Cost U Less Maybe Coming To Barbados

Update: Read latest Press Release issued by Cost U less which was submitted by the tireless Ian Bourne

Monday 14th July edition of the Nation carried some statements and questions asked by Opposition Leader, Mia Mottley re Cost-U-Less. There were some inaccuracies in the statements . The following Website will give your readers all they need to know about the operations of Cost-U-Less.

Source: BU Family member

The Prime Minister has been sending strong signals before and after the last general election that he intends to dismantle the old structures which have existed in our distribution and retail sectors, and which historically have been producing high prices for commodities. This situation has become untenable in the prevailing turbulent economic conditions.

Last weekend Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley advised Barbadians that Cost-U-Less (a buyers club) is currently doing due diligence on Barbados. Mia Mottley was not complimentary about the move and hinted that the reputation of Cost-U-Less was suspect and queried how the entry of such a company might affect jobs who currently work as middlemen etcetera.This is coming from a person who held a senior position in the last government that selected 3S Barbados to do a multi-million dollar contract which has a very murky reputation.

This is an excellent opportunity for the consumer advocates in Barbados to show their mettle. The newly formed Barbados Consumer Watch and others should by their actions provide information to the public to stimulate healthy discussion. We have seen what competition has done in the telecommunications sector to a point. Can the entry of Cost-U-Less to the same?


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  • @WIV

    She has a right to say what she wants. But the PEOPLE also have a right to discern for themselves with the help of leaders and others withn information in our country.


  • Wishing In Vain

    Mottley has the gall to try to tell the Barbadian public about issues such as this ?

    She has to be kidding this the same clan of crooks that built the Prison, the Oil Storage facility, the DANOS 3S fraud and she wants to advise somebody ?

    Tell her go check Hammy Lashley and hear what he has to say about COST U LESS and what he has to say about her reply to the Budget.

    She is a fraud if there was ever an award to be awarded for a sheep in wolves clothing it must go to Mottley.


  • Wishing In Vain

    I fully agree with you, but it really takes a special one to go down a line like this one after their adventures in the abovementioned questionable affairs.

    Why is she so upset by the likelyhood of COST U LESS coming to Barbados when under her reign we saw the arrival of PRICESMART to our shores when she allowed their arrival it was not seen in any of lights as she is now seeing the arrival of COST U LESS.

    Maybe when she matures and grows up she will eventually realise what the real purpose of her position requires to do a good job, then again one wonders how long she will actually be the pretender to the position????


  • Man wunna always attacking the BLP and Mia MOTTLEYand the former prime minister too

    WHY ?


  • Wishing in Vain

    They are like bullet fodder easy targets.

    You must admit that they have some gall to attempt to address the current leadership about correct business processes and morals, after all this is the same lot that have neither shown moral or sound financial leadership.


  • Man yuh telling lies
    mere inuendo and speculation

    no evidence whatsover
    bashing the BEES is just a fad created by DLP hacks such as yuhself

    I am not convinced–
    seen and heard the pattern of lies from the DEMS before and its even worse now that the t-h-om-p$ON led faction is in control of the party and government. This faction is indeed the worst element faction within the DLP and is the faction that Errol Walton Barrow fought hard against and who he described as vultures. Look at how they picked Mascoll’s bones and how they attempted to pick Kelly’s bones and are still waiting on him but Kelly is resilient St. Lucy genetican.

    This faction is led by Branford Taitt with the puppet with the mugget he calls a budget as the showman and upfront face. Branford Taitt challenged Errol Walton for leadership of the party and he was ably assisted by t-h-om-p-$ON , the puppet with the mugget he calls a budget.

    Have no fear friends, comrades, detractors and supporters, the cracks in the DLP WILL SOON BEGIN TO SHOW because they are being held together by the combined fooling of the people and when the wool is sweept away , the people will see clearly through the lies and deception of the DLP and their lackeys.

    Disclaimer: I hold no brief for any of the political parties or for any politician. I call it as I see it



  • Robot holds no brief for any of the political parties…..hahahahahahaha…


  • Mia could really go and wrap her head in some
    ‘Shame Bush”. T G Friday was given a license to operate in Barbados during her regime .The same business people who complained about possible loss of sales before TGF’s arrival, have since then expanded their businesses.

