QC Showed Judge His Silk II

Alair Shepherd QC

Alair Shepherd QC

One does not have to read Tales from the Courts to know that the judicature is in shambles. One did not have to listen to Attorneys-at-law Sean Lewis and Naomi Rochford on Getting Down to Brasstacks today to appreciate how dysfunctional our court system has become. For those left in doubt, a senior lawyer skinning his botsy at a judge last week sealed it.

The 64k question being asked by many since the incident which has gone viral is what would have provoked a senior lawyer who wears silk to behave in such an undignified manner. BU has tried to make sense of the information hitting our inbox and here is what happened between The Hon. Madam Justice Sonia Richards and Attorney-at-law Alair Shepherd QC.

The case in question involved the Commissioner of Police and several police officers, consequently many lawyers attended court that fateful morning. BU understands the case was scheduled to be heard by Madam Justice Margaret Reifer, who had recused herself, therefore the matter was rescheduled for Justice Sonia Richards for 9.30AM.

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Several of the lawyers concerned with the matter including Alair Shepherd QC arrived at 9.30AM. BU understands the judge arrived about 12.30PM.  Shepherd of those present appeared to have gotten riled up at having to wait 3 hours because he shouted aloud, “Hooray, hooray, she has arrived at last.” The judge asked him if he was addressing her, to which he replied, “You want me to repeat it? Hooray, hooray she has arrived at last.” Madam Richards then walked out of the court.

Madam Richards then called the lawyers out to the corridor with the exception of Shepherd and had a discussion with them. The fireworks began when Shepherd joined them in the corridor and released a verbal assault directed at Justice Richards for daring to do the unthinkable i.e. holding what the legal fraternity refer to as ex parte discussion with the other lawyers.

BU acknowledges another view posited by Caswell Franklyn which may be read HERE and HERE. If what Caswell posits is correct one would have thought that Justice Richard’s clerk would have ensured all counsel engaged in the matter were informed of the reschedule. Something smells rotten in Denmark. Surely a senior counsel merits all courtesies.

BU is on record condemning Alair Shepherd’s botsy escapade. The fact that he felt aggrieved at having to wait 3 hours while wearing silk to get the ear of the sitting judge is no excuse.

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  1. Gandhi and Mandela were branded terrorists in their day. It’s all about perspective. Authorities know Bajans can be shit on again and again and will do nothing about it. I suspect that the QC had it up to here with the slack and unprofessional of judges in this country and decided to make statement. We all need to be as courageous at Mr. Shepherd.

  2. The only professional judge in the courts of Barbados is Crane Scott. The rest of them don’t work, are not generally interested in hearing cases and the evidence and also have no respect for time. They also take fucking years to issue judgements, if they issue them at all.

    A sad set of idiots.

  3. The diminutive judge(suffers napoleon syndrome from school days) was wrong and the big able silk was wrong.Now the silk has apologised to the brethren and the judge.I think it will now become the anansi type anecdotal tall tales of the court hangers on and fraternity and that will be the end of it.The silk erred and the silk apologised.I don’t know what else the silk or anyone can do.It’s over.Think of it.Years ago we would never have heard about this.The advocate won’t print it and radio distribution would not have carried it and all would have benn well in Bim.
    So mote it be.

  4. …. that wasn’t this John who has commented before!!

    Since an email address is needed to comment I would wonder how the moniker got adopted by another.

    David, have you been giving out my email address by any chance?

    Seems like someone trying to take on my persona!!

    • @John

      Two different Johns have commented. The other he other John can make a change since you have standing. And it has nothing to do with email address.

  5. Can one of the legal people educated us lay people about “inter partes” and “ex parte”

    In plain English please.

    Or better still in everyday Bajan.


  6. David wrote “Two different Johns have commented.”

    Too many Johns and BU may be charged with keeping a bawdy house.lol

  7. I was crying condemnation on Alair Shepherd QC, but the more I think about it he is correct. The system deserves the ass.

    I have been to our traffic court for two minor offences, both were waste of time and showed the system is greatly flawed. On one occasion Magistrate Debra Holder (think she has been promoted now) turned up at 11.10 and started barking at everyone, especially the prosecutor, she obviously was trying to finish by 12/12:30 which I believe she did. The thing is if you do not properly listen to people and clearly examine the evidence, how can persons really feel that the system has been fair to them.

    If I did not study a little law at UWI then I too would have fallen into the trap of just pleading guilty just to “save the courts time” as she suggest to others in her traffic court that day.

    Another time a magistrate in district B made me turn up at least 5 times because I would not plead guilty, every time I got to the dock he just asked for a next date, over and over again. The thing is I was totally innocent, it was not me who was reported, the car number was not even mine SO I REFUSED TO PLEAD GUILTY. Eventually I had to ask a favour of a friend to get me out of that.

    So I know that Alair Shepherd QC, had to be really frustrated.g


  8. @ Carson C. Cadogan | April 15, 2013 at 11:39 PM |

    Your story is a real sad one.
    The sad thing is that so may persons go to court expecting justice and are frustrated and left shaking because of their fear of being victimised.

  9. @Casewell. You are irritating me. What kind of idiot are you? You are telling me that the judge asked her clerk to let all counsel know that she would not be there until 11:30 and Shepherd got missed out. And that makes perfect sense to you.

    Picture it. Clerk reports to all counsel (except Alair) that judge will not be there until 11:30 to hear a case from which she has allegedly recused herself anyway and which will not therefore be proceeding.

    So, knowing that Alair has not been advised of this, all counsel turn up to hold his hand and NOT tell him that the judge has an appointment and cannot be there until 11:30 or, indeed, that she has recused herself from the case.

    Knowing Alair as I do, by 10:00, he would have started to complain to the court officials (Alair can often be a pain in what he skinned to the judge and that sort of tardiness would have brought his pain factor to full force). Yet, none of the court officials nor the judge’s clerk nor the OTHER LAWYERS WHO HAD, ACCORDING TO CASEWELL, BEEN INFORMED, saw fit to tell Alair. Or, indeed, that Alair and they and their clients were being signally favoured by the judge, in that counsel had been summoned into court to be taken into the judge’s confidence and receive the pearls of wisdom from her lips (like swine) and waste their time, as to why she would not be trying the case in the first place. Instead of sending (or having her clerk send) an e-mail to all counsel.

