Barbados Community College Conversation Continued…

  Barbados Community College Government and Politics 100 Outline.

Barbados Community College Government and Politics 100 Outline

Please find attached an image of partial course outline for Government and Politics 100 [allegedly] issued by Walthrust-Jones to Government & Politics students.  I emphasize this is not part of the official outline but is attached by WJ as though it IS part of the outline. Please observe the two notes I have made (1 and 2). These stipulations are inconsistent with the academic regulations and are therefore illegal:

  1. A student cannot get an F simply because he has not submitted all course work. In stead a temporary Grade I is assigned.
  2. An individual teacher cannot simply debar students from taking an exam.

The above was submitted by Neil Watchman.

BU will continue to encourage conversation about Barbados Community College (BCC) raised on another blog Destabilization of the Barbados Community College (BCC) not because we hold a brief for any side of the issue, we want to provide the opportunity for BOTH sides to put their positions to the table.

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  1. @ David [BU]

    If this article’s contents are truly representative of the individual Walthrust Jones I would be the first to submit that this, “GOD-IS-DEAD-AND-I-AM-GOD” is in no way a one time deviation from what is the modus operandi of many of these demi-god teachers and professors.

    That they have unilaterally prescribed what the academic grade the Institution BCC will ascribe to any student deviating from his edicts is in no way an incredible thing.

    I give you Dr Pearson Broomes of the University of the West Indies.

    The students in the front row of his classes call him the spittle and golf ball expert given that he spits on all of them while trying to pronounce the Queens’ English better than the Queen herself.

    He however adheres to the first part of the dictum about cell phone usage and the threat of being debarred from the university if one is caught taking pictures of his notes.

    The ironic thing is that the University of the West Indies (all their campuses) is very quick to punish students for plagiarism but there is no corresponding policy or practice in place that allows review of professors like him and others who, on a regular basis, copy articles from the internet and publish them as their own

    And we wonder “how de young people get like this” they follow the examples of we the ole fogeys

  2. “classes be attended possibly (sic)” – possibly what?

    ” students who fail to follow this policy will themselves not be able to take the examination this semester” – “themselves” as opposed to “others” that might take the exam for these students?!! and why are they “unable” or should the word “permitted” be more appropriate?

    Please note that “students who do not hand in there (sic) assignments will not be allowed to take the final examination”!

    Since this tutor does not appear to know the difference between “there” and “their”, I find it incredulous that she would know the difference between American and any other form of spelling.

    Ah well, higher education is not what it used to be.

  3. This was circulated by one Natalie Walthrust-Jones. She is not at all known for her mastery of the English Language. Indeed, many people are of the view that she is in serious need of a remedial English class. The only way she can muster anything that is maybe 25% respectable is if she plagiarises. Look in any dictionary and next to the word PLAGIARISM you will see a picture of Natalie Walthrust-Jones.

  4. I have a copy of one of these course outlines from a few years ago. It was given to me by a parent who was appalled at this garbage. Needless to say the student who had a mind of their own clashed constantly with Natalie Walthrust-Jones and was mistreated to the extent that the student left BCC, went overseas, flourished academically and is now in the early stages of a flourishing career.

    When will we stop running away our brightest and best especially at a time of recession when we need their brains the most?

  5. ROFL at this:

    “Students should note that attendance at all classes/lectures are expected and correlates closely with exam results.”

    A few lines later she has the audacity to emphasise in bold that she will not tolerate American spelling. How about BCC not tolerating the bastardisation of the English language that is unique to the Natalie Walthrust-Jones’ of this world?

  6. When will we stop running away our brightest and best especially at a time of recession when we need their brains the most?


  7. With the posting of this first piece of documentary evidence chronicling WJs career of abuse (see pingback at we have now come to a turning point in the struggle against the destabilization of the BCC. Any movement goes through different phases. In the first phase, energy and time is spent on what could be called CATHARSIS; a period in which emotions are high and people vent. Sometimes in this phase people overcompensate and say inappropriate things; I humbly admit I have been guilty of the same. I apologize. Without being presumptuous I would like to declare this phase over.

    However, let not the above be taken as any sign of weakening from the cause. On the contrary! Neither am I suggesting that there is no place for some good humour and double entendre. I really like Firemagade and Red Rooster! However, it is now time for a Phase 2, which I tentatively call, ENGAGEMENT where we refine the cause by stating specific objectives and undertaking appropriate actions aimed at their achievement. In this phase we will steer clear of “unnecessary personal attacks”. That expression is open to interpretation but we can flag these as they occur. For example, without trying to excuse his sins alleged or otherwise, let’s leave out Trevor Marshall because as you have pointed out, he is about to retire. We are not running a “call-in” programme but an ACTIVIST PROJECT (=vigorous and sometimes assertive set of actions in pursuing a political or social end).

    Again, without being presumptuous, I would like to declare Phase I over and move swiftly to set an agenda for Phase 2, ENGAGEMENT. I begin by making it clear what I see as the guiding objectives and their rationale:

    1. Removal of Natalie-Walthrust Jones as a tutor in the Division of Commerce before the start of the next academic year in August 2014. This period gives the authorities more than enough time to get their lethargic and apathetic administrative gear oiled and up to speed. I think BCC has had too much of NJ and for far too long (more than 10 years now by her own admission and reckoning, according to Red Rooster).

    A nation cannot talk profusely about abuse of children and then have an educational institution harbouring it and giving it succour! That is patently wrong. Let Barrow-Giles & Company at the UWI keep Walthrust-Jones. BCC does not need that liability.

    I warn you, however, that during this period NJ will bring out her alter ego called Sweet Natty who will attempt to charm the “underwear off the unaware” (so to speak)! She will lavish this personality on the students, especially the simple minded, and on any weakling put in charge of the Division of Commerce. You have been warned!

    2. Removal of the current Principal: 60 million (even 1 million) Frenchmen(women) can’t be wrong! Somewhere in all the accusations and his attempting to hide there must be some germ of truth. That the Board attempted to fire him in 2012 is enough. For those who are not aware, the job of principal was advertised back in 2012. It makes interesting reading. Perhaps BU will try to get a copy of that advertisement?

    In any event, I am willing to bet that if BCC staff asked him (current principal) the definitive question: “Tell us, good sir, at least one significant initiative YOU have undertaken SINCE becoming principal”, he would be unable to give an intelligible answer (which is usually the norm).

    Therefore, he is “guilty” both of sins of commission as well as sins of omission, chief on which is his failure to remove Walthrust-Jones. Surely he is just as guilty as she in perpetrating abuse of children! As a parent myself I find this absolutely infuriating! Should he feel motivated to hang on to the post or the powers that be (viz. Jones & Company) feel unmotivated to remove him, this movement will be obliged to list his many “achievements” in his tenure and exert appropriate pressure on the authorities.

    In order to achieve the above objectives, the movement has to carefully consider what specific courses of action need to be taken. In general, there will have to be a CYBER STRATEGY here on BU and on other social media as well as an ON-THE-GROUND STRATEGY, that must engage current and if necessary, past G&P students. In the meantime I urge the following:

    Current G&P students must be encouraged to resist WJ because the first step in dealing with any bully is to resist. In a recent post I have provided one type of resistance based solidly on BCC regulations as a response to one of her known bullying tactics. BU will provide more as the necessity arises. In this we will be guided by feedback from students on the ground.

    I understand that there is a students’ guild at the BCC. Why has this body not been roped into the cause? That must now change. More on this later.

    Some parents too need to get up off their double-barreled lethargy and stop depending on Santa Claus! The state of this economy should tell them something! Those who have written complaints to the principal and have not received replies must now copy those letters to the Chairman (N.B. letters to the Principal or Registrar do not automatically go to the Chairman) and the MOE and demand a response. It is your child and your neighbour’s child we are talking about! If necessary this BU site will help by providing a template for your letter. Give one week for an acknowledgement and three weeks more for a substantive response. If that fails hit the next level of authority. Activism requires hard work folks! If you just want to vent but don’t like doing serious, focused, worthy work we can say goodbye to you here!

