Campaign Finance Reform Needed

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
How did two poor political parties raised millions to fund a three week political campaign?

How did two poor political parties raised millions to fund a three week political campaign?

The Mahogany Coconut Group submits that the real vote buying is in the upper echelons of our society. What we witnessed on Election Day was some voters getting cash, cell phones, IPods and a bill paid here and there. The real votes were bought by those shadows- black and white, – who Dr. Don Blackman referred to a few decades ago! Of course Dr. Blackman talked only about white shadows but the corporate landscape has dramatically changed over the years – we now have shadows of all colors and ethnicities.

While we shout from the roof tops about what took place on elections day, we bury our heads in the proverbial sand, by refusing to ask one simple question: How did the two political parties, both claiming to be rather financially impoverished, raise a conservative estimate of over twenty million dollars to pour into a three week campaign? We ask Dale Marshall (BLP) to tell us about the successful “cake sales and car washes” that raised their money. We ask Ronald Jones (DLP) to tell us more about the “$500 here and there” that was given to his party by well wishers. Let’s face it; elections are now big business and the corporate shadows are well entrenched in both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party.

Anybody who believes that car washes, cake sales and a five hundred dollar donation here and there, can raise this large amount of money, needs to seriously wake up from his/her slumber!

The truth is that deals are common place in our politics and state agencies are used to distribute largesse. There is a sophisticated corruption sanctioned by both parties. We hear about consultants and contractors being given work for which they are unqualified. We should pause and thank the majority of our civil servants who are honest, hardworking and not corrupt, like some found in other countries. We maintain that our civil servants are berated for cheap political gain, but they are the ones, who have kept this nation afloat. We elect incompetent politicians who simply cannot get the management of our island state right. Many upright civil servants have been denied promotion and overlooked for professional growth because they did not allow the BLP/DLP politicians and operatives to dictate how they functioned. Just imagine civil servants of many years standing having party hacks, paraded as consultants, telling them what to do and being paid higher salaries.

We can state emphatically that the desire to control, and in some cases corrupt civil servants is rampant throughout all the ministries and statutory boards. What we witnessed on Election Day is a deepening of this process as it encompasses all areas of national life. We either root it out now or face the dire social and economic costs later. However to only concentrate on corruption every five years, during elections, is to make a mockery of the fight against the negative trends. Rest assured that many of those who got a handshake or a gift last Thursday may never encounter their so-called representatives until 2018.In the meantime, those who invested millions will be well looked after away from the cameras.

While we oppose the buying and selling of votes, we are not going to renege on our duty as a viable watchdog group to expose corruption at all levels. While our sources reveal that the giving of considerable sums of money and other gifts were widespread on Election Day, we are aware that this trend has been a regular feature of our elections for decades. What we resent most of all, are the attempts to always identify the corruption when it is connected to the lower echelons of the society. We therefore submit there is need for tougher election laws and at least partial financing of campaigns by the state. The buying and selling of votes and political favors are at ALL levels of our society. We call for progressive campaign finance laws. In the mean time let us look at political corruption at all levels of our society. We also call on all citizens to abandon this habit of selling or buying votes. The vote is an expression of political freedom and participation in national politics and development and should be treated as such. We call on both the BLP and DLP to stop this practice immediately. We therefore condemn those speaking on behalf of both parties as first class hypocrites since, like in many other matters, neither the Barbados Labour Party nor the Democratic Labour Party has any moral high ground on this issue.

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  1. a clean and unpretentious article not laced with hypocrisy but speaks to truth. our people have spoken. there those who have seen and partake in illegal activity. PM STUART has said he personally saw such activity. INTEGRITY was a big issue in the election and the electorate vote also demonstrated that it to be the foundation of our democracy. Now it is time That our leadership demonstrate by way of stiffening and enacting laws be there on the books or further passage of additional laws. The people have spoken now it is time For leadership to do the Right Thing.Our democracy is at RISK! .

