Minister Richard Sealy Must be Fired

Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy

Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy

Let us have a look at the 10-point plan which the Minister of Tourism introduced to Barbadians in July 2013. BU invite feedback on those items which have been implemented as at 02 October 2013. We have been told that if government is to manage its programs to achieve a 400 million dollar reduction in the deficit, it must manage implementation of projects and enact necessary legislation with precision. Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart pushed his hand up to assure Barbadians that he will ensure timelines are met. Frankly, if two out of the 10-point Plan have been implemented we will be surprised.

We cannot continue to breed a culture where implementation deficit is a norm in Barbados. Of concern is that this culture has taken deep root at the ministry of tourism, our number one sector. BU will not bother to embarrass Minister Richard Sealy and his team by listing the many promises which he has reneged. Does anyone recall the Governor of the Central Bank suggesting that the final quarter of 2012 was make or break for Barbados if tourist receipts continue to decline?  We know how that story has ended. We have had 12 consecutive months of decline in tourist arrival,  it makes it a slam dunk for BU to ask for the resignation of Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy. However the overpowering reason why he must resign is that his ministry cannot implement.

Tourism And Hospitality Sector Ten Point Plan

  1. Provide a Bds 10.0 million window for the retrofitting of air conditioning and lighting systems in the Tourism and Hospitality sector.This will be the first phase of the 150.0 million Energy Efficiency and Hotel refurbishment Fund. Further aspects of the fund will be rolled out over the coming months.
  2. The existing 50 per cent land tax rebate for investment in Renewable Energy will be extended to Tourism and Hospitality entities that implement credible energy efficiency programs. These programmes will be assessed by the Division of Energy. This rebate will be provided under the renewable Energy Bill which will soon be laid in the House of  Assembly.
  3. For the next twelve (12) months Tourism and hospitality-related entities will be entitled to an electricity rebate of 5 5 of their electricity costs. Entities that implement a credible energy efficiency plan and/or investment in energy from renewable sources will enjoy the rebate on an on-going basis, while the rebate will end  after twelve months for entities that do not make such investments.
  4. For the next 12 months Tourism and Hospitality-related entities will be entitled to a rebate of 5 % of their water bills. Entities that have undertaken a credible water management programme will enjoy the rebate on an on-going basis, while the rebate will end after twelve months for those entities that do not make such investments.
  5. The Ministry of Tourism will launch a programme to increase the number of Green Globe Certified Hotels and implement an international marketing strategy promoting Barbados as a “Sustainable Green” and “Clean Energy” destination.
  6. Resources will be provided for the strengthening of “Events-based Tourism”
  7. The Ministry of Tourism will partner with the Tourism and Hospitality-related entities to grant a credit voucher up to a specified amount in Barbados equivalent to the APD paid by British tourists who book for at least two (2) weeks with participating hotels. Further details on this initiative will be released shortly.
  8. The Ministry of Tourism will partner with a number of private operators and launch a programme where villa type accommodation will be available for marketing as part of the room stock available in Barbados.
  9. The Ministry of Tourism will partner with the Ministry of Culture community groups. Tourism and Hospitality related entities and other cultural practitioners to rebrand the Hastings to St Lawrence Gap Strip as a weekend 24 hour indigenous arts and craft and cultural performers market.
  10. The Government of Barbados is engaging a variety of multilateral and private partners for the construction of a new hotel plant in Barbados and the re-building and re-opening of a number of derelict properties.

