Cable & Wireless: When is a LIME not Local?

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The following was received from a trusted source and BU adds its voice to the query.

Barbados Underground

“It is alleged that a Canadian who has Barbados citizenship is living in Barbados and being paid out of Cayman and not paying a cent of taxes to the Barbados Government. Her name is apparently J*****er M*******son from Cable and Wireless and all the Executives know and is pushing it under the carpet. Maybe this is why our economy is how it is.

Please let this email address remain anonymous. But do some investigating around it. It was reported to the tax department and no one seem to have followed up on it and this individual would owe hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

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23 thoughts on “Cable & Wireless: When is a LIME not Local?

  1. If the PM and his crooks not letting Mr . Jer- Mson pay any taxes then that means that the Ministers them self is getting the money?

    Every heading BU post will show you all bit by bit why the Govt robbing the Public and getting rich , With all this 400m mess and a liar for MOF ,. You think anyone will tell the truth about this LIME Sour Man?
    More to come you call have not seen not heard nothing as Yet.We bet his taxes alone can pay UWI for the students , Run LIME off the island along with the BLP/DLP ,, CAN WE KEEP SAYING audit Audit, AUDIT
    SLAVERY from the North because sellouts and House Niggas

  2. Why worry? I understand the Chinese working here don’t pay taxes either. The workers are just given accommodation, meals, transportation and a stipend but their salaries/wages are paid to their family back in China. We bajans got to fell the pinch.

  3. What ever the claims are that this person has not been handing over any portions of their payments to the government of Barbados, if such circumstances as alleged are true, then the PDC throws its support behind the person and any others that may be doing such in Barbados.

    It is these persons’ properties which the government does not have any business stealing or attempting to steal.

    It is high time that this evil wicked thieving robbing TAXATION system is brought to an end in this country.

    Another thing is that this said evil wicked thieving robbing TAXATION system is totally incompatiable inconsistent with the use of money as a non-tradeable, non-consumable, measurable, usable, socio-psychological reactable to, physical commodity that is used for the primary purpose of making the users of it pay for the uses of it out of their own incomes, payments and transfers.


  4. Just picked my family up at the airport, had sent them down for 3 weeks for crop over. Not everybody seems to get the message that things are not all rosy on the island. The beach vendors get it, as well as the aloe Vera men, my wife said she has never seen them so polite and helpful. Taxi drvers are still hit and miss, to the sleaze balls your F%%king it up for all of you. To the govt get meters, set a rate, so everyone knows the real cost. Its hard to tax people on a cash business without oversight. To the woman in the liquor section at Cave Shepard, it is not enough to show up for work, you have to be helpful, tourists aren’t an inconvenience to be dealt with between conversations with your friends, and from a purchaser no question is a stupid question.
    Kadooment was great they say,alot of fun, after watching the videos , a little observation for some of the partiers there is a difference between wuking and F%$king…. learn it….

  5. A little off topic but how hard would it be to compile a list of the top forty earners and where them went school in barbados?

  6. David,

    Taxation is illegal and unconstitutional in this country.

    This is so because there are no moral legal or other codes that can really truly sanction THEFT in face of the defintiion of THEFT under the Theft Act or any other act.

    What the person who has been alleged by some to be not handing over portions of their payments to the government is doing is asserting their right to their own property consistent with their right to protect their own property against THEFT by any other persons – natural or artificial – including the government.

    The government – as another entity within society – must be made by the broad masses and middle classes to conform with this unchallengeable unimpeacheable unerring infallible doctrine.


  7. Ready done

    Which school do you think the Dentists and Gyno/OB’s attended? And BTW which school do you think Bizzy attended.. huh? What about the Corp (and General Purpose) Lawyers with a history of Political connect ..? Other than that there are a number of people who are very adept at selling themselves to the political infrastructure as well, most of them from Messiah Street High School, but I seem not to get your point …

  8. I would just like to know who makes the money in barbados, what they are doing to make the money, and the schools they went to and academic qualifications. I suspect the profile for the top 40 is almost identical.

    That way people would know what is profitable, and what is not, a bajan forbes list is a good idea. It could change how we looking at our island. give Bajans better role models.

  9. Okay Rd

    Let me spell it out for you

    Selling construction (particularly in areas once handled by the Ministry of Transport and Works and later by RM Construction, now dead) services to a local and regional market

    Selling background support for the banking infrastructure (Technical Services et al) to a local and redional market

    Selling the product of far Eastern genious to a domestic and regional market

    Selling Trinidadian minerals to a local and regional market

    Selling Polish technology to a local and regional market

    Selling Chinese and Indian ware to a domestic market

    Selling the understanding of the obfuscate that is Barbados law to the rest of the world

    Keeping the members of the Barbados market a fair health

    and so on. What the heck … Still do not get your point ..

