Barbados Is Being Caused To Waste-Time But Must Not Be Allowed To Sink With The DLP

Henderson Bovell

Henderson Bovell

Having caused the economy to “shrink” and Barbados to be downgraded to “JUNK” it should not matter what the DLP now says it will do, especially when none of its policies before, worked and given that consumers and other credible people and institutions – no longer have confidence in it. The DLP cannot restore confidence, even if the same weak; tired; stale; incompetent Cabinet is reshuffled again. Only a new Government can restore consumer and investor confidence!

This country is in serious trouble and while it is true that the Government is weak (some would now say, incompetent) the truth is that the majority in our society essentially gave the DLP and blank cheque and a free pass to continue to do crap.

Perhaps with the DLP as the Government, it is now becoming obvious that it is no longer sufficient to just do your civic duty once every five years and that’s that! Maybe if people would spend a little more time paying attention – it would not be so easy for an incompetent DLP to get away with so much foolishness, especially when, it was already known that the DLP is a Government Barbados cannot trust or afford..

It is always a very dangerous thing to surrender your right to think and purport to “place a duty of care” on an incompetent political party to act in your best interest. That is to give the DLP a blank cheque or a free reign when they need to be constantly monitored.

I mean, are you a sucker for punishment? Why do you let the DLP trick you so all the time! In any event, isn’t it embarrassing to be savaged by a sheep? The DLP is no way the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Then, why do you let the DLP tell you foolishness about debt and what the BLP did or did not borrow,  when – at no time the BLP was in office, did it manage the country so badly that it was forced to borrow $40 million a month to pay salaries and wages.

The BLP never found itself in such a horrible crisis scenario where credible financial institution were only willing to lend short-term loans, with high interest rates and other conditions? That is the DLP’s reality!

Barbados never had a negative credit rating and was never downgraded to junk under a BLP Government.  In contrast, under this DLP – people who had $1.7billion in a Foreign Currency Account, have already move $1.4billion from the country.That is a serious lack of confidence in the DLP!

Doesn’t it bother you that Companies are relocating! That tourists are travelling but to neighbouring countries!  That serious people who have money to spend are just avoiding a Barbados run by the DLP. If you do not start paying attention now, by the time this DLP finish with Barbados, even Haiti would have gone ahead and leave us behind.

I can only suggest, but this country is wasting time! Barbados does not need fixing it needs re-imagining!  Barbados  must stop thinking small in short-term!

What should be on the agenda for discussion in schools; churches; call-in-programmes; sports clubs; drawing rooms and everywhere people assemble – should be the National Strategic Plan 2006-2025 and a copy of the address Mia Mottley gave to the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry on October 29, 2010.

Why try to fix Barbados as it is when we should be creating something new and better for the next 50 to 100 years?

The BLP had plans for the Reform of Parliament to protect the integrity of our democracy; credible plans for an offshore oil exploration programme, a green economy, a sugar cane industry; the expansion of Barbados as well as for, the outward investment of Barbados capital, in relation to agriculture in guyana and so on!

We are wasting time with the DLP, which is holding back Barbados’ development. Even in 2008 when the DLP brought a Manifesto, it should have caused the country to panic when it was discovered that a lot of what they were proposing was long public policy.

This country is wasting time with the DLP. We can do better. You can stay with the dems and drown or put the BLP to work to create a better and brighter Barbados for all.

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  1. Awrite!
    I paying attenshun.
    Now what?
    Different day, same shite!
    I tired uh wunna politishuns
    You cud understand that?
    Tell we wuh fuh do
    To get rid uh de Frendead and Mottley crew
    Talk quick
    Stop mekking me sick
    How we cud stop six from being half dozen?

    If you can’t show me how to get rid of the blight that currently infecting parliament before de five years run out, I gine stop paying attention and guh back to sucking salt.

    Anyhow, wait until the next election and you will see if we are paying attention, or if we simply have too much education and too little common sense.

  2. Henderson Bovell; Take Bushie’s advice. get a pen name do or let someone else lead on these messages.


    Henderson Bovell@ You need to spend more time and look at both parties,
    This started under the BLP and then covered up after PM David died. Now We know the DLP covering up for what the BLP did , Now both are also Blame. Both parties are working together NOW. This is NOW one PARTY DBLP in cover and coverup . Both in Massive Land Fraud , land tax fraud and PONZI and VOTE BUYING ,
    We now see you posting headings , so to be fair tell the Truth . People on this BU blog much smarter than YOU,
    Check out this heading and then come back and prove us WRONG.
    Then start doing your Math and Numbers based on Plantation Ownership. Then you will be able to see where and who in this Massive Fraud upon the Nation of Barbados.Stop taking sides they both on the same side , the wrong side of the Law.
    REMEMBER you are dealing with CROOKS , LIARS , SCUMBAGS , and a few BULLERS

  4. Mr. Bovell

    I go to church with the missis. In the congregation there are many pious “washed in The Blood of the Lamb” pretenders who, I, backslider that I am, can easily identify for I am chief among them.