    The enormously gracious favour the judge was doing to the clients (including the Bajan taxpayer) was permitting them the great honour of shelling out tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in order that she could do them this “courtesy”.

    But of course, it did mean that the judge could then use this (and other) incidents to explain why she had egregiously breached the Constitution so many times in the past and for such long periods, in failing to render judgements within the 6 month deadline that Bajans have a right to expect, but NEVER get.

    Naughty, naughty Alair!!!! Bad, bad, bad. He may have apologised (and so he should for skinning his botsy at ANYONE), but I and most of the population congratulate him for taking the judge on full tilt. And the Nation/Sun for handing BU the story to properly ventilate.

    @BAFFY. I know you have rockets and I am well aware that your rockets are MUCH bigger and more dangerous than those of any oriental. My apologies to you and to your fat, small rocket friend in North Korea.

    @Well Well. You getting as bad as Baffy.

    @Simple Simon. Ex parte = on one side only. Inter partes = on all sides. Since the demise of legal Latin in the UK, ex parte would be called “without notice” and “inter partes” is the opposite. If that is not sufficient for you, I suggest that you let your fingers do the walking through Google.

  10. We all know that the administration of what passes for justice in Barbados is woefully low, but now that Alair Shepherd has admitted behaving in inappropriate way, the big question is what discipline is he going to face?
    What message is a senior court servant sending to the boys on the block with his behaviour?
    Is he going to face any criminal charge, at the least behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace?
    Who is going to behave in this disgraceful way next, clergy?

  11. NEWSFLASH!!!
    In Barbados a Pompous Qc displayed his apparel to an equally Pompous Member of the Judiciary,who in turn dropped her drawers,which required a reciprocal display of De Dawgie, which in retailiation of ,required full frontal
    mamalian contact,which in turn degenerated to a “nah ne nah nah” verbal retaliation,which resulted in a sensible conclusion,which resulted in an appollogy.
    Same shit different day!
    Welecom to de rock!
    Long may Rome Burn.

    1.Affectedly and irritatingly grand, solemn, or self-important: “a pompous ass”.

  12. @Hal. I see no criminal act. It did not take place in the Court, the Court was not sitting and Alair did not “disrobe” – therefore there was no contempt of or before the Court. Ergo, no criminal action has occurred. If the judge chooses to lodge a complaint with the disciplinary committee of the Bar, she will be required to explain herself and submit herself to examination and cross-examination and all and any provocation on her part or lapses of etiquette or proceedure on her part will also be fully exmained and explored. And witnesses to Alair’s actions and to the judge’s actions will also be examined and cross-examined. And she will not be able to rely on Casewell to provide her excuses which may (or not) be just that – excuses – I make no call on that, but will endeavour to find out from independent sources if Casewell’s allegations (which make no sense to me at all) are correct.

    While judges cannot be held liable for any actions they may take AS JUDGES as opposed to private individuals, which is what they are when not sitting, they can certainly be held liable for failing to do their jobs and personally they are not immune to legal liability (civil and criminal) either. Even though apparently they think they are.

    Alair has apologised for mooning Ms Richards and for asking her to apply her lips to his clothed moon – which most will agree was highly improper to ANYONE. I note that he has not aplogised, nor should he, for instructing her firmly on points of law and professional courtesy in a private (as opposed to court) environment. In those circumstances, he is a senior silk instructing a junior.

    I have read Alair’s comments in today’s Nation and his points are well made. It is no secret within the fraternity that Alair (like most senior members of the fraternity) has over 50 cases before the courts that he cannot get heard……..and about 20 others on which decisions have been reserved, not for months, but for YEARS!!!!

    So what should happen? Is it being advocated that counsel ought to roll over and play dead out of respect for a justice and court system that has itself sacrificed any right to the slightest respect? Or should the leaders of the Bar, on behalf of litigants and the taxpayers of Barbados, “Take arm against a sea of troubles and, by opposing, end them.”

    While condemning the mooning of Ms Richards as inappropriate (as recognised by Alair), it is up to the attorneys themselves to insist forcefully on the Constitution, the Civil Proceedure Rules, courtesy and etiquette being observed by ALL, including judges and attorneys, particularly the leaders of the Bar, have a moral obligation to spearhead the call for change, not only on behalf of their financially prejudiced clients, but on behalf of the taxpayers. They must not avoid that responsibility.

    Some while ago, strike action against the Courts was being considered by the Bar Association. I suggest to you that any attempt by the CJ and Judiciary to pursue this matter further might well see that threat becoming a reality.

    Finally (and I am asking the BU family to weigh in on this and Baffy and Well Well to give me a laugh along with their insights) do you think the continuing crusade started years ago by BU into the lack of a credible justice system would have been given the focus and national prominence it has achieved were it not for Alair’s “lapse”? I quite like Alair as a person, but that liking does not necessarily always extend to him professionally – but I have to wonder if there may not well have been method in his “madness”. If so, it takes on a different hue – that of an act of great courage and by that single act he has created more focus on the demised justice system than even funeral oration by Sleepy Smith and the Nation interview with Sir Roy Marshall. I will never be able to find out if this was Alair’s intent or not, but we cannot dismiss the possibility and think to ourselves, “Well done!!!!!”.

  13. @ Amused.
    If as reported Alair behaved as such, the act itself is prima facie a criminal act. Go in Broad Street and do the same and see what the police would say.
    Alair’s behaviour took place in a public place, ie the court corridors. It seems to me to be a clear case of offending public decency, breach of the peace, and any section of the Vagrancy Act (or its equivalent) you like.

  14. @Hal Austin “What message is a senior court servant sending to the boys on the block with his behaviour?”

