The DLP: A Party Not to be Trusted, A Symbol of Failure and Incompetence

Henderson Bovell

Henderson Bovell

There are instances in history where the person in charge does something remarkable act (at the right time) which saves the lives of people or accomplishes some other remarkable feat on behalf of their country or those for whom they have responsibility. Names like Owen Arthur; Tom Adam; Barrow and Clement Payne, easily spring to mind. A captain of a cruise liner or a pilot of a plane – is no different from a Prime Minister of a country. Take, (then 57-year-old) Capt. Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger, for example. The world will remember him as the man who landed a US Airways Plane with 155 passengers and 5 crew, successfully and safely on the Hudson River – having lost power to both engines – after the plant hit a flock of Canadian Geese. You probably cannot imagine the degree of difficulty or, how remarkable it is to land a plane on water but the experts thought what Capt. Sullenberger did was such an outstanding achievement that the entire Crew of Flight 1549 was later awarded the Master’s Medal of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators. The award citation read, “This emergency ditching and evacuation, with the loss of no lives, is a heroic and unique aviation achievement.” It was said to have been described by NTSB board member Kitty Higgins as, “the most successful ditching in aviation history.”

If the DLP was flying that plane, everybody on-board would have been dead and the plane completely destroyed. A far less difficult undertaking and yet, the DLP somehow manages to crash the Barbados economy, AGAIN!

Just imagine: A man can land a plane (without power to both engines) on water but EVEN with such a large Cabinet – the DLP cannot manage a simple economy of Barbados, despite increasing: VAT from 15% to 17.5%; Excise Tax by 50 %, freezing public servant pay for years and then unconstitutionally robbing them out of their allowance!

Little wonder that whereas the experts were happy with the way US Airways Flight 1549 was handled, Moody’s; Standard and Poor’s and others – are unimpressed with the DLP’s reckless mismanagement of the Barbados economy.   So while Capt. Sullenberger got an award for “heroic and unique aviation achievement,” the DLP has so far received four downgrades or: “award of shame,” including a humiliating downgrade to “JUNK BOND STATUS.” For the DLP, this is historic, because – despite tremendous effort – not even Sandi, was able to sink the country that low!

The DLP is now alleging that it has done more for Public Servants than the BLP did in fourteen years, is a horrible nonsense, which only serves to remind the country that Public Servants have had their salary frozen and their allowance unconstitutionally hijacked – despite a ‘1995-BLP-amendment’ to Section 112 of the Barbados Constitution, which is intended to address precisely that: prevent the DLP from reducing the pay and or status of Public Workers, to their disadvantage, again. There is a serious point here, except that the Union (which now wants Public Servants taxed more) is not interested.

See what I told you about human decency?

Was Capt. Sullenberger walking around telling anybody on that flight – or the crew for that matter – that he saved their lives?  In contrast, even though there is no truth to the DLP’s wild baseless allegation of “doing more for Public Servants than the BLP” – the country will easily detect the DLP’s desperation for hero worship and false praise!

I think workers would prefer their salary on payday, than new office furniture to sit on. But, new furniture or not; new office accommodation or not, the reality is that the Barbados economy is still in recession, perhaps for four consecutive years. Barbados has been downgraded to JUNK; the Transport Board hardly has buses for the same Public Servant to get to work; the QEH does not have medicine; Land Tax gone up; VAT gone up; Road Tax gone up: water rates gone up; the price of food gone up, yet Public Servants’ pay remain frozen. Still, the wild allegation of doing better under the dems!

I detect and understand the DLP’s deep sense of frustration and anger, as displayed by their AG in Parliament Tuesday (November 26)! It cannot cut Public Servants’ pay because of that 1995-BLP-Constitutional-amendment. Secondly, as much as it would like to, it gave a commitment that if re-elected, ‘IT WILL NOT’ send home not one Public Servant and that is the source of its consternation. A few weeks ago, it flew a kite to test the waters, as regards – taxing so-called middle class more. It is why Public Officers should be happy that the BLP made that amendment to Section 112 of the Constitution because the DLP would be cutting their pay again – this time by more than any 8%.

