Who Are the Local Partners in Cost-U-Less?

Former Prime Minister David Thompson (l) Former Chairman CLICO Holdings B'dos Ltd rumoured to be local partners in Cost-U-Less

Late Prime Minister David Thompson (l) disgraced former Chairman of CLICO Holdings B’dos Ltd rumoured to be local partners in Cost-U-Less

We do not charge membership fees and believe we can offer low prices to Barbados shoppers, just as we have in our most recent store opening in the Cayman Islands, which was also a partnership with local business people

NorthWest Company trading as Cost-U-Less July 2008

It has been almost five years from the time of the announcement Cost U Less Maybe Coming To Barbados that it launched in Barbados. However, based on consumer feedback the wait has been in vain.  It has been two months since launch and Barbadians continue to wait for the low prices promised. Before the coming of Cost-U-Less the Trinidadians, who now have a vice grip on our food retail and distribution channels, had promised Barbadian consumers the same, that is, we would benefit from economies of scale created by a larger T&T market.

Barbados now finds itself in a situation where we have a new entrant to an already competitive retail food sector.  And it has not demonstrated any appreciable price differentiation in its offering. Sad to say the inevitable must follow.  We created 200 jobs with the coming of Cost-U-Less but SuperCentre and DacostaMannings, owned by the Trinidadians, continue to send home employees.

It is unfortunate that Barbadians have not been made aware of who the local business people are in partnership with North West Company (Cost-U-Less). BU believes that if Barbadians were to be apprised of the names it would only serve as another opportunity to expose the hypocrisy, greed and naked opportunism which exist among people we hold in high regard.

The word making the rounds is that Leroy Parris, The Estate of the late David Thompson, Hartley Henry and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit represent the local interest. These names will cause many to ask many questions.

For example:

  1. Why didn’t the BLP address this issue on the general election campaign just completed?
  2. Why is the estate of the late David Thompson taking forever to be probated?
  3. What were the considerations which motivated Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler to approve such generous concessions to a forex taker in a depressed consumer market?
  4. If Skerrit is so friendly with decision makers in Barbados why have we not been able to establish a bilateral trade agreement with Dominica which was promised when the 2008 Thompson government was ‘inaugurated’?
  5. What can we say about the Kingmaker?

What low prices what!

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  1. Did they not nearly take off Worrell’s head for suggesting decriminalization of mariujuana…………..i believe they like it just so……………..let the young people puff away, gives them something to talk about, remember, the boys on the blocks have to get their weekly drop off of stash…..who will keep the voters in line if they make it legal………………….ask Carson.

  2. I been doing a little “sleuthing” this week gone.
    CUL, deader than a DODO,
    Supercenter very quiet,
    Shopsmart very quiet(and NOW takes NON Members),Like WHY I paid to JOIN??
    Cherish,closed one of its branches,
    TRIMART, firing old faithfull staff as they are “RESTRUCTURING”.
    The NEW CARLTON A1, like a mortuary(Well we should have know that as SEETHRO put his mark on that,or I should say his “Kiss of Death)
    What that man SEETHRO, ever get into that is a winner??


    I was surprised the SO-LO place even gives back to the shoppers almost half of the profit given to it by the big bakers.

  3. Dr. Love………….now we wait and see how the “major reforms” will make things better……………

  4. @CCC you listed fourteen. C.A. Gill (now Professor alfie Gill) is still alive. Patsy Springer was also one of them and he is still very much alive.
    @ Well Well, there are many diffeent ways to make the money circulate and to keep the economy going it has to circulate. It may do so in a different manner from before or the way you like but the effect is the same, it circulates and everybody gets to eat.

  5. David wrote “Of interest are the illegal substances which will be puffed in the wide open.”

    If it is homegrown it will save Forex.lol

  6. @well well,The Maple Leafs are expected to make the hockey playoffs. the tickest went on sale (sold out in less than an hour) and ranged in price from just under a hundred dollars to a little over a thousand dollars.at these sorts of prizes the cost of the Reggae show is good value for an all day and well into the night event.People like you and me will be long gone when the bills come dur. Relax

  7. Alvin…………..you are right Patsy Springer is alive, saw him about 4 years ago……..Alfie Gill sounds really familiar, trying to place the face………….anyway, because of the seriousness of the current situation and as you can see from Dr. Love’s sleuthing……….there is still a long way to go and the reforms have not been introduced yet and will not be for some months……………Greece comes to mind, and it was not pretty………yes, people will eat, but there is really cause for concern because of the uncertainty prevailing everywhere…………..it’s not like the island can depend on any other countries at this time, everyone now has to look out for themselves.