    More tactics will be developed as this jihad (basic meaning = struggle) continues especially after Xmas and leading up to the start of the BCC semester on 22 January 2014. I hope Firemagade and others will keep the heat and the humour up this cold Xmas!

    P.S. This plan of action/agenda deliberately does not make any reference to BCC staff in general. It seems to me that they need to work out their own salvation. BU has given them a start.

  8. Mrs. WJ unfortunately is not the only one up there playing God for I know of at least two more .What they say is gospel .don’t have a mind of your own or opinions that does not support theirs or you will pay .The trend at BCC is to get in and get out .Have nothing to say to certain tutors ,just do what is required to secure a pass .No extra curricula activities either .When persons join the work force they are burnt out and just do the minimum .The attitude is set from these tertiary institutions hence when persons enter their respective fields of work they care nothing about anyone because of how hard it was made for them a students .In comes the don’t carish attitudes .

  9. Is BU being lead down the same path,as someone attempted to do a while back over the pending appointment of Ms Arthur at CBC?

    • @Colonel Buggy

      All that matters here is whether the accusations and assertions leveled at the tutor rings true? Supporting the status quo is comfortable isn’t it? Remember the other side has the opportunity to rebut.

  10. Neil Watchman, just go easy on the kids okay, because calling them SIMPLE – MINDED goes against the spirit constructive social discourse.

  11. @Ping Pong December 22, 2013 at 12:21 PM
    “classes be attended possibly (sic)” – possibly what?…
    Since this tutor does not appear to know the difference between “there” and “their”, I find it incredulous that she would know the difference between American and any other form of spelling. Ah well, higher education is not what it used to be.

    Dear Ping Pong: My thoughts exactly.

  12. @Plagiarism December 22, 2013 at 1:35 PM “When will we stop running away our brightest and best especially at a time of recession when we need their brains the most?”

    Dear Plagarism: My thoughts exactly.

  13. @Claire Battershield December 22, 2013 at 4:33 PM “When persons join the work force they are burnt out and just do the minimum.

    Look miss. Earning an associate degree can’t burn out anybody. I earned one myself . Attended evening classed and held down a full time job at the same time.

    Burn our $hite.

    Some of us work for 50 years without burnout and you talking about burn out after 2 years of community college study?

  14. Suppose, just suppose you had to work really hard in truth.

    Work hard and work long, 40 or 50 years long.

    Even while supporting hostile 20 year olds with nasty attitudes who talk about burn out

  15. David: Please tell me that this is a fake document.

    Please tell me that BCC would not employ a teacher who does not know the difference between there and their.

    Please tell me that this is not an example of my tax money wuk’king fa me.

    Please tell me that if this document is authentic, that this person will be the first among the 3,000 (5,000?) civil servants to be laid off.

  16. @Simple Simon,
    Morning has broken, like the first morning (fade)

    Cock-a-doodle doooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Cud dear, Simple Simon, You en up tuh speed yet doah!!

    You fuget a poster on the first blog say dat dah Barrow-Giles woman at UWI is she frien’?

    Simple Simon, dey Walrus woman DOES TEACH AT UWI?!?!!! An’ she did doing it FUH MANY YEARS!!

    Whe’ you thinks she get some uh dem tings she got on dah course outline from??

    Simon, you know you gine got to launder you tax dollars after it get all dat $hit (you word exactly, suh) pun it!?!?

    Cock-a-doodle doooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Morning has broken, like the first morning
    [Rooster] has spoken, like the first bird …..(fade)

  17. @Mark Fenty

    I understand the spirit of what you are saying but you need to go back to the first blog where a poster indicated that WJs classes at BCC classes are usually made up of those with lower grades (3, 4) and those who therefore, can’t find a place in the other “high-powered” majors like Business Studies, Science, Maths, Languages Marketing and Accounting.

    See Nattles | December 19, 2013 at 11:23 AM |

    Her colleague, friend, companion and whatever else is that Bourne woman who is the head of Law. So you should not be surprised to find many G&P students presenting Politics and Law because you read in at least two majors.

    Perhaps “simple-minded” is not a good word but some of these are definitely going to be students with serious self-esteem problems which provides a psychological pressure point for WJ.

    Again, see Nattles | December 19, 2013 at 11:23 AM |

    I am not going to question David’s wisdom in creating a second blog – I hope it is technical reasons – but this action has the potential to fragment the conversation rather than integrate it. But I am going to do my best to keep the conversation tight and focused. Clearly, too much is at stake here!

  18. Alas David and unfortunately, this parent is as semi-literate as the teacher.

    If the student is literate (is he?) he should really have written his own letter of complaint, or he should have read and corrected this letter before his parent sent it to the college.

    The parent and the student should know and understand the difference between principal and principle,

  19. Must you ALWAYS live up to your name so …Simple Simon?

    There is NO GOOD reason why a parent should be an expert linguist….Wuh shiite then! …that is a first class letter that spells out EXACTLY what the parents concerns were….
    On the other hand, a TEACHER in a tertiary institution that cannot differentiate between their and there or they has a SERIOUS mismatch problem with their vocation.

    …any way – Merry Christmas to you… SS

    Seasons greetings to you and the BU clan David….

    • All the best to you too Bush Tea.

      Sometimes one has to dispense with correctness if it comes at the expense of achieving some good.

  20. I share Bush Tea’s sentiments. The parent is trying to address a problem their son/daughter is facing. What we should be concerned about is not the parent’s standards of English but the inability of a so-called teacher of Politics to articulate herself in standard English.

    I am still shaking my head or SMH as the young people would say, at the irony of this woman demanding that students use British spelling when she cannot speak or write standard English.

    • Should Barbadians (taxpayers) blame the tutor or the inability of BCC and by extension the MOE for lack of quality control and performance management at the institution?

    • The teacher, BCC and MOE are all to blame for this sorry mess. BCC and MOE more so because they allow this to happen.

    • But GP, there is the idealistic position and then there is the reality of life which intervenes when human beings are involved.

  21. I am very, very sorry for the student.

    It appears that neither his parent nor his teacher is of much hep to him.

    This student is likely 16 to 18 years old.

    The age of first birth is Barbados is about 19.

    Both the mother and the teacher are therefore about 40 years old (or they may both be as old as 60, although that is unlikely)

    This parent and this teacher were born about 1973.

    Who taught them at school?

    And why is post-Independence Barbados producing semi-literates?

    I ask again who taught the mother while she was at elementary and secondary school?

    Who taught the teacher while she was at elementary and secondary school?

    Why is it that neither of them learned to write standard English?

    Our problems may be much greater than BCC.

    Our problems may be systemic and multi-generational.

    Semi-literate elementary and secondary school teachers are producing semi-literate parents, and semi-literate and college teachers.

    And then we expect our students to thrive and our country to prosper?

    Unless we are complete brass-bowls surely we can see that we need to fix our elementary schools.

    We need to fix our secondary schools.

    We must ensure that all the graduates of our elementary and secondary schools are literate and numerate.

    • That is SO simplistic that Bushie is completely unsurprised…..

      So are you including yourself in the group failed by the education system.??

      FOR ONCE a parent actually takes some action – and writes a lucid letter that ANY jackass can understand – as opposed to the lotta Shiites bout here who does go home and grumble and ask a friend to write some shiite on BU anonymously….
      …and you come talking shiite bout the grammar in the damn letter??

      That sorta shiite does get Bushie SOOOOO vex….!!!