    When the police come to interview you on the block, bend over and say “fcuk you”

    When the police come with a search warrant to your mother’s house tell her to bend over and say “fcuk you”

    When you are convicted of anything as soon as you get into the corridor of the court bend over and say “fcuk you”

    When you get to school late and the headmaster reprimands you bend over and say “fcuk you”

    If ya don’t like what the pastor is preaching pun a Sunday bend over and say “fcuk you”

    bend over and say “fcuk you” at political meetings

    bend over and say “fcuk you” when you don’t like the judge’s decisions at Crop Over

    When the boss unfairs you bend over and say “fcuk you”

    Jut be sure not to show your doggie or pokey and everything will be alright.

    It is not a criminal offence to bend over and say fcuk to anybody, anytime.

    If North Korea plays the ass at .U.N meetings all Ban Kee Moon has to do is bend over and moon North Korea, and say “fcuk you”

    That will put the short fat man in his place.

    I see the beginning of everlasting world peace here.

  15. David

    Please do not let Amused and those with agendas and vendettas destroy BU.

    It is ABSOLUTELY untrue to say that the Judge called all the lawyers out to a corridor with the exception of Shepherd. If the persons reporting to BU were interested in the truth, heshe would have spoken to someone who was present, as I did, rather than rely on fourth and fifth hand reporting.

    My understanding from someone present is that after Mr. Shepherd’s welcoming outburst the Judge left the room. She then asked the Clerk to call the lawyers out to what you call the corridor. When the lawyers assembled, the Judge asked for Mr. Shepherd and the Clerk stated that he thought that she did not mean Mr. Shepherd. The Judge then said no, I don’t need anymore drama and sent for Mr. Shepherd and waited for his arrival.

    Further, did your informant tell you if any of the lawyers involved in the case had spoken to the Judge before the scheduled start of court, and what did that lawyer do with that information.

    I will repeat that the case was not down for that day before this particular judge. She had no reason to turn up for it at 9:30 since all her matters were adjourned to start at 11:30 which was communicated to all lawyers that were scheduled to appear before her.

    Do not let the venom coming from Amused and his ilk destroy the good work of BU. He appears to have something personal against the Judge and is using this forum for character assassination. He has evil intent and wants to achieve his dirty deed from a cloak of anonymity. BACK STABBER!

  16. @ David
    Come on! This inordinate fixation on ‘silk’ or somebody wearing silk in bullshit. The mere wearing of a fabric surely cannot be entirely determinative of who a person is, or maybe or the significance of events. In some places, good quality cottons are more sought than silk. To us this is childish, represents a red herring to construct a certain narrative. That narrative surreptitiously avoid the transformational conversation and consolidates the dominate narrative. This only serves those who want things to remain as they are. That is the essence of the David.

  17. @ Hal Austin | April 16, 2013 at 6:00 AM

    Hal, is it unfair to say you are getting a bit too hot under the collar and inadvertently introducing your racial anti-Guyanese bias into the matter? It was never confirmed the Shepherd fellow actually dropped his trousers and revealed his backside covered or uncovered as in the act of real mooning.
    One can gather that the silly boy was most disrespectful and rude but to want to charge him for some criminal offence is way too over the top, wouldn’t you agree?
    His crass behaviour bordering on opprobrium and act of moral indecency are indeed in line for high moral censure. But let us examine his behaviour against the socio-cultural background existing in Barbados today. Here we have a Parliament full of liars, bribe takers, wife beaters, peddlers of pornography and leaders who not only offer succour to a fraud but insulate him from the law. We also have leaders who personally witnessed voter fraud and drug dealing and have the temerity to publicly announce such eyewitness accounts but conveniently forget to draw them to the attention of the relevant law enforcement agencies. One of them even has the political balls to tell our young unemployed people to look to the local drug lords as a source of money instead of the State.
    So Hal you must- for the sake of balanced argument- make reference to that universal moral injunction: Those who live in glass houses must not throw pebbles or they might get a thick brick coming their way. Those who are without sin cast the first stone. We are certain our leaders will be walking around with their business jacket pockets full of brown sand from the old Pebbles Beach to which our friendly Cuz used to welcome all and sundry.

  18. Amused…………Alair’s act we hope will be the catalyst for change withing the system. I am sure in his exuberance he did not think it would snowball like this and bring out information that we were unaware of and well hidden from the public by the CJs and PMs. We can only hope that they all stop acting so powerful foolish.

    From her days as Registrar, i think she was acting then……….Crane-Scott seemed to be the only one blessed with any sense of fairness and common sense, I am pleased to hear that she carried those traits to the bench…………..Barbados will be a better place for it.

  19. @ Hal
    Do yourself a favour and stick with economics (whatever THAT is…)
    You are sounding like ‘Simple Hal’ on this matter….

    @ Amused
    ….nuff respect.
    Bushie is not easily impressed.
    Are you REALLY a lawyer??

    @ Caswell
    Under normal circumstances you would have been first to see the value in the despicable deed executed by AS….but you are on a mission to oppose Amused….

    Don’t you think at your age and with your extensive experience, you should have outgrown that childish compulsion of yours to attack everyone who disagrees with you….
    That is your single biggest weakness and the cause of most of your failures.

    YOU ARE NOT A BUSHMAN, but an ordinary man.

    ….occasionally, you will be wrong. Accept it gracefully and move on. You will be much the better for it….

    @ Islandgal
    Although GP has advised Bushie to ‘turn his back’ on you, the bushman can’t resist the sweetness….. Come to Reggae on The Hill and the Bush Man will be singing a special tune JUST FOR YOU 🙂

  20. @Amused

    In Physics there is a condition known as potential energy and a kindred state of kinetic energy

    In layman’s terms, when you have a pendulum at its greatest arc that bestows ” potential” to swing, once in motion potential changes to kinetic and it continues shifting from kinetic back to potential with each successive swing until friction of air and gravity brings the pendulum to rest

    While it may be obvious that I am not a fan on the prima donna Alair, nor do I condone his skinning his nether parts at the equally unprofessional judge, if this act which has the potential to galvanize the errant court system, gains the necessary kinetic momentum to make our absolutely disconnected inefficient court system change then this Galdalf ” thou shalt not pass moment” is to be grudgingly commended as being as catalytic as the Rosa Parks moment in Bajan chronology.

