Tales from the Courts – The Record of Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson Part XVI

Chief Justice Marston Gibson

Chief Justice Marston Gibson

Original blog posted 2.43AM 15/08/13 – Updated 6.44PM 15/08/13

Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson is reported in the Nation as having stated that he will shortly start to throw out old cases. It is now two years since Sir Marston, amid much controversy, took over the role of Chief Justice of Barbados, and delivered promises of what he would do to revive the justice system. To date, all we have had from him are press photos of him attending various functions and a lot of non-specific pronouncements of what he intends to do which, like most political manifestos, remain un-fulfilled, largely because he seems to operate with a ‘vote-grabbing’ mindset.

BU has a few questions for the Chief Justice that we urge media (AirBourne?) to ask. Of course, BU’s readers will realise that these questions are largely (but not solely) rhetorical.


Q: How many cases are there before the High Court on which judgements are awaited for a period of time in excess of six months?

Q: How many old cases are there that have been settled out of court and on which no certificates of satisfaction have been filed by the counsel whose duty it was to so file them AND/OR having been filed, not had those filings reflected by the Registry (READ lost by the Registry)?

Q: How many old cases have had counsel on both sides write repeatedly to the Registrar and the Chief Justice over a period of years asking that they be set down for hearing? AND how many responses/hearings has this invoked?


Q: Is it true that you yourself have never written a single PUBLISHED appeal judgement in your two years as head of the Court of Appeal?

Q: Is it true that there are over 200 cases before the Court of Appeal on which judgements are still awaited, some for a period of years?

Q: Can you identify how many such cases have judgements outstanding for a period in excess of 6 months?

Q: Is it true that the Court of Appeal works only a maximum three days a week and some weeks not at all?


We all have had the opportunity of reading the Chief Justice’s remarks made on March 9, 2012 and reported a couple of days later in the press, whereby he invited litigants who had been waiting for their cases to be heard and/or long deferred judgements to be given, to write or e-mail him PERSONALLY about them to bring them to his attention. The Chief Justice’s clear and undeniable implication was that HE would address these cases as a matter of urgency.

Therefore arising here are some questions to be put to the CJ.

Q:        How many letters/e-mails did you receive?

Q:        What have you done about these (if anything)?

Q:        Has a single one of these cases since been heard/determined?

Q:        Have you even bothered to read the letters/e-mails?

BU wishes to place onus on the Prime Minister and his government (and predecessors in office) for the parlous state of the Barbados justice system. The Government is far too quick to point to judicial independence as an excuse for it to do nothing. However, BU points to the words of one eminent international COMMONWEALTH jurist who, when asked by BU about the encroachment on the independence of the judiciary, stated:

“The independence of the judiciary, apart from the decisions in specific cases, is not unlimited, as judges are paid out of taxes paid by everyone.”

The Nation has recently published and focussed special attention on the words of chairman of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (BCCI) health and wellness committee, David Neilands. BU does not disagree with Mr Neilands’ contention that “The ill health of employees is one of the reasons Barbados’ economy is struggling to develop.” BU does not argue with this.

However the major reason is without any doubt the correct international perception of the complete and total failure of the Barbados Judicial System. This, above all, is the main and central reason why Barbados’ economy is struggling. Dependant, as we are, on external sources, those external sources are not prepared to invest or have anything to do with a country where the access to and delivery of timely justice SIMPLY DOES NOT EXIST or, if it does exist, requires premium payments to obtain. It is a scandal that anyone is required to hand over money to public service employees for doing work that they are paid to do by the taxpayers. And we all know that this is exactly what happens in all too many cases.

BU asked one of our most prominent (a very concerned and worried) attorney-at-law what happens when, as in Barbados, the justice system of a country completely breaks down. This is his reply the truth of which is all too evident in the Barbados of today:

“Once the justice system of a country fails, the moral and intellectual fibre of that country is gone and is replaced by CORRUPTION.”


  • You mean attending functions over in away right? Man he duz be hardly hey! He just like Froonie…anybody see dah letter somebody write to Froonie? Um did in de Nation. LOL


  • Marston is a waste of blasted time time.He just getting a salary for doing NOTHING.