    Competition is the way to go. If you doubt me ask the thousands who flock to Popular Discount on Spooner’s Hill every day for the bargains. Has this stopped snobs from buying the identical items more expensively at another business place less than a mile away?
    What about ‘Cherish’ on Swan Street? The prices in there are too sweet . Have you heard that any of the BS&T businesses closed as a result of Cherish opening ? They started operations during the BLP regime. Poor people like I, who can’t afford to buy in bulk, line up outside this store before the doors are opened to business on mornings. I don’t even want to comment on
    S.Y. Adam. Bajans don’t have to fly any longer to St. Maarten , Puerto Rico or Florida to buy clothes at bargain price. S.Y. Adam sells them at the same price or cheaper. Mia, are their staff members unionized?

    The Opposition Leader doesn’t have a leg to stand on. David, Bajans are eagerly awaiting
    the arrival of of Cost-U-Less. Why do we have to wait till next year?


  • Bajans need a break from the ridiculous prices in some stores.

    Can anyone explain to me why a $30Canadian pair of pants cost $170 US Duty free in Bridgetown?

    I was wearing Dockers and saw the Identical pants in a Broad Street store.


  • I agree with the business coming into Barbados. It will give Barbadians more choices. Don’t pay Mia any attention. She is very hypocritical. She won’t be where she is for too long anyhow!!


  • I seem to recall reading, many years ago, that Goddards or some such company were the only people allowed to import goods into Bim, i.e. they owned the concession! Can anybody confirm whether that was correct and when this privilege ended?

    Otherwise, the more business to enter Bim can only be a good thing for the provision of goods, services and jobs to Barbados.


  • Mia should check the Internet before she makes statements at her Sunday Karaoke Sessions. Two minutes after reading what she had to say in the Monday Nation Newspaper, I checked the Internet and discovered that Cost-U-Less has outlets in Curacao, St.Maarten, St. Croix, St. Thomas and Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.
    Only Cayman Islands and St.Maarten were mentioned in the newspaper.
    She was also quoted as saying that Cost -U-Less
    did not operate from the mainland . WOW!!!!!!!!!. Had she done her homework, she would have seen that Cost-U-Less opened an outlet in California in 1990.


  • I agree with the business coming into Barbados. It will give Barbadians more choices. Don’t pay Mia any attention. She is very hypocritical. She won’t be where she is for too long anyhow!!
    Tony, I am surprise with your comment since I look up to you for giving well researched comments. However, I must intervene with you and Potspoon who is tripping up himself. One minute he is showing that locals like Cherish, Popular Discounts and S. Y Adams are selling products below the international warehouses, yet he is talking about Cost U Less who he never heart about since this company set up in countries and pull out without notice.

    Tony, what type of track record will set up 21 stores between 1989 to 2006 and close 10. What you are seeing is a company who employ workers and close when it sees competition.

    What I have to say is that we should research info before using partisan tactics to cry down an individual. Again Tony, you disappoint me on this one.

    This is an abstract from the company’s 2006 Annual Report…………….
    “Because we have a small store base, adverse store performance or increased expenses will have a more significant adverse impact on our operating and financial results than if we had a larger store base. We opened our first store in 1989 and opened a total of 21 stores through December 2006 and presently operate eleven stores. Our closure of the ten other stores prior to March 2001 adversely affected our operating results. Should any existing store experience a significant decline in profitability or any new store be unprofitable, the negative effect on our
    business would be more significant than would be the case if we had a larger store base, and could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations. For example, in October 2006, Costco opened a new store in Kauai, Hawaii, which caused our sales, gross margin and operating results for our Kauai store to be significantly lower in fiscal 2006 than in prior years due to the increased competition and reduced market share. Although we have taken several actions to try to preserve our market position in Kauai, if the store continues to be unprofitable it will have a significant negative effect on our overall operating results and
    financial condition.