      Here is a parent that is AWARE of her child’s issues
      Here is a parent that takes the time to follow her son’s homework, grades, issues, etc
      Here is a parent that takes the TIME to document a problem with her son – and the BALLS to follow up
      ….and up comes a simple Simon talking bout how the letter is not queen’s English.
      We should identify that damn parent and give her a National Award for good parenting… The only thing Bushie would have done differently is put some brass bowl cuss words in the letter and put the fear of The Lord in some body tail….

      Simon STFU* do……

      STFU – stop talking foolishness U 🙂

  22. LOL BT









  24. I did NOT suggest “penalizing someone for political correctness”

    And I would never suggest penbalizing a parent for bad grammar.

    But yes it worries me that this post-Independent parent is semi-literate.

    We should all be worried if our schools are turning out semi-literates.

    I did say some days ago that if the teacher does not know the difference between there and their (that is the teacher is semi-literate) then she should not be teaching.

    The parent was RIGHT to complain.

    But a literate (not BU verbose LOL!!!) complaint may have received a positive and prompt response (or at least I hope so)

  25. Wrong again Simple Simon..
    ..although you have explained your intent well.

    There ARE many well educated and literate people in Barbados and MOST of them are a bunch of brass bowls who can’t accomplish one shiite…..and no better example exists than our Shakespeare quoting boss man…
    On the other hand, we have some school dropouts who can get an old ZR van to make a profit and support a family (in some cases many families.) while our brightest and best qualified can’t run the damn transport board – even with MILLIONS in subsidies….

    What does that tell you?

    We need MORE Bajans like that mother…..and less useless talkers with nuff ediikation….

    The other BIG mistake you make is that a “well written” letter would have gotten results….. Steupssss…
    If you want to see results you need to Throw in a couple “brass bowls” and a big rock…. 🙂 ….letters shiite….

  26. A literate, well-crafted complaint would have been dismissed in the same way. BCC authorities are not interested in any action hence the presence among teaching staff of people like Natalie Walthrust-Jones. This letter of complaint is not the only one. BCC has been aware of Walthrust-Jones’ appalling behaviour since she started teaching and nothing has been done. The one time someone tried in earnest to address the problem of Walthrust-Jones, BCC victimised that person which only served to empower Walthrust even more.

  27. @ Vincent Haynes
    …wait, you looking for a cussing too… There is a time and place for everything.
    Who died and made the Queen’s English a priority for parenting?….or blogging?

    Wuh shite den…..if ANY kind of literacy was mandatory we would all have to kill ac right now…. LOL aha Ha Ha

  28. David, thank you for posting this letter. I am sure that you could have altered the spelling of that word that is causing Simple Simon so much consternation; I could have done the same when it came into my possession. However, I believe that you, like I, understood that aside from protecting the identity of the mother and child, the letter ought to be left “as is”.

    I think BT and MPB have provided more than an adequate course of treatment for the psychological diarrhoea being experienced by SS. Therefore, I won’t waste any words on the subject because I promised to maintain, as far as possible, a laser-sharp focus with this discussion.

    I simply wish to express the hope that if Simple Simon is of child-REARING age or has any relatives that are in that stage of life, that he (that is, Simple Simon) is never, NEVER, EVER asked to or allowed to bathe the baby!

  29. I am currently a student of hers and trust and believe she is what you call a manipulator, deceiver, and a person that can kick you under the bus… The broad of management needs to get to the root of this problem before this one person pulls down the creditability of this fine school…

  30. Akeem
    I commend you for taking a stance!!

    I too, was the victim of this mad woman.
    I entered Bcc to do a liberal arts subject and because you have to do 2 majors, I was put to do politics along with the liberal arts subject.
    well i asked a few of my mother’s friends what politics was about and they told me that it ties into the liberal arts subject i had applied to do.
    anyway, the NW (why she does put on Jones pun she name if she aint married na more) seemed ok the first few daysof class.
    anyhow, as time went on i came to realise a few things:

    she treats the students according to how she is feeling
    she is MANIPULATIVE. very very. she keeps certain students close to her who become her lackeys and carry back gossip to her
    she is below the standard that someone teaching should be at, and she covers it up with a lot of theatrics like her stupid course outline posted in this link, quarreling about cover pages of essays and so on.
    she is dangerous and scary
    her marks corresponds with who sucks up to her, who she likes/does not like etc
    most of her students are dumb, have low comprehension skills, but yet are made to do work that is beyond them
    students are brainwashed, manipulated, and plain old unfaired and its a scary thing

    After a few sessions of being in a classroom with her sometimes ranting and raving, grossing me out with her crassness etc, I walked out and never looked back. I got permission to do another liberal arts subject, did it, and never looked back.

    Bcc’s integrity and reputation has been compromised by this person and others of her ilk…
    they are not TEACHERS. they are just there for the paycheck.

    my mother is especially hurt and offended at how BCC has disintegrated into a low calibre, low rate institution.

    look leh me tell wunna was ta do.
    when wunna applying ta bcc, don put down politics and don leh dum from commerce force wunna to put wunna children in politics

  31. i am surprised that natalie waltrust is still teaching, when so many students have problems with her. she teaches at the UWI also but it is a different ball game. however, if u are pretty, tiny and brown skin she absolutely goes all out of fail u. ask anyone with said description in her class, once a student was taking a test, his phone was IN HIS BAG at the back of the class, it rang, ms walthrust went INTO the student’s bag and took out the phone. if i was that young person, i would have gotten my parent to throw some charge against her for going into my personal possession. the BCC is aware of her unmannerly manner and still have her teaching young students. she got that job thru the BLP, her uncle is that big ugly BLP contractor, the one who every Christmas lights up his house to draw a crowd. she needs to be put in her place. whether she knows the subject or not, is not an issue, her obnoxious manner in delivering is on trial. to top it all off i know she knows she is not attractive and buys affection from younger men… has been doing it for years

  32. @Akeem Franklin | 27/12/2013 at 12:45 am | Reply

    i sincerely hope u are not a full time student in her class a BCC. she will take it out on you but if she does, stand u to her, get ur parents and threaten law suit

  33. I am a parent of a current politics and law student, I am a poor woman and I am struggling to send to school my child. Now Mrs. WJ told the class that they have to buy the manual for each Gov & Pol course. These manuals sell for $80 a piece. I was told by a member of staff that it is against BCC policy for a tutor to sell manuals to students. Can some person clarify this for me and let me know if it is against the policy, if it is against the policy why is she allowed to put it on the compulsory book list and why did the Senior Tutor told me I have to purchase one

  34. @ Sammy | 27/12/2013 at 8:47 am

    “look leh me tell wunna was ta do. when wunna applying ta bcc, don put down politics and don leh dum from commerce force wunna to put wunna children in politics”

    I think this is very good advice, Sammy! I gather that applications for the BCC close somewhere in FEBRUARY 2014 so it will be necessary to spread the word of the BOYCOTT OF GOVERNMENT & POLITICS courses to all secondary schools which form the catchment area for the BCC AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    Email the link to the parent’s letter to every student, parent, friend etc. Mobilize all social media websites, acquaintances and parents etc.

    The Walthrust-Bourne complex has a restaurant somewhere in Maxwell and it is alleged that BCC students are solicited to patronize the restaurant. One of the on-the-ground strategies that must be considered is a boycott and possible picketing of that business. More on this as details come to hand.


  35. I think the suggestion put forward by the poster “Sammy” is a feasible one. I understand that many of the students who are placed into the Politics programme never intended to do the subject. However, when they turn up at the interviews at BCC with one or two CXCs, they are grabbed by Walthrust-Jones who knows that these type of students are the most easy to control and manipulate. Any person interested in preserving what little integrity BCC has as an institution of learning should make it their aim for the next few weeks to warn everyone they know to boycott the BCC Government and Politics course. Of course, it will be a hard task because she has her connections and her complex, as Neil Watchman calls it, will do whatever they can to have her stay on at BCC.