Given the way the DLP functions, somebody has to blamed for the fiscal mess the DLP has created and you know that the DLP has acquired a target and a scapegoat, when on Tuesday, November 26 – the DLP was publicly complaining that 54.5% of Government’s revenue is being spent on wages and salaries for Public Servants.  If after five years in office – this announcement from the DLP – is a new discovery, that would be very scary. If it is not a new discovery, then it may be confirmation that the DLP is reaching for the butcher knife and not any Scalpel. An IMF-Mini-Budget may be lurking in the dark.

In the August Budget, the DLP outlined policies to reduce the deficit but (to date) managed to increase it by over $150 million.  What if Capt. Sullenberger had made such a monumental mistake or got it wrong, like the DLP keeps doing?

Whereas Capt Sullenberger will be remembered as the man who landed a US Airways plane with 155 passengers and 5 crew,  safely on the Hudson River (after it lost power to both engines) – for doing to Barbados – the complete opposite of what Capt. Sullenberger achieved for “ALL” on-board flight 1549 – the DLP will long be remembered as: ‘a party not to be trusted and a symbol of failure and incompetence, which causes severe pain to the people of Barbados.’

Perhaps already having the IMF on stand-by – that the DLP would somehow still be able to tell Barbadians “Happy Independence” – in three days time – would truly be “bold” and “unpatriotic.”

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  1. I agree that the DLP can’t be trusted but you really feel that you could trust the BLP under current management?

  2. It behooves me to inform you that it would be sheer lunacy for anyone person to put his or her entire confidence in any instrument of government.

    It is just one of those things we ought not do in this era of moral decadence.

    Yes, I know, we were made to believe some forty years ago that it was okay to put our entire confidence in our political leaders, but with the advancement of common – sense, we have come to know better- or so I hope?

  3. @ Bovell

    Again an SOS well received,.. but this admin is far from a rescuing act such as flight US 1549 or Capt. Stuart a Capt.Sullenberger. We in Barbados more liking to the SSS Titanic or the MV Exxon Valdez.only difference is… our captain still strongly believes in telling we the now startled passengers… all is STABLE and well within …. that the DOWNGRADES are nothings and fixations of the mind, even though there are huge chucks of ice on the deck, and an oil trail stretches for miles all through the Caribbean sea for everyone but this our and his delusional crew to see. May God help us.

  4. All de lotta long talk bout had bad dis guvmunt supposed to be and still de people en want nuttin ta do wid wunna and wunna interim leader Mia. Wa da seh bout de Bees, ah? I know nuff a wunna gine be in Jenkins before Christmas, tek it light.

  5. @ Henderson Bovell
    Please answer this question : can YOU be trusted ? if you cannot convince us that you can why should we even read your article? I HAVE ONLY READ THE HEADLINES..

  6. exert from the Emperor’s New Clothes…..any similarities?

    “Magnificent,” said the two officials already duped. “Just look, Your Majesty, what colors! What a design!” They pointed to the empty looms, each supposing that the others could see the stuff.

    “What’s this?” thought the Emperor. “I can’t see anything. This is terrible!

    Am I a fool? Am I unfit to be the Emperor? What a thing to happen to me of all people! – Oh! It’s very pretty,” he said. “It has my highest approval.” And he nodded approbation at the empty loom. Nothing could make him say that he couldn’t see anything.

    His whole retinue stared and stared. One saw no more than another, but they all joined the Emperor in exclaiming, “Oh! It’s very pretty,” and they advised him to wear clothes made of this wonderful cloth especially for the great procession he was soon to lead. “Magnificent! Excellent! Unsurpassed!” were bandied from mouth to mouth, and everyone did his best to seem well pleased.

  7. After your trouble with fraud at the NAB , your trouble with fraud in the leader of the opposition’s office your involvement in a rape allegation you can have the gall to write about who can be trusted ? man you really make me laugh. By the way, which dump heap you now get raked up from?

  8. If Bovell can’t be trusted, how can we trust the Deputy Speaker of the House? After all that $3.3m cheque has fraud written all over it!!!

  9. @ David
    This thing about the message and not the messenger is a lot of bull crap ; a messenger has to establish his credibility if he wants to deliver a message . The two cannot be separated .

  10. “BUT I CAN’T SEE A THING”……said the Emperor.

    Dupers:…..”Who shall make this new suit? What beautiful color..What design !”.
    …..if it doesn’t exist, just say it does…..if it does say it doesn’t.