  • Had she done her homework, she would have seen that Cost-U-Less opened an outlet in California in 1990.
    You certainly didn’t even open your homework book to see that the California outlet was closed shortly afterwards. Come on my friend, deal with the issues at hand instead of getting personal with Ms. Mottley. This is a clear example why our debating skills are lowering. You are now free to correct your incorrect statements.


  • Another thing about this company is the behaviour of leasing everything. Once you see a company indulging in this practice or seeking to get purposed-built buildings, you know that its long term viability in staying is negative. We must thread careful on these types of businesses who’s main focus is to rape our workers, rape our economy and leave owning various businesses massive debts.


  • Tell me Why // July 16, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    Another thing about this company is the behaviour of leasing everything. Once you see a company indulging in this practice or seeking to get purposed-built buildings, you know that its long term viability in staying is negative.
    Hi TMW…C&W leases everything too, buildings, land…even the vans, but they were here for donkey years now.


  • C&W leases everything too, buildings, land…even the vans, but they were here for donkey years now.
    It is different to retail warehousing minus labour laws. C&W have too much financial interest in this market. Don’t be smart on this rainy day.


  • Hi Technician. Have you ever heard about the Cost U Less before?


  • Nope!!
    But if I can get diapers and milk cheaper…..why the hell not.


  • Cost -U -Less

    will stay the course ?

    doubt it !


  • —-EQUITY—

    None ——–not one single political party

    B, D nor PEP


  • I hope ‘Tell me why’ would check his facts before putting up a flimsy argument to support erroneous statements by Mia. If you have a cell phone, please spend a few cents and call 1-209-533-7657 and speak to the receptionist at Cost-U-Less, California.
    I agree with you that Cost-U-Less closed the doors of the California outlet the same day on which it was opened, since the working hours are 8a-8p Mon-Fri, 8a-7p Sat and 9a-6p on Sundays.
    I am sorry for Mia if you are one of her advisers.


  • I hope ‘Tell me why’ would check his facts before putting up a flimsy argument to support erroneous statements by Mia.
    I am not here to defend any politician, I am here to decipher right from wrong. My information came from the horse mouth….The Annual report. You haven’t comment about the ten stores Cost U Less closed down within months.


  • TMW

    My only comment is that they aren’t a non-profitable organization. Less Frills came and went within months of their opening their doors a few years ago. Be optimistic. Let’s hope that C-U-L stay until the global economic crisis is over.


  • The Leader of the Opposition’s role is one to oppose in the interest of the PEOPLE. We have not problem with her raising issues concerning Cost U Less in the interest of the PEOPLE. In the due diligence process who should be able to separate fish from fowl.


  • The current attempt by the David Thompson-led DLP Administration to facilitate the entry of the international, mid-sized retail warehouse club-style organization, Cost-U-Less, into Barbados, so as to reduce the cost of living in the country, remove the “middle-man” and seriously restructure the wholesale and retail distribution sector in Barbados, shall SURELY MASSIVELY FAIL TO EVEN HELP ACHIEVE SUCH IDEALISTIC OBJECTIVES, nothwithstanding the many bogus impressions that this Administration has been conveying to the people of Barbados in line with such welcome “ideals”, but for which the underlying methods for achieving such are totally absurd and nonsensical.

    According to the website, this enterprise has 12 outlets spanning California, Guam, Hawii, Fiji, Kauai, American Samoa, St. Thomas( USVI), Curacao, St. Maarten (Netherland Antilles), and the Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands), and has 500 employees.

    With similar warehouse style whole/retail operations in existence in Barbados, and since their emergence in Barbados, their having NOT been able so far to in any way dominate the wholesale and retail distribution market in Barbados, the introduction of this Cost-U-Less buyer club can ONLY therefore – in a sense – mean – if it actually sets up shop here – that this said lesser known and lesser endowed Cost-U-Less – when compared to PriceSmart (26 outlets in 12 countries and almost 3, 800 employees – 2002), and the said non-indigenous and non-populist-oriented Cost-U-Less – when compared to ShopSmart (Barbados) Inc. (2 outlets, less than 140 employees and mainly serving the masses and middle classes), WILL NOT/NEVER EVER – for the duration of time that it may be here for – make any significant impact on the distribution market in Barbados.

