Symmonds Comment Shows Gross Disrespect to Muslims

Submitted by Douglas
Kerri Symmonds, MP

Kerri Symmonds, MP

Dear David please permit me some space on your site to make a few comments with regard to something that I feel strongly about.

I recently listened to the debate about the funding of the QEH and I heard the Minister of Health announced the arrival very shortly of new ambulances coming from The United Arab Emirates which I thought was wonderful. These ambulances are gifts to the people of Barbados by the government and people of The United Arab Emirates. Sadly  while listening to the reply from Opposition MP Symmonds, I must say it is not often that I pay attention to Symmonds because I have long held the view that he has no spine and he stands for nothing and will fall for anything, be that as I may, I subjected myself to his presentation which in my view was despicable coming from someone who has been around politics awhile and therefore should know better.

Good judgement is not one of his strong points if we are to judge his actions two days before elections in January of 2008 when he found it possible to take money from a Doctor Boolani to regularise an immigration matter that he did not fulfil and he never returned the money. The copy of the Affidavit is attached as proof that he received funds and of his vicious and brutal attack on his wife for which she had to seek the protection of the Courts of Barbados.

Symmonds file #1
Symmonds file #2
Symmonds file #3

The smoke camouflage of Symmonds sitting around a table speaking about a ruling the Speaker of the House made pales in comparison to his own comments, and the press conference he called was more to flick the focus away from his insensitive, immature, ill advised and ill thought out comments about those of the Muslim faith when he referred to the shipment of ambulances coming in from the United Arab Emirates as  nothing more than a Box Cart that yuh does use to to transport dead goats  at Ramadan.  It was a statement of gross disrespect and insensitive to many Muslims in Barbados and around the world. Let me use this opportunity to warn Symmonds that Barbados has welcomed with open arms Muslims, Hindus, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Pentecostal, we have welcomed all and embraced all and no BLP politician or DLP or ABC or XYZ political party should attempt to make Muslims or any other feel like a hated people or second class citizen in our caring society.

As much as Symmonds may want to make outlandish and attention seeking comments in his march to remove Mottley as the leader of the Opposition, and even if he has the support of many Barbadians including Arthur and the majority of his peers, no one is willing to support his stance on creating a racial and religious divided Barbados.  We live together as one big happy family Symmonds and that includes those of the Muslim faith.

72 thoughts on “Symmonds Comment Shows Gross Disrespect to Muslims

  1. Hey Douglas, while most rational people would agree with your major point I think that they would also agree that the general standard of living of bajans takes precedence over any insensitive remark. Would you be so kind as toExtrapolate in reference to what savings could have been garnered if only we had cut the bloated cabinet, disposed of the stupid constituency councils, and the very costly added insult to injury namely The David Thompson Football Tournament ? Is it possible that this piece is meant to be diversionary? If we are now being told that all hands are needed on deck,would not every penny have counted in the quest to right the ship?

  2. Don’t worry your head Douglas to defend we Muslims. We are here mostly Gujaratis you know . And you know we don’t like cause no problem. We like make we nuff money. So we keep werry good with all politicians from both party and we give them all nuff money and samoosa and biryani. So that when we want bring in all we things through Customs like car parts and all things we sell we dont have no problem. Or we want bring all family from India we dont have no problem. Or we want get ZR and minibus license we dont have no problem. Or we want get Barbados passport and ID card for family from India we dont have no problem. So you Douglas dont cause no problem for we. We like Barbados politician too much. They always help we Indian people. Kerry is friend of ours. We dont care what he say about those Arabs. We are Indian from Gujarat. We just like to make nuff money.

  3. @ Douglas:
    “Let me use this opportunity to warn Symmonds that Barbados has welcomed with open arms Muslims, Hindus, Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Pentecostal, we have welcomed all and embraced all and no BLP politician or DLP or ABC or XYZ political party should attempt to make Muslims or any other feel like a hated people or second class citizen in our caring society.”

    We couldn’t agree with you more! However, you failed miserably to include in your all-embracing arms of loving care and respect those Guyanese brothers and sisters including some, of course, from the Islamic faith you are so enthusiastically keen to abuse for your own narrow partisan political “pot-shooting” to distract from the real problems facing Barbados. And, lest we forget, the young black Jamaican Ms Myrie.

