Time to Say Goodbye..(again) DLP – Part II

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The BLP is boycotting parliament to force government to "ring to bell"

The BLP is boycotting parliament to force government to “ring to bell”

“Oh what a tangled web we weave..when we set about to intrigue”….

What will it take to bring down the curtain on this farrago and consistently fractured performance? Like the sesame street hagglers Nit n Wit….. the people of Barbados have now endured for too long. We were given a promise of “better days are coming,” only for Jimmy Cliffs up-tempo Caribbean renaissance “to be punished with laughter” by descriptives and their promised “delivery to the light.”Far the less, as one seasoned blogger had put it…”Now they have painted themselves in a corner.”…and in all but dark.

Now you are in no man’s land. As once Star Trekkians would put it ….”where no man has gone before.” Take care William Shatter and Leonard McCoy. This SSS ‘Enterprise’ far from enabled with wrap speed, sputtering and ‘pun choke’.

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But all jokes aside DLP.. Time up ( fa real ) …..What is your hold up now? This will make the first time in political history in the Caribbean, that any one sitting party has broken with convention and will be encroaching beyond the accustomed five year stay. What this will spell for you..only time will tell.

Today, you will hold a Cabinet sitting with all but lonesomes. BLP members have decided now to play your John Wayne game and decided to sit it out from here on in. Who could blame them. You have over stood your welcome n stay.

With two industrial strikes pending, definitely not the  time to facilitate an elections format. But again, who is to blame…. who really is to blame? Bring on the popcorn folks, let’s see how  the great Houdini will  attempt to wriggle out this one…. OUT this time definitely the correct cliché’.

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  1. In 2007 when the Thompson led DLP Opposition boycotted parliament the then BLP government criticized the move. Now the ploy is being used by the Arthur led Opposition we have the same critique by the government. Same old same old.

  2. The BLP MPs say that they boycotting Parliament on principle but turn up at lunch time to eat food in the Lunchroom at Parliament. These people cannot be serious.

  3. The BLP MPs say that they boycotting Parliament on principle but turn up at lunch time to eat food in the Lunchroom at Parliament. These people cannot be serious.

    Gluttons . a trait of the BLP. was OSA missing in any case he never shows up but lives the life of Riley at the tax payers expense.

  4. Can the BLP MPs miss 3 consecutive sittings of Parliament without any sanctions ?

    Then again they can go on sick leave !

    Why claim you are boycotting the proceedings in Parliament….but find your way into the lunchroom for food ?

    These BLP MPs are more farcical than we can imagine !

    Interesting that Dale “smiley” Marshall announced the boycott…..and not OWEN….since Owen had long abandoned the Parliament years ago !

  5. Carson C. Cadogan | January 15, 2013 at 7:19 PM |
    The BLP MPs say that they boycotting Parliament on principle but turn up at lunch time to eat food in the Lunchroom at Parliament. These people cannot be serious.

    Could not believe it when Donville Inniss said it what a disgrace. Its them who asking voters to let them govern the country again they cant be serious. Onion your Bee parliamentarians like you they love food and they licorish. Shame shame shame.

  6. @David

    No comparison…

    The DLP in 2007 boycotted the house but did not go back for the lunch the taxpayers paid for.
    If the BLP didn’t do the taxpayer’s work, they shouldn’t have licorishly eaten the taxpayer’s food.

  7. Desperate BEES! making a fool of themselves ! HA! HA! Ha! where is their leadership . oops on his way to the lunch room. couldn’t sumbudy tell the BEEs dat don”t look good!

  8. @Cornwall

    Yes the eating of lunch was a bad call although there is nothing to say the BLP did not have meetings on site.

    Yes, same old same old.

  9. @ Carson C. Cadogan | January 15, 2013 at 7:19 PM |
    “The BLP MPs say that they boycotting Parliament on principle but turn up at lunch time to eat food in the Lunchroom at Parliament. These people cannot be serious.”

    You see why it is justified to call you and those who repeat the vile lies “DLLPites”? Yes DLLPites for dangerous lying libelous pimps.

    Were you there in the Lunchroom? Can we look forward to seeing them on ac’s Youtube with all the fancy smart phone cameras available to the DLP members?

    Would it be OK to say that the reason the DLP is extending the people’s allotted time is because many of them will not be returning for free food. Just look at them and see how they have swollen in the last 5 years like bullfrogs in the mating and spawning season

    Just like the note received from OSA about giving away Mia we await visual evidence of such preposterous claims. It would certainly a feather in the DLP’s political cap and a downright disgrace to those BLP MPs.