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  1. And did I hear that American Airlines was planning to cease their service between JFK and BGI in early 2014? Did I hear right? I hope the Minister is working on a strategy to address that as well…

  2. This AA pulling the NY flight was in the making since 2009 and the last day of operation was planned for March 31st 2010.The DLP government went down on its knees to AA and begged and beseeched them not to pull the service.
    Time for the BTA to visit T’nT and ask Kamla to send back the PNM jets on the NY route again.OSA made the blunder of designating JA as the official NY carrier when the PNM jet had been faithful in its service to Barbados for decades.Time to eat the humble pie and get all yuh backside down to Kamla and pray she give all yuh a hearing,maybe after October 21st local govenment elections over and hope she win.
    In its heyday Bwee had a daily 250 seater Tristar and in the season it was supplemented by a big Boeing 747 Tower Air plane with over 400 seats.
    Guarantee CAL free landing rights for 5 years and duty free shops at the airport like they have in T ‘n T.Have pre clearance of aircraft into T ‘nT and vice versa.It has been done during peak carnival times.Extend it for all year.Get out the welcome mat and bring back the trini posse to Barbados tourism.

    • Government of Barbados Announces Extension of Tender Offer for up to US$250 million of its 7.25% Notes due 2021 and 7.00% Notes due 2022

      BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Oct. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As previously announced, on September 23, 2013, the Government of Barbados (the “Government”) commenced a tender offer (the “Tender Offer”) to purchase for cash its 7.25% notes due 2021 (the “2021 Notes”) and 7.00% notes due 2022 (the “2022 Notes” and, together with the 2021 Notes, the “Outstanding Notes”) in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed US$250 million.  The Tender Offer is not conditioned upon any minimum participation of any series of Outstanding Notes.  The Tender Offer is being made pursuant to an Offer to Purchase dated as of September 23, 2013 (the “Offer to Purchase”).  The Tender Offer was scheduled to expire at 11:59pm on September 30, 2013 (such time and date the “Original Expiration Date”), unless extended or earlier terminated by the Government.  Pursuant to the terms of the Tender Offer, the Government may amend the Tender Offer from time to time in any fashion.
      As of the Original Expiration Date, an aggregate principal amount of US$57,538,000 of the 2021 Notes had been validly tendered and not validly withdrawn, and an aggregate principal amount of US$86,223,000 of the 2022 Notes had been validly tendered and not validly withdrawn.
      The Government has elected to extend the Tender Offer until 11:59pm on October 1, 2013 (such time and date, the “New Expiration Date”).

  3. Minister Richard Sealy Must be Fired




    • It seems the government of Barbados has elected not to extend the tender but instead to withdraw it.
      Government of Barbados Announces Withdrawal of Tender Offer for up to US$250 million of its 7.25% Notes due 2021 and 7.00% Notes due 2022

      BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Oct. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As previously announced, on September 23, 2013, the Government of Barbados (the “Government”) commenced a tender offer (the “Tender Offer”) to purchase for cash its 7.25% notes due 2021 (the “2021 Notes”) and 7.00% notes due 2022 (the “2022 Notes” and, together with the 2021 Notes, the “Outstanding Notes”) in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed US$250 million.  The Tender Offer was made pursuant to an Offer to Purchase dated as of September 23, 2013 (the “Offer to Purchase”).  The Tender Offer was originally scheduled to expire at 11:59pm on September 30, 2013 and, as previously announced, the Government elected to extend the Tender Offer until 11:59pm on October 1, 2013.  Pursuant to the terms of the Tender Offer, the Government may withdraw the Tender Offer at any time.
      The Government has elected to withdraw the Tender Offer and not accept for purchase any Outstanding Notes tendered pursuant to the Tender Offer.
      This news release is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of, these securities in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful.  The Tender Offer was made only pursuant to the Offer to Purchase, copies of which were delivered to holders.
      For more information relating to the Tender Offer, holders of Outstanding Notes may contact D.F. King & Co., Inc. at +1 (800) 769-7666 or via e-mail at  Banks and Brokers may call collect at +1 (212) 269-5550.

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  5. Why is Clyde Mascoll still given half a page every week to campaign?
    We already have Sanka Price, Harry Russell, Tennyson Joseph ,Albert Brandford and of course Pat Hoyos all consistently negative with weekly anti DLP articles.
    Why has no one in the Nation newspaper’s management considered giving readers an alternative perspective since all of the above “columnists” consistently share the same talking points?

    I have been asking that question for the last six years and no one at The Nation newspaper has the integrity to respond.