    What is more dangerous? A stupid xenophobic remark exhibiting a lack of diplomatic tact and ungratefulness to another country or threats from the scattershot brain of a minister of the Crown to crack heads and shoot people which presumably would include the same Muslims?

  4. Wuhna really think that Kerry Simmons bad.. Stuuuuuupse he is nothing compared to the likes of other prominent figures in the BLP camp. These people are ruthless is shite.,.. I mean downright ruthless. Using and abusing their power for the sake of the mighty dollar. There are nefarious and do not give a shit really about Barbados. IF you doubt me ask yourself why none of the two parties in the face of this national economic crisis refuse to listen to rational thinking about forming a coalition government. Do not tell me no shite about it was offered to the DLP and they refuse it. I too would refuse after finding out that it was done in the public’s eye as a publicity stunt to woe people into thinking that they want to assist the government whilst behind close doors they plot and plan for the demise of the current government so they can get back into their looting of the treasury. Why the heck you think all politicians are so darn rich….THEY ARE ALL NO F…..KING GOOD- Barbados is not in this crisis because of world wide economic recession Barbados is in this crisis because of lack of prudence and sound judgement.

  5. “Barbados is not in this crisis because of world wide economic recession Barbados is in this crisis because of lack of prudence and sound judgement.”
    Non-partisan independent thinkers have been vilified by DLP apologists all along for expressing the views you now echo in a nutshell – that the administration does not know what it is doing.-. It s good you are seeing the light albeit too late.

  6. Balance

    You do not know a thing about me and what I am seeing. The slide of the Barbados economy did not now start; it started years ago under previous administrations believing that it was prudent to put all your foreign earning dependency in the one basket called tourism. None of the administrations executed thinking beyond the box but allowed themselves to be trap by what I term a ‘pseudo prosperity.’ As one writer aptly put it, ‘ progress in Barbados is measured by the amount of new buildings and paved roads, which constitutes expenditure and not in the development of projects that can yield significant financial returns, which is called profits.’ So years ago these administrations did not see agriculture or aquaculture as yielding anything significant.. Now that the economic grass is burning asses they shouting agriculture as the saviour to reducing the huge import bill. Up until now none of these sons of bitches have not viewed the exportation of fish outside of Barbados as a potential foreign exchange earner or setting programmes in place to use up all the waste land that could be used for planting food. They are quick to tell you why it cannot work. None of them took the time to view the prospects of our blackbelly sheep, which was considered by meat experts outside of our shores as being superior in taste, juiciness and tenderness but instead sell our genetic rights.

    I am not partisan Mr. Balance, I just do not like shite and both these parties and their beneficiaries have engaged in high degrees of shitetiness over the years. Now the shit has hit the fan they are busy blaming one another whilst Barbados is closer than it ever was to an IMF austerity programme and the devaluation of the Barbados dollar. I got a f….king problem with that and will not bridle tongue until they both see the error of their wicked ways and join forces to fight the monster about to consume or already have consume the few comforts we fought so hard to give.

  7. balance you are right it happens at the Macro and Micro levels –at the micro level you have just shot yourself in the foot ,balance you know of the crooking behaviour of Walter Maloney and Dennis Clarke and you encourages it -how can walter take the Union cell phone overseas put it on roaming,call his woman in Bahamas,receives calls SOPHIA LOWE in Barbados and return those calls while talking for 20 minutes then Denis Clarke said that the bill is wrong but the December bill has additional charges –so balance which t shirt you wearing now BLP or Dlp You and your Union misleading the workers again by the way tells us how your wife from Guyana got her children into Barbados

  8. ‘In reference to the proposed lay-off of over 3 000 public workers next year, Mottley said that suggestion and the proposed pay cut by all public servants would not bring safety nor stability to the country.’

    This is the online version of the article by the nation news for 23 Dec 2013 title ‘BLP terms for pay cut.’ This is why i cannot trust these sons of a bitches. If pay cuts or layoffs will not bring safety or stability to the island Miss Motley, than can you tell all of Barbados and the wider international bajan community what will? It seems to me like you have the formula that can bring stability and safety to the island. Again nothing but f….king political jabbering. We vs them partisan political bull shite…stuuuuupse

    Also in that same article the BLP layout their terms for a pay cut and though agree whole heartedly with some of what she proposed, I do not agree that it should be done in a given ultimatum. Do this and we will do that.. Do any of the civil servants have that same pleasure of laying out terms as well. Stuuuuuuuuupse

    • The issue here is that the decisions by successive governments have caused the public service to be boated and inefficient and the PSs et al of gone along with it all in the name of honouring the Secrecy Act. You do nothing and you pay. All those Bajans who have survived over the years because of political patrimony instead of getting up off their tails, we now pay.

