Too Little Too LATE – Is it a Generalized Collapse of CAPITALISM?

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Capitalism has failed Caribbean states.

Capitalism has failed Caribbean states.

For years we have been the canary in the coal mine for misguided Caribbean elites as we shouted to the top of our voices our central refrain that capitalism has failed and that that failure presented Caribbean peoples with equally great opportunities to play a larger role in the world as we determine our common destiny. Despite our best efforts nobody in officialdom in a backward Caribbean took us seriously. The elites in academia, like Hilary Beckles, thought it impossible – impossible for capitalism to collapse. The elites in economy were so busily gorging themselves with the crumbs from massa’s table to think about such a tectonic shift and its implication for Caribbean peoples. The political elites, like Chris Sinckler, Mia Mottley, Owen Arthur and their parties were, and still are, so captured by a faux and dead political-economy model that they found it impossible to raise their heads from the cool aid of a Washington Consensus, neo-liberal, monarchist acili. They have failed to accurately measure the internal contradictions of capitalism and now must be removed as the system continues to fail.

We however welcome the remarks, late as they are, from Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Kenny Anthony as covered by a nearly useless Barbadian newspaper. We quote below:

SOME CARIBBEAN COUNTRIES are near the brink of collapse but one wouldn’t get that impression from the way governments are behaving. St Lucia’s Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony made that charge Tuesday night at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus, while fielding questions after delivering a lecture: Education In The Caribbean: Challenges And Opportunities Facing Small Developing States.

The programme was organized by UWI and the St Lucia Student Association. He told the gathering of about 150 students and academics that the Caribbean was facing an economic crisis the likes of which it had never encountered and was “almost on the brink of collapse”, but leaders were in self-denial. “The tragedy of the times is that we are in the throes of a major crisis like the Caribbean has never ever experienced before, but we are refusing to face the reality that confronts us and all of us are engaged in one form or another of self-denial,” Anthony said” The Nation Newspaper, Nov 2013).

In the same newspaper, on the same day, Chris Sinckler was featured putting a political spin on reports relative to his engagement of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). His comments demonstrate why people of his ilk are so very dangerous to Caribbean peoples. Instead of a debate about exiting these colonial structures Sinckler, as Minister of Finance, is trying to sell a case for another kind of, not so bad relationship, with an institution that has an impeccable record for the underdevelopment of peoples wherever it has had a chance to. In fact the record of the IMF presents a negative correlation to development. Countries with no involvement with the IMF have been shown to have an inverse range of development indicators. We are not telling any secrets here. Sinckler knows this truth or should, but has us so caught up in the death spiral of capitalism that he can see no way out. His colleagues, on either side, from Jamaica to Guyana are no better. And of course his narrative or point of reference must not include the experience of Bolivia, Ecuador and other countries in the wider region which are combating a dying but still dangerous capitalism. Poor Sinckler, those in academia should have had decades to prepare for this and are deeper in the darkness of a capitalist collapse.

For years we have tried to tell the so-called Caribbean intellectuals of a pending political-economy calamity. We argued then that current thinking was taking us into a development cul de sac. We have been, many times surprised by the lack of knowledge about the real internal workings of global capitalism as demonstrated by the Caribbean intelligencia and other elites. Still the leaders of Caribbean academy think it right to continue to make demands on the public purse to support a system which has never delivered, could never deliver and was never constructed to deliver anything other than eternal dependency and death to the peoples of the Caribbean. We seek to inoculate ourselves from the missives of the defenders of the establishment and their proxies when we concede that Caribbean countries individually, are small and because of this so-called ‘smallness’, we have to wait on others to lead us. Not so! We judge that the flip side of that narrative is more persuasive to us for in smallness we also have strengths including flexibility and speed of transformation. These are valuable weapons in this war for survival.

Now that our narrative has been given ‘official’ acceptance in the Caribbean our people must now wake up. For Caribbean peoples seem only to recognize the truisms of their existence when ‘respected’ officials first accept a lived reality. We must wake up to interrogate the elites with a view of popularizing democracy and flattening all systems and structures. We must recognize that these useless place-holders are more interested in being the cultural inheritors of brutal systems of exploitation than providing an independent path for our peoples. We must rise up to free ourselves from the mind of the colonialists which has been planted in our so-called leaders. We must rise up and put a stop to the mis-education of our people as is currently happening from infant to post graduate levels, 24/7. We must rise up and ‘shake off’ the useless Caribbean elites as a necessary precondition for building a different kind of organic society. A society where intellectuals are not just slaves of foreign thinking and dictators over who we should be as a people. A society where a prime minister will never again be no more than an elected dictator. Or where a university professor can send us down a river on a useless mis-education raft that is good for history alone, but useless for foretelling the future. Or a minister of finance who is no more than an agent for imperialism.