  2. @barbados underground talkshop: If you have nothing to contribute to the debate why bother to come here?
    @AC I would like to see some declaration of assets before I yell from the rooftops about integrity. We know they are much better than the previous administration but they are still some disturbing rumours floating around (not about the PM). I understand you support your parties but we need to get past that now and stop the flow of corruption which taxpayers have to pay for in the end.

  3. If the government does NOT implement transparency legislation in ‘say’ 100 days it makes a mockery on many fronts. To continue from where Knight of the Long knives left off:

    Three things many will be looking at closely, the anti corruption bill is waiting to be proclaimed. How long will it take?

    The PM is said to have won the battle on leadership although the polls suggest it was a statistical deal heat. PM Stuart has no choice but to hurry this legislation along to align with the image he wants to project as a man of integrity. This will be very interesting to see how long it takes to mobilise. The DLP’s term cannot been characterised by speed.

    Will this government be able to boast that it rolled out transparency legislation in the sixth year of its second term? The late David Thompson would be so pleased.

    The public declaration which is required of the campaign spending of the candidates. We look forward to the lies which have been institutionalised.

  4. I remember clearly when Dr. Don Blackman was forced into exile for being a politician with integrity, that rare breed, and also for trying to institute positive change in the Transport Board. I am sure Dr. Blackman is now having the last laugh, cause transport board is now a disastrous joke. The vote buying/selling by DLP/BLP is now enjoying full exposure with BLP leader ship denying, denying, denying and pointing the fingers at DLP leadership who said “yes I saw vote buying/selling”, both leaders are lawyers. Exactly where does that leave the electorate???

  5. @ David:
    Could you please tell us who is the Minister responsible for issuing radio (public broadcasting) licences?

    Isn’t it also a breach of the law for a radio station to broadcast partisan political messages outside the parameters of the Electoral & Boundaries Commission’s guidelines and legal requirements?
    Was the radio station broadcasting political messages on behalf of the DLP in breach of any of the provisions of Section 40A of the Representation of the People Act?
    After all, adherence to the law is the primary or acid test of a person’s integrity in public life.
    One wonders what Yardbroom and ac have to say about this.

  6. Miller what is your problem. As far as i am concerned INTEGRITY passed the test from the electorate perspective and in doing so handed the PM a mandate which he has but no other choice to deliver.

    • @Miller

      Have to agree with ac on her last comment. The pragmatic thing to do is give Stuart a chance to deliver.

  7. David,

    Reform of campaign financing policies is a very good ideal to pursue…….but as you recognise the DEMs are not going to get bipartisan approach on it while George Payne and Dale Marshall remain in Parliament .

    Those 2 miscreants are vehemently opposed to the reform of such issues.

    Nevertheless the Dems will try its best to clean up as much as possible in this regard.

  8. @ David | February 27, 2013 at 9:10 AM |

    So let us also ease off the “small” man in this vote selling/buying business.

    The electorate also gave a ‘thumbs-up’ to this strategy of winning a seat to the HoA.

    There can’t be one rule for the big up law breaker and one for the small fry sucker.
    You agree David?

    • @Miller

      Hear David Commissiong’s comment in the media this morning regarding the decay of the Westminster System.

  9. @ ac | February 27, 2013 at 8:50 AM |
    ” As far as i am concerned INTEGRITY passed the test from the electorate perspective and in doing so handed the PM a mandate which he has but no other choice to deliver.”

    So can you please drop the Integrity label and just call him a very slick and smart successful politician? People of integrity do not break the Law, wilfully.

    Maybe the quote below might act as a break on your conscience of deceit.

    “Before I can live with other folks I’ve got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.” ~Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

  10. @ David | February 27, 2013 at 10:14 AM |

    I heard him and what he said is nothing new. If not Westminster what?
    The problem with Barbados and its politicians is a stark lack of respect for the law and conventions surrounding the Westminster system of Parliament and governance. If that respect were to prevail many in that august chamber parading as honourable men and women today would have been excluded this time around.

    BTW, what about your take on the Raul Garcia Affair? How long is he going to remain in “detention”?

