The St. John Deliberations

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte

tourofstjohnpolyclinicBarring any unforeseen circumstances, the St. John Polyclinic should be set to open its doors to the public come June, this year. So says Minister of Health, John Boyce, who toured the 27,000 square-foot multi-purpose facility yesterday with officials from the Ministry of Health. Mr. Boyce said he was happy with the progress so far and was pleased with the co-ordination between architects Michael Lashley Architects Limited, Ministry officials and a team of public health nurses, who were also on the tour.

April 4th, 2013 – BGIS Press

The million dollar question of recent is, what is holding up the opening of the St. John Polyclinic? Slated then to open in June 2013, this will now make the third aborted attempt at opening the place.

Can the Democratic Labor Party then make idle boast that St. John is their crown jewel given the present and past lackadaisical attention being paid to the parish? Why it is a known indisputable fact that St.John is the most under developed parish on the island. Being a strong hold seat of the DLP for decades and nesting home of the late EWB and David Thompson, why are we finding this strange?

Residents of the parish can make ample boast that there is no bank, no major supermarket, no fast food outlets, one major secondary school and now no health clinic to-date. Again why are we not finding this strange. Talk about unperturbed representation.

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  1. Money scarc………e. Almond is purportedly being bought, but I know government will have to pay upfront to the Trinis, ——junk bond status, cannot borrow on the international market, public servants about to be sent home——- Foreign exchange running dangerously low. The SHIT……..E hitting the fan.

    This is a good time to open the high-tech facility so that the graduates out of UWI medical school can have somewhere to do their internship.

  2. Napoleon

    Why are you complaining? The people of St. John obviously like it so. They need none of these developments to make them happy. Why do you think that they want to join the rest of us in the 21st century?

    The people of St. John are different from the rest of us. After all, from my understanding of the Constitution, they have elected a person who is not qualified to be elected to the House of Assembly to represent them. They are just different.

    • David

      Section 44 (1) says in part:

      No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the House of Assembly who

      (a) is, by virtue of his own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign Power or State.

      In an Australian election petition, the court ruled that Britain was a foreign state. If Britain is a foreign power for Australia, I conclude that St. Lucia is a foreign state in relation to Barbados.

    • As far as I know, she had not done so prior to nomination day.

    • @Caswell

      Don’t mean to grill you BUT why would the Opposition not seek redress in our Courts to uphold the Constitution by your interpretation?

    • That is from a political dimension but there is nothing to stop John Citizen from bringing this matter.

    • @Caswell

      Are you suggesting that any Barbadian who feels offended by any breach in the constitution cannot challenge it in court?

    • No David, I am not suggesting that at all. I am saying that most Barbadians are paralysed by fear, and will not do the right thing.

  3. Caswell

    On behalf of the fearful one, why do you bring an action in the High Court against Mrs Thompson?

  4. @Caswell and David,
    I know nothing about the details of this matter, but can “birth” be considered one’s own act? Or are you saying she has sworn allegiance to a “foreign” power by also having the passport of that country?

  5. @ Caswell Franklyn.
    Do you understand the meaning of the phrase ” by virtue of his own act ” ? Did she CHOOSE to be a citizen of another country ?

  6. Further, if she is a citizen of Barbados, she would seem to be qualified under section 43.

  7. @David,

    Not just anyone can bring a constitutional action for a breach of its provisions. There must be what the lawyers call “locus standi”.

  8. @Jeff
    You are correct on this issue ” by virtue of his on act ”
    This matter was recently consider in Jamaica

  9. Caswell the standpipe lawyer wrong again. A little knowledge of the law is a dangerous thing, especially for the idiots who take their advice.

  10. “No David, I am not suggesting that at all. I am saying that most Barbadians are paralysed by fear, and will not do the right thing.”

    So if Mara is ineligible to be elected and was elected, then I can also say that her late English born husband was also ineligible? Caswell you are a dangerous rabble rouser or someone who speaks with a forked tongue. Man you have shown the signs of a true dictator and I hope that you NEVER run for office and get elected.

  11. @ mr.jeff cumberbatch, please make reference to Abraham Dabdoub vs Daryl Vaz [2008] . This is what chaucer is referring to.

  12. “The million dollar question of recent is, what is holding up the opening of the St. John Polyclinic? Slated then to open in June 2013, this will now make the third aborted attempt at opening the place.”