  36. So wait….
    This is the woman that has been teaching POLITICS at the Community College and UWI for some years now….?
    …and wunna telling Bushie that the intake has been those students too dumb to do serious subjects like technology and arts…..?
    ….and that she gives good marks to the lackies and donkey lickers?

    Wuh shiite den! THAT explains everything…. This Natalie woman is responsible for the bunch of donkeys we have in political life….and hence for our present downfall and our hopeless situation…?

    The damn woman got to be worse that Delilah and Jezebel…..shiite man, she even worse than ac……

    Bushie just KNEW that there had to be a woman behind this shiite somewhere…..

  37. I have known Natalie Walthrust for years and I am appalled that she is still teaching at BCC. I have advised all my young relatives not to take her class and those she does not know I tell them that if they do take the class do not let her know she is related to me. Based on what she told me how she handles her students, what she says to them purposely fails them and embarrasses them in front of the whole class is nothing short of disgraceful. She does things to students expecting to have a run in with the parent and may God help the child who is white, brown skin, pretty, short or thin, she will fail that child. If that child is well behaved always with his parents etc according to her any paper that is handed in by that child gets a failing grade, since according to her that child knows nothing about the real world those were her exact words to me. Her uncle is that ugly man who owns Ajax Construction, needless to say I have nothing to do with her now, she has a very low self esteem maybe because of her body structure her complexion her looks, I don’t know what but she embarrassed me too often with her treatment of white people who are my children’s friends and who did nothing to her. BCC needs to take a look further and examine the tutors they have mentoring our innocent children

    • Yes de Walrus hate de females dat she tink look good and yuh know wid she mess up mad head she does equal good looking with brown skin.She does mek dem red skin girls in she class guh round. And she too like tuh fail anybody she dont like. And when de poor students who getting unfair mek a challenge de Senior Tutors does tek she side. She want getting rid of.

  38. David | 27/12/2013 at 7:43 pm | Reply


    According to the BCC’s student planner all books for courses should be sourced at the bookshop The Book Source.”

    that might be so but u ms Waltrust-Jones FORCES u to buy her book and u CANNOT borrow it from a past student NOR can u photo copy it. she knows how many students are in the class and how much books should be sold. that black gorrilla of an uncle (Apec construction) who belongs to the BLP is the one who help put her where she is now. she is one tutor that should be fired from the BCC but she has been there all these years terrorizing students, when they try to defend themselves, they get no reprieve. she has no shame about telling people about men who she would have at her home. (her mother’s home which she bullied out of her brothers hands)

  39. Well wuh loss! Nattles did away for a little while for de Christmas season only tuh come back and see dat wunna aint ease up pun de Walrus idiot. So she aint only tormenting people childrun but she mekking dem buy a manual that she pretend to write. But dat aint against de College rules for a teacher to be selling notes to students? I wonduh if she does use de College photocopier to print dem out. Walrus dont mek no sport. I now see how she could be connected to that Ajax Construction jackass.

  40. But wait smooth chocolate how yuh mean she does boast bout de men she does got at she house? She does live wid she red woman. De Walrus aint interested in men except fuh dat time she did marry one fuh bout a year or two to fool people. When de man realize he getting play like a fool he did gone long hard bout he business. She does still keep de man name attach to she one though. She is a bare idiot like she friend Cynthia Barrow-Giles who man lef she nuff years now after throwing all sorts of horns in she but she still got de man name attach to she one.

  41. I have been made to understand that Natalie Walthrust-Jones claim to have a masters in Criminology but noone has ever seen any proof that she has this masters.

  42. Today’s Express exposed this same nonsense of people purporting to have degrees and other qualifications which the Express exposed to be bogus.One was a member of the COI into the 1990 coup plot sitting with Sir David Simmonds and others,who did not seem to know the man was not qualified.He said he had inter alia an MS which he admitted people interpreted as a Master of Science but he meant to indicate he had done Military Service. lol.Three Trinis were exposed as lying and misleading the Govt and people of Trinidad with bogus degrees.Did’nt know with an Accreditation Council here in Barbados,one could get away with this.We need a FOI Act immediately.

  43. REPORT #001: EyrieDate 31/12/13
    STATUS: Ongoing
    SUBJECT: Natalie Walthrust-Jones a.k.a “the Walrus”
    SYNOPIS: Under investigation for abuse of Government & Politics students and corruption as a tutor at the Barbados Community College.
    Laticia Bourne (Female); heads Law Department, Division of Commerce; business partner and active supporter of the Walrus; other affiliations with Walrus suspected.

    Joycelyn Trotman (Female): Clerk typist in Division of Commerce; generally leaks office information to the Walrus; known loafer in Division and BCC. Together with former ST (Thompson nee Skeete) covered for Walrus when parent (a police officer) visited Division to “see” the Walrus concerning abuse of her child last semester.

    Kaseem(?) Degia: (Gender Unknown): Hails from Division of Science; alleged to have helped Walrus compose documents aimed at denigrating former ST (Tull). Claims to have copies of same documents and actively opposed same former ST. Played active role in covering up deficiencies of last Senior Tutor (ag), Kay Thompson (nee Skeete).

    Other associates under investigation.

  44. Nattileaks
    ya got me laughing bad bad!!!
    wa loss i laughing bout the one Kaseem Degia…Gender UNKNOWN LOL
    he need to get heself a life!!!

    yes and the malicious one Jocylin Trotman…she does hide info, and does tell the walrus EVAH TING!!! but ya fagetting the other clerk typist…young one. she is also walrus lackey…she does stop talking to people when she think dat dem wrong she fellow walrus
    yes it is true what you have said….the 3 of them are the walrus’ main backers….

  45. I decided to pay a visit today after a break from this ongoing BCC saga which has become even more intriguing with so many revelations. I believe we have a serious case of corruption on our hands here and I look forward with interest to how the saga will end.

    Nattileaks, I like the clever play on words. I await with much anticipation your Report #002 which on the basis of Report #000! should be telling.

  46. @Carrie
    Did your son or daughter get a receipt after paying Walrus-Jones for the manual? Would be good to have a genuine copy posted on BU to help document this investigation.

  47. Wunna messing wid de wrong body. Watch Walthrust-Jones bring in she BLP crew fuh wunna. She might cahn write or speak propuh English. She might be a fraud who aint got nuh Masters and who aint nevuh write a original piece of wuk. She might terrorist children and get on like a mad woman. She might cuss and get on like de ghetto mechanic she is. BUT SHE GOT CONNECTIONS TO AJAX CONSTRUCTION AND DE BLP AND WUNNA CAHN DO SHE NUTTIN. She bout Bush Hall laffing she head off at wunna.

    • @Bee in my bonnet

      So did Darwin Dottin!!!

  48. Wunna aint see what Walthrust got in common with de people dat is she friends and connections and who does be helping out each other? Dem is all turn out for the opposing team but sum of dem does also play for both teams. In cricket yuh would call dem all rounders. Dem versatile.

  49. Bee in my bonnet | 31/12/2013 at 5:55 pm | Reply
    “… She bout Bush Hall laffing she head off at wunna….”

    Natalie, Bee in my bonnet, whatever name u choose,…



    • @Smooth Chocolate
      I concur; that’s the spirit for 2014!
      Healthy and prosperous 2014 to all.

  50. Bee in my bonnet | 31/12/2013 at 5:55 pm | Reply



  51. Morning has broken, like the first morning (fade)
    Cock-a-doodle doooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Wunna Guvment & Nattricks (crap, uh mean Politicks!) students check wunna grades real good when wunna guh back to school, yuh hear. Dey Walrus in too good wid figures!

    Ef wunna in happy wid wunna grades wunna got dey right tuh ask ‘bout dum. Wunna look pun page 40 and 41 in dey Student Manual fuh how tuh guh ‘bout um.

    Uh hear dah man Tull create a form or sumting so tuh guh long wid dey firs’ step pun page 40 so dat um en leff up to dey word uh dey tutuh or to “he say, she say”. Ask fuh dah form and use um, wunna hear!