    Its called smoke and mirrors, smoke n mirrors…..

  11. “This thing about the message and not the messenger is a lot of bull crap ; a messenger has to establish his credibility if he wants to deliver a message . The two cannot be separated.”

    Has Sinckler established his credibility?

  12. Before the procession the swindlers sat up all night and burned more than six candles, to show how busy they were finishing the Emperor’s new clothes. They pretended to take the cloth off the loom. They made cuts in the air with huge scissors. And at last they said, “Now the Emperor’s new clothes are ready for him.”

    … has seemingly become viral now, from Parliament to Pulpit

    …..we in nettles when the day arrive, when some of us fail see the truth….or contrive to see what isn’t there

    I rest my case…..

  13. @ Not trusting this joker . | November 28, 2013 at 7:32 AM |
    “… a messenger has to establish his credibility if he wants to deliver a message. The two cannot be separated. ”

    How true a statement indeed! A principle that should apply across the board.
    Can we therefore ask you, “untrusting joker”, if we should apply similar treatment to the messages being delivered by Sinckler?
    After all, he is a man who, like the Fumbler, always goes back on his word, changes the dates he commits to and find it well nigh impossible to create an atmosphere of confidence among business community and even ordinary citizens in anything he says he plans to do and when.

    Do you want ‘facts’ or do you yourself believe that the same MoF joker and the clown for a straw boss are Not to be trusted?

    Can we trust another messenger in the form of the guv of the central bank who told you silly gullible idiots just some weeks ago the country has adequate foreign reserves and there is no need to borrow as manifested in the failed bond floatation.
    Any borrowing would just be like buying additional insurance like term insurance as a luxury the country can indulge in. Yet today the government finds itself dealing with international loan sharks to shore up is fast disappearing forex like lines of coke up a junkie nose.

  14. @miller…
    Can we trust you whose views are always anti Government and would continue to use anonymity to fire pot shots ? If you are so convinced about your convictions why dont you display some courage like Caswell and come out from hiding ?

  15. Looka here joker

    Does a PURCHASER of an apartment building inform its previous OWNERS to come fix a leaking roof?……you all cry baby lackeys….complain complain complain…. you unfit, inept poorakey lot.

  16. who stood watch and did nothing as the AX problem dragged on for twenty years …………
    HOW about the leadership of the BLP so far have maintained a strategy display of indecisiveness and ineffective leadership form PAC to a motion of NO CONFIDENCE,, Can SHE BE TRUSTED,,,,,,,,, HOW about her ill advised mouthings in an attempt to win an election at the expense of a country with political rantings which would unduly unraveled consumer and investor confidence,,,,,,,how could she be trusted, is this the markings of a capt sulenberger.

  17. @ Onions
    Does a PURCHASER of an apartment building inform its previous OWNERS to come fix a leaking roof?……
    If the previous owners lived comfortably with the leak when they owned it, and are now bitching about it after passing off the building…they can be invited to fix it… 🙂
    …also if the leak was above board Bushie would say pay up long ago.. But when crooks get together and conspire to rob Bushie (taxes) and the whole thing backfires in their faces why the hell should Bushie’s taxes be used to bail out wrongdoings?

    Whoever broke the RULES should be liable for paying out whoever is owed…..

    If we applied this principle then a lot FEWER politicians (and business leaders) would jump into these selfish deals
    BUT …..knowing that Bajan jackasses will underwrite the whole mess makes it open season with these big $$$ contracts……. Brass Bs.


    Henderson Bovell@ whO WOKE YOU UP ? The DLP: A Party Not to be Trusted, A Symbol of Failure and Incompetence. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO COME UP WITH THAT HEADING? WHERE were you all the time and what were you seeing and thinking , Old news , what got you going?
    Well you need to say the full truth and not hold back on the crooks , liars and scumbags ,
    Talk about Violet Beckles , if you cant then you not seeing and not knowing,
    Then you maybe reacting to the fire , but you are not looking at the cause of the fire,
    All the land used for free and bad made up documents and bad BANKING with crook lawyers and Ministers got us where Barbados is today,
    When you turn the light on the crooks in the dark they run ,

