Governor General Elliott Belgrave Picks Tony Marshall BUT Boots Dr. Francis Chandler

His ExcellencySir Elliott BelgraveGCMG KA CHB QC

His Excellency
Sir Elliott Belgrave

BU listened with interest to DJ and others at Voice of Barbados (VOB92.9FM) extending best wishing to Senator Tony Marshall on his appointment to the Upper Chamber of the Barbados Parliament as an Independent Senator. BU on the other hand withholds all plauditory remarks until Tony Marshall shows respect to the public he pretended to serve while he was  #1 afternoon talk show host and Chairman of the important National Insurance Scheme.

Some will see the irony of Senators Marshall and Byer-Suckoo being members of that Chamber in the current term. It was the then Minister Esther Byer-Suckoo who refused to renew Tony Marshall’s appointment to the National Insurance Board. The usually loquacious Tony Marshall has not issued a public statement that we are aware of on the matter. There was rampant speculation at the time on BU about the ‘optics’ he would have exuded as Chairman of the NIS Scheme given his former role as a director on the CLICO Board. There was the other camp who believed it had to do with matters arising from the NIS on again off again decision to fund the problem plagued Paradise Beach Development Project (Four Seasons Project). Whatever the reason the public, taxpayers, are none the wiser.

Tony Marshall given his roles to date BU regards him as a person of public interest and we are within our right to place the former banker under the microscope. As the #1 talk show host in Barbados he never used the VOB92.9FM bully pulpit to speak out about CLICO from an insider perspective. Contrast his position with Tony Hoyos who resigned on principle from the Barbados National Bank Board (now Republic Bank) to express his disagreement at the time about the share price government was willing to accept from RBL (how this matter finally was settled is fodder for another blog).

The other issue- alluded to – which continues to concern some Barbadians was the abrupt way Tony Marshall was jettisoned by Minister Byer-Suckoo and government as Chairman of the NIS Scheme. The Minister at the time felt comfortable explaining that Marshall’s contract was not renewed BUT does the public deserve a fuller explanation Senator Esther Byer-Suckoo?

Senator Tony Marshall has a chance to redeem himself in the Senate BUT we will not hold our breath. One can only wonder what was the criteria used by the Governor General to appoint Marshall to the Senate. Was it a backroom understanding? Is it the ‘fraternity’ raising its head yet again? Rest assured if the status quo remains the public will never know. Hurray for democracy!

Another probing of the Governor General’s picks for the Senate has been the ‘dropping’ of Dr. Francis Chandler. Again one wonders the rational used by the Governor General.  Dr. Chandler has been one of the most vocal and active members of the last Senate. The fact that she is top of her field in the world of agriculture did not count Sir Elliot? Bear in mind Barbados is expected to focus more than in the past on this sector and environmental matters. Who better a person to have in the Senate than Dr. Chandler, a truly independent voice. If this reason is not good enough, the Governor General has not appointed one damn woman to the Senate.Should we expect Leader of the Opposition to be vocal on this matter? What about Santia Bradshaw MP, Maria Agard MP, Cynthia Forde MP, surely they have a vested interest? Needless to say the same inquiry can be directed at Deputy Speaker of the House Mara Thompson.

On this issue social commentator Agyeman Kofi posted the following to his Facebook page this morning:

“Are no independent thinking woman existing in Barbados? How in 2013 a Governor General of a developing democracy appoint a senate and not one female is among appointees? What is even more appalling is the deafening silence of the woman organizations or perhaps they too may be compromised in their quest to remain mendicants to government largesse. Some may say I am an alarmist but hindsight is always 20/20 vision. Barbados is fastly becoming a place where the ostrich and sheeple syndromes are pervasive and excuses for mediocrity is now commonly accepted. Why are few willing to speak out and offer honest feedback? Too many are licorish and now place ethics and morality on the back bench to ensure cocktails invites continue. Thus,will a few honest unselfish Bajans stand up and be true craftsmen of our fate for future generations? Two Barbados will always exist if the current social order is not challenged and the bottom up approach is not taken in our need for social justice and equality. Long live Dr Francis Chandler a true independent woman!”

How can we have a democracy which is suppose to encourage participation but our leaders continue to make decisions which depart from commonsense?

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  1. not only c***ts but big stinking ignorant ones too.
    The poorest parish in Barbados
    Poor mentally
    Poor Physically
    Poor Finanically
    ………..And they does vote DLP
    Talk about ignorant !
    Somebody needs to drop some sense on St. John people.
    How could one set o ignorant people vote the way they do
    Mara Thonpson is a candidate ???
    She is a politician ??
    Steupse !!!!

  2. Just Asking,

    Look, accept it, Errol Barrow has won the St.John seat for the last forty years.

    And he will win it next election too.


  3. @Just Asking
    And Mara laughing at all ‘o dem;all the way to the bank with over 34million dollars!Stupid johnnies keep voting for Barrow and Thompson when the evidence points to considerable neglect in the parish but these johnnies happy to say ‘man i does vote dems all de time’ and they have nothing to show for it.If Christopher Codrington came back he would recognise Sen John immediately.At least the colonials tried their best to put Sen John on the map with top class teachers and top class primary schools,two top class Secondary schools and a top class theological college offering university degrees of worth,for many years and still doing so.In spite of this type of head start,when the dems took over they brought progress in that parish to a halt.Now a Sen Lucian at the hellum and the rot continues.But Barbados like it so;vote dem in spite of the evidence that the majority of dem ignorant and stupid and seem unable to think for themselves.How else can any sane person understand that the present government did nothing of worth for the last 5 year session of parliament but pulled down Barbados’ name in the international arena
    spent money they are not earning,racking up millions of dollars in debt and still be voted to continue the ole same for 5 more years.

