By Baba Elombe Mottley

By Baba Elombe Mottley

All across the English speaking Caribbean, there is an ominous movement of sorts, a movement of low frequency rumblings without patterns, without form, not like the rhythms of bumbatuk or soca or the one drop of reggae or mento that we are accustomed to.

The essence of all of these known rhythms is that they link us to a past of chattel servitude where there was little choice for self fulfillment. In time these rhythms. isolated as they were in tenantries and yards and the dancehall, fortified our resolve towards freedom and independence.

Over the last 40 to 50 years, we built indigenous institutions in every sphere, oblivious to the rumblings that were moving across the region. We dismantled the psychological prison of plantation inheritance, killed off the skills we developed to feed and clothe ourselves while we were taught to assemble products that we never used. We set a precedent by bribing investors that our labour was cheap and responsive to training and we told ourselves we could depend on these jobs.

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112 thoughts on “Cost-Us-More!!!

  1. I sure day Bush Tea would luv this, but Cas has been making sense to me for a couple of weeks now. Cost U Less is the most recent example of core issues at stake here..

    I am NOT a fan of Mottley… nothing to do with his mindset, just his approach, and maybe his ancestry …

  2. What “cost U More” will show Barbados residents is WHO NOT to vote for ever again.
    When this Goverment endorse this company’s entrance into the Barbadian retail arena,they put Bajuns OUT of work NOT in work.
    Dont talk about lowering prices that is impossible,trade has shrunk with the World recession,NO prices will get lowered .Dont kid yourself.
    If you get suckered by “Special Offers” you are ready for the mental.
    Ask any fisherman if he fishes without BAIT. Special offer bait.Retail style.
    The already overloaded retail sector,has more competition than it needs.
    Another entry into the market means the sales cake gets cut smaller and smaller.
    Whereas exspenses and more relevant duties get BIGGER and BIGGER.
    The first place a business will then look is rationalization,less spending ,less staff ,whatever can be cut. Hits so many stations of society.
    If we look at the retail sector,We have the levels.Heavyweight, light Heavy and so on down the scale, till we reach, the little local guy just hanging in.
    This business is not looking for a Charity to run it is looking for a nice Juicy profit.You are IT. It will aim middle to top end,because thats where it see’s the SPEND is.
    You will soon see some major disappearences from that area of the market and the staff they employ collecting Government handouts.
    We are in a NO WIN situation,Mr Stuart needs cash, so no duties or Vat reductions from that area, more like looking to Re-rate goods as different catagories and a HIGHER DUTY catagorie,he got to pay the bills too.
    Devaluation?? Got to be on the cards.In commerce an article will only sell for what someone is ready to pay,Barbados is outpriced in everything and quality wise we are no winners. Look around the Caribbean and see.Look at Europe ,Brits can fly to Tenerife for 180B$ and less,the cost of an airfare from UK to BIM return ,I checked , is average 2400 BS plus. Cattle class.
    Broad street gets hit Bigtime.
    “Cost U More” will shatter an already fragile balance.
    I keep hearing the phrase “tipping point” .This one company can TIP this Economy OVER the edge. A Plague can start with ONE rat,.
    Dont say “I didnt tellya”

  3. This writer can be easily ignored.

    He is pushing the Partisan line of the Barbados Labour Party. If he had said anything different I would have been quite surprised. I never thought that I would see the day when ELOMBE would be concerned about the financial well being of Mr Brewster (Supercentre & Big B’s).

    This article is pure poppy cock.

    The people of Barbados WELCOME COST-U-LESS. They cant wait for the doors to be thrown open come next month.

    • Cost U Less will end up hurting this country in the long run. I will concede that there will be short term benefits which might go down to the benefit of the DLP.

      It will employ 100 workers but I can predict that many more are going to be displaced from the businesses that will go under because they are not benefitting from the over-generous concessions that Government have put in place for Cost U Less.

      The costs of doing business in this country are too high, so in order to recoup those costs, the retailer has to charge these ridiculous prices. Fortunately, for Cost U Less our Government has relieved them of most of the costs that other similar business are forced to pay.

      This Cost U Less fiasco has shown a level of stupidity that has hitherto been unknown in the Governance of this country. If Government had a clue about what it should have been doing, it would have created an environment where local business could thrive. Instead, the quick barbecue pigtail mentality raised its ugly head and this Government appears on a path to destroy local businesses for their short term electoral advantage.

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    Official Opening of the St. George Constituency Office

    Friday, January 11 2013, 7:00pm – 11:00pm

    The official opening of the St. George North constituency office and Campaign HQ….. Feature address by Prime Minister and Party Leader Freundel Stuart and candidate Sen. Jepter Ince.

