Determining the Most Effective Channel Strategy for Tourism

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

We don’t advertise on television because our market intelligence tells us that our consumers do not watch much television. It is also a very expensive medium to invest in, so unless you have the money to be consistent it makes no sense to do it. Every advertising expert we have consulted has told us the same thing’.

This is a verbatim quote from one of our leading tourism policymakers and it got me thinking about the merits of these views. ‘Very expensive medium’ and ‘so unless you have the money’. You cannot really argue with either of those statements. But is that the point?

I then went onto YouTube and typed in ‘tourism tv commercials’ and started trying to tally the number of destinations and tourism brands that have produced and aired ‘ads’ within the last two years. I lost count after one hundred, so do these national marketing agencies, hotel groupings, tour operators etc., employ different advertising experts, or simply ensure their expenditure is cost effective.

Sandals Resorts for instance, recently launched a series of 45 second commercials on British television and the century old travel giant, Thomas Cook, presently have a major TV campaign to boost January holiday bookings. So do their clients not watch ‘much television’, or is it more about where and when their ‘experts’ decide to air the ‘ads’?

Of course you could argue that many of the destinations and travel companies have bigger promotional budgets and can afford this type of medium. But in a multitude of cases, that simply isn’t true.

One outstanding example is Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism. Their annual budget has been doubled during the last six years, but is still only CAD$13 million (about BDS$26 million). During their current series of TV ‘ads’, tourism spending has risen 21 per cent for the period 2005-2010, and non-resident visitors have increased by 7.3 per cent alone in 2010 to 518,500, despite any negative effects of the recession.

According to the twin province, Director of Marketing, Carmela Murphy, ‘our industry operators are seeing more business and that allows them to invest in new accommodation and increased capacity’. 2011 passenger traffic at the provinces airports broke the 2 million mark, an increase over 2010 of 8.2 per cent. What also is so refreshing, is that this series of multi-award winning (and hugely successful) commercials were not made by one of the big name global advertising agency giants, but by a small company based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, called Target Marketing and Communications.

Surely, its not unreasonable to ask, if we (Barbados) were able to increase tourism revenue by 21 per cent over a five year period, what would be net gain to Government in increased taxes and reduced unemployment benefit. So is this the real question, how can we spend the already massive budget allocated the BTA, more cost effectively? And would this be the best route to return viability to our tourism industry, allowing the numerous players to renew and upgrade, what in many cases is a rapidly deteriorating and uncompetitive product.

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  1. “‘We don’t advertise on television because our market intelligence tells us that our consumers do not watch much television.”

    It is obvious that the Tourism official is talking about dead people. That is the lamest quote from that official. He should be ashamed. To accept that from experts he and the expert should be fired. When you hear the tv ratings for shows in the USA it is in the millions of viewers. If that is the case why do businesses advertize on TV? It is clear this individual hasn’t a CLUE about the media and Television is one of the most powerful form of them all. WE HAVE IDIOTS RUNNING TOURISM.

  2. Major ad on Barbados in this weeks Ottawa Citizen but it was mostly about the crane beach hotel and the owner it was more of a selling retirement timeshare thing, but did mention the people in glowing terms .It was the only mention of Barbados in the travel section but there was trips everywhere else including newfoundland. Looking at your Bta from the outside with a critical eye, it seems alot of things do not get done because they are too busy patting themselves on the back

  3. What’s amazing is that if you believe TV is not it, then you should be aggressive with your alternative. Is there an alternative?

    On tv ad, used the right way and the right places with the right strategy can reach thousands of people every day for months…for next kin to nothing!

    Just observing

  4. Adrian, I do hope that you attended the Democratic Labour Party funtions over the weekend in St. Joseph and St. Andrew.

    A great deal of information which would be of tremedous help to you.

  5. ADRIAN, with all due respect, before you complian for me to the Blog owner, ok.

    Let me see if I have it right, we Black people dont know how to run Hotels like you,
    We dont know how to run a Hotel industry like you,
    We dont know how to advertise on TV like you,
    We dont know how to get tourists down here like you,
    We Black people are just dumb and stupid, right?

  6. @ Carson C. Cadogan | January 7, 2013 at 8:59 AM |
    “We Black people are just dumb and stupid, right?”

    Wrong! Wrong!
    Only stupid racist blacks like you, CCC!

  7. Hey Adrahn man ,where yuh is?Ent Bim!!
    You miss de point LABRADOR does CARE bout dey product Dem Ent Jus teeifin n runnin bout de place ,like de new nigga. Yuh tink bout heah,dem does do like dem Labraradorians.
    Man time fer yuh tuh get real!!
    Now dat yuh an de madame Centurions,de brains ent sah good .

  8. Adrian,
    Have you ever done CCC a wrong? I mean, could dear me, you cannot come on BU and make a point before he aint ready to pull you down and play the race card. He has gone past pathetic, he is just a racist like miller says.