    If Alair continues by standing up to the incompetent Attorney General, befuddled Chief Justice Marston, Fumbles’ supposed Silver Bullet, and the godlike Registrar then this act of the “defiant botsie” would mean something, otherwise, and I am the disenchanted pessimist, I am inclined to believe that this was just a hot flash by Her royal Highness Alair and she will continue to be her irascible self

    The problem with us Bajans is that we love to lurk in the shadows and goad others to take up the charge praying that the oppressors cut down the Bussalike ringleaders in a hail of bullets.

    Again I will go on record to say if Alair continues to build on this objection in a meaningful way and seeks to lead the charge against this phucked up legal system, and if the rest of his impotent legal brethren stand up and get into the fight, I will come here and “exposé” myself, rather my real name.

    Of course given the libelous things I have on many an occasion written here I will need a lawyer to defend me.

    Can I ask you MR SHEPHERD to come to my rescue? Note how conveniently Alair now becomes masculine gender

  21. Pacha…….i swear, they need to get rid of the silks, the wigs, the qc, mu mus, madames, ladys, sirs, all these whore house sounding names, it is only contributing to more idiots thinking they are better than each other and contributes to the daily power struggles between them all to see who could use up more of the taxpayers dollars without doing any work.

  22. I sure you have never heard me expressed an anti-Guyanese view. My concern is about the integrity of our institutions, which we should all be concerned about..

  23. Peta Alleyne and the crew from Laff-It-Off got nuff material to wuk wid … I wonder how they gun’ play this one, and they most certainly will, mek no mistake … HA HA HA

  24. @Caswell

    Understand something, BU does not give a hoot about the details of the argument. What we care about is the big picture which resulted in a silk skinning his ass at a judge and all that goes wit it. That is the point Caswell. In your haste to enter the fray you failed to acknowledge that BU indicated in preamble of the blot that we have put constructed what occurred on that fateful day based on reports. Further to strive for balance BU linked to your comments with a different view.

  25. I note the issue on which Shepherd was scheduled to appear before the learned judge (The Nation has her title as Dr.) is a police matter, which means several Police officers were in the vicinity when the incident occurred. If they took no action I can assume they didn’t think it contravened any law so anyone clamouring for charges is out to lunch.

    The legal code doesn’t cover bad manners (not yet anyway) and if as reported the whole kit and caboodle was still under wraps calling for charges is whistling in the wind.


    You may or may not remember that ERROL WALTON BARROW once said that if you want Justice keep out of the Law Courts.

    The Law Courts were a mess then and they continue to be a mess today.

    They are now housed in a pretty, expensive building on White Park that the taxpaying are paying for but nothing has changed really.

    I recall a while ago saying that the new Law Palace would make no difference to the dispensing of Justice in Barbados. Once again I am right.

  27. Bushie

    What nonsense are you talking? Amused is constantly attacking me because he has problems with people who he considers to be my friends. If you read carefully, you would realise that he is the one who is always on the offensive. I am merely defending myself against this dishonest perjurer.

  28. So I can tell a Judge to kish my ash or tell a policeman funk you or make the middle finger gesture and it would just be bad behaviour.

    I kinda like the mooning gesture if it comes from one of our beautiful female Lawyers.and I mean real female.

  29. @Sargeant

    Your memory is short and you are absolutely wrong there on that posit about if policemen being there and a law was contravened that they would have intervened.

    The now famous incident at the Cave Hill Campus saw Marie Anthony, wife of St. Lucian Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony rip off the tunic of a Sargeant of Police (you are a Sargeant, aren’t you) ON NATIONAL TV and not one of the boys in black and red (emphasis on boys) could do jack shi* about it

  30. @Miller
    I heard you are in the old country to attend a funeral, why don’t you and Hal get together to discuss your divergent points of view over a pint of bitter?

  31. @Pieceuhderock
    Mea culpa, I gave the boys in blue and red too much credit for their professionalism while forgetting that laws which apply to the Hoi Polloi don’t necessarily apply to those wearing silk and other fine garments or those who are well connected.

  32. David

    I appreciate your trying to be fair. However, I was merely trying to put the whole episode into perspective based on what an eyewitness had reported to me. Some might want to use BU as a tool to dispense their dirty deeds and I thought it prudent to make you aware when it became apparent to me. What I have done is in no way to suggest that all is well in the administration of the courts. As a matter of fact, the entire system is dysfunctional but that does not mean that we have to misinterpret events to make them fit into our agenda. The courts provide enough grist to the mill on their own.

  33. When this behaviour happens in small societies like Barbados it is swept under the rug.He should be punished by the Bar Association. What type of punishment? I don’t know. But will the association have the intestinal fortitude to do so?

  34. Waait Bushie ….you putting your best friend Caswell in his place???? That cutlass lawyer??? Be careful he doan chop yuh down like he trying to do to Amused. But Amused is way above him and Caswell can’t even get near to him. Caswell don’t have too many friends Bushie you might be his ONLY friend.

    Thanks for the invite to Reggae pon the hill BUT I got muh ticket already. I will be wearing yellow yellow and looking to kiss nuff fellows.

  35. @Caswell

    You are correct we all have agendas but the good thing about BU is that anyone pushing an agenda will be exposed eventually.

    • Islandgal246

      You are quite right: I don’t have many friends but that is because of my choice. I don’t to be a friend of someone who would conspire to murder their father and then boast about it from behind a pseudonym. You see, I have standards and will not take all comers. You need not apply for friendship: you will not even get an acknowledgement.

  36. @ Hants

    I always wondered about that, if I were to say to an officer ” you are a bucking lunt” or while in court give the siting judge ” the Spock hand sign” or similar visual or verbal misnomer, could I be charged?

    Remember how some years ago a ZR conductor got locked up for pointing two fingers which caricatured a gun at a judge?