  9. The writing is on the wall for the Dems and they are desperately trying everything to erase it. Where in the “proof” posted it shows “his vicious and brutal attack on his wife”? FYI there was no need to embellish to make domestic violence look bad. What it shows is that the Rovian modus operandi of the DLP, that won them the elections in 2008 and this year, is alive and well in spite of the disastrous position they now occupy. Foolishly, they tried the same tactic in an attempt to discredit Moodys, S&P and the IMF, but as expected, to no avail. Hard ears yuh doan hear, own way yuh does feel!!

  10. Enuff

    Thumbs up. Not just the DLP but the BLP as well. Bajans are tired of the trickery, trachery and downright lies

    • This political message appeals to the base only. If there is evidence that Symmonds did something illegal prosecute. He was reelected when it was widely known that he had to resign from the a Senate because of his personal matter. Obviously the electorate forgave him.

  11. yeah but this is an open forum and the article does not in any way impose that comments be of a political nature , the responses therefore will be the deciding factor in whether the article be political or far the BLP yardfowls are the only ones that are calling “foul” as they carry on a political tirade not so much in response to the article but to grandstanding and politicization/.

    • @Miller

      To your xenophobic reference: Barbadians felt something was wrong with allowing unbridled access to our shores under Arthur’s government and he paid the price. You should not try to convert what was a different scenario to a political diatribe. You may very well be asked to pay some more.

  12. I hold no brief for Kerrie Symmonds. This post is a lot of diversionary crap. I would like tell the DLP operatives on this blog that they should spend their time productively by trying to help the numbskull MOF with suggestions that would help to turn the economy around.

    Symmonds is irrelevant in this scenario. He is proud to be called Leader of Opposition Business in the House, which I must remind you is a post that does not exists. Let him wallow in that nonsense and do not seek to create religious strife in this country. You DEMS are something else, you would prefer to highlight Symmonds’ silly remarks and have some fatwa pronounced against him just to divert attention away from the incompetence of this Government. It wil not work!

  13. “a Box Cart that yuh does use to to transport dead goats at Ramadan.”
    An example of the arrogance that permeates the BLP. I repeat this is the worst opposition this country has ever had.

    Does Symmonds and these other BLP clowns not understand the damage that a statement like that can have on our island from people with very , very deep pockets?

    Of course, Mottley cannot try to fire him again like she did last time because she does not have a large support base among the current BLP MPs.

    • Bajanfuhlife

      Even though you continually abuse me, I will still agree with you when you are right. You are true to say that this Opposition is the worst we have ever had. However, I hope that you will agree that Stuart administration is most definitely the poorest excuse for a government that this country has ever had the misfortune to suffer under.


  14. “As much as Symmonds may want to make outlandish and attention seeking comments in his march to remove Mottley as the leader of the Opposition,””

    Symmonds in a nutshell.
    That boy after Mia’s spot with full backing of See Thru Owen. Could not help notice Dale Marshall known pimp for George Payne looking on dejectedly. Which reminds what’s come of the case where he put Hinckson in court for calling him a big crook?
    Oblong head Symmonds the man people allege abuse women eating oversize mouth Dail Marshall lunch and dinner.
    You all don’t find the Speaker of the House an extremely strange fella to put it mildly. Where do we find the neanderthals.

  15. We must be careful about any statement pertaining to religion, especially as we know how Muslims have reacted in the middle east to such statements in the past.

    Very, very irresponsible especially considering that many persons are speaking about the possibility of attracting Islamic Financing banks and institutions as part of the offshore sector. Such a insensitive statement from the BLP “Shadow Minister on International Business” is disgusting especially in the age of global communication.

    The BLP MP’S statements do not help Barbados is this regard. He must be more careful. Politics aside, The BLP must put Barbados first and their narrow political interests second. Sadly, it seems that they are not prepared to do this.