  6. We have previously said on here that the REAL ACTUAL COST OF USE OF MONEY is skyrocketing in this country.

    At this stage, it might well be in the region of 85 per cent out of every dollar used up in this country.

    That would be staggering!!

    The more the government gets in credit transfers from banks the worse of this REAL ACTUAL COST OF USE OF MONEY will be.


  7. Question…..How you could fire Eyre one when we din fire wombat ALL?……Is this a Joke or wat ? Sealy is just the outward manifestation placed in Tourism of this H3N4 ovum that goats like Bushie Garson and odders implant on us for a further 5 yr prizzy back in February……How you go cut free one goat and leff D others free to future mutilate? Is Sintcliar,Funnidel,LSk,Lowdown or any of the other fidgety any different?….As Bizzy said in tears pon my Tv ..we have chosen our lot so lets us get on wid it and start patching where ever we can now on this Titatanic….bredds um serious ya

  8. Both those older jack o lantern parties have been systematically destroying our country.

    It is high time the broad masses and middle classes take back, so to speak, and using whatever available logical means to them – this once beloved country from those two intellectually and politically backward and decrepit factions.


  9. ****************************************************************************************
    Government of Barbados Announces Withdrawal of Tender Offer for up to US$250 million of its 7.25% Notes due 2021 and 7.00% Notes due 2022

    David I see you posting this notice in bold NOW quite regular ……I bet many have read it, but not fully realize its implications.

    ……. wait who lining up again ?

  10. onion you don’t get tired writing shoite.
    Where is the translation for the jobee you dump at 6.15 am this morning? We don’t have degrees in gibberish you know. You are as phony as wrinkle up face Bizzy, bare crocodile tears. When is your next pudding and souse cook up, that’s your only real asset

  11. The PM has already indicated that he has no intention of re-shuffling the cabinet and does not seem to understand the gravity of the situation our tourism industry is in. Meanwhile, the MOT appears not to be willing to take informed advice from people who had proven experience in the sector. The possible loss of American Airlines direct flight from New York after already losing Dallas, Atlanta, San Juan and Philadelphia, is another wake-up call. We cannot fill one tiny B737 a day from a Tri-State area with a population of over 23 million? When I pointed out that St. Lucia had surpassed Barbados in American long stay visitors for the first six months of this year, I was derided and abused. With even the MOT publicly stating that ‘If we had to be perfectly honest, St. Lucia is at least 30 years behind Barbados in terms of tourism… that’s the reality’.

    Well the reality is that our neighbours are adding airlift from the US, while we continue to witness falling arrivals. 17 consecutive months of long stay visitor decline.

    We continue to reward people for failure.

  12. What ails you lad?…..What I say that cuz this desecrate?….wait a man can’t ask a question?Ya know Hammie time we all put hand to the plow….wait you got a problem wid dat?Is that it…I not welcomed to your T party right?….Is alright man galong

  13. Rumour has that Bizzy lost 8 mill cool so with the Redjet investment.Now Bizzy on the Damned Leprous Party TV aka CBC TV play he crying like he belong to the green room theatre.Why Bizzy don’t go and tell the likes of Bjerkhamm,Maloney and dem so that they back the wrong horses and them too will soon get their moment in time to shed some tears on DLP TV.Who is the idyut what say that white man got more business head than black man.Look what white man doing in the great USA because they jealous of a well heeled and crafty black man and black woman in the White House.Millions indicating interest in the Affordable Care Act and obesity among children is down 99.5% in participating states thanks to Michelle Obama’s initiative

    • @Onions

      The news the government has withdraw the offer is important for a number of reasons. In the budget windup the MoF signaled that the purpose was to flatten rollover maturities. Obvious the purpose wan to manage impact on forex cash flow. The other big reason is the message which it sends to the local market and the concomitant impact on confidence in Bajans to fight to rebuild the country.

      The MoF was on radio late evening suggesting that Barbados endured the hardships of the 70s and 90s but he has failed to accept that the way business is now being done in the world has shifted in a way which we have not seen before.