  8. Alvin……………you got that right, there really is not need to bother about much anymore…………………if when we are gone, someone else has to take care of the bill………….we won’t even be able to care.

  9. All of you are worrying about nothing at all.

    Keep calm.

    The Democratic Labour Party is in charge.

    Twenty years from now, if some of you live so long, you will look back at this timeand lavish nothing but praise on the Democratic Labour Party for its handling of the country.

    Do remember that you BLP people think in slow motion. You cant even see what is in front of your very eyes.

    • Carson

      Are you still interested in forming the third party? Or were you only interested when you thought that you would have to look for your supper elsewhere? They pay you a decent salary to sit at CBC and troll the blogs all day and you have the nerve to accuse someone of singing for their supper.

  10. Caswell Franklyn

    How old will you be in the next five years?

    Will you be able to handle the big job Seethru promised you for doing a hatchet job on the DLP?

    or will you be too feeble to handle it?

    Old onion Bags will be near eighty so his big job will be given to some one else as he will be suffering with full blown Alzheimers!!!

    DAVID will be about seventy and wont be able to read a keyboard anymore, so no more Barbados Underground

    This is the end of the road for a lot of you including PRODIGAL SON.

  11. @David
    Send any information which you have that may be critical of the DLP to the Nation newspaper and get it published. There will be no need for any signatures as the Nation will put out the lie and worry about the lawsuit later. I understand that they weigh the benefit of having a fast selling sensational story first and then worry about accuracy,truthfulness and journalistic standards later.
    A word to the wise.

  12. Albert Branford spends an entire Sunday article lambasting Hon. Denis Lowe, Sanka Price spends a Wednesday article lambasting Hon. Denis Lowe and then the BLP candidate Wilfred AbraHAMs has a letter lambasting Hon. Denis Lowe.
    Surprise Surprise – The Nation newspaper so called independent columnists are step in step and hand in hand with the BLP politicians on every single issue.
    The BLP has 14 members in the House Of Assembly and another 7 writing articles in the Nation newspaper. Fair and Balanced just like Fox News.

  13. With all that talk back and forth about party this and party that………no one is answering the hard questions about all the lies, deception (CUL) and what the island will be like under “major reforms” austerity measures.

    Carson……….you work at CBC? so you know if tomorrow the DLP is catspraddled because of a one seat difference, you will have no job…………..no wonder you cannot answer any of my questions, you are living on a wing without a prayer, you should be one of the most humble people in Bim.

  14. Well Well

    I hope that my comment didn’t give you the impression that Carson WORKS at CBC. He is on staff and gets paid there but I never said anything about work: there is a difference you know. There is nothing for him to do there but draw a salary. He and the big African looking lady used to fight over turf, she prevailed and left him with nothing to do but draw a salary. Therefore to occupy himself he is reduced to being the clown prince on BU, snatching the title from AC by a wide margin.

  15. Caswelll……….is CBC not funded by the taxpayers? if so, Carson is just drawing free money and leeching? Does Rosemary A have shares in CBC or something, I always know CBC to be filled with incest and an unlimited amount of yardfowls from the ruling party of the day…..Ewwwwwwwwww!!, they really need to privatize that whorehouse.

  16. Caswell……..why would Rosemary A be fighting over turf or anything else for that matter?, I was in Bim recently and saw her at supercentre warrens, she can hardly walk……..that crab like mindset is obviously so entrenched that they are on their way to meet their maker, but cannot rid themselves of the useless mentality…………with Carson it’s no big surprise, looks like she deballed Carson………..

    • Well Well

      He had no balls in the first place. His ball sack is filled with hot air. If he had balls, he would not let Owen run him out of Barbados and that is by his own admission.

