Tales From the Courts – Marva Clarke Gone: Oh Happy Day Part XV

marva_clarkeFor some years now, BU has been seeking the removal of the Registrar, Marva Clarke. Now, she is gone.

We are told that it was voluntary and that she was not asked to resign, but that she did so anyway, since it had been made clear to her that, under Gibson CJ, she would never be promoted to the Bench. Which, if you think about it, is precisely the same thing.

Some months ago during the sick leave of Elneth Kentish, instead of bringing Marva Clarke in as an acting high court judge, Magistrate Pamela Beckles who had been lauded by the CCJ for the way in which she conducts her court, was brought in. Marva Clarke was reportedly furious and immediately “sanctioned” any directives given her by the CJ, in a fit of pique.

Just a few weeks ago, former registrar Michelle Weekes, had occasion to write to a judge in a costs matter involving the much reported Knox v Deane saga, stating that she had sent her records of a costs hearing to Marva Clarke to be placed before the court and could not understand why this had not been done. In order to facilitate the court, former registrar Weekes provided to the court copies of what she had sent a year previously to Marva Clarke.

It was under the watch of Marva Clarke that certain licensed legal practitioners in Barbados served notice of impending legal action against the Attorney General and joining the Registrar, because they had been left off the official list of those holding practicing certificates in the Official Gazette.

It is the same Marva Clarke who has obviously failed to extract contributions of $200 each payable to the Compensation Fund as required by law and, in breach of the law, issued practicing certificates to these delinquent attorneys.

Under this, now former, registrar, files have been lost, expensive equipment unused, scheduling rendered chaotic and part-heard matters left in abeyance for YEARS.

Under this, now former, registrar, there are more actions filed in the court on the basis of constitutional breaches due to delay that in any other common law country at any other time in history.

And she quits, because the reward she expects of her total incompetence and breaching of the constitution is to be appointed to the Bench?

Now, she will doubtless set up shop as a practicing attorney-at-law, or maybe be hired by the Cave Hill Campus to teach her brand of ineptitude to future attorneys. Or maybe she will simply find her professional level in life selling computer games.

67 thoughts on “Tales From the Courts – Marva Clarke Gone: Oh Happy Day Part XV

  1. Every now and again we have a moment of Divine Intervention that even the atheist pauses and says “there is a GOD”

    Welcome home Marva, you should have been retired, the very day you joined the work force you colossal waste of time you

    Enemy to progress and chief among the armies of occupation.

    It would be Divine Retribution if your gratuity and pension could take as long to process as you took to perform your job.

    One more bungling buffoon where they should be – home

  2. I do not think that one should not rejoice over the departure of Marva Clarke at all.The likely replacements in Michelle Weeks, or Donna Brathwaite QC are just as incompetent. Both do very little work currently in their respective positions. Talk about square pegs in round holes and Esther Byer-Suckoo gone at the people graduation talking about low productivity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL)


    David@ There is a God. As we seek Justice , The C.U.P seek the RETURNS OF THE 2013 FRAUD ELECTIONS, They were giving the run around on the 1st July were shown book and sections, They then asked for what ever the law allowed to have. 2nd July 2013 was then told needed appointment .Appointment set for the 3rd July.
    3rd July over 2 hours before any one came out after asking . A lady with looking the worse of the rest from behind a wall , she never I D her self as the her self and refuse to answer any questions.The Female person then got up and went back behind the wall and they were told they needed a letter to inspect the returns.
    A phone call was made and a typed one page letter was there ,now 2pm on the 3rd of July.Then they asked for an envelope was taken out well typed after being read by another. It then when behind the wall and a date was set to view the records .When ask who was the rude woman that did not answer the questions , was told it was
    Marva Clarke Registrar.The person They had the appointment with ,
    The time was set for 10:30am July 4th 2013 ,
    Right on time 4th July 2013 was a BOMB threat as everyone was out side for a while , Buy the time the C.U.P got in side it was time for the person to leave for lunch.

    We can only wounder , but we know better.


    David @ Please remove this PIG face Sink-man from the top,
    We know how nasty he is and what he did to Violet. To see his crook face all the time make me SICK , He f##king the Bajan , unless that is a WANTED POSTER FOR BEING A CROOK

  5. you know i have to ask Deeds, is there anyone who is not involve in the Violet matter? i’m not a fan of the man pictured but really? you are becoming sickening now. lord.

  6. I too am glad the stinking b*tch is gone she had tried a case where Alair Shepherd proved a former employer had turned a blind eye on a colleague who made the same goof I did, yet I was crucified for the same “transgression;” and she looked at me and said it’s a wonder the employer put up with me as long as they did… Many claimed the wh*re took a bribe from my ex-bosses and that is why she found against me despite Mr Shepherd’s hard work. God f*ck that c*nt with Syphilis!