  11. Miller why don.t yo stop talking jobby !What law did PMSTUART broke. i hope you not rehashing the election date !You guys/never give up. Don.t you realise the days of PERCEPTION are over along with OSA

  12. Hi Miller,
    The only issue I have with the Raul Garcia case…… that I wish it was you in detention instead.

    In that way you would be far away from an internet device…….thus saving BU from being polluted by your toxic contributions !

    I have to have a chat with our esteemed PM Stuart on that one !!!

  13. @ ac | February 27, 2013 at 11:11 AM |

    Why don’t you read carefully what other people write?
    Have you ever ‘heard’ me say the PM broke any law by telling lies to a child?
    He might have committed a sin or broke a moral code based on your scale of Integrity. But the miller never accused the PM of breaking any law on the books in Barbados by lying to a child and others.

    Since you guys keep saying that “God” is backing the DLP by allowing them to win the elections then he is certainly not asleep and will be testing the same PM like Job. Pity the poor people of Bim will have to part of the twelve labours.

    If you feel that the miller has accused the PM wrongfully for approving the granting of a radio licence to the political party he led during the recent elections I crave your forgiveness.
    I will even issue a letter of apology when the PM gets around to approving the letter Lime is expected to issue to the former Minister of Labour Dr. Ester Byer-Suckoo.

  14. The former minister of labour is seen as former only because her Christian values precluded her from doing as her colleagues did.Fight Nastiness With Nastiness.Were it not for such a fight,corporate Barbados would have gotten its wish.

  15. Miller !by now you know why Byer loss, corporate lime still not finish with doing its dirty job taking all Barbados for a ride .now they have a lap dog in Sutherland who can do they dirty work .Any bets that there dollars help finance sutherland.

  16. We hate to think that there could be a disagreement between us. However, we don’t need so much campaign reform. What we really need is to enforce the laws currently on the books. We seem to recall that there is so many cents a candidate can spend, per elector. We should start by locking up some people, at all levels. And throwing away the keys.

  17. What I find very sickening is the fact that the woman with the loudest voice this time around,was the person standing in the farm ,brown bag over her shoulder handing out money in the lead up to the by election.

  18. Corruption in politics is endemic. In fact it is the core activity. The public receive corrupted truth; corrupting promises; corrupt activity including threats, and in some Caribbean elections murder, fire-bombing and wounding.
    Barbados is lucky, there might be some rum n money and even ballot box stuffing but it is mild. The biggest corruption is the quite shameless lies that are placed in the political arena posing as discourse or policy.
    I repeat an assertion I made elsewhere. Who ever won this election will be forced to go cap in hand to the IMF before Christmas. Tourism is fkd while Europe goes thro massive economic decline. IMF will force cuts, PRIVITIZATION and lay-off in the public sector and the BWU can shout to heaven-debts have to be paid and IMF funds will be needed to pay our creditors.
    Watch for a steep decline in our credit-rating as a prologue to the IMF intervention.
    Of course the Stuart Gov could implement austerity policies without being commanded by the IMF. But the DLP have boxed themselves in with their campaign promises. Watch the old lady Bus ad come back and bite. She was very good (an old friend too) but the ad was a lie. Private bus companies (see UK) accept free travel for all pensioners.
    Never mind it did help bring out the DLP vote. What will happen when promises are broken as they must? Two events/
    M ia could quite easily stir-up the St Michael massive and then watch out.
    A Dem or two will jump ship as did happen under Sandi-the scenario is so similar-even the Stuart seat.
    The Stuart Gov with its tiny margin can’t last to 2015.
    The best opportunity is a Gov of National unity in the face of the harshest downturn since 1966.
    The scenario would be equally bleak had the BLP won save for there historical fact that OSA has some credibility in the international capital markets and financial institutions-friends in high places to whom he might be able to persuade.
    MM is once again hanging her leadership on a precarious peg; to whom does she turn for support? The masses of St Michael?
    Watch out their just might be a Clement Payne on the horizon.