  17. eversince the elections it seems like the “village lawyer Caswell have nothing to do but talk about ac .BTW Caswell is being a “clownprince” the best dirt you can dig up on ac . Here is some dirt fuh u to check out. ac commands a hefty salary ! contributes to the economy ! employees a substantial amount of workers.! now compare that to your daily venom and selserving lifestyle that one of being the “gravedigger” on other people lives,

  18. Look who is talking about people . Caswell a man with an overblown ego. Cannot hold a job .Starts an organization about fifty or so years ago and only have 1or maybe two members. Man get a reallllllllll l Get a life!

  19. Caswell………how does a PM run a citizen out of a country that is a democracy?, that is the actions of a dictator, not a Prime Minister.

    • I don’t know how a PM could run a citizen out of the country: you would to ask Carson, that is what he claimed.

  20. Well Well and Caswell
    Please, Rosemary has her political leanings but she is a good person. I know that from experience. It is very easy to take pot shots; she stands for her party and I admire that.

    What baffles me though is AC; what does she stand for. Caswell I believe she wants to see you outside of BU.

  21. AC
    Ask Caswell out on a date and stop blowing your fuse. We may have to add more medication to that prescription – for high blood pressure.

  22. i do not understand why Barbadians are wasting their time going there. if it is as expensive as claimed, shop at other supermarkets. i have not gone there yet and doubt i ever will. i am not one of those persons who have to put my signature on every store that opens here only because it made a claim to fame in the US or some other 1st world country..pathetic lot

  23. Chocolate…………..Bajans are chronic consumers, they have to run to shop at every cat fight or dog fight that opens it’s doors, that is what they are trained to do.

    • An interesting article on the subject.
      FIRING LINE: It’s not costing us less  By Shantal Munro Knight | Sun, April 28, 2013 – 12:00 AM
      I was quite interested a couple of weeks ago to see reported in the press a story quoting a representative from Cost-U-Less, suggesting that it could take at least two years for Barbadians to see lower prices.
      Two years!!! Within two years, a whole lot could happen but essentially consumers are to sit with bated breath waiting until 2015 to see if we will get a dollar or more off food items.
      I am admittedly growing older by the minute so at times my recall is not always as sharp as it should be. However, I do have a vague recollection of the context in which Cost-U-Less was introduced into Barbados.
      If I recall, and please correct me if I am wrong, the coming of Cost-U-Less was supposed to be a critical part of the attempt by Government to break up monopoly control of the distributive sector and reduce high prices for consumer goods.
      To therefore hear the representative suggest that while they are in the business of offering low prices they will not be lowering them just for the sake of lowering them was puzzling to say the least.
      I am completely confused. When you add to this the suggestion that Government had all but given the kitchen skin to the business in concessions confusion gives way to amazement.
      There are perhaps a couple of critical lessons. Just with the very limited outside view of the situation, I think concessions clearly do not work in the present environment.
      The granting of numerous concessions to businesses to establish in the Caribbean is part of an economic legacy which was contextualized in the early post-independence history of the region as we struggled to transform our economies.
      Its success or lack thereof has always been contested and Governments even today are only now unlocking some of the baggage associated with the scheme. 
      In today’s economic environment, there are several factors impacting on prices and business success. Clearly, at least from this example, a kitchen sink full of concessions appears now to have little impact at least for consumers.
      It leads me wonder: if I give you concessions to make it cheaper and easier for you to business here and still your prices remain high, what about the other businesses which would have had to establish with little or no concessions?
      I believe the Cost-U-Less scenario is worthy of some serious study. My intention is not to pick on them per se but there is a story here about the cost of doing business in Barbados. If we can get to the bottom of this story, then perhaps we can begin to develop effective solutions.
      I believe that we do have a few unscrupulous people who intend to maintain 150 per cent profits on their goods and it is also true that prices have been artificially high for a long time due to the nature of our tourism and standard of living at some levels.
      However, it is also true that we have honest and shrewd businessmen who understand the consumer market and know that it does not make sense to keep unnecessarily high prices if goods are not moving. So there are other factors.
      My take on it that the cost of living and particularly food prices will not come down by the introduction of oversees retail and other outlets, granting concessions and other quick fixes.
      The problem is complex and requires a nuanced solution. Of course, the politicians will not tell us that. It is easier to jump up and down pretending to have the solution and attempt to gobsmack the public. Oftentimes, however, we are astute enough to see through the smoke and mirrors.
      I think that politicians believe that we only want quick solutions and therefore are impatient to take the time to explain the complexities involved and the need for patience. They continue to misjudge, as always, the discerning nature of the public they lead.  
      Government first has to decide if it wants to continue to continue collecting high import duties to bolster revenue or broker a compromise with the private sector to reduce taxes if they pass on the savings to consumers.
      Further, we have to tackle high energy prices and that will require a long term investment and putting effective stimulus into alternative energy projects not as feel good strategy but as critical economic tool.
      I could go on but you get the picture: complex problem – complex solution.
      Shantal Munro Knight is a development specialist and executive coordinator at the Caribbean Policy Development Centre.

