By Protecting the Vulnerable Have We Dumb Down the Human Species in the Process?

Submitted by Charles Knighton
Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

In his Time to Reason column of July 26, Mr. Jason Francis takes issue, as so many have previously, with the Social Darwinism espoused by Herbert Spencer. Any who have read Spencer’s work no doubt find his philosophy harsh, but does this harshness render his thesis invalid?

As a species, we’re not as smart as we used to be. My perusal of various studies has led to a belief that human intelligence started to decline when, as Spencer argues, civilization made life easier and allowed dimmer individuals to survive and pass on their genes. I would wager that if an average citizen from Alexandria or Athens of 1,000 BCE were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions.

Stanford University geneticist Gerald Crabtree figures humans reached their intellectual peak 2,000 to 6,000 years ago, when life was so harsh and individualistic that bad judgment generally led to death. Farming progressively led to denser communities where people could collectively ensure one another’s welfare. As a result, evolutionary pressure—the hunt for prey, the avoidance of predators—no longer culls the slow-witted the way it once did. After all, a hunter-gather who did not correctly conceive a solution to providing food or shelter probably died, whereas a modern Wall Street executive that made a similar conceptual mistake would receive a substantial bonus and be a more attractive mate. Clearly, for better or worse, extreme selection or survival of the fittest, is a thing of the past.

47 thoughts on “By Protecting the Vulnerable Have We Dumb Down the Human Species in the Process?

  1. Have We Dumb Down the Human Species ?

    ….Wuh you just have to consider ac and Onions to see that this is so… 🙂

  2. I must agree 100% with this submission and i will add the following observation birthed during these many years here.

    Certain of our species should be neutered, made eunuchs of “fixed up, locked up if caught having unprotected sex, because if these blithering fools impregnate anyone, we are done for.

    No one propagates (a polite word for breeds) like idjits.

  3. it is interesting that the article which is highlighted in submission takes a look at government role in protecting the vulnerable as one of goodwill .however it also points out that as noble as it might be, people dependence on govt peaks as their sense of being entitled becomes more fine tuned than their need for self survival.

    if you had read the article in its entirety you would have not had made such a DUMB comment. however be that as it may you gave ac a glancing view of your limited intellect which revealed an ignorance which lies deep down in the crucible of your mind ..

  4. The foolish always outnumber the intelligent, and progressive people. That is how the DLP won the elections. Cater to the medicants, fools, and clowns who only want free stuff and want very little work. Most of them are dressed in a uniform bearing the words Drainage. They work( if you can call it that) on 50 metres of grass for 2 weeks.

  5. My first reaction to the article and the replies was a hearty laugh, not in any disparaging way though, just to concur.
    For years I have been making the following statements, a tad cynical may be:-
    * I get nervous whenever I hear or see human and intelligence mentioned in the same sentence.
    * The human race is an f***ing disgrace.
    * Don’t argue with fools, they’ll only drag you down to their level.

    I’ve seen the following statement attributed to Einstein “Two things are infinite, the size of the universe and human stupidity though I cannot be certain of the former”.

  6. This is the funniest post I’ve seen for a while. If the author of the piece and his fans agree with it, then they are admitting they are less intelligent than the hunter gatherers of the past. Apparently retarded people have been ‘allowed’ to live and infect their gene pool.
    Humans peaked in intelligence 6000 years ago?! Really? so why are all the other hunter gatherer species (ie all other animals) not ruling the world? Have they not surpassed us with 6000 extra years of hunting, gathering and avoiding their prey induced intelligence?
    Seriously. You can’t start with a stupid theory that suggest you yourself are stupid and then try to make an intelligent point.
    Just because a professor says something it does not make it true, or even intelligent. People will forever be trying to prove some pure breed of human is better than another because to them life is competition and lazy people compete by being born superior.

  7. @ ac
    “….you gave ac a glancing view of your limited intellect which revealed an ignorance which lies deep down in the crucible of your mind ..”
    You! That sound deep yuh… 🙂
    Wuh ac there may be some hope for you yet… Bushie is impressed.

  8. The genesis of human intelligence is rooted and formed from different sources. Most of all experience is a principal teacher and a foundation upon which our knowledge is formed… the word dumb is a misnomer and it categorize people setting them up for failure.. modern man have mastered the art of adaptation and conformity instinctively which is very important for everday survival.

