Jack Warner Hits the Road BUT What About Lisle Austin?

The unthinkable occurred yesterday, Jack Warner resigned as minister in the Trinidad and Tobago government and as Chairman of the COP. In unravelled very quickly after the Integrity Committee appointed by CONCACAF and headed by former Chief Justice of Barbados Sir David Simmons to investigate “several allegations in relation to specific issues”.  See related BU blog CONCACAF’s Integrity Committee Finds Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer Guilty – David Estwick Take Note re:Barbados Water Authority.

While the focus of the investigation was on the two high fliers Jack Warner the former president of CONCACAF and Chuck Blazer former General Secretary of CONCACAF the name of Barbadian Lisle Austin was mentioned five times in the report. Let us have a look to see why Austin was interviewed by the Commissioners. Bear in mind Austin is a former Vice President of CONCACAF who served under Warner.

On page 36 the report states:

5.45. In connection with the 2007 mortgage loan, Warner submitted an agreement, dated June 11, 2007, that irrevocably assigned to First Citizens monthly payments of $50,000 that CONCACAF’s New York office had been consistently sending to the COE to support its operations.219 This assignment was signed by Warner in his capacity as CONCACAF President and Lisle Austin in his capacity as CONCACAF Vice President.220

Further on the same page:

Documents received from First Citizens include only the first page of a resolution passed at a June 4, 2007 “meeting of [CONCACAF]” that was held at the CONCACAF President’s Office in Trinidad and Tobago.222 This document lists only Jack Warner and Lisle Austin as attendees at this meeting, and purports to authorize, on behalf of CONCACAF, the 2007 mortgage loan.223 It further states that the mortgage deed for the 2007 mortgage loan was presented during this meeting as part of the authorization.224 The Committee found no evidence that the resolution was ever presented to CONCACAF’s Executive Committee or Congress, notwithstanding the fact that the CONCACAF Statutes require authorization from the Congress for any loans.”

When Austin was asked to explain why he would sign a mortgage document knowing he had no authority to bind CONCACAF to such an agreement, here is what he is reported to have told the Commissioners:

5.47. Counsel to the Integrity Committee spoke with Lisle Austin, who is from Barbados and for many years served as Vice President of the CONCACAF Executive Committee, including at the time the loan was issued.227 Austin readily acknowledged that he lacked authority to bind CONCACAF in connection with the loan.228 When he was shown his signature on the mortgage deed, Austin indicated that the signature looked like his but also said that he did not recall signing the document and speculated that someone may have transferred his signature onto the document without his knowledge.229 Austin acknowledged that his position as CONCACAF Vice President did not independently permit him to bind CONCACAF in connection with the 2007 loan and said that, during his tenure on the CONCACAF Executive Committee, he did not recall ever receiving authorization to sign any document on behalf of  CONCACAF.230

Austin further reports to the Commissioners the following:

Austin did recall signing a shorter, one-page loan document at Warner’s request, and on behalf of the CFU, authorizing repairs to the COE facilities.231 Austin stated that the loan document was presented to him by Warner during an informal meeting with Warner and Patricia Modeste, who was Warner’s long-time secretary and who appeared as Secretary to both Renraw and CCAM on documents related to the loan.232 Austin did not explain how he would have had authority to sign the one-page loan document on behalf of the CFU related to repairs to the COE.233

Any person who has purchased a property and have to sign the deeds know that it is done in the presence of a lawyer and a witness. Based on what is contained in the report BU is prepared to  describe Austin’s testimony rubbish!

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  1. Caswell
    Remember there is always a sting in the tail. What passes for mock sport in Barbados would result in serious repercussions in Trinidad. I like Sir David Simmons, a good man of the soil from Bim but after reading the findings against Blazer and Warner I was concerned about how them boys does play their brand of politics in Trinidad.

  2. If a Bajan can lead an inquiry in Trinidad and Tobago and find people guilty can a Trini lead a similar inquiry here and get similar results???

  3. Pretty soon Jack Warner may be leading an enquiry in Barbados, over the 8 or so Bridgetown businesses,we read about in todays’s Nation which are up for sale,because sure as hell, Jack cannot live, or do MUCH business, in T&T.

  4. Truth be told Jack look like a man who would take up people things and carry them way. He look dodgy as hell.

  5. It would not be a surprise to many persons in Barbados, except Lemuel and David of BU, to learn that Caswell Franklyn is a worst scamp than Jack Warner.

    The only drawback would be, that as a confidant of David Simmons, Caswell would escape such intense investigation.