  19. @pacha, miller and ac. Very shortly after the BLP lost the election in 2008 they began a negative campaign against the DLP. this continued up to the last day of the last election, which the BLP lost again. they have however not stopped this negative attack. It is time to stop it now and let us all get together and work to keep this wonderful democracy together. We can all help in so many ways. If you know people were selling their votes get behind a campaign to stamp it out; talk to the people, talk to neighbors talk to friends and persuade them to stop this odious parctice. If you kno of people who left their old parents or grand parents; people whose sweat built the country they now occupy, reach out to them and find out how each of can help remedy this situation. for my part I will try to convince the relevant authorities that it would be worthwhile to renovate the old Tercentenary ward and convert it into a temporary holding place for these people; temporary until their circumstances can be straightened out. This will enable the hospital to better utulise the staff in the emergency department. The other social agencies; welfare, department of Social Care, pensions department, etc should be brought into the discussion. the problem is not insurmountable but has to be tackled sympathetically and with understanding. Barbados is a wonderful place and its inhabitants must understand that it is and each one work toward making it better. Stop complaining so much and be thankful for what you have, and endeavour to make it better. If you see a drain that needs unclogging, take three minutes and unclog it. Only this morning I saw a middle aged woman who had fallen in the snow, She could not get up, and so many people passed her. I got off the bus and went to help her, and then the bus driver came and the two of us lifted her up and put her on her feet, and took her the twenty yards to the bank where she was going. People in Barbados have to exhibit this kindness toward our own people.

  20. @derchris.
    In Ontario (Canada) pensioners pay for bus transportation. It is reduced but they do pay. In addition I do not agree with you prediction of IMF wold at the door. I have confidence in the advice of the governor of the Central Bank, and th eeconomic advisors of the government (the civil servants) would would have been giving the BLP the same advice if they had been elected.

  21. @dercris,

    Very accurate analysis. Sad thing is the electorate believed the rubbish that jobs were safe under DLP.

    Ah well.

  22. @ ac | February 27, 2013 at 2:02 PM |

    Miller !by now you know why Byer loss, corporate lime still not finish with doing its dirty job taking all Barbados for a ride .now they have a lap dog in Sutherland who can do they dirty work .Any bets that there dollars help finance sutherland.

    What are you saying here, ac?
    That the majority of voters who cast their ballots are corrupt because they were bribed by the winning candidate with money received from the management of LIME?
    Is that your assessment of the people who live in St. George South?

    No wonder the PM has not yet seen it fit to release the letter of apology which presumably is still on his desk! You are bright enough to read between the lines.

  23. @ Alvin Cummins | February 27, 2013 at 5:43 PM |

    No one is disputing or against the vital importance of putting Bim first and getting the politicians from both side of the divide to put aside their frivolous differences for the sake of the country.
    What people with a conscience are concerned about is the blatant wanton lies and deceit that the people of Barbados had to put up with in the last 6 weeks.
    Until the DLP administration come clean with the people on a number of issues especially those of a financial nature there will be no healing.

    How can a government continue to borrow from the NIS to pay salaries and make welfare transfers and still tell people that there is nothing wrong with its finances and people and things will continue as before?
    This is a clear case of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul; or more realistically, taking money from the poor and thrifty and giving it to the lazy.

    The DLP administration must do like a true alcoholic and admit there is a serious problem before the healing process can begin.
    When the DLP administration takes this first bold step of admission then the miller would be prepared to hold their hands along the path to recovery.

    • @Miller

      Why not give the DLP a chance to see how this plays out over the next 3 or 4 months? If their policies are flawed it will be known. The flipside is that some have become intoxicated by the DLP victory forgetting that the economy is under pressure.

  24. @David & miller
    “The flipside is that some have become intoxicated by the DLP victory forgetting that the economy is under pressure.”

    Don’t worry. Estimates around the corner. remember something called a MTFS?

    Just Observing

    • @Observing

      To be exact all will be watching where the government finds 150 million in cuts given that it passed over the opportunity in the current fiscal…lol.

  25. @David
    given the money that was spent on elections that 150 million has probably increased by now! With little wiggle room to “squeeze” any more out of the middle class I am very interested to see how the new finance minister tackles what’s to come. Challenging times indeed!