    Suppose instead of using two fingers he had used four, or made a black panther fist at the judge, would the judge, instead of claiming that “the defendant had made a gesture to shoot him and that he was in fear of his life” had claimed that the conductor “had made a threatening gesture to fist him” and that he had feared for his ass, would the young, illiterate, socially disadvantaged clown making said “threats” have been locked up brother Hants?

    I am asking because my wife tells me that, when I am talking, I use my hands too much and since a few of these judges does come to we church, I fraid dat in the midst of making a point, I threaten one of them and get incarcerate

    You see how ludicrous this thing can get?

  37. The Alair Shepherd cheerleaders have turned up the heat. A reprehensible act by a supposedly senior lawyer is hailed and cheered by the BU crew. On another thread the BU rulers write to England the mother country to join in the unjustified condemnation of the hard working committed members of the Royal Barbados Police Force. Wrong is turned on its head on BU. If you are anti Barbados, foreign or local, you are welcomed with open arms by BU. Raise a dissenting voice in support of our small island battling the worst economic crisis yet doing better than most and BU in true Uncle Tom fashion joins the slavemasters and their descendants to make you appear to be a troublemaker and liar. The more things change the more they remain the same.

    For the handful of posters who bluntly refuse to yield to injustice and racism I repeat Alair Shepherd should be disbarred at the very least for his lewd behaviour. The Police sacrificed much to bring an alleged rapist before the courts. The courts were forced to throw out the case before it was even tried. BU is so estatic about this perverted development he writes to the world media proclaiming how happy he/she/them/it are. Such a vile perversion of rules could not happen under an Obama administration but the BU ass lickers relish in anything that places Barbados in a piss poor light. Our country is not going to get much further if we dont have people brave enough to stand up against the disloyal traitors who are freqrent posters on the BU.

    I still believe the people who have deep faith in Barbaods are in the majority, Feb 21 election proved it. We must never forget a pompously over confident BU and its raucous fans predicted an overwhelming landslide victory for the BLP. They’ve not shown any remorse or humility despite the destruction of their arrogance.

  38. @Hal Austin | April 16, 2013 at 6:00 AM | What criminal act? Please specify – name and identify it for us please, since you seem sure that there was a criminal act perpetrated.

    @Caswell Franklyn | April 16, 2013 at 7:26 AM |How am I a backstabber? A backstabber is one who says one thing to your face and another behind your back. You rhetoric is, stylistically, almost identical to that of your master.

    @millertheanunnaki | April 16, 2013 at 7:41 AM |Always a pleasure and always undeniable.

    @Well Well. I tend to agree with you on Crane Scott to the extent that she is likely the best of a pretty bad bunch and give her the benefit of the doubt that it is difficult to maintain excellence when surrounded by mediocrity.

    @Bushie. Believe me, the respect is most certainly reciprocated. I believe in admitting if I think I am wrong and fighting like hell when I think I am right. Note that I say “think” as there are no absolutes that I know of. With few exceptions, the BU family is like that – and that commands respect. Maybe the justice system should try it.

    @pieceuhderockyeahright! As I said, Alair is not a good friend of mine, but nonetheless I find him entertaining company and very pleasant, although, also, as I said, I sometimes have reservations about him professionally. Whether wittingly or unwittingly (and my instinct is the latter) Alair has done the justice system a signal service and opened the door for other counsel to walk through, although not, hopefully, by mooning people. Also you raised the issue of conduct at Cave Hill by the wife of Kenny Anthony and how the police did nothing. I think you may find that that particular incident was covered by diplomatic immunity and the police would not do anything without causing a diplomatic incident in which they would be found at fault.

    @Sargeant | April 16, 2013 at 8:08 AM | You are, in my view, right. There was no criminal act. Also remember that Alair is actually a top class criminal counsel. It is unlikely that he would expose himself (no pun intended) by committing a criminal act. Then too, the police officers would have to factor in undoubted repercussions for false arrest.

    @Baffy. Your are so right. Do you know Peta Alleyne? Can you bring it to her attention? I would certainly attend. I would also be really interested to know who they would get to play the role of Alair Shepherd. Any thoughts? Maybe a reality show contest on CBC is an idea to find just the right person? Could be very interesting viewing.

  39. @watching

    We have all the symptoms to show that the judicial and police systems are exploding but a political dip stick wants to give the main actors who are partly responsible a pass. Even with serious matters you look to gain political mileage, a true definition of a paling cock.

  40. @ Islandgirl246

    “I will be kissing yellow, yellow and will be kissing nuff fellow”

    I taught dat you had spurned my advanced for life but here you are giving me annuder chance.

    “I will be wearing blue, blue and looking to kiss you too”

    As you can see I am both romantic and poetic and vying for your hand still ( de madam is going to be out de island, no pun intended, from Saturday wid de women’s fellowship)

    I hope that Bushie don’t see this causing he like he got a crush on you too, not the bush lawyer fellow, his intentions towards you are suspect, especially when you always referring to he cutlass, which bring to mind an ole joke but I doan want to insult you delicacies, I want to impress you wid my good manners to whichin I was wondering if you would sen me de rest uh you cell phone number since I only got de first 3 digits 246

  41. @Pacha

    You always see red when BU uses a current state/perception to define a problem. Reference to silk is only to suggest that conventions/norms in this case predicts a behaviour that when deviated from will raise questions.

  42. @ David
    It is this very adherence to the behaviors you favor that in themselves represent the cultural destruction of Barbados. This innate assumption about the rightness of the establishment leaves no room for betterment. To make things better we ALL must to be prepared to ruthlessly and relentlessly interrogate the established order. We have to be prepared to revisit old thinking, institutions and systems.This is what you lack the intestinal fortitude to do. And we will on this day predict that your alleged interest in ‘change’ will only result in a waste of time as it has in the past. This is the central reason why we see red. We hope that that red would indeed be the blood of some who have no ability to create a better future for us all.

  43. @amused

    Diplomatic immunity CANNOT BE INVOKED IN CRIMINAL ACTS!!!



    You just bowled this old man a google, in-swinger bouncer in one ball!!!