  6. Lisle Austin don’t recall signing it…………..someone must have forged his signature…………..they should have brought in a handwriting expert.

  7. Thing is Austin was not the focus of the investigation, what they need to do is get him his own investigation for false representation.

  8. Fractured
    let us organize an investigation of you and one of Caswell. The ball is in your court unless there are skeletons in your closet.

  9. For too many years the joke about Warner’s shady behavior has been standard through out the region. The but has always been that Warner has money.Like Fractured, I guess the length of his money has ran out and he is out to sea without a paddle.

  10. What Warner what!?
    ….when wunna realize what has been happening in ALL of the sports organizations in the region (world?), wunna going see that the only difference between Warner and 80% of the rest of them is that Warner black, ugly and got a big mouth……

    Bushie says that an independent inquiry should be MANDATORY for each and every one of these non-profit bodies where one person has been in charge for more than three years…..

    ..then wunna would see sport.. 🙂

  11. “Bushie says that an independent inquiry should be MANDATORY for each and every one of these non-profit bodies where one person has been in charge for more than three years…..”

    I second that.

  12. To expose these criminals who have literally and figurative gotten fat leeching of the bodies they represent we will need a whistleblower who is willing to produce facts and figures.

  13. Caswell Franklyn is a good man

    Persons such as Fractured should identify themselves if they want to fling about accusations about people

    • @Dr. Honourable

      Caswell will always be attacked by the fat cats because he is a threat to them and is seen as a disruptive force. Of course the sheeple will follow especially those with political stripes.

  14. Coda: FRACTURED is a FRAUD
    Fraudulent in the sense that he/she adopts a pseudonym and proceeds to carry out personal attacks on others.

    Really ridiculous nonsense
    There needs to be a code of behavior on the Blog
    We are behaving like drivers of PSVs. Drivers only behave themselves when there are policed

    Hide your head in shame Fractured . I suppose that you are adult. Do some introspection. Consider if what you are doing is fair and remember that there is ‘Karma’

    Now go your way and reflect

    • We need people to behave the way they know how. This way we know what we are dealing. Do you know many who engage in behaviour which is disgraceful are some of our finest in suites?


    Richie Havens of Woodstock Festival fame Grandmother came from Barbados! He died yesterday at age 72 from a heart attack. He credits her, along with his father, with “broadened my musical appreciation at every opportunity”.

    Richie Havens was the opening act for Woodstock Festival on 15th Aug. 1969 at Bethel Farm, New York.

    The Woodstock Festival attracted 500,000 fans.

  16. wunna going see that the only difference between Warner and 80% of the rest of them is that Warner black, ugly and got a big mouth
    You people are really lost and need to transcend the need to refer to God’s creation with such contempt. You do yourself a disservice . I am not impressed. I find such comments disturbing and indicative of a certain lack of awareness. This needs fixing.

  17. @ Dr the Honourable
    …you may be shocked to find out that no one (at least not Bushie) is trying to impress you…
    Wuh who is you bozie…?

    If you are one of those people who cannot handle the frankness of BU, then what are you doing here ..with your Honourable self…?

    Looka….Bushie KNOWS about being black, ugly and big-mouthed from Personal EXPERIENCE….
    Bushie ALSO knows that whereas other even BIGGER thieves are all around us, they will not face the wrath of many of us because they do not fit the Warner / Bush Tea profiles…..

    Typical of a powerful minority bout here is to focus on petty protocols like calling a “big ugly, big-mouth, black man” such – rather than to focus on the REAL PROBLEM Bushie is highlighting…..which is how DIFFERENT our approach tends to be, depending on how the crook is classified.

    If Warner any worse than the Honourable men who stole PLANTATION DEEDS lands?
    Is Warner any worse than those who engineered the Barrack $80M scam on Bajan taxpayers…?
    …you know how much money was stolen from the T&T Airport project….?
    Warner any worse….?
    …he looks a bit different and talks much too much though …ent it?

    You think this is Sunday school Dr.? 🙂

  18. Caswell Franklyn @ Sir David Simmons is a crook , when is some one going to look in to him With Violet Beckles and the New High Court.?
    Crooks looking into other Crooks to hide their bad DEEDS ? Do not for get PM David showed Sir David the Back door of the High Court.
    PM David said , we need a CJ for the People not the Lawyers and out the door he went …
    Before any one call anyone a good man , Please try to know the man
    Now its time for Trinidad and Tobago. to look in to Barbados , Let the games begin.