  5. BAFBFP “I am NOT a fan of Mottley… nothing to do with his mindset, just his approach, and maybe his ancestry …”

    Thehe is nothing wrong with being born into a successful family.

    BAFBFP you just envious.

    Focus on the topic which is an un offical political broadcast in support of Mia.

    Caswell Franklyn who is financing the BLP campaign ?

    • Hants

      I don’t know who is financing the BLP campaign: I have not been involved in the management or finances of the BLP since 2003. However, from what I heard, they had a dinner at $500.00 per plate and it was over subscribed, and from what I understand, many DEMS showed up in the hope that they would be included if and when the BLP wins the next general elections. Their coffers runneth over.

      On the other hand, the DEMS have given tax concessions and overpriced contracts to many who would be expected to kickback. We have laws against this but I don’t know if this behaviour is ever brought to the attention of the DPP.

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    • BU’s position is clear, we have a problem with any strategy which expands the retail and distribution sectors.

  6. So lets see here, the crooked Barbados Labour Party are now the good guys and the honest Democratic Labour Party are the bad guys.

    Do I have it correct?

    • Carson

      Don’t fool yourself, neither side is honest. By their actions, politicians have clearly demonstrated that the people of this country cannot rely on them to police themselves. That is why we need independent bodies to ensure that they act with integrity. The DLP promised integrity legislation within 100 days of achieving office but had to wait until the boys were able to feather their nests before putting anything on the books. I hear that some of them are now rich.

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  7. HANTS

    The BLP is financing the BLP campaign. The tens of millions of taxpayer dollars which members of the former BLP administration have stashed away in secret offshore Bank accounts is far more than they need to fund any elections campaign now and in the future.

    Has any member of the Barbados Labour Party ever explained what happened to the three quarters of a billion dollars cost over runs the BLP chalked up during their time in office?

    Dean Harold Critchlow asked Sen. Kerry Simmons to come back to the Senate with answers about the missing funds, to this day not a single word from him.

  8. There is nothing wrong with the concessions to Cost-U-Less. Only members of the Barbados Labour Party and their supporters have a problem with them and we all know why.

    It is called OPPOSE, OPPOSE, OPPOSE.


    It is what the Barbados Labour Party does best.

    • Carson

      By now, you should have realised that I am not a supporter of either party. I attempt to call things as I see them and incur the wrath of both. I bitterly oppose those concessions. They were short sighted.

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  9. @Caswell

    who funded the blp camaign for 14 years? Why did owen waive the tranfer tax for the combined CIBC/Barclays and how much was that? Did any go to fund the blp campaign.
    Granting concessions fall under the purview of the MF and both parties have done that. Did the BLP got funding from the orgnisations that built the prison, expand the highway, built the courts and coast guard stations and what about out of the Gems project.

    Please if ur going to debate this topic, argue that instead of giving concessions to all and sundrey; foreigners, lets look at giving concessions to local to develop similar entriprises.

    • To the Point

      It appears as though we are on the same page, so why fight with me. You merely summed up what I said, the tax concessions should have gone to develop local business.

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  10. The BLP surely could do better than this. Mitt Romney said he lost the race only because Obama gave gifts to blacks, hispanics and young voters. The BLP I think should follow suit, give gifts.

  11. Wait a minute, this writer has the surname MOTTLEY.

    I wonder if he is related to the Barbados Labour Party’s MIA AMOR MOTTLEY?

    If that is so, then this would explain why he is taking this line!

    Silly me. Blood thicker than water.

  12. I want a house car and land for my vote if a certain party want my vote

    Want to know which Party ???


  13. just asking
    “I want a house car and land for my vote if a certain party want my vote”

    Our PM is on record as condemning this type of behavior.

  14. Peter Wickham said his polls were only valid for 30 days. Does this mean the DLP could have gained a significant advantage having solve these two industrial situations with AX and LIME?

    I think the pendulum is swinging in the DLP’s favour. Owen needs an issue that is not as esoteric as economics. Bajans arent even talking about the downgrades anymore.

  15. @ Caswell .
    ” I am not a supporter of either party……”
    By now it should be clear to all that the only person you support is yourself . That is why nobody can do anything right by you ; everybody but you is a fool ; and on and on you go . Of course since you have proven yourself to be unemployable having lost every job you have ever held you have loads of time on your hand to spew your nonsense across the pages of this blog. Do you not think it is about time that you find gainful employment so that the superior intellect which you possess can be put to some productive use?

    • Just Asking

      You ever heard that I was out begging for my daily bread? I am not a burden to you or anyone that you know.