    • @observing(…)

      The worrying part to all of this is the unwillingness of Barbadians (everybody) to modify attitudes. We are living above our means.

  26. @ David | February 27, 2013 at 6:58 PM |
    “Why not give the DLP a chance to see how this plays out over the next 3 or 4 months? ”

    The next 3 to 4 months? We don’t have that luxury of time.
    In 4 months time with a less than required and underperforming Winter Season which the governor of the CBB is banking on plus an almost decimated sugar industry Bim has little wriggle room to boost its fast depleting forex.
    Four month is about all we have in reserves left in the forex tank.
    Because we have put off the inevitable for so long despite Ryan Straughn’s early warnings, we need to make very serious decisions before the start of the next fiscal year. Not 4 months but 4 weeks.

  27. In the interest of transparency,the Starcom Network needs to rerun all that Peter Wickham had to say about the now famous suspected wobble,and the need for a second poll.Lets hear all he had to say before the chat with David Ellis.My suspicion is that we will never get the culprits to admit their attempt to hijack our electoral process.Why else would they have poured such exorbitant sums of cash into the hustings?Why would there have been such blatantly partial coverage rendered through both print and electronic sources?These bitches thought for sure that they were on the way to resume their bilking of our country,as was done before.Let those who now control the flow be warned that there are still some Barbadians who readily choose patriotism over party affiliation.The scrutiny given them awaits you.

  28. hey miller after five years and less than what we have now nothing been privatised and the public servants are still being paid. yuh need to stop all that recycled stale doom and gloom b.sss cause the rock hasn;t fall over the cliff .the only thing fell off the cliff was your leader OSA. yuh need to hush ! folllow Peter example he say he not saying anything no more about this govt. i say good fuh Peter that is the most sensible thing he said in the last two years.

  29. David I implore you to have a heart to heart with the folks in Deacons Farm.I understand that this is much bigger than the boys on the block but you can start there,and let the chips fall where they may.Perhaps then a real discussion can be started .I said the Farm because that is where I saw it with my own two eyes in the lead up to the byelection.

  30. @ hAMILTON hILL AND mILLER. fIRST OF ALL @mILLER. do you understand how the civil service operates? Do you understand the checks and balances built into the system? It is not as easy to corrupt inside the service as a lot of people suppose.
    Hamilton: Funds in the NIS havae to be invested so as to obtain interest to increase the fund. If government “borrows” from the fund, through purchase of treasury bills or bonds or whatever, what Government does with the money -pay salaries or whatever-the important thing is that the money is guaranteed. So don’t get on as if the money is being stolen, or try to give that impression. the money can’t just be paid into the fund and sit in the bank, it has to circulate, and if government needs money it is better to borrow it from the NIS or from overseas where they will have to pay it back in foreign currency. Don’t get on like chicken little;”the sky is falling,The sky is falling.” Be positive.

  31. @Crusoe and Decris

    u preachers of doom and gloom, it is time to wake up an smell the cofee, U have been defeated, ket us deal with campaign reform, so that such claims of votes will not raise its ugly head,

    If per chance, we fell into the hands of the IMF, do u twp have the resources to withstand a devaluation? How many times was Barbados devalued under OSA, R U aware that the Gov, of our Central Bank is a real economist and not someone who masquerade as an economist and who can stand up to any of those internatonal economist like he did last year,


  32. @AC

    u r correct if govt borrows from nis it will pay int, these people seem to think the money is taken out and not returned with interest, It is better it borrows from nis and allow nis to get a return on investment than borrow from the bank,

    • @Hamilton

      You are correct that this vote buying is bigger than the boys on the block. Unfortunately like the drug trade it is the fellows on the low rung that you see. The truth is it is a mess. Let us see what PM Stuart does, he promised to address it.

  33. evidence beyond a reason of a doubt.including eyewitness and actual presentation of crime wether in progress or through hardened an corroborating evedience given by eyewitness or vidoe or recordings. but it must be clear ! factual and concise!

