NAPSAC and BSSAC in Danger of Being Cancelled

National Stadium track being relaid

National Stadium track being relaid – Photo credit: Nation

Does anyone believe that the organizers of Sports in Jamaica would allow what is happening in Barbados to occur over there? We have a situation where the National Sports Council and the Barbados government made the correct decision to relay the track at the National Stadium. Unfortunately because of factors beyond the control of the actors in the project (we are told) the exercise has taken longer than originally planned.  As a result the two premier sporting events which target the youth and facilitate qualification for CARIFTA are at serious risk of being cancelled.

The National Primary Schools Athletics Championships (NAPSAC) normally scheduled at the end of February has been postponed as well as the Barbados Secondary Schools’ Athletic Championships (BSSAC). With so many vacant pastures in Barbados one is left to wonder why a committee comprised of of our brightest could not conceptualized and implemented a contingency plan. Obviously if the young ones do not perform on a track which is accredited they forego having their times officially registered but which is the lesser of the two evils, performing on a non-accredited track or not performing at all?

It was only a few months ago BU expressed a desire to see a shakeup at the Barbados Olympic Association Executive. The status quo was maintained. When we look at many of our sporting organizations the same faces are being rotated on the Executives. In the schools the job of the Physical Education teacher is seen as the one on the last rung on the totem pole. Also academic work is placed ahead of sporting disciplines. The opportunities which are created by overseas colleges conferring  sports scholarships on our young people seems not to be understood by the powers that be.

Every four years we lament our returns from the Olympics but we obviously lack the vision and management skills to create a vibrant national program to harness the obvious talent shown by our young people. It is hard enough having to compete against the odds given our lack of resources but then we compound it by what is happening now.

If NAPSAC and BSSAC are cancelled the Minister of Sports Stephen Lashley, National Sports Council Director Erskine King and Minister of Education Ronald Jones should resign forthwith. What about the parents? Is this not a cause which is worthy of their attention? Why are they not bombarding the respective ministries?

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    • @Alvin

      Did you read the blog before commenting?

      Here is a quote for you:

      With so many vacant pastures in Barbados one is left to wonder why a committee comprised of of our brightest could not conceptualized and implemented a contingency plan.

    • @Observig(…)

      This is the point Alvin is missing. It is not a matter of nonchalantly rescheduling, the issue is that the BSSAC seems to have made a decision to cancel already. The NSC is waiting for the NAPSAC people to come back to them. The NSC is holding press conference to say what? The parties are not communicating and brainstorming to bring solutions to the table. In the meantime our young people are being deflated by the inaction of those who should be effectively leading the exercise.

    • @Bushie

      What is also lamentable is that we have Alvin who is pro-government in views relegating the interest of our youth at the alter of political poppycock.

  1. @David
    But you also said that if the track is not accredited they forego their times being registered. this could be detremental for those about to leave school. The meets can be held a month or two later. The track will be finished and they might have even better times on a proper track.Holding the meet at this time is not carved in stone. not be

  2. @David
    from the Brass Tacks discussion today it seems that the lack of cooperation and communication among stakeholders was a major contributor as well. Many scaled down plan B’s could have been looked at. Let’s hope they at least get one of them to come of.


  3. @ David
    Your analysis is spot on.
    What rain what?
    Were projections based on us having NO RAIN?
    Stupesss …..Once the decision was made to accommodate Kadooment, a clear plan should have been in place to expedite this project by February.
    Obviously they all waited until the last minute to run around like headless chickens.

    Piss poor management.

    But this happens because, as we shall see, there will be no consequences to ANYONE (but the children and athletes), what the hell….
    …when we can see Ronald Jones reappointed as MoE after his miserable performance last term, why would ANYONE take the trouble to actually pursue excellence?……talk…yes! But no Action

  4. @ Observing
    Managing is 80% about understanding human nature.

    It is obvious that the sports people are really upset about the decision to put KADOOMENT first (by not starting the work earlier last year). Bushie gets the impression that they were overruled when accommodation was made for culture.

    Now that their fears have come true with the project delays, would you expect them to quietly sit down and work out a solution with the people who overruled them and delayed the start of work?

    If a more consensual approach had been adopted in taking the decisions up front, than we would no doubt be seeing lots of cooperation in coming up with a Plan B, Plan C and Plan D…..

    • @Bush Tea

      Did yoi listen to Boozer King today that one of the agencies got back to him (NSC) as agreed? What if they did not, as an important player in the scenario why could he not call his Chairman and ask him to call the Minister to intervene? Oops forgot, parliament was dissolved. This is what happen when you don’t plan properly.

    • Can BU asked a simple question. Couldn’t the NSC have coordinated with the UWU so that construction would start when the Ryan Brathwaite stadium was completed? Yes the Ryan Brathwaite Stadium does not fall under direct government but wouldn’t the UWI have an interest in supporting government?

  5. Bushie thought that King said that after turning down Blenheim on security concerns, the schools now needed to get back to him to approach the police for a final position on security.
    The Bushman is not sure why he could not approach the police for a position and get back to the schools.

    This sounds like an ego thing….

    • See what Clone wrote? It seems we always get back to personalities creating problems. AX comes to mind.

  6. The scale back sports meets could be held at Harrison College, Weymouth or Blenheim.
    As usual the Barbadians that matter in the planning of events are always thinking big and money.

    I have been to many countries and marvel at what they do with little in sports and we always have the best gear and cannot complete with the people who does not.

    Invite a limited number of spectators from the schools only and televise the sports.

    By the way have you ever met Mrs. Jordan who is the head of BSSAC? Be careful what you wish for. This woman aint easy.

  7. @bushie
    “If a more consensual approach had been adopted in taking the decisions up front,”

    boy! this hardly ever happens in Barbados!


  8. When was Cropover? Last July? So why wouldn’t the track be finished? If they really wanted it to be done they would have worked night and day to get it completed. I agree with Bushie piss poor management. Always excuses, blame the rain for the late start, blame the rat and rain for the poor sugar yields, blame everyone else for poor management. If a member of the Royal family was attending the track meets you would see how fast they would have worked to finish. It is only de black chilren meet so dem doan matter.

  9. @David

    r u aware that the Ministers” instrument were stil goo d even though elections were called? I have never had admiration for Boozer King as he knows nothing about sport administration, but in all fairness, it is not sports’s council event, and therefore MS, Jordan was duty bound to do her part, I hope her intention isnot politcal, Did I hear that consideration was given to having the meet in the third term, and isnt that when children will be pararing for cxc, cape and promoton examnation? would Esther Maynard have things under control?

    • @TTP

      The reference to parliament being dissolved was about MPs being focused elsewhere.

      NAPSAC is a NSC event.

  10. As reported in the news Messrs Lashley and Jones are about to save the day by summoning all the affected parties. Why not have built a realistic backup plan to start with.

  11. When Ram builds a stadium, it will just continue to be more of the same, she will continue to be secret contributor to which ever party will do her bidding. Gotta remember Barrow gave her the start she needed in Bim when she left the dark hole of Calcutta. Look at the conditions of her stores (ministry of health had to close two of them for their conditions), the kind of money she pays employees, etc, etc and see if anything will change for the better in Bim. It will just be more of the same.

  12. Yet another disappointment by the DLP. They have disappointed the young, the old, the rich and the poor. Damn clowns, will they ever get anything right?

    Ronald Jones MUST be the WORST Minister of Education in a post-independent Barbados.

    Barbados is an A-Class country with A-Class people being governed by D-Class ministers.

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