  7. David (not BU) @ 1st We have not found anyone in a high position so far that did not seem to get in the deal , We know she had to be in on this fraud,
    2nd you are becoming sickening now@ We can see why you may get sick , As you will know and see you have been sick for a very long time , so long that you think it was normal and that you were not sick at all.
    As said and you read back , this is worst than the Europeans thinking the World was Flat , and A Moor show them it was round, Well we know that blow the minds of the Big Ups and the small Ups of that time
    It will take getting use to the truth David (not BU) that we are and were and still is giving you Truth that will hurt many heads even in law.

    If you are a Bajan David (not BU) and living here , We know and see and can fix what is wrong , This Registrar want to leave for she cant take anymore free land and give to her legal friends with We and the C.U.P on the case.
    The police seem they have orders not to go after the so call Big Ups even so the Fraud Squad know what they did,
    We will have to change the laws to defraud the Nation and the Children of Our Country.with lies of out History
    Also We found more Information about others and what they did and doing,
    Please on BU , DO NOT ASK A QUESTION IF YOU ALL DONT WANT THE ANSWER. Who what to stay blind stay so , but we are turning on the lights for those who want free – smart of Information, or F.O. I.

    600 lawyers in this and other well placed people
    We have more in case David does a Part 6 of Violet Beckles and welcome all legal person to weigh in.
    National Trust, Archives, Town and County, Inland Rev. Land tax , The Church, Water Company, You name it .
    We know the know the problem and we have the FIX
    In slavery , everyone had a JOB , When Freed no one can find WORK.
    We have Work for all building to Barbados . We dont need UDC fraud, Nor NHC fraud , Ask COW for deeds and see the truth to a clear title. ALL land have owners big or small , Always did always will. , By paper or by blood line ,

  8. Aequitas Et Veritas@ you now have a small taste of the kind of nasty BITCHES we dealing with , Just wait and hope the CJ does his Home work and put a person who is fair minded when dealing with people lives. God never sleeps on the wicked ,

  9. Perhaps now I can get the court statements of DPP Charles Leacock which I requested in Dec 2012 after he allowed Teerath Persaud to plead to manslaughter for the brutal hanging murder of 16-year-old Russian-born Anna Druhzinina.

  10. It is time that the people of Barbados be shaken out of their UNCONSCIOUS STATE OF BEING taking everything lying down we bark at everything and bite at nothing when will we rise up and fight for justice true judgment and honesty our ancestors the arawaks the peacefull tribes I believe is part of our passive naieve frame of mind that through them we have inherit that psychological mental behavior that only suppress us and we can’t seem to break free from such bondage of spiritual physical;emotional carnal irrational mental environmental nature.(S.P.E.C.I.M.E.N).A cloud A stronghold A blindness A darkness Selfishness A negativeness we need to break free break>O>U>T out;up;through(out) and be the people we ought to be in existence the government cannot do this for us they are part of the bondage and cause we have to do this ARISE PLEASE ARISE RAISE YA SELF UP(U>P) A UNITED>PEOPLE for the future of this nation and its people language and culture WAKEUP BARBADOS WAKEUP TO THE TRUTH ;;;;;;;”””’,,,,,,,,”””’………”””’……””””’..””””….”””’

  11. yes Ms Beam, you right on de Rhass deah.
    Amazing how everytime we does talk of corruption and shite the name of dis objec appear.
    Dat deah Guyana TURD still stinkin up we country.

    MANSLAUGHTER!!! Ms Beam yuh mek sport.
    Yuh coulda kill two bullcow ,quicker den he Guyana Brudda ,Murdah de poor chile.
    I sick to muh stomach wid de smell .Guyana shite ,stay in Guyana.
    Dem does like dat shite smell

    • DrLove, I appreciate your comment and concern. I personally do not want to turn DPP Leacock’s representation of the Druzhinina case as manslaughter into a vendetta against Guyanese who have contibuted much to Barbados. This is an issue about one DPP and one man who killed a child; not an issue about Guyanese. I do not want to see honest, hard-working Guyanese who are living in Barbados get persecuted for the wrong-doing of Persaud or for Leacock’s actions as prosecutor.

  12. @David. Told you weeks ago she was going. I join you, the BU family and Casewell is celebration.

    Since the appointment of Marie McCormac (Lady David Simmons) back in the Tom Adams era, we have racked up a list of totally incompetent registrars with Marva Clarke actually managing to exceed the monumental incompetence of Marie McCormac.

    Each of those incompetents has, in her turn, been able to look forward to being appointed a justice of the High Court. Although, in the case of Marie McCormac, she was elevated immediately to the Court of Appeal by her husband, the Attorney General, who clearly did not consider this to be nepotistic in the slightest, nor did he consider her lamentable record as registrar to be any barrier to her becoming a justice of appeal.

