I Will Not Lie, Cheat, or Steal…Pinocchio is Back!

Submitted by Old Onions Bag
Privatize or NOT!

To Privatize or NOT!

Whoever said vices were easy to break Lenten season or not? More recently, DLP clones who seems to want to out-do their once ‘royal conferment’ and his infallible record, have taken to the challenge. Talk about strangers to the truth. Bold faced cold and stark. It is as if whether Hansard’s records exist or not.., “if DEM say it is so  is so“. We are talking about these privatization ads that we are hearing on the radio and now seeing on TV. Was it not he, the late Great David who started this thing about privatization in the first place? If in doubt, just check the Parliament’s records. Of more concrete, Chris Sinckler, in his last Budget speech, informed Cabinet of his intentions to put up for privatization 30 % interest in three statutory owned governmental organizations, Grantley Adams International Airport being among the first.

So how could they now come and say different, and like ‘true jackass’ , making this Numero Uno in their  campaign broadcast program? Could this be another blundering short sight? Or do they really think that the Barbadian voting populace is that ignorant? Oh what a farinaceous string of follies, like wilting daffodils to the end. Will there be no close to their follies? What sayeth you now, All hail King Molasses, you fractious minions to the end……. Where there is no vision, the people will perish. This your advertising program will confirm to us, soon and well.

This was as ineluctable as a slipping barber’s hand.  Goodness gracious,  where were they going with this one? Even little Fontabelle lad would have advised them different. But as with everything done by this current lot… “a blind man riding backwards sleeping on a trotting horse”. True to form to the end.  It would be fool hardy for one to expect different. Gods speed emancipation day.

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  1. From this afar I recently read a statement by Owen Arthur setting out CBC for divestment. Whilst the DLP may have started using the word privatization, there has been a long standing practice of both predecessors BLP and now DLP selling everything in Barbados.
    As the marketing slogan here in the UK goes “When it’s gone, it’s gone”.
    Privitization nets the government’s coffers a one off cash bonus whilst the buyers enjoy an ongoing revenue stream that will recoup their outlay over a short number of years as they dictate prices.

    Privatization does not enrich Barbadians as these new owners are, individuals, companies and corporations abroad.

    That such a policy seems to sit easily with Barbadians, even those who complain that inward investing companies only come to Barbados for the purpose of exploitation, is confounding to the point of promoting myopia to an exact science.

    Sometimes people see the same situation with 2 eyes, one eye or no eyes at all.

  2. Were it not for the flair of arrogance to which this BLP bunch has become known,privatization would have been the focal point of every question posed to the government.Its now a skillfully used campaign tool so far employed with maximum effect.On this government’s behalf I want to thank you Old Wind Bag!

  3. It seems as though there are persons backing these political parties who want to buy out Barbados by first purchasing votes and then buying the assets of the land. Our leaders seem poised to sell us out to the highest bidder for some cash that will not last.

    Land and a home is starting to move beyond the reach of the average person. The average person in the middle class has to marry and share a mortgage in order to get a home.

    The other point is the overweight public sector which is said to be caused by the BLP (Job #1 is Jobs), and how much it costing the DLP to pay these workers per month. Yet I’m hearing the BLP stating they are planning on increasing the wages because of an increase in inflation since the recession. Maybe I’m missing something?

  4. Has anyone listened to Freundel Stuart at the manifesto launch? This is his worst speech to date. Imagine he is the Prime Minister, leader of all the people and he spends 42 out of his 43-inute speech attacking the BLP before he presents his manifesto so people can be inspired by what he has to offer.

    This whole campaign of the DLP of just bashing and cussing the BLP is now stale, probably week 1 was interesting but now it is boring and exhausting. They need new life. Every night just cussing Owen and that Owen tell he this and that is alot of rubbish.


    Dems deserve to lose. have they run out of money? This is the worst manifesto launch in ages.

  5. You all just don’t get it. I have said before and will say it again.

    Barbados is a tiny little miniscule overpopulated Island with minimal NATURAL RESOURCES.