    I remember well when you, like the right hand of the King, were David Thompsons scion and sat daily in DT’s office when he was leader of the opposition

    You, like the recently appointed Walter Blackman, are men who practiced the “deadly sin” with great gusto just ‘moments’ ago yet here you both stand reincarnated as the conscience of the faithful.

    Two Sauls on the road to Damascus changed men who while espousing wise things are men whose personal styles of engagement, you for your turn coat-ism and Walter for his absconding sine payment, would give the most lenient converted sinner reason to pause and examine what is the real purpose behind your message.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned seems not to be only ascribable to males

    The BLP, more specifically Mia, would be well advised to remove you as their spokesman lest they suffer the same repurcussions as with the Noel Lynch fiasco

    “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”

    You need not fear though, the DLP will not get back in again but equally so the lesson that they have taught more discerning Bajans is that we HAVE TO find men and women with the skill sets to manage the economy of our country and sadly neither the DLP nor the BLP as currently constituted have the DNA to make this happen

    The messenger is equally as important as the message and you sir, given the former company you reveled in, do not inspire any confidence

    Do not for a moment believe that your turncoat practices have gone unnoticed by your cohorts nor that your prolific writings will absolve you of your sins

  5. @ are we there yet

    When I started typing this There was only one comment posted

    I did not see that The Mighty Bush Tea had commented on Bovell’s Nona fixes and suggested that he use a pen name.

    The things is that these pretenders are so caught up in their little egos they fail to understand the damage that they bring to the bigger picture and issue

    small men who island girl and other smooth confectionaries would probably say are “similarly physically challenged” and consequently come here to pontificate and mek themselves feel good all at the expense of the message

    Rest assured that the short man Hendy gine post a nex article again under he name

    A fool convinced against his will is of the same opinion still

  6. Bovell , you must be congratulated on your courage . You have a tougher hide than any 60 year old African elephant .


    The difference between the two, imho, is that Walter does have something new to offer but seems to be letting partisan bias dilute his message while Henderson Bovell’s messages are “same old same old” warmed over soup for this blog at least, and serves no discernible purpose even for the mobilization of the BU yardfowl brigade.

    The prolific BU Posters can usually spot a dissembler and charlatan a mile off and if he comes clothed in the name of a turncoat the message, irrespective of its merits gets lost.

    I think Mia would be better served by letting someone else serve up these messages for the yardfowls and letting Henderson Bovell collaborate with someone else in her opposition cabinet to strategize and post the messages re. the need for change and the strategy for change.

  8. Barbadians: Paying a High Price For DLP’s Recklessness & Fatted Calf Programmes

    It has already caused Barbados to be downgraded to “JUNK” and to have a negative credit rating. That does not happen so easy, unless a Government is seriously incompetent!

    Compounded by the lost of consumer and investor confidence – this DLP Government is broke and broken and finds itself in the awkward and weak position of only being able to get short-tern credit, with high interest rate.

    Even when it borrows, it is not doing so to build productive capacity but to pay current bills: a highly dangerous and un-sustainable practice. The DLP has therefore become, a cost overrun; a serious burden to the taxpayers and essentially – a Government Barbados can no longer afford.

    The DLP simply lacks the capacity to add anything of value to the social and economic development and advancement of Barbados or the Caribbean and is therefore taking a monthly salary, it really cannot justify.

    It is totally unacceptable that the country should now be called upon by a Government that has been reckless and arrogant – to make sacrifices and pay such a high price for the DLP’s political programmes a.k.a its fatted calf doctrine, when it was warned from the start that the path it was pursuing, was madness. This has to be an abuse of power.

    Why should the DLP do crap and Barbadians pay or be the ones punished? Essentially, Barbados is being terrorised and harassed by an extremely large DLP Cabinet, which cannot even justify its pay or why it should be the Government! And, all because of a fatted calf doctrine and a belief by the DLP – that the resources of Barbados are their’s to shared among dems!

    What the DLP is doing to Barbados, is a shocking abuse of power. Even after losing the moral authority to govern – the DLP is using power to force the country to pay for its recklessness and incompetence. Something has to be very wrong with that! That has to be a crime against the society!

    And to think that the country is in this perilously state because of DLP lies; deception; recklessness and incompetence. They distributed the fatted calf among themselves and now the country must pay for that recklessness, when their passports should be seised.

    Just imagine! Ten million dollars to a company that was said to have been “sound,” “well-managed” and “well-regulated.”

    For fourteen years (as service to Barbados) Board Chairmen and Members were delighted to accept the same stipend – under the BLP. Up came the DLP and even before driving a stroke – significant increased the amount paid, as part of it fatted calf philosophy.

    Then there is Constituency Councils where $30m goes annually to dems, to be given to dems and to get people to vote for dems.

    Summer camps is a gimmick to funnel taxpayers money to dems who are either engaged as camp counsellors or as Caterers.

    The Political Football is an on-going attempt to Worship Thompson and to secure a segment of the youth vote and “the boys on the blocks,” again using state funds.

    One of the first things the DLP said on becoming the Government, was that engaging consultants would be a thing of the pass and yet, the DLP has legislated the engagement of Consultants under the Constituency Council Act. Perhaps for no other reason than to advise the DLP how to get Barbados downgraded to “junk!”

