Paradise Beach Limited (Four Seasons) Inquiry

Opposition MP questioned Paradise Beach Limited project during the Estimates

Opposition MP questioned Paradise Beach Limited project during the Estimates

Barbadians welcomed the revelation by Opposition member of parliament Ronald Toppin that two Paradise Beach Limited  bond holders had to be paid by government to the tuned of BBD120 million. There was also the view that government’s haste to dump its minority holdings in the former Barbados National Bank, now Republic Bank, was to ‘shield’ this transaction in the wash.

What Toppin’s intervention did was to force Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler to issue a clarification statement. BU understands the MoF’s explanation concerning the need to protect sensitive discussions by honouring non disclosure agreements. We also have applied similar understanding to the CLICO and Barrack transactions. Hell we understand why we the TAXPAYERS should not be told one damn thing. Those of us who understand the ramifications of the pending decisions will continue to live in hope that we will be told how a few people in smoked fill rooms will guide our future as well as our offspring.

In light of the Toppin revelation that government had to honour an obligation to two bond holders, how does this position the Barbados government? Can we draw a conclusion that the Barbados Government – or we the people – are owners of what use to be a picturesque piece of property at Black Rock?

.Extracted from the Facebook page of Avinash D. Persaud posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 12:44am (FB time). Persaud is the Executive Chairman Paradise Beach Limited which is known as Four Seasons. Please note item 5.

1. It is a 110-key, Four Seasons operated and managed hotel, at Paradise on the west coast, plus Four Seasons-serviced villas and apartments, in all occupying 33 acres.

2. The project was suspended in February 2009, as a result of the global financial crisis and the attendant collapse of private sector investment. This challenging environment, in which private investors are often looking for extreme, short-term-returns and un-Barbadian exemptions from labor and environmental laws, stymied a handful of previous rescue attempts.

3. If the project had failed, 300, largely Barbadian trade creditors would have been left with approximately $34m of debts being unpaid.

4. Seeking to avoid the adverse economic and reputational consequences of default and buying time to find a long-term solution, the Government guaranteed a $120m loan from ANSA Merchant Bank. No Government cash was transferred but until the guarantee is fully released the Government will appoint 4 of the 8 Directors of Paradise Beach Limited.

5. If the guarantee is called by ANSA McAl, all lands and assets of Paradise Beach Limited will then transfer to the Government. The lands were independently valued recently at $200m.

6. At the centre of the long-term recapitalization plan, is sufficient funding to complete and open the hotel without depending on the timing of villa sales. This requires a further capital injection of $260m to complete and open the hotel. On December 9th, the Inter-American Development Bank’s private sector arm backed the recapitalization plan and obtained internal credit approval for an IDB-led syndicate of $180m. This is a commercial loan to a private entity, it is not a loan to the Government and is not guaranteed, though because the IDB is owned by Member States, the IDB requires no-objection from the Government.

7. In obtaining internal credit approval, the IDB credit committee commissioned independent studies on the commercial viability of the hotel and comparison with similar hotels. These studies indicated the hotel was strongly commercially viable in the long-term. The project’s financials were further vetted by PWC, the global accounting firm. The Government and all potential investors have seen sight of these reports.

8. The IDB-led syndicate will disburse $180m, once the IDB Board has ratified the decision of its credit committee – expected shortly – and the project has spent $80m of non-IDB loan proceeds. $60m of this $80m will likely come from NIS Barbados. This investment will be purchased in Barbados dollars but will pay out in US dollars providing much needed diversification for the NIS. The remaining $20m is expected from Four Seasons and other investors in current discussions with the Company. Four Seasons has only ever invested once before in its 83 operated hotels at the stage of pre-investment – because they are an operator not an investor with investment funds, investment committees and investment professionals – and is a measure of their confidence in the hotel.

9. There will be an initial 150 jobs within 4 weeks of disbursement to resume work on infrastructure and villas and this ramps up within 9 months of the disbursement to 1200 local construction jobs for 3 years when the construction of the hotel will commence. The 9 months will provide for the detailed drawings for the redesigned hotel to be completed and contractor appointed after the tendering process required by the IDB and ANSA is completed. There will be $700m of construction spend on the hotel and villas. On opening of the hotel there is expected 875 permanent local jobs and $100m of annual foreign currency receipts.

10. The presence of Four Seasons will bring to Barbados the marketing and branding power of the world’s number one hotel brand, which will significantly complement the marketing budget of the Barbados Tourism Authority and extend the Barbados brand to new and important markets.