  9. There seems to be two directions the planet is moving in one part of the planet is getting dumber the other half smarter, just like one half getting richer and the other poorer, and again one half better looking and the other half fat and homily, but just like the other comparisons …ugly kids come from ugly parents, and if you don’t believe that…follow an ugly kid home

  10. Imagine a planet where we continue to pillage its resources and then we pat ourselves on the back for our ability to conform and adapt. What folly, what nonsense.

  11. David if you have a viable alternative than conformity and adaptation maybe you can share it with us it is part of our genetic make up. it is not a weakness but a strength on which we build most useful for coexistence. without them we would be hopelessly left …left in a wilderness of indecisiveness unable to cope.

  12. @ shiite ac….don’t get carried away now…you had two reasonable posts ( not right – but at least you sounded intelligent).
    You got to know when to hold
    …know when to fold
    ..know when to walk away – and..
    Know when to run.

    Run ac 🙂

  13. @ Lawson
    You getting real wutless!
    Tell us about the group on this planet that is getting “smarter”…

  14. I can clearly see that ARSON, Alvin Cummings LOOK and WELL WELL are related. AC you sure you are not a first cousin removed?

  15. Island……….stop trying to be relevant, you are wasting your time, use your brain or lack thereof for something more useful.

  16. @ bushtea ….
    so what is your problem …All day all night Ac,,wuh happen can’t find nothing in that brassbowl brain of yours to say except like a broken record stuck on ac,,,,, I even noticed that BBE don’t even get mention anymore seems like yuh replaced him with ac I know yuh might be lonely in that little hut you staying in but ac can’t help yuh YOU too old,,,
    now get a stepping and say something of importance ac not that important, BTW challenge me on the above comment.prove me wrong. you infidel,

  17. LOL @ ac
    What challenge you what!?!
    …and get charge fuh murdah?

    Quite often, it becomes even clearer to bushie how meaningless BU’s efforts are at seeking to bring some sanity and balance to this lost world. It is particularly notable when ac begins to make sense…

    The more one understands, the more obvious it becomes that our very existence is so tenuous and fragile that nothing short of supernatural intervention can explain our reality.
    Yet, here we are – discussing “success and failure” in terms of mundane issues that are clearly trivial in the overall scheme of things.

    After millenia of “development”, centuries of civilization, and decades of scientific achievements, we continue to be blissfully ignorant of any WORTHWHILE and meaningful PURPOSE in our existence beyond living to work to eat to play to live….etc …and to bring children into existence to undergo the same frustrating cycle…

    When EWB committed Barbados to an education based paradigm, he assumed and presumed that education would inevitably lead us to common sense, wisdom and a productive society.

    He was wrong.

    One would similarly have thought that the last few centuries of “enlightenment” would have led our world into a period of peace, prosperity, and success.

    Alas, that too was wrong.

    Considering the unprecedented advantages that have been available to modern generations of peoples, such as phenominal access to energy (via millenia of accumulated fossil fuels), advanced technological and information-based resources, and medical advances, ….Bushie would want to argue that indeed, our collective present populations are significantly dumber, more fragile and perhaps even less enlightened that were past generations.

    There is little doubt, that ‘Mano to Mano’ in a level playing field, the typical prehistoric man would outdo the modern man in every area…..

    Survival of the fittest is natures methodology for selection. Our approach has been more like promotion of the yardfowls….

    Result …..Brass Bowls…..nuff of them.

    • @Bushie

      For the ordinary human to venture into the unknown of the mind and to question our existence calls for an awareness and consciousness which is out of reach. What any sensible person should not do, and being ordinary is no excuse, is to dismiss the unknown. This of itself is illogical.

  18. look how yuh come and deteriorate the blog wid yuh bull shite talk .you remind me of a mangy ole pit bull barking when people pass by.who the hell yuh think you are a moses . if you know so much how come you never put yuh wisdom to work and help clean up the mess instead always giving the job to that proverbial numbskull caswell . man go find something to do wid the little time yuh have left than bother people you ain’t no moses . better yet go scratch yuh balls if yuh could find them and leave ac to she self,,,, nitwit , btw what foolish comment u write up dey, ,lawd hav merci. speaking of brassbowl yu the biggest of them all, now guh long .ole gesard yuh smell like sardines,,,

  19. David
    Surely, it must be time to elevate Bushie to a BU Professorship. Of all the people who come on this square we his contributions to be almost always sublime.