    Even if this administration manages to carry on with the optics and charade by completing the physical construction of the facility/complex the outfitting of the polyclinic and its actual day-to-day operations are certainly not on the cards.

    Unless one accepts that it will take only $227,245 to run a polyclinic as approved in the 2013-2014 Estimates of Expenditure.

    That polyclinic will remain for the time being just an empty mausoleum in memory of the dead king.
    As long as the CLICO mess remains unresolved everything associated with him will turn to fool’s gold. Clean up CLICO and punish those responsible and the country will witness the arrival of a brighter new dawn of a financial day.

    • Why do we like to rag people like Caswell who is always willing to back the courage of his convictions by putting it on the line and using his name to boot? He like anyone of us will get it wrong sometimes or like others is not afraid to challenge precedent. We need to challenge the issues like Jeff and others are prepared to and move on.

  13. But looka hay… here very hott tis morning…..wanna din hear a storm comin…..Man this thing sound serious doa…..I ent nah lawyer but from my radio dat always pun Starcom 929 ( for good reason), this ting been a real bassa bassa in Jamaica n D odder Caribbean of lately…this thing bout dual citizenry and surrendering ones passport to stay in Parliament ah mean ….but again I is just a lowly blowgoat fisherman and wilts picker…

    But supposing Caswell point is valid…..what does this mean fa dis guvverment? Looka I gine and fry these two sea cats and eatum wid bread a salt bread while wunna legal eagles sort tis one out…..

    .Man Caswell ya sharp indeed….like a ole time Mustard hook ya ..Hey Hey….

  14. @ ac | July 8, 2013 at 8:55 AM |
    “Cawell is a grown man he can tek the licks…”

    You would know about taking licks. You are now a ‘licks-proof’ expert on beating dead horses.

    So when are the ‘godly’ long suffering most DLP loyal people of St. John going to get this new polyclinic up and running?

    Didn’t the liar Donville Inniss promised it would have been ready since December 2012? Where is the money coming from to outfit it or finance its unbudgeted expenditures or would this project be part of the $400 million casualty? Can we really be soon seeing a repeat of its fate in the 1991/92 Sandi/Thompson soap opera of financial lies and mismanagement?

  15. Miller what u worrying bout the poly clinic and donville fuh. tosay the least there would be a pollyclinic when compared to the nutting the BLP did fuh ST.John fartherless a promise

  16. How D ask some people could operate without a supermarket and living about 10 miles from Bridgetown?…and for so long….Not even a Cheffete or a lil Kenturkey …in case the madam cuss ya out and you need something in a rush….You would have to head to St.George….Salters to be exact..the nearest fast food outlet …or Six Roads St.Philip…..MURDA

    • @Onions

      And to think all those years of BLP rule – 14 to be exact – and nothing. We keep coming full circle don’t we?

  17. @ ac | July 8, 2013 at 9:28 AM |

    The miller is worried about the LIES & DECEIT made to the people of St. John.
    How come there is nothing in this year’s Estimates for the opening, outfitting and or running of the polyclinic if the DLP had plans of opening this facility? Explain that!
    The BLP has done more for St. John than the DLP has done for that parish that has been so foolishly loyal to it. Just ask “Negroman”.

    Even Leroy Parris is from St. John, is he going to return the money to the St. John policyholders?

    @ JUST ASKING: Come and deal with this ac “johnny” do!

  18. Me from ST.JOHN too and i have seen dem measly mout Politicians talking about fixing the road fuh many years .they gone and it is only reently i see some thing being done on my street

  19. in case the madam cuss ya out and you need something in a rush….You would have to head to St.George….Salters to be exact..the nearest fast food outlet …or Six Roads St.Philip…..MURDA

    Wait, they ain’ even got a single rum shop lef in Sin John that a body could buy a ham cutter or a bread an two?.

  20. @ ac | July 8, 2013 at 10:09 AM |

    And on whom does that reflect? With a DLP representative in the House of Assembly for over 50 years and under 4 turns of DLP government and having two PM’s as their representative who is to blame for this dereliction?
    The BLP? Who do you think built or refurbished the roads in that parish during the periods1976 to 1986 and 1995 to 2007?

    Why are you avoiding like plague buried in lead coffins under Hackleton Cliff the matter of financing the polyclinic?

  21. Nobody don’t mind Old Onions….. At least St John fishermen does catch real real fish – and not sneak into the market early on mornings with a $10…..