11. IMF has not frowned upon the Four Seasons investment by the NIS, quite the opposite. The IMF is recommending the NIS diversify its assets more. Everyone would consider placing less than 2.0% of NIS investments in an investment that earns its returns from well-to-do tourists, not local tax-payers, is backed by the IDB – the world’s largest development bank – and Four Seasons – the number one hotel brand- and vetted by independent experts, as prudent diversification

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  1. Some things are so obvious…..

    From the very first time Bushie heard Persaud on this project it was clear that it was a scam…
    Reminds of first hearing Leroy P on some subject or the other…on TV..
    …Bushie went straight for his CLICO dollars… 🙂

  2. @ John | March 23, 2013 at 9:58 AM |

    That’s about right. £ 25,000 p/m plus incidentals like entertainment & travel. That figure of $86,000 p/m works out to $1,032,000.00 per annum (tax free). Not bad for a professional bullshiter! HMS Revenue & Customs will be notified about his tax scam.

    Now multiply that by the number of months from the time he was first engaged and you would find out where a lot of that $120 million was spent with approx. $20 million still unpaid to creditors.

    When Dr. Frances Chandler and others like the miller were trying to expose this fraud we were vilified and even removed from the Senate as in the case of the goodly outspoken doctor. Now the truth will out!

  3. So 35,000 Bajans, many pensioners, cannot get the govt to bail out CLICO so they can get their savings, but the govt can pay out TWO PEOPLE BB 120 million?

  4. How much money was paid to the lawyers again? And lawyers come politician was a beneficiary of this money?

  5. @Amy Beam

    To be fair we don’t have sight of the agreement which binds the parties in this matter except to echo what the MoF has stated. It is a complicated deal. What we know is that bonds mature and bond holders have the right to call. Clico you may know is a private company now under judicial management. Paradise Beach Ltd seems to be a public private partnership more public than private. We need more information because we don’t trust the politicians.

  6. @Miller and David.
    Does anyone remember who the principles were that proposed the development? does anyone remember the Party in power that approved the government’s involvement in the whole project and the investment that that same government made in the project? does anyone remember the Ministers involved in the startup of this project? does anyone remember who the minister of finance was, and who was the minister responsible for town-planning when the project was approved? Does anyone remember the minister in charge of town-planning who gave approval for the destruction of the whole landscape of Prospect and the closing of the window to the sea at Batts Rock? this is yet another example of the financial mess that the present administration (DLP) has had to contend with from the time it won the election in 2008. The answer to these questions are more important than the charges made for Mr. Persaud’s consulting fees. The fees for this tyoe if cinsultancy are not out of line with what is normally charged. Miller can check how this compares with consultancy fees of this type in Canada. the important thing is to get the project back on stream

  7. @ Amy L. Beam | March 23, 2013 at 11:32 AM |

    What about Al Barrack with his court judgment which ranks along bondholders? One law for the rich and another for the blacks like AB.

  8. @ Alvin Cummins | March 23, 2013 at 11:41 AM |

    What is your point, Alvin?

    No one is questioning the viability or attractiveness of the project and certainly not its importance to our tourism industry and international business sector. The conditions prevailing prior to 2008 justified such a project.

    What we do have a problem with are the many lies and deceit surrounding the restart of the project that was promised on numerous occasions since 2009.

    What the MoF is now telling us about private investors retaking the project is something many on this blog have been suggesting for a long time. Some of the names mentioned were indeed flagged up as possible potential private sector investors. Why can’t Simpson, COW, Bizzy, Jada , preconco, Mrs. Ram, the Cheffete man Haloutte along with the NIS take on the project and save it from total abandon.

    It’s time people like you stop looking around to blame other people as you are wont to do here. The BLP has been out of office since 2008. It’s time you stop with the foolishness Alvin.
    Get real, man! Get on with the job of running the country in a more decisive and effective manner and stop with the pre-2008 baloney scapegoat thing.

    When the credit ratings come a visiting in a few weeks are you going to blame the BLP for what transpired in 2012 compared to what was promised in the fiscal policy adjustments agreement?

  9. @Alvin

    Yes indeed what is your point? We are focussed on the mechanics of what it will take to restart the project in a climate of transparency. MAM is legal advisor and a late Prime Minister appointed Persaud. It is folly to go political on this matter.