  16. David
    Are you insane. The electorate are persuaded otherwise to vote by means that are ‘green’. Bajans are not the hardest people to sway when given a bribe of money. Plus moral stances are not too high on the agenda of bajans. So no ones gives a shit if a former prime minister can payout large sums of money for a divorce in order to marry his sweet heart secretary. Or no one gives a shit if a now young budding female opposition leader throw some licks in a former lesbian love. They are still in active politics so why should not Simmons. Our politicians do not have to uphold morality because that is not a high priority on our list of things that must be upheld. I do not think its forgiveness I think its all about what Kerry Simmons has done for us and will do for us when our need is dire.

  17. @ Bajanfuhlife.
    Caswell don’t know where he belong . Don’t fuhget Mottley fire he from assistant to the AG which he had under Simmons as soon as she get the AG post . So duh can be nuh love lost between dem ! So Caswell really looking fuh a home like the bollwevel ; he can guh back to the BLP under Mottley and everybody in the DEMS is a fool or idiot . So dont pay he nuh mind ; already too many people does notice dis neerdowell .

  18. the statement is not just insulting to muslim culture but MORE so insulting to the taxpayers and government of UAE.
    if you gave a gift to someone, however humble the gift, and then a member of the household insults the gift , one would feel insulted. If I were in that position I would firstly feel embarrassed and angered
    I would then feel offended that someone I tried to help could be so ungrateful
    and lastly I would swear on my own life that that is the last time I ever give something to that household.

    it was a gift from people that owed us nothing to the people of Barbados.
    let me reinforce that it is a gift to help all barbadians and not a dems thing or bee thing.

    how would you feel if your gift met that response.

  19. This post is filled with venom that merely shows why the law and censure has been used in other countries. Clearly it is laced with the things that would divert attention from the severe and crippling failures of the DLP. I am sure that at this time, persons may consider ways to present alternatives which could possibly help solve the challenges facing Barbados. Mischief and malice put across in such putrid fashion is less likely to do anything positive other than temporary distraction. The coward submitting this post, I wonder if the person is as evil as I interpret or if sufficiently desperate to try anything that is of a debase nature?

  20. @ bajanfalife…if you attended school in Barbados you surely would have been taught that”He that is down need fear no fall”.Do you really believe that any statement, even as idiotic as the one to which you refered could do more damage than this group already has?There comes a point when we have got to accept that we have failed.Exactly when will you get there? Talk about gall! You know who is singing for supper.Tell us who braying for grass.

  21. My goodness, this is the best diversionary strategy that could come from George Street?
    things really gotta be dread.
    I hope bajanfuhlife, ac and sunshine realize their words can be uswd against them in a heartbeat and smacks of subtle hypocrisy.

    Let’s forget about forget about the 3 wheeled golf carts ….oops….ambulances and get back to the economy and the impact on 2014..or any other issue of substance. Thanks!


  22. @ George BrathwaiteI
    I sure yoo mustbe now come from mars. That is the only reason fuh you now knowing bout words like ” venom , mischief , malice ,putrid ” in relation to contributions pun dis blog . Whey you went everysence boh ? welcum home!!

  23. Listen
    I am am Muslim and I dont find that offensive. Those 3 wheeler vehicles are used in market places to transport dry goods, merchandise and yes meat !!
    Butchers used that to transport meat (mutton, beef etc) to the market place for sale.
    Get back to the point at hand. Those vehicles dont suit human transport and this government is ruining our beautiful country

  24. the boy has proven once again that he lacks basic primary school manners. yes thanks, no thanks, please and excuse me. and trying to turn every little thing into a political football does not help ones image. we need ambulances there is and has always been a shortage of them, we should be gad that a stranger gave us a few even if not the most hi tech ( according to Kerry) can be a life saver. By the way I don’t believe that they are below standard as the United Arab Emerites are known for good medical standards.
    further so, even if they are basic so what. Equipment can be installed and make them as sound as anything in the metropole. If I got a free house I would be complaining about not getting free furniture also.

    Kerry lacks judgement as much on this issue as he did by making an issue of him getting a salary cut. he made a stronger protest of himself getting a 10% cut than 3000 persons, some of whom will be his constituents, getting a 100% salary cut (laid off/ Gone home). This speaks volumes.

  25. What do Franklyn and Brathwaite have in common other that loyal supporters of the most thiefing govt Barbados has ever seen the BLP! they are both Brainless dumb wits who see everything thru Red glasses.