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    The elites in academia, like Hilary Beckles, thought it impossible – impossible for capitalism to collapse ….. The elites in academia, like Hilary Beckles, thought it impossible – impossible for capitalism to collapse. The elites in economy @@@ HE is a crook ,big crook

    . The political elites, like Chris Sinckler, Mia Mottley, Owen Arthur and their parties were, and still are, so captured by a faux and dead political-economy model that they found it impossible to raise their heads from the cool aid of a Washington Consensus, neo-liberal, monarchist acili. They have failed to accurately measure the internal contradictions of capitalism and now must be removed as the system continues to fail.@@@@

    Now you know the names of some of the main crooks , fraud and PONZI CROOKS , ALL NEED TO BE IN JAIL.


  2. Some questions must be asked about the vitality of capitalism after reading the following article:

    October 29, 2013 at 10:00 am
    Feds report $9.7B loss on GM shares

    David Shepardson
    Detroit News Washington Bureau

    Through Sept. 30, Treasury sold 811 million shares of the 912 million shares it received in the automaker as part of its 2009 bankruptcy restructuring. (Detroit News file)
    Washington— The U.S. Treasury has booked a $9.7 billion loss on its $49.5 billion bailout of General Motors Co. on the sale of nearly all of its shares it received as part of its $49.5 billion bailout.
    In a quarterly report to Congress Tuesday, the Special Inspector General overseeing the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program bailout fund disclosed that the Treasury had realized a significant loss on its sale of most of its 60.8 percent stake in GM. Through Sept. 30, Treasury sold 811 million shares of the 912 million shares it received in the automaker as part of its 2009 bankruptcy restructuring.
    The taxpayers’ ownership stake in the Detroit-based automaker — swapped for more than $40 billion in loans, was initially 60.8 percent, but is now down to about 7 percent, the Treasury said. “Because the common stock sales have all taken place below Treasury’s break even price, Treasury has so far booked a loss of $9.7 billion on the sales,” the report said.

  3. I read your article which is a lot of words but what concrete action can I take as a citizen of a small island to help the economy? Instead of verbose and complexities just list one action in simple terms that I can get started on.


    All words @ they all refuse to deal with the WHO , WHY AND HOW THE FRAUD WENT ON AND WHO IS KEEPING IT GOING,

  5. The Entire Fiat Money System is Bankrupt: Demise of the Global US Fiat Dollar Reserve Currency

    By Matthias Chang


    It used to be that the Petro-dollar was the linchpin of the global economy. However, when the derivatives market took off and became a US$800 Trillion global casino, the US$ toilet paper became the currency in global financial trading and speculation.

    All the TBTF banks were leveraged to their eyeballs and the collaterals were hypothecated and re-hypothecated so many times over, it became an inverted pyramid joke.

    The collaterals were bundled up into CDOs etc. rated AAA by corrupt rating agencies and traded. We need not repeat this old story. The point we are making here is that not only are the collaterals junks but they are supporting a mountain of debts in the trillions. Therefore, when collaterals are impaired the TBTF banks are in a shit-hole from which they cannot get out. The FED and other central banks have no choice but to bail out the TBTF banks if a systemic failure is to be avoided. If all the junk collaterals were to be off-loaded at once in the full glare of public scrutiny, there would be a run on all the banks. So, what was required was a stealth rescue effort. The TBTF banks were allowed to unload the junk collaterals bit by bit by the various schemes of the FED culminating in the US$85 billion a month purchases of treasury bonds and mortgages by the FED.

    Additionally, newly “minted” collaterals were used to replace the junks so as to clean up the balance sheets of the TBTF banks. I have stated earlier that the minimum amount of toxic assets needed to be mopped up is US$20 trillion. After five years, the FED has just scratched the surface. It is debatable how many US$ Trillions the FED has actually pumped into the system directly and indirectly. How much and how long more can the FED continue to pump US$ toilet paper into the system without creating a massive loss of confidence in the dollar? When the balance sheet of the FED reaches US$7 Trillion or maybe US$10 Trillion? It is anybody’s guess.