    • Agree with the thrust of Shantal’s column. If it is going to take two years for consumers to realize low prices something is wrong. This is a company which received massive concessions mind you. Have they not factored said concessions in the %margin? The present model means that CUL squeezes into an already crowded retailer’s space selling at the same price. The result is obvious.

      In this case BU is firmly of the view that political opportunism is really at play here, nothing to do with bring down prices.

  24. @Well Well | April 27, 2013 at 9:49 AM |
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  25. @Prodigal Son | April 27, 2013 at 3:28 PM |
    “I…cannot believe that some Bajans are still so stupid. I could not believe that in this day people could be boasting of spending $1500 to attend a weekend of Reggae fetes.”

    don’t u know yet that it is the poor who brags about how much money they spent while the rich boasts about how much they saved? strange world

  26. Chocolate……….that would be the majority of females, not every female in Barbados or around the world are that mindless in unconscious……..but you gotta admit way too many of them do………….

  27. Dam and when them hair stores and beauty shops go out a business,, Who u think going have to support the unemployed workers .sumtimes people just talk sh..te ever thought that them fake hair stores and beauty shops contribute to the economy.

  28. I noticed Shantal Monro Knight in today’s Sun has a similar opinion on CUL as many have hereon BU.

    We are going to have to look at duties and taxes imposed at the Port if we are ever going to begin to get prices under control in Barbados. The government seems to depend heavily on these taxes and duties.So government will not lower these duties. The BWU has a stranglehold on the Port and a lot of labour practices are very costly adding to the cost of landed goods.

    But we have to have the will to break the stranglehold at the Port.

  29. @Caswell
    What are you talking about with regard to Douglas Lynch? A.E.S.Lewis was T>T> Lewis a “white” man who led the “Cash Boy’s revolt. He was hounded persistently by Grantley until he left the BLP and became a founding member of the DLP.There was no doubt that he was a “white person”.

  30. can’t help but wonder the small mindedness of a person who would like to see a business cease to exist because they believe that the people who patronise such a business has no self worth or think very little of their self. so them that is a good enough reason for the business to close its doors. not to mention the few people that would become unemployed and most likely going on govt programs for survival. imagine when u think u hear it all there is something else new to ponder about. BTW whose business is it of anyone what people choose to do with there money in a democratic society isn’t that what free enterprise and democracy, is all about,people need to mind there own f ing business and stop being so full of self- righteous indignation.

    as fuh u poor soul Caswell. i got a job fuh u i think i will upgrade u .how about printing a “SmUT and DIRT magazine, makes fuh good reading uh could called it ‘Above Ground”

    • @ac

      See if you can follow the argument here. It is commonsense that if government gave CUL concessions the objective is to hit the ground running to achieve the objective of lower prices for consumers. This is the declared reason CUL was given concessions.

      Secondly given the alleged ownership structure and tax waivers given there is a question of ethics violation.

      Surely you can understand these issues?

      Your point that if CUL does not cut it it will have to close is obvious and not being questioned..

  31. There is a study in possession of the Government detailing the unfair and unacceptable union practices at both the Air and Sea Ports and within the Customs and Excise Department and for which Barbadians and visitors pay dearly to maintain.Meetings with key stakeholders to confirm the unfair business practices were outlined at that meeting to a UN sub committee and a report was sent to Government.It appears that our political masters do not have the cojones to take on either the NUPW nor the BWU.Who then!