    Then, David Simmons himself was elevated to the job of Chief Justice and from that position, used his political clout to bring on to the bench a whole slew of incompetents, some of which would appear to even have problems reading, not to mention writing. And if you read the decisions some of then write, you have to wonder if they ever attended law school.

    The clear modus operandi of these political pimps on the bench is clearly two fold. Serve their political masters and do their best to delay justice for as long as possible, so that maybe it will either go away, or the litigants will die OR that the litigants will settle the case amongst themselves (as long as such settlement does not upset the political agendas of the judges’ political masters.

    The reason for delay is simple. These legal morons who call themselves judges are perfectly aware that their lack of knowledge is likely to attract strong censure from the CCJ. Not that they really care about that too much, because they will continue to have their pensions and perks just the same and, until the advent of BU, the wider Bajan public had no idea that the CCJ had correctly identified any one of them as the total moron of them are.

    Marva Clarke ably assisted the judges in their modus operandi and has now been effectively dismissed from office. As BU says, however you slice and dice it, she was removed.

    So now we wait to see who will replace her. Are we going to have a BLP/David Simmons flunkey replaced by a DLP flunkey? I hope not. I hope that we will have a registrar put in place whose objective is to restore the justice system. That will mean having the support of the PM and the CJ in the removal of unsatisfactory judges, commencing with the unsatisfactory former registrars who are now judges.

    Finally, I note that the Nation has not reported the departure of Ms Clarke. Wonder why!!!


    David (not BU) | July 5, 2013 at 11:22 PM |

    Deeds you win. happy now? shite man@

    Its not about being happy , we want all of Barbados to be happy , we are the Island in the Sun as a boy that what i saw and heard all the time, Now we the Island in Fraud and She-it.

    What this about , is the Agard, Jemmot, Henry, Beckles Family who bought and own most of Barbados , With hard earn pounds.
    Let no one rob you and lay down and walk a way, Stand up for what you know to be true and many lawyers and friend are crooks and liars to smile in your face and sign papers behind your back ,
    By next week some time we will post more of what we found in the so call well kept records of Barbados for Whites Only.
    If we all open our eyes at the same time We all can see more than Plantation Deeds.
    We hope by next election Barbados take a chance with a 3rd Party , and see all you never seem before , But if you all stay home or take money for a vote , you will never get out the rabbit hole.
    Think different vote different , Stop being a fool for them and party.
    dont bitch after the election ,bitch before and let the BLP/DLP know you done with that,
    VAT is be removed and all will get land , most real estate companies will leave Barbados for we have nothing for them to sell ,
    If you all can see what we see you all will smile.

  14. Plantation…….don’t stop, keep the pressure on, those with their disgusting ulterior motives enjoy seeing the stain and blight on the island continue indefinitely, hope they suffer more than most.

  15. “VAT is be removed and all will get land , most real estate companies will leave Barbados for we have nothing for them to sell ,If you all can see what we see you all will smile.”

    Another dunce!!!!

  16. @ Amused

    To answer your question about why the Nation has not reported about the removal of this denizen of the infernal abyss, Marva Clarke, please bear with me as i give you my answer, an extract of my book soon coming to a bookstore near you titled

    It is called “The Commom Denominator – What do Pimps, Politicians and Night Club Owners have in Common?” (I am begging Vivianne at the Nation to publish it .

    For those of you “Washed in the Blood of the Lamb” citizens (mostly the ones who go to my church ***) you are not expected to know what a pimp is, nor for that matter a night club owner, i ask you to extrapolate.

    For in knowing what a politician is, just think of them in more colourful clothes, running the affairs of government, but instead of conducting business at Castro’s on Bay Street, just that they have a bigger den of iniquity further down Bay Street, and you would know what a pimp is.

    The denominator is whores and prostitutes, yes before i got saved by the madam, I was a backslider

    I knew many pimps and night club owners and can attest that in their entourage many a whore can be found.

    These persons of questionable character hang about like the remora eel, an appendage attached to sharks/politicians, eating (piece of) meat and carrion, living off the dredges and crumbs that these sharks attract.

    In considering my submission, Amused i ask you to put this to the test.

    The next time that you see a politician anywhere in public,tell me if you do not see them accompanied by whores and prostitutes, hangers on who lap up their words and give you, the plebian that you are, a look of disdain, as they, being proximate to the largesse of the “Minister” (usually a large Minister too), deign to look up you, pleb that you are!!

    There is an unspoken code among whores that they do not (generally) bad talk the wares of other whores, (in front of their face) so do not expect Vivianne, Sankey or Carl de Mo’ de Monkey Climb de Mo’ you does see he tail, to come out and speak evil against Marva Clarke

    I hope that i have helped and answered that question.