    For sure, there will be a point when another US$100 Billion is created on top of the stash of US$ toilet papers which will tip the scale and collapse the entire system. It is a catch-22 for the FED. If it stops creating fiat money out of thin air, the fiat money system would collapse immediately. If it continues with more money creation, it merely postpones the inevitable and more devastating end-game. This is the price we all have to pay for allowing the fiat money system to hold sway for so long.

    The world was conned into accepting the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of banking and finance – the US$ Global Reserve Currency Ponzi Scheme.

    More at:

  6. The biggest example TBTF (too big to fail) is indeed the US dollar. And look at the way the US Government is spending tax payers money in propping up its Capitalist experiment, nothing short of theft properly defines it.

    Pacha you were spot on about the true situation on the ground in Syria … there was never really a confirmation by the Western media, only an introduction of a new end game …”a Red Line has been crossed with the use of chemical weapons on civilians” that opens the way for overt invasion tactics to be employed.

    Of course Capitalism has failed the majority of citizens in the world, the overwhelming majority of citizens, but Capitalism is NOT about them now is it… and by extension, nor is Democracy. So with this in mind, neither Capitalism nor Democracy is failing.

  7. Let the PDC say very briefly, on here, BU – again, that Capitalism is not in decay, not collapsing, nor is it dying or anything of the sort.

    And such categoric truths are contrary to the false illusory ideas of people, like Dr Rodney Worrell, Dr Tennyson Joseph, who think otherwise.

    For let us – just in a very restricted sense – say that the basis of capitalism lies in the ever growing and already extensive array of similar and differing liberties and freedoms ( essentially political concepts) and in the ever increasing and yet expansive labyrinth of rights and agreements (again essentially political concepts) of hundreds of millions of people and other entities across much of the world.

    And say that, furthermore, there have been within recent years growth in these said liberties, freedoms, rights and agreements across many of those parts of the world that once fell under Soviet socialist/communist control and influence.

    Even in China, Vietnam and Cuba – which still have supposedly socialist/communist political leadership – such political conditions and circumstances have been reported to be spreading.

    Indeed, there would have to be, first, the serious emasculation or curtailment by some atavistic dictatorial institutions of these political conditions and circumstances in these various regions, for any body to, then, later witness any implosion, decaying, dying of local regional global capitalism which is and will for the remainder of its existence be a political material system, either at the domestic or international levels.

    Henceforth, we redefine Capitalism as a 19th Century/post-19 th Century Caucasian political legal material international system in which the freedoms and rights to contract for almost anything, the freedoms and rights to own personal chattel properties, to pass on such freedom and rights to others over such properties, to invest and produce, manufacture, distribute goods and services, the freedom and rights to get remunerated over the use of oneself, one’s property, goods, one’s rights, etc are and have been so inalienable, extensive, democratic, dialectical, reciprocal, that no one person, institution, or social political grouping in any society where capitalism is so pervasive entrenched at the domestic level, or that no one person, institution, or social political grouping out of a collective of those societies where capitalisms are so pervasive entrenched at the international level, has/will have an hereditary, long term, or even a monopoly of power, control and influence – via the various material reproduction systems – to exert or wield over any other such persons or groups of persons within that society, or over any of the other societies making up the collective of those societies in those different regions.

    So, rather than theorize posit help build a more people centered a more acceptable capitalism, or theorize hypothesize or even prophesy about what will emerge out of this capitalist system, it is regrettable for the PDC to realize that some academics are seen to be wasting their time their energies their egos reaching back into long failed expositions theories rants (some of Marxism is) about Capitalism decaying, collapsing, dying, when actually uttering and writing such folly, when in truth and in fact Capitalism has not only grown to surpass those useless statements predictions etc but has, et al, been long a hybrid product of the various political ideologies, philospohies and psychologies of various political systems of various historical epochs of this time.

    What such academics in Barbados should – perhaps – better find greater results in doing is in helping to politically ideologically intellectually destroy much of economics and western finance – two largely idiotic intellectual psychological approaches that are not only very much anti-thetical to undermining of the essences of Capitalism but that are also aiding in the destruction of many of the affairs of the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country.



    @ David

    True, the United States government booked a 0.7 billion dollor loss on the General Motros 2008 4.9 billion bailout. It is closer to ending ownership in General Motors (Detroit). General Motors, did you know has bounced back from its darkest days in 2008. The company, during the past three years have reported $16 billion in profits and added 2,000 American workers. General Motors, do you know is looking forward to the day of being free ownership of the United States government.