    • Interesting that the principal at CUL mentions a two year period before Barbadians consumers see low prices. If one were to guess it seems that in their business model the objective is to aggressively amortize setup cost in the first two years by maintaining prices at market level. Barbadian consumers will go for it, no problem.

  32. i do understand your point albeit given with a political jaundice eye. so my comment is obvious in response . however if one examines it from a business perspective one can at least acknowledge and appreciate the fact that most business first objective is to be sustainable and accommodating to its consumers, needless to say it does not always work out that way for many reasons. a large conglomerate and a successful one like Cost -u- less has been around long enough to understand and feel the pulse of the consumer and it becomes frustrating when the consumer needs are not made and the promises made cannot be delivered, , it maybe that what Cost-U- Less was expecting to be a larger than expected customer support might have been thwarted and rather than close its doors in a short period of time and sending home the newly employed it might have had to reverse to a slightly higher pricing of its product to make up for the shortage in consumer spending. maybe now is now the time for a Cost _u- less; However it maybe the best alternative for our market.

  33. another point of interest is the talk about “concession” in as much as i hate to see taxpayers money funding private enterprise i do understand the necessity even though it has all it built in problems but in the world of capitalism and finance it is a win win for govt and the investor. similar to the horse and buggy. the govt gets a return on its investment by getting jobs and not having to pull the workload of managing and financing for an overextended period of time while on the other hand the investor has to do most of the pulling. it is not as easy a street as people would want to believe and govts worldwide does entertain and endorse the financing of investor with good reason as they see that many of the benefits go into building their economy through growth additional for ex and jobs. the concessions then is money well spent.. most of the time the money given is only a drop in the bucket compare to the day to day hustle and stress the investor endures just keeping the company afloat .
    i just read recently that the USA gave Toyota 0ver 400million dollars to build a plant in the midwest . just think of the jobs generated and the money which would be fueld into the economy from such a move . Is a risk Yes . but better than doing nothing. the same strategy applies wether it be small countries or large. Govt cannot do it all alone. and investors need the money and govt needs the jobs generated and much more.

  34. I guess David it would be a lot easier to agree with out from a point of view that Cost U less is only for itself and the customer be damned and the govt gave too many concessions . That i can’t say! maybe you know something that the rest of us are not privy to.
    BTW i do remember the big hotel congolmerate who all but owns Jamaica u seem to have no problem when it comes to Jamaica govt giving him exhoberant concessions oh yes it is about forex and jobs …need i say no more..You do have a jaundice eye , Time to have your lense checks

  35. Obviously Ms. Knight has not realized yet that CUL is political gimmick with the politicians/owners being the main beneficiaries and the consumers/taxpayers the suckers………..hopefully their doors will close in another few months when taxpayers realize they have been had and they won’t do any worse if they continue to shop at popular discount or hi-lo or even pricesmart…………….how do these lying, deceitful leaders live with themselves?

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  36. The prices CUL is currently using to gouge bajans is not used in Canada or the US, the goods still come from the same places even if you are being mindful of shipping costs, but there are still making out like bandits cause they have all those wonderful tax concessions from government through the ministers/part owners which offset all costs from day one of opening. Not every business person is stupid, some of us know a scam when we see one.

  37. What business is it of people how black woman choose to spend their money, BTW sex toys market is big business specilazing in the dildo and plenty men big them. do i care as long as it makes them happy. btw i hear the mouth of the south Caswell own a couple them.

  38. Look………………..you will expect those kinds of comments from people who are not too bright…………….if they said any different most people on the blog would wonder what happened to them.

  39. The Cost U Less idea was sold as that…. by the deceased PM. He said that the BLP were in bed with the distributors and he was going to bring in Cost U Less to cut out the middle man thus bringing down prices.

    David Thompson may be gone but since Cost U Less still came, those associated with him and his policies bought into the idea and since the concessions offered were beyond the pale, they definitely are still carrying out his policies (based on what the PM said about he was just keeping house), then the prices should be much lower not telling Bajans that they will have to wait two years for low prices. This is unacceptable, they may want to recoup their initial outlay in the shortest time.

