Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy and Parliamentary Secretary Irene Sandiford-Garner Please Drag Barbados Tourism Website into the 21st Century Please!

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

While our small hotel is currently on the market with the objective of re-opening for the up-coming winter season, I have been looking back 25 years to when we purchased, a then derelict Arawak Inn, and trying to evaluate exactly how much the investment climate has changed. Does it need to be revised to help take our tourism industry out of the current malaise? Attempting to look through the eyes of a new investor’s perspective it is clear to see, that many of the institutions who have been empowered to entice such interest are dismally failing in their stated mandate.  At least to a level that modern-day investors reasonably expect.

Sadly, it’s almost pitiful.

Initially, without knowing all the possible agencies involved, the natural first source of decision making facts is the national Ministry of Tourism (MOT) website, where the very latest statistics can be sourced.

We can all understand, at this time, that Government is under extreme fiscal pressure. But does this excuse their existing employees or managers, who have yet to to suffer any detrimental effects of what is referred to as the ‘global recession’ not updating existing posted data in a timely manner. Why, for instance, should the last visitor arrival figures show August 2012?

Other ‘information’ is clearly out-of-date, and with an industry that is  dynamic, it’s very success is dependent on by being able to access current market information critical to making informed decisions. Are ‘we’ sending the right message?

Quite rightly, the subject of an ageing and tired hotel plant has been repeatedly mentioned by our policymakers, however, does the responsibility solely rest with the private sector to ensure that every aspect of our tourism product is projected in the best possible way?

Frankly, if you want to view something old and uninspired, then look at the MOT site. It does not even have a FaceBook component to generate interest and feedback. When comparing some of the other MOT sites around the world, including countries who are far less tourism dependent than Barbados they are streets ahead of us in presentation and content. These include, Panama, Oman, Lebanon, Belize, Malaysia, Uganda, Trinidad and Tobago, Cameroon and even the Azerbaijan Republic. Also missing are high quality visual images, which play a fundamentally critical role in destination and investment choice, especially in an ever increasingly electronic world. They make the difference and I cannot think of a single advertising executive still in business, who would argue that point.

So with all the resources, both financial and physical which includes two Minister’s of Government in this sector, why after so many years, can those responsible not develop a state-of-the art investor friendly information portal? If after several decades in the tourism business, ‘we’ have not yet fostered the expertise from within, then why not put it out to the very many talented young people, who can view and craft the project through a completely fresh viewpoint.

Even offering a competition prize of $50,000 or $100,000, while seemingly appearing large amounts of money, in reality, is almost insignificant in the scheme of things, with an industry generating over $2 billion annually.

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    A little something here for you:-

    We all know that a large potion of St. Lucia room stock is all- Inclusive. Do you really think that it is going to benefit the ordinary St. Lucian? You better think again.

    ‘’All Inclusives: still the devils work?’’

    Debate that refuses to lie down resuscitated by Tourism Concern and BBC

    Under new leadership, Tourism Concern has again hit on the all-inclusive situation. In its latest campaign “All Inclusives remain all exclusive” The practice called “the devil’s” work by leading travel writer Simon Calder in the BBC website is finding it impossible to lose the negative label.

    Under the title: “What does the resurgence of the all-inclusive model, where tourists are invited to “leave their wallets at home”, mean for the destinations we visit? Tourism Concern highlights the inequities in 7 destinations saying that the practice leads to loss of local business, massive leakage in tourism spend, least community economic benefit, dramatic differences between locals and tourists, harassment of tourists, restaurant closures and more. They say that:
    • In Majorca – all-inclusive holidays blamed for loss of local businesses. In September 2011 local businesses organised a day of protest against the all-inclusive hotels
    • In Turkey – research found only 10% of tourist spend from all-inclusive holidays found its way into local economy
    • In Mombasa, Kenya – World Bank states all-inclusive beach holidays contributed the least economic benefit
    • In Kenya – 87% of tourists go on all-inclusive holidays and yet over half of local people live on less than 1$ a day
    • In Jamaica – all-inclusive hotels attracted tourists in the short term but blocked development of other types of tourism, leading to increased tourist harassment (vi)
    • In Dominican Republic – all-inclusive holidays blamed for restaurant closures and increased negative attitude towards tourists
    • In Goa, India – “enclave tourism”, local taxis and guides losing business to all-inclusive resorts

    The BBC Breakfast segment interviewed all-inclusive holidaymakers who, having paid an inclusive charge were unwilling to explore destinations and interviewed a representative of First Choice, the major UK tour operator and member of the TUI group who are now 100% all-inclusive.

