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  1. It is obvious that the cameraman was an amateur since he has managed to take a picture where three of the visages of the MPs are obscured from view.

    I however understand why, given that the US government is looking for Michael Lashley, he would have chosen to hide his face so that they would have difficulty identifying him come 2018.

    Is there not some rule that states that short people are usually in the front row? Why is Bostic then in the back row?

    To all the ladies in the room, i would say good thing that stature here is based on height and not other “measurements” cause alot of these MPs, according to the various rumours would come up short.

    Santia, with your cute self. you know that you taller than 60% of them MPs?

    A “little” levity for the early hours (no pun intended)

  2. Dennis Kellman always has be do things different, sometimes that’s a good thing. Did George Payne take the pic since he is missing? Or did they do it when he went for a bathroom stop?

  3. @ Undertaker
    The photographer might have placed George Payne next to Edmund Hinkson ; they are of similar height and George was certainly not going to find himself next to Hinkson . LOL ..

  4. @ Hilarious ! | March 20, 2013 at 7:29 AM |

    Similar thoughts on MAM sitting next to OSA? Like a risen siren between a temporary make-do speaker and a ‘silenced’ fallen giant?

  5. Whatever is the reason Payne would have absented himself from what is a history making activity? We know he was on island at the time. Except his house was burning there can be no excuse for his no show. Th memory that he sat in parliament for years without speaking, was a key figure in the replacement of MAM all come together to paint a vivid picture.

  6. To Miller:
    I am enjoying your odes to Mam, but be a little sensitive to OSA, a fallen political giant. OSA once described an opponent as a “failed” politician. OSA can now only be described a successful and failed leader waiting for retirement to strike him.

  7. @ David | March 20, 2013 at 12:35 AM |

    “Miller: Where is your boy?”

    Ain’t got a clue where the “brother” was? Maybe you can ask RPB why he could not find Georgie “Short Grass” Pain for the PR exercise.

    What can be inferred from the photo is that this Parliament business is a ‘Fraternity’ designed to promote the interests of the members participating in a political chess game for the amusement of their selfish egos. The motto of that old brotherhood recently open to blacks and now to women of power is: One for All, and All for One” or vice versa.
    The members of the “august” fraternity may cuss one another in public and pretend to contrive against the ‘other’ side but at the end of the day it is only one real divide between them and the people for another 5 years.

    That is why the members of this BU family (including ac and Fractured) should see themselves in a similar light with our fraternity called the “Protectors of the Fifth Estate” carrying as its motto that wonderful pearl of journalistic wisdom given by George L. Banks and once carried as its mast head as the mission statement of the dying old lady of our local Fleet Street that must be inherited as a legacy to you for past services rendered in good faith.

    “For the cause that lacks assistance,
    The wrong that needs resistance,
    For the future in the distance,
    And the good that [We] can do.”

  8. @ Lemuel | March 20, 2013 at 8:13 AM |

    Au contraire, Lemuel! The miller is one of the biggest defenders of OSA and his record on this blog. Do you not realize the amount of flack the miller has to take from ac, CCC, Fractured and the other dirty necrophilic DLP guerilla fighters on this blog?
    Even though the man is politically ineffective he is still the target of a moronic bunch of political vultures ready to feast on the dead political bones stuck in their craws.

    But the miller is also mindful of the inevitable fate of those prize fighters whose glory days are way behind them but still thinking in a punch drunk way that they can reclaim the crown from a new heavyweight.
    Boxing history is replete with such experiences so too is partisan politics.
    Maybe this stark realization is a blessing for both his health and family. Let the other “old man” take the heat to rapidly ‘grey’ his hair and undermine his fragile health.

    But this lucky guy has a way of insulating himself when things get real hot. He just hibernates like a sleeping giant. Just watch and see how he becomes “transmogrified” once again into a stone wall of silence.

  9. All;
    On seeing that picture I reminded me of a recurring thought I’ve had for several years now.

    What if the media took pictures of the new cabinet ministers and of their houses and cars at the beginning of their terms and then followed up with mid term pictures of the same and then pictures of them when elections are called.

    I think it would be very easy for any of the media people or even a BU volunteer to do. Just go to Govt Headquarters where Cabinet Meetings are held every thursday and take pictures of the Ministers as they exit their cars to attend or leave cabinet meetings; three times in the 5-year terms. You might miss some because of travelling overseas but persistence should catch all of them. Luckily in this new term travelling should be significantly reduced.