  26. Observing

    What idiot or two can you be. Where is the hypocrisy in my lambasting these two crooked tyrannies.I spew nor do I spare any person who seeks personal gain over that of the larger masses. I have very little regard for the BLP and its subsequent crumb eaters.Likewise I have very little regard for the DLP and its assurances that its beneficiaries will get the majority share of the falling crumbs. If you are not looking out for the interest of the people in this crisis than you are looking out for yourselves and what you could get.

    You devotees of one party or another are sickening is shite. When you cast your vote is it because of a family tradition; the fact that one party is better at doing the job than the other; or is it that you are able to hold down large sums of monies in draw backs and promises.

    The obvious infirmities of the ruling party are apparent and clear. The obvious agenda of the opposition party is apparent and clear. I will lambast their asses for what they both have done. And any of you so called cronies of either or can take me to task I depend on none of you for my keep. The island that I was born is in trouble and I have two political parties who are to f….king preoccupied with their own personal political agendas and statuses to see which need is far more important: The country or their Party positions. And you stupid yardfowls of both parties are too busy to see past your loyalties to your parties. Calling me a hypocrite because I talked about your precious BLP…stuuuuuuuupse

  27. @sunshine
    Accept my apologies. I am sorry! Read the wrong post.

    “Don’t let the sun, go down on me!”

    No hard feelings 🙂

    And btw, DBLP dont belong to me.


  28. The root premise, which Miller accepts, is that we welcome people of all faiths. Tell me then – why is it that the one white Anglican priest here, trained here and otherwise in good standing has not held a Diocesan post since 2006 despite promises from our so-called Bishop? Is our ‘welcome’ something contingent not on the basis of faith but on the colour of your skin?

    I see no good reason to drag up Caswell’s antecedents. They are neither here nor there. In his actual comments he is neither better nor worse than any other.

    Please, David, tell me. Are we actually talking about what we all understand to be ambulances or meat carrying trike-mobiles?

    • Robert Ross

      I am not fazed in any way by the attacks from either side. I expect that they will come after me when I hit a nerve. I would be silly to believe that I can give and not expect to get in return. Truth be told, sometimes I am flattered that they would devote so much time and effort in trying to discredit me. Mind you, it is of no avail because I am not their opponent where their efforts would have impact.

      I am just the person who shines light on their corruption and for that I expect abuse. If I were afraid of these mindless dolts I would have given up years ago.


  29. David me political AH NO WAY! just can,t stand the way this little island was set on a path For self destruction…PATRIOTIC yes POLITICAL NOW WAY.

  30. On reflection, it seems to me that this post is not about allegedly offensive comments about ambulances. That is an excuse. The real reason seems to be the opportunity to publish material allegedly damaging to S and for which links are provided.

    Oh dear. We knock the parties but are no better ourselves.

  31. While the writer may have a good case he neglected to inform readers that the UAE is currently involved in a war of aggression in Syria as a front in the broader internecine war against a Resistance axis in the Middle East. The axis that the UAE supports includes the criminal regime in Arabia, the Saudis. The Saudis are today and have been for decades the leading supporters of terrorism and proxy wars of aggression against states. That dictatorship, as a tool for American imperialism, today on Arba’een is sponsoring the slaughter Shia Muslims in Iraq, sponsors terrorism elsewhere. Their Takfiri, Wahabi doctrine want to tell Shias how they should worship. Given these circumstances, this miscreant (Symmonds) may be right by default. In other words Barbados maybe well advised to avoid the appearance of relationships with allies of the right hand of the leading terrorist state in the world.

  32. Caswell

    Of course I realize you couldn’t give a toss yourself. You can’t come on here without a thick skin. But I find those sort of remarks offensive. You are who you are. The rest of us hide behind our silly little names, and some under several silly little names – and for that reason we cannot be scrutinized and subject to the same manner of abuse as you.

    • Ross

      Thanks for your concern. The remarks are offensive but really they say more about the parties (DLP & BLP) that sponsor them they say about me.


  33. @ Robert Ross | December 23, 2013 at 9:12 AM
    “Tell me then – why is it that the one white Anglican priest here, trained here and otherwise in good standing has not held a Diocesan post since 2006 despite promises from our so-called Bishop?”

    Because they, the black so-called priests, know the day the whites take back control of the Anglican Church as is their divine “Tudorian” right to do, the Anglican church in Little England would once again prosper and attract blacks in their thousands. Where better to worship a white god than in an Anglican place of Protestantism?

