Cowboys and Rebels

Submitted by Old Onions Bag
BLP billboard damaged - Photo credit: Nation Newspaper

BLP billboard damaged – Photo credit: Nation Newspaper

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Indelible western movie…
We could all compare and contrast,
When men of that era showed up their class.

How apt at this season, we see these similarities. Of worthy note – The Good – that most amicable discussion between Hon. Mia Motley and Hon. Ronald Jones on Brass Tacks, first elections debate. Kudos to them for setting the bar high, for other mortals to follow. The immediate response was deafening applause by a majority discerning Bajan listeners, quick to compliment and endorse. Definitely an Audey Murphy or Clint Eastwood moment even, to contrast.

Also in that movie, were the scenes of the lewd and sordid. The Bad – Like those who knocked over signboards in the dead of night, and defaced opponent’s signage, as if looking for a gun fight. Come now rebels of honourable men, we dislike such gore. There is absolutely no need for this type of marimba, not when less is more. Less we should forget The Ugly.
Colt brandished,
Stupidity forsaking honor,
More bark than bite.
Ladies and gentlemen
The Poodle caper!

As for that PARO poster ad, ‘unwanted’…most distasteful, bullet holes and all…by the intellectually bankrupt, whose time would have been better spent cow ‘tipping’ some sleeping caps. Now if crowd participation is anything to go by …both sides shall soon be seeing RED. But crowds are just that, and elections are but won on the day. Should we go by attendance of party faithfuls however, then definitely stark, hangings in the cold air.

These scenes from that once John Wayne era,
Again can be readily compared….
At this time of silly,
When all seems snared.
Hurry 21st February…
Bring on the fanfare !

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  1. David will speak at a DLP meeting tonight. He speaks again on a platform outside St.Philip. Another untruth posted by a commenter now debunk.

  2. ah very interesting article in the Barbados today dated 07/02/2013 from the economics society president Ryan Straughn

  3. Onions,

    You guys not making the most of the DOG SHOITE..Mr.Physical Deficit put down in Parliament. The man is a c-rass. This ting should be all bout at every meeting. Best joke though, the ladies say the lil door knob, got in BARE BLANKS.

  4. @Old Onions Bag

    What’s not good but bad, ugly and from my understanding illegal, is the erecting of billboards without Town Planning permission. They deface our communities and at every turn our sensibilities are assaulted and now even more so with this turn of events where they are being defaced and assaulted.

    The erection of these billboards, first by the DLP prior to the last election and now by both political parties shows how little they actually regard the rule of law. That is why we are becoming bit by bit such a lawless society led from the front by our law makers in chief, our oh so “Honourable” members of Parliament. What say you Old Onion Bags. Why don’t you give us a piece on law and order.

  5. @ Tings dred..We voting RED

    Shame on the DLP and BLP for eracting billboards. Shame on both of them for placing posters on our utility poles and walls.They are all UNWANTED and indeed UGLY.

  6. I find it amazing that before elections were announced the Prime Minister didn’t want to speak to us on nothing. You couldn’t get him to unpick his teeth but now all of a sudden he up and down the country want to speak at three and four meetings a night. Sorry Mr. PM, too little too late.

  7. Have you noticed that politicians have moved from promising their constituents Traffic Roundabouts to promising them Heritage Sites?
    I have heard a few politicians liking themselves to Ministers of Religion. This is surprising, as in Barbados they all believe that they are, and treated like, God Almighty.

  8. Word has it that the BLP is going to name the $4 Million overhead pedestrian crossing in the Pine , the “21 February Walkover”

  9. @ Hants
    Oh how I wish you were on the Rock breds…..this is DEFINITELY one for the BEES…..Last night at Carlisle Car Park a crowd of 15,000

    stretched all down to the fish market on the Harbour Rd. Never has there been such an UPRISING by the ordinary man Hants….I saw Dees there could always tella a D nowadays…. they loss and in shell shock…..a look of pity.

    Now they take to pulling down opponents posters nightly UGLY….won’t work either..nor their lying privatization ad….. it was late David T who in Parliament point clear …pensioners paying bus fare wha….But we won’t be distracted, we wont be swayed….they drowning and clutching at straws daily….. (nxt post it)..It gine called ” In for Rough Rider DEMS….Condomize now! “…a real old fashion WASH PAN of licks comin …..Hants unna sandpapered to D metal boss dennnn !

  10. HERITAGE SITES is the latest scam being perpetrated around the world, by organizations that will benefit. Local politicians are just jumping on the bandwagon without thoughtful analysis of who will benefit and who will not,they are trying to see if they will benefit, but I have news for them, they WILL NOT.

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