    David[BU] was able to discern that you were making a statement about the recently held general elections but I “am no as swift of mind as he” and must admit that I am still struggling at the sentence where you were rambling on about this never happening under an Obama administration.

    So if I am to understand you correctly Wanting, what you are saying in plain English is that Fumble is not the rightful winner of the Recently concluded general election but Obama is.

    Further to this Wanting (a brain) you are also saying that since the United States is still a colony of Britain, queen Elizabeth is the rightful owner of all the slaves, including Kunta Kinte and Alex Hailey

    I have to go and take my insulin shots but soft awhile I shall return to decipher the anagrams related to the Guy Fawkes traitors on BU and the conspiracy that is forming here in these cyberspace walls by the asslickers, a thing which I must quickly add I agree with you about, Mark Fenty is right when he said I am a certifiable madman

    Whuloss……Baffy help Waiting (to be institutionalized) nuh?

  44. @Hal

    There will be no discipline of AS. He has thrown down the gauntlet that any attempt to come after him will be met with a full response. Whether you respect his action (mooning a judge) he is very comfortable in that world.

  45. @ David

    Disagree! BU is merely a leaver for the slaves to vent while protecting the real enemies from facing our ire. It is no more than a 21st century sophisticated intelligence gathering agent serving the powers that be.

  46. Rihanna was right after all when she noted we Bajans favourite word.

    The artists/poets/writers are always, always prophets.

  47. @ Caswell
    “What nonsense are you talking? Amused is constantly attacking me….”
    So..?!?! What is new?
    Man Caswell “people attacking you” is like throwing water on a duck’s back…..from small people were wont to attack you!!
    …you mean you ain’t get accustomed to that yet…? Bushie actually thought that you relished such attacks….

    Listen Cas, your strength lies in how much you know about all kinds of administrative rules, how well you understand them, your guts in standing for what YOU THINK is right, and your signal disregard for status.
    Such characteristics REQUIRE that you not take criticism personally even when it is…. You spend a lot of time judging others (including a lotta big fish) ….how can you expect not to be judged yourself?
    ..man tek it easy! Amused has his heart in the right place. Your ‘war’ with him is what Colonel Buggy would call friendly fire (wunna on the same side)

    @ Islandgal
    Leave out Caswell for Bushie. No one is perfect…not even the bushman (as you will find out if things work out for Bushie after Reggae on the Hill 🙂 ) …Bushie buying two extra pints of Hoad’s best goat milk for that engagement….
    Hello…yellow… 🙂

    @ Pieceuhderock…
    ….you better wear red ya hear? …cause dat may be the colour of your shirt anyhow – when Bushie finish wid the 2×4 in ya tail…..

    If you know what is good for you….keep way from anything yellow…

  48. What is wrong with people like Hal Austin, David and all the rest who are misreading events is a lack of creativity. If Alair Shepherd knows, by his demonstration, what is wrong with the legal system, we have previously argued that he should be given the authority to transform that system – if we are serious. If we are not serious our unstudied reactions would elicit punishment as if Shepherd is the slave and we – the master. That is not a reality we recognize.

  49. In my earlier submission at 10.01p Apr 15,I posited that Shepherd has no case to answer,having apologised to the offended judge.Shepherd,in our culture,is understood to be an attorney in good standing and his apology would have been the catalyst for closure in so far as the incident is concerned.
    As to whether there would now be earth shattering improvements in the Judicial system of Barbados is left to be seen.It is clear that the politicians made a big mistake in appointing Gibson,Chief Judge.The best he can do the system is to remain in South Africa .
    Btw is it coincidence that the incident between Kenny’s wife and the police sargeant came up?Is there a connection with Kenny ?

  50. @pachamama


    Sometimes one can see a chink in David’s armour when he speaks to a specific subject but barring what is a human trait in all of us the mere fact that he has built, and zealously maintained this site, against past and current attempts to find out who these numerous dissenters are is testimony to the fact that he is not part of the establishment as you are claiming.

    Waterfalls are birthed by the inexorable fall of water in a weak zone in a river’s bed over millions of years and while it might be my hope that some change will come, in my lifetime, 81plus x equals? the x being an indeterminate in this equation, I for one will gainsay that he is part of the status quo.

    As long as he pays the web hosting fees, does not sell BU and keeps our IP address and identities safe he remains part of the potential solution and change for good campaign

    Observe that he has not banned Baffy for life nor do a David Ellis on my brother in arms.

    On the other hand who is to say that we just don’t come here a stroke our intellectual egos like cyberspace penile organs?

    Why if we had an equivalent cyberspace Commishoner of Police, one who had the sense to identify and detain the correct suspects, notwithstanding his illegal wiretapping practices, all of us would be facing charges of intellectual masturbation in cyber land!

    Keep up the good work David

  51. Everyone knows of Alair and his propensities……………..if he threatens to go ghetto on whomever thinks they can reprimand, punish or discipline him, I think it’s safe to say that he will come down on them like a ton of bricks and let us all know their dirty secrets…………..let’s see who has the bigger, biggest balls.

  52. @David
    I don’t understand it! There are some people who contribute to BU who don’t seem to have anything positive to say about: 1. The POLITICIANS; it has to be ALL, even though the emphasis is on the Government (DLP, since they won the election ) who they see as crooks, thieves, liars, and all manner of evil, 2. The COUNTRY, which they see as going down to everlasting hell in a wheel barrow, and even where they enjoy the freedom of speech that enables this blog to exist free of persecution and prosecution, 3. The ECONOMISTS (government), because, as far as they are concerned, they don’t seem to have the answers to anything and are Stupid (even though all economists learn the same thing,) but in their opinion, the economists for the BLP seem to have the answers; even though they were in power for fourteen years and left the economy in a sorry state .4. The Barbados Police Force (especially the Chief of Police,) who in their opinion is the most incompetent of all. (didn’t they say this about other Chiefs of Police; remember “Me Hands Tied”) 5 The COURT SYSTEM and the Administration of Justice. In their opinion the Chief Justice is everything bad under the sun, and the DPP; ( who was also DPP under another administration.) should be replaced. 6. The EDUCATION System; under which they were all educated, but has now become (because their wishes have not been fulfilled), in their opinion, cumbersome and out of touch with the times, even though our scholars continue to shine brighter and brighter not only here but overseas in all spheres. 7. The GOVERNMENT itself, who they say can’t govern , even though it has come through the worst recession, intact and still progressing, despite all the predictions of doom and gloom, that begun immediately after the BLP were defeated in 2008
    I think that many, or all of them should heed the words of Mark Anthony in “Julius Caesar” who reminded Brutus that; “the fault, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.” All these people should take a deep breath, take a step back and ponder on these things.