    And, with there being established lesser and lesser local ownership of companies doing business in the retail and wholesale distribution, means that it will quickly be understood by the principals of Cost-U-Less that there would have been some fundamental financial and economic reasons why these former Barbadian owned companies would have become wholly or substantially owned by foreign enterprises, e.g. the recent Neal and Massy buying out of BS&T.

    So, the facts are that the cost of living and the cost of doing business and investing in Barbados are extremely high for many, many, people, businesses and other entities in Barbados, and as such these variables are making it exceedingly difficult for such people, businesses and other entities to properly survive in Barbados – PriceSmart and Shopsmart included – esp. at a time when the Barbados economy is in recession and when most of the international economy is showing signs of weakness. It is well known to many Bajans that the costs of many items at PriceSmart and Shopsmart are really NOT cheaper – BUT are more expensive – than at some other places in Barbados that are offering these similar items. Thus, how will Cost-U-Less be able to enter the Barbadian market anytime soon, given that these kinds of local and international economic and financial imbalances are in existence and that our local market – thank goodness – is NOT so favourable to seeing the establishment of too many of them?

    The Prime Minister of Barbados via these superficial and awkward commentaries of his MUST STOP attempting to divert the attention of Barbadians away from those serious, rigorous and progressive people-centered solutions that are really needed to ensure that in the future the masses and middle classes produce greater national output, earn greater income and own/possess greater wealth/assets. For, the Prime Minister must truly know that any introduction of a US-based political blood-sucking exploitative enterprise will mainly serve to signify that the Administration that he so happens to lead is NOT serious – in this case – about the greater national development of Barbados.

    Finally, this David Thompson-led DLP Administration MUST be told that the cost of living in Barbados will only be reduced to acceptable levels and the overwhelming redistribution of income and wealth take place in Barbados, with the formation of a future PDC Government that shall make sure, et al, that:

    1)TAXATION is Abolished;

    2) Interest Rates are Abolished;

    3) ALL Exchange Rates Parities with the Barbados Dollar are Abolished;

    4) Motor Vehicle Insurance is Abolished;

    5) Serious Reform of the Hire Purchase System in Barbados;

    6) Institutional Loans for Productive Purposes are made Non-Repayable;

    7) Imports of Goods and Services into Barbados are Zero-“priced” at ALL points of entry;

    8) That Exports of Goods and Services are paid for in local currency/”prices”;

    9) That Land space possession – whether bought sold or leased – is acquired at nominal/administrative costs;

    10) That NO Foreigners are able to “OWN” any of our lands;

    11) That there is instituted a national regime of rent control for social, residentail and comercial properties in Barbados; and,

    12) The establishment of Partnerships that will become the ONLY multi-member corporate business entities possible in Barbados.



  • Ah, well, waste of time asking that question, then!! Good luck, Barbadians!!


  • Tell me Why // July 16, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    I hope ‘Tell me why’ would check his facts before putting up a flimsy argument to support erroneous statements by Mia.
    I am not here to defend any politician, I am here to decipher right from wrong. My information came from the horse mouth….The Annual report. You haven’t comment about the ten stores Cost U Less closed down within months.
    ha ha ha you sound just like a fella name “Frankology” who thought that by just taking off his red shirt no one will be able to tell that he was BEE.

    …………The idea is a good one, but i still caution Government, when dealing with US retailers. Several years ago when it was believe that KMART was coming to Barbados, I told some friends that KMART was struggling, they had foolishly decided to go head to head with Walmart for US market space and lost. By comming to Barbados they were looking to recoup what they had lost. Cheap prices were not on target for a KMART barbados ltd. I haven’t look at Cost-U-Less, but their absence from the NE tells me that they are at best a regional player and not a National one. I advise caution to all involve.