    I see ads on Jamaica all the time on the US channels so I do not know from where these so called “experts” get their info. The problem is according to people I know at the BTA is that we have the wrong people in charge who do not listen to advice they give. They know it all! Typical Dem.

    By the way, why dont the PM go back to sleep, my goodness, he is getting on my last raw nerve with his stupid mouthings!

  9. Barbados relies on too few things to survive, mainly tourism. Should consider another cash crop. Makes more sense than Owen Arthur’s idea of Nigerian Water heaters and loss of 2.4 million. LOL

    The United Nations says Barbados has lots of theft. Tourist, before arriving may consider another destination. Tourist, before arriving may investigate all of the following and consider another destination: The Myrie Rape, Derrick Crawford, The Terry Schwartzfeld and Colin Peter murders.

    Police Citations, according to blog poster Simply Simon cannot be investigated and or validated. Barbados and its police should make effort to improve, treat its citizens but most importantly THE TOURIST better. Breathlyzers, I hear have not yet surfaced in Barbados. Drunk person (s) can or could cause a fatal accident, maybe Owen Arthur and fully liable. Driving under the Influence (DUI), in other countries [highly civilized], notably the United States is prohibited; DUI offenders are severly penalized, but other countries [highly civilized], notably the United States allows use of breathlizers to identify DUI persons. Police citations, in other countries [highly civilized] notably the United States can be investigated and validated by citizen (s), tourists, etc. Citizens, tourists, etc. in other countries [highly civilized], notably the United States have right to challenge police citations, police officers, lawyers, judges, etc. Barbados though is only a small caribbean island and less equipped than larger [highly civilized] [high technological] countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, etc. Tourist, before arriving to Barbados surely must understand.

  10. Please raise the level…Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
    Eleanor Roosevelt

  11. Did LOOK mention the word growing things?? Don’t think she ever lived in Barbados. Some people grow, while the thieves reap. That’s puts you out of business with your first crop, you would be lucky if those same thieves did not end your life. Stealing other people’s crops, national pass time. The ministry of agriculture was trying a program couple years ago where they grew about 2 acres of cassava to help employ people, just before the ministry reaped the cassava someone backed up 2 trucks and took all, put it on the market too. The person responsible for the program, cried. But he had been warned. So any money earner for bim would have to be nailed down so it can’t be stolen, can’t let the banks, lending agencies, government agencies, no one can see the plans. In other words, it will not happen.

  12. David looks like you have a spammer on your blog now…Plantation deeds overdoing this thing. Please reign him in.

  13. ADRIAN, how come you are not writing about the wedding at Sunbury on Saturday where many of the guests came down with Dengue fever, including the Bride, Pastor, a Head teacher from a Governmemt school and others?

  14. I have noticed that ADRIAN has taken up residence at CARIBBEAN NEWS NOW.

    They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  15. Just talked to my lawyer, had got him 2 weeks at the Crane timeshare from another friend of mine. Just loved it, Unfortunately one incident at Oistins fish fry put a damper on the whole trip. They described the cutest five year old boy biggest smile that stole their sons telephone and wallet as his attention was diverted by some commotion as he was getting ready to pay for his meal.The best stategy for tourism is referrals.Its easy to say it happens everywhere but it didnt it happened in Barbados…. another unhappy customer .

  16. The best stategy for tourism is referrals.Its easy to say it happens everywhere but it didnt it happened in Barbados…. another unhappy customer .
    And no one seems to be addressing these “little” problems that have far reaching consequences. In today’s Nation, Mr Bob Verdun in a letter to the editor outlines the problem of indiscriminate burning of rubbish and how it affects residents with asthma ,and give tourists a solid reason not to return. But who is listening.?
    Ear splitting noises from motor cycles and modified cars, that have gone unchecked is another solid reason for tourists not returning. But who is listening?
    On the Dover Road near the supermarket a ‘gang” of some sort, hang about that area and roughly and rude accost almost if not all visitors who pass that way, to the extent of ‘going up into their faces’, and sometimes touching them, obviously in an effort to transact some sort of sale,Another solid reason for tourist not to return. But who is listening?
    All those in tourism,government and private, seem to want is to do like that cute little 5-year old boy ,smile a mile wide while relieving them of the contents of their wallets.

  17. Colonel Buggy it would be unfair not to relate another episode that happened at the same time my friend paid for his meal at Oistens and the lady who served him returned with 50 dollars and told him two bills were stuck together when she went to the cash. Now there is a honest person who knows how to get repeat business.

    • Even Sandals air TV commercials. This one is currently being aired in the UK.
      Perhaps they will stop once they have a hotel on Barbados!!!

  18. David Jamaica has done well with the gifts they received. Bob Marley’s song One Love and now Usain Bolt’s “lightning bolt symbol.