    I hear dah lawyer woman Bourne din like dey form tull create yeh! So yuh know hummuch dey Walrus gine like um! I hear Bourne used to throw way all dey grade forms when she law students full dum out! Lawless DOB!

    So when wunna full out any form atall, get a copy and keep um safe.

    An stan’ up fuh wunna rights! Doan move when Walrus ordah wunna out she class. Dah en legal!

    Wunna have a Cock-a-doodle doooooooooooooooooooooooo! 2014 yuh hear!

    Morning has broken, like the first morning,
    Rooster has spoken,ON the first day! (fade)

  52. I tell wunna that wunna cant touch Natalie Walthrust-Jones. Wunna just pun this foolish blog like empty vessels keeping a lot a noise. Watch how Natalie gun keep she job. Nobody at BCC aint got de gumption to do nuttin and uncle Ajax and de BLP crew gine protect she.

  53. @Bee in my bonnet | 31/12/2013 at 5:58 pm
    w.r.t: Wunna aint see what Walthrust got in common with de people dat is she friends and connections and who does be helping out each other?

    And that would be: being full of raw, undiluted ………. right?

    (CLUE: highly offensive term meaning waste eliminated from the body through the rectum)

  54. @Pinkie 27/12/2013 at 11:04 am ” once a student was taking a test, his phone was IN HIS BAG at the back of the class, it rang, ms walthrust went INTO the student’s bag and took out the phone. if i was that young person, i would have gotten my parent to throw some charge against her for going into my personal possession.”

    The student was wrong not to have turned off his phone.

    A ringing phone is an exam room is a distractoin for the other students.

    However the teacher should not have removed the phone from the student’s bag. She should have instructed the student to remove his phone and himself from the classroom.

    I would have given him an “F” for disrupting the examination.

    Neither BCC nor UWI are kindergartens.

  55. @My Poor Bim 28/12/2013 at 2:00 am “I understand that many of the students who are placed into the Politics programme never intended to do the subject. However, when they turn up at the interviews at BCC with one or two CXCs,”

    Surely BCC does not admit students with one or two CXC’s? And why would a parent encourage a student with only one or two CXC’s to apply to college?

    • @ Simple Simon,

      Yes they do and it is a sad reflection of what my Bim has become.

  56. @Pretty Blue Eyes 28/12/2013 at 12:44 pm “Her uncle is that ugly man who owns Ajax Construction”

    How do you know that he is ugly?

    How do you define ugly?

  57. Behold, I, the Spirit of Justice, am come to confirm and strengthen the judgments issued against NWJ and her cohorts!

    Let any being, human or inhuman, on the earth, below the earth or above the earth, inside or outside BCC who comes to support NWJ be confused, confounded and put to an open shame. Let their words and their arguments be refuted and become a vanishing vapour.

    Let the plots of the Cartel of the Ungodly – the deceivers, extortionists, lesbians and other un-naturalists rising to help NWJ – be exposed, embarrassed and scattered abroad for all to see. Let them fight each other and devour each other. Let them become objects of derision.

    Let the spirit of uprightness in the BCC rise and be strengthened and attend to the task of removing NWJ forthwith. Let the weak and the timid there now say, “I am strong”. Let them have gumption, gall and guts and let their judgments against NWJ be swift and irrevocable.

    Let the monies extorted from GP students by NWJ be returned to them in full measure and forthwith.

    Let he who now heads BCC be removed for abdicating his responsibility and betraying trust by enfranchising WJ. Let his contract not be renewed and let no force or being, human or inhuman, stop or vary this judgement.

    Let those who speak against these judgments be ridiculed and be accursed. And let no weapon formed against those who prosecute this just cause prosper.

    To Him Who Sits on the Throne of Justice!

  58. To: My Poor Bim 02/01/2014 at 7:54 am (and other Distractionists)

    Please check your ‘facts’ against this BCC website:

    It is my understanding that the Registry follows these regulations scrupulously. The Walrus Bourne Complex tends to take in students with Grade 3s.

    Three cheers for FREE speech, but you and the other ‘distractionists’ like Pinkie could help the G&P students more by (FREELY!) NOT confusing the ISSUES and diverting the conversation!

    P.S. Spirit of Justice, I agree with your petitions. Amen!

  59. Simple Simon | 02/01/2014 at 12:05 am | Reply
    “@Pretty Blue Eyes 28/12/2013 at 12:44 pm “Her uncle is that ugly man who owns Ajax Construction”

    How do you know that he is ugly?

    How do you define ugly?”

    i totally agree with Pretty Blue Eyes …I would go further and call him a big black ugly gorilla…

    • PLEASE STOP INSULTING GORILLAS ! THEY ARE CUTE ANIMALS! Find another description. Like a cashew nut face or plastic surgery gone wrong! LOLL

  60. Even though all your comments are hilarious, we must not fail to reconize the real problem at hand. That is poor leadership, i see a problem where the principal is acting, the dep principal, the assitant registrar (student affairs), senior tutors (fine arts, science) there is currently no senior tutor in Liberal Arts and the division is barely being held together by the secretary. Commerce division position is currently empty and only 3 persons are capable of running two who does not want the position, and the other who wants it but will not get it because about 4 members of staff does not want him there. Someone needs to speak to the principal and find out WHY he is not holding general staff meeting at this critical time when staff need to know how he is dealing with the issue of staff being laid off. Is he too coward to say that he would rather lay off tutors than cut the contract with the external security firm. Is he scared that he has climb too far up the bullshit tree and now all he ass exposed. It seems BCC is a comedy stage show with all these actors and jokers.

    • Is BCC a tertiary level institution?

      Is this institution really being run in the way being described above?

    • Why are people surprised at what is happening at BCC? The situation there has been deteriorating for many years and it has now reached this miserable unacceptable state. When some people spoke out over the years, they were quickly victimised and labelled as trouble makers, which is the usual practice in Barbados.

  61. @ David
    “Is this institution really being run in the way being described above?”

    Steupssss …. You is something else again yuh…!
    You playing that you ain’t know….!?

    What do you not get about CANCER? Once it sets in, it spreads.
    We daily detail a serious cancer in our national head – and you playing that you surprised that it spread to the belly too….!?

    …OK try this if you is a man……

    Think of the name of an organization in Barbados….ANY ONE!

    Start a blog with that name, and give it two weeks…..
    Remember the fire service blog…? 🙂
    LOL um would be hotter than the Lady COW escapade …Ha Ha ..

    This place needs a massive BUSH BATH to rinse out the lotta brass bowls littering the damn place….
    But this will be no problem once Bushie fires up the big whacker…..

  62. Nattles here and wuh loss wunna aint ease up off muh gurl Natalie Walthrust-Jones in de few days I did busy and dint come pun line. But wunna wants to know what Nattles hear in de las few days. Apparently de big Walrus been calling round some of de students she does got close to she and trying to find out which of dem leaking information pun de internet. And she say if she find out who um is she gine sort dem out. She say she aint playing easy with dem leakey students.

  63. @Nattles | 03/01/2014 at 9:39 pm | Reply

    “…Apparently de big Walrus been calling round some of de students …she say if she find out who um is she gine sort dem out…”

    she should check her ex students, people she think are her friends and parents of some of her ex students. i do not understand why she is still teaching at the BCC, i know for sure that she cannot behave that way at the UWI, those student would fix her

  64. @islandgal246 | 03/01/2014 at 9:01 am | Reply

    “PLEASE STOP INSULTING GORILLAS ! THEY ARE CUTE ANIMALS! Find another description. Like a cashew nut face or plastic surgery gone wrong!”

    i do agree with u here since i too think of him as a gorilla but real gorillas are beautiful in their element and when u think of it, calling that ‘failed attempt at beauty’ a gorilla is just plain cruel and heartless to the real gorillas in the animal kingdom

  65. Nattileaks,
    Mr. Watchman,

    Are there any updates on the BCC saga? Are steps being undertaken to remedy the situation at the College?