    The free bus rides, is simply state funds being used as “political-hush-money” – to buy political support but to also implicate people into being accomplice to the DLP fatted calf doctrine.

    Most ugly – is the engagement of over 4,000 in the Public Service by STEALTH, as part of its fatted calf for dems programme, despite knowing that the DLP had already forced the economy into recession. Imagine, 4,000 dems (receiving some $2,800 per month) employed by stealth; with nothing to do and no money to pay them and despite the foreseeable outcome that they were likely to put those engaged legitimately, at risk and under unnecessary stress.

    This Government was not being called upon to provide any additional services because non-national were rounded-up in the dead of the night and deported. There was no need to engage an additional 4,000 people in the public service, except that there are dems and thought by this DLP Government – to be entitled to a serving of the fatted calf.

    This Government has misplaced priorities. As outlined above, all type of ways are being found to funnel taxpayers’ money to dems, while the wider Barbadian society would be able to benefit from basic medication from the QEH, if only the DLP would put paying Pharmaceutical Companies, at the top of the national: “to-do” list. Such negligence and share recklessness – really should not go unpunished!

    The DLP introduced a political programme to benefit dems only, but the entire country must now suffer and be disadvantaged so that dems can continue to feast on the fatted calf. It explains the harassment; pressuring and attempt to displace people who are working “legitimately” in the Public Service before 2008 and to replace them with dems, for no other reason, than to satisfy a belief that the fatted calf or every assets Barbados has: whether land, NHC units, jobs, permits, government grants and loans – are for dems, as part of the fatted calf.

    Barbadians will now have to pay a high price for the DLP’s recklessness; its arrogance and its Fatted Calf Programmes and doctrine.

  9. Is it the captain or is it the fact that the ship is holed and there is little any captain can do?
    The economic base seems to rely heavily on tourism and how many people can be exported to do the jobs that other countries’ nationals shy away from even in the worst of times.

    Late in his term as PM, Arthur complained that there was more money leaving the country than was coming in. Thompson raised the spectre of putting jobs representatives in High Commissions and Embassies abroad to seek employment of Barbadians on cruise ships etc.

    The schools and university are not turning out people with marketable or usable skills such that they are able to contribute in any meaningful way to economic growth so the result is a nation of consumers of foreign products.
    Like a group of pygmies living in long grass and occasionally leaping above the tops and shouting “We are highly educated”, with education not producing and if anything only marginally contributing to a lifestyle above what can be afforded.

    Now the current hot topic is reparations, a forlorn call for vast unearned sums. I wonder e.g how Britain will react to the annual agreement on pensions they negotiate with Jamaica (Barbados??) when there is a court case pending.

    As one commenter puts it, you can’t free a man’s mind, he has to do it himself. If anyone is not contributing, the sum of the whole is less than the parts and the only resources that Barbados has is people which it has woefully neglected to equip for life in an ever fast moving and complex world.

    I point you to a very interesting discussion which equally applies to Barbados.

    Especially look at the comments, typically which could equally be applied to any other do-nothing culture:-

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. That is all I see.

    I am black. I consider myself a rookie software developer. I focus mostly on mobile computing. I did not attend a higher learning institution to study computer science. Three quarters of my computer skills come from just “messing around” trying to do whatever I want to do at the time. I use superuser and stackoverflow extensively.

    There are only 24 hours in a day so we make time for what we care about. My peers spend their free time going to night clubs, watching useless television shows, and chasing endless fashion trends. They only consume. They are the quintessential example of what it is to be a consumer. They are the people that companies aim to have as customers. Many of them have skills but neglect to even attempt to put their skills to work. And when you ask them why, all they have for you is excuses. My race this, my gender that. We are living in an age when it is easier than ever before in human history to use your skills and ideas to positively impact your world. There are a multitude of projects going on around even just in the United States that are audacious and are chocked full of ambition. It amazes me that even with all the curious and indispensable tools of today some people miraculously still feel disenfranchised and dejected. In some cases I have gone as far as telling people EXACTLY what they should do to get started. They did not have to think. They only had to act, and shed their fear of their own potential yet even this was a step too far away from the comfort zone. After considering my experiences, I come to the conclusion that it is perhaps not so ridiculous that the world’s richest 1% owns the vast majority of wealth on the planet.

    You cannot free a man’s mind. He must free himself.

  10. Well written Sid Boyce.
    Bushie FELT that in the bones…. 🙂

    …but on reflection all you have done is to more eloquently define the term “Brass Bowl”…..
    …and you explained the reality that, in the abundance of water, the fool is able to find a way to die of thirst…..

  11. …and as if to confirm the WISDOM of your post, ac, the “BU poppet”, jumps in disagreeing…. 🙂

    @ ac

  12. As the earth once again claims another “son” in MADIBA, I am not surprised at all the platitudes from world leaders of every ilk, admirers and well wishers. What is astonishing is the continued use of extravagant words (hyperbole) to express the “soul” of the human condition – yet it is our sole form of social & physical expression!