    Wunna people continue to FAIL to appreciate the value of Caswell…. Of course he does get stuff wrong …..who doesn’t…!?! Wuh how many bushmen wunna think dey could have in little Barbados…? 🙂

    …but he is fearless and persistent and focused on what is right (with a few notable exceptions of course – such as anything to do with a certain former CJ, or with anyone who put some licks in his tail in the past…. Like Jeff B, Sir Roy, The NUPW brass and more recently, Amused…etc… LOL Ha Ha …after all he is only human….)

    Wunna try and leave Caswell. AT LEAST WE ARE ALL NOW EDUCATED…..and the ones that know that they are doing shiite done know that they time for questions will come from Caswell…..will THEY have answers…..?

    @ Baffy
    Bushie’s focus is Galactic….. 🙂
    BBE’s playground.

    • Bushie

      I got a call this morning telling me that I was right about Mara but for the wrong reason. I cannot verify this but I was told that she also acquired citizenship of Britain by reason that she was married to a person who was born there. If this is true, my original post might have some merit.

      Oh by the way Jeff, your comment about Mara being qualified under section 43 was not helpful because that section starts out by saying:

      “Subject to the provisions of section 44, …”

      Please don’t rush out in defence of your party and leave glaring holes in your submissions.

  22. Caswell
    I like your staged climb down put the fact is you are wrong, WRONG, WRONG. Don’t you think if there was any merit whatsoever in your legal position, it would have been pursued by those who stand to benefit, the BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY?

  23. I shall ignore your snide reference to my political allegiance, Caswell, but if you should admit that Mrs Thompson is qualified under section 43, your point still has to be made that she is disqualified by section 44. Are you saying now that by marrying the national of a country one comes under allegiance to that country by his or her “own act”? Shouldn’t one need to do more?

    • Jeff

      Re: your comment at 11:12 AM

      The fact that you marry a person who is a non national does not automatically make you have allegiance to your adopted country. The non national spouse does not have to acquire citizenship of their adopted country, but if he/she does then they must subscribe to the Oath of Allegiance and that would surely bring them in collision with section 44. Therefore if she has in fact become a citizen of the UK, she would be barred from serving in our Parliament.

      I accept your earlier position that being born by itself would be insufficient to disqualify anyone because it was not their own act.

  24. Jeff

    You wasting your time with Caswell? Have you not noticed the ease with which Caswell changes the ‘facts’ and assumptions upon which he relies so as to suit his declared legal position?
    he may in fact know a bit about law but nothing more than that.

  25. @nellie, The graduates were eventually placed in the QEH after coming to public with the issue, and so to save face, they they were placed at that institution. For the future, however, the opening of the polyclinic in st. john will help to take the burden off the QEH because it will be so well equipped and properly staffed that the entire Barbados will want to go there for first class treatment.

  26. sigh ……Caswelll a bowl if contention and contradictiion. . his version of the constitution was interpreted by Donald DUCk…that!s all Folks.

  27. I am from St.John too ac……we may be neighbours too, given your concerns. At least the representative can now see to it that they repair our roads which are in an awful state. I am in no hurrry for fast food though, but the young people are growing restless when it comes to that department. Word to the wise GET ONE.We deserve more

  28. The last administration calledthemselves fixing the road trowing some gravel together mix wid a little cement a nd covered it with tar only to find out that when it rain too much th road cracked amd that,s how de BLP call fixing road I went down the street de other day and i saw some repair going on i hollered to remind the fellows not to use marl and sand and tar cause it not going last when it rain.

  29. @ Palgrave Court | July 8, 2013 at 11:07 AM |

    “Don’t you think if there was any merit whatsoever in your legal position, it would have been pursued by those who stand to benefit, the BARBADOS LABOUR PARTY?”

    That is the biggest joke for a while.

    First let me say that Mara, although born in another country, has every right as the spouse of another Bajan citizen by descent to run for the House of Assembly (HoA).
    The question is whether she is allowed to hold simultaneous citizenship in three separate jurisdictions; that is, St. Lucia, Barbados and the UK.
    But this would never be tested since Mara is the mother of MAM’s god child the same way that she is the godmother of David Estwick’s child.

    You simple naïve fools being used to carry messages between friends playing gods even if they are fooling you they are political enemies.
    These politicians in Bim went to school together, socialize together and work together in professional capacities.
    Don’t let the little blood sport of fun and games and manipulation of the masses like pawns in the game of chess or common men in draughts distract you from the real aim of fulfilling egotistical ambitions in the power game called politics.