    The unwitting objective of the current lot of black Anglican clergy (pardon the oxymoron) is to “blackened” and destroy that place that once kept them in their social places right in the Glebe fields and hills beyond recall.

  34. Ross
    Tell the blog that clifford hall aint no true, true anglican priest.He come to Barbados to lecture in law at Cave Hill and end up deciding he see where these foolish black bajans suck up to whitey and decide as he like to interfer wid black women he want to be a priesr too.Well the other priests can see true this big time english fraud and they kick his ass outta de big able kateedral.Out pun he ass and he gine stan out dey all de time.Nutten but a big nasty fraud.Priest wuh!Effing,piss donkey fraud!Eff clifford and ‘e dog collar.’the man look so outa place!
    Miller,you got it right again brudder!

  35. It is obvious the emirates have not done their due diligence. What chance would anybody have in one of those 3-wheeled rickshaws against a bajan driver. Maybe these could work in a alcohol free society, but here.
    Two bajans went up to meet St peter at the pearly gates, St peter asks what did you do for a living to the first man I was a taxi driver he said St peter tells him to come in a put on this gold coat . He then asked the second man who answered I was an Anglican minister. St peter said come in and put on this brown coat. The ministers got very upset says wait he is just a taxi driver and gets a gold coat and me a minister only get a brown one? St Peter replied that’s right when people were in his cab they prayed when people went to see you all they did was sleep.

  36. Douglas
    What say you of this:
    Japan is a country keeping Islam at bay by putting strict restrictions on Islam and ALL MUSLIMS.
    Does not give citizenship to Muslims
    Does not give permanent residency to Muslims
    Bans the propagation of Islam
    Does not permit Arabic or any Islamic language to be taught in University of Japan
    the Koran published in Arabic cannot be imported
    according to published data,Japna has given only 2 lakhs,muslims,temporary
    residence and they must follow the Japanese Law of the Land.They must speak Japanese and are only permitted to conduct their ritual in their home.
    Japan has a negligible number of embassies in Islamic countries.
    Muslims living in Japan are employees of foreign companies
    No visas are granted to Muslim doctors,engineers or managers sent by foreign c companies.
    In the majority of companies it is stated in their regulations that no Muslim should apply for a job
    The Japanese Govt is of the opinion that Muslims are fundamentalist and even in the face of globalization they are not willing to change their Muslim Laws.
    Muslims cannot even rent a house in Japan
    If someone comes to learn that a Muslim is living in the neighborhood,the entire neighborhood is constantly of full alert
    No one can start an Islamic cell or an Arabic Madrasa in Japan
    If a Japanese woman marries a Muslim she is considered an outcast for ever.
    There is a mindset in Japan that Islam is s narrow minded religion and one must stay away from it at all costs.
    Points to ponder.

  37. Gabriel

    How interesting. I don’t think that was what Miller was actually saying. But I think you make my point for me.

    On the Cathedral – my version is that when the present Dean arrived – two Deans on from when the Rev Fr was ordained (and VR Crichlow was a sponsor) – he determined to get rid of the said Rev, which he did. He then published in the Cathedral Bulletin that the Rev Fr had left at his own wish. In short he lied. Hall phoned him and told him that unless he retracted what he had written he would make formal complaint against him. The next bulletin retracted what had been said.

    Now Gabriel, apart from the froth what else have you?

  38. @enuff, RR and lawson
    Yes they are the three wheeled vehicles. They have a specific purpose and circumstance for their use so calling them a full fledged ambulance by our standards is a bit ludicrous. I really don’t know who labelled them that way.

    The Minister hinted at using them at major events, the University etc. etc. so that should give you an idea of how they are to be used.

  39. David BU, I en got nuffen ta say bout Kerrie. Everybody dun know wa she gives already.

    Anyhow, I hay wanta know wa ambulances um is wanna talking bout and if dem really want criticising fan trute. Ya does got ta google tings if ya want ta know wa really gine on. Look wa part my maliciousness carry me. Check out dis hay. I copy it from offa a Antigau newspaper.

    UAE donation adds to ambulance stock
    By Tameika Malone – Wednesday, September 11th, 2013.

    Article Hits: 401
    No Comments
    One of 13 mini ambulances that will complement the current aging ambulance fleet. (Photo by Tameika Malone)

    ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Antigua & Barbuda is the recipient of 13 mini ambulances donated by the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

    The three-wheel moped-style vehicles were offloaded from a 40-foot container yesterday at the old Holberton Hospital compound.

