Barbados Community College Conversation Continued…

  Barbados Community College Government and Politics 100 Outline.

Barbados Community College Government and Politics 100 Outline

Please find attached an image of partial course outline for Government and Politics 100 [allegedly] issued by Walthrust-Jones to Government & Politics students.  I emphasize this is not part of the official outline but is attached by WJ as though it IS part of the outline. Please observe the two notes I have made (1 and 2). These stipulations are inconsistent with the academic regulations and are therefore illegal:

  1. A student cannot get an F simply because he has not submitted all course work. In stead a temporary Grade I is assigned.
  2. An individual teacher cannot simply debar students from taking an exam.

The above was submitted by Neil Watchman.

BU will continue to encourage conversation about Barbados Community College (BCC) raised on another blog Destabilization of the Barbados Community College (BCC) not because we hold a brief for any side of the issue, we want to provide the opportunity for BOTH sides to put their positions to the table.

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  1. BT….
    Yes he is right and what does it say about our educational system….past and present as one created the other.
    Ties in with the BIM scholars contribution,wouldn’t you say?

  2. My man Haynes….
    Why you don’t ease up off Bushie doh? want another cut-ass like that day back in ’67 or Wuh? 🙂

    This fella Neil ain’t no product of no education system….
    the chap just got balls….. Testosterone…..
    De man just standing up for right!
    De man understand that “truest flame lies in high endeavor….”

  3. BT…
    What are you arguing about….reread what I wrote….Neils point to which I agree with shows the failure of our system back to ’67 and before….wuh cut ass yuh talking bout……yuh got duh wrong boddy..

  4. I like what you are saying Niel watchman.
    i am a past student of BCC and i saw all this coming. i was there 2006-2008. what i saw, was that the likes of walrus are everywhere at bcc, albeit maybe not as bad. there was one who was there when i was there. I was in Liberal Arts (go figure). she was horrible, crude, crass. I always wondered HOW SHE GOT THERE TEACHING. i then understood that the head of the subject which i did had brought her there and then was too cowardly to tell her to kiss her tail.
    she and walrus were friends and she used to go sit in walrus’ class and the 2 of them used to act like ghetto rats!!!
    what i found extremely disturbing was the way walrus and her aforementioned friend used to manipulate the students’ minds!!
    I sat in classes and the woman spent close to an hour berating the PM and this body and that body, talking about other staff members, and about sex, sex and more sex.
    I became concerned about my grades and complained to the head of the subject but nothing got done of course!!!!!!!!!!

    I always saw a link between the field slave-house slave phenomenon and what the 2 of them were doing, and forced young 16 yr olds to do. some of them believed that to get by, they had to suck up so they sucked up by ingratiating themselves to her and walrus and so on. i made up in my mind to leave the nasty corrupt hell hole of an island and did..
    what i gathered from my years at bcc was that corruption is RIFE in barbados. it is EVERYWHERE and is in the CLASS ROOM. that is an immensely dangerous thing that is going on.
    im sorry for the tutors who are left and who genuinely care about teaching.

    The ex-senior tutor of Fine Arts is being targeted for her race. its a fact and so are others.

    BIM i dont love you. I lost all respect for your endemic corruption and feel sorry for the young who know no better and think that what walrus is offering is real. beware that her friend is now at a secondary school tormenting people’s children.

    a sad ex-student of BCC.

    • The gentleman should not allow his sexual orientation to cloud his judgement and that of the Board.

      On 23 January 2014 17:38, Barbados Underground

  5. BCC Pork Barrel Report #3:

    The Board has made a decision on a temporary ST for the Division of Commerce. It is going to be Patricia Gall (nee Burke)! She is perhaps the lesser of two evils or, depending on how you see it, the least of three evils! She is a member of the Accounting Cartel and one of the “vigilantes” who helped to depose the former senior tutor (Tull).

    She is best known for conducting paid accounting classes on the premises of the BCC without permission, for being told by a student in frustration, “You can’t teach!” and for harassing (“galling” you might say) one of the newest members of staff in the Accounting Department, someone going by the name of Judith Reid (who I am told, manages to get nearly 100% percent passes in all her accounting courses).

    The Pork Barrel Report has also learnt that one of the tutors in the Accounting Department has managed to chalk up yet another high failure rate in not one, but two Accounting courses. Believe it or not she has a double-barrel name too; one Skeete-Cave. More Summer School Pork! Lord, help us!

    And all is not well in the Economics Department either; it appears that a group of students taught by one Scantlebury (a lecher who was sacked from the Open Campus) has chalked up something like a 95% failure rate in an Economics course last semester! Destination BCC for the most incompetent, the most uncouth, the most unprofessional, the most corrupt rejects! All on Board?

    And there is another woman with a double-barrel name (Scott-Thompson) who, we understand, has been allowed to examine an Economics course with ALL multiple choice questions and who is always right up there with the Summer School Pork Barrel! More on this later.

    My understanding is that the DP (Deputy Principal) is responsible for academic matters (See page 9 Student Handbook 2013) so it is not clear why that office has not been investigating the exploits of the Accounting Cartel in the Division of Commerce!