    We know many Fraud cases will be put out , For the crook lawyers take funds from any one who feels they have a case , even if they dont. We always hear people say , WE IN COURT, WE HAVE THEM IN COURT. but in real ,all they do is give the lawyer money and no movement for even the lawyer know its a non suit , as many years past , Land case dealing from 1995
    Think 20 persons at 5000bds$ a case is 100,000 bds$ for a lawyer doing nothing , Times 2 for the other lawyers also making money as they might talk about the case or suit over the phone only ,,, As Jennifer King, Ralph Thorne or even C , Herbert , Jackman and so on.

    We need to see a list of the cases and the lawyers , So we know who the crooks are.


  • the archaic system sucks
    dynamic leaders held back
    hands tied
    moneyed class dictates


  • LOL people. For once we’re on the same page. YEAH.


  • This blog has been updated.


  • check barbados court of appeal cases on the net. How many decisions have been published for the year?? I will donate $1,000.00 to the cancer association if there are more than two.


  • BU

    Your “updating” is irresponsible. The latter part, as usual, misses the mark. Oh dear – pity…back to the drawing board.


  • What happens to a case where the complainant had a case in the court since 2000 yet no word from the court. Must the defendant still be called to court after 13 years? Would he/she still have a case to answer?


  • @Ross

    No free pass for your profession.

    It would be useful also if you are specific about your concerns. It saves those who are reading from trying to read your mind.


  • @Ross. I have to say that I disagree with you. David is right – in fact, sadly, the whole article is 100% accurate. BTW do you have any idea how many appeal decisions have been handed down this year? Two seems accurate, but I hope there are more, so that the Cancer Society gets its $1,000 and I happen to know that this is an undertaking that will be kept. My circumstances are such that as of today I have to be elsewhere so cannot check. However, as you have access, maybe you can check and identify the cases on which appeal decisions have been given this year so that this deserving cause can get its $1,000.

    @David. Walking in the shoes of Sir Marston Gibson for a moment, I have to say that if I had come into the CJ job under such a cloud (whether justified or not) of political controversy, instead of going on the cocktail circuit and making a lot of vague promises and taking endless trips outside the country (presumably to promote the prestige of a justice system that worldwide jurists laugh at and is, justifiably, the target of scorn from the CCJ) I would have worked damned hard to prove that I was: (a) a competent jurist; and (b) a good administrator. Within my very first week of office, I would have chaired the panel of the Court of Appeal on at least one case and made sure that I myself wrote the decision and handed it down within no longer than 30 days. We don’t even have any evidence, after two years in office, that Marston Gibson is a competent judge. Therefore, Ross, tell me if you yourself would not have followed my method, rather than that of Marston Gibson? Would you yourself not wished first and foremost to de-fang your detractors by proving your competence as a judge and legal scholar?

    I agree with learned counsel that, ““The independence of the judiciary, apart from the decisions in specific cases, is not unlimited, as judges are paid out of taxes paid by everyone.” Judges cannot be held liable for their decisions, no matter how wrong. But they most assuredly can ne held liable for their omissions, especially if these are a breach of the Constitution. And there are now an alarming number of actions filed against the AG that join the judges themselves. Judges are hired to do a job and, like anyone else, the are responsble to those who pay their salaries.

    Mostly, however, I fully endorse the quote from learned senior counsel. He is absolutely right, as has been historically proved worldwide time and time again and now, sadly, is proved in Barbados.

    ““Once the justice system of a country fails, the moral and intellectual fibre of that country is gone and is replaced by CORRUPTION.”

    Let there be no mistake. THE JUSTICE SYSTEM OF BARBADOS HAS FAILED!!!!!


  • Amused

    I am ‘elsewhere’ too and have been and will be for some weeks.

    I agree with everything you say until your final three paragraphs. In other words it was nice, for once, to be able to agree with the unamended version of this post without qualification.


  • @Ross. The report is not my work. So I am not clear if you are disagreeing with my final three paragraphs or the final three paragraphs of the report – or indeed both, since they both, in some measure, say the same thing. I too will be away for some weeks. For a moment there I thought you were being also subjected to my kind of irregular hours.

    @David. I am watching with a certain degree of apprehension the efforts of the UK Government to in a sense “privatize” the justice system of England and Wales, in the face of very determined and outspoken judicial opposition. The difference there is that these matters are fully ventilated and discussed in the press. The press also fully ventilates and discusses the records of judges and often these press reports have caused direct and immediate action to be taken, not only against judges, but also against counsel, particularly in the Criminal Prosecution Services. As far as the press goes in Barbados, we have only Barbados Underground – even though AirBourne does make a concerted effort for which credit is due. BUT, instead of acting on the reports in BU, the powers-that-be in Barbados seem to be determined to do nothing in the hopes that it will go away – which, of course, it will not.