  14. @ Just saying | October 3, 2013 at 7:43 AM |

    Talking about “shoite” why don’t you clean up the mess by telling us what really is going on with the bond issue raised by David BU @ October 3, 2013 at 5:36 AM. Or is he a big liar too like the false crier you referred to as ‘phony wrinkle up face Bizzy’?

    Why don’t you use your PhD in “Lyingology” and confirm beyond a shadow of doubt that the bonds have now been oversubscribed?
    Can we therefore expect a very upbeat third quarter report on the economy from the Guv of the Central Bank? Can we expect a spike in the foreign reserves to the tune of $500 millions in borrowings and FDI inflows as a fudged figure to plug the propaganda holes?
    Or can we expect the wicket to be prepared for a visit to the Bankers of Last Resort?

  15. Gabriel
    Are you aware of the millions businessmen stand to lose ….should we have a D@8976543210ation? Stop n think….Bizzy is fa real. Cut the racist crap which we doan need at all now….WE MUST ALL PULL TOGETHER and come out of this one doan mind that joker Just Saying…I am willing to come outta retirement and work 3 days a week for FREE…..(but doan kill ma)..old as I is….( phone gine ring just now watch)… ma lunch money doa..ya heaar!

  16. Just as I thought..that 10-point plan was a PR stunt–the modus operandi of the DLP since the 2008 elections.

    • Interesting in the news this morning the story being played up that cruise ship arrivals should be up in 2014.

  17. Along with the firing of Sealy, the health officials at the ministry should also be fired for their dodgy and conflicting information on the H1N1 also known in other jurisdictions as BIRD FLU…………..more eduction is needed in Barbados……………—Six-cases-confirmed-226292431.html

    The info from the below link came from the Mayo Clinic

  18. We have been previously stating on here and elsewhere that whereas this jack o lantern DLP government is prepared to preserve public sector jobs, at greater and greater costs to the incomes, payments and transfers of the vast majority of people of this country, it is the private sector that will be seeing greater and greater private sector job losses, disinvestments, and business closures, for various reasons – some so obvious to many others in the country – some not so obvious to many more – as times go by.

    Just read a copy of today’s Nation Newspaper and see the reports of the increasing gloom and doom pervading this country.

    We have also been previously saying to many other people on here and some other places in Barbados, that there is a set of companies, in Barbados, that its owners appear to many persons in the country, to have so many incomes and payments and transfers available to them. But, what we have also been reasonable concluding is that these beliefs are not true and baseless, because this set of companies are not so financially stable sound as some people may or some of the principals of these companies may wish others to believe.

    As times go by too, this set of companies will be under greater and greater financial pressures, a situation which eventually will lead to their principals restructuring, reorganizing, downsizing them, or outrightly losing of some of them to some others.

    We have also been saying to many others in Barbados is that, contrary to what the Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados has been from time to time saying – that there is high liquidity in the local core financial sector, there is the inescapable truth of there being only low or low running liquidity levels at this stage in this said core financial sector, given the definition of what we have come to accept as a suitable definition for liquidity in this sector.

    But, to help confute that propoganda, here comes this jack o lantern DLP government withdrawing a tender offer that it had recently placed on the local money market!

    So, do we wish any further evidence of these low or low running liquidity levels?

    Check what the same today’s Nation Newspaper is reporting about layoffs looming there at CIBC First Caribbean.

    So these are the kinds of things – and more – that we have been saying for so long on this BU blogsite and in other fora.


  19. Well Well

    From my gather ……a panic or an epidemic given our state of affairs is so not wanted. Let’s just hope and pray that people are washing their hands and heeding all preventative measures.

  20. Onions…….that’s the idea, just do the things that will get rid of the virus, lying and dodging really will not do so, education is vital in these scenarios.

  21. Onions…..what makes it worse is that they are 2 not 1, epidemics going on the island at the same time, the ‘flu’ and dengue, can’t wriggle out of it, just get rid of them.