    U.S. auto sales according to journalist, Dan Mihalascu on June 6, 2013 are on track for the best year since 2007, with GM, Ford and Chrysler all gaining market share in the January-May period, the first time that has happened in at least 18 years.

    The United States government in 2008 rescued General Motors at cost of 49.9 billion, lost some not all what it dished out to save the troubled auto giant, but General Motors today is now stronger than ever. Who, who David is going to rescue troubled Barbados??? Further on, David, Barbados has far too many problems or junk in its own back yard to peeping over at General Motors. The United States government WITH RIGHT could say to Barbados, that’s your mess down there, do what you wanna do. Believe me people, it ain’t no big deal. I don’t really care.

  9. Correction, the United States government booked a 9.7 billion dollar loss NOT 0.7 billion on General Motors (Detroit, Michigan)

    • No system can be perfect. There is absolutely nothing wrong with probing it’s effectiveness as variables and conditions change about us.

  10. Capitalism has been redesigned and reshape underglobalism bringing in those countries like China who have never endorsed it laying the groundwork for a One world Govt.

    • @ac

      You should not write about things to which you are clueless. China’s large market has been swooped on because US domestic market became saturated and it has out paced the NAFTA arrangement. What change what!

  11. FIRST CAPTALISM..has been tried /and proven to work under democracy. benefits have faroutweghed its Failures .Even the GREAT CHINA has leaned heavily on the ideas of capitalism as they barrell and ploughed their way into countries that are mostly capitalist and democratic. CAPITALISM has indeed move foward with a goal in mind as the NWO take a foothold

  12. So What Are we talking about the death of CAPITALISM or the rebirth of CHINA who has used the vehicle of captalism to grow aided and abeited by the great USA . So what is your point u have only proved that the capatalist have been able to extend an olive branch to China which China has delighted in taking part while using captalist ideaolgy to achieve their financial goals. MY hands are folded!

    • @ac

      You have not described the strength of capitalism but greed the US now finds in self in a corner where 30% it’s Treasuries are held by China; a weakness. This is compounded by the fact China manipulates the Renimimbi to its advantage. Now only is China using its virgin market mainly because of its abundance of sweat shop labour which again because of greed is being exploited by the US. And last of all the US system continues to be propped up by the fact the USD is holding on as the world’s reserve currency.


    David said
    ac….You should not write about things to which you are clueless.
    …so that mean that you ban she then D?

    …MUST BE… Cause ac is clueless about EVERYTHING.
    …means she can write about nothing
    …means she BANNED….at last 🙂

    @ ac
    You could always sneak back in under the new handle BFBUac
    (banned from BU for acute cluelessness)

    Ha Ha LOLOL. Wa loss!

  14. BFBUac … Wait, I getting company now …?

    If Barbados only had the Freedom that the USA enjoys, the freedom to print its own money and have the rest of the world accept it as standard currency.

  15. So Look what does that tell you … huh? You enjoy picking sense out of foolishness …? The only reason why that is so is because FOREX traders like all other traders are playing a game that basically has one fundamental rule … “Do not break ranks”. They are sheep that queue up behind the powerful, and none of them will dare cry wolf. How the hell do you think the derivatives market and the sup-prime CDO’s lasted for as long as they did, unchallenged. The US dollar is the biggest bubble that there has ever been in the history of financing and like all other bubbles it will burst at some time. Pray that you are dead when that happens. If you want this world to be a better place… well cry wolf and stop with the jackass grand standing…!

  16. @ Baffy
    ….you know how the last set of big fellows who walk bout talking that heresy about the US $ ended up? …boys like Saddam, Gadaffi and your friend from Venezuela……
    …why you don’t hush up nuh? You think you is Pachacuti or wuh? …you is an Empire changer?

    Bout the BFBUac thing….
    Bushie was just trying to give ac the heads up that David was putting a cussing in her tail…. David does cuss bloggers in “hightie tightie” language….so ac won’t get it …LOL….
    …You check the washing off that he put in Bushie’s backside last week? David is too much of a gentleman fuh truth…..

    LOL…..So ac,….bye…until you have something intelligent to say…
    In short, you BANNED forever.
    Lol Ha Ha

  17. @BAF

    only quite recently China made the statement to the effect that the USA is given too much importance that was a round the time those stupid Republicans wanted to blackmail Obama.