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  16. @ Caswell
    It has nothing to do about begging for daily bread ; it is about putting that superior intellect of yours to productive use . Presently it is used only for pulling down everything and everybody . It is therefore being wasted .

  17. @ Just Asking !!
    Skippa, why you don’t leave Bushie’s Chairman Caswell alone? You got clothes hang out and looking for rain…?

    You like you jealous of Cas yuh! If de man is a critic he is a critic. You want EVABODY to be a LACKY yardfowl? That is his forte. If God gave him a talent to find fault what you want him to do? Brown nose?


    Ah mean you right bout the job thing… 🙂
    But if a man tell people to their face what he thinks of them – what would you expect?
    …last man that did that shoite got crucified yuh….!
    Caswell lucky he only get fired.

    If you is a man! Go work today and tell your boss EXACTLY what you think of him …..and tell us what happen tonight
    (skippa, DO NOT TRY THIS if your boss is a woman hear….? ….or your ass in the grass!)

  18. @ JUST ASKING | January 10, 2013 at 9:17 PM |
    @ just Asking !! | January 11, 2013 at 12:01 AM |

    Which one is the real McCoy?
    The 29 to 1 man now selling votes to the zero Party or the brown-noser who is envious of Caswell?

    Listen, Just Asking!! the jealous envious one ,when Caswell criticises he gives good reasons for his critically constructive contributions.

    What have you done other that attack the man with a load of ad hominems?
    Because the man is not employed in a servile obsequious capacity like you that gives you with the house nigger mentality right to attack the man? In that case then go and attack the thousands of Bajans who have lost their jobs and businesses in the last 4 years.

    Caswell has made more meaningful informed contributions on this blog and in the regular media especially in the area of the Law that any of the so-called ’employed’ two-bit lawyers that idiots like you look up to for advice. And he does for free- like pro bono, like gratis, if you know what that means. Just giving you a dose of your own medicine

    Go ahead and attack the miller as one of those unemployed BLP yardfowls and scroungers waiting on change of government for a handout to survive.

    Go ahead Caswell, BU is behind you. Keep on exposing the crooks and liars and intellectual fakes. Including those in the homo closet like balance, Smooth Chocolate and Look (LOL!!)

  19. The million dollar question, or maybe that should be the millions of dollars question, in the last paragraph of Mr. Mottley’s submission is “Who is benefiting from this deal”?

    The obvious will be Cost-U-Less (CUL) and politically the DLP for the supposed lower prices to come and the 100 jobs.
    But what about the usual faceless and nameless so called “consultant” or “consultants”, the ones who “facilitated” CUL in obtaining these concessions. Who are they. Are any DLP party supporters investors or “consultants”? Has CUL made or will they be making any monetary or other contributions to the DLP?

  20. @ Miller

    Did you yet connect with your man from the past? Did he not yet reach you via telephone communication? Said he would? Someone we know? Kerri Symmonds? Dale Marshall?

  21. @ Miller

    Where ever is your safari animal companion islandgal246. She, I guess is the real mccoy, a real safari animal, went back to a real safari, Kenya [Central Africa]. Why not you join her there?

  22. nostradamus

    “Has CUL made or will they be making any monetary or other contributions to the DLP?”

    Why not try to get them to make a contribution to your Hotel?

  23. @ islandgal246 | January 11, 2013 at 9:03 AM |
    Do you feel, IG, that idiot “LOOK” is the same one quoting the Bible and the word of its god on another thread (“The CoE Lacks Balls”) and even putting Zoe to shame?

    That is the kind of two-mouth hypocrites calling themselves human that we have to put up with just for the sake of loving our brothers even though they are ‘baboons’ like us.

  24. David

    You gotta start instituting minimum standards, even if it means my losing the opportunity to comment…. whatever it takes to get this Jack Ass LOOK off of the site ….

  25. @ David

    Excuse me! I beg your pardon.

    @ BAFBFP
    @ Islandgal246
    @ Miller

    Unlike you, I am well educated, know animal species, theology and of course, world history. I comment on specif blogs of interest. I undertand your intimidation, REALLY. Who’s putting who to shame?

  26. “Unlike you, I am well educated, know animal species, theology and of course, world history.”

    LOOK you forgot to add Quebecois that you call French and that you are the biggest HYPOCRITE amongst us. POMP ASS HOLE!

  27. ……….I think the pendulum is swinging in the DLP’s favour. Owen needs an issue that is not as esoteric as economics. Bajans arent even talking about the downgrades anymore……………

    You are right, people are not talking anymore, they are FED UP and just waiting to lick the DLP with their X.