  • PDC

    I totally agree with you . However I would go a little further and suggest that we stop importing food, motor vehicles, fuel in all forms,
    medicines which could be replaced by locally grown herbs etc. etc.. Then we wouldn’t have to
    worry about foreign exchange problems. lol


  • It is known that with the domination of the Walmart company of the USA market it has left casualties in its wake. Walmart has sucked all available opportunity out of the domestic market and it is the main reason that they have expanded their international operations and continue to do so.

    Any smart Walmart type store would want to exploit the international market given the limited or non existent opportunity in the US. The challenge for Cost U Less will be the fact that any strong international business usually have a strong core business which is linked to its domestic market.

    Here is the link to Cost U Less Head Office Homepage.


  • Is the Government of Barbados actively involved in bringing in Cost U Less or is it coincidence that the company is looking at the possibility of coming here at this time?


  • The idea is a good one, but i still caution Government, when dealing with US retailers.
    Hi Adrian, my previous sign-in name has nothing to do with Cost U Less coming to Barbados. I stated the facts based on Annual Reports of this company which simply avoids competition. Once competition is eminent, the company pulls out. Check out the 10 stores that were closed.

    David. As we speak, we don’t know the financial status of this company or if the Canadian Food giant chain North West Co were successful in acquiring Cost-U-Less back in January this year. As you can see this company has been a problematic chain, thus the constant closure of stores.


  • But Frankology, their potential for failure should not be an issue more so than their ability AND WILLINGNESS to bring retail price relief to Barbadians.

    Potential for failure in Barbados:
    What are some of the demonstrated practices of other North American companies that came to Bimshire and fail, and or left?

    They were a number of American banks one of which i can remember was Chase Manhattan, Intel, McDonalds.

    What was the fallout from these departures? Anything that you can remember? are any of these fallouts still with us? If cost u less comes to Bim and fails, they will leave infastruture that can be reused. So looking negatively at Cost u less from it’s potential for failure should be less of a concern to a commitment to bring price relief. There is no gaurantee of this, and thats where Government should look to get some committements before signing off on any tax breaks etc to get them here.


  • Tell Me Why et all need to understand that there are no domestic restrictions on operations setting up in the distributive sector. This sector is open to competition and has been since the 1960’s!!

    If Cost U Less wants to come in, why shouldn’t they? What does it have to do with David Thompson or anyone else?

    Mia Mottley should know better but every time a DLP government is in power these things become issues. Was TGIF an issue? Or Price Smart? These came under the BLP.

    She now has an agenda. We need to understand that Mia and those of her “lineage” – according to David Thompson – must not stop progress in our country.

    There are no licence reuirements, no restrictions on investment, only franchise rules but they don’t apply, so what is the fuss?

    Get with it guys!


  • Wait one minute Adrian and Mea Culpa. I am not dealing with if the BLP or DLP brought warehouse franchises to Barbados. I am dealing with repercussion regarding a company setting up retailing in the country and disappearing shortly afterwards leaving hundreds of people unemployed. I brought facts of closures, I brought facts of acquisition by another company of the said Cost-U-Less, but you all trying to turn the whole episode into DLP rhetoric. Adrian, yes the companies you mentioned above did leave legacies. Trade Confirmers alerted customers that you cannot take bankers for granted. Intel created a pool of IT specialists and computer entrepreneurs. McDonalds change the way restaurants dealt with presentation and marketing in the food industry. So yes, failures by certain businesses coming to Barbados do teach us many things.


  • Companies came and many left. Intel, Mcdonalds, all those companies in the so called informatics industry that buckle. If Barbados was able to find work for those so called highly skilled displaced Intel workers, they would be able to find work for displace workers of any retailer. The vast majority of businesses in Bimshire are in the retail sector, buying and selling does not take much if any experience.


  • The vast majority of businesses in Bimshire are in the retail sector, buying and selling does not take much if any experience.
    Yes, you have a point. But you also have to ask yourself, how many can the retail sector absorb if a warehouse business closes its doors? Remember you said, experience in this sector doesn’t count.


  • Actually I am more concerned that the new entrant is successful especially if it has been given concessions that established businesses do not have. So what happens to those workers (i.e of the older firms)?