  22. Well Well
    Just like the last H1N1 visit…….when everything was kept low keyed.This time we even having some distracting statements …coming from the poultry spokesmen ..that there is no epidemic of bird flu in chicken stocks…..Like everything nowadays ….push it under the carpet attitudes rides….

  23. See what I mean….bare confusion….H1N1 = swine flu and bird flu googled as Avian flu……yet we hearing use of both terms on this land. David ah wonder which one here…you know?

    • The ‘Trinidadian’ lady if you are reading, the unity which you and Bizzy yean for is achieved through leadership. It will not occur because someone ask Barbadians to unite. There must be discrete activities taken which will inspire the desired behaviour in the many.

  24. Bizzy was right…..listen to that caller Arthur ..viz Trini woman….real divide btwn D and B. Do they sound like people willing to work together? Man “half past the cows ass , a quarter of his balls” syndrome…fa sure.

  25. Since this blog was originally about Minister Sealy, I thought I should share the link to this “Message by The Hon. Richard L Sealy, MP, Minister of Tourism, Barbados, which is being used in the promotional being used to promote the PURE Beach Resort and Spa.

    The Message, which has been circulating since 2011. starts with “The PURE Beach Resort and Spa will undoubtedly bring added value to the Barbados Tourism Product. On behalf of Barbados I thank Ecoterra International Corporation for enhancing the tourism stock of the island through its investment.”

    What investment? Can the Hon. Minister tell us two years after the groundbreaking ceremony what investment Ecoterra has made?

    Although PURE Beach Resort and Spa has been promoting on every social media and online marketing site known to man; Foul Bay is still Foul Bay, and that is a good thing.

    But what of the investors who have purchased units? Where did their money go.

    And what of Barbados reputation as a place to invest?

    When will the authorities ever learn to do a bit of due diligence on the promoters before jumping on their bandwagon and issuing messages of endorsement on government letterhead?

  26. Some years ago Bizzy was celebrating a significant milestone in his company’s existence and something he said,nay,he boasted and had a photograph taken of one of his employees who had completed many years with the company.Hear Bizzy,’He started with the company 25 years ago sweeping the yard and has been promoted to packing blocks!After 25 years Bizzy?He only good enough to pack blocks?

  27. ac | October 3, 2013 at 12:55 PM |
    ac said:
    “agree that Bizzy is genuine “……….”genuine manipulative”

    ac……… do have your moments….bizzy still believes he is dealing with stupid black people and he and his ilk can continue to bleed the island dry for their own benefit, fly by night scams, get rich quick schemes for themselves only.

  28. Bizzy did not look too genuine last night, his tears looked phony!

    I would like to know who engenders confidence in a country? Is it not the ruling party? We have a Minister of Finance who repeatedly LIES to the country and does not think that there is anything wrong with blatant lying because we let him get away with it.

    Was it not the same MOF and the Governor of the CB who raised the devaluation talk? Both did, the MOF in his wind budget tirade and cuss out and the CB Governor in his last report. So if the man in the street picks up the talk, what does Bizzy want people to do? The Minister of Finance himself admitted that there is a lack of confidence in the government. Is it not his responsibility to inspire confidence in the economy by running it properly?

    The problem with this, the worst government Barbados has ever had is that it does NOT listen to any other idea from anyone outside its own prism. They think they know everything. Remember….”now is we time, we dont want to hear anything from you all….we gine do things we way….wunnah had wunnuh time…keep wunnah ideas to wunnah self.”

    I heard one Alvin Cummins saying from his lofty heights in Canada that this government has the same advisers as did the OSA administration. That’s a big lie……..this inept government transferred around PS’s as the likes of Crack Heads and Shoot Some People Jones said that they were frustrating his government, then the core of the economic team in the MOF is gone…..William Layne and Grantley Smith are gone replaced by a buffoon like Physical Deficit and a traitor like Darcy Boyce. The acting PS was in a nondescript ministry and lastly, the Governorof the CB is pass his sell by date………..remember he kept telling us that the MTFS was the ONLY way…no one can do any better? Well, we all know now that he LIED.