    Citing the market need for the move to all-inclusives Nick Longman of First Choice said that the company was investigating the possibility of “Dine Around” programmes.

    Said Sue Hurdle, chief executive, The Travel Foundation: “Like every other type of holiday, All-inclusive can have both positive and negative economic, environmental and social impacts, depending on a range of factors. What the Travel Foundation has found in its most recent research is that few of these are exclusively to do with board basis, but a combination of factors, which includes management and tourist motivations.”

    “We should seize this opportunity to discuss the economic impacts of tourism overall, and recognise where and how improvements can be made to make sure every type of holiday becomes more sustainable. For example, hotels in remote locations, or those hosting visitors seeking relaxation, could look at implementing local produce-sourcing policies, introducing “dine-around” schemes or hosting craft markets for local artisans. ”

    “Agents also have a distinct role to play, by educating customers to encourage them to get out and explore, try new things and learn about the destination before they go, which will help to improve both their own experience and the impact of their trip.”

    Last year TotemTourism held a masterclass “Can all inclusives be sustainable” it”s worth a read and a watch.

    There are three major players in the all-inclusive industry: Club Med (very upmarket, iconoclastic and politically aware), Sandals (a local Caribbean company with a charitable foundation and mainly US tourists) and, now First Choice catering to the European market.

    The masterclass conclusion was clear – all-inclusives place the tourist wallet and marketing connection very clearly within the tour operator”s influence – to whose generosity the destination community must then appeal.

    If you are a destination tourism supplier, this is clearly unsatisfactory, but as tour operators have the marketing power, there is little that they can do but ask politely.

    Not a happy situation for destinations many of whom have also to deal with the arch all-inclusive activity – cruises.

    The Green Tourism/TotemTourism Sustainable Destination Report 2011 will have a complete section on dealing with all-inclusive variations – reserve a pre-publication review copy at a 50% discount by emailing with the subject line “Sustainable Destination Report 2011 review copy”

    Get involved in the Travel Foundation”s Make Holidays Greener consumer awareness campaign in July – find out how at:

  2. Carson………you are working overtime, whom are you trying to prep or convince that there will definitely be more pain and suffering without an early or easy end in sight, yourself or Adrian.

  3. Carson,

    Just as I thought, you are not able to list a single personal achievement in the tourism sector. I rest my case.

  4. This is a complete list of Carson C. Cadogan’s proven achievements in the tourism sector:


    Which gives me the absolute authority to comment knowledgeably on the subject.
    Carson C. Cadogan
    3rd September 2013

  5. @ Carson C. Cadogan | September 3, 2013 at 1:43 PM |
    “There is a top class restaurant and bar operating in Barbados, I will not name right which is being operated on the owners behalf by an American guy who for many years was a beach bum here in Barbados. A man with no culinary or hospitality skills whatsoever. He was picked up by the owners and planted on top of highy qualified Black Bajan hospitality professionals.”

    What a scandalous shame, Carson! This kind of thing is still taking place in modern Barbados with pro-black Bajan DLP administration in charge of the country’s immigration policies?
    Come Carrion, you have to be telling lies on your poor innocent DLP administration.
    You mean things are so bad with you that there only one attribute you can put on your list of achievements and that is the capacity to tell lies ad nauseam, ad absurdum.

    Why don’t you stop quoting from the IMF website? You are only making yourself look like a pompous jackass. These are the same foreigners mostly white that you despise and perceived as not knowing what they are saying or intend to do vis-à-vis the Barbadian well managed economy.
    BTW, who is the acting MoF the Governor of the Central Bank?