    • @Gabriel Tackle

      What stopped the BLP in 14 years of government to throw some resources at St. John to create some kind of record of performance in the area?

  4. @David
    The BLP in typical political fashion did little work in the parishes of St John and St Lucy.Other than a representative resurfacing of a road here and there
    the neglect was allowed to fester.In the case of St John I think the last major project undertaken was the Cable and Wireless Earth Station of the 50/60’s and the last major project in St Lucy was the Arawak Cement Plant in the 70’s.Note too,that the residents and businesses of Speightstown are complaining of the closures and lack of commercial activity
    especially during the last 5 years and the decay of the physical plant in the town.Whenever politicians use taxpayers’ monies to weaken its citizenry by concentrating scarce resources to their disadvantage ,it must be frowned upon.

  5. David; Not trying to give excuses for the BLP’s and DLP’s record in St John. But perhaps if you look at it this cynical way you might see why.

    St John is staunch DLP. They will not vote for a fella other than one anointed directly or indirectly by Barrow.

    The BLP recognzes this. The DLP recognizes this.

    Resources are always scarce. When the BLP is in power they recognize that putting significant resources into St John will not result in them getting a seat there. hence no significant development there during BLP times.

    When the DLP is in power they recognize that they have to do nothing to retain the seat. Just put a warm body to run. Resources are scarce so they put them in use elsewhere in competitive constituencies. Result, again no development in St John.

  6. Very often we see Royal Navy ships coming to Barbados and the crew go about the island doing menial jobs as part of their community outreach,but really and truly, those are exercises to reinforce the fact that we as a people are thought of as being incapable of doing things,even simple things, for ourselves.
    Now take yesterday, Commonwealth Day,not British Empire Day,and the Queen of the Commonwealth’s Representative in Barbados , ie the Governor General was invited to a function at the residence of the Government of the United Kingdom representative in Barbados, ie the British High Commissioner, where the Queen’s representative ,ie the GG,would read the Queens Commonwealth Day Message.
    Does the GG not take precedence over a High Commissioner /Ambassador ? Should the Governor General not be the one who should have extended an invitation to the British High Commissioner,and other Commonwealth VIP’s to Government House to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

  7. Certainly Tony Marshall cannot be all that bad. The first time I saw the man, it was in a public place .He was sitting down ,a lady said something to him and he stood up. She walk away,and he sat down. The woman turned and again addressed him and again he stood up.
    A rare gentleman.

    • The bottomline here is that Tony Marshall was selected to Chair the NIS so how Independent a selection can his be or appear?

  8. @Caswell

    have a question for you. Did Tony Thompson and Carol Roberts engage in a politcal act while being employees of the state, the act was about crime and violence. Was there any consequences of their participation in such an ac.

    • Carol Roberts and Tony Thompson were not public officers or public employees as contemplated by the General Orders. In any event, the particular General Order was not enforceable prior to December 31, 2007.

  9. @David,

    Do you think you could make a case for the GG to rescind some of the appointments and put the following in place instead?

    – BAFBFP
    -Caswell Franklyn
    – Julian Hunte
    – Mac Fingall

    I honestly think we would get more useful input from those four, than many of those actually appointed. They would actually make constructive and useful comment.

    And we would have some sport as well, well worth watching.

  10. Oops! Crusoe, Don’t answer that. I wrote again before I put my meagre brain in gear.
    Actually, Julian Hunte would be a good choice. There is probably no more loyal and patriotic Bajan out there. He has some good ideas and is willing to put them to the test. He might be a better representative for his demographic than the current one, Dr Fraser. And he can provide comic relief effortlessly.

    I’m with all your 4 choices but would add Dr. Chelston Brathwaite to the list. He has a great sense of humour too.

  11. @ Crusoe.
    You would have to be careful with appointing dat fellow Caswell Franklyn . he got a record dat in so good . He get fire from every job he ever had so if he continue on that path you could expect he would be the first GG senator to get fire.

  12. Caswell Franklyn on March 13, 2013 at 7:17 AM
    Carol Roberts and Tony Thompson were not public officers or public employees as contemplated by the General Orders. In any event, the particular General Order was not enforceable prior to 2007.
    What is this 2007 enforceability ? Since when was the General Orders only enforceable according to particular years ?

    • Fractured BLP

      Somehow, I don’t believe that you are so dense. The particular general order conflicted with section 44 of the Constitution. The Constitution allowed those categories of public officers to run for the House of Assembly. General Order 3.18. 1 purported to restrict those officers from running. You have the SUPREME law of the land saying one thing and a rule made by a minister saying something different on the same subject. Which rule do you think took precedence? The other General Orders were enforceable, just not this one.

      However, in 1974, the Constitution gave Government permission to pass an ordinary law to restrict other categories of public officers from seeking to be elected to the House. That law was only passed in December 2007 and was brought into force on December 31, 2007.

      I honestly hope that I was able to help you.

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