  28. Caswell,

    Do you know who are the local big boys behind Cost You Less? Who are the directors? Is this information available to the public?

    Remember the Dems do not have CLICO this time to bank roll them, so they are desperate? I wonder if they will be so lucky as to get any of what’s in FAMILIES FIRST? After all the cheques for campaign 2008 were written from this account signed by one David Thompson.

  29. Barbados has a lot hypocrites.

    Some jokers on this thread foaming at the mouth about how Cost-U-Less is going to shut down this and shut down that. Yesterday Pine Hill Dairy shut down their Yogurt plant throwing workers on the breadline.

    What cause it?

    Other members of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce started importing overseas yogurts and undercutting their fellow member, Pine Hill Dairy.

    I am not hearing a word about that on this blog.

  30. Enuff,
    He would not be able to understand your question. It is not about being nasty about OSA, that’s all he understands.

    Dont feel sorry for me, CCC, start to feel sorry for yourself when the feast of the fatted calf is over for you.

  31. any cheques written to and from the st peter foundation or what u call it, from the massive land profits made by owen’s friends after duping that poor old man.

  32. @David

    while i agree that look should not be allowed multiple handles, i am of the view that we have doing likewise because of their style of writing u can tell, unless they are using different computers.

  33. @Look

    be man or woman enough to use one moniker and make ur contribution and when u r tired with that one indicate that u r changing it, like i normally do when i am tired with mine.

  34. @ To The Point

    I am woman and using one moniker. I won’t apologize for fact that I am not Bajan or a Barbarien. I won’t apologize for insulting selected individuals on this site and or within the Barbados community. Not here to be liked or disliked. If you like me, fine; that’s your progrative. If you don’t like me, that’s fine; that’s your progrative too. David, apparently does not like what spews from my mouth. Likewise, Miller, islandgal246, BAFBFP, etc. Most children don’t like foods they are forced to eat, adults the same.

  35. If you is a man! Go work today and tell your boss EXACTLY what you think of him …..and tell us what happen tonight
    (skippa, DO NOT TRY THIS if your boss is a woman hear….? ….or your ass in the grass!)
    TRUE ! TRUE ! TRUE !
    You dont want to mess with women period, not only women bosses,
    Women are more dangerous than SNAKES !!!—–on a plane (Did you see that snake on a Quantas Plane in today’s news) or any where else
    Women should be avoided as humanly possible.
    Do not involve yourself with women more than you should.
    A woman destabilized Samson and a woman destabilized Adam. Proverbs says this about women:

    Proverbs 27:15
    A continual dripping on a rainy day and a quarrelsome wife are alike

    Dr. Betram Bellamy
    9, Rendezvous Gardens
    Christ Church,

    Hi Phil,

    I am holding a barbecue on

  36. @ To the Point

    Was never ever warned against utilizing multiple monkiers. David is apparently angry, does not like what spews from this mouth. Don’t care, REALLY.

  37. To the Point; I notice that you have changed your moniker but I did’nt see the announcement of the change. Your styles (2 distinct ones), betray you. They don’t change from moniker to moniker.

  38. @ CCC

    I wish I had seen you post earlier. Can I ask you to plead with the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister to provide the monies promised to the Pine Hill Dairy in excess of $1 million. It was stated in the budget of 2011, repeated in 2012, and would have at least put the farmers in a stronger position to have their grievances with the quotas etc. considered. Tell us why the DLP is willing to pay for almost empty planes to arrive in Barbados, but can offer no subsidy that would keep the farmers going and persons employed in the private sector. I tell people everyday there is no greater practitioner of ‘institutional discrimination’ than a government that boasts about what it has done including borrowing to pay monthly salaries in the public sector, whilst forcing the private sector to fend for itself and be denied similar propping up and hence numbers of persons join the unemployment lines as is the case at Pine Hill Dairy.

  39. borrowing to pay monthly salaries in the public sector, whilst forcing the private sector to fend for itself and be denied similar propping up

    Because they know that the Public Sector workers usually by their votes decide who runs the country

    • Lowdown is a must read this week.

      By Richard Hoad | Fri, January 11, 2013 – 12:01 AM

      THE TROUBLE WITH MARRIAGE is that, whereas in the early years the partners strive desperately to get in as much as possible, in later years some try just as desperately to get out all they can.

      Thus it was that in 1966, four entities came together in holy matrimony. There was the Barbados Government, the Bajan dairy farmers, the New Zealand Dairy Board and Northern Dairies of England.