    It’s so easy for the whole world to give MADIBA* all these wonderful platitudes but the virtues we see in him are “USELESS” if we ourselves do not work assiduously to incorporate those said characteristics and values into our day to day lives! The greatest “LIFE” lived is the one that changes others irrevocably – that is why JESUS CHRIST remains the all-time favorite!

    The question is: how does a powerful Black leader like Mandela inspire hope, faith & “VISION” in the hearts and minds of today’s political class? Is it a stretch too far? Do some of them need to spend some time in prison like MADIBA?

    We all know that apartheid South Africa of the 1970’s became a watershed in terms of its dealing with its BLACK indigenous peoples and the dismantling of the “RACIST”, sub-human policies practiced by Caucasian Afrikaners became more than a blight on the landscape – it was hell on earth for Black South Africans.

    MADIBA in those early days was inspiring “VIOLENT” bloody insurrection to change what he felt was an unjust, inhumane, destructive ideology which not only pitted whites against BLACKS but also created civil strife amongst BLACKS – hence the creation of Black on Black violence!

    Clearly, MADIBA was no “saint” but was willing to be the 007 that would free his people from the tentacles of apartheid oppression, financial poverty and political isolation.

    Having now exited the stage of life, are we any better off as Black people? Are our leaders anymore endowed, given the rich legacy and history we possess? And if we are not, then what is the problem with BLACK SOVEREIGNTY and black leadership?

    As I read Sid Boyce’s piece, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of discombobulation given the fact that everything that he elucidated is correct! The question is now: how do we reverse what is clearly a road that is heading nowhere? Can we teach an ‘ole dog new tricks? Will Barbados be able to dig itself out of its current hole and what will it take for real “VISIONARY” leadership to emerge?

    • Sometimes the reality and the finality which death brings may serve to be the catalyst for something greater.

  13. Economist Caution: Prepare For ‘Massive Wealth Destruction’

    Take immediate steps to protect your wealth . . . NOW!

    That’s exactly what many well-respected economists, billionaires, and noted authors are telling you to do — experts such as Marc Faber, Peter Schiff, Donald Trump, and Robert Wiedemer.

    According to them, we are on the verge of another recession, and this one will be far worse than what we experienced during the last financial crisis.

    Marc Faber, the noted Swiss economist and investor, has voiced his concerns for the U.S. economy numerous times during recent media appearances, stating, “I think somewhere down the line we will have a massive wealth destruction.

    I would say that well-to-do people may lose up to 50 percent of their total wealth.”

    When he was asked what sort of odds he put on a global recession happening, the economist famous for his ominous predictions quickly answered . . . “100 percent.”

    Faber points out that this bleak outlook stems directly from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s policy decisions, and the continuous printing of new money, referred to as “quantitative easing” in the media.

    Faber’s pessimism is matched by well-respected economist and investor Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital. Schiff remarks that the stock market collapse we experienced in 2008 “wasn’t the real crash. The real crash is coming.” Schiff didn’t stop there. Most alarming is his belief that daily life will get dramatically worse for U.S. citizens. “If we keep doing this policy of stimulus and growing government, it’s just going to get worse for the average American. Our standard of living is going to fall . . . People who are expecting Social Security can’t get all that money. People expecting government pensions can’t get all their money . . . We simply can’t afford to pay them.”

  14. There are UPS and DOWNS in every aspect of our human life. But there is a troop of people who seems to think that it does not apply to the instrument of government. Those kind of persons obviously lives in the world of make believe and dreams.

  15. @ ac | December 6, 2013 at 2:00 PM |

    Ac, what has become of Carson your sidekick in stupidity?
    Has he made a ‘bee’-line for the bunker in George Street now the IMF has come to town and thousands of public sector workers set to go home in order to make room for the remaining productive workers?

    Word has it that the IMF is demanding its 4:1 currency adjustment pound of flesh as a slap in the embarrassed Governor’s face. The real ‘depressing’ numbers that have been fiddled all along are coming to the surface as the shit begins to hit the fan.
    Since you guys are really over a barrel this time and floating in real deep shit it would be a major achievement if you could settle for a 3:1 correction.

  16. Those who know how the Civil Service works, know that a Permanent Secretary only responds to an instruction from an authorized source and only when that instruction is in writing.

    Say the PS Ministry of the Civil Service, for example. The person instructing him would be the Minister for the Civil Service. In this case, the Prime Minister. Therefore, if Public workers are going home, it is only because the Minister for the Civil Service, who is the Prime Minister of Barbados; the Chairman of the Cabinet and the President of the DLP (who promised Public Servants that their jobs were and would be safe) has changed his mind, despite the solemn and irrevocable commitment given during the election campaign.

    Now, this is a most interesting brew! Because no public workers are being sent home, yet the union and ministry official are meeting to discuss something that is not happening! Absolutely amazing!!!

    For its part, the union would very seldom represent employees who are not union members. It therefore seems a bit bizarre that the union would be meeting with anybody to discuss “the denied layoff of people from the Public Service.” An interesting question would be: when exactly would those 4,000 workers (the DLP packed-in as part of the fatted doctrine) have joined the union?
    This is important! Think about it for a while!