  17. @David [BU]

    At 9.14 Plantation Deeds asked that Sinkliar’s face be removed from the the BU BackDrop.

    At 11.32 Gearbox put it up again

    O sorry that is Gearbox’s Graviton, my bad as the gran would say.

    If we dont pause and have a good laugh at ourselves in these times of war and rumours of war, we would go mad, start rioting, hang ourselves or worse, become a DLP politrician!!

    Seethru whey you is, i needs a drink


    Piece Uh De Rock, Yeah Right!!@ We good , just know whats behind the smile. Yes we love jokes also,


    Enuff @ Yes we can remove VAT , crooks Minister use VAT as there own bank account, look at road tax ,
    Land , When an Audit is done at the Archives and we will see who own what not by the world market of land tax nor National Trust, We then can give BDS prices not world Market prices ,
    Enuff we will save you a LOT. 500bds a year , build or grow on it ,
    If you all take a chance with truth , you will get where you want to go ,
    More than 20 years with both parties and see where you got so far.

    • Marva Clarke can hurry along on her per-retiremwent leave assured in the knowledge that the blogosphere has recorded her contribution albeit in an unflattering manner. Let her successor take careful note.


    The Pictures were taken about 10:30 am on the 4th of July 2013 , We did not send them until the 5th July 2013 for we was thinking that the NEWS would do their Work, But so far not one word.
    So on the 5th July 2013 WE sent the pictures to BU David and waited to see if he would POST them , AND HE DID>
    After going to the Court 1,2,3,4th and one more time before that a few weeks ago.
    The Police know each time we go looking at records where the Fraud trail at the old high court or land tax , these type of phone calls come in.
    So when the Police saw us there , they were just making jokes ,
    and having fun when they saw us , Said we had to be in the building.
    Owen had a BOMB shell to drop , as he said , it was a check for 75,000,,, So is this the same ?

  21. @Piece Uh de Rock. Masterful. And absolutely correct. I had to wonder where you were going at first, but what a brilliant bit of summary at the end. Beautifully tied together

    @David. I suspect that many are taking note and not just any future registrar. I suspect the Bench is not so sanguine any longer about its “unassailable” position. The problem with the new registrar is that anyone with half a brain can fill Marva’s shoes – what we need is someone that will dwarf them and relegate them to their proper place in history, that of “Marva who?” And that the office of Registrar will once again be held in respect and not, as is the case now, a national disgrace and an international scandal.

    So, let us see the tally so far:

    COP – gone
    Registrar – gone
    80% of the judiciary – departure pending
    DPP – departure pending
    Master – departure pending

    So,let us see if the balls that the PM has developed through having his own mandate will take him all the way to a touchdown. If they do, he will likely be the most important prime minister Barbados has had so far. Trust me, this reformation of the justice system touches all aspects of our lives and impacts our finances in a way most people cannot actually fully conceive and that is a MAJOR hurdle for a PM that none of them has had to face until now. AND it carries with it the extreme risk of an orchestrated backlash from the time wasters and time servers who see their nice safe sinecures leaching off the Barbados taxpayer, now under threat. They will ensure that they use any and all political advantages to protect their perceived right to be paid for doing nothing. However, if the PM sticks to his guns, the ordinary Bajan will support him completely and at the end of the day, history will record his legacy is being more than important. It will record it as being heroic. Let us see if he has the balls to go down in history as a truly important PM. Remember, the dismissal of judges is down to the PM and the CJ.

    • @amused

      What you did not mention and something BU has harped on is the urgency of to process cases in our courts quickly given the expectation of the intentional business segment. It is a segment we have also been losing steadily in the last 5 years.


    Amused@ After all the back and forth i can see that the BU members seem to be getting on the same page , It looks more like as said before Blog Minister of a shadow government and not the BLP.
    How is it that outsider can see past walls to know what they are and are not doing.
    PM David knew Plantation Deeds well and was working with us.
    We were looking for this PM to keep going with the work.. At some point all work seem to stop and start again , Unless this was a plan PM David . We dont know. The play book is and maybe top secret .
    The PM is a left hand Person , So I can see his thinking if he is working his own magic.PM David wife also know the game for we sure he told and gave her instructions after he leave us.
    We still have our emails from the PM David. He got the ball moving , lets hope that this PM keep it going.
    After the delays the CUP leave the court , They went to the other side and leave a messages for the CJ , that the Registrar was getting in the way of the Rights of the CUP as to the records , This was on the 2nd July 2013,not knowing this letter By David @BU was going to be posted.
    In this business it dont take long to smell RATS and to see the movement of people.



