Take Back Barbados ‘DEMS’ Belong to We

Submitted by Yardbroom
Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

For too long we have been denied a REAL VOICE, we have sung in the choir but were not members of the Church.  The time is now right under new leadership for Barbados to start on a new path of honesty, decency and INTEGRITY in politics, as in recent times we have lost our compass.  The best way to lead is by example and we expect that from those we have entrusted with leadership.

We have had the BLP, who in fifteen long years could not restructure our economy in times of plenty; now they come again with the same faces, singing the same song, but the people have wised up and will have none of it.  For the old men/women, young women/men, the middle classes and those of whatever hue, who have the interest of Barbados at heart, should come out in a burst of yellow as bright as that in the Pride of Barbados flower and vote for a better tomorrow.

“That Freundel Stuart may lead and become

          A channel of [your] peace

Where there’s despair in life, let him bring


Where there is darkness, only light

And where there is sadness, ever joy”

So that those who have money and more to spend will understand that we will not be bought, and the election is not for sale, we will not sacrifice all for a few dollars more.  That we may stand between the portals of the greatest building and declare to all who will listen, we as one are a people of  INTEGRITY.

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  1. Wuhloss! Some heavy reading to start the election week. Lol

    I concur that we need new leadership. But Freundel must prove his mettle by jettisoning some of the chafe from around him.

    As I said in another blog, the election results will tell us if we are almost ready to begin to start to move in the direction of substance over show, principles over performance and people centeredness over profits. What happens after that determines our path forward.


  2. “We have had the BLP, who in fifteen long years could not restructure our economy in times of plenty”

    We have a world where the richest countries could not restructure their economies in times of plenty. Stop playing the b;lame game. We have a government where in five years have put more hardships on their people with a motto “lowering the cost of living”

    And what happened to integrity legislation? Self praise is no praise at all. When a person keeps telling you he has integrity BEWARE! If integrity legislation was passed the DLP would stand a chance of being re elected! Action speaks louder than words!

  3. islgal wid she soft dumplings ! lol the DLP got a big fish to fry he has already been gutted and the surgeon says the guts is rotten to the core, VOTE DEMS the BLP need a purging your vote would send the BEES the message.

  4. @ig


  5. @ IslandGal…like most bajans whose memory is quite short term it is now not acceptable but down right annoying. It is said the Dems shouldn’t compare themselves with other economies and their failure to stimulate growth and use ‘recession’ as an excuse. However your excuse is that the Bees were not the only Government not to restructure their economy in times of plenty. This is just down right embarassing that educated bajans are still blindly placing faith in nonsense. Your insinuation that the Dems are not a party of Integrity? My only response is then that the Bees are not the party to elect into Power. Just like in 2008 a lot of the Bees still in denial and will suffer political strokes on E-day. It’s sickening. Yall should just get off all forms of media…printed, social etc.


    1 Start where you are.
    2 Use what you have.
    3 Do what you can.

  7. It’s like saying to your child…”Do not learn at school because Geoffrey family is rich and he isn’t learning either” BUNCH A C…RAP! The thing is where credit is due on either side I give it because I’m not a yard fowl because fowls don’t have much brain….I think and analyse the facts and make sound decisions that benefit the Country. That’s our problem. We want Parties to benefit but not the Country. We need to get away from that mentality. If corn beef and biscuits is still your style shut up and let the rest of us buy what we want and have the power in our own hands to do it. How can you sit and state the DLP haven’t done anything…they may have underestimated the times and promised more than was realistically possible but its a down right nasty LIE if you want people to believe that ‘shaving cream’. That’s why I’m sure after Thursday last week and last night, the Bees in serious trouble.

  8. @ Axiom

    Man you talking Bare Balls with a capital B. You could not be talking about a man that just run elections down to 2 weeks before it would dissolve, could you?Cut the crap do, Bajans not as stupid as you would believe. FRUENDEL HAS NO VISION and HAS TO GO. (full stop)