    I suspect many stories could be weaved around the likely results and it may even give an indication of the truth behind declarations of property etc under Integrity legislation, how people have progressed or retrogressed re. good diets, house improvements, car improvements, etc.

    Just an idea i’ve had for over twenty years over which I noticed some Ministers getting fat from the spoils of the office, graduating from small cars to large expensive ostentatious ones, building mini palaces, (On both sides of the fence)etc. etc.

    David, thanks for the opportunity to bring it up to the Family’s notice.

  10. Brain Less Pimp,
    You should look at Mara and the PM’s faces. My God you are such a cesspool pimp!

  11. @ Fractured BLP | March 20, 2013 at 12:53 PM |
    “Owen Arthur’s face spoil the picture above. You can see all the rum veins pouring out of his head.”

    Come on Fractured, you can’t be so one-sided with the truth. We know that that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but you have to admit that the DLP side is riddled with really ugly and obese people when compared to the other side some of whom are also in the race.
    It’s a good thing that Pornville Inniss is able to “mascara” his rum and coke veins with his dark skin tone.

    The only bright spark of beauty on your side has been overlooked by the people of St. George South.

    Even your buddy BLPNationNewspaper would agree with that “unbiased” assessment.

  12. You see me, I am not one to spend time on the commenting on fluff. These guys are just actors … They have ALWAYS been actors …. and the horrible truth is that that will NOT change any time soon. The only clowns in this campaign are the people who ape after them and see them as important. Sorry Shakespeare, the world is NOT a stage … but Parliament pun de other hand …!

  13. BAFBFP
    Someone said here that you were from the kolij elite; I am surprise seeing at times where the logic of your postings carry us,but then I am not kolij elite so I would not understand. By the way, find something new to comment on when calling the radio programs; at time you sound like a 78 record being played in a dvd reader. Deep down I know that you know that you are a little miscreant this has lost her way.

  14. BAFBFP
    I know that you may not know but as long as you wiggle your bottom Peter Wickham shall be mightily impressed. Any other person would have been cussing about that post; this is why I like your style.

  15. I am not proud of the people in the picture since some of them would have paid for the votes that got them elected if I am to believe the Prime Minister and Attorney General.

    The PM should advise the Governor General to set up a commission of enquiry to investigate the the conduct of the elections, after all he has evidence of wrongdoing. Then and only then will I start to have any confidence in our electoral system. Mind you, there are all Honourable Members, so we should expect the decent thing.

  16. If not for the vote buying that took place in the last election the BLP would have lost more seats. Certainly vote buying saved Santia Bradshaw , Dale Marshall and Kerrie Symmonds.

    • If not for the vote buying that took place in the last election the BLP would have lost more seats. Certainly vote buying saved Santia Bradshaw , Dale Marshall and Kerrie Symmonds.

      Are we hearing DLPites and BLPites debates who bought more votes than who?

  17. @Fractured BLP

    Surely, you can be more civil in your comments re the Former Prime Minister. It seems you have a great hate for him; becareful how you carry that grudge, it might make you sick. Use the blog more profitably and aim for a higher level of decency.

  18. Damned straight David

    That and the fact that Lemuel come ’bout hey to cause trouble …! Lems for the sake of all that is good, my friend Wicks is not a buller, and even if he were it would not be an issue wid me … Man wah wrong wid you man …?

    “commission of inquiry” … Stupse…. just when I thought you were showing some real real promise …

  19. @ ! | March 20, 2013 at 7:37 PM |
    “If not for the vote buying that took place in the last election the BLP would have lost more seats. Certainly vote buying saved Santia Bradshaw , Dale Marshall and Kerrie Symmonds.”

    Ok let us try to play your little vote buying zero-sum ‘one-for-you –and- one –for-us’ game.
    Michael Carrington, James Paul, Steve Blackette, Adriel Brathwaite (Chris Sinkliar?)
    How many you lost and how many you bought, now !?

    We must take our hats off to Denis the 5 &10 man. He made sure that his votes were bought with a watertight contract for work for a minimum of three years.
    Which woman or man with such on offer on the lowedown table would forego such a guarantee of income for a silly X against an A?
    You must also take you hat off to Peter the Pole man Wickham. Instead of 14: 16 it should really be 20:10 whichever way you read the ratio.

  20. and yesterday somebody told me that right after the picture was taken the blp members declared they had important work to do and headed for the cafeteria.