      Our Government was the facilitator, the Bajan dairy farmers saw a chance to build a viable industry, New Zealand Dairies wanted to sell powdered milk and Northern Dairies, it is said, wanted to offload some equipment. The Newzies reportedly laughed when they saw the existing Bajan dairy herds. Not a pleasant laugh, but it was a beautiful marriage nonetheless.

      The Canadians upset the Newzie applecart somewhat by setting up a revolving fund with low interest rates for farmers to buy dairy cows from Canada. Dairying mushroomed.

      The Pine Hill Dairy (PHD) was one of the best-run operations anywhere. We were told that the law stipulated that farmers must sell their milk to PHD, while PHD was obligated to take all milk from farmers.

      I bought Old Banfield’s cow Nancy and contacted Mr Barrie-Smith, the PHD general manager. He put me in his car and we drove to the St Hill farm in St John to see the standards required. Barrie-Smith advised me to get some more cows and by the next week I was a dairy supplier. They loved us dairy farmers in those days.

      The honeymoon was long and enjoyable. But then PHD wanted to put Bajan farmers on a quota system although unlimited quantities of New Zealand powder were being imported to make “evaporated” (actually it’s partially reconstituted) milk.

      At which point I bowed out, realizing that we farmers were just taking a monthly cheque from Pine Hill and giving it to Roberts Manufacturing. Every few years they would give a slight price increase. A few months later, Roberts would increase feed prices and take it back.

      Like Independent Barbados after 46 years, the Barbados dairy industry is now a battered and abused housewife. From the glory days when the Hope Dairy was the showpiece to visiting heads like General Yakubu Dan-Yumma Gowon of Nigeria and Sir Seretse Khama of Botswana, she is now on her knees.

      The Trinis now own both PHD and Roberts. With free access to Trini milk products in Barbados, it seems unlikely they want a Bajan industry to compete with their own.

      Farmers have been phoning me for advice on bottles, barcodes and regulations for selling their milk directly to supermarkets. Hate to tell them, but the Trinis also own the major supermarket chain and reserve most of the refrigerated dairy shelf space for Trini-owned products which require no refrigeration.

      So what can Bajan farmers do if Pine Hill won’t take their milk? Cheese is not an option in the short term. Casaro Cheeses tried it. They gave me a lot of their equipment after abandoning the idea. Cottage cheese is easy to make. But 600 gallons of milk will produce 600 pounds of cheese. Try getting rid of that within a week. In fact, you can’t even give away any sizeable quantity of milk.

      PHD could use all our excess milk and more in evaporated milk. They say they would lose money. Maybe they really mean they wouldn’t make as much. I don’t know.

      So, first, we need to break the Trini stranglehold. Rather than farmers all trying to produce and market their own product, we need a milk plant processing genuine fresh milk, which is what people want.

      Secondly, we need to produce cheaper milk by improving fodder to reduce reliance on imported feed. Dairying is a great industry for Barbados, and milk is a great food for humans.

      In not many years recently we have seen the demise of several foreign-owned businesses with considerable loss of jobs and revenue – Paradise Beach, Almond, Sam Lord’s, CLICO estates – to name a few. Whether this is coincidence or part of a wider agenda, I don’t know.

      But unless Bajans wake up and save the local dairy industry, it will be one more nail in the coffin of the country we love so much.

      • Richard Hoad is a farmer and social commentator. Email

  40. I am sitting here at computer and having a hearty laugh.

    Put the blame for this Trinidad buying up of Barbados squarely at the feet of the Barbados Labour Party and the White people of Barbados.

    The Trinidadians did not come to Barbados and put a gun to the heads of Bajan business people and demand their businesses. The Trinidadians are very shrewd business people always on the look out for new investment opportunities as real business people ought to be. They came to Barbados and found a white business class bending over backwards in order to sell them their business and keep them out of the hands of Black Bajans. Black people in Barbados are always to be hewers of wood and drawers of water.

    The Barbados Labour Party Government was delighted with this arrangement. I can remember sitting in my living room with my wife by my side watching a news conference being given by SEETHRU. He was forced to call this particular press conference because the Trinidadians were refusing entry to certain Barbadian products to the Trinidadian market(AS USUAL). I will never forget it, he said that we have lots of trinidadian investment here and he welcome it AND HE WANTED MORE!


    SEETHRU was delighted when the Trinidaians bought into the Nation newspaper.

    So what are you all complaining about now?

    And now in an election year we are faced again with a Barbados Labour Party who have promised the Bajan public especially Black Bajans that they are going to sell everything if they are returned to office.

