Premier Event Services to Organize 2013 Cohobblopot: There Is Still Meat On the Fatted Calf!

The minister [Stephen Lashley] said for the much talked about Cohobblopot, there were two tenders for the hosting of the event, which was won by Rihanna’s Loud Concert and Barbados Food, Wine and Rum Festival organisers Premier Event ServicesBarbados Today

The news that the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) has awarded the right to organize Cohobblopot, one of the premier Crop Over events,  to Premier Event Services with just over one month to go  is interesting. Has anyone bothered to ask who are the directors of this company? What is their history of staging cultural shows? Is there enough time for this company to execute one of the biggest shows in Barbados? How much money is tagged to this arrangement? It is all about demonstrating transparency which is (was?) promoted by this government when it assumed office in 2008.

The two people behind Premier Event Services are Jerome (Jerry) Ishmael and Faye Wharton-Parris. The company has a rich record of hosting high profile events. Of interest to BU is the fact that Jerry Ishmael is Chairman of the St. Michael South Constituency Council and Faye Wharton-Parris is the wife of the beleaguered former president of CLICO Holdings Barbados Limited. For some reason this arrangement has left a sour ‘aftertaste’ in the mouth.  It seems when the two political parties are in office the party faithful are always the first at the trough to suckle from the udder of the fatted calf. Will we ever change the way we do business in Barbados?

Is it not sad that the Creatives who make the festival what it is are the ones who continue to wait for crumbs to fall from the table of the Minister of Culture? Why is it we see the same names every year clutching the manna? The Chetwyn Stuarts, Dorsie Boyces (DB Productions) et al. The Creatives must see the opportunities which abound to play a leadership role in Crop Over and other national events?

The members of the yardfowl brigade will all chime in to sing the same old song. We like it so!


156 thoughts on “Premier Event Services to Organize 2013 Cohobblopot: There Is Still Meat On the Fatted Calf!

  1. @Well Well
    Enjoy yourself (still a long way off though) when you are ready I might be able to direct you to some people. Iwll wait until you inform me vie blog.

  2. Alvin…………I go there pretty often, was in Trinidad 3 times last year, just love it there, love the food, it’s fantastic.

  3. “This is one big mess and if you are not prepared to acknowledge the issues here you should sit this one out.”

    I would go further and say that Alvin needs to STFU!!! I am tiiired of the crap he serves up posing as intellectual contributions. Utter rubbish day after day after day. The man is a relic and is some how convinced he knows every and all things!!!

  4. Adrian
    You had your chance at the BTA, you blew it. You were fired for your unprofessional conduct.

  5. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | June 16, 2013 at 9:00 PM |
    “Adrian: Don’t you have a country to return to?”

    Yes he does, racist! Just like the thousands of Bajans who have lived or still living in the UK and whose remittances over the years helped build this country for what it’s worth up to 5 years ago.

    If you want to deport people like Adrian who speak their mind why not do a fair exchange and expect to receive a thousand Bajans from the UK for every one of Adrian’s ilk, Dummy?

    We are certain that Adrian has earned more forex for this little rock in the Atlantic so that lazy ass jokers like you can live the big Western lifestyle than you or the likes of you would ever do in a million life times, lazy consuming nigger! How do you like being put in you black stupid racist place?

    It is people like you who are destroying this potentially cosmopolitan place. Ever since your kind booted out the hardworking and big spending Guyanese this place seemed to have attracted some kind of hex. Nothing is going right for poor Bim. EWB must be crying buckets of salt water in his watery grave of Caribbean integration.

    Yes, Dummy, carry on smartly with your insular small racist mindset reflecting the true size of your brainless intelligence.

  6. @Dummy Dumass……got tek a shoite and tek a dive in wid it an ask yuh wife to flush. Yuh piece of poop!

  7. @ Miller
    Don’t the self professed DUMMY…..probably Fractured, hurt and hiding from you after that Southern Exposure you gave him, a few weeks ago….yesterday we had Carson’s ass in a sling…he too maybe hiding today or went out eatin guuvernment food prepared for the occasion…

    Alvin and Bushie….took the white rabbit hole today….. Like i said an independent Contractor General needed bout here..