  6. Miller & Loveridge
    You guys err. You are wasting time trying to communicate with CCC. He is uneducable and lacks the cerebral capacity to understand anything you are saying. Eustine wasted her money sending him to school.

  7. Adrian loveridge


    11 I am a bred and born Bajan.

    13 I am not a foreigner.

    14 I put the best interest of Barbados first.

    12 I am not trying to destroy Barbados.

    13 I am not putting other peoples country before my own.

    14 I do not believe that all Black Bajans don’t know what they doing.

    I have added a few more to your list ADRIAN.

  8. Has a single one of the Barbados ‘ Tourism Ten-Point Plan announced on 28th July 2013 been successfully implemented yet?
    It would appear several Ministers and their Ministries are asleep at the wheel.

  9. @ Carson C. Cadogan | September 3, 2013 at 5:27 PM |

    So Mr. Cadogan, what do you think about the USA’s plan to attack Syria?
    What do you think would be the implications for the local tourism industry that your DLP administration is hanging its hat on to get the country out of the current economic mess caused, according to you, by the BLP and the international economic recession?

    We don’t expect you to respond since like the query posed by Observing (…) some weeks ago it does not require you to harangue and vilify local people like Adrian, David BU or MAM.

  10. @ Carson C. Cadogan | September 3, 2013 at 6:54 PM |
    “I think that Barack Obomber should be stripped of his “Nobel” peace prize if he attacks Syria!!”

    It would be most interesting to hear what your sidekick ac thinks about that.
    Is this a sign of the start of breaches in your agreement to stick together come hell or high water in defence of the DLP?

    We wonder what you boss man has to say on the Syrian situation and its pending serious implications for Bim? Or is this asking him too much to think outside his intellectual capacity as a man of vision?

    But you have not commented on the implications for the local tourism and economy?
    Should a war break out would you recommend a coming together of the BLP and DLP as a show of concern and as the first step towards the healing of the nation to save its soul from pending economic collapse and subsequent social dislocation?

    Would you support your Uncle Tom Miller in a call to get those idle arable lands back into cultivation starting with the immediate compulsory acquisition of the CLICO plantations in the vital interest of saving Bim from starvation?

  11. if the BHTA would stop nit picking and trying to make their version of the ten point plan the dam thing would be implemented .know what they say about too many cooks……de dam thing does boil over……Any who!whats up wid u David trying to ride the miserable coattails of Adrien with them convaluted version of statics,

    • The problem is we have people who go public to make statements without feeling pressured they have to bring empirical info to support. We are a public who believe it is more productive to be emotional ALL the time about the issues.

  12. so how about the decline in bahamas, should i belive that with their higher than normal decline when compared to barbados that barbados is doing better than the bahamas, the declines even though their are significant and serves as a warning sign does not tell the complete picture, therfore ur crtical analysis of comparing one country to another is full of gaps which should be filled in instead of trying to prove some kind of non argument. in the overall picture going back to the bahamas and their decline even although much larger than barbados one can analysis that the bigger the overall total the decline is a much larger, when one looks at barbados and compares its declines to bahamas our declines shows less percentage wise causes our numbers are smaller, the question then according to yours and adrien logic would give barbados a higher passing grade than bahamas which would be false and misleading.

    • @ac

      Are you brain dead?

      The point here is that July 2013 was the lowest in a decade. This is after he MoT and Chairman stated what he did in he Nation article. Deal with it.

  13. oops my bad we not comparing any more . i always thought the comparisons were riduclous and david u also confirmed that u and adrein were also brain dead on the issue read the nation.not my favourite piece of journalism. leave that for the blp yardfowls to scratch on.

  14. For the entire year BU David, Loveridge, miller and the blp yardfowl posse have working hard on the world wide web pleading with tourists to by pass Barbados and journey on to another Caribbean island. Now BU David comes hot and sweaty like its some new discovery in the cosmos to announce July arrivals are down. What do you hypocrites and traitors expect if you broadcast ad nasuem to the world that your own country is not worth a visit.
    Deal with it BU David and cohorts.

