These Days Maybe Funny Nites In Barbados?

Submitted by Sampoochie
Mia Mottley, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee

Mia Mottley, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee

I could not believe my ears when I heard the news today of the suspension of live broadcast of the Public Accounts Committee meeting. What`s even more deceitful is the ploy to put it to vote, “Should  the public be allowed to sit in on theses meetings?.”

Is this the same DLP which was given a second mandate after begging on February 15?

Could it be that Minister Ronald Jones was covertly telling us cracking heads maybe necessary to ensure our freedoms are not eroded?

Should the DLP continue in stifling open government, perhaps the fate that visited the Tilman Thomas  administration will also knock. Prayer tells me the DLP will implode before anarchy visits upon us.

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  1. @Sampoochie “Could it be that Minister Ronald Jones was covertly telling us cracking heads maybe necessary to ensure our freedoms are not eroded?”

    Like a really bad, really cheap movie. I have to shoot you in order to save you.

    Who they think they fooling?


  2. WhyWhat De DEMS hiding?? Wah really going on in Barbados Doh??. De opposition can’t air de views, the MOF comparing people to his CAT, yah can’t wear red at CBC. The D in DLP definatey don’t stand for democratic anymore??!!!!

  3. David
    Which members of the PAC from the BLP refused to attend the meetings, thereby making it very difficult for the Leader of the Opposition to effectively manage those meetings?

    Her enemies are from within the BLP.

  4. The Leader of the Opposition wanted to use the PAC to shame people in a very and most public way, even though those people she sought to shame had not be charged much less accused for any wrongdoing.
    I know Owen and Gline ain’t interested in blaming and shaming anyone without proper procedure. She won’t last as long as even the last time she was LoO

  5. @The Dummy

    Not sure what you are arguing here. What is the reason the matter of continuing the PAC will be referred to the Committee of Privilege? What are the MPs trying to hide from the public. This same mumbo jumbo around procedure was used by the BLP as well.

  6. Mia is trying so hard to define herself as a leader. now why would she want to fool the public by trying to shame the govt by using PAC .where was her voice for transparency and rule of law under the BLP govt. Yesterday debacle which led to the suspension of PAC has shown her weakness and vulnerabilty as a leader in such matters a weakness that her former leader had jusifibly questioned..another anemic and sordid attempt to reverse the election result

    • @Bush Tea

      Like you we are trying hard to understand why the suspension. If the government members want to piggyback on the usual hot air which come when the PAC has to do its work let it. Let us hear the Auditor General and public servants. This idea that the government is being embarrassed is a load of horse manure. WE the public must be concerned about contravention of financial rules and malfeasance.

  7. @ David
    Has the PAC rules not been changed so that the Government can no longer frustrate by lack of a quorum?
    If so, why would the LOO suspend?

  8. Well Well Well , if all goes as plan then , we need not worry about tourist and how many planes land and the numbers ,, As soon as the news get out of unrest , you all better look to stack up on food, Not only nature is coming to this rock stone of crooks , but the crooks coming at you. I hope you have a passport and CASH can get a ticket out of the rat hole.
    Then you all will be able to see why people now going to Guyana and Suriname and other CC countries.
    So all those who love to look at the numbers , need to look at the people in office and see that a bad number of them in this mess.
    Barbados is near its end of the rope .
    Soon it will be time to rebuild for that is the cycle of thing when corruption leads the way.

    We are in a “State of Emergency” just no one called it yet

  9. I am angry that Mia allowed these DLP thugs to railroad her. Does she really think that this will EVER get put on the Order Paper to see the light of day in this DLP led Parliament? So there goes the PAC.

    The second most corrupt DLP minister declares we have nothing to hide………….so why are you protesting? Physical Deficit started the ball rolling last time. Now the thugs in chief came out to derail the PAC. Had not for the hearing two weeks ago, we would have never known that the thug in chief was transferring 2.6 million taxpayers dollars monthly to fund the nonsense that the third thug Lashley was doing at NHC.

    These thugs are beyond our wildest nightmare!