  10. @David
    My point is that; If I am not mistaken COW, Bizzy, etc were all involved in the startup as investors. The Villa buyers who were supposed to be the catalyst for the Hotel, had already paid money into the project. If I am not mistaken the original premise was to use the “cheap” chinese labour (remember how many came in, and the drama surrounding that’? However the number of investors and the amount of money put in was not enough and some of the principle investors pulled out.
    David as you point out, the project was suspended in 2009, new funds had to be raised, new partnerships formed; the IDB (an institution involving many governments had to brought into the picture etc. these negotiations etc take time for final approval. I am not BLAMING anyone, but I am keeping the entire picture before everyone. I am not going political, but “who the cap fits…. ” The whole project did not start out as a government project. It was heralded as a triumph of Private sector initiative…Pemberton and his group, COW, Bizzy, Andrew Lloyd Webber; the Phantom of the Opera Guy (Villa Owner) etc. Government (BLP and DLP) got stuck with this private sector initiative that failed,(for whatever reasons…I leave you to check that out…I know) so it will take time; especially given the financial situation to be restarted, and move to completion. But it seems that even the IMF feel that this project “is too big to fail” and have given it their blessings. So patience is called for…

    • @Alvin

      The expectations of Barbadians have been raised several time through the life of the project by actors who are intimate about the project, Persaud, Sinckler et al. They are the ones who should have a sense of what is practicable about the project. They are the ones who have been mouthing off from time to time not bashful to give start dates etc. The argument you have brought for patience is a little late in the game. We like to play politics with all issues in Barbados.

  11. The IMF said what a great project it is, the US government said it was a big risk………..COW & co. pulled out, the brainless, well paid pimps obviously did not know what they were doing……………..something smells. People who actually know how to start businesses from beginning to successful conclusion should be the ones taking over this mess.

  12. @ David

    There is no role for the auditor general, the most competent of public servants, but for the courts. Who is going to contribute to a Judicial Review of government action on Four Seasons? is any senior lawyer prepared to act on a pro bono basis. I will make a cash contribution.


  13. What is the value of the land and the roads and structures built to date?
    “The bond holders had to be paid by government to the tuned of BBD120 million.”

    How was the money been spent on this project so far?

    A luxury Hotel and Luxury Villas at Paradise is unquestionably viable so who planned this project and why has it not been completed?

    NOTE:opened on October 5, 2012.

    Four Seasons Hotel & Residences Toronto, located in the exclusive Yorkville District, will become the flagship property of the world’s largest luxury … Cost: $500 Million Canadian. (one billion Barbados dollars)
    The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto is a luxury hotel and condominium complex located in the Yorkville district in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which opened on October 5, 2012. Located at 60 Yorkville Avenue, at its intersection with Bay Street, the complex is one block east of the previous Four Seasons Hotel Toronto at 21 Avenue Road.

    The 55-floor complex contains 259 hotel rooms and 210 private condo suites. It offers a two-story spa, Café Boulud and bar by international restaurateur and Chef Daniel Boulud, glass-enclosed event spaces. It was designed by architectsAlliance, with Page and Steele as Architect of Record. The project was developed by Bay-Yorkville Developments Ltd., a joint venture of Alcion Ventures, LP, Menkes Developments and Lifetime Homes, and uses the “Four Seasons” trademark under license.[1]

  14. David will understand my reference to Four seasons Toronto a project that was built in the same time frame as 4 seasonings Paradise.

    Is there some special complexity in construction in Barbados that is different from Toronto?

  15. @Hal and David,
    Isn’t the Leader of the Opposition a Legal Advisor? Wasnt Mr. Pemberton et al, COW et al, supposed to be “knowledgeable businessmen who “know” how to start businesses from begining to conclusion” and not civil servants, supposed to be intimately involved with the project from the begining? Wha happen? Why should there be Judicial review of what began as a private (that word again, shades of CLICO) sector initiative. I don’t like to play politics with every issue, but every issue becomes a political issue eventually.When did this project begin?.

  16. The only reason I can think of for the 4Seasons Paradise failure is that the project was not properly financed up front.

    I am guessing that they did not get enough potential buyers to put deposits on the Villas.

  17. @ Hasnts

    Everything bout the project was flawed. But as a private investment, that is a problem for investors. What concerns me is the involvement of NIS funds. Further, there is an apparent conflict of interest involving the chairman. That must be clarified.

  18. There was enough funding upfront, it just found it’s way into people’s pockets, some are saying it started with Pemberton. I too have recently seen multiple hotels started and completed in Ontario when making my trips there looking at business interests. These hotels started in the same time frame as four seasons in Bim and are all completed.

  19. DAVID, I take it that you didnt get out to many of the political meetings held in the runup to the last elections. All of this foolishness was spoken about on the BLP platforms and the people ignored them then and they are ignoring them now.