    You can numbers all you want , but you cant start math from the middle and then give us = this or = that
    All things must GO UP , Why?
    Many do not paying land tax – Why they dont own the land they live on ,
    Many do not pay rental taxes- for they dont own the land nor the building they getting rent from , they filled out no paper work at Inland rev.
    So all the rent they get is free and untaxed.
    Many dont pay taxes -why , for they give each other titles GG,Ministers, Sir, QC, Judge and so on. and dont pay any taxes at all , =no taxes big tickets items like cars and other things.BUT YET the Queen now pay some taxes in England.
    Many dont pay taxes for the crooks at inland tell big man business how to avoid the taxes, = Say After spending to start a business . Then say you made no money = close the business and reopen under a different name doing the same thing,
    NO, I and we just got here and We know what all these crooks doing and to tell me you dont know? then find out,

    TAXES = over price plane tickets from $90bds to $90usd and then add tax and VAT will be more by 100% to Bajans

    FUEL = Jack up the price of fuel , now you have more to tax and more to VAT.fuel prices drop .50us this year alone per gallon , but moving up in BIM lolol

    Food = Jack up the food prices and get more VAT and TAXES

    VAT= Jack up the VAT to get more VAT

    Land and House,=drive by and say on paper your home is worth more , and you did not even sell it = in their greedy eyes your house worth more to TAX you more ,when no one sold nor can buy nor can get a bank loan nor have work to buy your home, Yes your home is worth more for TAX AND VAT purposes .

    When many now know , the fraud so they not paying no land taxes .
    2010, 150million paid in , 2011, 5million paid in , 2012. 8.5 million paid in .SO 2011+2012=13.5 million and not 2011+2012=300million and we not add 2013 as yet..So We willl say 286.5Miilon dollars in the pit of let say 2013 people paid 20million, We still short 130million for 2013.,, So 286.5 we know and 130million for 2013 =416.5million not paid in the last 3 years, get a KODAK get the PICTURE.
    CAN you see why we looking for 400million FRAUD PIT , And why taxes must go up on all other things around you,

  19. Captain Sullenberger’s task was simple compared to that of a government with all opinions pulling every which way and no in place controls to manipulate.

    Airline Pilots train for emergency landings and are tested at least every 6 months on a simulator which injects all kinds of faults that have to be dealt with adequately or they are not allowed to fly.
    After training the rest is up to luck regarding where the emergency occurs, altitude and terrain – reaction has to be immediate, swift and decisive to avoid a disaster where avoidance is an option.

    The accolades in the press can be pure hyperbole, that’s why when an airliner landed at Birmingham with one of it’s main wheels in the up position, the captain refused to be interviewed so as not to face crew room jibes about him being a hero for doing a standard wing down landing albeit with 1 wheel stuck up.

    There was a British Midland 737 crash on the M1 motorway because engine wiring was crossed over and they shut the wrong engine down so lost all engines. When the accident was fully investigated they added “Human Factors in Flight” to the list of subjects and exams that had to be taken because they realised that asking someone to look out at the engines before attempting a shutdown would have allowed the crew to take a different action and effect a safe landing.

    If Captain Sullenberger had been faced with overflying an urban sprawl when the same emergency occurred the outcome would certainly have been tragic.

    Every pilot knows that if power quits at certain critical moments the outcome will not be good.
    It’s something we are very aware of but we concentrate on the job of getting up to a safe height and well clear of objects and when that is achieved just getting on with the task of ensuring a safe flight and planning as best we can to ensure a safe landing.

    Now back to the business of government.
    What resources are they given by way of people, natural and infrastructure?
    What previous experience do they have?
    How do they hone their skills?

    When a people expect to have a high unearned standard of living in a country with inadequate means of supporting that lifestyle, they eventually have to face a day of judgement – as sure as eggs are eggs.

    Many countries face the dilemma now, you can’t spend what you don’t earn.

    You also have to ask if any Barbadian government in recent history has not contributed to the present state of the economy in an effort to convince a gullible public that the island was being bathed by a cool breeze that would last forever.

  20. @ BUSH TEA …
    THe country looking fuh Investors…….HOW abouut a “BRASSBOWL INC……Help fix the leaking house,,,,, BRASS BOWL .

  21. @ Not trusting this joker . | November 28, 2013 at 8:12 AM |

    First you should reveal yourself by removing the mask of the joker you are wearing; and I will follow suit.
    Then you can piss off.
    Your genuine colleague
    Jethro Miller.