    Sell the Transport board
    Sell the Airport
    Sell the Seaport
    Sell the Sanitation Service Authority
    Sell NCC
    Sell the Barbados Water Authority
    Sell the Ministry of Education
    Sell the Ministry of Health(QEH, all the Polyclinics, etc.)

    And who you think they are going to sell them to?

    Already they have sold their political campaign to a Trinidadian PR company, just to get the ball rolling

    On top of that they will be sending home 10,000 public servants!

  41. Carson C. Cadogan you should be a story teller. you make a great living but i’m glad you are watching the stream of the meeting. you, me and the other 17 people watching are really enjoying the lies that are being told.

    i hope they help you all.

  42. @ Carson C. Cadogan | January 11, 2013 at 8:31 PM |

    You should be at the grand opening of the St. George Constituency office to be the main cheerleader to the liars.

    Carson, tell us who sold only last month the remaining shares in the former BNB now owned by the Republic Bank of Trinidad & Tobago? The white people and the BLP?

    Who sold the NIS shares in BL&P to Canadian Emera? The BLP?

    Who owns CUL? White Bajans or Indo-Trinidadians?

  43. miller

    “Carson, tell us who sold only last month the remaining shares in the former BNB now owned by the Republic Bank of Trinidad & Tobago?”

    Who started the ball rolling?

  44. @ Carson C. Cadogan | January 11, 2013 at 9:05 PM |

    So you accept this selling business is purely and simply a case of whatever the BLP monkeys do the DLP jackasses do too? (Do fuh do ent obeah!).

    But what the heck, which set of monkeys indeed started it? Remember 1992? Cement plant, flour mill, C&W (Bartel) and others on that IMF required famous David Thompson privatization list.
    Bajans really got short memories.
    Pity the fool!

  45. miller,

    Do not try to make sense of CCC. He is so full of it. A desperate Dem who is very concerned that the days of feasting on the now poor rakey fatted calf is almost at an end.

    I well remember the dead king, after he decided that he was not going back into Parliament and telling OSA to call the damn election, running up and down Barbados saying that if the ink was not dried on the deal to sell BS&T to Neal and Massey, he would stop the whole deal.

    Guess what, the deal was signed after the change of government and he did diddly-swat, NOTHING! The deal went through under the DLP. Let CCC deny that!

    By the way, miller,did you notice in tonight’s news, they like they finally wake up and realise that they have to call the elections. Both the Ambassador and Benn referred to elections coming very soon.

    OMG, Bobby say that no where he walks, does he hear people who want a change of government. Bobby, I have news for you, you dont walk the streets, you are always in a plane or in your air conditioned jeep with windows up, so you cannot hear what Barbadians are saying!

  46. miller you don’t know you should harm dumb animals? how do CCC so?

    but how is it that as Ince say $400 million missing and a man shout out “wanna aint lock up nobody?” poor Ince did not know what to say… LOL!!!

  47. here comes Stuart given you a history lesson. i bet not one would be said about is happening in the country today. any takers of this bet?

    this is piss poor leadership at its piss poor best.

  48. is Staurt for real? does this man not understand this country has problems that need to address?

    this is f@#king outrageous now.

  49. I wonder what Strategic Communications Laboratory (SCL) thinking having now taken the job of DLP campaign consultants.

    oh by the way, the history lesson still going on. nothing about the fact that in 2013 the country faces all the problems it has along with national shutdown.

    this man is clueless to the times and challages we are facing as a country..

    can somebody please tell Freundel Stuart its 2013 and we have problems that need to be addressing. please tell him, he is the PM and not a history teacher.

  50. Certain name handles earlier instantly appeared, got insulted and now have disappeared. All I know were/are the same MONIKER.

  51. Judging from the PM’s mouthings in St Andrew and at the opening of Verla Depeiza’s office, I suspect that the Dems are getting an earful from the people and not what they expected as per Bobby Morris mouthings tonight!

    Why else would Froondel be sounding off about………….you young people do not know how much people went through to be able to vote………you cannot say you aint voting ’cause the government aint do anything for me…..

    No wonder CCC is so desperate!

  52. The more you read the BLP yardfowls on this blog , I am reminded of the Prime Minister’s quote at the St. George North DLP Constituency office when referring to how the BLP wasted and mismanaged during a global economic boom:
    ” The BLP had the dollars but they did not have the sense”.

    Barbados has nothing to gain by bringing back Arthur, Wuk fa Wuk and that crowd of bandits. The millions the BLP wasted in Greenland could have given me a fuel subsidy and reduced my electricity bill. Whenever you hear talk about “put money back in people’s pockets”, remember the millions that Arthur dumped in Greenland. A word to those who are looking for an economic messiah.Keep Dreaming.