    There is precious little which the BLP members spoke about in Parliament during the Estimates debate that they didnt speak about on the platforms. The BLP appear to be still in election mode. Someone need to tell them that the elections which they were calling for, was held and the people rejected them once again. So it is about time that they ought to come with something new.

    ………………and for heaven sake stop the electionnering. They are looking stupid!

  20. Just open another bank, using taxpayers money of course, encourage the Credit Unions to put their money behind it and develop another asset that an overseas concern will be prepared to pay US dols to acquire. Then use this money to finish off the property.

    Now is this a plan or wah …?

  21. The problem with this Four Seasons Project is similar to most of our other national problems, our leaders default position is to tell lies even when the truth would not hurt or cause embarrassment. Our leaders must tell the truth. I know that it is hard for them but they could start small.

  22. @David,
    I am familiar with the web page you refer me to as well as the others all connected with the project. I have researched this thoroughly and wrote an article that was printed in bothe the Nation and the Advocate, over a year ago. I ppointed out the need to fully examine the role of Pemberton Patterson and sundry others, and their exit wheen the going got rough. the economic meltdown no doubt contributed but it was an unholy alliance and arrangement from the begining.that’s why I sain in my earlier blog that …I know. There was a Pemberton (I think the wife) who was the supposed owner of Villa Nova St. John. It was bought by..who? Who owns the property…?check and find out and you will be surprised. Plastic Bag had a calypso called “he riddle” and we used to play a game when I was a child that went “a riddle a riddle a ree, no body can’t tell this riddle like me…” Solve the riddle and you get the prize. But like so many other things the Barbados tax payers get stuck with the costs in the end.

  23. @David
    A robust reminder to Alvin”Boots’Cummins and the other DLP catholic sympathisers that the Four Seasons Project was well conceptualised and was up and running at full steam ahead when opponents in the form of the dinosaurs of the Barbados Workers Union,and the the DLP supporters on the call in programmes conspired together to make the foreign investors feel unwelcome and uncomfortable such that they panicked and some of them withdrew from the Project.The government of the day was forced into a situation by the BWU to halt the project and carry out an inventory of the personnel attached to the project.That was the end of the Four Seasons Project.Place the blame where it belongs.Blame the Barbados Workers Union led by a dinosaur nite from st andrew and the Democratic Labour Party led by a
    lying,cheating,stealing dead king.Barbados pays the price of this foolishness.

  24. ”Bush Tea | March 23, 2013 at 10:10 AM |
    Some things are so obvious…..”

    Commonsense aint so common. Thing is, when a small business fails, is the government going to bail them out?

    Why then bail out ‘big business’ and pay a washapan of ‘consultanyc fees’?


  25. Remarks and Releases » Other Releases » Investment Climate Statements » Investment Climate Statements 2013 » Barbados
    2013 Investment Climate Statement – Barbados

    Political Violence

    Barbados has not experienced political violence since riots in the 1930s.


    Corruption is not a major problem in Barbados, but some U.S. companies have reported unfair treatment by Barbados’ Customs and Excise Department. Other U.S. companies have reported efforts by political
    actors to trade political support for payment or partial project ownership.

  26. @Gabriel Tackle:
    first of all what do you mean by “DLP catholic sympathisers…” Are you talking about “catholic” in the christian sense? I was raised in the methodist church so that “christian” epithet does not apply to me. As far as your other baseless accusations I see that as typical BLP mouthings.First of all the Four Seasons project was; or supposed to be, an entirely private project. The investors would have been (or should have been) aware of all the terms and conditions of the project. It is obvious that the persons who conceptualised the project (Private) based their labour projected costs on the utilization of cheap labour from China; for whom they would have had to obtain work permits. Unless the plan was to allow these imported workers, to work without work permits at a cost and under conditions that could not conform to the LABOUR laws of Barbados, and to the exclusion of Barbadian workmen. this would have been detrimental to Barbados’ labour climate. Should the representative of many Barbadian workers turn a blind eye to this? Shouldn’t the Minister of Labour at the time have looked into this BEFORE the project was started? I seem to remember a similar situation at the Kensington Oval building for the World Cup. Do you remember that a case against the contractors was brought by local attorneys on behalf of the workers (indians from India) because of the working conditions, and low wages. Those workers also had to go home because the necessary work permits were not obtained, unless again the plan was to allow them to work without work permits. Where was the Minister of Labour before these workers were brought in?
    Are you saying that the people who invested millions of their own dollars in the Villas were “made to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable, (how? None of the villas were completed yet, and these owners lived overseas for the most part) and panicked,” because according to you the BWU forced the government of the day (the BLP) to “make an inventory of the personnel.attached to the project”. If all was above board there should have been no need to halt the project. That it did, means, logically,. that there was some sort of shady deal in the works. COW, Bizzy, and other local investors work, have had dealings with the BWU, and have no problem with them. How then could the “investors” have panicked and withdrawn from the project? My advice to you is to go back to the beginning of the project, do your research, check out all the facts and factors, as well as individuals associated with the project,their backgrounds and previous business dealings, and come back and let me know your findings. I always do my research. Show me where my facts are wrong and I am more than willing to say I am wrong.
    If all was above board how come that the principals were not abloe to secure alternate funds from other foreign investors? Ask yourself these questions before attacking me.