  22. @ Bushie
    Caveat Emptor…..when ya buyin fish….especially you and that prickle sea cat wuuman………have you ever heard of CAVEAT EMPTOR ?…”let the buyer beware”….DLP expect to find all a bed of roses eh? Well they lie..besides BLP don’t NO MORE collect all the taxes and duties of the peoples…so reel and come again Mr. Outback…they gots ta pay Barrack….Q.E.D

  23. THEN FINALLY…Ole King Cole…get mekk to look like D fool
    So off went the Emperor in procession under his splendid canopy. Everyone in the streets and the windows said, “Oh, how fine are the Emperor’s new clothes! Don’t they fit him to perfection? And see his long train!” Nobody would confess that he couldn’t see anything, for that would prove him either unfit for his position, or a fool. No costume the Emperor had worn before was ever such a complete success.

    “But he hasn’t got anything on,” a little child said.

    “Did you ever hear such innocent prattle?” said its father. And one person whispered to another what the child had said, “He hasn’t anything on. A child says he hasn’t anything on.”

    “But he hasn’t got anything on!” the whole town cried out at last.

    The Emperor shivered, for he suspected they were right. But he thought, “This procession has got to go on.” So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn’t there at all.

  24. @ Mr.Bovell….if one goes back to the pre 2008 days in Barbados do you think that yours is a name that engenders thoughts of good governance in Barbados? Are you back on the basis of the much touted bajans have short memory syndrome? For you I borrow this line from The Mighty Gryner…Tell Hendy GET OUT DE WAY!

  25. Joker says Miller should come out of hiding but doesn’t come out of hiding. He says Caswell is the boy but invariably belittles what he says – so that’s a red herring. IF we did not use alias’ we could not say the wicked things we (all) say – and that also goes for David. So – I have no problem with an alias. What I do have a problem with is the alias-upon-an-alias to give the impression of strength in numbers. That is cowardice.


    A btw……is there news of BAF? I have missed him and hope he’s OK.

  26. LOL @ Onions
    ….they gots ta pay Barrack….Q.E.D
    Or do you mean “they gots to pay barrack….G.W.P”. ….?
    …think Bushie born this century nuh…?

  27. @ David
    You talking about the same courts featured in your “TALES”?

    ….the one where big-ups does skin their pooch at the judges?
    ….the ones whose decisions are politically predictable?
    ….the ones constantly RIDICULED by the CCJ?

    man Steupssss do!
    Wuh that is like asking a fellow that serious ’bout BBE to adhere to the Churches they got bout here….

    Righteousness and Justice are absolutes…… they are not related to any shiite court ….or shiite church….

  28. I heard PM Stuart was in parliament performing for the peanut gallery (unaware idiots) AKA yardfowls……then promptly thereafter, the business sector came out and demolished his performance by crying about the state of the Barbados economy….just as long as they don’t borrow Credit Suisse’s money and lend it to the business people….then they will know….but Switzerland owning Barbados will not be a bad thing, everyone else and his brother has had a piece of the island…….lol

  29. I don’t even know why anybody engaging this clown when yuh can’t trust him no further than yuh could pelt him. Talk bout pot calling kettle black!!! He should crawl back under the rock he was hiding under. Stupseeeee

  30. Bush Tea….as a person who does not subscribe to any belief system,I am curious to find out more about your “Big Boss Engineer”,could you elaborate and remember I have read all you have said on it on BU from day one.Furthermore are you saying that their are absolutes in our known world,if so could you provide some empirical evidence.

  31. Man look Here Haynes…
    ..if you are going to be persistent about this meet the bushman on “Bush Tea at large” blog and let we see what we can see….
    This stuff to high for the likes of ac….she may only go and hurt herself thinking about um now…. LOL Ha Ha

    …but if ya got you eyes on Bushie’s weed-whacking pick in BBEland don’t even bother to come…. 🙂

  32. bush tea wuh running ova dey fuh.. nubody got time to crawll around in dat bush looking fuh yuh only ac at times crawl ova deh to keep uh straight. man stop uh hiding and let people know how yuh belive that BBE gonna solve all de problems that man created, uh tek bbe fuh fool. BBE no politician. he don;t play dem games not fixing nutting that people break up, If BBE got got sense BBE would replaced both house and occupants..