  9. Alriwte Axion bredds if you say is so,is..LIKE EVA TING ELSE WID YOU D’s

    Records speak volumes

    “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Tubby Liard, (ably aided and abetted) by one twitchy Ariel, who say DEM din provoke a fellow Dugid to call tubby a scunt ( with apology) in Parliament.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    And like one low Dung beetle who say DEM ain’t swap no 19.9 acres of Bagatelle dump lands for 9.9 acres of River Bay fertile and “whey my cut” .“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Serta Slumberer who say the Deloitte Report WAS LOST, in which was clearly shown $3.3 million passing thru a company called D T Thomps Associates.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a(once) Fresh Milk Cartoon which say that if the expiry date of certain milk did long pass, it should soon be gone. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain martial Lucian who say Thomps Associates din involve in no passage of $ 3.3 million to nobody on her watch.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Tourist Seale who say no family and friends connections din fly on GOL Airline to Brazil on largess and do the samba.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Jonesing Minister who say he din see no King Report on Alexandra school on his desk and he din know what was going on.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Molassesy fellow who say he forgive and forget his once ‘eagerly compatriots’ and all is well in Aire D Campe..and that this had no influence on the school bell calling late nor no connections to the heads, tails and seats SOON rolling ALL bout in nuff school yards .“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like ole flunking Geese who Quixs to scandalize people but was accustomed getting nuff poorakey marks and is still last in ‘class’ to this day. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a miss Lashley boy chile, who was accompanied by certain unknowns first class en route to the Olympics costing tax payers $17,865.89 and he din the only one either. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Ivy fellow who some how come upon a law degree but still having nuff problems handling the Queen’s English. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Cowboy Dan who din learn NOT to carry his guns to town, however now buy a pink poodle to accompany him to Brambly Cross, even though a pitt bull is his preferred canine of choice..“If DEM say is so, is so“.. But wait wha about the five John Deere tractors?

    IS LIKE ALL A DEM WANNA DO AS DEY LIKE… but not for AS LONG as dey like.. MARSHAL OWEN GIVE DEM 3 1 2 MORE DAYS….to pack up and get outta town.

    Watch….DEMS now..DEMS NEVER AGAIN !

  10. The arrogance of the BLP candidates is nauseating. They are now panicking and offering $500 for a vote in some areas.I am sure that that money is not coming from cake sales and car washes.They thought that in a tough global environment, they could just throw unrealistic promises which everyone knows cannot be sustainable and voters would be stupid enough to latch on .NOT SO.
    Respected UWI economist Professor Michael Howard has said that what the BLP is proposing is madness. Ryan Straughn before Arthur cursed him out said that it would create “an unholy mess”. If you talk off the record to any UWI economist, they will tell you that the BLP is proposing gimmicks to catch votes but they are too intimidated by a spiteful,vindictive opposition leader so many remain silent.
    We will not advance as a country with Arthur’s spiteful form of politics. We need to restructure our economy and anyone who heard Dr. David Estwick on Thursday at The NCF carpark would clearly see that at this point,it is better to vote for team DLP.
    Arthur really has nothing innovative to offer and once agin Clyde Mascoll is turning out to be more of a hindrance than a help to the BLP.Reject Arthur at the polls.

  11. Its like GEMS! MONEY FOR A RAINY DAY ! porkbarrell promises with no end in sight.. Its like living in wonderland only its reality. BEES BE GONE.no more charades!

  12. Met a lady last week, who told me that she got into a car accident years ago and Freundel was her lawyer. The courts awarded her tens of thousands of dollars as her settlement. Freundel sent her a cheque for $350.00. Integrity indeed!

  13. They are all thieves without a doubt, hopefully the party faithfuls are getting something out of this besides making themselves look retarded.

  14. man when de chris come out de ppl was in ah frenzy,de man had it in lil rolls some ppl get twice cause he dint checking it was ah free fall,but painfully sad at the same time

  15. I doan know bout wanna. But I tired of Bull Sh!te.
    It is time WHOEVER comes – come with transparency and integrity!

    It is time for the ones who made promises to have such, when DEM came to power, to lock up the ones that they have proof of! Unless… it was all a gimmick!!

    Show us that you really mean business! BEES if you find proof, lock dem up too! This thievery has to stop somewhere and start with someone!

    Unless, they all afraid to lock up someone else fearing future exposure of their crimes….

  16. BU was asked to post this article to this blog by an emailer.

    Singapore protest: ‘Unfamiliar faces are crowding our land’

    The island nation’s government faces unprecedented dissent towards an immigation plan to increase its population by 30%

    Kate Hodal
    guardian.co.uk, Friday 15 February 2013 11.19 GMT

    Singapore commuters queuing at lunchtime. The government white paper plans a 30% population increase by 2030, making half of residents from abroad. Photograph: Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

    Liane Ng is 25 and single, works 60 hours a week, and until recently, shared a bedroom with her grandmother. Like many other Singaporeans, her life revolves around work, family and the stress of making ends meet in a nation that works the longest hours in the world. But lately her life has taken on a more immediate concern: a government initiative to increase Singapore’s population by a third by 2030, a move that would see citizenship granted to more foreigners and squash the native population to just over half the total.


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