  27. @Island Gal,
    as I mentioned before I check the facts. In your blog containing snippets from the U.S. Department of State Diplomacy in Action article on Barbados’Investment Climate Statement, you did not include the following which is pertinent to the present discussion

    “Transparency Of Regulatory System
    Barbados uses transparent policies and effective laws to foster competition and establish clear rules for foreign and domestic investors in the areas of tax, labor, environment, health, and safety. The regulatory system can be slow at times, and some companies have complained that the Ministry of Finance does not give adequate justification for rejecting a license.

    The International Business Customer Charter provides for the processing of long and short-term work permits in two to four weeks if the application is completed in totality. Work permits are of two types, short-term (for six months or less) and long-term (usually for no more than five years). To receive a work permit for senior management, the company must show that a Barbadian national or resident does not possess the skill set to fill the position”.

    You will admit therefore that this gives a clearer picture of a possible reason for possible “panic” among foreign investors in four Seasons. Lack of transparency from the beginning.

  28. 5. If the guarantee is called by ANSA McAl, all lands and assets of Paradise Beach Limited will then transfer to the Government. The lands were independently valued recently at $200m.

    So in 2009 Paradise Beach was raped of it trees, the monkeys who lived there deprived of their homes and left to terrorize the neighbour’s fruit trees, a huge nasty looking hole created in the ground, our government then guaranteed to to put 120 million of our tax dollars in same hole and an additional $80 million of our pension money, and if the project fails, as it has been failing so far, we Bajans will be left to hold the big nasty looking hole in the ground, while the lenders walk/sail/fly with our tax an pension money, and we are supposed to be happy with this?


  29. @John | March 23, 2013 at 9:58 AM…Can someone confirm that Avinash Persaud is being paid Bds$86,000 a month for his services?”

    What services?

    In response to Alvin Cummins

    All right, all right Alvin. We know that Owen was Minister when this thing was first proposed, but no point telling me how much consultants in Canada are paid. Avi is NOT in Canada. Why should he be paid Canadian type wages? I don’t get paid Canadian wages and neither do you. Why should Avi? Especially when it is evident that after 4 years that the project ain’t going na’where.

  30. When people start talking about how complicated something is and how I can’t understand, because I am only a simple worker/taxpayer, I know that they already got their pants pull down, and ready to sh!t in my mouth.

    Complicated sh!te

  31. @Alvin Cummins ” the amount of money put in was not enough and some of the principle investors pulled out”

    And we the taxpayers got phucked.

  32. @ Alvin Cummins | March 24, 2013 at 10:23 AM |
    “The fees for this tyoe if cinsultancy are not out of line with what is normally charged. Miller can check how this compares with consultancy fees of this type in Canada. the important thing is to get the project back on stream”

    Allow me to resurrect the above comment from yourself made in an earlier contribution.
    Alvin, no one is grudging the amount of consultancy fees paid to Persaud. There are lawyers in our moribund and inefficient legal system who earn such fees for just writing simple letters of advice on attesting to statements on forms involving multi-million contracts. Just ask your friend Hal G regarding the BWA legal fiasco.

    What we are concerned about is the absent of value for money and the failure of the consultant to fulfill the mandate he undertook for such large fees.
    He was given the mandate of securing foreign investors with foreign money to back financially the restart of the project including the building of a Four Seasons managed hotel.

    Now has this mandate been fulfilled? Has the consultant made good on the deliverables to justify the fees received over the last 3-4 years?

    If it is true that the private investors mentioned recently by the MoF are coming with foreign money to buyout government’s financial commitment to the project and to take over the entire project- hotel, villas and all- then we would be proud and allow the piper to be paid accordingly.
    We would also conclude that even if the investors with foreign money are citizens or residents of Barbados then we will have to say well done and hats of to the consultant charged with such a difficult feat to achieve. But they must use their own or have access to foreign money and don’t rely on our existing foreign reserves or local savings in our banking system.