  66. @ Malaise
    The fact that you are asking means that “the silence” was worth it!

    As indicated in an earlier post, there must be an “on-the ground-strategy” to complement the online (BU) expose. That strategy has been partly outlined in previous posts viz.:

    Sensitization of ALL secondary school students about not applying for Government & Politics (Is this happening? Can anyone report on this! (To be practical, this may require a letter (anonymous, perhaps) to school’s Guidance Counsellors. That letter should point GCs to BU discussion).

    What is really required is a move on the part of the students and/or parents when BCC semester begins 22 January. Members of BU community have done more than their share. It’s time for action.

    I understand that the appointment of a ST to the Division of Commerce is still in abeyance. Unless the appointee is the former ST mentioned on this blog that appointment is unlikely to be helpful to the cause.

    Realistically, the students /parents must drive the process from here on. The Admin will not do it voluntarily…. unless there is a miracle!

  67. and we wonder why there is so much lethargy, incompetence and malaise (no reference to Malaise) in our little Bulbados.

    Where is Equally Green Verbs Ronald Jones and the BCC Board of Management?

    Do any of these men, women, transgenders, all-rounders have any balls, testicular fortitude?

  68. @watchman

    I understand that the appointment of a ST to the Division of Commerce is still in abeyance.

    And d semester begins when? Less than 10 days away somebody need to light a fire under the human resources asses! That newly founded department is not functioning! How about the newly founded MIS department has anyone seen any REAL improvements since any of these departments started? stupse!

  69. i have heard she said that she has documents on all of the CPAC members that would bring them down if any of them put a toe out of line… ps she said this in front of her politics class…

  70. I was in Walthrust Class September – December 2013. I can remember on one occasion when she called the principal and she wasn’t getting no response, so she called the chairman.

    When the chairman picked up she said This is Natalie. I calling the principal phone and he play he int answering my call. He cant be serious. He dont want nothing to do with me, he does get me sick. These men cutting grass and you all know I is an asthmatic. This school has due care for me and my students. It is either this grass stop getting cut or I gun got to call my lawyer and you dont want me do this.

  71. I must tell you that two of my fellow classmates who are boys, I must say were the only persons that weren’t frightened for her and she give them hell. One was a rude one but the other is one of the most smartest children in that class.
    I keep asking My self how did she got her Diploma in Education. I feel that that these are being given away to any fool who wishes to have one.

  72. I watch on one occasion the principal of the school came to our class to speak to her. He said Ms. Jones I am here to deal with the matter as it relates to a student of yours who you refuse to correct her work. She replied I am not deal with you on this matter because this is a matter for the Registrar. He in return said I am dealing with the matter now and I have informed the registrar.

    The story
    Apparently Natalie read out a students message in class after it made noise in class. The message was said to be calling the girl a wh**e. The girl started to get on bad. So Walthrust put her out.
    The girl looked to the Registrar who is the only administrative member of staff who is not scared of Walthrust. His power was no use to her because of the power Natalie wields. So the principal took over the matter. It must be noted that the senior tutor referred it to the registrar.

    The Principal asked Natalie to mark the girls work and knowing her with her rude self she said No No No I am not marking nothing belonging to her and nobody from my department is going to mark it either.

    Natalie Walthrust-Jones – The Registrar int want nothing with me cause he know that i like to write and i like a paper trail. Go to he for me and see what happens.

    As my tutor normally states ” DAY DOES RUN ‘TIL NIGHT KETCH IT “

  73. I had two pen pals up to 1969 from Barbados, West Indies. I even flew there to meet them. The gal had gotten married and moved to Canada but the young man (her brother) who had been in the Royal Hussars I got a chance to meet face to face. 1969.

    I had a friend go with me on my adventure and we got to go to a musical concert at the University. It was an awesome experience.

    I am so sad to hear such stories about professors that are doing such things to the students in the BCC. Of course our American Colleges are all controlled by the Corporations so I am sure the same gang are controlling the education system of this area. The Globalization War is on and these fake-documented teachers are all over the globe. These colorful rants and truths are disturbing but validates the information I am finding here in the U.S.A.

    Thanks for posting these truths for it is time people all over the Globe sit up and do something to bring awareness to the fore.

  74. With the start of the BCC semester days away it is time to refocus energies on the issue at hand viz. Natalie Walthrust (aka Walrus) Jones.

    Follow the link to the open letter to school guidance counsellors and parents regarding the subject of this blog.

    Please share and help to bring pressure to bear so that this matter can be brought to a successful conclusion.

  75. Hello Neil I have read your letter and went to the site you suggested to read the problem and the solution that must be done to instill that your BCC College Teachers have the qualifications ‘truthfully’ and not some bought and paid for papers giving these criminal types authority to bully the students in their classrooms. The parents stories break my heart.

    Sadly Neil this is not the only area where un-qualified people are put in place and reek havoc in the professional fields that others work hard and pay lots of money to enter these degree needed fields of Education.. Not only fake-documents are used in Professor positions, but doctors, lawyers name any degree-ed position and you will find people as the terrible un-qualified teacher in the BCC that goes by this name: Natalie Walthrust (aka Walrus) Jones. Before I came to this site I had been reading on such ‘fake’ certified people working in secret family courts in the U.K. These fake agents of the Law were taking children from their families and the courts were closed for any witnesses to see the truth…. Gag orders put on any of the Family Court proceedings. Corrupt actions all around us. Heart breaking cases as these parents horror stories. People with money and connections can buy anything.

    How do you fight these powerful elite people that are pulling the strings in the Education all over the Globe? I remember the day my Pen Pal Betty wrote me from her home Barbados, West Indies and told me of their independence. At that time being a young girl I did not know what that really meant. Since Jan.9, 2009 I began to find truths of what is going on all over the world and it is a picture that looks like this injustice being done in the Community College (BCC) In Barbados, W.I. . In 1969 the community college we visited for a musical concert, the brother of Betty (my two ole pen pals for years) took me and my friend. I feel so close to this beautiful Island because many years of sharing friendship as pen pals I got a personal connection to this beautiful place and I want the best for its people.

    I had a son that was bullied and treated much like the students stories shared here in our U.S.A. I fought for 8 years until I gave the School boards, the Lincoln Intermediate centers with all their Docs of psychiatry (one such Doctor was later fired from a prestigious hospital because her lying in the interviews taken from parents like me.) Guess I was not the only one that wrote a letter and complained to the Directors. I was liv-ed at how she put words into my mouth…. I demanded the words be removed from my boys permanent school records. Yep. YOUR voice will be heard. I gave them there chance to prove themselves correct in their lying built-up case against my bright son.

    I got my due process hearing I demanded because their methods and ways were not working now it was me, the mothers turn to step in and make some demands. I had success for my son had a chance to prove these ‘psychiatrists’ wrong because in Reg. 9th grade class he began the next school year and 1st grade semester he made the distinguished honor roll. So, I won fighting for my son and I see victory if the parents gang up and unite and fight for the College to back ground search that your Professors have their qualified teaching papers NOT FAKE ONES and criminal records. The serious Bully-ing for my son was not stopped but the teachers appeared to jump right in and allow it and continue it themselves. Yes this does go on, not only here at BCC. My fight made a difference and I was an army of 1.

    Parents PLEASE FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE DONE: There is light at the end of the tunnel. Persistence. : -) FIGHT!! My sons last 4 years of school were same as the 1st semester. My son is like a Nikola Tesla Inventor Protege. (Look him up :-)) Our whole government bullied this genius, go search him out. :-))

    I wish you all the best. My prayers are with you….. I look forward to read some updates from the parents as they unite and go to the ones that are hiring such teachers….. Oh, it angers me hearing these stories.