    The late EWB placed an emphasis on educating the entire population and it was massively successful.

    However, we have been stuck in an environment with very well educated academics and professionals supervising a workforce providing services.

    Where are the Entrepreneurs? Where are the creators of new business models?
    Where are the visionaries in education who will develop programs that teach innovation?

    Why is Barbados importing food when 90% can be grown in Barbados.In 2013 “rab land” is viable for agriculture if used for Hydroponics and Aquaculture.
    The scam that allows the Town Planning department to allow “Change of use’ is over because “rab land” is can be used for food production.

    So after the 22nd Barbados will still be waiting for a world economic boom because there are NO VISIONARY LEADERS and the next government will preside over a continuously declining economy until forced into action by circumstance.

  6. @ Hants
    “You all just don’t get it. I have said before and will say it again…”
    …do you understand the concept of throwing pearls to swine? ….or in this case, …..at bowls of brass?

  7. Has anyone travelled down the West Coast lately, from the bottom of Cave Hill to St. Peter they are for SALE signs on every other house. The foreigners who bought these building, even Barbadians who live overseas, and just come here for the winter are selling. Anyone ever ask why. Come on Barbadians wake up, they just don’t want to come here anymore, too much crime, and the costs of living too high, they are going to more favourable places who really want them.

  8. I have said it before and I will say it again:’There are none so blind as those who WII not see.” The BLP supporters just WILL not see because they are caught up in the brainwashing that he BLP has been indulging in since they lost the last elecdtion. The evidence is before tham- wherever they go they can see what this government has done over the five years both small abd big. Example1. The mesures to improve traffic flow between Warrens and Jackson2. the building of the overpass between Parkinson school and CBC. 3. Construction of new Government office buildings at Warrens and realignment of the roads. 4. Reconstruction of the bridge that gave access to the East Coast from Joes River. 5. New housing at beautiful Country Park Towers.6. reopening of th Lion’s Eye Care centre.7. Refurbishment of the electrical plant at the QEH. etc. Doesn’t this mean anything to the BLP supporters? If you look in the papers you will see a new Mercedes sports car at Simpson’s Motors. How much does that cost (U>S> dollars) How many tourists have to visit to provide the dollars needed? It is there because somebody is going to buy it. Of course only certain people will be able to buy it. Why do BLP supporters continue to wear shirts that say “Things Dread? What things? You have free education, the major thing that enable anyone who wants to achieve anything they want. Why continue to be negative and portray a self fulfilling prophesy/ I only hope that the majority of voters can see the positives and return the DLP.Having served as a member of a constituency council I know how they function. Have the critics of the policy tried to understand the before their criticism? Have they tried to make them better? No they prefer not to even participate. It is pitiful that the BLP sput their negative propaganda instead of helping.
    Enough fo now.

  9. @alvin
    Don’t talk out your hand so much. How many reports to the constituency has your council given? How many financials have they made public?

    We can see the positives. It is the unexplained and blatant negatives in only 5 years that pose the problem.

    Just Observing

  10. Alvin Cummins
    You asked why the BLP don’t help, well when help was offered a certain DLP MP shouted across the floor in parliment to tell the BLP MP,s , they don’t need any help from them, they had 14 years, so keep quiet.

  11. Alvin
    Some constituentcy Council headquarts are in the same building as the DLP M.P.s. What do you read from that? Who is controlling them? Most of the time, the members of the Council are chosen by the very M.P.

  12. Afterall there would be no way out for the BLP with there scam and intent of raiding the TREASURY. speaking of divestment way to go OSA cause after the cupboard is bear . the next best solution by the BLP would be to PRIVITISE.cause OSA would be too embarrassed to go mout in hand begging the IMF.