  20. bushie if you want to argue about man’s mentality and its inability to function without technology freezing us into a world of co -dependence on that I will agree however it only reinforces what I said about man adapting and conforming. it is a reality that exist . and one that is inescapable as man try to cope with life . you must read books on conformity and adaptation.. no need to prove me wrong or I don’t have to prove myself right but one thing for sure is that none of us would be here if we did not make changes as we trekked through this vast and ever changing world in our effort to survive . after all we were not handed a script at birth telling us what to expect in this world .therefore conformity and adaptation made life a lot easier, the same is true today as man heavily rely on technology for the same reasons .
    you can have the last word……

  21. For the ordinary human to venture into the unknown of the mind and to question our existence calls for an awareness and consciousness which is out of reach. .

    David is that so man is not robotic! although with technology we are getting closer and closer to being such… There is nothing wrong with questioning any thing, case and point that is how man gets knowledge, it is fascinating that man ordinary man would want to know of their existence it is the beginning and man should be rightfully inquisitive searching for answers ,there is nothing illogical about wanting to know in order to give man a full sense of understanding and being… what would be illogical is not to venture because man believes it is out of reach.. you can have the last word.

  22. @ Pacha
    …you are MUCH too kind. Bushie deserves no such regard.

    @ David
    But how exactly does an ‘ordinary human’ manage to NOT question the unknown? This is the most natural of instincts.
    It is why we spend billions exploring space, exploring the atom, exploring the oceans…
    …but somehow, we are challenged to explore the VERY PURPOSE that we are ‘here and now’ in existence….at no cost…

    Bushie would indeed argue that it takes a SPECIAL KIND OF BRASS BOWL to have no curiosity about such unknowns….but those are in abundant supply… 🙂

    This is what makes ac a very special member of the BU family. She is living proof of the ability of the human being to relish the state of “not knowing”. Even with respect to the mundane things of life, it is clear that ac ‘knows not that she knows not”.

    Remarkably, when it comes to curiosity of the mind, most of us are EXACTLY like ac. Happy to continue in blissful ignorance of the actual realities that surround our very being.

    Unless you know where you are supposed to be going, it is impossible to know how well you are progressing…..and it is highly UNLIKELY that you will be going in the right direction….

    @ ac
    The bushman has NOTHING to prove or to fight for… Been there! Done it!
    Also, …whether you like it or not, ….or if Bushie likes it or not, Caswell is a special talent that COULD make a big difference to Barbados….IF WE were smart enough to recognize talent….but we are not….so you are probably right.

    • @Bushie

      Unlike you BU is not so clear about these things to be as confident to expound. What you have concluded about a natural curiosity of humankind maybe correct but the BBE theory you have espoused conjures up a feeling of morbidity and paint a picture of a finality which some may prefer to block those activities of the mind.

  23. @ Bush Tea | July 27, 2013 at 3:32 PM |

    Miller is really concerned about you.
    Why do you think those “high-sounding” contributions are really the original thoughts of your close friend ac? Why not those of her imaginary husband or even some ‘bribed’ supporter with a modicum of ability to think?

    Are you trying to prove the theory that humans are getting dumber or less smart in the zero sum evolutionary game of human life as technology (and made available by the space ‘gods’ like fire) advances but in return the individual species loses the art of commonsensical natural thinking to survive on its own?

    As a self-professed member of ‘thinking’ elite you should have by now considered the idea that humankind has been this circular way before in its vain attempts to achieve perfection which you set as the raison d’être of this ephemeral existence on this very tiny orb and hardly recordable on the endless pages of immeasurable time.

    You must be aware though Bushie that in the grand scheme of things genetically modified ape man is just a mere grain of sand passing through the endless circular hour glass whose size is NOT shaped or determined by your pet god BBE but by the galactic winds blowing through the universal tunnel of time.
    So next time you try to elevate mankind to some uniquely placed position of superiority of whichever form in relation to some imaginary BBE just think of the hundreds of zillions of other life forms on hundreds of billions of planetary bodies orbiting hundreds of millions of stars in your quadrant of this smallish galaxy far less the billions of others like Andromeda our nearest neighbour.

    That would stretch your imagination quite a bit and allow you to appreciate how busy your BBE is in trying to sort out other massive problems in relation to earthman’s little irritants that erupt ever so often in the 26,000 annual precessional cycle of skin shedding in the Petri dish of evolution.

  24. @ Bushie
    there you go again with nothing of importance to add you cling to your last resort ac,, in another episode of fits and frenzyand empty meaningless words but then I guess it all goes back to survival, as man is selfish in his own way and only shows things they want others to see do things that would please others and that goes back to you bushie in your attempt to draw on an audience while you look for acceptance . truthfully it is all about survival it is easier and less stressful , . I am very disappointed in you as I thought your input would have been on a higher level, but I was wrong.