  21. BAFBFP
    I remember a song by Sparrow called “Fifty Million French Men Cannot Be Wrong”. I only repeat what the fifty million in Barbados say they know is true. BAPs do not wriggle your bottom in front of peter wickham. What an unusual name wick ham. Be safe with your bottom wiggling my friend.

  22. @ Caswell Franklyn | March 20, 2013 at 7:34 PM |
    “Then and only then will I start to have any confidence in our electoral system. ”

    And to think that the PM has the temerity to boast about Barbados being at No. 38 on the UNDP Human Develoment Index. If electoral fraud was an acceptable positive criterion Barbados could find itself a few notches higher on the next index say at No. 20 as it was in 1992.

    The level of this boss man’s adulation of mediocrity from the civil service to love of Leroy business acumen knows no bounds.
    What can one expect from a man who recommends a visit to a drug lord to get help with your financial difficulties and then turn around and blatantly denies it?

  23. Unbelievable!!! Barbados such a nice little gem with A-class potential being led by a F-class government. F for Failing.

    Not expecting anything of significance from these goons… will wait until 2018 til they start cussing OSA yet again. That is where the DLP excels – cussing.

  24. A headline seen in today’s Nation.
    ” Drainage unit working well in dry season”

    Honestly! Dr Lowe.

  25. SOS .
    In today’s Nation we see a picture of a major vehicular accident at the Belle Junction, where a woman was reported injured. After waiting two hours on an ambulance the injured woman was taken by private car for private medical attention. Numerous calls were made to the 511number, with responses that NO AMBULANCES WERE AVAILABLE.
    Really Mr John Boyce,MoH, Mechanical Engineer ET AL.?

  26. Piece Uh De Rock, Yeah Right!! | March 20, 2013 at 1:06 AM |
    It is obvious that the cameraman was an amateur since he has managed to take a picture where three of the visages of the MPs are obscured from view.
    He may not be an amateur, but could have felt intimidated. Some of our MP’S might not be too eager taking instructions from a lowly cameraman. Again this photo may not be the official one, but rather one taken by someone standing to the right of the Official photographer.

  27. Ronald Jones look like a cross between a goat , a labrador and an anaconda -with special reference to he mout !

  28. In my early thirties I began following politics fifteen years have gone by since then about 4 elections. Vertically challenged Hats pain won his seat in St. Andrew /orange Hill each occasion CBC said he is on his 5th or 6th ter. Suffice to say ther is nothing I
    In my early thirties I began following politics I believe Payne was already in the House of Assembly. I’ve monitored closely about 4 to five elections and I cant recall George Payne saying anything noteworthy or memorable on the platform or in the House of Assembly in all those years. The man is a complete waste how he wins his seat election after election is one of the worlds great mysteries. Someone should do a case study on St. Andrew/ Orange Hill politics to find out how a man without charisma or any of the factors that attract voters wins repeatedly.

    Pain’s input to Parliamentary discourse and advancement is between zero and nil. Here we see the vertically challenged clown missing a historic photo op of the new Parliament. There should be a law where Parliamentarians could expel a member whose impact on parliamentary life isn’t worth dog sh**e. I’m told the US Congress has such a law. Pain would be the first to be kicked out. Seriously the man is a non performing joke. Was an official explanation given why he is absent from picture, by George.

  29. Just Asking

    So you are saying Ronald Jones is a Golaban, a cross between a goat, Labrador dog and a anaconda snake?

    Does a Golaban jump like a goat, run like dog or slither like a snake?

  30. Owen really got that good suit looking real rashole bad tho. And to think he want to run a country again, to do what dead at Ilaro Court like Tom and Barrow?

  31. The DLP rushed the Integrety legislation through parliament just before the general elections; has it died a natural death or should we see the M.P’s, starting with the P.M and his cabinet, plus the other members of the DLP declaring their assests NOW, so that we can have some transparentcy in this new term of office?

  32. Dear Waiting

    Looks like you and Drupety gots to wait and wait and wait lil longer…..Wait waana did see Georgie doing ee celebrative dance in the Nation newspaper?…Boy Hats did look like a real Great Chief…..whalosss. He did doing someting so….and so….mulaud !…all the while the song..” I think I can fly” was playing.

    NO SURPRISE THERE!!!!!!!!!

  34. Incorrect………. if you can’t differentiate between THEIR and THERE, why would black majority bajans want a WHITE IDIOT of your ilk representing them in parliament.