  13. http://news.yahoo.com/jesse-jackson-jr-wife-plead-guilty-fraud-014931236.html

    Congressman, Jessie Jackson Jr. and wife in the United States is being persecuted and convicted on charges of fraud. Barbados is too far behind, must somehow catch up. Owen Arthur in Barbados is not only a free man but racing for a fifth term as prime minister. LOL He, Arthur and the BLP train wrecked Barbados and accountable for massive land theft. Violet Beckles inherted vast amounts of land from Beatrice Henry; all was taken WITHOUT COMPENSATION of any kind. David Thompson investigated Violet Beckles claim of which involves the BLP administration, and the National Housing Commission (NHC), a government entity. . . . . moving tax numbers from one person with deed to another person with no deed and no proof of sale. . . . massive land fraud.

    Speaking at a political meeting at the corner of Deacons Road, Owen Arthur said “the island had been humiliated by the recent S&P downgrade.” We have been reduced to junk status and someone has to be held responsible for it. He Arthur said also that the S&P downgrade report must be taken seriously, but what about Violet Beckles? That old woman has been humiliated by massive land theft and fraud perpetrated by corrupt lawyers and high authorities in Barbados. This must be taken seriously. This must be taken seriously. Someone has to be held accountable.

    Thompson of the DLP was not honest but certainly wasn’t fearful. Thompson unlike Stuart did not fear the Violet Beckles case. Violet Beckles must be taken seriously. All those involved and must be accountable – persecuted and convicted: Sir Richard L. Cheltenham, QC, Charles O. Williams, Samantha Cummings, Mark Cummings, Mia Mottley, etc.

  14. @ AC …Sometimes we hear about a shot across bow, but the one you just threw Observing in bajan terms is called A BELLY SEARCHER.Dat too sweet doa!


  16. @ Hants ….your post at 11:04 am is quite reminiscent to words spoken by a former opposition leader,now shadow minister responsible for repudiation of fact.Any minute now we can expect his response to the brilliant performance of Jepter Ince last thursday evening.

  17. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Tubby Liard, (ably aided and abetted) by one twitchy Ariel, who say DEM din provoke a fellow Dugid to call tubby a scunt ( with apology) in Parliament.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    And like one low Dung beetle who say DEM ain’t swap no 19.9 acres of Bagatelle dump lands for 9.9 acres of River Bay fertile and “whey my cut” .“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Serta Slumberer who say the Deloitte Report WAS LOST, in which was clearly shown $3.3 million passing thru a company called D T Thomps Associates.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a(once) Fresh Milk Cartoon which say that if the expiry date of certain milk did long pass, it should soon be gone. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain martial Lucian who say Thomps Associates din involve in no passage of $ 3.3 million to nobody on her watch.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Tourist Seale who say no family and friends connections din fly on GOL Airline to Brazil on largess and do the samba.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Jonesing Minister who say he din see no King Report on Alexandra school on his desk and he din know what was going on.“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Molassesy fellow who say he forgive and forget his once ‘eagerly compatriots’ and all is well in Aire D Campe..and that this had no influence on the school bell calling late nor no connections to the heads, tails and seats SOON rolling ALL bout in nuff school yards .“If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like ole flunking Geese who Quixs to scandalize people but was accustomed getting nuff poorakey marks and is still last in ‘class’ to this day. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a miss Lashley boy chile, who was accompanied by certain unknowns first class en route to the Olympics costing tax payers $17,865.89 and he din the only one either. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like one Ivy fellow who some how come upon a law degree but still having nuff problems handling the Queen’s English. “If DEM say is so, is so“..

    Like a certain Cowboy Dan who din learn NOT to carry his guns to town, however now buy a pink poodle to accompany him to Brambly Cross, even though a pitt bull is his preferred canine of choice..“If DEM say is so, is so“.. But wait wha about the five John Deere tractors?

    We Dun Wid DEN….

    IS LIKE ALL A DEM WANNA DO AS DEY LIKE… but not for AS LONG as dey like.. MARSHAL OWEN GIVE DEM 5 MORE DAYS….to pack up and get outta town.