  15. Watching | September 3, 2013 at 9:43 PM |

    For the entire year BU David, Loveridge, miller and the blp yardfowl posse have working hard on the world wide web pleading with tourists to by pass Barbados and journey on to another Caribbean island. Now BU David comes ho
    Wunna like to blame other people. Oh my ! Such Imbeciles

  16. millertheanunnaki | September 3, 2013 at 8:30 AM |

    @ islandgal246 | September 3, 2013 at 7:12 AM |
    ““““Barbados is not as bad, nor as stink, nor the people dumb and stupid as these people want the World to believe.””””

    Islandgal I think you might be inadvertently responding to the wrong blogger. Balance was just quoting Carson Cadogan who made this unfortunate remark @ Carson C. Cadogan | September 2, 2013 at 9:37 PM


  17. One day I was driving behind a minibus, some idiot pelted out a cup, I touted, as the bus drove off, the idiot leaned out of the window, gave me a finger and then dropped a Cheffete box and another cup out in the road. This is the nastiness of which islandgal and I speak.

    PRODIGAL the post of which you speak was not mine but your dear nemesis CCC but in response I am wondering how long you have been living in BARBADOS because the sanitary issues of which you complain have been evident in our country long before 2008 and that is why from time to time concerned citizens have introduced programmes such as ‘ the clean-up campaign’. so it is not balanced to imply that garbage problems stated during the term of this administration

  18. With the Prime Minister’s recent personal visits to Limegrove and Oceans 2, does this mean that he will be taking a greater interest in tourism and possibility the Ministry responsible for this sector, following 16 consecutive months of long stay visitor decline. And the inability of that agency to implement various stated objectives like the Master Plan, restructuring the BTA, the Tourism Ten-Point Plan etc., etc., etc.

  19. Balance comment is a reflection that bajans would not be fooled by the constant drumbeatsand howling of the BLP yardfowls.especially to deal with social issues. what us needed is every citizen applying a hands on effort to resolve. big and large countries are plagued by such social problems most to do with the bad attitudes and behaviour of its populace.

  20. Why does PM Stuart not believe that being cut from a payroll whether you are a temporary worker or not is not cause for grave concern, will he feed these people and pay their bills. Is it because him and his clueless Ministers are living freely off the taxpayers and believe it will not affect them yet.

    Still waiting to see the DLP ministers offer to take a salary cut.

  21. After monitoring the performance of ministers, I hereby proclaim that the following ministers have met the requirement of the populace of Barbados for outstanding performance.
    Hon. Stephen Lashley
    Hon. Donville Inniss
    Hon. David Estwick
    Opps, the others are “Temporary” Ministers and the last time I checked all dictionaries ‘temporary’ means”lasting, existing, serving, or effective for a time only; not permanent: a temporary need; a temporary job. However, we need to look at “abuse” since we have been governmentally abused and we need to be sheltered.

  22. Yagga, clearly not for the near 40 per cent of the eligible electorate that chose NOT to vote in the last election.

  23. The last time ac check different ministries and ministers had there roles to play. however it seems that the laziness of those in the hotel business and their inept attitude might force the PM into taking a hands on aporoach an industry that prides itself on waiting for govt to resolve all their problems from painting to gardening


    “clearly not for the near 40 per cent of the eligible electorate that chose NOT to vote”

    ….and what was the percentage that voted for you last election, self appointed “Minister” of Tourism?

  25. As much as ADRIAN tries to fool people that he is the voice of Tourism in Barbados, when he sat on the BTA Board a lot of Hoteliers were unhappy with him being on the board.

    “How de hell ADRIAN get pon dah board?” I heard more than once.

  26. adrain Can,t help but to thumb his nose down at bajans and some bajans even encourage it. his comment about the 40percent reminds me of when in the USA election similar snide remarks where made about 40% of the black by Romney infering that they were dumb and stupid and on welfare.Adrian has again provide another example of his growing negative inferior and intolerant attitude for black bajans.