    So Alvin, let us take your call seriously for getting ‘the project back on stream’.
    The first step in a forward direction is for you, the MoF and the other DLP players to stop looking back and trying to cast blame on some long lost BLP administration.

    Do you think the government should create a set of unusual incentives (providing the investment funds are from overseas, of course) to kick start the project? What about giving the hotel operators a right to have a fully fledged casino and private club that the owners of the villas can have access to with their hearts content in smoke –filled rooms full of mary jane or whatever is on offer? What about a secluded beach to ensure authorized access with the relevant prior clearance?

  33. @Hal Austing

    explaing to me what is a judicial review. R u sure that such can only obtain relative to the govt. May I suggest that u make a contibution to the gentlemnan who has a projcet that looks after the homeless, as well as to the lady lisa davis and her project. As man tell the bloggers if u r prepared to do so.

  34. i have to laugh when i hear the words restart and Four Seasons. does it matter that Four Seasons is next to the sea with expose steel coming out the buildings? lets go farther, i had a discussion with one of the contractor on the project and he said they were problems steel use in some of the villas. cheap Chinese steel he called it.

    what we are seeing taking place now is investors getting back their money at a cost to Bajan taxpayers and Four Seasons will never, let me say that again NEVER restart because to restart is to start over.

  35. @ Hal Austin
    your reference to judicial review is not clear ; whose actions do you hope to review? Four Seasons is a wholly private concern, NOT a department of Government.

    • Are we talking a judicial review of the company Paradise Beach Limited OR the action of the government which has lead let to the underwriting of guarantees to support what is a ‘wholly’ private operation.

  36. @Caswell “our leaders default position is to tell lies even when the truth would not hurt or cause embarrassment”

    Cuh dear Caswell man!!!!

  37. As hard as you all try, this “issue” raised by the “man whose suits dont fit well” on the BLP political platform and now on BU is really a non issue.

    This is all water under the bridge. You jokers going down the same road that you went down the last five years. It didnt help you then and it wont help you now.

    I wont waste two seconds debating this foolishness!!

    Find something constrictive to talk about .

  38. ever since that whole thing bout the world ending in 2012 peoples been acting strange what say you I doubt that project will continuethose men already gotten there pockets full up till now its like government is on stand by? for something someone well it sure looks like they jus got these ends of projects and big fests going on like party till the world ends its looking like its all about partying ends of projects tekking ppls $$$$ and gearing up for something

  39. The ‘independent’ valuation would seem to relate to a value of BDS$129 per square foot. What value, if any would be placed on the existing incomplete structures and any costs related to removing them and starting all over again?

  40. A judicial review of government abuse of the national insurance fund by investing in a project without obtaining expert independent advice which is not in the interest of the members the scheme.

  41. Adrian Loveridge wrote “existing incomplete structures and any costs related to removing them and starting all over again?”

    The structures are concrete and steel. I am sure they could be completed but there are Architects and Structural Engineers to determine what is the best option.

    This project failed because the principals involved did not plan the project financing properly.
    Maybe they should look at the New 4 Seasons Toronto project I alluded to earlier.

  42. Hants do you know what happens to steel from China when it is exposed to salt air for several years? 4 years or more?
    Jada is now importing labour from India saw some on the road today and was told that they are from India. They are being housed at some posh apartments in St. Peter. They were brought in to do specialized work I was told. I wonder how/who they got work permits for these workers?

  43. If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, how can Jada, headed by New Barbadians, be importing Indian cheap labour when official unemployment in Barbados is about 12 per cent, and in reality about 25 per cent. Where are our immigration officers, our police, our tax officials? If Jada is found to be importing these workers, who gave them permission? If it is illegal, are we going o fine Jada, or preferably, withdraw Barbadian citizenship from its principals?

  44. islandgal246 wrote “Hants do you know what happens to steel from China when it is exposed to salt air for several years? 4 years or more?”

    No I don’t but if I needed to know I would hire an appropriately qualified Engineer to tell me. What I do know is that it would probably take 10 years for exposed rebar to rust enough to be useless.
    That is a personal (not expert) opinion.

  45. @Caswell

    tell us what is a judicial review and under what circumstances would or could one be requested?


    u did not say whether u r going to make a donation to the projects i mentioned, those are worthwhile casues. What saay ye.

    • To The Point

      Please don’t take this as a definitive answer. A judicial review is a trial where the court examines the process of the decision making as opposed to the actual decision to determine if is done within the law. The court can examine administrative acts or omissions, with few exceptions.

