Politicians: Nitpicking and Stupidity

Submitted by Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group

We usually try to avoid commenting on the empty statements of the current breed of politicians entrusted with the development of the Caribbean. However, as a responsible watchdog group, we are totally dumbstruck by recent statements of the Barbados Minister of Tourism, Mr. Richard Sealy, who claims that the St. Lucia tourism product is lagging that of Barbados by some thirty years. We are equally supportive of the stance taken by the St. Lucia Minister of Tourism; Mr. Lorne Theophilius that he will not engage in any spat with his Barbadian counterpart but prefers to look at the industry from a regional perspective. This is in keeping with our view of regional economic development.

Minister Sealy must understand that if St Lucia is making great gains, in the industry, it is a reward to their tourism planners, and the people of St Lucia. It is also a significant gain for the Caribbean economies, that we have another player in the global leisure industry.

Insular thinking and ungracious dialogue are not attributes that will build the great Caribbean nation we need to survive in the real world. It is equally depressing that Sealy, who is a prominent member of a party that was one of the regional architects of what is now called CARICOM, would want to engage in such senseless nitpicking. It is unfortunate, that some government ministers in Barbados are resorting to inflammatory statements in defending their administration. Most recently, we heard the current Minister of Education, Mr. Ronald Jones, mouthing off about the need for police to shoot people and crack heads in the event that the populace rises up against the administration. We remind Mr. Jones that his ministry deserves more rational and intelligent speeches when he finds himself before microphones. It was not his finest moment.

At present we are witnessing the people of Trinidad and Tobago protesting against their government and we have not heard about police shooting and cracking heads. We are aware that bad economies mostly affect those at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. The masses of the Caribbean do not have overseas bank accounts and investments to turn to when our economies go into prolonged periods of non-growth, commonly called a recession. We are aware that Barbadians by their nature are not radical and only take to the streets when they really cannot take the pressure any more. We saw that some years ago, when they took to the streets to protest the economic policies of former Prime Minister, Sir Lloyd (Sandiford). There is a big difference between an insurrection and a protest. We don’t recall any violence being unleashed on the people for marching and to use such language now, is to say the very least, an act of unparalleled stupidity.

We therefore urge our politicians to desist from nitpicking, and to concentrate on turning around these Caribbean economies, so that the next generation would have a better wicket to bat on. If that is not their purpose and vision, we urge them to do the proper thing and quietly retire from public life.

24 thoughts on “Politicians: Nitpicking and Stupidity

  1. We always got be better than, bigger than, more educated than, we does cook better, wukkup better, sing better, look better, live better than and the reality we are no further than the rest. We are in debt like the rest, we owe like the rest, we more expensive than the rest and we dirtier than some of the rest.

    Please take a walk with me and see how the other side lives and notice how clean everything looks.


  2. The Cabinet and indeed our parliament are filled with a lot of people who are only good for a lot of big useless talk. Most of them don’t have any idea about running anything. Unfortunately, the country has become so politically polarised that as soon as an individual is nominated to run for office, the party machinery goes into action to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    Look at the entire membership of the House of Assembly and then tell me what qualifies any of them to govern. Please don’t tell me that they went to university. What skills have they brought to public life? Now they have been elected, they somehow feel that they must speak and usually end up talking rubbish. The problem here is that those closest to them fail to tell them the truth with people like CCC defending their idiocy.

    We need people in parliament who have achieved and who are prepared to give some of their time and talent for the good of the country. Instead, we have a bunch of misfits who enter parliament in order to achieve. Once people sacrificed to serve in parliament: nowadays, parliament tends to make somebody out of otherwise undesirable people.

  3. Sealy is the typical idiot for a politician, talking head without the ability to do analysis, i have met long stay tourists to St. Lucia who prefer St. Lucia simply because it is still unspoilt………..if they want to see a bunch of ugly buildings and skyscrapers they can stay in their own country, no need to travel to barbados to see two buildings……..they prefer go to the sulfur springs and twin peaks in soufriere, natural beauty, peace, quiet and river baths are what the tourists deem a perfect holiday and that is what they will spend their money to get.

  4. Most recently, we heard the current Minister of Education, Mr. Ronald Jones, mouthing off about the need for police to shoot people and crack heads in the event that the populace rises up against the administration. We remind Mr. Jones that his ministry deserves more rational and intelligent speeches when he finds himself before microphones. It was not his finest moment
    Why should we not be surprised.
    What does all these loose canons have in common …..Jeff Broomes, Mathew Farley, Ronald Jones.? Give up ?…….now enjoy


  5. @ Caswell Franklyn
    We concur:
    “We challenge anybody to point out any new idea from the current list of thirty candidates. We challenge anybody to ask them what are their views on education reform, the environment, and the changing demographics of our island state, the underlying racism and control of our economy; ask them how they will revolutionise agriculture. Ask them if they have ever written one serious article about policy. Ask them what they would like their political legacy to be. We assure you that they will be embarrassed. They simply have no ideological or philosophical positions. They are following their political mentors (BLP/DLP) to the letter. They believe that parliament is their gateway to professional and financial security. They are seeking upward social mobility.” Mahogany Coconut Blog 2/17/13

    • But we cannot blame the politicians alone. We the people must demand and ensure accountability.

      What does the two ministers featured have in common?

  6. Well Well you should be a commercial latrine the quantity of smelly effluent you let out into cyber space is unmatched.

  7. @ Mr Franklyn.