    And why is it that a former Executive Officer, with no training all in academic matters, was “appointed” Assistant Registrar for Exams? (Incidentally this job was not advertised internally or externally!). The main job of this officer is ensuring there are no conflicts in use of the BCC Gymnasium at exam time!! (See page 12 Student Handbook 2013). In other words, the person really works once a semester only! (LOL!).

    Apart from being organizational pork, this is nothing more than managerial mayhem because the DP’s office (wastefully so in my view) is currently responsible for what some organizations call “estate matters”; if you ask to use or rent a room in the BCC it has to be processed by the DPs office! Clearly, the DPs office should be responsible for running exams and the Executive Officer-cum-Assistant Registrar for Exams assigning rooms?!

    But more on this organizational mayhem later because we now understand that the Principal is really the Deputy Principal! Reminds me of that old calypso, “Shame and Scandal in the Family”.

    Where is Public Sector reform when you need it? and where is the HR Officer with the circa $10,000 a month job? Is the BCC going to get shaken up in the promised review and rationalization of statutory corporations promised by the Minister of Finance?

    Alien Presence, you are going to have to recite that poem again for if there ever was a “topsy” that was “turvied” it is here at the BCC! And it stinks!

  6. Wuh loss! wunna en mekking nuh sport bout BCC a’ tall! a’ tall! I had me engines out fuh maintenance so uh cun follow de blog. But wunna en mekking nuh sport, doah!

    Wuh happen tuh dey Walrus boah! She keeping quiet? An’ to tink she apply fuh dey job uh Senuh Tutah! Crimson Crimon! Doan mind dah doah; she gine get fired if um is dey las’ ting pun planet Earth. When Firemagade fire sumbody duh well fired!

    But looka! wuuna in hear duh had a real fire at BCC last week? Yeah, some car ketch fire near a part uh BCC name Morningside or sumthing so! Dah is why is I call up maintenance and tell dem I want me fire engines back real fas’ yeh!

    Looka, wunna feel dat dah fire is a sign of things to come, like people getting fired and people unravellin’? I tink so doah!

    Justice Karma; I like you name bad doah; You soun’ like a real gorillaphunt boah. Geh duh fire up dey, man!

    But looka, we gine got tuh fire sum uh dem people in the Division of Commerce, doah! How dem could treat people trildren so doah; just to top up duh pork barrel? Um is a good ting dah one dat got dey job in commerce only temporary, doah. She like she is sumthing else boah!

    I mekking up a list and I gine check pun dey res’ uh me engines – #2 and #3 in back yet – cause looka, I sure I gine fire somebodies by month end!

  7. The BCC Board gets an F for the decision re. the Senior Tutor in the Division of Commerce as reported by Justice Karma. The only redeeming point here is that the Board has in effect, “applied for a supplemental exam” in one semester’s time, so we will see if they pass their exam then or not. Given the free run on the Pork Barrel in this Division, as detailed by Justice Karma, the Board must surely know by now that it needs a strong, highly trained, no nonsense leader in the Division of Commerce. We will follow this very closely.

    To the best of our knowledge, the matter of Dr. Thompson in Fine Arts has not been addressed yet so we are putting the Board on three days notice re. this matter. Dr. Thompson has to be appointed and more importantly, the Chairman has to retreat from the demand made with respect to his position on the quarter million dollars of overseas funding offered to Fine Arts. (For those who have forgotten, this is what started this action on BU). I believe those funds can be “retrieved” if the Chairman amends his arrogant and asinine ways.

    If the Dr. Thompson matter is not rectified by month end, Operation Stingray will be launched.

    So that the Board understands the seriousness of this call, we invite readers of this blog to view an example of the state of the physical plant in the BCC which is another pressing issue. This is an example of the electrical hazard to which staff and students are currently exposed. This electrical point has been in this state for evermore it seems! Someone needs to call the Occupational Health and Safety or Factory Inspection Unit (or whatever it is called now).

    But this has nothing to do with the rusty, precariously perched, World War I overhead fans in most rooms, frequent bee attacks in Morningside, African snails in the Language centre, the reported poor lighting at night, the “unacademic” hours of the College Library (of which more will be said) or the sheer dilapidation all over the BCC plant.

    None of this is surprising since the Bursar, one Newsam (or is it Nui-sance?), is alleged to have “returned” to government a few years back, over one million dollars budgeted for the BCC. In this she was aided and abetted by the Principal, who according to the BCC Act, is the Chief Finance Officer, but who, amongst his myriad weaknesses, is not financially literate (with the exception, of course, of knowing how to collect his fat salary at the end of the month!).

    (It is truly amazing how the Board is unable to fire this incompetent, inept Principal. But then, look at what is happening in this country! Looks like a case of the blind leading the blind!)

    I am definitely not advocating violence, but as a measure of how most staff members seem to feel about the state of affairs at the BCC, esp. with respect to the physical plant, Nui-sance together with the Principal ought to be stung (preferably by the bees from Morningside), hung, drawn and quartered for the state of the BCC plant!

    72 hours and counting until the launch of Operation Stingray!