      The Administrative Justice Act defines an administrative act or omission as: “an act or omission of a Minister, public official, tribunal, board, committee or other authority of the Government of Barbados exercising, purporting to exercise or failing to exercise any power or duty conferred or imposed by the Constitution or by any enactment”.

  46. @ To the Point

    As a concerned citizen I will gladly make a contribution to a fund to make a judicial review, but only if you could get a senior lawyer to act pro bono. I will not contribute if an expensive lawyer is going to charge us for the privilege.

    • A senior will NOT take these kinds of cases that will challenge the status quo.


      What you have stated is serious business, we need to confirm this to be the case. Were advertisements for work permits carried in the press as required? Those on the ground know that work permits can be fast tracked based on who is the applicant.

  47. @ Hal Austin | March 24, 2013 at 4:48 PM |
    “If Jada is found to be importing these workers, who gave them permission? If it is illegal, are we going o fine Jada, or preferably, withdraw Barbadian citizenship from its principals?”

    You really don’t know what going on in Barbados today? Do you know who jada really is? It’s the corporate face of the money men that control the DLP and would be in receipt of any major contract that does not involve funding by the IDB or other foreign investors.
    Who do you think was one of the major financiers of the DLP heavy spending campaign for the last general elections. The old lady in the Transport Board bus ad?

    What jada wants jada gets; Indian workers and all.

  48. Well some have sought to pay attention to the beginning of this project.

    Those persons have recognised the mealy hands of Owen Seymour Arthur and his Minister of Labour at the time who allowed this project to be overrun by Chinese labour…..without having the requisite work permits !

    The BWU rightly protested this wanton abuse of Barbados’ Labour Laws.

    In the lead up to the 2007 Cricket World Cup the same OSA and his Minister of Labour allowed the Indians to work on Kensington Oval without the requisite work permits and at STARVATION wages. These Indians were even housed in buildings owned by BIDC. And the great OSA raised no alarm ! Even though there was widescale national condemnation of this wanton abuse again.

    There was a valid reason why OSA didn’t gave 2 hoots.

    Because it was the same OSA who announced to all and sundry……that he employed ILLEGAL Guyanese to build kitchen cabinets at his private residence.

    No wonder when the Pemberton group could not get around the BWU with they trick (which received the blessings of OSA) to employ ILLEGAL Chinese on the Four Seasons project……they angrily pulled up stumps.

    I repeat again……the only truth OSA has uttered since January 2008…is when he stood up in Parliament and said ” BLAME ME OSA FOR EVERYTHING BAD, UGLY and INDIFFERENT THAT HAPPENED IN BARBADOS……between 1994 – 2008 ”

    And the Four Seasons project began during the 1994 – 2008 period while the great OSA ruled the roost in BIM.

    I believe Miller can recall that fact and display honesty for once !

  49. I hear from a BIGUP REALTOR that not much property over 350,000$ is selling on Bim and that property has dropped 52%.
    I take it that IF the 4 seasons was re re re re started that the properties would be priced to sell at 349,000 .99 cents.????
    WHAT the PHUC we want MORE overpriced property when ent shit sellin anyway???
    La la la
    Sounds of Music.
    Run thro the grass with hair blowing in the wind.
    This is Friggin make beleive isnt it.
    Like Barbados is BUST and we ARE discusssing ,raising the DEAD???
    Line up Lineup!!!
    Wait your turn suckers for a chance to buy a BARGAIN, a Decaying Re re re started,overpriced dwelling on HMS Barbados/Titanic.
    Come and get Shot (not fatally) robbed. raped, your children killed,feel assured our lawyers will care for your money(maybe fore ever),legal matters settled quickly (The DPP just changes the facts),see police in action, along with Pigs flying and the PM nailing Financial jelly to the ceiling.
    Pay Ludicrous land tax ,overpriced water bills,get Phuced around by immigration , see your investments disappear in a PPUFF of devaluation.

  50. mr austin, i am saying to u, instead of talking about a judicial review and politcal bullshit, pledge to give money to needy causes to lisa daisley and the homeless project. This would be a good humanitarian gesture, u dont need no lawyer for this, be a good overseas based barbadian and contribute to the less fortunate. I will pledge to make a contribution, what say ye?

  51. Dr. Love…………….it’s called living in LA LA LAND.

    Hal……………as long as you involve any local lawyer, you can guarantee it will go to hell in a hand basket. If you really must, bring your own lawyer who can practice in Bim and who is willing to do pro bono work, otherwise, just follow the advice of TTP. I know that your intentions are good, but you also have to face the reality that is Bim.