    So, let us see the tally so far:

    COP – gone
    Registrar – gone
    80% of the judiciary – departure pending
    DPP – departure pending
    Master – departure pending

    UDC Edgill, Torpman
    NHC Samantha Cummins
    CJ David Simmonds
    T&C Mark Cummins next
    Inland Rev next
    Archives Williams next
    MOH 2nd in command next
    land and survey

  24. The system is to blame. The system allows a lot of insensitive people to be in position. So if you dont change the system , the folly will be repeated. There are some creatures in position in government agencies that one wonders where were they born or if they are aliens from the planet ZZonk.
    This hapless DLP government can distinguish itself by putting right some issues that nobody wants to touch like getting rid of insensitive ignorant public servants at all levels in the public service

  25. @gearbox.
    ARE you asking that HE should or saying HE did.
    @Ms Beam
    Ms Beam, Yes’m I sure dem did come bout heah wid de good spirit and de great benevolence abounding fuh what dem Guyanese cud do fuh we poor Bajans.

  26. David

    I know that you hold Amused in very high regard but you must not allow him to use BU to spread misinformation and venom. I have just read his comment that was posted at 3:24 a.m. He is using BU to spread his hate using only quarter truths.

    I don’t know if Lady Simmons would want me to set the record straight on her behalf, but I will do so, not only because she will not defend herself in these circumstances but to show that Amused, whoever he is, cannot be trusted.

    I well remember that it was PM Erskine Sandiford who first recommended Marie Mac Cormack, the wife of David Simmons, to act as a judge of the High Court, and she did so for extended periods for a number of years before she was finally appointed. She was previously a magistrate and Registrar and served with distinction. Her record is second to none: she was never successfully appealed as a magistrate, and as far as I am aware, she was successfully appealed only ONCE as a judge of the High Court. Also subject to correction, if memory serve me correctly, she acted as a justice of appeal a maximum of three times when someone was on vacation.

    His hatred is showing up to the point where he knowingly repeats untruths on this blog for whatever reason.

  27. @Lassie. It has not escaped my attention that whenever I comment on the Simmons lot, you:

    1. Try to exercise editorial control, to the extent of excluding/removing my comments. Muzzle. A la Goebbels.

    2. Have a seemingly endless supply of questionable data and statistics (which you trot out as unimpeachable, but unverified gospel) which could have originated from no one but the propagandist/subject themselves.

    3. Respond to any anti-Simmons comments with ludicrous statements like, “Her record is second to none.” Which is a load of balls and has caused great merriment amongst the brethren and which, if you read the judgements or other utterances of David Simmons bears a striking similarity to these. In other words, there is a better than even chance he wrote your comment and asked you to post it.

    4. Take the regal position that Marie McCormac would not respond to these things herself. WHY NOT? Just who in hell does she think she is? The Queen? But of course she thinks she is the queen!! And you are the equivalent of, “It is announced from Buckingham Palace…..”

    Fact: She was a hopeless registrar.

    Fact: She was appointed a justice of appeal directly from being registrar, just like her husband was appointed CJ directly from being AG. Both indefensible. Hers, nepotism; but his, much worse.

    Fact: She is now doing all in her power (and so is her husband) to ensure that she is head honcho in any set up for ADR. God help us if she succeeds, for then ADR will be doomed.

    Why, oh why can she and her husband not just stay home, keep their backsides quiet and enjoy the pensions we the taxpayers pay them for having completely corrupted and ruined our justice system and thereby lost the country BILLIONS of dollars in foreign investment? Of course, this would also allow you to concentrate on more worthy pursuits other then defending the indefensible. And me it would allow to stop trying to ensure that this dastardly due NEVER AGAIN get into a position where they can create chaos in anything to do with the justice system and the Bajan taxpayer.

    • Amused

      I am not trying to exercise editorial control over anything that you have written: I am just pointing out that you are a liar, motivated by hate and possibly envy that make you continually post things about the Simmons’ that you know to be utterly untrue.

      Even when corrected you continue to post your venom. It is a matter of record that Miss Mac Cormack was first appointed to sit on the High Court on the recommendation of Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford. She only sat as an acting Court of Appeal judge about twice for persons who were on leave. Sandiford appointed her in 1992: her husband was in Opposition at that time and could not have affect her appointment. All this does is to show that Sandiford was not motivated by partisan crap like you when he made appointments to the Bench: he chose the best.

      Amused you are an awful, petty liar motivated by hate. I would recommend that you seek out Bushie for a bush bath. You have too many demons guiding you. I don’t know if anything earthly can help you now as it would seem that hatred is the core of your being.

    Esther Byer-Suckoo – Sarah Palin
    Ronald Jones – Jack Warner
    Freundel Stuart- Dr. Do Little

  29. @Lassie. I have read your Simmonsian defense several times now. And so have many of the senior brethren – and they are laughing – at you – loudly. So am I. But never mind. You have David (CJ – ex) in your corner, or rather holding your “pen”. Just think. Given a few more years as CJ, he might even have appointed YOU to the Bench.