    I therefore want to ask a few questions the validity of which I am hopeful Ross will agree with. I frankly cannot see how not, but there again……..

    Question: In addition to the number of cases on which decisions are outstanding for a period of longer than 6 months, can the Chief Justice quantify how many cases remain “part-heard” for a period in excess of one year?

    Question: If any (and bear in mind that this is a rhetorical question) can the Chief Justice indicate the lengths of time that these cases have languished part-heard?

    Question: Will the Chief Justice admit that these cases fall within the responsibility for moving them on, solely of the judiciary (including the Registrar)?

    Question: Will the Chief Justice advise at what stage the motoring of cases fails to be the responsibility of counsel and becomes that of the courts?

    Question: The term “old cases” is far too general – like all of the Chief Justice’s other pronouncements. Will the Chief Justice therefore be far more specific as to the definition of what he calls “old cases”?

    A Chief Justice should not only be a first rate judge, but also a first rate administrator – and the two are NOT mutually exclusive and unattainable, as history clearly shows. After two years there is no evidence whatever that Sir Marston Gibson CJ is EITHER!!! So we have already reached a stage where the Government would be well advised to find some “promotion” (which will be very difficuly to find) to offer Sir Marston where he can do less damage then he is now doing, and find an excellent jurist who is also a good administrator to fill the job of CJ.

    Surely by now the PM and government have realised that their legacy to the country will depend almost uniquely on their reviving of the justice system and history (and the taxpayer) will not judge them kindly if they should fail. For then they will have betrayed not only themselves and their offices, but the country itself.


  • Amused

    As with the questions raised in the post, all your questions are ‘authentic’ and proper. So – lol – you are right in your supposition.

    As to the paras, yes I was referring to your final three but, as you say, they mirror the amendments.

    Dunno what BAF is gonna say about all this agreement.


  • @Ross. Baffy it is who has been trying to broker some kind of an accord between us. Even though he may consider it now to be far less fun for him.

    But seriously, Ross, how many times have matters of yours passed out of your hands to the extent that the courts, not you, are responsible for their prosecution? And then how many times have you written to the Registrar/CJ asking, nay begging, that they be set down of hearings continued? Have you had any satisfaction…….unless it is a case involving big-ups and politicians? How many times have you spoken to a judge and begged them to deliver a long-reserved judgement – and they tell you they are working on it “urgently” and years later they are STILL working on it “urgently”?

    It must also surely be of deep concern to you that no more than two decisions from the Court of Appeal have been published this year? And of even greater concern that in 2 years in office the CJ has never written a published decision for the Court of Appeal? And that over 200 appeal cases are awaiting the delivery of judgements? And that the Court of Appeal sits only 3 days a week and sometimes not at all? And what about the quality (or lack thereof) of decisions being handed down? Surely this must be of concern?

    After all, a tightly written and correct decision is unlikely to lead to appeal – and thus CLIENTS are saved a lot of money and anxiety and stress. Equally, the waiting for years for a decission is most detrimental to clients – their health, the finances, everything. But to then compound the waiting for a High Court judgement with more years of waiting for an appeal decision, is not reasonable – for the client it is TORTURE!!! And for much maligned lawyers (sometimes justifiably so as I am sure you are frank enough to admit) it is a serious financial hardship, in that often clients do not have the money to pay their fees and are depending on a successful outcome and the award of costs in their favour – and so are their lawyers.

    And please admit that after the costs have been awarded to a successful client, then there comes, almost inevitably in Barbados, the taxation of costs (as they are seldom agreed) and even appeals against those taxations, some of which can take YEARS!!!

    And if all this is the case, then MY point of view on the justice system is that it has completely broken down. But you are, of course, entitled to take a different view. BUT, IF….IF….IF I am right, and I maintain that I AM right, then IF I AM RIGHT, can you deny the statement of our learned senior that such a breakdown will erradicate the moral and intellectual fibre of the country which, in its turn, will be replaced by corruption?

    In these questions, I am not in any way seeking to persuade you that I am right that the justice system has broken down. Merely asking you that if you were to agree that it has broken down (which you clearly do not) will corruption be its heir?