  18. Owen was last seen at his home up West Terrace loading the dillinger and talking to Liz Thompson who is ready and willing to aide Sandra in tonight’s West Terrace meeting …..they plan to expose Tubby’s lying scunt.

  19. I can’t believe AC and the other DLP yardfowls could still be believing they are going to win more than 10% of the seats, farless win the government. I honestly hope that we don’t see another numerically weak opposition, but then small or not they will still be weak, without D.T

  20. Dun wid dem

    Remember tonight. The place Boscobelle, St. Peter. Fraud in high places. The evidence: nasty corrupt politicians with millions.

    A highway to corruption which ‘flyover’ the law and made certain folkesmulti multi multi millionaires.

    Tonight, the Gospel according to the DLP and an exposé that will change the batting order in the BLP by Friday next week.

  21. The DLP was so engaged in canvassing from the 2008 elections, that they didn’t realise the time was up for a new general election. Then they found themselves being the longest government EVER in Barbados history, yet they still was not ready. Image being the ruling party, yet when they called elections, there were no posters yet in the island. Now there were no manifestoes ready either, and now they are trying to tell the rlrctorate, the BLP copied from their manifesto. Come on, you were the governing party, when elections are called, I should have been seeing posters, billboards, and ads appearing the next day, even that the BLP beat the DLP on.
    S H A M E

  22. @ac and hamilton
    If you can find anywhere on any thread where I predicted a fight between Broomes and the government and I will concede and publicly admit I was wrong. I know how tempting it is to shoot the messenger, especially when he is usually right but rest assured I am clothed in the armour of God and can handle it.

    I notice too that DLP partisans on this blog have developed a habit of spitting a statement in the air and hoping it becomes truth on the way back down. So much for Operation Bang Bang.

    Hamilton, don’t follow the multitude to blog ignorance. if that was a belly searcher I must say it didn’t even make me break wind. As for a shot across the bow i would suggest not using blanks next time.

    Just Observing

  23. @Peter jilkes
    an expose and a gospel and you choose boscobelle on a saturday night when 3 other national meetings are scheduled? seriously? this is what passes for strategy in George Street nowadays??

    well well well

    Just Observing

  24. Peter, is it Jilkes or Gilkes
    For goodness sake, stop bothering about the BLP and their leader, it is time your party tell us how your party is going to ease the cost of lliving, tell the electorate how your party can give them hope for a better tomorrow. Like in the demise of the Sandiford government in the early 90’s, people will vote against the DLP, which means the BLP will win by default. All your party have been doing, even though elections have been called, is cursing and trying to belittle the BLP, we knew what they did wrong prior to the 2008 elections, that’s why we voted them out, now you have fallen into the same trap. Unfortunately, MY PARTY, the DLP will become the first ONE TERM government in Barbados. The good news is, if the party can seriously reorganise themselves and show the electorate that you are more prepared to govern, then the electorate will take a closer look at you in 2017/8. By then you will have to deal with Mia Mottley as leader and not Owen.

  25. Just want to know – Those for sale signs have been up and down the west coast for the past 7 years. There are no buyers but every month new for sale signs are going up. South coast is also like that, no one was paying attention and no one listened.

  26. Owen auther is a political vampire who was brought back to life by some clowns in his party,tne first person he came back and bit was mia, The bite has her in a trance,Now if this vampire can destroy his own,how can he be allowed to prey on the people of Barbados. The electorate will drive the final stake into heart of this political vampire and send him into the political wilderness forever.

  27. slope @ how you know so good. We happy all is not blind to the facts

  28. I Will Not Lie, Cheat, or Steal…Pinocchio is Back!

    Like De.. you have done it again…..Congrats….Now that is a cruel boast even for an Arson ….show me that smile again

  29. I lie wid the Dems and now I get burn. Imagine dat ac wanna piss on the Ram goat. Wanna see LIES it duz cut ya throat. i outta work and doan know where to turn. cheeseon breds man too much lies comin from high pla ces.

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