  18. Like All Words, I fail to see what solution is being proposed to the “death of capitalism”.
    A flattened structure and no Prime Minister does not seem to do the trick for me. I suppose that’s because I don’t believe capitalism is dead, though.


    @ David

    Should be careful, extremely carefully mixing the United States with GREED and againBarbados has far too many problems or junk in its own back yard to peeping over at General Motors (Detroit, Michigan) and or United States/China relationship. Some of those skeletons hiding in their problems, Barbados is just that – GREED.

  20. All words

    Course you’re right – but ‘action’ is hardly a replacement for jabber, jabber, jabber is it? How do we “rise up” from our ordinariness, our littleness? IF anyone were to come and show us the way it would be too much. We would kill him.

  21. @ newblood
    Don’t worry, ac can take it. ….Besides you probably missed the licks that she and the 2X4 vagabond Islandgal attempted to inflict on the bushman a while back…

    @ RR
    IF anyone were to come and show us the way it would be too much. We would kill him
    Much respect from Bushie.
    Absolutely correct.
    …but then again you know what they say about a broken clock…. 🙂

  22. The enemy of my enemy is my friend … HA ha …! I respect ac .. the reason being is that she knows how to work a crowd … ac does be having bare sport ’bout here, and when ac husband grab the handle the fellas does shut up and listen… HA HA HA. ac will always be my girl ..!

    Bush Tea my phone tap … I hear a buzzing sound in my kitchen two nights ago and what looked like a grass hopper turned out to be a metallic hovering object. I run to grab the cell phone to tek a pic but by the time I got back it was gone. Thankfully it was too small to carry missiles …! Ha …

  23. Bushie u know what you beentrying real hard to ban ac from BU. annuda thing u always talk about good leadership and a bunch of poopyck and annuda ting. u try selling Caswell as the beginning an end all of correcting Bubbados problems ..and uh know what none uh dem u have accomplished. and u call ac clueless. uh belly need to hurt uh in trute.dummy

  24. Now t u david all that political dogma does not change the fact that america has put Communist China on a path to Capitalism which in turn would make it easier for a new world govt.america in essence has used CHINA to fulfill its goal of Achieving the NWO. all the talk about america owing China is another attemp to divert atention from what is happening.

  25. Look here LOOK….
    Bushie may have been premature in expecting that David would do the right thing and ban ac 🙂 , BUT you can trust the bushman that you are wrong about the relative futures of the USA and Barbados….. ….Chalk and cheese!

    Our only problem here is brass bowlery, but wunna people plain wicked….
    Wrecking havoc all over this world …and being agents of the devil self…
    Mash up black people
    Mash up Central America
    Mash up Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan…Syria,
    Used Israel to mash up Gaza, Lebonon, Palestine…
    …mashing up Iran, Venezuela, ….any country that does not bow
    Wunna gotta pay… BIG!
    Think KARMA sweet nuh?
    …wait ’til wunna money turn to monopoly $

    @ newblood
    What sworn enemies what?!?
    ac and Islandgal both in love with Bushie ….but they can’t let on to Islandguy or to MR. ac so sheeeeeesh!!

    @ BAFBFP
    You does get them bugs too…? Wuh Bushie thought those were a new species in Barbados….
    LOL… Anyhow yours probably from Lowdown Hoad checking out the sheep rumors circulating bout you pun BU… LOL Ha Ha

    Man David ban de woman nuh! 🙂 yuh going let she kill muh?

  26. [youtube=]

    United States will survive, Barbados probably not.

  27. [youtube=]

    United States will survive, Barbados probably not.

    • @Bush Tea

      We have a true true Nostradamus among us don’t we?

      A troll by any other name is still a troll.

  28. @bush Tea………………lokka dat! lookadat! u out here begging fuh merci..lest uh forget David is a full blooded captalist businessman with democractic roots…….. not a bushman

  29. China can poo poo america all they want. but when it comes to their own people human rights china stinks the whole house up and take the cakes ..however they have happily smiled and walk away with the “captalist card” using it to there very advantaage the same card which CHINA used to describe as loaded with GREED my! oh my! what a difference a day or in china case years make slowly but surely China has arrived holding the captalist FLAG

  30. there never was wealth from capitalism for everyone, it depended on poor people being exploited. Socialism allows children from dirt poor a chance to get educated and join the rat race

  31. The United States you may or may not know produces almost all of its food, export quite a lot of it too., produces automobiles, exports those too. The United States, additionally is now less independent on oil import because it now produces its own damn oil, lots of it.