  27. ac and ccc
    are like two ants

    ants can be humbugs
    ants tag each other/tag team style
    observe them and see
    go to the ants thou……………

  28. You know what Adrian? I don’t know why you even bother any more. The rot sets in the minute you disembark. It is as if Boscobelle has come to BGI.
    My friend, a frequent visitor, was detained by customs and immigration at the airport where they tried to charge her $US8K. There’s a legal action ongoing against them over it. This woman is a perfectly innocent tourist and a regular visitor, which can be quickly ascertained from glancing through her passport. Of all visitors, why pick her to milk/scare off? Well, crooks ARE stupid.

    The individuals at customs and immigration at the airport seem to be pouncing on random tourists and frightening them to death in a bid to pocket some foreign exchange for themselves.

    Why are we bothering to discuss ways to increase the tourist footfall etc. when it can be so clearly seen that the rule of law especially pertaining to tourists, seems to be in a state of collapse?

    Just beyond your imagination? Yes indeed, we are now in the world of a fully blown nightmare.

    To “ENHANCE THE TOURIST EXPERIENCE” why not go to the Dominican Republic instead of Barbados? It’s cheaper and at least you are on your guard from the start.

  29. Yeap ever heard “inocent till proven gulity” let the judicial system take its course. The carribbean island is used for illegal drug trafficking and it is no surprise to here when people are caught the first thing they do us blame the country… the rule of law does not permit illegal entry of drugs however the rule of law might have worked against your friend and in favour of protecting the social and moral fabric of our country.

  30. victor

    “To “ENHANCE THE TOURIST EXPERIENCE” why not go to the Dominican Republic instead of Barbados?”

    Now that is “really good advice”.

  31. victor

    “WARNING! Too many tourists & foreign investors are killed in Dominican Republic – Body Count: 30, Who is next? Canadian civil war world blogger calls DR the world’s most dangerous country!”

    “Two more murdered tourists more to be added to our statistic for Dominican Republic! Killed tourist #29 German national Rolf Erich Manfred Kobesch 60 years old on vacation in Sosua and Killed tourist #30 Argentinean national Pablo Sosa 65 years old shot to death in Santiago. Thursday’s 10 murders add to Dominican Republic’s chilling figure, one of the most violent places in the world…..”

    “Dominican Watchdog Note – The german citizen on 3 weeks vacation was chopped up and placed into a water tank in the back of the car, see pictures below. I guess you can call that a holiday in hell!!!”

    In you all desperation to damage Barbados by stopping Tourists from coming here, you are in turn sending the said Tourists to some of the places where they will not be safe. With friends like you who need enemies.

    St. Lucia Human rights violations
    Trinidad Virtual war in Port-of-Spain
    Dominican Republic one of the most violent places in the world…..

    Where are you going to send the Tourists next to keep them away from Barbados?

    Democratic Republic of Congo?

  32. Here comes another clown mad as as…s because the friend been caught with some form of illegality .now barbados is the worst place to visit. these are the kind of clowns adrein articles have attracted

  33. Of course there is NEVER any justification for violence against visitors ANYWHERE, but some posters seem to be selective here.

    Dominican Republic – Estimated population – 10 million – Land area: 18,705 square miles.
    Barbados – Estimated population – 284,000 – Land Area: 166 square miles

  34. Carson……….your time would be better spent creating ways to draw tourists since yall are hellbent on being dependent. Tourists can read and make informed decisions for themselves, as a matter of fact i have seen instances where before their trip tourists hire people to research countries by population, costs, etc. etc. before they travel, no one can cause a tourist not to visit barbados as long as they like what they see as it relates to costs, etc. That is the biggest deterrent for the tourist right now, I see the ministers are passing on the blame someone else trait to their yardfowls, don’t take any responsibility, just blame someone or something else, pathetic.

  35. This is how the current administration is helping tourism and small businesses. We have been owed over $20,000 in due and agreed VAT and NIS refunds for up to 4 years. Today we received an Inland Revenue assessment for over $19,000 for a financial year not yet ended. If we do not appeal or pay within a month, then penalties and interest will be added.
    Is this a dysfunctional Government?