  10. Mia is trying much too hard to make believe she is running the country and not the elected government. Its quite phony with no substance or traction among the public.
    The PAC ruse by her is to embarass the government. There’s nothing wrong with that as LOO thats her mission.
    Its her circumventing the rules and proceedures where the problem lays.
    After weeks of running around with Santaia, Abrams and Hinckson trying to create mischeif and miserably failing she turns to PAC. Mia hear this the people are not fools you do not have 60% public support contrary to your posit. You nor oblong head wife beater are not PM or leaders of this nation. Until your turn comes play by the rules.
    You must try to get the Prior Park plotters to endorse you. You must know they and the lurking See Thru dont give a rats rectum about you. They will overtherow you again at the drop of Payne’s hat.

  11. @ Prodigal Son | June 18, 2013 at 9:08 AM |

    MAM’s personal friendship with those thugs, especially Stinkliar and Pornville, is “clouding” her judgement. She needs to distance herself- both socially and definitely politically- from her so-called friends in the DLP. She has none!

    She should remember the way Fumble- manipulatively in true Machiavellian style- used that handwritten note expressing parliamentary collegiate support from one ex-PM to another sitting PM embroiled in a disloyal mutiny by his own ministers to successfully undermine OSA’s own credibility and questionable support for MAM herself.

    Her “friends” in the DLP will use her and then abuse and humiliate her in the public’s eyes. She needs to first and foremost work in the interest of the public, depend on the extensive groundswell of support she attracts and manage fairly the political process within her party and immediate parliamentary group.

    She must make it abundantly clear to her parliamentary colleagues that the BLP does not stand a chance of being returned to power within the next 5 years unless she is leader.

    That is how we the people out here see things.
    No MAM, No clear- cut advantage for the BLP.

  12. @david
    There has to be proper precedure. The Standing Orders of Parliament do not allow the PAC to take evidence in public before that same evidence is contained with a report to the Parliament thereby preserving for Parliament whatever action it deems necessary to take.

    She ambushed the Public Servants by calling them to a meeting a 2 weeks ago and then proceed to interrogate them in front of the whole of Barbados (unbeknownst to them prior to attending) and suggesting some impropriety.

    Now the LoO wants to have the Standing Orders of Parliament (which also govern the conduct of Committees of Parliament) to be suspended for the PAC. Imagine that, she wants to make up the rules to suit her and her political agenda as she goes.

  13. If ya talk ya getting ya head crack or ya getting shoot. Ya getting removed if ya dont support the DLP. Ya aint getting no contract if ya aint belong to the DLP. This is a country where the DLP barely get a victory. This is a lot of shite that happening bout here!

  14. I followed the PAC meeting yesterday and concluded that the DLP was on very good grounds for insisting on regulations to govern the meetings. A similar request was made by Mia back in 2008 when she was Opposition Leader. Since then she never advanced the matter. Go back and follow the debates of last amendments to PAC and you would see the consistencies in DLP position.

    Faceless and nameless people like Prodigal Son who tell so many lies and defame the character of politicians are sick puppies who should first look themselves in the mirror first.

    All politicians, Bees or Dees have my full support and respect. We sit back and curse them but in my books they are men and women of great character.


    I don’t know how much longer you have. You are going to give yourself a stroke. Since the elections in Feb. 2013 you have not been your self. I keep telling you to try real hard and get over the third defeat of your party by the Democratic Labour Party.

    The Government has so much good work to do over the next five years that I am not sure that you can take it.

  16. Miller

    “No MAM, No clear- cut advantage for the BLP.”

    Then there is trouble ahead for the BLP. Because pretty soon RAWDON ADAMS will be introduced to the people of St. Peter as the next candidate. If he gets elected then the next order of business will his Leadership of the BLP.

    Remember MAM was told to stick to the other 29 constituencies and forget about St. Peter, Seethru will take care of that one.

  17. Are we suggesting that MAM deliberately questioned public servants in a forum which was being monitored by the public? Even if she erred (not deliberately) none of the other members were cognisant of the Standing Order violation? The loser here is PS Ronald Bascombe?

  18. That PAC meeting 2 weeks ago was convened when MAM knew that Estwick, Inniss, Sealy and someone else from the DLP was out of the island

  19. If the Standing Orders preclude the PAC taking evidence in public, why does the chairman want those Standing Orders to be suspended, so that the evidence could be taken in public? If yes, why?

    The answer is quite simple. Rather than doing the work the PAC was constituted to do and in the manner prescribed for it to be done, some want to use the PAC purely for political gains.

