Appeal to Roebuck Secondary School formerly Louis Lynch Former Students

Urgent notice do read and repost:

future_centre_trustDid you or any one you know attend the Roebuck Secondary also known as Louis Lynch Secondary? Do you know of anyone who died from cancer,suffering an endocrine disease or any mysterious illness who went to the aforementioned school? Please call the Future Centre Trust at 6252020 and leave your details.

121 thoughts on “Appeal to Roebuck Secondary School formerly Louis Lynch Former Students

  1. The fact that 86 relatively young persons who attended the same school in the same period are so seriously ill should demand serious study.Hants

    I ” have die” as a direct “resulted” of the “exposured” to the bovine excrement effluxed by Balaam’s ass on this thread

  2. Georgie Porgie

    Thanks for that piece of regurgitated information brother. You’re doing an Excellent job and the BU community really appreciate the time and effort to take out of your very busy schedule to inform the rest of us. lol

  3. Georgie Porgie

    We should allow the doctor to speak because he is obviously the expert on a medical issue so complex and puzzling.(lol) But David, I think we need a little more than the regurgitated medical terminology; come from a man who has never in his entire life practice medicine.

  4. @ David

    Surely David, there must be something you can do to save us from the idiotic remarks of Balaam’s ass? Is it possibe to filter him or something like that?

  5. De Hood
    Whatup old man? Haven’t heard from you in quite sometime brother, are you still nursing the enlarged prostate gland? Hood, you know your buddy is an impostor but you haven’t the testicular fortitude to tell your buddy the truth.

  6. Sorry guys…. Happy Father’s Day to all of the Real – Fathers out there and that includes you to Georgie Porgie. De Hood, grow a pair of balls old man.

  7. @ GP

    Hi Doc,

    Thanks for the good sentiments and I hope you had an enjoyable day with your family as well. The light of my senior years -grandson- was here bright and early this morning, before I left for church, and gave me the greatest hug and kiss to last me a few days! And, if that was not enough I later had an enjoyable visit from both my sons-the Sargeant and the CEO. So altogether, not a bad day at all GP. Also, to crown it all, it was my turn to teach the class at church today! So, I’m still enjoying the senior years, senior moments included. 🙂

  8. @ SS

    Honey, you did not have to go any further then the “mf” when you rfr to Balaam’s ass. We all understand when you say, “mf”. 🙂

  9. De Hood

    It came as a breath of fresh air to hear you articulate to GP the what in which you enjoy your father’s Day. We really need the old time Bajans of your making around because it makes my day to see that you’re mentoring the young generation of Barbarian with your reservoir of knowledge Hood. Right now I am on my knees and balling out to the maker of Heaven and earth to add twenty more onto your life. You derserved it Hood because you’re now doing the work of the Kingdom and all eyes are on you now brother.

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