    Bajans, do like me and do not grace the doors of Cost U Less. Support Shop Smart, at least that is locally owned and support the farmers and vendors markets.

  40. @ Well Well

    The Day that hair, Remy hair or bald pooch cat hair, grown from a vagina, grows long enough to be used as a hair substitute on the head of (Bajan) women is the day I lay down, and ask the LORD to go home.

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    1. Assemble a few similarly thinking citizens who have the balls to speak out publicly.
    2. Paint up a few plackards with words like “Raping-us-in-Public”, “Cost-U-Whore, sorry More”, “How to Get Rich Quick” and “MP’s generating Forex” on different plackards of course you dont want Cris Sinkliar and Minister Whisper Boyce to sue you for Defamation like Payne suing Eddie Hinkson
    3. Call the Advocate/CBC, David Ellis and the BLP Newspaper (the real one down Fontabelle) and go early round 10 oclock and set up in Marshalls Trading Yard and walk round when the cameras and TV fold arrive.

    You dont need a license.

    By the time the police arrive, as they will, the nation will have the pictures, facebook will have the video and Cost you More and the rest of the rapists will have the lesson that we bajans are not going to sit down as Miss Ram and all uh wunna come heah and unfair de natives causing we ingrunt.

    But then again it is 11 p.m. and I had my last insulin shot at 8 o’clock so this conscientious dissent that i am advocating is purely the fantasy of a poor ole man off his medication and borderline comatose

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  44. @Well Well | April 28, 2013 at 9:08 PM |
    “… the Remy hair that dumb black women are chasing after really comes from long hair grown on the vagina of indian women in South East Asia,”

    LOL… not nice at all!!! … people have approached me while here in Barbados to sell my hair. i do not know how they would use it but the thought just horrified me. i cut my hair 5 months ago and have kept it, i will not sell it but i do think that there are enough naturally long hair people in the Caribbean that someone could create that hair extension business, instead of having to import it at the foolishly exorbitant prices, since we all know that the Asian women sell it at extremely cheap prices.

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  45. Well Well where do you get your info from? Pussy hairs now being used for weaves??? ROFLMAO. Pieceofderock…yuh got me brekking up. Well Well I hope that you were not serious bout dem pissy hairs…LOLLLL

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  47. And black women are the perfect patsies to sell this garbage to…………there is a pic, I am trying to reaccess it.

  48. Chocolate……………..as soon as you mention manufacturing, especially in Bim, that’s the end of the hair business, you just said the magic words to prevent black women from continually making idiots of themselves………the government will not want to be bothered with all the paper work entailed to allow such and where will you get the workers? Bajans are certainly not going to work for $37 a month………..

    Piece……………..there is an easier way to punish the scam artists who are CUL owners without having picketers arrested for public disorder………….Barbados is small, just pass the word around, STOP SHOPPING AT CUL…………..it would be interesting to know if the leader of the opposition knows about who really owns the supermarket and has chosen to say nothing to the taxpayers she hopes one day makes her the first female PM……….it would certainly be a travesty and everyone will need to ask her why she is also hiding information from the public/voters.

  49. This subject is very touchy to me, but i have come to recognize that black males are the weakest link in the race, they are only happy when they see fair skin, soft/curly/straight hair in a female and are first and foremost the ones to denigrate the eternally youthful and superior quality skin of the black female, not to mention the strong and better quality hair of the black female………i still see it as no excuse that the black female will try to look or have the hair texture of someone that they really and truly are more perfect than in every way……………….i certainly would not change my God-given perfection to look inferior just to try and attract a black man, it is not worth the step down, when most white men love and appreciate the fact that a natural looking black woman has a longer shelf life., and show black women more respect…………education is needed people

  50. In another hair related matter……….sorry i did not save that article, i think it can still be googled…………In South Africa, people with long dreadlocks are now held down and their locks are cut and stolen, taken to the beauty salons and sold for as much as $200, i believe, per lock………….then knitted into the hair of others who prefer the natural look to the fake hair and unhealthy chemicals………..people with locks are now constantly worried about being attacked and having their locks stolen. I know, i know, the people with low self-esteem in Barbados look down on natural hair and dreadlocks…………..