  20. Is Mia supposed to wait for the MPs in the DLP to be here to convene a PAC meeting? The rules were changed by OSA so that the dead king could call PAC meetings. Mia does not have to consult them and in any event these DLP ministers could very well stay home because thy achieve nothing on these international “gallivantings”.

    @proud bajan2, please stay in the back room at George Street and put out your vitriol. You and your likes come on BU and say the worst things about MAM, OSA and his wife and you have to nerve to tell me something if I state the truth about the worst set of DLP MP’s ever since EWB’s days? A bunch of cowboys! Be off!

    What is all the fuss about if as Mr Inniss said……the DLP has nothing to hide? Me thinks he doth protest too much. If you Dems have nothing to hide…..let there be light!

  21. Is this all a game…?
    Bushie would be totally unsurprised to learn somewhere down the road that the BLP and the DLP collectively planned and perpetrated this scam on us the brass bowls of Bim.
    Um better than a fiction novel….

    Wunna people beginning to see the CRITICAL role of a National Supervisory Committee – SPECIALLY ELECTED and comprised of competent persons with knowledge and BALLS like Caswell, BU David and BAFBFP (if we could deal with his sheep fetish)?

    Without good governance we are just wasting time…and those politrickians will always seek to frustrate any such control and transparency unless a STRONG structure is established. Caswell may not be always right like Bushie, but he is the IDEAL person for such a role…..a national asset (even if sometimes pig headed)

    CASWELL…where the BUP?

  22. It pains me to read this blog. The place is crumbling, yet too many behave as if it is a f*cking joke. Stupse

  23. @Well Well
    The PAC is within the purview of the leader of the opposition, but it is still to be guided by the rules of the House because it is a committee of the house of assembly. they don’t make their own rules.The Members of the Committee are:

    Hon. Miss M. A. Mottley, Q.C. (Chairman), Hon. R. L. Sealy, Hon. A. D. Brathwaite, Q.C., Dr. the Hon. D. C. Estwick, Hon. D. O’N. Inniss, Rt. Hon. O. S. Arthur and Mr. K. D. Symmonds

    Appointed on 6th March, 2013.

  24. @Well Well. There is an established procedure for questioning civil Servants who are also guided by The Official Secrets Act, so they can’t be questioned willy nilly. Procedure has to be followded.

  25. @Well Well.
    Even though they may call for a vote of no confidence in the government there is no guarantee they would win it, and it might make their position worse. A no confidence vote so soon after elections will throw the whole thing in atail spin, because if they defeat the government; although it would not mean the government would have to call fresh elections; I think it has to be a defeat on a money vote to make this mandatory, an election might result in a worse defeat for them. they can’t risk it.

  26. Alvin………my next question would be, is the opposition leader allowed to convene a committee meeting with 2 or 3 of the members reportedly out of the country and if she is not, why did is as one of the 22 attorneys in parliament, a former AG and also a former acting PM not aware of procedures governing this body.

  27. @Well Well: No hell is breaking loose. the opposition is getting more desperate and they are being outmanoeuvered.The thing is that many people do not fully understand the way the paroiamentary system works. I have been calling for Civics to be put back on the secondary school curriculum for a number of years no.

  28. Alvin……….if anyone should know how the parliamentary system works in Bim it should be the leader of the opposition, that is why people will start becoming distrustful and be convinced that they are all playing games with the taxpayers money and lives.

  29. @Well Well
    An important question is ; did she have a quorum? If the members from the government side (three) were absent, were members of her own party also absent? If
    so who were they? OSA? Kerrie Symonds? She is chairman of that committee, she should know the rules. Was she “hoist on her own petard? We’ll wait and see.
    Did she do this deliberately to give the wrong impression to those who do not know the rules or the procedures?

  30. Alvin……….none of it is feeling right, it’s looking more and more like a tit for tat scenario since things have been left to nonchalantly deteriorate over a number of many, many years, suddenly all this activity, what bothers me is that they are all friends, that’s what you get in a small incestuous society. They are going to regret the games and will soon see why themselves very shortly.

