By Baba Elombe Mottley

By Baba Elombe Mottley

All across the English speaking Caribbean, there is an ominous movement of sorts, a movement of low frequency rumblings without patterns, without form, not like the rhythms of bumbatuk or soca or the one drop of reggae or mento that we are accustomed to.

The essence of all of these known rhythms is that they link us to a past of chattel servitude where there was little choice for self fulfillment. In time these rhythms. isolated as they were in tenantries and yards and the dancehall, fortified our resolve towards freedom and independence.

Over the last 40 to 50 years, we built indigenous institutions in every sphere, oblivious to the rumblings that were moving across the region. We dismantled the psychological prison of plantation inheritance, killed off the skills we developed to feed and clothe ourselves while we were taught to assemble products that we never used. We set a precedent by bribing investors that our labour was cheap and responsive to training and we told ourselves we could depend on these jobs.

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  1. The more DLP ministers speak the more I realise that they are either dumb or believe the electorate is ignorant. Case in point–the questions posed by Minister of Housing Michael Lashley in today’s Nation about the NHC’s decision to build a commercial property. The answer to his question is simple: CROSS-SUBSIDISATION and overall better use of government money i.e. efficiency. Why pay private interests for government accommodation when that money could go to NHC as rental income to help finance house building resulting in mean less transfers to NHC? Little wonder they have flippantly given away rental units while the NHC keeps extending its overdraft facility. Someone also needs to remind the minister that the Cabinet he sits on amended the act to appoint the current CJ and appointed a Executive Director at BWA when none existed in the BWA Act.

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