  8. Our information is that, to date, there has been no move to appoint Dr. Alison Thompson to the post of Senior Tutor, Division of Fine Arts. One source has indicated that members of that Division had opted not to apply for the post in order not to oppose Dr. Thompson. The solidarity and confidence her colleagues have displayed in her make the obduracy of the BCC Board and administration that much more irritating.

    Given the lack of progress on this matter, The BCC Anti-Corruption & Advancement Movement (BAAM) is committed to implementing Operation Stingray, a multi-frontal assault aimed at getting traction on this matter (and other matters), as of tomorrow 1st February 2014.

    Meanwhile the Walrus-Bourne Complex seems to be keeping a low profile. It might as well; the Complex is still in the cross-hairs because the main objective of the removal of the Walrus from the BCC is still very much on the agenda!

    Meanwhile we understand that Barbara Babb-Cadogan, the former (and now retired) Senior Tutor of the Division of Commerce has surfaced to give life-support to the temporarily appointed ST who is turning out to be as weak as expected. Amazing how it takes so many different people to fill one man’s shoes!

    BAAM understands that Barbara Babb-Cadogan is wholly responsible for nurturing, aiding and abetting the beast we refer to as the Walrus-Bourne Complex over the thirteen years she was the Division’s head. As reported before, she was also the instigator of the plot to remove the only male ST the DOC has had in recent times.

    If that corrupter and Jezebel continues to interfere, BAAM will launch a stingray that will make her think twice about showing even her face in the BCC again! Let the dead bury the dead!

  9. if uncouth babb-cadogan is lending support to new senior tutor of commerce, it means that the Walrus-bourne complex will be strengthened…all like now walrus mussee waiting pun babb to tell she how to tackle weakling ‘senior tutor.’ walrus gun bring out she other personality, sweet talk the woman burke, mek burke feel she bright etc
    then walrus gun got burke good in she claws………..
    babsie mekking sure that she pet the walrus gun keep getting look after

  10. @laugh
    What you say has some merit; it is consistent with what we know about the “male” component of that Complex. Be assured we are monitoring the situation.

  11. I hear that de Walrus pun a charm offensive and she bout de College playing she acting all nice. But a rat is a rat and Walrus de ghetto rat is a ghetto rat whichever way wunna look at it. She cant keep up de nice act for too long. Watch she blow up and let loose like de mental patient she is soon.

  12. @Sweet Pea
    Wuh you in know dey half a um! I hear she even mekking suggestions bout how to improve dey Commerce division, boah. Oh my great, great grandmudda! I feel she tekking anti-bitch pills; she too sweet boah!

    And dey udder half of the dey Walrus-Complex, dah lawyer Laticia Bourne quiet, quiet, quiet yuh know! Boy dem really trying to do damage control! Wicked _itches!

    Wunna en hear dey Best, doah; dey principal acshally gine bout dey college having meetings wid each Division separate boah, like somebody seh last year! ‘E had dey first one in Commerce and ‘e did suppose tuh have one in a division call General Ed dis week. But looka, I hear dah man Tull in Commerce grill ‘e tail wid questions at dey Commerce meeting. Duh unfair Tull several times over but ‘e like ‘e in frighten fuh none ud duh. Man got real balls, boah! Dear God, please bless dey ‘udder’ men (no pun intended) wid some real Balls!

    But wunna know why dey principal gotting dese separate meetings? Um is because uh dis blog! Ever body bout BCC reading dey blog so ‘e frighten tuh face dey staff in full! Yuh see wuh a little real press freedom cud do doah!

    But dah principal real backward doah! I hear ‘e contract ending in July dis year. I really wanna see if dey Board in gine get rid uh he now, doah. But yuh know what: any ting dat Ronald Jones got anyting to do wid gine always be backward (no pun intended!).

    P.S. I dun mek up my promised list of firements (aka forced layoffs) but I getting it check twice (ho ho ho) before I call out my fire engines!

  13. Walrus Jones and all of dem dubble barrel witches could try all dem want but nuhbody aint fool by dem. Dem cant keep it up. Walrus is too mad to keep up de act. It dont take much for she to fly off de handle. Just let a student phone beep in she class or somebody challenge she and she gine act like she normal igrunt self.

    De Principal is a foolish man. He frighten fuh he own shadow and he play he holding separate meetings with different departments. He frighten people gang up pun he.

  14. Troy buddy, I concur with what you have said. I too had to deal with the individual you mention (walrus’ friend). remember how she used to treat the bright students bad? cos she is a dimwit and used to reward the dumber ones.
    well Troy boy, I talk to people and all is not well in that section.
    same old thing happening. same type of woman-with-issues, same favoritism shown to students, same silencing…..

    • According to NUPW Dennis Clarke on the news this evening BCC staff will not escape the chopping block.

  15. yes but walrus aint goin anywhere since she is known for saying that ‘nabody caaan fire me”
    this restructuring thing aint gun touch she and she will continue to ‘teach’ people’s children….

  16. Walrus was back to she ranting ways with students. She tell dem that de police investigating de blog and all de people talking she name will see. I real frighten. Not.

    De walrus cozying up with de new Senior Tutor so that she can got de foolish woman in she corner.

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