    But how can one blame a drowning man for clutching at straws!

  10. Whatever you do please don’t tell lies on Owen.

    There is no way he will waste time eating in the Parliament lunch room when he can go and have a “liquid lunch”.

  11. ac

    “couldn’t sumbudy tell the BEEs dat don”t look good!”

    Love it!!!!!!

    You read that piece by the hypocritical blog owner?
    “there is nothing to say the BLP did not have meetings on site.”

    Maybe they were bringing some of the food for him!!!!! hahahahaha

  12. Isn’t the leader of the opposition’s office located in the parliament complex? What is so far-fetched about BLP meetings held?

    BU awaits the film footage from the DLPites. Surely they own smartphone!

  13. “BU awaits the film footage from the DLPites. Surely they own smartphone!”

    See how the Blog owner trying to water it down?


    Why the blog owner did not put the pictures with SEETHRU drunk in the mud?

  14. Oh Boy! in 2007 but according to the BEES “WE”must not go back there! so fast forward in a fit of hysteria on wanting to hear an election Bell. the BEES have a “tissy fit”and does not show up for work. Does that make sense? but goes to lunch at warp speed. Where is the leadership. would be funny if the lunchbreak was captured on video.

  15. @ Carson C. Cadogan | January 15, 2013 at 8:27 PM |

    Where’s the beef?
    When I see the photo evidence I would accept it like OSA ‘lying’ in the gutter with a mangy dog licking his mouth by John Moore’s bar.
    Now run along and serve the DLP pudding.

  16. David of BU is simply amazing.

    He now calls for Smartphone evidence on the BLPMPs lunchtime rendezvous in the Parliament lunchroom….but a few months ago when he received the Smartphone photos of OSA drunk and lying down in mud outside John Moore’s shop….he refused to publish them unless he received a US $ 500.00 fee.

    SHAME !

  17. I don’t believe that any Bajans in John Moore shop would allow Owen to get drunk and then leave him lying down in mud.

  18. @ ac | January 15, 2013 at 8:58 PM |
    “..miller can we call this the”LAST SUPPER”

    Why not? With the Eager 11 plus One and Mr. Integrity making up the scene.

    Only problem is who would play the part of Judas Escariot. Should it be Hammie-La or Chris Sinckliar? The choice is yours. Mara can play the part of Mary Magdalene or should it be Esther?

  19. this is what the DEMs campaign will be. This is what SCL, the political consultants do. Lies, Lies, and more Lies.

    but the lies work in 2007/8. bajans are onto them.

    one would think that in this day and age, the proof would be in the showing but take it light, the show and tell will come. let us see CCC and Donville lie their way out of this one or two or ten or twenty or sixty things.

    this will be the easiest million plus dollars that SCL (http://sclelections.com) will ever make for losing.

    1.Standard & Poors downgrade buhbaydus economy to junk status.
    2.Moody’s downgrade buhbaydus economy to junk status.
    3.Buhbaydus listed among the 10 most indebted nations in the world.
    4.Buhbaydus economy ESTIMATED to have grown 0.7% in 2012
    5.Long stay visitors DOWN.
    6.The IBC is DOWN.Many have left buhbaydus.
    7.Tourism is a disaster.
    8.The International Business Sector is a disaster.
    9.Agriculture DOWN
    10. Manufacturing DOWN
    11.FOUR SEASONS continues to be a disaster.The lil indian dun talking.Can’t
    get it moving
    12.BA has reduced capacity into buhbaydus.
    13.Virgin has reduced capacity into buhbaydus.
    Things not looking good for Froon.

  21. @David
    BU awaits the film footage from the DLPites. Surely they own smartphone

    The bar has been raised on BU, no more can one make spurious allegations without presenting photographic evidence. I look forward to a continuance of same…

    BTW is photography allowed in the MP’s cafeteria? If photography/video is allowed some illusions may be shattered as members from different sides of the aisle may be observed eating out of each other’s plate while here on the blogs the minions fight and cuss one another…

  22. Freundel you and your DLP are loitering on the steps of parliament. You have overstayed your time.

    Time that we the electorate of Barbados tell you “Ever so welcome , wait for a call”.

  23. that iniss is a liar! would anyone admit such a sorry tale. how about duguid . without camera do you think he would have admitted the use of foul language.

  24. Could Donville Inniss have been talking about the BLP yardfowls who regularly take lunch at the public’s expense in the Parliament’s lunch room? There are usually a similar number of BLP and DLP yardfowl feeding there. It should not have been very difficult for Donville, who broke the story, to have taken some surreptitious pictures on a cell phone of these people or BLP MPs having lunch.

