    This is a quote from your submission “Most importantly, it seems informed by a deep sense of hatred (loathing) that could have been generated from the interference of Mia into the domestic affairs of Owen”

    The hatred/loathing that is ascribed to Owen has nothing to do with any domestic affairs aftershots.

    Like the red herring that the USA posed to the world after using Bin Laden and party to bring down the Twin Towers at the World Trade Centre, the focus was on securing interest in fuel in the Middle East.

    Doan get tied up by the aftermath or “interference”that Mia ran re Beverley and Owen, while Owen did not like this action, the “timeline” shows that a completely different reasoning complexions Arthur’s actions per Mia.

    It is ironic that neither Fumble nor Seethru have been able to divulge the true nature of the Mottley threat.

    They both have had to dance around the real core issues because they know that, in spite of the obvious wiretapping and other Mottley indescretions, this issue would put all these other matters in the pale and scuttle the Barbados ship.

    If we think that the Article 4 Consultations that were presented 4 years ago and are now being implemented by an arrogant government is anything, and that this issue of economic incompetence by the DLP is serious then that would have blown Barbados out of the water completely.

    So, out of love of self, not country, because if country perishes, self also perishes, both the former, and the current, leader have done what they have done.

    Stuart is only familiar with Mottley “from a distance”, augmented by US Intelligence reports, Owen knows her even better.

    So Pachamama this has nothing to do with Beverley Batchelor and what is perceived as hatred and loathing because of piddling things, is much, much bigger

  26. Let me just rest the ole bones here a little while and bring this to the BU table.


    You know the ole fogey, a long, long, story to bring one back to the beginning, ole people does do dat, ramble….

    When is you born?

    Add 65 years to dat and you has an idea when you is to retire and get a pension right?

    So it should follow dat, effin you wukking fuh government dat Services Commission should have an idea who getting ready to tek dem gratuity and go home, like me and get a pension every 26th or de 19 pun Xmas.

    So tell me this.

    Wid an article 4 cuntsultation from de IMF dat tell you to cut government spending tell me why, in so many departments wid peoples like me nearing pension time dat you would prefer to sen home 3,000 healfy young peoples dat earning 1/4 uh what we old bembers wukking fuh?

    Radder i should say sleeping fuh causing when we at de meeting we does be brekking off we neck wid de zzzzz and snoring.

    Instead uh letting we go, paying we sleepers (not the John Le Carre type, doah sum uh we is real spies) and having calculated from we birfdays and de national registration number dat we due to get sen home, why de heck, dem senning home 5561 people whose collective salary ent worth whu 1000 uh we retirees does earn fuh sleeping pun de job???

  27. @ pieceuhderrockyeahright
    The hidden, graver, matter of which you speak and your alternative time line, as suggested, has the ring of truth to it. We can be persuaded.

  28. @ william skinner The woman does unnatural things with he mouth…….if i shit in my hands and smear it across my face on a regular basis how much friends do you think i would have? how much people do you think would like me? Only the ones doing the same dirtyness……

  29. Lets face it Stuart is only PM by the grace of GOD.
    Ex PM Thompson needed a sucker in the dept PM position.A dead beat nobody who was no danger tuh nubbody.
    A nothing.A sideliner.
    Who better than ole Sleepy Stuart.
    Well as it goes “the best laid plans of mice and men”
    God Save us!!

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