  8. Me stfu? Never!! I am here like the ghost of christmas past to be your conscience. so get used to it. I am here until My flight is called. If you don’t like my blogs or their tenor, you are free to STFU. There I go using foul language…guilt by association.

  9. Alvin Cummins | June 16, 2013 at 6:49 PM |

    Nepotism in private companies? Check Williams Industries. Talk about hypocrisy.

    your lies know no bounds? what is the nepotism you see in Williams Industries? tell us do. you people are sick.

    • Alvin Cummins

      Your comments are descending to the realm of stupidity: Williams Industries is a private company and they are fully entitled to employ their idiot relatives if they choose. On the other hand politicians who behave similarly with public funds are corrupt and would be in breach of the law.

      A private person can spend its money as he likes. There are no legally binding financial and tendering rules to guide them. You are seeking to justify corruption because there is clear evidence that your party is engaging in such.

  10. Millertheannuaki

    You retarded moron, don’t you recall about a year or so ago (maybe more) Adrian in the newspapers saying he was pulling up stakes, selling his two bit grungy hotel and moving back to the UK?

    I never said anything about deporting anyone. This is half the blasted problem in Barbados, little pea brain whining fools like you believe that it is the hoteliers who earn all the foreign exchange for this country. You ever sit do and work out how small a portion the hotel accommodation constitutes of the overall foreign exchange spend by tourist?

    Why refer to me as a nigger? Chances are, you are not much different than me. You should be ashamed of yourself. The problem with you Miller is who think you’re a better black, a red skinned black and cannot fathom the idea of 5 more year of the DLP. Admit it you think the DLP is incompetent because the are regular bajan blacks and not red poles like the BLP.

  11. Dummy

    Man stick wid D thread do……red pole me ass….Miller is d annuaki….ya madd?What D brassbowl…a luv um !!!!!!!LOL

  12. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | June 17, 2013 at 7:24 AM |
    “You ever sit do and work out how small a portion the hotel accommodation constitutes of the overall foreign exchange spend by tourist?”

    You see how it feels when you are attacked because of the colour of your skin or racial or ethnic origins? You are seen as a stupid nigger because of your stupid arrogant insular mindset forged in the same petty minded racist Petri dish of hate and myopic ignorance as that of Carson Cadogan.

    Now take that as your first lesson in the class of Morality, Ethics & Equal Opportunity Promotion. Now to the other class of ignorance you seem rather keen not to be ‘superannuated’.

    The accommodation sector is the bedrock of any tourism industry. Without accommodation where would the visitors stay? On the beaches, down Emmerton Lane next to the sewage plant or would you accommodate them in your house, dummy?

    So if accommodation-based tourism is not an important forex earner what is? Sugar?
    We all know the international business used to make a huge contribution but under this current DLP administration the country has experienced falloffs and in some cases missed opportunities like US$ 1/2 billion in FDI and an estimated 2,700 jobs.
    Are these lies Dummy? Are these fabrications by the foolish miller and old onions?

    Why don’t you do yourself a favour and buy the hotels off Adrian and change the ownership and management hue profile of the sector with your black colour scheme of control ? Or are you waiting for the Trinidadians to do it and then whinge like a “whining fool” that the BLP, even though in Opposition, are selling out Barbados to those blasted hated foreigners?

  13. @miller@

    you is a igrant johnny for truth doh. people does attack adrian not becasues of his skin colour but becauses ALL he does ever do is complaint, and bout everything under the sun. you evah went and look at the dump of a hotel he got up there? man go have a look as see why he complaining.
    i gine tell you something doh millertheannuaki, you sound like you bent to me?
    you, justasking and old onions still can’t work out how the people of barbados reject the BLP.

  14. @ Konacat | June 17, 2013 at 9:50 AM |
    “ you evah went and look at the dump of a hotel he got up there? man go have a look as see why he complaining.”

    Well “corner a nigger cat in a barrel of black crabs” why don’t you do what the stupid “bent igrant johnny” of a miller and take over Adrian’s hotel and show the redneck idiot how to run it by turning it into a 5-star premier inn called Noise & Wuk-up for blacks only?

    Why should we accept an elections result in which the country’s two most important law enforcement Constitutionally appointed officer claimed were marred by massive and widespread vote fraud? Who is the fraud and who is the hypocrite?