    It is not hatred, you know. Not at all. Merely the absolute determination that, having accepted an appointment that he himself knew to be highly inappropriate (which is of itself a betrayal of the justice system) and having made such a complete mess of the justice system, I will do all I can to ensure that a man like that never again has any influence whatever on the justice system of my country. And that means ACTIVELY campaigning so that his wife, the equal of Marva Clarke as the most hopeless registrar the country has ever had, keeps her hands off the running of ADR. And trust me, Lassie, most of the brethren feel exactly the same way. Let me put it to you this way…..it is almost up to the parties’ counsel to select and agree on mediators and Lady Simmons aka Marie McCormac is NOT on many lists.

    But let is examine, very briefly, your arguments in favour of one you call “Ms McCormac”. She has practice experience? Yes or no? Where? When? For how long? These earth-shattering decisions she handed down as an acting judge – what were they on? Please post or provide links to her judgements. These unappealed and unassailable decisions from the Court of Appeal – did she write them herself, or was she merely one of the three goons who sat there staring into space and being paid for it and then merely concurred? How long did she reserve these decisions? Please post or direct us to links for these judgements. I for one, am frankly FASCINATED to read these paragons of judicial excellence coming to us from the pen and brain of Lady Simmons.

    • Amused

      Are you starting to believe your own lies? Psychiatrist have a term for people like you. How can I respond to you to provide cases from the Court of Appeal when you well know that she was not a judge of that court: she only acted there on two or three occasions and for only short periods.

      You claimed that her husband was responsible for her sitting on the High Court. You are well aware that PM Erskine Sandiford appointed her to act in 1992.

      You need to apologise for your lies. I can’t trust anything that you say. Henceforth, you would have to show me the wound before I believe you.

  30. Somebody must defend Marva Clarke and I will. I had a single interaction with her while she was a magistrate and she was professional, competent, efficient and courteous.

    I don’t know that I trust the judgement of Amused.

    This same Amused defended the DLP government’s decison to appoint Marston Gibson as Chief Justice, even though they had to hastily amend the constitution to do so. I didn’t like that and I said so then. Amused seemed to believe that Marston appointment was something akin to the second coming of Christ and that all delays in our judicial system would disappear.

    I am not aware that mush has changed in our judicial system.

  31. @ Simple Simon,

    You sir have not dealt with her in living colour. I would invite you to do so but I would not wish to inflict such mental .cruelty on another human being

    The manners and courtesy of a gorgilliphant not unlike the Speed Policeman down by Lancaster Plantation on Highway 7.

    The reasoning skills of the mechanic next to the old Bay Street who, when tasked to repair a leaking gas tank, proceeded to use a lighted match to locate the hole (nuh lie) When that tank exploded it went 30 feet in the air.

    When some of us have greatness thrust upon us, it is a greater burden than some of we can bear and “she were of a weak constitution and it were too much for her to bear” (Van Kilmer) Doc Holiday in “Tombstone”

    Go placidly ….for always there will be greater and lesser persons than you did not include MC.

    I am glad that one soul did experience some iota of intellect while in her company for she is a mean, ingrunt spirit

    You have made me sin my spirit after coming from the congregation of the 144,000 elders, washed in the Blood at ** Church today.

    I don’t pretend to be no saint though, I like to keep it real so i am not going to come here and call that simpleton courteous,

    When NISE decide that Percy de Pig looking for a .wife, Marva is the perfect Spouse and even if she married dis is one occasion dat de laws pun polygamy should be ignored so that she will get she right deserts

    Please, when you (nitwits) are choosing her replacement, i beg unna please dont choose nuh idiot.

    Give us a man with balls or a woman with gonads (not the inverse as seems to be happening with increasing frequency)

    In 2018, if not before, de DLP is going to be removed from power for a good while but at least, during wunna tenure while wunna building the strangest looking roundabouts in the world, and constructing the sportiest coloured, Hansel and Gretel, once upon a time, fairytale houses in Christendom (at Lancaster and nex to Apes Hill turnoff), PLEASE, if there is one legacy that the DLP can be remembered for let it be that, during the tenure of the Sleeping Giant Fumble,,wunna appointed men and women who were/are awake.and competently dispensed of your duties


  32. @Lassie. And who is DS’s best friend and former brother-in-law? You should know the answer to that. You have hob nobbed with him often enough. The two of them have even been in buisness together to ensure that BOTH sided of the political divide were covered and could be relied on to back their financial agendas. I am, of course, referring to Sandi’s deputy PM. And while Sandi’s deputy PM was in place, anything DS wanted in the way of DLP appointments, DS got. But you know that……indeed, all Barbados knows that. So you fool no one with this pseudo-moral indignation. Remember the SBG company and all those golf courses they were going to build in Christ Church and St George and all the plantations they were going to buy to build them on? You know full well what SBG stood for. (David and Peter) Simmons, (Glyne) Bannister, (Philip) Greaves. And who knows how many other people were involved. You think it would be a problem for them to get Marie appointed to any judicial position, regardless which party was in power?