    In the circumstance, if I were the union, I would feel a little ashamed and guilty that I may have betrayed my country by remaining silent during a recession, especially if I knew that the Government was engaging over 4,000 additional workers, by stealth.

    Long-standing dues paying members should feel equally as concerned whether they were betrayed or their security of tenure undermined in anyway- as a result of any love-affair between the union and the government.

    The country is already aware that ‘talk about meeting to ‘discuss’ anything – is a mere distraction and a gimmick, because it was clear to the Government that public workers would go home – the instant carefully work-out budget cuts were announced.

    Given the way this DLP functions, it would appear that the only discussion now, MAY centre around ‘WHO’ is being “FINGERED” to be sent home and chances are, it MAY be those considered not worthy for a serving of the fatted calf, despite however long they were employed in the Public Service.

    You would expect that the last 4,000 in, would be the first to go, but that seems to be a contentious issue. Seems obvious that the bedroom lights were accidentally turned-on and the union and the DLP have been caught in a compromising and most embarrassing position!

    “SCANDAL” is a most interesting series indeed! Cyrus!!!

  17. @ Henderson Bovell,

    I admire your tenacity and courage in your relentless political rhetoric. However, given your political flip flopping in the past, your credibility is seriously undermined. Naturally, your contributions will be biased and will lack any objectivity or any critical analysis.
    Again, I ask you before and I will ask you again, If government were to change tomorrow, what will your party do differently to correct the current problem.?
    It is interesting to note that your party’s economic guru (Clyde Mascoll) in his Thursday Nation column has been calling for government to trim the government’s wage bill for quite some time. Mind you, the same action which you now seek to condemn!

  18. Even if desperate to cling to State-power, I think this “broke,” “broken;” “weak;” irrelevant Government – is taking its “politics of deception” too far! In the interest of Barbados – there may have to be a point beyond which what the DLP is saying and does – constitutes: ‘a criminal act against a trusting society!’

    Take this nonsense, as an example:

    Anybody who knows anything about how Supplementaries work, know that they are to pay for cost already incurred or work already done.

    You cannot go for a supplementary (on a capital project) for the completion of work: a supplemental warrant from Finance (yes) by not from Parliament.

    Funds to complete a capital project, comes in the Estimates in March. And even when allocated, the release of any amount – is dependent on government’s priority and its cash-flow position.

    Unless the DLP ‘dips-into’ the NIS, this project may not be completed until the third quarter or some time after September 2014.

  19. Hi ANON,
    You quite rightly acknowledge that Self-Doubt and Self-Pity are two of the most self-destructive forces, they corrode the mind and eventually destroys it.
    I hate the blame game, the easy way out to nowhere. When I have problems I burn the mental shoe leather seeking solutions, practical solutions.
    The tale of Aesop’s Fable we learned in elementary school has always stuck with me, the one of the fox and the grapes – hungry, the fox tried his hardest jumping to reach the grapes and failing, he walked away saying they weren’t even ripe and they were sour “Sour Grapes”.

    I say shaking the vine would probably have demanded less energy and stood a better chance of fox savouring the fruit.

    It is much better for Barbadians to forge success for themselves rather than sit on rocks waiting for the BLP or DLP or another political party to deliver – neither can by themselves or jointly do the job, it’s up to every man and woman to get out there and do it, that fact should register.
    Wringing of hands and circular arguments is not a viable strategy.

    If they (Governments) can’t tax and spend or borrow and spend to expand resources both natural, if they exist or human then they are in an economic cul-de-sac where the only way to secure office is by making false promises.

    A recent video discussed development in Africa.
    The most rapidly developing economies were blessed with few or no natural resources.
    Nigeria, Zambia, etc. with the natural resources lagged behind because they depended on oil and mining which required only a few hundred employees and delivered widespread poverty whereas the countries with no natural resources depended heavily on their human resources, thousands creating enterprises requiring many more thousands each or skilled employees.

    If you look at the successful companies of the world, Microsoft did not wait on governments, nor did Google, IBM, HP, Walmart, ARM, Lenovo, or any others of note that exist now or may be the next big names in the years to come.
    The Bamford family kicked JC out as useless and said he never was going to make anything of himself – JCB is a firm of global note that dwarfs anything the rest of the family did.

    It has always been people with ideas and drive, even some that have failed rose again as failure often teaches valuable lessons.

  20. @ SID BOYCE

    “It has always been people with ideas and drive, even some that have failed rose again as failure often teaches valuable lessons.”

    Your complete argument is totally LEGIT!

    It cannot be overlooked in any form that we appoint our REPS to oversee the “PROCESS” and the will & mandate of the people. Yet we have seen time and again, that our political leaders do as they please – dragging us down the creek while they walk away with millions stashed in offshore banks!

    Gov’ts must provide the meaningful access entrepreneurs, visionaries and those who brains are “IDEAS FACTORIES” – can thrive, breathe and flourish in an atmosphere of openness, transparency and efficiency.

    When there’s a dearth in ideas, vision, leadership & practical application – no wonder, the end result is chaos, confusion and our way of life ends up in the dock!