  19. Caswell Franklyn is a good Man

  20. Jack Warner you have been warned. No what about all that cash money that share out at a meeting for Caribbean football, where is it boyz?

  21. Dr Honourable
    I glad you see how bad that one Fractured does get on on this blog. see if you can speak to him again in that high and lofty tone. But watch yourself he is a rabble rouser.

  22. Is Jack Warner any worse than Leroy Parris concerning the CLICO debacle. They just want this episode to go away like all the thieving that’s going on in Barbados with the politicians & white collar workers, if we want to call them workers.

  23. Caswell Franklyn puts his name to what he writes, for that in my eyes he is a good man. Fractured BLP is a bitter lil pig who only offense is to try to pull people in the mud with him to play.

  24. @Virtuoso April 22, 2013 at 10:39 PM…”Truth be told Jack look like a man who would take up people things and carry them way. He look dodgy as hell”

    Man!! Virtuoso, how u can say so? I think Jackie kinda cute

    @Bush Tea “Warner black, ugly and got a big mouth”

    Man!! Bushie, how u can say so? . I think that Warner kinda cute.

  25. @ Simple Simon
    “Black, ugly and big-mouthed”
    Bushie would know… He so too 🙂

    …but that is only a genuine, honest characterization of how persons are classified and treated bout here..
    Jack is a crook…..no doubt, but too many other similar crooks are treated with kids gloves because they are light, articulate, and they keep quiet as shiite….
    If jack had quietly gone and retired in his big house like LP and buy expensive cars every year and enjoy the big life, he probably would be forgotten today…
    We don’t hate DISHONESTY, we hate certain types of people…

    …Bushie big, black, ugly, big- mouthed, and pushy….but the bushman don’t want a thing from a fella…. (With Islandgal it is a slightly different situation….)
    …so bushie don’t care who hate he…

  26. I remember people around the Caribbean admiring how wealthy and powerful Warner had become and how untouchable he was in their eyes………..what say you now? The same can be said for some lawyers/politicians in Bim, though they will never reach the heights of Warner they are no less corrupt or less admired.

  27. This comment has been made by Trinidad local minister of government Suruj Rambachan…………………….“You must never be attached to a position of power when you are in politics, it can be removed in a flash,” he added.

    Politicians take note, you will not be protected until eternity.

  28. Interesting article in the T&T Express today. The tentacles of jack reaches deep and wide:

    Jack Warner’s resignation from the Cabinet is the easiest consequence of the report of Concacaf’s Integrity Committee. But this is about more than Warner’s departure. Long-held fears about commingled funds, parallel banking accounts, and misdirected money reach deep into the UNC party and the People’s Partnership Government. Beyond Warner, this is about the Partnership’s leadership and its comfort with the obscenity of double-dealing. Every defender and beneficiary of the alleged misdealing is complicit. Now we must know them.


  29. @Plantation Deeds ..whatever ever../’Do not for get PM David showed Sir David the Back door of the High Court.
    PM David said , we need a CJ for the People not the Lawyers and out the door he went …’

    And that proved to be a proverbial mistake. ….PM David also messed up the Clico issue…

  30. After relentless allegations of abuse of power and fraudulent activities both in and out of government Austin ‘Jack’ Warner has promised to resign from the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago as MP of Chaguanas West on of 26th April,2013 .

    A pity his good conscience is not shared by our local equivalent Owen Seymour Arthur of ” CCB cheque fame”

  31. Crusoe@ Agree with your words, I not taking PM David off the Hook. I am saying that Lawyers will defend anyone for a fee. I dont know as yet how long David was in this or how long its was going on . As CLICO lawyer he cant rat them out he can only advise CLICO.
    CLICO hidden books alone will get them in the end , Even the new lawyers they have is doing the same thing now. A Proper COURT is have to see the FINDINGS in CLICO Massive Fraud Ponzi to know what they did and who got what.
    What i do know is CILCO holdings is holding Violet Beckles Estate in their BOOKS, If you remove the Estate from CLICO books they will fall flat right now over night. We all await an AUDIT with the Bank records.The money the policy holders paying each month is just going to the lawyer , So the people fighting against them self. STOP paying CLICO and pay another company for the same coverage that is not in the news as yet.

  32. Breaking news out of T and T

    A warrant of arrest has just being issued for Jack Warner.

    It is being reported that he allegedly assaulted the PM because she told some party faithfuls that a female will contest the Chaguanas West seat in the upcoming by-election.

    Stay tune for more on this developing story.

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