    So, having answered your weak attempt at posturing with fake moral indignation (which fooled not a single person) maybe you would now like to direct me to where I can find these judgements displaying this superior grasp of law on the part of Ms McCormac, as I asked you previously, instead of obfuscating and trying to cover up the fact that there are NONE!!!!

  33. Her going will not make it better the Deputy Registrars are Worse – Walker and Jackson. Lawyers do play a big part in the delay of matters. Dig deeper there is more corruption in the legal system that just the court

  34. Amused @Remember the SBG company and all those golf courses they were going to build in Christ Church and St George and all the plantations they were going to buy to build them on? You know full well what SBG stood for. (David and Peter) Simmons, (Glyne) Bannister, (Philip) Greaves.@
    If true you know we looking for the Deeds

  35. @David. I don’t know about anyone else, but I think Michelle Weekes should have been appointed registrar instead of Marva Clarke right from the start. I would have no problem with Michelle Weekes and, indeed, nor would any of the brethern (which includes sisteren as well). Ms Weekes enjoys an excellent relationship with counsel, she understands where they are coming from, she makes herself available to counsel, she responds to their telephone calls (which Marva never did) and their letters (which Marva never did, unless ordered to do so when counsel were going to sue her ass) in a timely manner. And Ms Weekes, although polite and sympathetic, is tough and efficient and not noted for standing for any nonsense. Now, I can fully understand if some people (namely Lassie Franklyn) don’t want to see Ms Weekes as registrar, but that will be dancing to the tune of the politico who was CJ who passed Ms Weekes over in favour of Marva Clarke. And we know how Lassie loves to dance to that tired old jig.

    The post of Master will be becoming available shortly, as the present useless incumbent is due to retire (thanks the good Lord) – he should have been fired years ago, because he has been as much use as a fa*t in a windstrorm. Might it not be a good moment to appoint someone who can do the job and who has an excellent track record, to that position? Someone like Pamela Beckles? Just a thought. With Ms Weekes as registrar and Ms Beckles as master, there actually is a chance that we might just start to get somewhere. Finally!!!!!

    Then fire 80 of the judiciary and replace them with people who have more than half a brain and we will get the mess sorted out.

  36. @PLANTATION DEEDS FROM 1926-2013 AND SEE MASSIVE FRAUD ,LAND TAX BILLS AND NO DEEDS | July 9, 2013 at 10:07 AM | I have not the slightest idea WTF you are talking about.

  37. @David.- Ms Weekes is good however its time that a few reputable men take the position of Registrar and Deputy. The women have found to be to emotional, engage in plenty gossip and walking about, delay in execution of duties and don’t get along with everybody well….. to much hair spray in the place.

    The technology implemented is under used everything operated backwards.

    Ask Lawyers what is happening with ORDERS that have to be signed by the Registrar, Taxation Decisions, ESTATE MATTERS, scheduling court dates, files missing, staff disgruntle, staff not doing they work effectively, etc. There are issues of rules and procedures that govern how things are done(staff understand them differently and at times are confuse as to how things should go) Everyone sings a different tune.

    The Court Registry is a MESS and its operates to satisfy a few.

  38. @Clap Hands. I agree with you about the mess. However, with respect because you obviously deeply care about this issue, your comments could be interpreted as being sexist and I have a problem with that. The problems we have faced with the registry lie, not in the sex of the people running the registry, but in their competence. I am sure you will agree with me on that. We all hunger for the days of Mr Rocheford and the friendly efficiency of the registry under his leadership. But there is NO reason why a competent woman cannot bring the registry back in order.

    Frankly, after my error in supporting Marston Gibson as CJ, I am reluctant to put my head on the block regarding Michelle Weekes. Understand me, I had no problem with Gibson being appointed as such and I never accepted the nonsense about him not having practiced in a Commonwealth country as being a bar to his appointment. I still don’t. He held a practice certificate in Barbados and was licensed to practice here for over 20 years and that, to me, is quite sufficient. I also support the government in its change to the law to avoid the inevitable meritless litigation that would have ensued had they not changed the law. Gibson, on the face of it, has everything it takes to be CJ. But, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating – and the eating, so far, is not good at all.