    Even if Mara is found to be unqualified to sit in the HoA of Barbados there is no way the BLP could ever win the St. John constituency in the next 10 years.

    If the DLP sends a jackass or even a monkey dressed up in yellow and blue with a banner marked “Vote DLP” to run for St. John that idiot will certainly find a seat in that chamber.
    Just ask “JUST ASKING” and he will confirm. Even if the premier yardfowls ac or Negroman have the guts to run they too will win hands down in St. John.

  30. Bet that this polyclinic goes the way of the other St.Peter institution…open for few years….unable to be adequately capitalized n staffed..later put up for privatization….Harris & Co…look they providing fodder for canons…

  31. Caswell,
    And she is a citizen of England? Was David Thompson too? Because, if so, then….

  32. Remember Peter Morgan?Remember the Nation newspaper asking aloud on its front page in the 70’s….Where is your mother country Peter?And ‘e get ‘ten to in ’81.

  33. @Jeff & Caswell

    Whereas the children qualify for UK citizenship by descent Mara would have to have lived for three years with he husband on UK soil to acquire citizenship.

  34. David | July 8, 2013 at 4:17 PM |
    @Jeff & Caswell
    Whereas the children qualify for UK citizenship by descent Mara would have to have lived for three years with he husband on UK soil to acquire citizenship.
    Not quite so David. I got married in Barbados while holding both British and Barbadian Citizenship. My wife who followed me to to the UK a few weeks afterwards , was granted British Citizenship ,before leaving Barbados.
    I am at present looking at my wife’s Certificate of Registration as a Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies.

    And by the way, according to Caswell, then I could have been considered ,by the Barbados Government ,a Mercenary in the employ of a foreign power, the Brits.

  35. @ Jeff C
    the problem is that people take Caswell Franklyn too seriously .The ignorance he displays most of the time is matched only by his disrespect for others . Ignore the man !!!

  36. “Therefore if she has in fact …”
    “I accept your earlier position…”

    lol. Caswell like only Caswell can do it.

    Just Observing

  37. Caswell is a stovepipe lawyer. It is obvious his lack of training by the fact that he rushes out on BU and elsewhere with an opinion and tries to rearrange the facts to ensure his opinion holds.

    The man is a clown.

  38. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | July 8, 2013 at 7:46 PM |

    Why are you so hard on Caswell?
    He does have a point.

    If Mara holds British Citizenship through being married to a British-born man she cannot continue to hold triple citizenship. She has to renounce one if she is to “properly” serve as a duly elected member of the HoA.

    We are sure that you being a well brought up Bajan brainwashed “christian” would be only to keen to heed the Biblical injunction about serving two masters far less three.
    She just cannot be a citizen of St. Lucia, Barbados and the UK at the same time. One must go!

    And if we are thinking what Mara is thinking Barbadian is the one to be jettisoned.
    Why do you think the JM wants the CLICO forensic audit report to be “sealed”?
    Such revelations would bring down the legacy of D T and by infection contaminate the integrity of the sitting member.

    Is it too early to spring a by-election on the country? Yes we say!
    Let the DLP stew a bit more in its no layoffs, no privatization juices flavoured by the dirty lies and confusing deceit. Transport Board will soon collapse unless rescued by private sector benefactor.

  39. Miller

    Much like you Caswell is a clown, a court jester……………..someone to laugh and joke with but never, never to be taken serious.
    By election in Saint John or not, the Parliamentary tall remains unchanged at 16 to 14.

  40. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | July 9, 2013 at 8:07 AM |

    You mean like your friend David Estwick? You think he would ever be Minister of Finance or will he be looked over for the job again and again in favour of porn king Donville or even the biggest court jester and clown Mr. Physical Deficit himself Jepter the clown prince Ince?

    Listen up Messenger to the Court of Dummies: it is neither the miller nor Caswell to be taken seriously. Whom you have to take real seriously are just around the corner are the financial clowns masquerading as credit rating agencies who will soon declare Bim bankrupt and the Doctor Booby IMF just waiting to come to its rescue as the banker of last resort.

    Why can’t you tell your funny friends where to cut the $400 million without sending home one public sector worker? After all, they are magicians who can turn a deficit of $400 M into a surplus of $800 M to build a brand new hospital that has simply slipped off the radar of projects.

    When are you guys going to pay the UWI? Or are you waiting on the quack Estwick to inject more morphine in that broken foot diabetic?