    I am all for new frms to enter the marketplace – competition is good. There should be a level playing field in terms of the firms’ relationship to regulatory authorities.

    Anyway as Mea culpa is suggesting the entry of Cost U Less may have not be as a result of any action of the government.


  • Do you expect Cost U less to draw directly from the unemployed and that they will be no transfer of labour, be it voluntary, or via attrition due to lost in market share by existing retailers? The economic cake will not get bigger because a new player enters. Retail wages in Barbados are some of the lowest per employed persons, the potential for fall out should a failure occur is manageable. But is this the new standard for allowing in new players?


  • TMW

    I believe all of us are as concerned as you about the repercussion resulting from the untimely closure of businesses but but but we are part of the Global Village. I have been visiting London and Florida for the past 30 years and I have observed that very few business places operate from the same location for 5 straight years. There is nothing special about Barbados which would cause them to treat us differently from their kith and kin.

    On another point, unfortunately there are thousands who can’t understand your logic and my logic re long term employment, minimum wage, collective bargaining etc. etc.. They would work for Satan as long as they can earn an “honest’ dollar.. However in the case of
    C-U-L, I know that DJT is smart enough to ensure that the workers ‘ salaries and conditions of work would be on par with Super Market workers’.


  • If cost -u less comes and stays for 6 months and has the effect of starting price wars which ultimately benefit the consumer in the form of lower prices then barbadians can be satisfied.

    i am quickly tiring of Tell me why’s rabid unreasoned arguments. All chain retailers close outlets or stores. it is a profit making business and if the level of profitability is not acceptable in a particular outlet then u close it. Starbucks , kmart, Walmart have all undergone contraction at some point in time.

    the fact that cost u less has been operating stores for 16 years must mean something. if their combined sails are 1.4B then that also means something.

    The Government must still be wary not to give up to much to entice cost u less and it should always remember that these companies are not about serving Barbados . they are all for themselves so whatever agreement is struck with them care must be taken to protect the interests of barbadians. but i don’t think the Prime Minister is stupid so as long as his interest is offering Bajans a better deal i think that will be reflected in the agreement negotiated.


  • Any retail chain that can provide competition in the retail market in Barbados, without requiring major entry concessions from the government, should be welcomed.

    In Barbados, I shop at PriceSmart and ShopSmart. Can’t remember the last time I’ve been in a SuperCentre, or any BS&T establishment for that matter. I also shop at Emerald City because that company provides outstanding customer service.

    The GOB should not have to give any concessions to “entice” Cost-U-Less to Barbados. If the market is here, they’ll come, and provide much needed competition in the retail sector.


  • Diaspora-ite
    I agree the customer service at Emerald City supermarket is good but from my knowledge and investigations, that supermarket is one of the most expensive places to shop.


  • Jukecheckedeyskirt

    The reasons given for the high cost of goods into Barbados does not and will never settle my suspicions of price gorging. Barbados’ merchants are players who take full advantage of Barbadians. It is time there suffer the affects of competition and make the playing field a little more level for all consumers. So glad to see a day of reckoning finall upon them.


  • Allowing such establishments into Barbados into Barbados to my mind not only gives bajans a wider variety of options but stymies the flight of foreign currency where people travel to New York, Florida, St. Maarten and such places to shop and also potentially alleviates traffic congestion, especially on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons where all shoppers converge on one outlet exclusively.

    BS & T is no longer Bajan owned and the priorities of the current owner cater to the whims and fancies of the major shareholders, whose only consideration for Bajans now revolve around their wallets.

    …….. I am 100% Patriotic Barbadian


  • I would like to know why Banks Beer isn’t available in cans. The excuse given years ago was that Guyana (share holders at the time) were not interested in any other form of beer but bottled beer. I wonder if Norman Faria can help.


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  • That company is also very racist


  • All the Cost U less, pricessmart and any flybynigts that come will not make a difference to SHOPSMART, Shopsmart is for the people by the people. look at the Ownership and management of Shop Smart. Local home grown everyday individuals not living high off the hog. And further more bright and intelligent representing Barbdados best educated. They know what they are doing. All I can say is smart management will trump all and Shopsmart got smart management. You go guys the proof is in the pudding.