    Michelle Weekes has all the right elements to make an excellent registrar and to bring the registry back to what it ought to be. The staff like her and work well for her, the attorneys like her and she works well with them. She is efficient and firm, while being polite and personable. She is a good jurist and appears to keep well abreast of the CPRs, unlike the majority of the judiciary. Ms Weekes does not keep her door closed and responds to correspondence with admirable alacrity. It is certain that, initially at least, she will have everyone in her corner. So, all the elements being in place, the question then is whether or not she can cope with this very large job and the monumental mess she will have to straighten out. And she does not have time to straighten things out, she has to move with great speed. The mess has completely eroded any respect for our judicial system and has killed our foreign investments stone dead. Therefore, there are several billion reasons (dollars) riding on Ms Weekes if she is appointed. That is a LOT of pressure!!!!! I would have said that she can handle it. But, I would have said Marston Gibson could handle the job of CJ and the urgency of his performance is no less than what Ms Weekes’ would be if she is appointed registrar.

    But there is only one way for Ms Weekes to find out – and for us to find out. And I say that if the job is offered, she should give it a try. For certain she will have the backing of the majority of the legal profession to support her. And the most important thing is that if I read Ms Weekes correctly, if she finds that the job is too much, we will not need to demand her resignation – she will admit it first. Personally, I think she will be excellent. I hope she is offered the job.

  39. @ Amused

    I second Ms. Weekes.

    She is approachable and is respectful of staff and public

    All things being equal this will mean that she won’t be appointed since the possibility of efficiency coming to this Registry is an undesirable outcome by the powers that be, so we can expect that she won’t be appointed


    you seem to have interesting points but the grammar is not really good, please re-check and then repost

  41. i know for a fact that there are some public servants working in the registrar dept and outskirts who are totally happy with her departure…good riddance to bad rubbish. now let us hope that the DPP’s reign comes also to a sudden end

  42. @Piece Uh de Rock. If you back Ms Weekes, then it merely strengthens my support for her. Actually, I like her very much indeed and I believe that she will do an excellent job, if the position is offered to her – and if she decides to accept it. But as you say, maybe she is exactly what is needed and the powers that be could not possibly allow us to have the best person for the job, now could they. Now, what do you think of Pamela Beckles as Master? I enthusiastically back Ms Beckles for that job and if you put these two ladies together as Registrar and Master, then I will accept, with reservations and caution, that Freundel is serious about cleaning up the mess of Simmons and Clarke.

    @Pinkie. I can certainly confirm your statement that MANY of the public servants working at the Registry are glad to see the back of Marva Clarke. It is why I have never advocated the dismissal of Registry staff, unless they really are unsatisfactory, but instead I have constantly moved for the dismissal of the Registrar. Mind you, there are some at the Registry that I would love to see removed, but strangely not that many at all. I also support your view that the DPP must go. That idiot ought never to have been appointed. Prize jackass.

  43. Pinkie@ Sorry
    The C.U.P seek the RETURNS OF THE 2013 FRAUD ELECTIONS, They were giving the run around on the 1st July were shown a book with sections, They then asked for what ever the law allowed THEM to have. 2nd July 2013 they were then told ,They needed an appointment . Then an appointment was set for the 3rd July.
    3rd July over 2 hours before any one came out after asking to view the returns . A lady who was looking the worst ,of the rest of all the women came from behind a wall , This lady refused to identify her self as well as answer any questions.The Female person then got up and went back behind the wall after asking for an excuse, never to return.. The C.U.P Members were told they needed a letter to inspect the returns.
    A phone call was made and a typed one page letter was there ,NOW 2pm on the 3rd of July! Then, they were asked for an envelope! one was taken out well typed after being read by another worker..The letter then went behind the wall and a date was set to view the records. .When asked who was the rude woman that did not answer any questions ,The C.U.P was told
    Marva Clarke, Registrar.The person They had an appointment with ,
    The time was set for 10:30am July 4th 2013 ,The next day.
    Right on time 4th July 2013 was a BOMB threat as everyone was out side for a while , By the time the C.U.P got in side it was time for the person to leave for lunch.

    We can only wonder , but we know better.
    All the workers were nice and seem to be following orders. A very polite and rude runaround.

  44. @Hal Austin November 11, 2017 at 7:45 AM “Are the police harassing Lord Evil?”

    Some people might ask–especially those people who are not living 4000 miles away–whether Lord Evil, all 5 ft 3 inches and 126 1/2 pounds of him when soaking wet, some of those people might ask whether Lord Evil is troublesome to the police.

  45. Some people like Bush Tea, and Georgie Porgie and Zoe might quote John 3:19 “men love darkness more than light, because their deeds are evil.”

  46. What Bushie would say is that you KNOW that you have a shiite, brass bowl society when the authorities are put to flight by a little pissy runt…..

    The wicked brass bowls flee when no one pursues them… but the righteous are as BOLD as lions.

  47. Police are SUPPOSED to be bullies.
    Who do you want to be society’s bullies? …yuh yang!!

    When someone decides to slap your hard head around don’t you want the LAWFUL bullies to come and deal with them? …. unless we all should have our own personal enforcement ‘gangs’ for protection….

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