  15. …………………………………………but Millertheannuaki, the BLP has not contested the results, why not?

    The fact is the BLP paid as much money if not more than the DLP on election day.

  16. @ Konacat | June 17, 2013 at 11:16 AM |

    Your response confirms that the elections were indeed fraught with fraud.

    How do you know that the BLP paid out more money than the DLP?
    So the elections were indeed bought, if not sold to the higher bidder?

    And to think your leader is an honourable man of the utmost integrity to have participated in such fraudulent acts!
    That kind of corruption and bold-faced law breaking should have been left to the likes of OSA and his motley crew; not reinforced by men of ‘sincere’ integrity who said they will never lie, cheat or steal.
    But what do you expect from a ragtag dangerous lying pack (dlp) of incompetent hypocrites?

    Of course you would not be interested in a “piece of hotel”; only in a pig sty and cesspool of lies and rotten filth emanating from George Street, right TTP?

  17. @ Koncat
    you, justasking and old onions still can’t work out how the people of barbados reject the BLP.
    You fa real or just want to hear me mout?… your name said it all KonKat, now wanna ON N Poppin….wanna is thimble thumbs. Serve all ya right…and the fools dat tekk D money…

  18. Miller
    Name an election since 66 when money was not used to influence the outcome? Because the PM is president of the DLP and Chairman of Cabinet don’t me he knows everything that goes on. Wunna really don’t like to look in the mirror for truth, EWB was SO SO right.

  19. LEroy and his wife must always live live a king and queen. So you all can shut up. Dems now………Dems again.

  20. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | June 17, 2013 at 3:10 PM |
    “Name an election since 66 when money was not used to influence the outcome? Because the PM is president of the DLP and Chairman of Cabinet don’t me he knows everything that goes on. Wunna really don’t like to look in the mirror for truth, EWB was SO SO right.”

    So we can conclude, like a true Dummy, that what was written below as the mission statement for the DLP 2013 manifesto was just to trick the people of Bim into voting for a crooked dangerously deceitful lying party?

    Extract from the DLP manifesto 2013 page 1 “Leader’s Message” (The biggest Lie ever told):

    “Why Good governance? Good Governance is
    characterized by the principles of participation,
    consensus, accountability, transparency,
    responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency,
    equity and inclusion, and the rule of law. It
    assures that corruption is minimized, the views
    of minorities are taken into account and that the
    voices of the most vulnerable in society are heard
    in decision-making and the allocation of
    I invite the people of Barbados, therefore, to join
    the Democratic Labour Party on this exciting
    journey to the creation of a Better Barbados. This
    journey emphasizes hope rather than despair,
    light rather than darkness, and movement rather
    than stagnation. This journey aims at human
    fulfilment and development. It does not aim at
    numerical worship and statistical purity. This
    is the true way of the Democratic Labour Party.”

    • Alvin

      I can’t help you: you have difficulty understanding basic things. Of course PES is a private company: what does that have to do with anything? You were speaking about nepotism in private companies but the Government is not a private company and must follow the rules.

  21. Wow, the Commissioner of Police has been sent on administrative leave? Now we have to take that “crack heads” comment in its truest light now! Wow, look at Barbados now, cant believe what is going on in our country!

  22. @ Caswell Franklyn
    What are the rules in awarding a contract to some business / person to put on COHOBLOPOT that Government failed to follow this time around ? When you find out let us know.

  23. @Caswell
    This is where I need help. You implied that there was corruption because Peremier Events , one of few applicants for the contract was awarded the contract. As far as I know the tenders committee does not have politicians on it. Where is the implied corruption? Where is the nepotism here?

  24. if they had music like this i would go,but all that jungle music.not a chance.time to move forward with actual music not utter crap.
    is this soca music the best barbados can do?
    how about we invite these dudes down for a real show.

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  26. I see Owen Arthur once again has distanced himself from the ranting and raving of Mia Mottley.

    This time he has used the floor of Parliament to endorse the BRA.

    Just imagine 2 weeks ago Mia was howling against the implementation of the BRA on the floor of Parliament.

    Once again Owen Arthur by his action has declared that he has no CONFIDENCE in Mia Mottley.

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