  31. @Well Well
    The Public Accounts Committee is supposed to:
    To examine the accounts showing the appropriation of the sums granted by Parliament to meet the public expenditure, accounts of any entities in which Government is a majority shareholder or holds a majority interest and of such other accounts laid before Parliament as the Committee may think fit

  32. @David
    It has never been done in the past, and there is no provision for it in the standing orders. Why should there be a call for suspension of the Standing Orders for this at this time? It is political posturing plain and simple. The BLP have been stung because for all the years they were in opposition the did not call meetings of the PAC for which they wer criticised, especially after they castigated the DLP when they wer in opposition over the same matter.Public Officers are not subject to public questioning unless there is an inquiry and then they are uneer oath.

  33. Alvin…………as David just stated about the broadcast issue, why is it even an issue that the taxpayers are entitled to know what is going on with any and all entities that they are paying for, does it make sense a Secrets Act against the same taxpayers who pay their salaries, no one will trust that…….

  34. @Prodigal son,
    Do remember the reason the rules were changed by OSA? Wasn’t it because, at that time, the DLP only had two sitting members as opposition.

  35. @Well Well
    The official Secrets Act has been in existence from the time the Civil Service was established. When I was a appointed to the civil Service, way back in 1955 ( I was on probation from 1951; in those days you had to work for four years on probation, before you were appointed,I had to sign the Official
    Secrets Act, which every Civil Servant had to do. It is nothing new, and that oath of secrecy bound you while you were a government employee

  36. Alvin……….we now live in an era of transparency and with the knowledge that the taxpayers are entitled to know what is being done with their money and what is being done or not in their best interests, i was not even born in 1951, why should a lousy post colonial law or act be affecting people negatively in 2013…….taxpayers have a right to know what is happening where their money is concerned, there is no excuse, the island is not a dictatorship and should not be treated as one post 1951.

  37. @ Carson wait where you was? you was busy paying de old lady light bill that ya promise she round election time? I hear ya. You sure you use de right account number because she light still off. HAHAHAHA!!!!

  38. @David

    How silly is the Leader of the Opposition going look when the Parliament of Barbados refuses to suspend the Standing Orders so that the PAC can take evidence from witnesses in public?

    The issue is not one of quorum for meetings or her constitutional standing at the automatic chairman of the PAC, it is that she cannot make the rules as and when she wants, for its functioning. She has to abide by the Standing Orders of Parliament, the work of the PAC is not political, it is oversight in nature so Ms Mottley should not be concerned with trying her level best to breach the Standing Orders so that she can score cheap political points at the expense of civil servants reputations.

    • In MAM’s defense we have to agree that several LOO over the years have failed to mobilise the PAC. She has good ground to make alot of noise if we are to judge from the lack of action of the Auditor General’s reports. At this stage it seems that she had a flawed strategy which has been exposed. A little surprise that she would have painted herself in this position.

  39. @Well Well, Remember before Independencw we were part of the British Empire and thus were subject to the rules and regulations of the colonial Office. The Official Secrets Act; Canada also has it as a former member of

    the United Kingdom,:People working with sensitive information are commonly required to sign a statement to the effect that they agree to abide by the restrictions of the Official Secrets Act. This is popularly referred to as “signing the Official Secrets Act”. Signing this has no effect on which actions are legal, as the act is a law, not a contract, and individuals are bound by it whether or not they have signed it. Signing it is intended more as a reminder to the person that they are under such obligations. To this end, it is common to sign this statement both before and after a period of employment that involves access to secrets.

  40. @WellWell: to continue. the purpose was not to protect politicians, but ot protect the ordinary peopleso that those who had(have) access to sensitive information could not bring our the “people” business and expose it to any and every person. As far as I can remember the penalty for breach was very severe. It was a long time ago but I don’t remember hearing that it has been repealed. As a matter of fact, if my memory serves me right, it was strengthened by the introduction of the Public Order Act sometime in the 1870’s. Governments take this very seriouslyThus civil Servants are not free to discuss the Public’s Business unless ordered to do so by legal authority/

  41. Alvin…….i got all of that, however Barbados is supposed to be ‘independent’ and employees as i know it whether you are civil servant or not are bonded to abide by and acknowledge their terms of employment which involves signing non-disclosure documents…..however, Canada has transparency as it relates to taxpayers best interests, they cannot hide behind any secrecy acts when it comes to doing the people’s business in a transparent manner………the taxpayers have a right to hear what is going on and the parliament and government has the power to release the information unless there is something to hide.