  33. The issue of ‘printing money’ has again surfaced in Barbados. Last time the topic was discussed nationally (in any serious way) was back in the 1990’s, just before the DLP ended-up in the IMF’s pocket.

    Since then, the only person I recall having heard attempting to raise concern about: “Quantitative Easing,” in any serious way – is Indar Weir.

    Still, I am just wondering if, given the present reality – whether the country should be discussing: ‘Quantitative Easing’ or “Qualitative Easing,” or both!

    I think this is a fair question, especially since few will disagree that every possible step that could have been taken to boost the economy – has already been exhausted by this Government.

    I say that with authority because this DLP Government has made it clear that it will not ‘send home any public servant’s or ‘privatise anything.’

    Nobody is recommending that the Government ‘should’ or ‘should not’ do anything! While it is painful that it does not seem to have any idea on the way forward – it is the Government; it said it wanted more time and it got it.

    But whether the Central Bank and this DLP Government are engaging in ‘Quantitative Easing’ or “Qualitative Easing”, or both – it is known that good; scarce foreign reserves are being used to purchase “JUNK BONDS” or debt, which credible foreign investors find extremely unattractive.

    This has to be a major concern for the country because (having locked itself into a position) the only option that now seems available to the DLP – after the Central Bank and NIS Funds – is the IMF and they will want cuts and reforms.

    The DLP seems to have forgotten it commitment that, ‘as servants of the people, it will let them know what it is doing on their behalf.’ The scandalous thing is, the Government told Barbadians things “stable,” even while Rating Agencies were downgrading it to JUNK.

    As a result, what most Barbadians agree on, is that the country is in a serious crisis and with a Government the people cannot trust and can no longer afford. The Chamber of Commerce’s explanation seems far more diplomatic.

    The DLP perhaps sees them only as, “glorified shopkeepers,” but they have an interesting perspective. They said recently, that having a car with a “dysfunctional engine,” is like not having a car at all.

  34. @Henderson Bovell,

    Given that you have articulated that we are in deep crisis, can you then posit if there was a change to BLPTOMORROW, how you think your government would get us out of this crisis?
    Secondly, I would recommend you to read the Economist magazine for the weeks of September 07 -13, September 14 to 20 and 21 to 27 on the financial crisis and you would see that if not all central banks responded to the crisis throgh QE.

  35. LOL
    Talk wuh ya like…. Abuse like it does run off this fella Bovell like water off a duck’s back….
    Clearly a born politician of the traditional ilk, ….so how the hell does the chap get the gall to come here on BU – where we have been dissecting, chewing-up and spitting out such politicians from both sides of the fence, …to set up his cheap soap box?

    Ya gotta respect the man den….!

  36. @ Bushie
    So wait….like you ent know Irene uesdddddd to come in hay…..and Donville too….Somebody start pelting big rocks @ Ire and D next ting ..she gone….so wait you sayin she had a fowl cock back den ?

  37. NOW GAME ON……I DARE ANY BLP supporter to give TWO rationale ,Reasons WHY THE BLP can and should be TRUSTED

    1. A record of achieving economic growth and earning more than they spent even with lower indirect and direct taxes than now exist for at least TWO consecutive years.

    2. The DLP has failed for SIX years

  38. David

    Is it time you considered removing this voting system of yours? Vincent Haynes asks some pertinent, no combative, questions about reality and gets the miserable one vote. I send a good wish to BAF and get one vote. What is the matter with these people? In neither case is there anything there that is votable. The system is simply silly and, besides, I thought we were out of short trousers now. I’m sure there’s a justification but for the life of me I can’t see what it is. Will you enlighten me…perhaps for the general good?