  53. and in the words of the man tonight “all of that and wanna ain’t lock up a boy?”

    the DLP is a disgrace. all the history and granstanding and not a word about the issues facing this country and wanna jokers want ppl vote for wanna?

    call the blasted elections if wanna so safe.

  54. @David (not BU) :You will not hear the issues because you are looking through your myopic political lens.
    The Prime Minister spoke about the need for a small open economy to maintain adequate foreign exchange cover and how Barbados had been successful in this regard. He spoke about the phenomenal work done in housing solutions, about the visionary Employment rights bill, Prevention Of Corruption Bill ( Arthur’s supposed declaration of assets was a joke), he addressed the issue of efficiently managing the public purse contrasting it to the absolute wastage which Arthur engaged in. It was an excellent address where the PM once more proudly embraced his working class heritage and encouraged Barbadians to be positive amidst the prophets of gloom and doom.
    If people look objectively, this government has done an excellent job in facing a category 5 Global economic hurricane and undoubtedly mainatining a level of stability in our affairs.
    Yet, the BLP is running around Barbados telling people that never mind the English and USeconomy is suffering from sluggish growth and that all of our Caricom partners are also experiencing it, just blame the DLP and call the election and manna will drop from heaven. Keep Dreaming.

  55. the electorate already know that OSA left barbados on a precipice and all the millions wasted by the BLP .they not going to be fooled by the mouthings of the BLP whose only hope is to Privatise the remaining assests. Bajans not foolish they know when they being hoodwinked,

  56. @ !
    “He spoke about the phenomenal work done in housing solutions”

    How many, if any, were the DLP’s own initiatives? Country Park, Stuarts Lodge, Fordes Road, Valery were all shovel ready BLP projects and others yet started like Tudor Bridge and Haggatt Hall. In fact their much touted $5 per square foot programme appears stuck in the starting blocks and the decision to hand over the lands at Coverley to the mass production of houses by a big construction firm has been a disaster socially, politically, nevironmentally, economically and aesthetically. Stupse

    Yet, the BLP is running around Barbados telling people that never mind the English and USeconomy is suffering from sluggish growth and that all of our Caricom partners are also experiencing it, just blame the DLP and call the election and manna will drop from heaven. Keep Dreaming.

    Maybe you should have thought about that last election instead of offering manna like duty free cars, reducing the cost of living etc when you were warned that economic turmoil was ominous.

  57. If I rented a house for twenty years, at the end of that 20 years the house is still not mine, it is the landlord’s. How can a government say to the people that those who have rented for the past 20 years have already paid for their houses? Something here does not add up. These politicians will continue to keep the electorate in a mendicant state in order to secure votes. The electorate will continue to expect the government to do everything for them. This vicious cycle will never be broken even thought it will bankrupt the country.

  58. @ ! | January 11, 2013 at 11:07 PM |

    Did the PM speak about the restart of the Four Seasons project?

    It’s alright to talk about social housing projects conceptualized under previous administrations and of it not being too late to lock up BLP politicians but what about the forex earning projects.

    The PM quite rightly pointed out that the foreign reserves are the lifeblood of the economy and bedrock of social stability. When the BLP were pointing out the vital importance of effectively managing the economy before any drive to provide social handouts they were punished with laughter.
    Now who is the greatest champion of proper economic management and guardian of our most precious resources the foreign reserves the BLP built up prior to 2008?

    If the local economy was so badly managed prior to 2008 how come the foreign reserves stood at such healthy level to be now the vital saviour for the country’s ailing economy?

    The question to be asked is simple: If the BLP managed the economy so incompetently compared to the current DLP’s outstanding performance in keeping the economy ‘stable’ how come the foreign reserves are not higher than what prevailed at the end of 2007?

    The man has two more sensible opportunities to announce the date when the DLP will be taken out of its misery. Tuesday 15th January during the sitting of the House or the following Monday 21st January, the birth date of EWB who is probably most upset with this lot who have squandered his socio-economic bequest and sullied his political legacy.

    If he goes pass EWB’s special day he would only make himself look like a total arrant fool (in urban speak- “arrognorant”) who has allowed power to corrupt his character and offended the sensitivities and sensibilities of the people.

  59. Accept it, have to, without choice, Barbados is a total train wreck. This was accomplished in just fourteen years by Owen Arthur and the BLP. It’s tourist industry [Barbados] is breathing on life support primarily because of increased crime there, the Terry Schwartfeld and Colin Peter murders also because of those two women raped. Other destinations in the caribbean are now desired, apparently.