    Thanks Neil for your insightful letter and links to check out. Something Must be done now.
    Nancy Bisset U.S.A.

    Who are the governments in our countries working for?

  76. Pork Barrel Report #1:

    As Neil Watchman’s letter has pointed out, Transparency International notes that a considerable amount of corruption goes on in educational institutions. TI defines corruption as, “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain”.

    The Walthrust-Jones’ illegal sale of materials to G&P students highlighted on this blog, is consistent with TI’s definition of corruption.

    There is also good reason to believe that a considerable degree of corruption has been taking place at BCC over the years. Several years ago about twenty brand new computers went missing from the Division of Computer Studies. To date no one has been held accountable for that theft.

    It is alleged that the current chairman, Stephen Brome, has found a way to funnel BCC funds into companies in which he has an interest or to yard fowls of the DLP government. Case in point: a strategic plan for the BCC.

    For more years than anyone cares to remember the BCC has been trying to develop a strategic plan. A strategic plan developed by the staff was rejected by the Board. The current chairman, who was the deputy chairman then, was instrumental in perpetrating this malfeasance. Guess who is currently doing the strategic plan? One Guy Hewitt; a well known DLP lackey who was once the chairman at the QEH.

    The BCC budget was cut several times in the last two to three years because of the economic stringency. Yet the Board was able to employ an IT manager (overstepping the IT staff there), an HR Manager and a Board secretary and some other clerical person! Where does the BCC get money to pay these people?

    This is a picture of the HR officer; take note to whom she reports:

    Surely if any teachers or other staff at BCC are laid off in the upcoming terminations, BCC staff should protest and take whatever measures are necessary to obtain redress!

    The Pork Barrel Report is also investigating several other pieces of corruption:

    A scam among some tutors in the Accounting Department in the Division of Commerce in relation to the Summer School: it is alleged that students are being “failed” so that they will repeat courses in the Summer School to the benefit of some tutors. (Why does the Division of Commerce seem to keep coming up in these corruption matters. What is wrong with this Division?)

    A so-called human resources audit of the BCC. At the beginning of the 2012 school year the Board sent in a team of yard fowls led by one Dr. Hensley Sobers ostensibly to conduct a human resources audit. No one has heard anything about the audit! This followed in the train of a budget cut and the appointment of a Human Resources Manager at a salary that drew sharp criticism from staff.

    Now we know why the Freundel Stuart has a budget deficit!

    It seems that despite the hard economic times in the country, the BCC Pork Barrel continues to yield some of the juiciest pork chops!

    More in Pork Barrel Report #2

  77. @Nancy L Bisset
    Thank you for your kind comments. I assure you there will be no retreat and no surrender regarding this matter!

  78. Neil you certainly told it like it really is…. truth hurts and people want to run away and hide. They believe the lies. “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” ― Adolf Hitler I believe tho, there is a glimmer of light shinning that at least we American’s are ready to hear truth. At least a little bit anyway.:-) I think a critical mass has been reached here in American where enough people are beginning to Listen without judgement and allowing the veil to be lifted. 🙂

    There was a study done called “The 100th Monkey Effect…” . This experiment was done in the late 50’s off some shore in Japan. How a change spread in their community. I think it should be read by all. It shares a concept about a critical mass that appeared to be reached where the sharing and spreading of this new idea into the community it appeared to spread not only on this Island but at a certain point the idea spread all over the globe.

    I think that a critical mass has been reached here in the USA where enough people are now listening without judgement and as J.F.K. said, “The secrecy in our government must be made transparent so the veil (our fogged minds I see this) will be lifted and blinders removed from our eyes. I think American’s are listening and their blinders are being removed. Many of my friends stopped laughing at things I shared. I suggest that they start asking themselves bigger better questions about things they hear and see that just makes no sense.. Because we all have the Knowledge within each of us.

    Bless you Neil as you spread this message. I loved Barbados, what a beautiful place. I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to visit and walk on the beaches there, looking out over the ocean I can still hear the waves crashing up on the shore. Being very poor it was a dream come true. I even had a friend of mine offer to go with me because she and her husband used to go to Haiti on Mission trips from our church. So, she was an experienced traveler. My bank I had good credit standing and got the money within a quick wink back in 1969. Yep a dream came true. A pleasure to have found this site where attention can be put toward taking the corrupt out of leadership much like our America’s. A cancer has spread all over the globe. May we unite and fight for our Earth-Nature and for mankind. I think we are worth saving, we have come a long way on this journey to turn away and run.

    Once American’s stop filtering out the TRUTHS, I see a revolution ‘That will not be televised…..’ A tune written so long ago that tells truth….. Aren’t we to fight fire with fire?

    Blessing to you Neil. 🙂

    You speak so deep and profound.

  79. Everybody know that Walthrust Jones does’nt have a Masters and the degree she says she has she barely pass. If she was in another country she would get fire and prosecute for fraud for faking a Masters. Somebody protecting this woman that is hideous and uncouth. She do not belong anywhere teaching unless she teaching how to fix fridges.

  80. REPORT #002: EyrieDate 21/12/2014 VERY URGENT!!!
    STATUS: Ongoing
    SUBJECT: Natalie Walthrust-Jones a.k.a “the Walrus”
    SYNOPSIS: Under investigation for abuse of Government & Politics students and corruption as a tutor at the Barbados Community College.

    DETAILS: A source revealed late yesterday that Natalie Walrus-Jones applied for and was interviewed for the post of Senior Tutor of the Division of Commerce along with one Patricia Burke and Jean Butcher-Lashley!!!

    Repeating: A source revealed late yesterday that Natalie Walrus-Jones applied for and was interviewed for the post of Senior Tutor of the Division of Commerce along with one Patricia Burke and Jean Butcher-Lashley!!!

    Given dire nature of this development further independent confirmation is awaited!!!!

  81. Topsy-Turvy World
    William Brighty Rands (1823–80)

    IF the butterfly courted the bee,
    And the owl the porcupine;
    If churches were built in the sea,
    And three times one was nine;
    If the pony rode his master,
    If the buttercups ate the cows,
    If the cats had the dire disaster
    To be worried, sir, by the mouse;
    If mamma, sir, sold the baby
    To a gypsy for half a crown;
    If a gentleman, sir, was a lady,—
    The world would be Upside-down!
    If any or all of these wonders
    Should ever come about,
    I should not consider them blunders,
    For I should be Inside-out!

  82. @ Alien Presence
    If a gentleman, sir, was a lady,—
    The world would be Upside-down!

    Shiite then! You know how many gentlemen are ladies…?
    No wonder everything is so mixed up….
    That is the same thing that Zoe and GP has been saying for years now…

  83. Pork Barrel Report No.2: 21 January 2014
    PART I (N.B. To keep this report “readable” it is posted in several parts)

    It is certainly looking as though the posting by Nattileaks at January 21, 2014 at 7:20 AM is accurate. The $64-million question now is: who will be given the position?

    Actually it is not a $64-million question at all but a 64 cents question! This report will explain in detail. Apart from Walrus-Jones there are two other candidates. The Pork Barrel Report has a prediction for who will be the winner! First NWJ.

    Natalie Walrus-Jones:
    Her presence in the shortlist of candidates for the post speaks volumes about the so called Human Resources Department under Jackie Moe-Cox (See the posting and picture at )

    You would think that the volume of complaints filed against NWJ both here on BU and at the BCC itself would be enough to automatically exclude her from HR’s list! Not so at BCC! It helps you understand why BCC staff have been highly critical of this obvious political appointee and why the country is in the current stinking mess it is!

    Should NWJ get the job, the world would indeed have been turned upside down a la Alien Presence January 21, 2014 at 8:05 AM!!!