  39. Economies don’t just crash overnight. They are usually a chain of events , or bad decisions that act as a prelude to a crash. Barbados was making silly decisions for at least two and a half decades now. Everyone wants to blame the DLP administration for the financial meltdown. They are certainly not blameless. For instance, one may ask why so much money is outstanding in VAT contributions that hasn’t been paid as yet. Why does the government continue to allow the businesses of this country who collect VAT on their behalf, not to pay it in and this continues to go unchecked. But there’s a deeper cause to all this. its called GREED.
    Tourism was failing for years now, but hold onto it so that certain classes of people can live exorbitantly while pretending to be a large employment force. Does one really think that paying the general staff of a hotel $1500 to $2000 a month can really contribute the necessary funds to the economy in the way of taxes? Does paying AA with those disgustingly despicable looking old crones, hefty fees for empty seats to fly here make sense? Does having three of 4 cruse ships in port berthed simultaneously with only a small fraction of their passenger compliment disembarking and spending make sense? It doesn’t. And no amount of excuses will ever make it logically add.
    We refused as a people and government to be novel in our approach to running this country. Same old ideas re-packaged and presented as new. Cant make your targets, then cut your costs. But when we were all feeding at the trough of greed created by the magicians who led this country previously, none of us saw or thought of the impending danger coming. Land prices got astronomical. So Barbadians couldn’t own their own lands anymore. Now land is out of reach and only the rich can afford it. But we were feeding at that trough. We all had money, but by what means? The sale of our national assets? When there was just too much money to stuff into the pockets of the rich, the “over-flow” trickled its way into the population and we felt good! Now, those very people are holding back their money and daring the government to come after them because they didn’t get what they wanted. That is, the financial enslavement of the remainder of us. Keep playing the backside and see where this leads..
    My prediction for 2015 is dire and bleak, but all I will say is: “Its happened before and will happen again, magnitudes more impactfully than it did then!”
    Just leaving my comment!

  40. @ Ross
    ..just ignore it.
    That is the work of ac and her ilk who are at times torn between whether one star or five stars is the positive vote…
    …a symptom of brassiness… 🙂

  41. @ just commenting
    “…none of us saw or thought of the impending danger coming.”
    This is your only factual error JC.
    Some of us saw it way back in the days when we were tossing money around by the billions….

    Otherwise….well said.

    • The whole world went mad during the 1980’s and some of us saw it coming way back then and we battened down the hatches. Some of us were regarded back then as doom and gloom merchants.

      Even before that, in the UK in the early 1960’s they ridiculed Japanese products – transistor radios as cheap plastic boxes with lots of extra transistors that did nothing, cars as cheap and nasty – I disagreed then.

      1960’s they ridiculed the Chinese as being able to live on a bowl of rice a day.

      1966 -1969 I was out of the UK and when I returned nearly every car on the road was Japanese or Italian with a goodly number of German cars.

      From the 1980’s we courted Japanese companies and tourists.
      Some years ago UK commentators were laughing at the Japanese economic problems.

      Today we are looking at the same bowl a day Chinese for investment and trade and we are also looking to depend on India for trade, investment and skills.

      Possibly Barbadians have the British disease but don’t know it.

      Us sceptics “cynical Sid” as I was called, have been proven right on every count – they are not laughing now! Apologies to the late Bob Monkhouse.

      In the immortal words of the late Bob Monkhouse – “When I told them I wanted to be a comedian, they laughed – they’re not laughing now!”

  42. bush tea got to agree with ross the voting system is rigged by malcontent BLP voters,. almost like voters fraud, now u BUSh tea accused me of voting, if that is so check the number of one votes i get , but i am not flicked skin to let them irritate me,

  43. Bush Tea

    ‘Pressing the wrong button’………..I do it all the time.

    The ac point is also valid……we push them party political…… the system is meaningless.

  44. “The new measures agreed on by the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) and sanctioned by the Treasury are known as qualitative easing—steps taken by central banks once the normal methods of boosting the economy have been



    • Who ever wrote that Morningstar article is either an idiot or an economist.
      “Households not spending”, of course they are spending to the max, on increased electricity, gas, food and everything else.
      House prices have been rising so fast that the Bank of England has had to curb the government’s recently announced flagship guarantee on mortgages.

      The economy is a mess whichever way they bend it in an effort to avoid the next impending crash.
      When the smoke and mirrors clear we’ll see that the recovery was all a mirage.

  45. @just commenting

    Yaaawn, you are no different to Denis Lowe in the YouTube post here on BU–all rhetoric. Pray tell if Barbadians can’t own land who owning it? What do the statistics say? Stupse!

  46. BAF

    Cuddles and blessings…. or (to save BT the galloping frown)

    A warm handshake, a grab, an ear whisper and a slap on the back – Obama-way.