  53. I forone is still waiting to hear a statement from the Bar Assoiciation condeming such unethical behaviour especially when such rules and guidlines are part of the code of ethics and standards than governs good conduct……….Standard Principle dictates such a response is neccessary

  54. Alvin, dear child……………..you sound like a politician to me, taxpayers don’t pay politicians to be stars and would much prefer see bang for their buck…………..can’t sweep anymore dirt under the carpet and fool the masses.

  55. @Alvin

    You are correct that on the BU we focus a lot on the underbelly of what affects our society. If you are looking for the feel good stuff tradition media is your better bet.

  56. LOL @ David
    Alvin is in search of a propaganda medium for his Party. Ha Ha Ha

    It is somewhat flattering that BU is seen to be so influential. At the same time it is misguided to expect that a forum created to provide TRANSPARENCY and an INTEGRITY FOCUS on behalf of the masses would suddenly want to assume the role of lackie for those who need to be monitored.

    @ Alvin
    Skippa, even “David de Boss” does have to be on his P’s and Q’s on BU…..far less a bunch of dumb jokers playing politicians.

    Anytime you see leaders who do not VALUE INTELLIGENT CRITICISM, you are looking at jokers – destined for failure.
    ….tell Bushie any other place where criticism has been as forthright, open and objective than has been the overall case on BU…..shiite man, even ac makes sense occasionally (when there is no moon)

    @ Carson
    You doth protest too much.
    You were successful politically. Why bother continuing this demeaning bickering???
    You just like Caswell. You beat the People and you like you want them to like you and to respect your arrogance too?
    Shiite man…. Be magnanimous in victory nuh!! Invite the criticisms and RESPOND by dealing with the good suggestions made….
    …the whole damn country would benefit…as would your party.

    @ Islandgal
    What happened?
    Bushie still waiting for the call for Sunday lunch….. De bushman had to open a tin o’ sardines after waiting fuh de call til Sunday night…..
    ….you done know that Bushie now looking for the full works .. ….including appetizer and dessert…. 🙂

    • Bushie

      I challenge you to produce an example where AC was making sense. If she did and I doubt: I would have missed it.

  57. Bushie……you really want Islandboy to shoot your kneecaps nuh. How the hell I gine introduce you to he????

    • Bushie

      You see there is no Islandman: just a boy, no real man would tolerate her. She likes old men and boys that she can beat.

  58. Lemmie…. thank you Caswell is hard up and into bald pooch cats but dem scarce so he and Mrs Palmer are buddies. But wait he working? He thiefing nuff time I hope the boss man ketch he!

  59. What would be the Outcome if the Judge had hoisted her garments and reveal her derriere to the goodly gentleman and asked him to kiss her somewhere on her anatomy ?

    • I just read Alair Shepherd’s 1/2 apology. It was not sincere simply because he attempted to justify his action. He should have said that his behaviour was inexcusable and I offer my most sincere apology. Instead, he offered up some crap about the case being extremely important touching on the ability of the RBPF to discharge its duty. The administration of the force is not his business: he was there to represent the interest of his client. Those charged with the responsibility of administering the force seem not to be too concerned with its administration: they are hellbent on removing the Commissioner.

      The police force is not being administered properly and that is enough justification for him to invite a judge to kiss his backside. He surely needs his head examining. Maybe, I just hit on the real reason for his conduct. That is the only reason that would adequately explain his behaviour. I understand that Dr. Ermine Belle specialises in treating this type of behaviour. He should make an appointment before its too late.

  60. Caswell……..who is going to arrest Alair if he is representing the COP??, tell me who do you think would even want to reprimand him in that incestous system.

    • Well Well

      I cannot answer that question, and that is unfortunate: it says that if you have a certain standing in this country, you could get away with anything. I remember going to court as a witness and the Magistrate saw the hair on my chest because the top button on my shirt was undone: I was not wearing a tie. I apologised for the distraction and buttoned the shirt. I suspect that she was aroused at the sight and could not keep her composure, I am not bad looking you know.

      Seriously though, the hair on my chest offender the court and almost got me thrown out, and clowns are trying to justify Alair’s deliberate abuse.

  61. did caswell call AC name. O.k. Caswell u asked for it and iam gesturing u an AS with gas and all………Pooooopppppp; how is that for a little Common sense.

  62. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/judge-holds-contempt-cell-phone-trial-article-1.1317250

    Caswell………you may or may not have seen the above link from earlier, judges do have that judicial power to even find themselves in contempt of court and act accordingly…………you and I both know that is not something we will witness in our life time in Bim……………………however, they also will not reprimand or discipline each other because of all the secrets and dirt that can be thrown around……………….everyone else is fair game………see the above link, if you did not do so earlier.

    Alair is deliberately abusing cause he knows what he knows and that is they better not mess with him.

    • Well Well

      Thanks for the link. You would celebrate your 250th birthday before you see something like that in our courts.

  63. Caswell Franklyn | April 16, 2013 at 5:33 PM |
    I just read Alair Shepherd’s 1/2 apology. It was not sincere simply because he attempted to justify his action. He should have said that his behaviour was inexcusable and I offer my most sincere apology. Instead, he offered up some crap about the case being extremely important touching on the ability of the RBPF to discharge its duty. The administration of the force is not his business:

    Well said and to know this piece of sh#t is going to get away with it makes me want to puke. A block boy would get lost away in jail for merely cutting he eye at a judge. I have no time for Shepherd and his ass lickers. If his lewd rude display to the High Court judge ends here its like getting away with murder. Next time a low waist pants showing the crack in his ass ZR man appears in court for bewsing a cop he can use Shepherd’s pathetic red herring excuse and tell the judge to f%#k off. Justice must be blind if its to be embraced by all.