  51. @Simple Simon
    And the vagina hair of sexually active women is constantly being ground down during sexual activity
    Since I don’t want to be the subject of a defamation suit as launched by the former Toronto GM against the blogs as detailed by A Cummins, all I will say is that the foregoing statement is proof why there is a lack of moustaches by certain males on this blog.
    No names no foul, no lawsuit, but if wunnah see someone attempting to grow back a moustache yuh can figure out why it was “ground down” 🙂

  52. Well Well
    We have some social nuisances here who should be taken and their locks sent to South Africa. We could start to export locks; may be after 12:00 am certain people would be wary.

  53. Sarge
    If you want to confess about your specialty on BU we are all ears; do not involve all men. Remember when that back tool becomes no 1, it means that tool no 1 is not working.

  54. Lemmie you will need all tools to work in order to get good and satisfactory results. If you prefer only using tool #1 then you need some lessons and your other half is lying to you or you are not interested in mutual satisfaction.

  55. Island
    Why don’t you leave my pelting action alone. I was quite clear about tool no1 and tool no 2. But women continue to make sport at men with sex any how, so a little lying to me to make feel like super man can’t be bad. I want you to remember that my friends with benefits shall not include tool no 2. Call Bushie for that!

  56. Lemmie ….whoa…yuh getting frantic LOLLL You will end up with friends without benefits. ROFLMAO ….LOLLLL

  57. Island
    Seriously, I always wondered what makes men meet a women and the next minute decide the best tool to pelt is tool no 2. I could see Bushie doing that because it is in his nature with the bush thing, but how can tool no 1 be discarded so easily, if it is working that is. Like the women usually say I would have to know you very well to pelt tool no 2.

  58. @ David
    Bushie serious as sh**e now!

    This is a formal application for a BU lawsuit in Lemuel tail for malicious slander, damages, character assassination, mental stress and telling lies pun Bushie.
    Caswell representing the bushman….

    If Lemuel don’t apologize profusely and withdraw his slanderous remarks, Bushie will hand the whole BU shebang over to Alvin Cummings who will uncover David’s ID ….and (since David knows everything and everybody,) expose all names so that we can all be abused like how Fractured does abuse Caswell….

    …wait, how come nobody ain’t sue Caswell yet…?

  59. Lemmie some people lickrish and doan care eff dem know you or not dem does put dem mout pon anything or anyone! LOLL Dat is why some people gine get poison.
    Bushie Lemmie did axing yuh someting.

  60. Bushie…………………I been asking myself the said same thing…………looks like Caswell is well armored.

  61. Bushie
    Let me apologize for any thing that I said that would have belittled your man hood. All I said was that you know more about the bush thing. Island already made it clear that any body coming round her must use tool no 2. What you need to concentrate on the the various techniques in the use of tool no 2, and not suing any body. Sarge even indicate a willingness to train you as he has been utilizing tool no 2 for years; he may even be seen as an expert. Bushie cuddair man I only looking out for you, since the mix up with the mercedes.

  62. I came through the airport today. Right in front of my eyes at the arrival section is a big lighted “billboard” of Cost U Less. Why is that sign in such a prominent position? I could understand if it was advertising a hotel or some related tourism product or service but Cost u Less? In fact, I have never seen a sign there prior to this. Ummmm!!!

  63. Sargeant | April 29, 2013 at 8:37 AM |
    @Simple Simon
    And the vagina hair of sexually active women is constantly being ground down during sexual activity
    …. but if wunnah see someone attempting to grow back a moustache yuh can figure out why it was “ground down”
    Arn’t these the same guys who walk around with toothpicks?

  64. David……………….i noticed she did not like the Indian Remi hair for whatever reason, she preferred the Chinese Remi………………i did not even know the Remis were from different countries…………airhead does not begin to describe this bunch……..

    • @Well Well

      Note that Remy is not a brand but has to do with:

      “Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-Remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime.” http://www.luxyhair.com/pages/what-is-remy-human-hair

  65. @Lemuel
    Looks like you bit off more than you can chew in tackling this subject, as soon as IG246 put you in the crosshairs you run to the Bush(T) for shelter.

    The whole idea of pubic hairs for wigs is preposterous and Simple Simon lived up to her moniker by writing about hairs being “ground down during sexual activity”, did someone have an extreme case of friction burn?