  34. i am waiting to see who get the contract for the new cruise terminal at the port. Is the new company with the green and white trucks formed to construct this project? If so, here we go again were a company forming subsidiaries to maximize all the profits. I am hoping that none of our Ministers as i am hearing, are not involve with Harlequin because the @#$$ is about to hit the fan. Vote buying will be child’s play compared to this.

  35. @TO The POINT ”@Crusoe and Decris

    u preachers of doom and gloom, it is time to wake up an smell the cofee, U have been defeated”

    Who the France is ‘you’? I aint a BLP, check back an see I have never sided with anyone, except focusing on issues.

    And darned well, the issue is yes, our Parliament is in deep doo-doo, and yes, our new government is in deep doo-doo before it starts, the ones behind the PM are boys playing cowboys and indians.

    Dont like to hear it? As one of ‘yours’ previously said, ‘like it or lump it’.

    As for the PM being well, THANK HEAVENS, Barbados would be a laughing stock if one of the two behind took over, if he retired..really.

    Sad thing about Barbados today, there are too many out there, mental midgets masquerading as giants.

    And the good doctor seems fairly bright, but he is a loose cannon.

    And for the record, yes, this government wont last two years. Doubt it, think I am talking nonsense.

    As they say, time will tell, it longer than twine.

  36. To the point, and if you think ‘decris’ is talking doom and gloom, you are seriously ‘out to lunch’, the economy is in shambles and needs serious work.

    I really get fed up with this rabid party-loyalty ‘my party cant do wrong’ crap.

  37. @Cruse

    u among others had made predictions, like the return of osa the disrespectul short man, the economy will crumnle, that there will be a wipe out of the dlp etc, etc. Now the govt wont last two years, since u r so clairvoyant, why dont u tell osa male sure he lay in waiting for the crown. Adieu

  38. The DLP sold out to JADA two days before the elections. Check out the Valarie payment, trace the money and see who bought the elections.

  39. TO THE POINT | February 28, 2013 at 5:23 AM |
    @Cruaoe are there bt loose cannons or snakes in ur party?

    I do not have a party, never did. Nor am I affiliated with any. The interest of Barbados is my concern.
    And yes, predictions can be wrong, espcially when election results are open to the vagaries of vote buying.

    Remember two things:
    – mess with the natural order of things and the return force is equivalent or exponentially more to the action
    – when one plants sour, the fruit is sour.

    You want prediction?

    Beware the ides of March.

  40. As an agnostic and skeptic of the bible, i still take issue with persons who seek to entwine God and Jesus into their political rantings, I am sure the bible NEVER stated that either was a politician and I am yet to see what place or part they had in past or have in present day politics and corruption. Having said that, like everything else in present day life, the island is a machine run by money only, the NIS money barely has a seven year shelf life left; if not the IMF, where will the island get money to run the machine??? Expected whopping spending cuts is about to devastate the economy, the federal government has already started releasing detained immigrants cause they can’t afford to keep them locked up (and we all know how the US love any excuse to imprison immigrants), local security forces will also take a huge hit. Gone are the days when bajans were led to believe they are immune from this recession that has clearly grown some very long legs and is slated to march into the next decade and can very well propel itself into the next century and stomp around, if the leaders cannot see a way out.

  41. I was a student at Mona when MM went thro the hell of the IMF : a hell from which JA has NEVER recovered.
    We ie all Bajans (not just DLP or BLP) simply dont have a sustainable economy with enough tax revenue or foreign investment to pay off our credit card or even to pay our monthly public wage bill. This was hidden under the shouting and noise of the campaign.
    Stuart has no understanding whatsoever of political economy and is unable to find a team of cabinet ,members willing and able to undertake the harsh measures required to cut and cut again.
    The IMF will force the Govt into an embarressment of policies which they have just refuted during the campaign.
    There is no sustainable growth in the Barbadian economy ; our GDP will get worse and worse; our tourism like global tourism is fkd: sugar done!
    The Bajan dollar will struggle to maintain parity with the US.
    We can save ourselves but the men in power are too busy playing with the baubles of self interest to tackle the weaknesses surrounding the deficit and a crisis of expenditure greater than income,

    The politics of the debt crisis is played out against a very narrow majority with a weak leader in Stuart no matter the victory-he is still riddled with uncertainty at a time when harsh decisions must be taken.
    Prayer or shouting abuse will not be enough.