  • @Shelley Bradshaw

    Both are users of foreign exchange.


  • Cost-U-Less is another myth (like inter-island trade, resolution of the Trinidad-Barbados fishing dispute, VAT removal on building materials for houses, an Agricultural Lands Protection Act, tax on cell phone usage, tax on lottery winnings, income tax deductions for mortgages to $20 000, a national minimum wage act, better remuneration for police officers, new health and pension plan for seniors, a polyclinic in St.John, restoration of the Empire theater etc) propagated by an otherwise nice fellow.

    Let’s not forget that explicit promise to reduce the cost of living in Barbados.


  • This message is for the office of Cost U Less on Kauai,,,,I would like to know if it would be possible for to buy from you and you could ship it to me, I live in Belize Central America,,,,what I would like to buy is your chicken breast boneless frozen or not doesn’t matter, and I would also like to know how much it would cost me including shipping and handling also plus taxes,,,,, please let me know if that is possible,,,,I used to come to your store to buy most of my stuff because the prices where better then the other stores when I was living in Kauai,,,,,,,hope to hear from you soon,,,,,,thank you…..


  • Johhny from Sin Michael

    @Mr.Bimbro…no, incorrect as many could and still do import. Many legacy importers still exist, from the ‘old days’.

    As for cost u less, Barbadians already have it, it is called CHOICE.

    Buy what you need and leave the Sxxx on the shop shelf.

    U dont need alla dat stuff, really. Spend less, live better.


  • Johhny from Sin Michael

    U dont need frozen pies, cookies, chocolate, fries, drinks, milk (dont need it past two years old).

    Okras, ground provisions, rice, juices and fruits, cereals, local fish and meats are what u need.

    Ignore those stupid ads that sell you rubbish that cause ill health, cut your grocery bill.


  • Jus a few pertinent facts.
    Caricom = CariCON
    When are we gonna get real.
    The farmer do not talk to his stocks.He just keep them the cheapest way possible to get the best return.
    When you people gonna wake up and see you aint nuffin but stocks. just kept to produce a revenue for the Farmer .
    You think Guyana full of poor people .Wrong!
    One did pull his pocket and raise 10,000,000US$ to build a call center, and it came from WHERE?? Barbados ! Yeah hows that?
    Well cos we have CARICON. Set up for the farmers to get better returns from their stocks.
    Caricon makes sure BARBADOS buys all its rice from Guyana and at a very HEFTY premium.About 200US$ a tonne more than World rice price and the Rice in the main aint as good.So we stocks have to eat Guyana rice and pay thro the nose.
    Non CariCON rice attracts a nice heavy duty to make it dearer than CariCON rice.
    Wanna pick something else,lets pick a item we all use ;Macaroni,the Farmer sets a duty of 100% on this . So any GOOD cheap Macaroni is shut out and we have to eat C**P macaroni at double world price.
    Jam!!! We in a real jam on this ,we gettin it Jammed in our posterior.Duty and VAT OVER 150% .Ever wondered why a pot of good Jam is 15B$ cos CARICON.Thats why.
    This brings me to Cost U Less. HOW they to sell at a LOWER COST when they have to pay these same duties as all the other long serving Bajun businesses.OR WILL THEYHAVE TO?
    OkOk Jus askin!
    Next time you doing your weekly shop and you slam down your Grantlys,you can have the pleasure to understand that probably 50% of your 100$ gone to make a TRINI happy as he can overprice every damn thing he sends here as CARICON lets him inflate his prices WAY above WORLD level as it arranges a HEAVY duty on the other stuff to MAKE him look competative.
    Cost U More Cost U Less Cost U nuffin, they aint going to make ONE S**T of difference ,all they will do is SCOOP up BIG PROFITS cos they GOT BIG Concessions and SEND the LOOT straight out of BIM.

    In the end YOU PAY as your taxes go up, to pay for the people who have lost their jobs,when the retail market get overloaded, profits fall and so unemployed rise..


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