    Anyway on the off chance that Simple Simon is right I will delve into my entrepreneurial basket, and open a store to sell Merkins exclusively.

    Look for Sarge’s Briar Patch, coming to a mall near you 🙂

  66. Sarge
    Bushie threatening to sue me and you don’t want to run for cover. And he got to retain Caswell before I could. It is alright for you to talk from hind sight but I had to take evasive action. I still glad you din get vex as I let out your secret weapon for the females.

  67. But Well Well where you does get such stories from? First you allege that the finest Remi hair is from the pudendums of South Asian women, next that locksmen in South Africa are kidnapped and their locks shorn and put on sale for $200 each.

    For the enlightenment of the BU family I want you to post the U-tube videos of these 2 alleged activities.

  68. David………………i am not familiar with the nastiness black women are so proud to put on their heads…………what does the cuticle mean? is that the root of the hair, someone else’s liced filled root?? These dead looking things are reported to hold all kinds of microscopic vermin.

    Simple simon……….you can google that too…………

  69. They are supposed to be experienced businessmen. Like they didn’t know the duty and tax regime in Barbados before they set up?

    • @clint

      You probably need to go to court and convince a judge.

      Of course you can ask the two directors nicely:

      Pauline Hiebert and John King of Main Street, Winnipeg, Canada R3C 2R1 or Gillian Clarke of local law firm Clarke, Gittens & Farmer who was the Incorporator.

  70. Or just stop shopping at the CUL scam and shut it down, you certainly will not be privy to information that they have gone to great lengths to hide.

  71. I am now wondering when Parris’ subpoena will arrive in the mail………..after all to hear Alvin tell it Parris really worked for CL Financial as CEO of CLICO Barbados……………gotta answer for those missing millions one way or the other.

  72. That skerrit always in some comess…..when will he come to realize that whatever happens in the dark must be revealed in the light…..Dominicans are ashamed of such representation……its time for this man to exit that sit he holds and be tried in the courts…..this is the worst Dominicans have seen….alas!!

  73. Anytime prime minister roosevelt skerrit is involved in something, expect shady dealings. Do your homework and you’ll find out the can of worms he’s surrounded by or just ask any sensible Dominican.

  74. I wonder if Dominicans know about Skerrit’s alleged part ownership in cost u less Barbados??

  75. Skerrit has to find a way to spend the $20,000,000.00 US$ invested in the Layou River Project which to date cannot be traced. But then again he leads a country over-flowing with fools.

  76. Thing is this guy went to St George Secondary and has more brains than the HCs, Cawmeres, Lodge etc, etc combined, Parris as well, i mean that don’t keep you out of jail if you are caught, but shows us that all of this status attached to schools don’t mean you will get the most intelligent men/women coming out of those schools………….just look at this, who is really in control of the island, and don’t tell me the ministers, they are just window dressing. I hate the stigma attached to schools in Bim, when i know deep within myself, when it comes to survival the kids with the most intelligence and savvy, comes out of the schools deemed ‘bad school’ we are now witnessing that proof. Ha!!

  77. Why does this not surprise me!!!After David Thompson, with the CLICO debacle & Leroy Parris, nothing surprises me anymore, especially with this present Government. Another thing I have been hearing through the grapevine of gossip, who is the Member of Parliament that has destroyed a married couple with two children, as I understand it the member has taken away the man’s wife, and she is living with the member. Can anyone say if this is true or false?

  78. when we ask pm skerrit question he answer is not our dam business where labour party get there money

  79. Domink……………..yall should let Skerritt know it’s yall dam business to kick his arrogant ass out next elections…………he cannot put himself as prime minister, the electorate has to put him there…………..i keep saying, these little tin pot black prime ministers get to uppity too quickly on temporary power.

  80. @ well well

    The female population in India must be frustrated!!!

    With Indian men supposed to have 2 inchers, one more inch than Chinese, if a woman has a Remy briar patch in waiting, one that according to Well, Well, could be 12 to 14 inches long, it would be mission impossible to get in de sauce !!!

    I do hope her name is symbolic of astonishment and that it is not descriptive of her Remy equivalent landscape !!!

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