  • Dear dear Amused

    You can’t expect me to answer a conditional hypothetical. But you obviously realize I agree with much of the post and also, to that extent, your comments.

    I suppose, though, that if a legal system has “broken down” it has effectively ceased to function such that it might be said to exist in name only. But then to use a metaphor, it may only be a matter of changing a spark plug, the points, the distributor, the rocker cover gasket, the cylinder head gasket and so on with increasing seriousness levels. If the ‘bottom’ has dropped out the ‘system’ doubtless will have to be scrapped altogether or simply used for parts. The remedy will depend upon the seriousness of the problem. You don’t change the engine if the problem lies in the petrol feed. And there may also be a host of niggling problems. In any event you obviously need first to diagnose the problem.

    The nice thing about this post is that instead of asserting simply that the system must be scrapped, and in that way playing upon the natural human responses to lawyers and the system in which they operate, the usual line, it attempts, by asking questions, to reach out empirically to get it back on the road. Our difference (and mine with BU) is, as you realize, about the seriousness of the alleged breakdown. But I quite agree that the system needs a very skilled mechanic – and the CJ appears to be no more than an apprentice who thinks he’ll get his City and Guilds by merely waving a spanner to the world.


  • Robert Ross | August 16, 2013 at 7:55 PM |
    Dear dear Amused
    Since the two o’ wunna discovered wunna common boxy fetish wunna on a veritable love boat….
    LOL….next thing wunna going be sending each other kisses!! XXX 🙂 and secret love notes via BU…

    @ David
    Are these the same two “Amused” and “Ross” who were so viciously at each other’s throats before the great discovery…? ..or two other imposters? ….man check out dem IPs fuh we do!!


  • Well well well …. HA HA HA .. Bush Tea the Jack Ass … Man that is funny … HHA HA AHAHH … I was going to say Bush Tea the shit stirrer, but that would be bowling a long hop … HA HA HA HA


  • Amused and Ross shouldn’t have been fighting in the first place, though I enjoyed the exchanges … HA HA HA HA


  • @Ross. “the CJ appears to be no more than an apprentice who thinks he’ll get his City and Guilds by merely waving a spanner to the world.” Nice one. I like. But remember, it is aprentices that change the spark plugs – and I don’t think this apprentice can even do that.

    @Bushie. FYI, both Ross and I like the ladies. However, we also both, in each of our own ways, are champions of human and civil rights. That includes not only the equal rights of all regardless of their race, colour or creed, but also of their sexual orientation. You, on the other hand, seem to be exactly as dissenting white planters must have been when confronted with the efforts of William Wilberforce et al to end slavery. Their logic (or lack thereof) and simple humanity towards their fellow man would have been as indefensible as your is towards those who are born with different sexual instincts. I would like to point out to you that there are tribes which have a religious ritual of adulthood for young men that involves them having sex with older warriors of the tribe. But of course, you, like the Spanish and Portugese that conquered South America, would probably fully subscribe to torture and death for anyone who refuses to convert to your peculiar brand of Christianity. I daresay if Christ met you now, he would paraphrase the words of the great Italian opera composer, Verdi, when he greeted a certain soprano (Madame Patti) after she had given a performance of one of his works (La Traviata). Verdi said, “What opera was that, Madame? I don’t recall writing it.”

    But, maybe now, Bushie, you would drag your head away from your butt and discuss, along with Ross, Baffy and self the subject of this thread, which is the record of the Chief Justice and the threat this poses to the justice system, including the health of the justice system as it stands. It is even likely that ac, who is very far from being stupid, will also join in.

    Now, to encapsulate so that you can understand, Bushie, Ross agrees with the general focus of the report, but believes that, like with a car, the problem can be fixed by replacing a spark plug (the spark plug presumably being the CJ). I believe that the car is a borken down old banger that requires substantial overhaul and parts replacements. My argument is largely based on the facts of:

    1. Judges reserving judgements for unacceptably long periods of time, because: (a) they lack the experience of actual practice as lawyers which would cause them to be intimiately acqualinted with the CPRs; (b) they lack the intellectual scholorship to fully understand what they hear; (c) they are lazy; (d) their positions and the trappings of authority that the taxpayer pays for have gone to their heads, so that they ingore even the common courtesy of punctuality; (e) worst of all, they fail and refuse to accept and comply with the Constitution and thus they are foresworn on their oaths as judges and stand outside the law. I would add to that, and I am sure that Ross would agree, that these judges present a financial hazzard to litigants, in that the paucity of their judgements is often such that the expense of appeals are necessary. Then one appeals and often the paucity of the Court of Appeal decisions are such that one has to take it to the CCJ, but often this requires an application for leave to appeal to the CCJ which, if refused by the Court of Appeal, requires an application for leave to appeal to the CCJ itself. And each step of this causes an expense to the litigant that could easily have been avoided had the judge at first instance rendered a tight and correct decission that counsel could legitimately have advised clients not to appeal as the appeal had little or no prospect of success. Then counsel themselves (who are mostly dedicated and reasonable people) could have come to an agreement on costs awards and the matter would be done.

    2. The alarming amount of times that one goes before a judge for the hearing of a case, only to be told that the file has been lost by the Registry. Today, that is not a valid excuse, as these files ought to be scanned to PDF documents and be available to judges on their computer screen via Intranet.

    3. The inexcusable amount of times counsel has filed actions, signified readiness to proceed (on both sides) and ends up having to write repeatedly to the Registrar and the CJ for a court date, which fails to materialise. Indeed, what is even more inexcusable and breaches every tennant of good manners, is that the simple courtesy of a reply (by mail, e-mail or telephone) is never received from the Registrar or the Chief Justice. NEVER!!!!

    4. The amounts of times that cases are commenced and reams of transcripts taken or recordings made (and please remember – and Ross will confirm – that every word you utter within the courts is recorded – even conversations between counsel and client) but even if you request what is the official record of these proceedings, there is a protracted delay in obtaining them. And then the case is adjourned and the judge undertakes to set a date “soon” for continuation – but the months and years go by and the case languishes part-heard and letters to the Registrar, the judge and the CJ are ignored in the same way that they are ignored when you first try to have the case set down for hearing.

    So I would agree with Ross that it is a simple matter of a change of spark plug, if these incidents were one-offs. However, they are the NORM. But, being a thinking man, I have to recognise that maybe Ross is talking about a spark plug that will erradicate all the problems above and remove any unworking and unworkable parts. I do not think such exists, but have to consider the possibility that it might. Just as Ross has to consider the possibility that it might NOT.

    So you see, Bushie, Ross and I are agreeing completely that there is a breakdown in the justice system. Where we differ is that he thinks it is a simple fix requiring the replacement of one element – and I do not. I also think that it is seriously damaging (terminally) Barbados’ off shore and foreign investment market, and Ross thinks that I go too far in this opinion.

    However, we are as one that Marston Gibson has not done his job at all and that he needs to either do his job, OR GO!!!!

    Now, Bushie, can you get your head out of other people’s butts and speak to the matters we are seriously discussing, or shall we simply ignore and not respond to your silly nonsense?


  • SSSSSSSsssssh keep it between ourselves in case…well. you know. XXX


  • amuse quite a thought-provoking piece at 4.31am


  • Something seems to be keeping you up at night Amused 🙂
    Man skippa, all Bushie did was to comment on this almost frightening new love affair between you and Rossie – and speculated as to a possible cause…..and YOU compose up a long long epistle defending homosexuality …when you should be in bed with SWMBO…..
    …now Ross, on the other hand….well YOU know…..XXX

    On the Courts….
    …beating a dead horse. We could change the CJ, the AG, the DPP and all the damn incompetent judges, but who we going replace them with….? You see the lawyers ’bout here?
    We have already established here through sound qualitative analysis that there are no more that two or three honest and competent lawyers in Barbados. These are probably not even practicing (since practice makes perfect – so practicing law makes one perfectly crooked)
    So those we have in place are incompetent and dishonest….
    What we can change to….are the same, or perhaps even worse…
    The people who are being represented are also a bunch of crooked brass bowls

    ….what conclusions can you draw from that analysis?

    Case in Point…..
    Massive effort to dump Mubarrak, a dictator/crook/dastard
    Morsi turns out to be much worse…..have to dump him in a year
    …back to the military, and the old philosophy of killing all dissenters.

    What do they do next….call Bushie?????

    Same shiite here (and everywhere….)

    Got rid of Owen and his multi million dollar schemers and cost overrun artists
    In comes Thompson with his great personality (and CLICO connections)
    ….to be succeeded by Freundy with his “it could be worse” approach.