  42. @ dercris | February 28, 2013 at 3:47 PM |

    Very good analysis of the current economic and fiscal plight facing Bim.
    But don’t be surprised if you are now attack and deemed as a prophet of doom and gloom and a “hater” of Freundel Stuart and the DLP.
    ‘The Truth hurts’ is the only consolation that can be thrown your way to fight off the filthy barbs that would fly from the likes of ac, TPP, “I”, CCC, LOOK and Fractured (especially threatening Fractured).

  43. The days after the recent election have revealed a bunch of disgruntled, sore losers who are once again proclaiming to all who would listen that Barbados will fall off the cliff if we do not take “tough” measures. These are the same hypocrites that were runing around for 3 weeks clapping and cheering as Owen Arthur told Bajans that all we nned to do is “lick out some money” and all will be well. Arthur never indentified any specific expenditure cuts, he was promising everything to everyone and did not honestly propose to Bajans what was the tradeoff. Yet, not one of these BLP economic soothsayers had the intellectual honesty to come on this blog and castigate Owen Arthur for trying to trick Barbadians. They were more interested in getting a pick and toeing the party line.
    Now that Arthur (thanks to the Mottley family) has been thrown in the political wasteland , these same gurus are now saying how we need to urgently cut expenditiure and send home public sectors workers.
    If that is the road to take, how come noone in the BLP will say that. I heard Mia Mottley give a budget reply – at the beginning talked about how much we need to reduce spending and then proceeded to talk about a 500 million dollar tourism fund,money for this and money for that. JOKE.
    The BLP will do exactly what they tried to do in the last parliament – oppose,oppose,oppose.

  44. Anybody who followed the last election could see that the BLP was spending A LOT MORE MONEY and advertising much heavier than the DEMS. The BLP facebook campaign alone was over $100 000 .They had the front page banner ads on both newspapers,
    They had PAGE 2 ads (as soon as you open both newspapers),
    The BLP ad appeared as soon as you opened Barbados Today E newspaper.
    The BLP had the sticky notes on the front of the Nation everyday.
    the BLP had the most radio jingles and right around the news.
    The financial backing of the big boys at the Chamber Of Commerce according to Pat Hoyos
    Concerts, 3 Candidate launches and the list goes on.
    Posters and more red cloth than Abeds got in stock.
    Then on top of all that advertsing, Johnny Cheltenham, Hallam Nicholls and some other BLP millionaires were dispatched to specific “low income”neighbourhoods and blocks on election day. The BLP had the money but they could not buy enough votes to mask the gimmicks and lies that were contained in the BLP manifesto and a recycling of the Arthur / Mottley/ Romney policies.

  45. Who would imagine that the elections were supposedly won by the DLP and you ! cannot rejoice and enjoy the victory? Why cant you savour your victory and stop being so mean and nasty telling so much lies. It is Lent, repent and serve God and not the Damn Lying party. We shall soon see he is right about the economy.

  46. @Moby Dick – I am saying that the BLP spent a lot more and lost.Even sending the BLP millionaires into the neighborhoods to try to buy votes on election day did not work.
    Fumble Arthur has his sponsors hopping mad.

    The Nation said the BLP meeting to pick an opposition leader was heated. That is an understatement. Mottley and ” the chattel house on prime real estate” came with “political knives ” drawn for Arthur.No wonder Athur absented himself. Kerrie Symmonds was hoping to be taken seriously but he is a political lighweight with more bark than bite. Noone in Barbados except Muscle Mary ever thought that Dale Marshall would be a deputy leader if Mottley really wanted the position. So once agin, the BLP must recycle a previous leader. The BLP cupboard is bare.

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