  36. ADRIAN

    I don’t know if to believe you or not.

    One minute you are saying that the Government owes you $32,000.00 for about three years now, the next minute you are saying that the government owes you $20,000.00 this is up to four years now.

    Now you are saying the government assessed you at $19,000.00 and the financial year is not yet ended. It is a little difficult accepting what you are saying when your stories keep changing all the time.

    Post the Assessment here on BU so we can see it. I am sure your buddy DAVID will put it up for you.

    I just want to make sure!!!!! (you know how it is with you BLP people)

  37. VictorA little more information about the Dominican Republic, where you want all the tourists to go and by pass Barbados. It will turn your stomach.

  38. My remark about the Dominican Republic was meant to be ironic, not a suggestion, for goodness sake, but at least one knows what to expect when travelling there unlike Barbados which is marketed as a safe destination, governed by the rule of law. The tourist I described was totally innocent of anything even vaguely illegal and her detention inexplicable. Drugs were not even brought up as an issue. Her passport clearly showed she had visited before, when, why and where she stayed and with whom, was on record since she like any other visitor had filled in the requisite form each time. So WHY was she given the third degree, detained and pressed to pay $8k? Not only that, her host is a well known and respectable long time resident of Barbados.
    Are the disembarkation forms kept? Is the information logged onto a database? If so, it could quickly be ascertained exactly who she is and whom she stays with each time she visits. This is not rocket science. If the forms are just for show, that needs to be examined as I am sure the whole process will be during the forthcoming investigation. Watch this space while the wheels of “justice” potter along and eventually the whole event just disappears but that is one tourist who will be thoughtful about returning and the whirlpool rings surrounding the incident carry on outwards by word of mouth to warn tourists that Barbados is not, in fact, a safe and welcoming destination. Frightening and Kafkaesque things can happen to you the minute you land. SO Third World. That’s why I say to Adrian for all your good intentions, you are Pissing into a Northerly Gale!

  39. @Victor September 5, 2013 at 6:40 AM “My friend, a frequent visitor, was detained by customs and immigration at the airport where they tried to charge her $US8K.”

    Dear Victor: Since you have brought this into the public domain. Please tell us what your friend was trying to import, that she was charged $8,000 USD custom’s duty.

    I can bet my first born son that she was trying to import more than just just personal effects for use while she was here on holiday.

    And I can bet my second son that she was trying to evade custom’s duties, probably on behalf of you her “respectable” Bajan friend.

  40. victor

    This is where you are wrong. the Minister of Tourism bends over backwards in an effort to portray the Dominican Republic as one of the safest destinations in the World. As a matter of fact it is said that as shocking as the number of published deaths of Tourists that are reported it does not represent even 50% of the true number.

    So you are wrong, Tourists are lured there in the mistaken belief that it is a very “safe” place. Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia continues to say that the Dominican Republic’s tourism is among the safest “with a very low rate of assaults against locals and foreigners alike.”

    Barbados is a far better place than many of these places some of you are encouraging tourists to go and by pass Barbados.

  41. @ Carson C. Cadogan | September 5, 2013 at 9:24 PM |
    “As a matter of fact it is said that as shocking as the number of published deaths of Tourists that are reported it does not represent even 50% of the true number. ”

    So what, CCC, is the “True Number”? One hundred percent of the reported number, idiot?

    We wonder if you would have been recommending Barbados as a safe and well managed destination if the BLP were in office?
    Just asking to assess the true depth of your patriotism; not that we expect a response.

  42. Miller

    I know that you are going to be vex with me.

    I am just trying to point out a few facts that you and your crew would rather remain dark.

  43. @ Carson C. Cadogan | September 6, 2013 at 9:2

    Why should your Uncle Tommy be vexed with you, my child?
    What facts are you speaking about?
    The “fact’ that Barbados’ tourism is doing fantastic and batting like Sir Garfield? Is it true the local tourism industry is experiencing unprecedented growth; growth not seen during the14 years of OSA misrule?

    So here is how your Uncle Tommy feels about you, Carson my friend:

    “Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.”

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