    OBSERVER media understands that the mini ambulances will complement the aging ambulance fleet.

    “They were not designed to replace an ambulance. The whole idea is to utilise them in scenarios where you cannot get the larger ambulance into crowded areas, so that the patient can receive initial care before they can be transported to hospital via the ambulance,” a source said.

    Each mini ambulance, which runs on three wheels, can hold a patient and two medics. The vehicles will also have basic medical equipment.

    Set on a chassis towed by a 250 cc engine, the mini ambulance is built for emergency situations.

    “God forbid there is a shooting or chopping where the patient is bleeding badly, for instance during a Carnival, Sailing Week or an event held at the stadium, then the bikes will be ideal to navigate large gatherings without putting patients in jeopardy due to delayed first aid because the emergency personnel can’t get the larger ambulances to the injured person,” the source added.

    Of the 13 moped ambulances delivered, only one is fully assembled. Local technicians must assemble the others in time for the official handing over, scheduled for a few weeks from now.

    Grenada received a similar donation of 10 mini ambulances, which were commissioned last week.

  40. But wait I copy de picture too, but it en print out pon top. Anyhow, if dese is de same lil first aid “mopeds” dat we get from de Muslims, I en see nuffen wrong wid dem. Dem look a lil jokey jokey from de picture, but from de explanation in de antigua paper it mek sense how den is ta get use.

  41. David BU, I now read de blog properly and I gotta come back fa Kerrie.

    He din have to insult de Muslim people dat give we de donation by mekking reference ta Ramadan, cause how I see it de Ramadan part din relevant unless ya trying ta insult de people because a dem religion, cuddear man.

    De next ting now, de dead goat foolishness he talk might only turn some Bajans mind from using de lil ambulances cause ya know some Bajans does be real poorgreat and bewitch sometimes. So I tink da was irresponsible from Kerrie. He shoulda know better. Everything en got ta be bout foolishj political points.

    Anyhow, leh we hope dat ef um is life or death nuhbody don’t be so stupid as play dem refusing treatment because a foolish talk bout Muslim dead-goat ambulance cause you know how some Bajans does be.

  42. If Chris Sinckler had said what Kerrie Symmonds said, the Nation BLP Newspaper would be lambasting Sinckler and try to make this a national headline.
    The blatant bias of the Nation newspaper is unbelievable as the Nation newspaper is clearly acting as the spokesperson for Mottley.

  43. Lawson

    Word has it that taxis at the airport are to be replaced by rickshaws and the MOD have ordered the slightly larger version as troop carriers.

  44. Ross
    Thanks for your update.What else have I to add?Just that I’m reminded of a song entitled “I’m afraid the masqerade is over”.

  45. Gabriel

    Yes it’s a nice song. We might cast the Rev Fr as the Holy Fool version of Pagliacci and admit that there can be no love lost between these two combatants on what should have been a stage of love in the context of Christ’s Church. Morris has much the same problem though for different reasons. For myself, Belmont Road is a more satisfying and certainly less nasty theatre of play.

  46. Robert that may not be a good idea especially if all those whales from Cardiff are coming that Ruffin was on about, it may be a tight fit. Now for the army they could be perfect, you know your in trouble when the Amish want to kill you.

  47. @erice | December 23, 2013 at 6:13 am “by the way tells us how your wife from Guyana got her children into Barbados”

    Dear erice: If a Guyanese woman marries a Bajan man, would you suggest that she abandon her children in Guyana?

    Do you know the meaning of callous?

  48. @David December 23, 2013 at 7:14 am ” Obviously the electorate forgave him.”

    Not really David. We can’t forgive Kerri, as he did not sin against us.

    But the electorate rejected George what’s his name of the DLP, and Kerri got in by kinda a whisker.

    He has to work to hold his seat.

  49. Look everyone knows Muslims between March and April drop bare goat carcasses behind places like Country Rd and other City areas with skips, Symmonds only speak truth – frig those stinking bomb-wielders, if they can’t be Christian then get to France off me island!

  50. Symmonds Comment Shows Gross Disrespect to Muslims
    Posted on 22/12/2013 by David | 71 Comments
    Submitted by Douglas

    there is NOTHING in ur submission that shows proof of Symmons disrespect for muslims as such i REFUSED to read ur crap. u just want to vent ur jealously of and anger at the chap

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