    Barbados is at the crossroad! Where she goes from her – GOD knows! What is alarmingly clear is that doing “did-lee squat” is not an option! Guessing our way out of this major impasse is even suicidal! And finally, all the infighting like a barrel of crabs will only push us back decades into fiscal stagnation, social anxiety & unrest, crippling price hikes, ramped up “ethnic” violence and an overall dark cloud of despair, hopelessness and moral abandon that will eat away at the very fiber of our people.

    As a tiny island nation state, we can ill afford anything less than a popular “PARADISE” that we all can enjoy!

    • I cannot agree more and I wonder where the get up and go there once was has gone.

      We used to be very aware of what the rest of the world were doing and based our aspirations on that, feeling we had to have a piece of the action.

      When I was about 9 years old my Dad said something that scared me, he said “One day you would need GCE’s to work in the field”. I also grew up with him saying “We were poor but we were proud” and under my breath saying there was nothing to be proud of in being poor.
      Many years later he completed the riddle, much to my agreement and delight, with “We were poor but we always believed we could do better”.

      I noticed when money became easy and as often I heard “Why should we struggle now”, it seems expectation of easy became a way of life while life is itself a struggle and always will be for most.

      The people at the top will always struggle to keep what they have and clamour for more, even if they have to steal to get more. True to type they protect each other, but that should signal the need to be mindful of that fact and not let it for a moment dim our vision, aspirations or determination to improve.

      Here in Britain we saw people taking the “good” times for granted and thinking they would never end and so there was little incentive to do anything but coast along. Now coasting along is not an option either – the rent arrears building up, like the single woman with 8 children who has had her benefits cut and is being threatened with eviction, the thousands of old people who will die this winter because they can’t afford to heat their homes and even having enough to eat is a struggle. We have very many people dependent on food banks.
      They were all OK and carefree when they were young and said so, it is now they realise their younger days were wasted and they can’t go back.
      Some of us in our early 20’s thought about how we were going to live in old age and provided for pensions other than the pittance the state now provides.
      Now they are mandating that employers and employees must fund their own pensions but that’s not going to bridge the gap as the value is bound to lag behind what it costs to live.

      Depend solely on government and be disappointed. In this ever complex world, they simply haven’t got the answers, the knowledge or the will to take care of us all.

      The wise expect to forever struggle and prepare. this is the reality amidst the protestations that the British economy is making a healthy comeback, dare I say based on the same falsehoods and voodoo economics that led us into crisis.

      I have read here about the likes of Texas Instruments making an exit from Barbados after the tax free 5 years, labelling it as coming there to exploit them.
      In establishing in Barbados they must have come with some high expectations like an educated and agile workforce capable of easy assimilating knowledge enabling them to produce quality products for the world market in quantities with the required quality and on time.
      No one has been able to tell me if those goals were met so they could show their Barbados operation up as a success.
      A large corporation such as TI didn’t need the tax free break normore than in places such as Ireland, India, Phillipines, China, etc. — with a manufacturing base spread across 30 countries and they recently announced a multi billion dollar expansion to operations in Ireland.
      That’s a lot of salaries in Irish pockets from TI’s operations and spin off local businesses that service them.

      Barbados should have been reaping significant rewards from having TI still based there, not only from TI but also from others that establish around them. A good reputation impresses more serious investors to follow the trail blazers. Countries such as Ireland, Singapore and South Korea are able to supply highly skilled, knowledgeable and mentally agile staffs to make any venture a success and I cannot think of a single company setting up in those countries that have left, tax free incentives or no.
      Don’t mention the banks that brought Ireland such hardship – they are like banks everywhere, sheep led by donkeys.

      Barbados, learn the lessons and smarten up – it won’t be easy but there is a strong tide to swim against in order to survive against an ignominious and early death – the government, if not yet, is about to run out of ships to the rescue.

  21. Those who know how the Civil Service works, know that a Permanent Secretary only responds to an instruction from an authorized source and only when that instruction is in writing. Who, pray tell, would have instructed the Permanent Secretary (PS) Civil Service, to get info on public servants, and not only DISCUSS but “SHARE” that information with the union? That authorizing authority could not have come from the same Prime Minister, who said: “jobs safe,” could it?

    It would seem that if Public workers are to now find themselves on the bread-line, that would only be so, if the Minister for the Civil Service, who is the Prime Minister of Barbados; the Chairman of the Cabinet and the President of the DLP (who promised Public Servants that their jobs were and will continue to be safe) has changed his mind, despite the solemn and irrevocable commitment given during the election campaign.

    Now, this is a most interesting brew! Because no public workers are being sent home, yet the union and ministry official are meeting to discuss something that is not happening! Absolutely amazing!!!

    For its part, the union would hardly represent employees who are not union members. It however, seems bizarre, that the union would be meeting with anybody to discuss “the denied-layoff of people from the Public Service.” Still, an interesting question would be: when exactly would those 4,000 workers (the DLP packed-in as part of the fatted doctrine) have joined the union? This is important! Think about it for a while!

    In the circumstance, if I were the union, I would feel a little ashamed – even guilty – that I may have betrayed my country by remaining silent during a recession, especially if I knew that the Government was engaging over 4,000 additional workers, by stealth.