  10. Some may need to stop thinking they have to continue copying everything out of the US, Forbes list like my foot…..most of the people on forbes lists are nothing but thieves and parasites to the world.

  11. If you think it is undesirable to let the rich run the country, just let the poor for now run it ….and see if you are any better off.

  12. Well Well is right why not have a sebroF list which is the opposite of Forbes that identifies the poorest 40 people on the island. Sees why they are in these straits , why everyone has turned a blind eye towards them, see what the govt is or isn’t doing for them, and make an attempt to better there lives rather than waste print on who is the richer than who.

  13. That the framers of S 16 of the Barbados Constitution would have been thinking that mere use of particular constitutional wording would have been enough to allow many people in Barbados to believe the TAX stealing robbing actions of the government would have been legal or constitutional would – if they were still alive – have to realize that they would have made tremendous mistakes in thinking so.

    For the use of the words: ‘Nothing done under the authority of any law shall be HELD TO BE inconsistent with or in contradiction of the right to property to the extent that the law makes provision for the imposition of any TAX, CESS, DUTY….,’ does not intend to mean, does not mean that the mere use of such constitutional wording would have been enough to prevent these particular illegal unlawful actions of the government from taking place, or does not intend to mean, does not gvb mean that such actions would not have been inconsistent with or in contradiction of the right to property.

    So, the fact the term ‘HELD TO BE’ can be rightly construed by some people to be a wicked evil ruse of a fiction that emerged out of the minds of the framers, such that when these evil wicked TAX stealing robbing attempts/actions are judged by the same people, they will be seen by some persons to be in positions to ignore or overlook the fact that TAXATION is absolute theft, that attempts at TAXATION are absolute attempts at stealing/robbing , is a stupid failed strategy on the part of the framers perhaps uncritically unwisely copying other model constitutional provisions, since some Barbadians know and can prove that TAXATION is THEFT within the definition of THEFT within the THEFT ACT and any other acts, or within any other definitions of THEFT any where.


  14. Well Now we see how he COP was able to wire tap phones for MIA, Favor for favor BLP

  15. One of the members of the PDC attended the meeting that Attorney at Law, Mr. Douglas Trotman, had in Independence Square last Saturday evening on the rule of law, the UWI tuition fee issue, the falsity of the pronouncement, as reported in the Nation Newspapers, and as attributed to Asst Supt Anderson Bowen, that the police have gone to take back the City, etc.

    Mr. Trotman must be commended for taking the time out to bring those issues to the public.

    We dare say that this series of meetings that he is having has the potential to attract bigger and bigger crowds to it judging from the moderate number of people who attended the meeting, and some of whom had remained there listening even after a moderate downpour of rain had ended.

    Now, this is truly a ‘man of action’!!

    Another ‘man of action’, Mr. Kammie Holder, also spoke at the meeting on some environmental issues affecting the people of this country.

    The only sour point of the meeting – according to the member who was there, was when Mr . Trotman had talked about a billion dollars (BDS) that he claimed is owed in so-called VAT to the government.

    It was at this point that the member left the meeting.

    For, in the PDC, we absolutely know that nobody owes the government anything in any stupid VAT. Nothing whatsoever!!

    You cannot logically or otherwise owe a thief any property that is yours that the thief was not able to put his/her hands on.

    What stupid rubbish about anybody owing the government anything in taxes!!

    And we feel so strongly conscientiously politically about this that we are asking any person who is alleged by any TAX stealing robbing government department to be so-called owing the government any amount in so-called TAXES, not to give the remuneration TAX ravishing department of government, or the government itself, not one blind cent of their remunerations. Their remunerations are theirs and theirs alone. Not any government’s.

    Anyhow, and in accordance with the views of the member about the meeting, other than that and a few other negative points, overall the meeting was a good one that many more people should have attended.


  16. BAFBFP I come down often,usually at crop=over My kids go in the parade and I look forward to seeing them go by enjoying themselves, But I think if something is not done the parade may lose its lustre and less and less people will attend instead of being a world class attraction. For an example ,my buddy owned a lobster business, and got the bright idea to put on his trucks BEST TAIL IN TOWN we all laughed thought it was great. Some major buyers said Get that off your trucks or we wont do business with you, they saw the big picture and how that could effect business So you have to decide whether the parade is for your fun or a tourist attraction and a fun for all money generator . Some people are confusing dance with, what a couple of dogs do at the end of the street which in my mind takes away from the real talented revellers The parade is being hijacked by the fringe element who think anything goes and don’t think this is a once a year thing these are the same people we warn our kids to stay away from the rest of the year.I watched a video the other day from… Britain has talent, woman fully dressed Alice Fredenham singing My Funny Valentine, I defy you to say that is not sexier than a woman with her leg on a rail getting humped from behind. Just making the point classy can be sexy. Now why would Bushie get out of his wheelchair he might enjoy the women wukking up on his head.

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