  84. Pork Barrel Report No.2: 21 January 2014
    PART 2: (N.B. To keep this report “readable” it is posted in several parts)

    Patricia Burke:
    The Patricia Burke persona (now “Gall” I understand ) was rejected for the post of ST before and is likely to suffer the same fate again. You just have to take one look at her bearing or listen to her infantile talk and you would understand why!

    In any event she is a member of the Accounting Cartel, the group of four who have conspired to “under-teach” and therefore, “fail” students in the accounting courses in the semester so that there will be enough “pork” in the Summer School barrel.

    She has on outside chance given the dilemma with which the BCC administration now finds itself stuck; the Division of Commerce has gone through three different acting Senior Tutors between November 2013 and January 2014!.

  85. Pork Barrel Report No.2: 21 January 2014
    PART 3: (N.B. To keep this report “readable” it is posted in several parts)

    Jean Butcher-Lashley:
    If you have been following the posts on Destabilization of the BCC and this blog, the presence of Jean Butcher-Lashley in the race is no co-incidence. Neil Watchman hinted that much when he (or she!) reported that the JBL person was “courting” the Principal as the extract from Neil’s posting on 19 December 2013 below indicates:

    “It is alleged that she has been ingratiating herself with the Principal and even managed to get a hearing with CPAC(?) with some inane proposal which is really a rehash of someone’s plan for alternative ways to finance the College. Some question her liaison with the corrupt Principal and strongly suspect her of slick empire building. WN will be putting her in the crosshairs as of now.”

    The Pork Barrel Report now understands that JBL also has influence on the Board in the form of Karen Best (the former BUT boss with the hairstyle dilemma) who sometimes sits on the Board as the MOE’s representative.

    You can see the current Board here:
    The composition of the Board is a story in itself but that is one for another report.

    And the winner is???

  86. Pork Barrel Report No.2: 21 January 2014
    PART 4: (N.B. To keep this report “readable” it is posted in several parts)
    Cont’d from Part 3:

    The Pork Barrel Report predicts that Jean Butcher-Lashley will be given the post!

    But here’s the laugh (if you think this crap is funny!). We are now to understand that anyone appointed to job of ST Commerce will only be acting for this semester (Jan – May, 2014)! The job will then be advertised again as a permanent post which it has been since December 2012!

    What crap! What a waste of administrative time and taxpayer money!

    For those who are not familiar with the sequence of events here is a summary:

    August 2010: Former ST Barbara Babb-Cadogan (retired as at December 2012) goes on leave and asks the now Dr. Aiden Tull to act as Senior Tutor after no one else would!

    Circa August 2011: College posts bogus internal advertisement of position and Dr. Tull is “ousted” in favour of one Kay Thompson (nee Skeete). As was subsequently learnt, this was the culmination of a concerted attack by the vicious Walrus-Bourne Complex and some members of the current Accounting Cartel who wrote volumes of complaints. Their reason? the no nonsense approach by Dr. Tull esp. in relation to Walrus-Bourne!

    June 2012: Post is advertised as temporary. Kay Thompson’s temporary appointment is renewed. Incidentally, this is the advertisement in which the post of Senior Tutor of Fine Arts, held temporarily by Dr. Alison Thompson, was advertised! See the advertisement here: Also, go to to see the original article submitted by Neil Watchman on the issue.

    November 2013: Kay Thompson (nee Skeete) vacates the post for greener pastures at the UWI. Since the Board did not appoint her after Babb-Cadogan’s retirement in 2012 it can only be assumed her performance in the Division of Commerce, despite her façade, was not satisfactory.

    December 2013: Post of ST, Division of Commerce again advertised again as temporary. This is where we are at now! And it looks as though the Administration is about to do the same crap again! Jean Butcher, like Kay Thompson has no training in management. Her field is English literature!!


  87. Pork Barrel Report No.2: 21 January 2014
    PART 5: (N.B. To keep this report “readable” it is posted in several parts)

    Cont’d from Part 4:
    After reviewing the two blogs dedicated to the BCC, one can only conclude that corruption is rife at the BCC esp. in the Division of Commerce where the atmosphere is now like a snake pit, compliments of the women! The few men there (with the exception Dr. Tull from all reports) seem incapable of taking a public stand on anything.

    I agree with Dr. Tull for not applying for the temporary post in the DOC and taking part in what is really a Jackass Contest. As has been pointed out somewhere on this blog, the Administration owes him an apology and a reinstatement. I advise him to let them eat each other! It is time for you to move on, sir!

    The DLP BCC Pork Barrel, through its Pork Processor, the HR Department, has clearly exacerbated the corruption and confusion in what used to be a professional tertiary educational institution. An appeal will have to be made to Transparency International for a downgrade of Barbados’ rating on the Corruption Perception Index on the grounds that nepotism and cronyism are alive and well ingrained in education in this country!

    Parents should carefully monitor the events at this institution with respect to applications for places in the Division of Commerce for academic year 2014 – 2015; the Honourable MOE, Ronald Jones, is too busy changing outfits (no pun intended) to mind the People’s Business at BCC so do your own due diligence!

    End of Report

  88. We have a situation where three incompetent, corrupt individuals are interviewed for a Senior Tutor position. One of them is an insane, violence prone, ghetto rodent pretending to be an academic.

    Where do we go from here?

    I have no faith that the situation will be corrected. It will only degenerate further.

  89. @ Malaise
    Sometimes things must get worse before they get better. Never before in the history of the BCC has the Division of Commerce been without a Senior Tutor! But it has happened! We now understand that the Board has asked the last “stand in” Senior Tutor to “hold on” until Monday. Amazing! The last appointed acting ST Kay Thompson “eloped” around November 14, 2013! You do the Math!

    But you can take some comfort in the fact that the Board has now restricted the period for whoever is appointed to May 2014. This tells me that the pressure beginning exerted by this blog is beginning to bite; I rather suspect that they would have kept that person as temporary for as long it flattered their power-hungry vanity.

    It seems clear that this asinine Board is bent on demonstrating who is in charge irrespective of whether or not it damages the morale of the professional staff at the BCC.

  90. @ Malaise
    Lest we forget, though: nothing has yet been done in Fine Arts with respect to the appointment of Dr. Alison Thompson. Like Dr. Tull, the lady has demonstrated class by stepping down from the temporary post of ST because of the intransigence and corruption of the chairman of the Board, Stephen Broome. These educators have demonstrated that education and integrity can go hand in hand.

    Don’t forget that it is Stephen Broome’s actions that have caused teh division of Fine Arts to lose over a quarter of a million dollars in grant funding! Yet, this is the same division that produces the outstanding Visual Arts event, Portfolio. (See Facebook page:

    Frankly, I think there is some element of racial discrimination in the non-appointment of Dr. Thompson. Dr. Thompson is Caucasian. So too is a sizeable percentage of Barbadians and tourists whose money we spend!

    If by the end of this month (January) the situation in Fine Arts and the Division of Commerce are not resolved fairly and justly, we will have to intensify the pressure by appealing to international agencies such as UNESCO, the United Nations Human Rights Organization and even agencies that lend to education in this country e.g. the World Bank.

    Let it not be forgotten that this is an activist project designed to bring about change. It is not an exercise in bitching! The BCC chairman, the Principal, the Walrus-Bourne Complex and the Accounting Cartel should therefore not rest easy!

    As Justice Karma has suggested we may also have to appeal to Transparency International for a downgrading of Barbados’ rating. On this point it may very well be a case of who gets to do this first, Justice Karma or myself.

    There are people who will say that the intended actions are a betrayal of our country. On the contrary, it is because some of us LOVE our country that much that we want to see justice and fairness from top to bottom. There will be no retreat from this position.

    This current party tribalism in Barbados that masquerades under the guise of democracy must come to an end. The time is fast approaching for this old vicious, divisive political order to be swept away.

    The old folks used to quote a verse of scripture which is very pertinent here. It goes something like this: Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.

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