    Long-standing dues-paying-members should be concerned whether they were betrayed or their ‘security of tenure’ undermined in anyway- as a result of any love-affair between the union and this Government.

    The country is already aware that ‘talk’ about meeting to ‘discuss’ anything – is a mere distraction and a gimmick, because it was clear to the Government that public workers were bound to be displaced – the instant carefully work-out budget cuts were announced.

    Given the way this DLP functions, these ongoing-discussions, the unions speaks about – “MAY” centre around ‘WHO’ is being “FINGERED” to be sent home and chances are, it MAY be those considered not worthy for a serving of the fatted calf, despite however long they were employed in the Public Service.

    You would expect that the last 4,000 in, would be the first to go, but that seems to be a contentious issue. Seems obvious that the bedroom lights were accidentally turned-on and the union and the DLP have been caught in a very compromising and most embarrassing position!

    “SCANDAL” is a most interesting series indeed! Cyrus!!!

  22. @ Bovell

    You said and i quote “if I were the union, I would feel a little ashamed – even guilty – that I may have betrayed my country by REMAINING SILENT DURING A RECESSION …..”

    The caps are mine.

    It is an interesting occurrence that this Duke of York only marches and/or threatens to march during the DLP’s tenure.

    It is of note that Leroy’s balls like those of the Silver Fox in those Kung Fu movies of old, only seem to drop down and grow big when Fumble is, and the late DT was, at the stern of the ship.

    When, in time afore, there was a need for solidarity and workers representation, like that which besieged LIME employees when Ronald Toppin/BLP were in power, Leroy was noticeably absent.

    The problem with this country is that our champions only find their gonads when one party is in even though similar atrocities are being committed by the other scoundrels.

    And we older folk wonder, with great incredulity, how the young people dem get so selfish, self centred and disconnected with national pride and service to country, when all they have as examples is Prime Ministers changing land zone designations, for personal gain, Ministers of Telecommunications benefiting in the $$millions from kickbacks, Ministers of Housing and Lands becoming millionaires overnight and the list goes on an on

    “And a generation of vipers shall be born unto them” is not so mysterious after all, like if you planting cassavas and reaping potatoes, what we are experiencing in our society today is the fruit of our own works.

    Of course Bovell, this is wasted on you because you are one of the many Johnies on the BLP/DLP bashing spree

  23. @Sid Boyce

    You said and i quote “I have read here about the likes of Texas Instruments making an exit from Barbados after the tax free 5 years, labelling it as coming there to exploit them”

    Where there is no vision Boyce, the people perish.

    Almost 40 years ago Intel occupied the Sheraton Mall for several years as will under a much longer honeymoon tax concession.

    Nothing changes under the sun relative to concessions but whereas the Japanese and Chinese understand how to benefit from “technology transfer” euphemism for “understanding your technology better than you do and mekking it ours” our peeps are just plain ingrunt.

    Even, these 40 years hence, the Government of Barbados does not have an ICT strategy that defines where it will carry the country for the next 10 years, BOTH PARTIES Sid, BOTH PARTIES are guilty of this ineptitude!!!

    Where are the “thinkers” Sid, the Information Society of Barbados?? and the other one, a gathering of ignoramuses who strut around talking about “mobile apps” or any flavour of the day that catches their fancy.

    And that is the conundrum that the entire society finds itself mired in, led by, and surrounded by, nuff mout giants who, in their respective sectors, be it agriculture, health, education, whatever, they have done, and continue to do, nothing to advance our cuntry…waste foops and brass bowls that they are.

    But hold on a second, we hosting another conference, seminar, symposium or workshop every week where these bunglers can get up and talk shi*e to each other, after the minister open the session with his own brand of jobby and somebody friend get the catering job for $50K to feed our cuntrymen for the week

    • There, you have said it all.
      Those guys are all mouth and trousers, sounding knowledgeable but are just a bag of wind – delivering a breeze where a storm is required to make changes.

      Apart from government so many people have told me about their experiences having moved back to Barbados brimming with ideas only to be told “We do things differently here”.
      Take China — A large measure of their success is due to returnees with excellent skills leading the way. India is much the same and companies outsourcing to India have found that the Indians have swapped their middle man status for that of prime supplier so they can supply the same high quality at a significantly lower price direct to the customer and make a heck of a lot more money than the outsourcing companies were paying them for their work.

      Technology transfer — I still haven’t seen a clear definition of what that means.
      Any company establishing a base in any country has to lecture to their local staff so that they can perform their required tasks. As I see it, that’s technology transfer as the staff have acquired knowledge they didn’t have and the practical demands of day to day work cements and expands the acquired knowledge.

      Citing Ireland, TI, Amdahl, Fujitsu, Intel, Microsoft and many other corporations found the graduates from Irish Universities were of high quality and easily trained to be useful not just for “screwdriver” tasks but capable of leading and streamlining development processes.

      When I was in Ireland with Amdahl I stayed with a friend who I knew since 1962. His daughter was at school taking computer science and looking over her course work I was astounded at the technical depth of the first class tuition offered by her teachers who were all nuns.

      Going out into the work place they were not just empty technological slates.