  41. Miller just like caswell u like to circumvent! propagate! twist and instigate issues to your way of thinking to form conclusion. how do u know what mara legal status is outside that being of barbadian citizen. as usual u being the consumate yardflow lean to your thinking oblivious of facts solely relying on perceptions

  42. Napoleon Bonaparte “Residents of the parish can make ample boast that there[are] no fast food outlets”

    But Napoleon, having no fast food outlets is a good thing. The sugar, grease and flour served at all fast food outlets is what is killing we.

    If we think:

    Fast food outlets=progress and development.

    Then Lord help we.

  43. The way I look at it

    fast food outlets=chronic non-communicable diseases.

    I bet nobody ever see the late Mr. Sisnett (aged 113) at any fast food outlet yet.

  44. The BLP bought Eastry House, St. Peter (anybody remember Eastry House (formerly owned by the sister-in-law of Bree St. John and her German? husband)

    Now the DLP is buying Almond.

    My questions are:



  45. Miller

    Which end of the shallow gene pool did you crawl out of? You should not worry so much about the DLP, why don’t you concentrate your efforts on helping the hopeless and hapless BLP? They only have 1,700 days or so more to wait until another chance to piss off the electorate.

  46. Miller
    You still vex with DT over the little trick he put pun you regarding the CLICO Committee, all before you retired from Finance.

  47. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | July 9, 2013 at 9:40 AM |

    And you, my genetic prototype, have definitely less than 170 days (approx. 6 months) to initially cut $400 M before the IMF come a calling on recommendation from the credit rating agencies.

    Do you think (if that is possible of an intellectual amoeba) that such a matter is exceedingly more urgent and should be treated as an emergency instead of looking through the BLP lens from 1,700 days away to cuss the miller without helping to deal with the problem in the DLP’s hands?

    The BLP has to do nothing but wait out those how many days. This DLP will self implode as it did in its1991/94 session under its own weight of fiscal mismanagement but this time the onus will be thrice as heavy and resulting in an early pulling up of sticks to end the game of fiscal charade.

    Now spend you time helping out the DLP with its $400 M fiscal sword of Damocles
    hanging over its 16:14 neck. One slightest move like Estwick moving onto the bench reserved for independents like Hammie La and wham the sword falls to behead the DLP.
    Is this the trump card Estwick is playing, Dummy, to ensure he gets to be MoF?

  48. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | July 9, 2013 at 9:51 AM |

    Even David BU is laughing at your deliberate case of mistaken identity which can only happen to a blind Dummy.
    If you want to slander Willianm L do it but leave the miller out of any association with DT.
    Let’s seal that deal, just like the CLICO cover up, alright?

  49. Miller
    Gotcha little man. Don’t run for David BU to help you camouflage your true identity. We’re you no part of the chorus along with Caswell, Just Asking and Prodigal Boy saying the DLP and FS could NOT win a General Elections?

  50. Logistics.

    After finishing the building the issue like the Messersmidt 206 that the Germans built is who will fly the damn things?

    The allocation of (proximate) willing staff to go to this out of the normal, bus route deficient, outpost of scorn and punishment is giving the rocket scientists who built the monstrosity meant to shame the BLPites the licks of Trafalgar Square to man/woman.

    In these days of austerity very few staff want to drive all the way to St John to work at the spanking new facility and there is no travel allowance nudget to lure the staff to this outpost.

    Another brilliant coup for the DLP which is fast becoming the personification of “the Enemy Within”

  51. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the St. John Polyclinic should be set to open its doors to the public come June, this year. So says Minister of Health, John Boyce, who toured the 27,000 square-foot multi-purpose facility yesterday


    And that was June of 2013………abated breath again? Nah.

  52. onions you all ova de place wait yuh turn flying cockroach now but ac cant gel but rub some salt in yuh eye before yuh go blind after not seeing how many issues govt is taking away from wunna , tick Barrack…tick polyclinic. tick Clico. boy wunna got plenty of catching up to do, sorry bro wunna made the dreadful mistake of giving up a king for a peasant see i talking about wunna leadership. seems like ship BLP about to run aground before Team Barbados, all aboard make the way clear team barbados just hoisted the flag of pride smooth sailing from now on……captain blow that horn…do,

  53. The list of DLP achievements is a bit premature.
    Barrack – not yet paid.
    Polyclinic – not yet finished.
    Clico – no progress at all.
    Leadership – none.
    Come back and tell us when you have sorted them out.

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