  47. It Is Within Your Power To Help Make Things Better!

    My fellow Barbadian, as we prepare to celebrate yet another year of Independence, we must never doubt our ability to bring about positive change. No longer can any of us afford to believe the false notion that ‘better is not possible!’ Faced with greater obstacles, neither Clement Payne, Bussa, Conrad Reeves nor Grantley Adams, believed that folly.

    Alleging that better is not possible, ‘is an excuse! It is not the Barbadian way!’ Presiding over four downgrades, with Rating Agencies warning that yet another is around the corner – is not an achievement to celebrate, but a clear message of a lack of confidence and that something is very wrong (not with Barbados but) with the Government and its policies. Barbadians may not be able to change the policies, but..!

    Will you sit on your hands; do nothing and allow the hard work we did; the sacrifice our forefathers made and the success we achieved (in the interest of Barbados) to be eroded completely by people who are only now realising that you can bluff your way as a party in Opposition, but not as the Government?

    Success’ like victory – never comes easy and while it is true that the gold does not always go to the most equipped or accomplished competitor, we must never stop believing in our ability to bring about real change.

    Men like Grantley Adams and Clement Payne achieved that objective with great danger to their lives. Barbados is still a cause worth fighting for. We must work like the future of this country rests on our success because it really does.

    No doubt, each of you will have your own reason to get involved, whether it is: to see the economy rebuilt and in a way that: will work for you; create jobs; make businesses strong again, change Barbados junk status, ease the pressure on the poor and middle class, or to make health care and tertiary education affordable again.

    You too may be saddened and deeply troubled by the alarming number of Barbadians who were robbed out of their hope and happiness and today are literally have nothing even to eat and are finding it difficult to make ends meet and keep body and soul together.

    But each of us has something that drives us and that is telling us that we must and can do more now, to secure the future for others. That’s why so many of you are coming together to get the job done for Barbados.

    None of us can elect the right Government or bring-about the change this country urgently needs – on our own, neither can “the best team possible for Barbados” – continue the job it started and make things better for you, without your help. It is either a commitment to four more years of famine; hardship and human suffering or to something better.

    Together, we can and we must help fix and change our broken Government and our broken economy, by supporting a team that will put this country back on track and get Barbadians working again.

    This country needs leaders at all levels. I am therefore inviting you to join me and other patriotic Barbadians and let us rescue our country and make it attractive and strong again. Let us renew our commitment and refresh ourselves to supporting a group of leaders who share your views and care about the things that are important to you.

    Note however, that the road ahead will be rough and there may even be times when you feel like just giving up but people are counting on your strength and commitment to make a difference in their lives. We must not fail them.

    Better is possible and within our reach. Note also, that we gave a commitment to be craft-men of our fate: Let us write our names on history’s page so that one day our children will know that at this critical moment, when others were losing hope and direction, when it mattered most – we wrapped ourselves in the flag; lifted the banner and step forward with the torch and said, “follow me,” “we will show you the way,” and, “if you are to weary, we will help you.”

    Thank you for the confidence in your ability, as well as for your commitment, to make things better.

    There is hope! Be Blessed and may God be with you! Happy Independence!

    Let’s get to work!

  48. Let’s face is, Barbados has moved from the front – burner to the back – burner and now we’re looking for every and any Tom, Dick, Harry to take blame.

    Now, the economy is and has been on lifesupport for quite sometime and I fail to accept the common narrative that the DLP is total at fault.

    Ya’ll ought to know that the PAST with its GOOD and EVIL lives in the PRESENT and OLD is in the NEW concealed and OLD is in the NEW revealed. Now, just chew a little on the Nation’s Birthday cake you antagonist.

    Finally, and as I’ve said on a former occasion: I do not know how those persons who had been concieved of a low birth in Barbados, could find it in they conscience to vote for any other political party than that of the DLP.

  49. @ Hamilton Hill
    In response to the captioned challenges, the civilised political stance – two recommendations, one aimed at improving Caribbean governance, the other at improving the administration of national budgets:
    The publication of ‘letters of intent’, inspired by those issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to developing countries confronted with budget difficulties. The letters would contain precise quantitative objectives and a record of the national measures put in place to meet the objectives of the stability and growth pact.
    The vote and implementation of the budget: Rules could be introduced that would condition government taxes and levies to a reduction of the budget deficit along annual objectives agreed at the beginning of each legislature. Taxpayers could thus compare the true performance of political parties during election campaigns.

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