    That Trini lady……………I wont even bother with her. She forgot how she opposed the OSA administration for 14 years and even at one point asked Barbadians to rise up and dont stand for anymore of OSA policies. Tall Boy fixed her tail today!

  29. ‘.Millions indicating interest in the Affordable Care Act and obesity among children is down 99.5% in participating states thanks to Michelle Obama’s initiative”

    Gabriel you like you gone of your rockers with this obamania nonsense. Who determines affordability? What is affordable for me might not be affordable for you. Use of the word ‘affordable’ is a misnomer for as I understand it- one has been forced to apply for a service under the barrel of a gun. The insurance companies must be smiling all the way to the bank. As i see it, if Mr Obama really wanted to make health care truly accessible, then he should have built more public hospitals like kings county. Imagine an Sa administration mandating all persons to obtain health coverage or pay a fine; all hell would break loose. Mr Arthur would be accused of trying to make the white people rich off the backs of the poor.

  30. ..”listen to that caller Arthur ..viz Trini woman”
    onions you sure you mean the Trini woman or Winnie the Jamaican for the Trini woman had ben speaking against the BEES prior to 2008 election and defending the DEES.

  31. OK Balance…..(just wakeup)…what I meant was Arthur AND viz.Trini woman …..look you becoming like Bushie now,….always up in onions evating like a panty…

    • Shadow Minister of Tourism Santia Bradshaw has joined the chorus of those calling for the MoT to say and do something, any damn thing.

  32. What about the PM who is still being paid a salary by the taxpayers, no one is hearing anything about him, even if he had a private visit to Canada, he is not his own boss, no one even knows if he died, what is there to hide?

  33. old onion bags | October 4, 2013 at 7:43 AM |

    “OK Balance…..(just wakeup)…what I meant was Arthur AND viz.Trini woman …..look you becoming like Bushie now,….always up in onions evating like a panty…”

    my apologies onions just trying to help the ole man knowing that oldtimers disease might nigh be bearing on yuh- hi yo silver away

  34. No amount of “10-Point Plans” can save this 166 sq mile piece of coral in the Atlantic Ocean.
    An island, outside the Caribbean chain, without beautiful mountains, rivers, water-falls, etc., cannot compete in an eco-conscious environment. Getting rid of some of these old obsolete sugar plantations and allowing nature to have it’s way is a good start.

  35. Adrian, this might be too much for Carson to chew on.

    “…There he pointed out birds and wildlife, along with turmeric, cashews,
    mango, guavas, papaya, coconut, breadfruit, yams and sweet potatoes, and spoke with noticeable gusto about the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833, which sparked wild celebration in Saint Lucia….”

  36. Appears that no amount of talk can bring out Carson……i can only deduce that there is presently nothing disgusting to hide from the public or is there?

  37. Carson was spotted climbing one of the Pitons in St.Lucia. He’ll have plenty to say upon his return. Then again another person saw him selling fruit & vegetable at the Castries Market.
    I think old boy Carson might have moved to St.Lucia LOL.

  38. Interesting in the NIS defaulters list today. At least two restaurants who are currently receiving Barbados Island Inclusive taxpayers subsidies, one hotel that received tens of thousands of TIRF (Tourism Industry Relief Fund) monies to safeguard employment and one former ex: BTA Director/Senator, all appear listed. Due Diligence?

    • Adrian, currently perusing the list, amazing. Unfortunately some of your harshest critics will not be able to see the list online.

  39. David, all businesses have their challenges at times and ours was not exempt, but we are talking about those who have NOT either made arrangements to pay or who reneged on an agreement to pay. It is NOT fair on those businesses who are trying to do the right thing. It’s one of the reasons why Government is struggling to borrow money, even at 8.75 per cent interest.

  40. David, It was been up-for-sale for some time and recently there was a sale of contents, but I am unsure of the exact status as their website indicates they are still taking bookings.

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