Political Yardfowlism Bajan Gangum Style

Submitted by Pachamama

errolbarrowtomeadamsDipper: Tom boy dem Bajans, specially the party loyalists, still treating we like gods, Tommy boy
Tom: You know dey had some people who woulda kill for me
Dipper: you aint got to tell me
Tom: up to now a few a dem aint think we dead, or that the Dems kill me, or that the Dems kill you, or that we progeny would be like we. Yeah, the yardies awaiting a second coming of the Tom and/or the Dipper – a savior
Dipper:  some of Dem yardies still tink I dead in mysterious circumstances. Something to do wid the political machinations of Cammie or a cabinet reshuffle
Tom: Dipper yuh know we were edicated over in away bout politics, gouvement and law but yuh never expect this type of yardie worshipfulness. It was surprising to see how easily it was to mass indoctrinate so much people
Dipper: Goebells was right that was easy as Sunday morning. We still so puwful up dey that there can be nobody like we, even now.

Tom: don’t kay wuh Owen, or Bree, or Mia or Fruendel do, they could never match we. Even Grantley was bare boy, compared wid we!
Dipper: wah we still pulling the strings from down hey
Tom: if dem BLP yardies know we doin it down hey gangun style we would loose some of dat hero worship, yuh hear. Dey want we to be arch enemies, even now we down hey!
Dipper: if dem DLP/BLP loyalists serve god as faithfully as they serve we and the parties, dey will get to live in the cloud before we, cause we down hey wid the master of the omniverse
Tom: dey think I is a saint but if they know some of the things I do ………
Dipper: yes, dey use to fear you
Tom: you was the lover boy, but you was just as ruthless as me. Remember the public order act? Dat is wuh you do to control the Black Power men from the late 60’s and early 70’s. But Dipper you did gine really kill the Black Power men in trute
Dipper: How yuh mean? Think I would let dem threaten the white people business in Babadus.
Tom: Yuh know I had my confrontation wid Sidney Burnett Alleyne and then wid the Commies around the Invasion of Grenada and Gonzo too.
Dipper: suuuuuuuuh, don’t let dem know dem tings ………………..
Tom: but Dipper why you like to always remember the time I backraise you?
Dipper: because you and your party. Owen and Mia learn backraising from you
Tom: Wuh Cammie and Sandi backraise Richie too
Dipper: yes, and dem checks yuh bring to parliamunt to add theatre to the budget reply, that was sublime, Tommy boy. That was the best back raise of all times.
Tom: checks wuk, dem dint real, but I had to overthrow you somehow. If I dint do dat you would be PM for life
Dipper: yeah, some of my people were doing a lot of junk and we did really tired by ’76 but the yardies wanted me to be PM forever. Even though I run away for a year and left Talma in charge, dey wont tek ‘no’ for an answer
Tom: Sleepie say you left Talma because you use to call from Miami and tell he wuh to do
Dipper: could’nt leave Sleepie in charge, because he was his own man and he would duh do as he like.
Tom: but the DLP yardies never accepted dat anybody could be as good as you, as PM or party leader
Dipper: soppose the yarddies recognize that the people are the real powuh. That no gouvment could continue unless the people cooperate wid dem
Tom: that was real flustrating when I tek over from you, Dip
Dipper: civil disobedience could bring down any gouvment but the yardies are there to stop genuine, broad based democracy. No public order act could stop it
Tom: the yard fowls operate like anether party, a third party, aiming at stopping transformation, like an active and ongoing conspiracy against the state itself
Dipper: and you know it only tek a few crumbs from the table or bunch a keys to a state corporation to let dem people frustrate progress for the rest of dee people
Tom: yuh know everybody got to play dey role. The yardies coming down here all the time and asking me to send Rawdi to challenge Mia
Dipper: even the neophyte Thomo tell me that the yardies want him to help Sinclar overtrow Fruendel. There is nuhbody who can mek yuh life as miserable as a yardie
as far as I concern, me, you, Oneal, Grantley, Cummings and Bree meet already and decided what is what for up there, a national unity guvment. Yuh know you got a numerical minority down hey!
Dipper: truly! But I am undaunted.

19 thoughts on “Political Yardfowlism Bajan Gangum Style

  1. A honest depiction of Yardfowlism and pimping. I always say the biggest hindrance to our continued development is the modus operandi of political yardfowls who do the dirty work for their political masters

    • It is really a reflection on our type of government. It begins in the House of Asembly where they all line up behind party lines, never wanting to vote conscience. A collection of robots. Is it possible to be a party member and disagree openenly with the party and expect no recrimination? We think not and therein lies the problem.

  2. There is somebody waiting to rubbish any good idea. Whoever it comes from and wherever , YOU WILL FIND SOME JACKASS who says –‘that cant work’
    You ask why does it happen this way and you wonder.

    Another thing is the defence of nonsense regardless of how ridiculous.

    ac –your call

  3. If we are so well educated, so sophisticated in our thought process, how is it that for so long this ruse has continued ? Today we frown on contributions made by Carson and Astrid Cadogan. Tomorrow the same sycophancy shall be displayed by a wasteful child and or an unsure miller. The beat goes on and only those in the connected Barbados prosper. Residents of the other Barbados continue to smell hell. We Like It So!

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  5. Look bot of these men have been dead, dead, dead for more that a generation.

    If you say “Tom” or “Dipper” half of Bajans don’t even know who you are talking ’bout.

  6. DAVID—this topic also tell us of theYardfowls that are Were hand picked to sit on the council of the NUPW that’s why mamoney ,phseone bill $6000and$18000,Maloney can steal as he likes and seem to get away with it alond with the help of Denis Clarke —this is a mirrow image of the larger picture-but life has a funny way of playing tricks one day coming soon the people will wake up -all will be expo

  7. Mr. Barrow this nation missed in ways words cannot express. You were all about the people’s interest and not your own self- interest.

  8. Mr. Barrow this nation missed you in ways words cannot express. You were all about the people’s interest and not your own self- interest.

  9. Fenty yuh communicating wid de dead> Damn ting reel bad when yuh got duppies talking to duppies, BU posters talking tah duppies waaait wha happening bosie?

  10. How could people be handpicked to sit on the Council of the NUPW ?
    Thought that a situation like this called for voting.

  11. All right. Let me get this straight. People wait until Dipper dead and gone to disparage his name. But what about the good things he did while in office? Every politician has a few skeletons in their closets. None of them are made in heaven. Politics are a dirty business. There are sides to take, palms to grease and special interests to please. And though most entertain that naive notion that they ought to be choir boys and girls, reality suggests differently. However, at the end of the day, if their good outweigh the bad – what more can we realistically ask for?

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