  25. @ ac
    What the shiite are you trying to say…?

    @ Miller
    Ditto… 🙂

    Interesting how wunna all seem to be fascinated with BBE. Feel free to ask for more information…Bushie is game…and like all truths, wunna will find the information to be simple, intuitive and life-changing.

    @ David
    That the BBE theory conjures up feelings of morbidity should be of significance. The ONLY thing sure about life is its morbidity. EVERY PHYSICAL THING THAT LIVES EVENTUALLY WILL DIE.
    …morbidity is everything, therefore the real question is all about what happens BEYOND the inevitable morbidity.

    Why would we wish to avoid this? ….perhaps this attitude has played a lead role in the collective “dumbing down” that appears to have afflicted mankind…focussing all our energies on a short stressful window of mostly painful existence….

    • @Bush Tea

      You have summed it well. The capacity to appreciate that the space which is defied by a picture painted by the NOW in our mind is the barrier which is insurmountable for most.

  26. @ Bush Tea | July 27, 2013 at 10:14 PM |
    “That the BBE theory conjures up feelings of morbidity should be of significance. The ONLY thing sure about life is its morbidity.”

    Eureka! You have found the answer to the mystery called LIFE.
    You have decoded the message subtly hidden in the miller’s convoluted treatise you seek to juxtapose with ac’s.
    Leonardo (da V) would have been proud of you, Bushie.

    You see how easy it was, Bushie, to unravel the true story behind the superficial and artificial facade put up by mankind to reveal the FIVE Pillars of Life.
    A game of chance with only one winner played out on your BBE designed gaming table of craps with the loaded dice marked ES(a)F interspersed with S&P (Eat, Sleep, ?? aka procreate, with Life’s other two biological (modern day indoor) necessities.
    Despite the many daily rolls of the dice there is only one eventual inevitable outcome marked SIX the final day of morbid exertion the one and only winner.

    When man has risen above the need for the First Five pillar to rest on, then he, like you, would aspire to be a god to conquer the Sixth.

    Is this too heavy for you BT? If so you can always seek guidance from above. Your friendly boss for an engineer is always on standby. Seek and ye shall find; (wisdom, that is, not material wealth).

  27. @ Miller
    Seek and ye shall find; (wisdom, that is, not material wealth).
    …wanna borrow a searchlight? 🙂

  28. Bush Tea | July 27, 2013 at 10:14 PM

    |@ ac
    What the shiite are you trying to say
    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………You did get the message leaving ac out of the picture finally and resorting to the same ole same ole fictional character of BBE . but what about adaptation and conformity. No Not YOU……Right! that is for Dumb people,,, Wrong Bush Tea , just the fact that you have resorted to reintroducing BBE into a topic shows your minimal level of intellect your inability to think outside the box without the help and aid of a fictional character. That is your “go to guy” helping you out of any mishaps you might get into .You look to BBE for survival ,You have conform and adapted to BBE way of thinking , Some might see BBE as a form of entertainment but to YOU BBE is real a person of importance .yes bush tea even in your old age you have shown that it is easier to adapt and conform than to single handedly fight the rigours of life without aid…. even if it means with the aid of a BBE.

  29. Bushie you call me a idiot…….( you read this wid your myopic BBE red eye or go find d madam mirror…YRANAC EEPURB HAM SSIK OG!

  30. But you know what is the biggest laugh….you couldn’t want a bigger joke than Charles Darwin…..LOL

  31. @ ac you read your posts before posting?

    @ Onions
    Man wha idiot wha?
    Bushie thought you were out ‘fishing’ ….just wanted to attract your attention and warn you to be careful since we know that you can’t be good…

    @ Miller
    Life is like a woman’s period of pregnancy.
    It is a period of development, within a controlled, protected environment, where the embryo has the opportunity to grow and mature to the point where it becomes a being fit to live in the world into which it is about to be born.
    Just like babies have NO IDEA of what awaits them after that fateful day of birth (or trauma – from their internal POV) we are mostly unable to conceptualize the kind of environment into which those who develop into a healthy human “baby” will emerge…

    If you think that the “pillars of life” are those simple physical routines of existence then you are seriously short changing yourself.
    The “pillars” of life for a baby is indeed the PHYSICAL growth and preparation for emergence into our PHYSICAL world, but the pillars of life in our world are the SPIRITUAL preparations needed for emergence into the coming SPIRITUAL world.

    Those petty “pillars” of which you speak are the equivalent of the mothers umbilical cord which merely facilitates the environment for growth.