  35. @Caswell Franklyn | March 20, 2013 at 7:34 PM…”I am not proud of the people in the picture since some of them would have paid for the votes that got them elected if I am to believe the Prime Minister and Attorney General.”

    What if the PM and the AG are bl@sted liars?

    • Simple Simon

      That is entirely possible: they’re politicians and lawyers after all, a dangerous combination. But I believe that they have proof. My concern is that the PM claimed that he actually saw vote buying and as far as I know, he did not make a report to the police. That is troubling.

  36. well well. is that what you are about grammar?
    without the first slaves on barbados witch was white Irish you would not have what you got.idiot.all you use was invented by the white man.
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  37. From the Sunday Nation ”Sun, March 24, 2013 – 12:08 AM


    The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration came a vote shy of not being able to pass two money resolutions in the House of Assembly last Friday night, as debate on the Appropriations Bill came to a close.

    In the end, the new DLP Government was able to break a 14-14 tie just before 9 p.m. when Chairman of Committees James Paul voted “aye” for a 15-14 majority.

    Paul was presiding instead of the Speaker because the House was in Committee of Supply, which votes on Government’s expenditure plans, including supplementaries.

    The money resolutions, totalling $30.1 million, concerned the Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (BADMC) – to pay off a bond issue – and the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) – to pay debts owed at the end of the last financial year. (BA)”


    So much for those who claimed the narrow election win would not be an issue re voting in the House.

    At least Ministerial travel will be restricted over the next five years.

    That is one saving right there.

  38. Incorrecto…….you will have to check out two other threads for my answers, I am beginning to take pity on you, you are now becoming a waste of space with no power whatsoever to affect meaningful change. Please go and take your meds.

  39. Incorrecto……..I forgot one thing, stop crying to us about the Irish who were enslaved by WHITE PEOPLE, tell it to someone who cares, WE DON’T CARE and we should not care, it is not our burden to carry, it is yours and those you did the enslaving, take the enslavement of the Irish up with the british government. seems like you want to blame black people for white people enslaving the Irish, you are totally irrational, that is why you need to take your medication.

  40. Island:
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  41. Lemuel, this guy, if he even is educated enough to be aware that most inventions were stolen from black people; he is too filled with hate, jealousy and contempt of the black race to admit such. He figures because black bajans appear complacent, he and his ilk should be allowed to run the country with their superiority complex. If he had any intelligence he would try to take over the british government who he claims enslaved his Irish ancestors, but no, he thinks he can take out his impotence and anger on black bajans. I would love nothing better than to drop him in Jamaica or Trinidad with his idiotic rantings.

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  43. Here’s just a tiny sample.

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    Much more here:


  44. Incorrecto…………see what I mean about you not taking your medication and twisting history to suit your mentally diseased brain and mind…………….the Caucasoid race came out of the cold ass caucas mountains in caves…………….Africa which was then known as Egypt had already invented most everything for their own survival, y’all were still in caves. Necessity being the mother of invention and great starvation forced your ancestors to get off their backsides and look to become civilized; civilization was already invented and all your ancestors did was steal what they found, from Africa, China, India, the Americas. Even when the British dumped your ancestors in the Caribbean for being inferior, thieves, murderers and all the stuff that your ancestors are famous for, they found civilized natives on the islands but did what came naturally, stole from them……………that garbage you are spouting is wishful thinking, by the way some of my ancestors were also Irish, you see me going around crying ” I hate black people because we were in Barbados before them, and we were slaves too and we should be in control of Barbados and they are animals and negroids and poor me am so stupid I don’t know what to do with myself”??? You are now played out. The African civilization created what you are now enjoying and it all happened before the white man set foot in Africa with a bible filled with lies. Because of my ancestry I am unable to hate any race, but your hatred of the black race is so condensed that it makes you look exactly like what you are a sad pathetic excuse of a human shell. As I said you need to try to overthrow the British government and take control for whatever wrong you think the government did to your ancestors by enslaving them in Barbados. I can see if you live in North America no one even looks at you on the street, the only place you appear to be visible is Bim, most bajan whites get that culture shock, I blame bajan blacks for this since they still act like bajan whites are people of importance, maybe they need to start ignoring you like others do in foreign countries and you will just fade away in your misery.

  45. ”@mrcorrecto | March 24, 2013 at 11:51 AM |
    If there is one thing in this wonderful world of ours that is worth preserving, defending, and promoting, it is the White Rice. Nature looked fondly upon the White Rice …”
    What you on about white rice for, are you mad?

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