    Ex nihilo nihil fit. Out of nothing comes nothing.

    Do you think that when the election bell is rung again, for the by (Bye) election and the general election that the profound wisdom that you (and others) have spoken/speak here on a daily basis will cause a retrenchment in the “corn-beefism” mentalities that besieges our outdated partisan politics?

    It is going to take the purge that time affords, 50 years, to get rid of the yardfowlism that is inveterate in the gene of the Bajan electorate to start to wither away and another 150 years for it to affect elections Mr. Franklyn.

    People like Sealy have probably never visited St Lucia and, dimwit that he is, cannot appreciate the unsoiled STL experience that Barbados was in the 70’s

    Devoid as he is of any intellect, but the people have voted. Before anyone rushed in with the chant about OSA and his equally bereft dolts, i ask you to remember Noel Barney Lynch, an equal dolt and his memorable statement about our brass Olympian Obadele.

    Maybe in juxtaposing these two, dimwit and dolt, maybe we the Bajan populace may see the folly of electing fools and idiots to parliament and expecting that they will overnight become competent representatives.

    Dont let us stop there Mr. Caswell.

    You well know that the true tier of good governance in our system lies within the PSes of our structure.

    With such sterling characters like Edison (not the Wizard of Menlo Park and inventor of the Electric Light) no the other lascivious one who wanted to do those unspeakable unmentionables to that young lady who denied his advance, how can we progress?

    Here we are, between the proverbial rock and the hard place, Seethru and Fumble, Barney and Sealy, wont mention MAM since she does not have a wiretapping equivalent on the other side yet and We Jonesing, since we dont have a “Crack some heads and Kill some people” equivalent.

    Not going forward and CANT go back, No Man’s Land.

    Is there anything on our foreseeable horizon that will change this?

    • Piece of the Rock

      From your light bulb comment, it would appear that you are looking into my files. I have to be careful with you.

  8. @ Caswell Franklyn | July 9, 2013 at 2:50 PM |

    Once you can read Piece of the Rock” thoughts and ‘convoluted ramblings of insightful wisdom then you Caswell qualify for BU membership of the Sanctum Sanctorum.

    He, ‘steady as a rock’ is one of a kind and indeed passed the 33rd degree of sagacity into the games people play, right, ole timer PODRYR?

  9. I,ve been saying for a long time, B’dos NEEDS a serious third party PRONTO, or we will soon become the laughing stock of the region.For a long time our neighbours were wishing for us to fall, we are now contributing to our own downfall

  10. june boy | July 9, 2013 at 4:23 PM |For a long time our neighbours were wishing for us to fall,

    Our neighbours now have a large cadre of allies in B’dos whose goal meshes with theirs. Read Ryan Straughan the jackass economist at UWI. I cant believe my tax money is paying this quisling clown.
    miller, loveridge,island gal, prodigal, well well, ad naseum working overtime to usher in B’dos collapse. I left out onion because he doesnt come across as a disloyal twit like the others.

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  12. For ex …….you are one of the many sniveling BRASS BOWLS refusing to see and accept that we have serious problems on this piece of rock. If you can blame a small number of us for Barbados’ demise then ask David to shut down BU or don’t show your blasted BRASS BOWL yellow face bout here.

  13. For ex ….You are definitely a member of the yard fowl brigade and only know how to lick ass. Bugger off you horse fly!

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    That it did hurt to hear those lips of thine, represented in this blogosphere by your writings, sullied by your response to this character, is indeed cutting my spirit.

    Oh islandgirl, where be’eth this cur who hath offended thee some time during the period that was Chantal’s courting of our shores?

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    I have my “steed” ready for thee fair miss ….

    Speaking of Chantal, did anyone notice how our Senior Meterologist and the Meteorological Office came on the radio and bungled through his comments about Chantal, followed by that fellow pun TV and the merican fello pun 98.1 gave a precise statement of what to expect from the storm, and even told us about the 2 or 3 others coming right up to the 22nd of July?

    Man even if dat fellow Steve did telling lies, why it does be dat we always got to go and mek idjits uh we’self pun national radio en TV?

    Looka if i was he and dat Charlerly fellow i wud invest ina good Thesaurus and sit down pun a day and plagiarize evey ting dat dem people in Puerto Rico and Miama does predict bout de weder en cum pun TV en sound like a boss dennnnnn

    I know dat somebody gine say dat i is denying my blackness or someting of de sort later dis morning pun dis heah blog but whuloss, you mean dat afte all dese years dem still ent getting it right?

    An some body need to tell Chalerly to slim down causing when he does be showing de weather i does doan be able to see de screen dat he pointing to.

    He and Sinckliar like dem going to de same restaurant and de cook putting yeast in dem cook vegetables or sumting

    • To answer the question posed above:

      Jones acted in the past as Deputy Prime Minister and Sealy currently acts as Deputy Prime Minister. Both therefore should see their leadership responsibility seriously The government can’t be talking about its commitment to regional integration and Sealy issuing such insular comments. The country can’t be so polarized ad Jones using such sill and inflammatory language. .

  15. Good morning Piece uh de rock….LOLL You have my permission to take your steed and hunt down that vile rogue who goes by the name For ex. I do not have the gift of speaking in tongues like you but I await your arrival with his head on a silver platter. Go forth my shining knight on your white steed and make haste!

  16. @ Islangal
    ……………somebody moniker slip showing…..(in doubles)…remember blindmen doan play dominoes….ya eaaaarrrrrrr ! LOL

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