    What wunna going do next? ….MIA? …she will just put ac in charge of finance, Islandgal to manage foreign affairs and smooth chocolate as AG…..um would be cat piss and pepper bout here….especially when Islandgal get she hands pon a piece of 4X4 to negotiate with the US ambassador….. 🙂

    When wunna going get it in wunna heads?
    De old Dog deading….. Um ain’t no more getting better.



  • Bushie you know that is not a bad idea to put some women in charge. I am sure we could do a better job than the men who have been running things for so long.And if we do YOU will NEVER have the BALLS to admit that ! You keep blaming women for the state of things BUT it is the MEN who are in charge Bushie. You need to be taught how to handle a woman and then you would be able to understand them. You always too rough and ready, we women want a man with a slow hand, easy touch and never in a rush.


  • When wunna going get it in wunna heads?
    De old Dog deading….. Um ain’t no more getting better.


    Bushie you are like all the self appointed hypocritical prophets. You are the old dog that is dedding. Your end is near my 2×4 come and I will put you out of your suffering. You running like a scared rabbit shouting “the end is near”. You know how many times in history many self appointed prophets have cried wolf? Stupse… man go and tek a bush bath you badly need one!


  • @Ross. Agreed. Let we keep it quiet. Shhhhhh. Don’t want Bushie and Casewell to know. You know how dem does like to lick dey mout. Good think they haven’t spotted that both we overseas for some weeks. They would add 2 and 2 and get 5, as usual.

    @Islandgal. I have been doing my best to tell Bushie that he needs to adopt a delicate touch, but he and Lassie will not listen. Lassie seems to think it is enough to tickle with his chest hair (or simply to have them admired) and Bushie….well, poor old Bushie……senile dementia maybe? Maybe all he can do about it these days is talk. Even the little blue pills may not be working for the poor old soul. Sad. Very sad.


  • I would back off of Bush … for all we know the man could be confined to a wheel chair …! … Cannot be easy for someone who has grown accustomed to throwing his weight around …!


  • LOL
    Wunna laugh!

    Bushie is fitter that all of wunna put together…..LOL –
    ….ask David (BU) 🙂

    @ Islandgal
    LOL… We could as well put women in charge. Wuh the men like them are mostly women themselves…… Bushie would actually prefer a ‘real real’ woman than some mock man/woman…
    …but that would only move us from ’embarrassingly bad’ to ‘bad’….

    We NEED to find some REAL MEN to lead or forget it….

    @ Amused
    Skippa, there is nothing delicate about what is about to befall us. Perhaps it will be more palatable to explain nicely that very shortly our asses will experience more trauma that we can possibly imagine… But Bushie will leave that tactfulness to others….

    ….but wunna CANNOT say that wunna were not warned….


  • Primus inter Pares

    Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory AKA BAHBAHDUS.
    Nuff a de brown stuff flyin Bout heah.
    Lets get real.
    We up tuh wuh Willie in Chocolate.
    Fumble a Dead duck, skinnin he teet like a gran piana, Warrior !!!? LOL
    Nex joke PLEEEASE!!
    Stinkliar :professor a Bullshit baffles Brains.
    Size of Elephant ,brain of a flea.



  • @ David
    NOTHING HAPPENING. Time for the Whistleblower.
    Initially, it should be journalists, who must learn the art of cultivating good sources of whistleblowers. By looking around carefully, such individuals can be found within the bureaucracy, and often, the best sources are government officials who witness every step of corrupt acts. Some officials, in fact, may have even tried in vain to intervene and need a common voice, and once they are won over, these officials can aid in the struggle to bring the truth to light, by leaked document. THIS A SMALL ISLAND, someone knows some dirt on someone.
    In all this confusing degenerate corruption, everything stops, the people and there REPUTATION suffer. The best way forward is follow the paper trail, yes and demand an AUDIT.
    It’s in everyone’s interest to properly account for themselves. The ones handling the funds, or diverting its destination. There seem to be alot of cartoon caricatures with slippery words that have no purposes, entrenched, living off everyone’s money. Well, when the norm have no more to give, the corrupt, and they do know who they are, will have to start giving back, or get exposed to the watching millions. Yes, let’s see the lists of the clients and attorneys in these years old cases. These attorneys hold both the people’s hard earned cash and the keys to a quick trial. A few hundred thousand in high interest accounts for a few years, why complain. Banks love it the legal system loves it. Lets hear the whistleblowers truly sing….


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