  64. Looks like the Justice System needs a serious overhauling! A progressive society such as ours should not be handicapped by a dysfunctional legal system. There must be a remedy for the malaise that permeates the Courts.

  65. Well now that the standard apology has been rendered we would expect the truculent comments to subside and a prosaic normalcy to return. Any glimmer of an opportunity to transform would have been lost and the forces insistent on the maintenance of the status quo would have won. This in itself comes as no surprise as these are the same forces which have been defeating progress for 500 years. A lot of the old boys may have died but they have all kinds of sophisticated minions thinking, breathing and speaking for them. The dead continues to defeat the living.

  66. We have not had any condemnation coming from the Attorney General and government, Church, Women Groups, Bar Association, Media Houses etc.

    What is wrong with us? The very act which Bush Tea et al have described as disruptive becomes ineffective because key actors in society do not give two hoots.

  67. And I am taking note that all those affected by the gross respect are all black, yet they cannot lift a finger…….talk about balless.

  68. Island
    I hope you notice how Well Well and Caswell agreeing; now he has a friend he shall leave you alone. I now have to work on the Bushman.

  69. We can now deduce by the loud silence in regard to no reprimand, punishment or disciplinary action taken against Alair, that he knows everything about each and everyone of those ball-less, gutless members of the judiciary and will let it all fly if he is provoked.

  70. @Dr The Honourable
    The lady’s derriere used to be the most prominent and delightful part of her anatomy in her student days,although based on the submissions of the blogs,such talent would have been wasted on the silk.

  71. Having said all of that, the problem still stares us in the face, what are we doing about our judicial system? What are we going to do about the issue with the police? Are we going to wait until the police says enough is enough and slow down further in carrying out their duties and let the crime fully take over this Barbados? A rising crime rate will do nothing for our economy. Its a real political mess.

    • @Fabian

      A big part of the problem is that ordinary citizens do not have a clue the seriousness of what is going on. Therefore the level of advocacy required is not there.

  72. LOL @ David
    Does sheep know what is going on around them?
    Are Brass Bowls aware of their surroundings?

    Bajans’ idea of ‘what is going on’ is Reggae on the Hill and the latest Android phones from Digicel and Lime….

  73. @ David[BU]

    “We have not had any condemnation coming from the Attorney General and government, Church, Women Groups, Bar Association, Media Houses etc.”

    You already know my opinion of the At turn Knee General, two blocks shy of a load (of a bad word ) Mistress Medrick his assistant would have to give that rock his opinion, in his customary cup of tea, intelligence via ingesting instruction, anything else is lost on the dimwit.

    However you spoke another bad word and must apologies to us David.

    Yes you said the “c” word, no, not the female rabbits, no a word woes than that Church.

    For Monsignor or Apostle Durant or Father Elosysius to open their mouth about this subject it must have that critical ingredient that galvanizes these Christians.

    No, not Christ, you getting all these answers wrong today David, this is unlike you, Peter Wickham rubbing off? no siree COLLECTION


    If this element of their domain had been touched by Alair showing his botsie to Sonia you could bet your bottom dollar, no pun intended, they would have been all over this blog and the airways asking for his excommunication.

    “‘I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. Revelation 3:15-16

  74. @David[BU]

    The computer had stopped when I posted this earlier.

    I begging you man doan let nuh body get my real name cause it gine cause me long term problems in me home at at 81 long term wid me nex half is hell pun earth!

    De nex ting is dat at de church I does go to, de backsliders (and dat is what i wud be called fuh dese submissions and words bout dem barmaments) does get put in “de rows of shame” at de back uh de church

    Dat en so bad causing aftah all it still in de church but me madam is in de “rows of de saints” in de front uh de church and it wid bring “shame and disgrace pun we family” fun de few more years dat I is allotted.

    David I wants you to tink bout dis seriously, supposing dat I gine end up down deer wid dat nameless fellow, no not Fumble, de one dat gine be in fire fun eternity, you know whu exposing me name to me madam and dem churchites gine mean?

    It gine be like one uh dem big words dat udder fellow who working for de nameless one up Bay Street, de fellow who got de fire under we asses hey in BIM, Sinkliar, retained earnings or accrued sumting or de udder, hell pun earth, till I lef and den brimstone fuh eternity

  75. Well wanna know dat I cyan get nuh job wid Vivianne at de Nation BLP newsletter.

    Baffy, I want to know if you know anybody at Laff It Off where I could do some submissions bout Seethru, Fumble, Buffalo Sinkliar en dem udder ones, tings brown Baffy, de pension money ent stretching as far wid Cost U De Same (or More) and effen it continue de same way I was thinking to go down by de courts, skin my botsie at Marston, get lock up and let de state gives me 3 square meals a day

    I wid just got tuh sleep pun me back when de nights cum up dey in Dodds, whu you tink Baffy? Baffyyyyyy?

  76. We are walking about talking that we are sooooo educated, yet the majority of our young males are lost, on blocks and just (plain old) idle. We need to look at our educational system and pay attention to things like dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraphia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit disorder, to try to find a solution to some of our problems.
    I went to a house recently to deliver some stuff and had to get a signature. A boy about 18 years was there and when i presented the document to be signed i was told that he couldnt read nor write. I am speaking about something that happened in 2013 and the boy looked perfectly normal. (although that dont mean a thing) I couldnt believe it, but he lives on a block.(not literally).
    WE NEED HELP!!!!!!

  77. @Bush Tea
    You are sooooooo right!!!
    Barbadians are such unique people.

    @ David
    Thats why our politicans get there and seem so almighty. We really are their bosses but its because of the handout syndrome that we are in this position.
    Thought it was funny when i heard over VOB’s callin program that the St Michael seats had so many persons in them who were looking for handouts.
    Thats a problem, a very big problem. The country cant afford it.

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