  42. @Well Well Correction the Public Order Act was brought in in the 1970’s not 1870’s. Slighr “lapsus memorae”
    The discussions in Parliament are broadcast every time parliament and the Senate meet. When debates take place regarding the estimates or expenditure or the Budget, the entire sitting is televised as well as broadcast on the radio. The reports are also carried verbatim in all the news madia, so there are no secrets withheld. the Auditor General’s report is carried in full in the Newspapers and there is free and full discussion every day on the call in programs. The line is drawn where disclosure of persons’ information is inolved. The Central Bank Reports are printed and available on line and in printeed formThe act prevents the Civil Servants from being able to use information that passes through their hands to be used against citizens in any way. Thus if your relative was receiving a pension, a civil servant can’t come and tell you that information. He would be in contravention of the Official Secrets Act, and subject to legal penalty/ So don’t look at it as a penalty against persons look at it as a bebefit for theprivacy of the individual.
    All reports of committee are subject to debate in Parliament so any findings in the PAC report of that committee would be fully ventilated in Parliament and every citizen would be made aware of anything that went on. have no fear. It has served us well in the past and will continue to serve us in the future.

  43. @Well Well
    In addition persons can obtain copies of Hansard from the government Printing office, as well as relevant acts regulations etc. The Official Gazette, also available from the government Printing Office which Gazettes the acts and regulations also gazettes apointments to positions etc. contraty to beliefs, there is no secrecy about government business. People just havae to get the facts; before they start to make stupid statements.

  44. I’m shock to see that all of a sudden in Barbados you cannot criticize the government. Is Barbados now a Police State? Where if you say anything about the government you are told that some heads will get crack and some people shot. What does this government have to hide and is so afraid of all of a sudden.

  45. Alvin…i know about the government printery, my question still is, the voting re PAC on whether the public should be privy to the information, transparency, if that information is already in the public domain, what is all the talk about whether taxpayers should know about it.

  46. @Enuf
    It matters not where Alvin Cummins is. Wherever he is he is a Bajan; a Barbadian, a Loyal son, and wherever he is he will defend the interests of his country and voice his opinions. I too have the right to make stupid statements and be subject to censure; and I dDO make stupid statements . Not all the time though.

  47. @Well Well The talk is not about whether taxpayers should know about it.The discussion, from what I understand about it, is whether sittings of the PAC, in contravention of the standing orders of Parliament, should be broadcast. There is not an inquiry going on, neither has there been questions of infelicities. The Standing Ord orders of Parliament do not allow it, and there is not such an emergency or grave matter that the standing orders should be suspended.

  48. Alvin…………to be honest, i do believe there should be some type of inquiry, though not at taxpayers expense, these little games being played by opposition as well as government are all nonproductive, standing orders not to do a broadcast means the taxpayers will not hear information concerning their best interests, at the end of the day the government is the servant and the taxpayers the masters….that always gets lost in the arrogant little games politicians love to play.

  49. @Well Well A well ordered society requuires rules regulations and standards to operate. Don’t see it as “playing games:, it is human nature for one person or group of persons to get the better of the other. We just have to be honest in our dealings. Unfortunately it is also human nature to try to cheat. not everyone does it, but it happens. How we handle it is a different matter.

  50. @Well Well The people will still get everything when it is debated in Parliament. . And in the heightened atmosphere that exists at the moment you can be sure that one side will try to take advantage of any infelcities. Do don’t bother your pretty little head. You are pretty aren’t you?

  51. Do don’t bother your pretty little head. You are pretty aren’t you?
    You really went Cawmere?
    Pretty shiite! If she was pretty she would got time to be on a computer all day and night typing tripe?
    …she would be out showing off, being wined and dined and the other thingED….
    The damn woman is a witch ya joke…. How you think she know everything, been everywhere and spoke to everybody…. ON she damn BROOM….

    David, we didn’t vote to ban she?
    Wha kind of democracy you does run though?

    Man ban she AND the nincompoop “pretty little head” Alvin do!

  52. @Bushie and Independent…”ban she…and…Alvin do” Sorry you stuck with both of us. I know you didn’t go to Cawmere. We (Cawmerians) got more sense than you showing.

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