      Even here in Britain we are not turning out graduates with the skills.
      Despite all the hype of previous years and months. In the last few weeks I discussed their IT training with a couple of grammar school kids in their second year – Word, Excel, Photoshop — put in context, glorified typist skills and no insights into programming or electronics, key components of computer literacy if the idea is to provide technologically skilled graduates. No wonder early this year there was an industry report called “Running on Empty”.

      Every individual with an internet connection has access to all the training materials necessary – edX, MOOC, etc. TI and others, e.g search on TI university and you will see a wealth of material plus TI’s practical kits that were as low in price as $5 but delivering real education.
      Education by ROTE is a dead end, self learning delivers real world skills and primes the next generation for innovation.

      The Raspberry Pi for $25 US and other very low cost boards such as Arduino (yesterday I saw a new board for $7 US) offers so much possibilities that the likes of Google are handing out thousands of Raspberry Pi’s to UK schools to get youngsters coding so there will be further generations with the skills needed by the society which is and will be even more so, digital, in the future.

      The web is awash with programming tools such as “Scratch” for kids where they can start off programming with zero skills and build up from there. All it requires is a desire and with enthusiasm, from there the imagination can run wild.

      Where governments can help is by educating themselves in some of the basics and gathering the help of people (not relying on narrowly educated and experienced teaching staff) who can carry the vision forward.

      I keep asking why we do not see any undergraduates, graduates or professors from the Caribbean participating or learning these core skills in any of the internet forums for TI, SiLabs, RaspBerry Pi, Beagleboard, XilinX , Linux, hackaday or any of countless others I subscribe and contribute to.

      No day goes by when I am not active with software or hardware – learning or contributing. Before retirement my job was teaching, consulting and providing technical support to the world’s largest computer systems.
      It all started at Combermere where two other classmates were into building simple radio, we shared magazines and bought the bits from Laurie Dash to build with. From that like Dicken’s Oliver it has been “Please Sir, can I have some more” and I am still learning because I am not comatose or dead yet.

      I always try to enthuse youth whether it is by coaching at cricket, encouraging them to get involved with software and hardware or taking a young guy up flying because he expresses a burning interest in becoming a commercial pilot.

      I like enthusiasm and drive, makes for better persons and a better world – despite the politicians’ cackhandedness at destroying parts of it they touch.

    • @Piece

      The immigration policy which guides work permit issuance requires that there is information transfer to ensure local cadre accrues the knowledge capital. Are we there yet? This has failed under both regimes. We believe in satisfying same via open borders. While mobility of labour is to be encouraged it has to be done within a strategic framework.

  24. Downgraded to junk, Betrayed and Sold-out By The DLP!

    In 2008, the country was promised that if it voted for the DLP, the cost of living would be reduced. The BLP warned that it was a trick but the people did not listen! The Dems got what they wanted and Barbadians ended-up with increased prices and draconian taxation! The dems continued on the merry-way, all the while – perhaps badly missing the IMF from Bay Street!

    In the recent general election, it seems the dems were at it again! They alleged that the country was “stable” and spent thousands of dollars on radio, television and newspaper ads, to ensure that Barbadians heard its promise – that if they voted for the DLP – their jobs will be “safe” and there will be ‘no layoffs from the Public Service’ and ‘no privitisation.’

    I am sure, Barbadians never expected a double-whammy! This time, however, the people voted for the DLP but got the IMF. The country finds itself short-changed and tricked by the dems, yet again!

    I bet you thought the dems were working for Barbados! Indeed not – they are busy finding ways to get the IMF in! But since the country voted for the DLP but got the IMF – there is only one question to answer and one urgent decision to be made!

    Given the DLP’s downgrade to junk; its cold betrayal and sell-out of Barbadians, do you want your country to be run by the IMF (which you did not vote for but now have) from Washington or by the BLP (which is better for Barbados) from Bay Street?

    Choose wisely: (a) “a better and brighter Barbados” with the BLP or (b) more severe pain with the IMF/DLP! Tick, tick, tick, tick…!!!!

  25. @ David [BU]

    Definition of “strategic framework” by both parties under former Chief Immigration Officer Greaves or Current CIO Phillips may be defined, not by any macro policy but confined to if a lowly immigration officers is getting a kickback.

    I forget the name of the retired Immigration Officer that was executed during his retirement on his gallery in Butlers Avenue in Spooners HIll.

    HIs definition “strategic framework” interpreted as graft got his executed all the way from Georgetown.

    When friends fall out, or when officers charged with a fiduciary responsibility get too greedy, people have a way of visiting you during the night to set the “strategic framework right”

  26. David | December 9, 2013 at 12:03 PM |
    Both parties same crap. Didn’t Tom promise us integrity legeslation in the 70s?

    THIS is too callous a response and very irresponsible too.
    This is the kind of approach that has B’dos where its at -at the moment. Callous , Irresponsible, Illiterate responses like this one should be discouraged. There are too many of these types of this shoulder shrugging approach to serious matters. The electorate gambled and lost due to this same kind of mindset. –It is Sad !! really Sad !!

    • Well Yagga you want to admit it the Arthur built the Barbados House on a foundation of debt. To repeat same crap.

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