    China albeit made the statement to the effect that the USA is given too much importance. The Boeing Company home based in Chicago, Illinois however produces aircraft that are sold to airlines all over the world. China itself has secured commitments for approximately 200 of its 737 max aircrafts. LOL

    David (Blog Master/Barbados Underground), also Bush Tea & Newblood, I certainly hope you didn’t and or don’t ignore all of the above mentioned.

  32. And since the republcans couldn.t defeat the Obama health plan they used covertaction to sabotage the website to make Obama look bad similar tactics to what the BLP is doing in barbados bad mouthing to sabatoge andweaken the economy.

  33. Bush Tea | November 3, 2013 at 1:15 AM |


  34. @ Georgie Porgie

    Don’t forget that Arthur and The BLP train wrecked Barbados left DLP holding the bag (Contractor Al Barack, ABC Highway, Dodds Prison, etc.), and Georgie Porgie, surely you didn’t forget Clyde Mascoll’s response to Arthur’s 2004 budget.

  35. look
    dont converse with me
    you are not in my class

    plus i dont care what the blp did or what the dlp is doing

  36. @ Georgie Porgie

    You don’t care that Barbados is all mashed all up? The BLP are the ones responsible. You don’t care?

  37. @ David

    If you’re watching Fox News, tell me what’s being repored. Tell me also what’s being reported on CBC news. LOL

  38. What is the matter LOOK…..? Your broom brek down or something…?
    Don’t you have some flying to do or something…? LOL

    SERIOUS David….

    Now LOOK here! ….there is someone you can ban….
    Come on David… These people feel that you soft or something…
    Mek an example …..if not ac… Leh we ban Look… 🙂

  39. @ Bush Tea

    It’s a mess down there. It’s just a mess. Moody’s and the S&P said so. There are lots of theft there too, the United Nations says it. Surely you care. You live there. Georgie Porgie (poster) doesn’t care. He does not live there, nor do I. Alvin I know must be disappointed that Rihanna cancelled her November 2013 show there. There is another big blow on the Barbados Tourism Industry (BTI).

    The Obama Administration in 2008 rescued the American auto giant, General Motors (Detroit, Michigan) at cost of 49.9 billion. Government has lost some of what it invested in General Motors but recovered almost all of it. General Motors is now back on track, again thriving. Who, who Bush Tea will save your troubled state – Barbados at cost of 49.9 billion. General Motors is surviving, Barbados is not. Detroit “in bankrupcy” is doing better than Barbados. Detroit will survive, Barbados probably not. The United States, this year alone has taken some hard hits. The United States non-the-less will survive, Barbados probably not. The United States does not need imported oil or air crafts or even a Rihanna show. LOL

  40. Don.t pay bush tea no mind what does any one expect from a dirty ole ding bat who lives in the bush and moans and groanes all day about BBE saving the world but a bunch of rubbish .oleman stay underground nobodoy ain,t about to listen to u calling to ban nobody. FOOLBERT!


    @ Newblood, Bush Tea, Georgie Porgie & David (Blog Master/Barbados Underground)

    Did you know that Top Ten of City (11/05/2013) names ten of the best hospitals in the world, several of them are in the United States Caroline Howard of Forbes (09/10/2013) says the United States dominates the world top colleges and Journalist, Brian Spegele says “the rise of North American oil and gas industry has put the US on track to pass Russia this year as the world’s largest producer of oil and gas, if it hasn’t done so already. China made the statement to the effect that the USA is given too much importance, but the US has oil, lots of it. Facebook the #1 social networking site did you know was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckenberg “an American” and his college friends at Harvard Univeristy, an American University in the United States. Microsoft, home based in Redmond, Washington (United States) you know dominates the entire entire globe. It’s founder, Bill Gates “an American” is the richest in all the world.

    Know you dislike Obama and the United States but some things you just must accept, like it or not. The United States has its problems. The United States, however is surviving and will survive, Barbados probably not. Like it or not, the BLP ship wrecked Barbados NOT the DLP. The BLP started the Contractor Al Barack fire, that Violet Beckles, a deficit, etc. Like it or not, the BLP were crooks cooking the books.

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