  52. @Alvin Cummins
    ‘Boots’,I will be brief.In using the word ‘catholic’,I meant to convey the uncritical acceptance by DLP supporters of anything coming forth from the DLP hierarchy.The likes of Sinckler,Sealy,Jones,Stuart tell you guys jump,you ask how high.
    The 4 Seasons was moving along well enough but you DLP hacks peppered the call in programmes about Barbados being sold to foreigners and west coast being sold to the highest bidder etc.and locals were being excluded from west coast beaches(recall the famous walk of the ombudsman )All DLP lies.
    Then you write of imported Chinese labour.The Chinese were in Bim since the 80’s and brought in under your party people.They built Deighton Griffith,Lester Vaughan,Queens and the Dame Elsie complex of the Ministry of Education.Barbados had to bring in Guyanese artisans to cope with the vast amount of building going on in Bim,in other words there was more than enough work for bajans to cope with but you DLP catholics were so desperate to
    kill the fatted calf for your party supporters that you could’nt separate truth from fiction;as I said supporters.Liars,cheats,thieves.Now you have this country in an unholy mess and you will not get any investment as long as the DLP forms the gvernment of Barbados because you are all a bunch of liars and swindlers.Nobody can have confidence in the DLP.You change your song cannot be trusted.

  53. am i to understand from the article that barbados government will have to pay the $120 000 000.00 but will get $200 000 000 in property? if so, then it does not sound like such a bad deal at all.

  54. Gabriel Tackle
    The first job the Chinese did in Barbados was to build the Gary Sobers Gym. This was long before Q.C and the other jobs.
    To the DLP Supporters
    It is time the DLP stop blaming the last BLP administrations for the ills of Barbados. You did this for five years, the electorate of Barbados have re-elected you,come with a new approach, stop the blame game and get on with finding solutions to a critically ill Barbados.

  55. I have referred to the Chinese generosity already. If we have 12 per cent unemployment, and even higher among the important 16-24 cohort, why are we allowing Indians and Chinese to take our low or non-skilled jobs?
    More important, two things about the Chinese largesse: they do not like renovations as we have seen from the Eyrie great house and the refusal to fund the Empire. They prefer to build on green sites, as with the Community College, where they vandalised the site with second rate buildings.
    Second, China has as a policy a preferment for bilateral agreements, in which they try to bully single states. Caricom should be entering multi-lateral agreements with China, but form all kinds of selfish reasons Caricom is a failure.
    Lastly, when China built the 2007 Cricket World Cup stadium in Grenada, they sent 250 workers to work on the site. On bilateral condition was that they all had to stay on, a common China trick (they also export people).
    What they did not tell the Grenadian authorities was that nearly all, if not all, of the workers were ex-convicts.
    What sweetens goat mout’…..

  56. @ june boy | March 26, 2013 at 5:32 AM |

    They, the DLP elected MPs, sound so pathetic. Everything that is a problem in Bim today is the direct result of some event that took place between 1995-2007.
    Even the recent findings by the Auditor General covering operations over the last 5 years are placed at the doorstep of the BLP.
    But what is even more off-putting is that the contagion has spread to the Senate in its new session. McClean, Ince & Hunte continue to blame the BLP for every shortcoming in public administration. Even the ravages of the tropical storm Tomas are placed in the windsock of the BLP.
    We want to hear from these senators especially Tony Marshall and Dr. Carmichael questions regarding how the government will be financing the $1.2 billion deficit. Not just sticking a figure in to make it look presentable as a set of budgeted submissions. How can we as a country finance such a large projected deficit with an already $9 billion debt burden and a junk bond status label around our neck?

  57. It is an intellectual default position. They can easily blame their parents, or grand parents, or the sun not shining. At some point they must realise that they are in charge and they cannot continue to pass the blame.
    We as a society are to blame – our best people would not become involved.

  58. Fractured BLP= why don’t you leave OAS alone, you have won the election by thieving, & buying votes, you are in power, you have a thieving liar as a minister of Finance, so continue to lie & steal. Where are you going to get 600 millions dollars from, when it was told 90 million was too much. Give us a break, one of your ministers once said TIME IS LONGER THAN TWINE. So shut up & go to sleep like your PM.

  59. Imagine NOT A WINK from the Central Bank governor bout this $120 million Bond repayment……Is like it never existed nor has any implications on our future outlook….”independence eh”…..swallow dear suckers…swallow and get accustomed….unna ent see the real shaft yet..

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