  60. The PM is suffering from a disacustomacy ! He is PM by default. He didn’t expect that position so he is playing with the electorate of Barbados like a nuevo negro. Bajans are tired of the games and will show how tired they are at the polls. He has insulted the intelligence of the people who built this country i.e. the agricultural workers who are feeding him and his ministers. The last thing any person should do is insult the people who are responsible for feeding them. You never know what they might put in pot for the DEMS!

  61. Owen Arthur and the BLP are responsibble for massive land and fraud fires there [Barbados]. The case involving Violet Beckles should have been resolved before her demise and without difficulty. Owen Arthur and the BLP, additionally started the Al Barack fire now out-of-control

  62. @!
    Can you tell BU how much money the DLP has borrowed since 2008 and what it has done with the monies it has borrowed?

    What do you have to show for the billions borrowed as well as the monies from selling NIS shares in BL&P and BNB?

    Just two simple questions to which BU needs answers!

  63. Look,
    Dont you get tired cursing OSA? The hatred that you and the likes of Fractured Brain Less Pimp, !, TTP, CCC and ac have stored in your hearts for this man is going to kill you.

    Hatred is a wasted emotion, it is a heavy weight that will keep you down where you are always, in the gutter!

    Grow up!

  64. @ Protigal Son

    I don’t hate anyone. I’m merely disclosing facts. Several Youtube videos proves that he, OSA is a drunk he stutters and his mind is a lot less stalwart.

    This, how about this Protigal Son, Prime Minister Stuart says that OSA attempted to dump Mia on the DLP, offered him to take her off his hand. Neither Arthur or the BLP has yet responded to this accusation. Right? Now this, this Protigal Son, I love it, just love it – Arthur, during a budget debate could not remember that he actually chaired the meetings of Cabinet discussing the VECO matter. He said he wished he was there. But when told by both Minister Sinckler and the Prime Minister – ‘no Owen, you were there,’ he then said that he said something else. When pressed again, he again said something completely different and also said that he never said what he said on the two previous occasions the entire country heard him say it. Either he is a suffer of Alzheimer’s disease, forgot taking his medication, possibly drunk or both. Arthur is now racing for prime minister title, AGAIN. His previous terms of fourteen years yielded more negative than positive and of course, formulated lots of embarrassment.

    Both have made themselves a national embarrassment, Mitt Romney and Owen Arthur. Agree Protigal Son? Probably not you.

  65. @!
    He spoke about the phenomenal work done in housing solutions, about the visionary Employment rights bill, Prevention Of Corruption Bill ( Arthur’s supposed declaration of assets was a joke),……………………………

    Do you know neither one of these bills is the law of the land? Ask your PM!

  66. Look,

    First of all, please show a little respect and type my name correctly. Thank you.

    What did you have to say when your PM who was at the time fighting to remain president of the DLP, wrote a stinging, nasty, vile 17 point indictment on David Thompson? Would you like me to refresh your memory of what went on then?

    Do you care to remember at that time David Thompson had returned to take back up what he (DT) thought was his birth right. The plan was to get the presidency and then to get back the leadership of the opposition from Clyde Mascoll.

    And oh, what blood was spilt in George Street so that DT could become leader again! Throats were slit, knives were plunged into each other’s backs. Dems literally destroyed each other.

    Look, you live an all glass house, stop throwing stones!

  67. @ Prodigal Son,

    Prime Minister Stuart is NOT my prime minister. I am not Bajan or a Barbarien, stated this many times. Barbados could do better than Stuart but without Arthur, stated that many times. David Thompson was not an honest man. His involvement in CLICO proves that. Thompson unlike Stuart and all others made effort to investigate the validity of Violet Beckles’ claim. Thompson put the 75,000 campaign cheque in Owen’s face and no doubt would have repeated feat concerning Violet Beckles, Sherene Mongroo, etc.

    You, Prodigal Son, like it or not have accomplished insulting your own low-level inteligence.

  68. At some point, Barbados will hit rock bottom, not far from it really. Barbados at moment is in junk bond status, flat broke “all in the red”. It is court ordered to pay Contractor Al Barack and now court ordered to pay all incurred legal bills [Shanique Myrie], in a lawsuit against it, Barbados [rape]. Tourism is breathing on life support and Owen Arthur can drink only so much rum. LOL

  69. @ Prodigal Son

    Your business is international business. Barbados at moment is chaotic, It’s just a mess. The S&P and Moody’s said so. There are lots of theft there. The United Nations says so. Violet Beckles said so and proved it. Do you know, Prodigal Son statistics show that domestic violence involving women and children is quite common there [Barbados]. Well, the young Senator Kerri Symmonds in 2009 did beat his wife.

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