    It was a beautiful blow, expertly delivered by Donville. Would like to see if he can back it up with proof. Otherwise the disclosure will say more about him than about the BLP.

    Looking forward to seeing the PICS.

    If there is any validity in the poll results can the BU family imagine how the general public will react if FS allows the poll to extend into the automatic dissolution time zone now.

    I am still betting that he will call the election by Monday next week to avoid that pitfall which looks even more perilous now, especially with the 2012 Economic report now out. FS is priceless. What kind of PM would allow such a report to come out just before elections when he would have had some inkling of what it would contain and could have called the election at a time before the report was due?

    Wickham, Lose what 10 seats what?

  25. The B LP is not only a rudderless ship but its members are contemptuous of Parliament . Here they are organising a mass meeting in Heroes Square on a day when the Senate meets .Dont they care that the Senate may possibly go late into the evening? Or is it that regard that Parliamentary sessions are over after their boycott ? Will somebody please tell us who is leading the party at this time ? Is it Marshall the lawyer who cant even get a simple legal proposition about the constitutional life of Parliament right , or is it Arthur whose record of attendance in Parliament amounts to less than TWENTY FOUR hours ie THREE WORKING DAYS FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS ? We are bemused.

  26. Check the Barbados Today DLPites,, time up. You all have irritated the teachers , doctors , dentists among other professional bodies. The teachers at the grammar schools are about to strike, why? all because of big head Ronald Jones and Karen Best. Tek that 7% swing now against the government.

  27. “What is means therefore is that Inniss is a lia”

    one wonders when Inniss will look back and see he is digging his own grave?

    time will tell.

  28. tell us about the BLP YARD FOWLS who eat in Parliament (CIVIL SERVANTS who work in The Accountant General Office and Inland Revenue (Internal Auditor) can these persons be TRUSTED by any party.

  29. Why are any of our MP’s feasting at the public trough?

    Don’t we pay them enough that they can ALL buy their own lunches?

    After all the lowliest clerk and labourer is required to buy their own lunches.

    Donville should be ashamed of himself for calling out the other MP’s when he himself feasts on the public purse.

  30. Ask Donville if anybody provides the doctors, nurses, technicians, maids, clerks, and labourers with a free meal as they toilduring the graveyard shift at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital?

    No. These people are required to bring their meal from home. The Minister of Health (and all de ressa de MP’s) should be required to do the same.

    Some people have no shame.

  31. @ David
    Please show a greater sense of logical thought . Are you saying that because your “sources ” denied the charge made by Inniss ( mark you, you have not disclosed who are your sources , but that is understandable; no prudent person does that ) Inniss is a liar ? Certainly there must be a proper method of certifying what is fact from what is a blatant lie . How impartial are your ” sources ” ? My sources have confirmed Inniss’ charge so my mind is still open on the truth of the accusation .

  32. i couldn’t care less if they have a free meal as part of the perks. but it galls me when those we put in charge of taking care of the countries business does not show up for work. actually going on strike and for what purpose ‘To hear a bell ring” those type should be fired . what kind of excuse is that and furthermore what kind of example are they setting and sending to the youth who will at some time have to be employed where work ethic and responsibilty is required by their employer. the Blp ought to be ashamed of themselves their is no excuse for this despicable behaviour.

  33. @David
    This is Donville’s Modus Operandi This is how he won his seat. This is how he clings to the political popularity vote. A shrewd style that lacks substance and can be proven. To be wrong. I await his rebuttal to you calling him a bold faced liar. Let’s see the turnout in Heroes Square tonight as well.
    The BLP have the upper hand.
    Downgrade, zero growth, poor prospects, slow xmas, 11.7% unemployment, forex minus BNB down, BSTU still acting up, LIME/BWU far from over, 5 year election anniversary over, legislation passing with zero political points gained. This is not the climate in which an incumbent wins an election. I see the poll verified my 10 seats in play assessment. Time will tell.

    Just observing.

  34. This how I rack it.
    BLP 24
    DLP 6
    Fruendel ole boy time’s up, If your party wins ( though most unlikely) you still lose as they will be throwing you over board.Call the damm thing and go into retirement chief..its all over.Man up do !

  35. Dear DLP
    Time to VACATE. Time up fellas…. what will it take, an elections? Ok well let us have it will ya… We on bending knees now…let it happen MAN UP ! You guys too poorrakey Fa real !

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