    …so when pressed to explain how one can “enter the kingdom of Heaven’ the top Bushman simply replied ….YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN”

  32. @ole onions

    don’t pay BUSH TEA any mind…….BUSH TEA is a egocentric man who believes he is the voice of intellectualism ;never mind he has an ac stuck up his a..s and have no clue how to get rid of her…. so much for intellect….

  33. @ Bush Tea | July 28, 2013 at 12:21 AM |
    “…wanna borrow a searchlight”

    The best way to reflect light is to ‘shine’ it to a mirror. The entire world would see the Light including you.
    Did you see anything shining back? Probably only a refraction from ac’s ‘gormless’ face (LOL!!).

    Here is a little test you can ask ac to help you with: Try to establish a ‘fused’ relationship between your BBE and the Light.

    This might help you resolve your own conflicting state of cognitive dissonance manifested in the dichotomous twin-track solutions between your material-based deistic prescription to solve the country’s socio-economic problems through your BUP with Caswell on board and your theistically fatalistic reliance on the BBE to intervene and sort all things out in a few moments of future time including the elimination of the atheistic miller (and by an extreme stretch of ac’s imagination, OSA and the BLP) as a final solution to Bim’s problems.

  34. @ BUSH TEA
    The question is do YOU understand the nonsense you always post ..stringing words to together to form a conclusion without referencing or in proper context is just intellectual poppycock most of the time which you are guilty of .EXHIBIT A the below comment..
    …so when pressed to explain how one can “enter the kingdom of Heaven’ the top Bushman simply replied ….YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN”,

  35. Lordie David this thread DEEEEP!!!
    Intelligence is a fancy word to explain differences in perceptions. Now if we were to talk intuition, instinct and spirituality our days may be more meaningful 🙂

    “For the ordinary human to venture into the unknown of the mind and to question our existence calls for an awareness and consciousness which is out of reach.”

    I humbly disagree. It’s more within our reach than our next pay check, sunday meal or banks beer.

    U may soon have to write a paper on BBE for BU. He/she/it is so simple it confuses everyone!

    Whoah there! Most people just trying to make it through the day. You prescribing panadol with your revelations?

    The more we realise and admit how much we don’t know the closer we come knowing it “all”.

    Just observing

  36. @Observing (…)

    Yes it is within the reach of all of us, theoretically. Ordinary people put up mental blockades because of the fear of the unknown even though there is an inevitable result.

  37. @ David | July 28, 2013 at 8:42 AM |

    The only thing the miller is sure about is physical death (or should I say atomic reconfiguration of the anatomy to feed Mother Earth’s {Pachamama} recycling process).

    One thing I can tell you, though, there is no such thing as Bushie’s single BBE.
    For if it were so, then Engineering of Bushie’s eschatological brand is a rather dismal ‘science’ in the class of Economics producing too many theoretically contradicting professionals around (for commonsense to prevail), with contrastingly competing analyses and proffered solutions to our defectively frail world of material man.

  38. Bush Tea | July 27, 2013 at 10:14 PM

    @ ac
    What the shiite are you trying to say…?Part2
    the shite is that ac has exposed your nakedness and your hypocrisy to truth leaving you dangling like tumble weed in the wind. your consent reliance of BBE to solve world problems is enough proof that you like the rest of all mankind needs a source or some one they can rely on and you have found a crutch in that fictional character called BBE.
    Your constant and persistent calls for this fictional character to come in and take over shows your vulnerabilities your cowardice to take control of life problems YES YOU HAVE ADAPT AND CONFORM TO the illogical you have come to the conclusion that BBE is the answer except for those couple of times when lapse in memory is a reason to calling on Caswell.for help;
    Yes BUSH TEA believes in his wandering mind that he is a man of logic while at the same time believing in a make believe character that only logic can defy,

  39. @ Miller
    “One thing I can tell you, though, there is no such thing as Bushie’s single BBE.”
    Where EVER have you heard Bushie use a singular term to describe BBE? The term was coined simply to describe what, even the daft, must concede to be brilliant and superhuman conceptualization, design and construction that therefore MUST have been conceived by the highest possible level of Engineering.
    …the rest is basic common sense ( LOL …thus ac’s confusion 🙂 )

    @ Observing
    Simplicity is the most advanced for of science (as you well know). LOL
    for example…Bushie is still waiting on the bright fellows like MME, “not Saved” and Ping Pong to explain which evolved first of the chicken or the egg…. LOL Ha Ha

    @ Miller
    You is a boss with the language….pity about the logic …:)

    @ ac
    You cook?

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