    It must be said that many years ago Barbados had the “Just beyond your imagination” campaign which was successful but ….

    So we can only hope that someone comes up with a great Rhi Rhi ad cause she is all we got right now.

  19. LOOK-We know everything to do with success is all about having the right attitude, the right mentality. Barbados has a looooooooong way to go in that department. YOU are seeing for yourself, how a little courtesy can illicit a very UNCOUTH and uncalled for response, that is par for the course on a daily basis. What can I say, the problems run really deep.

  20. Look at 9:43 am “Police Citations, according to blog poster Simply Simon cannot be investigated and or validated”

    I said no such thing. Don’t you dare speak for me.

    I simply asked whether the police would provide the citations.

    • Neal & Massy cuts losses disposing of Bajan hotelSaturday, January 5, 2013 
      Neal & Massy Holdings is in advanced talks to dispose of its loss-accummulating, 280-room Almond Casuarina Beach Resort in Barbados to Couples Resorts, one of Jamaica’s top hotel chains. In a response to questions sent by the Guardian, a Neal & Massy spokesperson said Couples would not be buying the Almond Causarina intially; that what was being negotiated was that the property would be leased to the Jamaican company, which would have an option to buy it at a later date.

  21. @ David
    This is standard operating practice when internationals are allowed to take ownership of local assets.

    Step 1 – extract all the reserves and fat in the asset and repatriate via management fees, contract payments etc.

    Step 2 – cut back on maintenance and reinvestments while maximizing short term profits

    Step 3 – re-orientate operations to support the home strategies rather than local strategies

    Step 4 – after maximizing short term gains and moving whatever value that can be moved to the home country, complain about operational “losses”, layoff staff, and eventually dump the skeleton.

    Any set of people who are happy to have outsiders run their affairs like this, are brass bowls of the lowest possible quality – and deserve to be used like a topsy.

  22. This sounds like a Starbucks rental agreement, if the property doesnt make money they can void the lease and pull up stakes, when your the new game in town a lot of people will try it out initially but if it is just repackaging of the same old people will go somewhere else. Remember mcdonalds. But a lot of places cant survive with any loss of customers and may go under in this initial phase .All this to say a sale would be a better deal for Barbados, because if some smaller places go under and Couples doesnt work out you are in worse shape than before.

  23. Waiting for the other sales, leases, giveaways, stolen properties……………………………………………………………………………. nonstop.

  24. @ David
    “Peter Wickham probably doesn’t agree with you.”
    ….perhaps he likes having his brass bowl used as a topsy….

  25. Bushie …. a good morning to you. Tell me Bushie what business model is perfect? Reality is who has the money to invest plays the tune. Local people like the masses do not trust each other, do not want each other to prosper. White people are revered by many black people and many feel that a white man at the helm is righteous. Sounds familiar?

    300 years of programming will not disappear overnight. The black man has to thoroughly equip himself with the tools to succeed. Not many take the time to THOROUGHLY equip themselves and prefer to crab mash a business and then complain.

    Businesses today move at a far greater pace than businesses in the past. We keep telling ourselves that we ent killing we selves fuh nobody not even fuh we own kind. We refuse to move at a faster pace, a more efficient pace and improve our standards. Tell me how can a population that sees mediocrity as the highest standard improve their business acumen? We invite people to our country and have filth at every corner, roads that you have to look for the road in the holes, our infrastructure is crumbling and so is our education system and governance. How can we clean up our act if we do not have the will to do so? We prefer to go and BEG outsiders to get our next fix.

  26. The black population have to deprogram themselves. Hope they not waiting for the whites to do it for them, and in my view the blacks are the ones continuing to negatively program themselves into destruction. Absolutely no strength of character or original thoughts, plans, genuine ideas to benefit the race on a long term time line. The leaders have no useful long range vision, cannot see past the next self serving elections. DO NOT PROJECT POSITIVE VISION INTO THE NEXT FIFTY YEARS TO BENEFIT THEIR PEOPLE. A lot of self-deprogramming to do. Spoke to a friend of mine recently who handles some projects in the South Pacific Islands, Bim’s leaders could learn a thing or two from the leaders on these small islands in the pacific. The population in bim could learn a thing or two from these humble people.

  27. Bush tea, the sword cuts both ways and until we start to tell our dollars were to walk and when to stay. de corrot cake gin dictate. who hold the knife slices the cake.

  28. @ islandgal246 | January 8, 2013 at 7:43 AM |
    “We invite people to our country and have filth at every corner, roads that you have to look for the road in the holes, our infrastructure is crumbling and so is our education system and governance. How can we clean up our act if we do not have the will to do so? We prefer to go and BEG outsiders to get our next fix.’

    Oh what a summation of the problems facing this country! Right on the ball.
    Many of the problems holding back this country have nothing at all to do with the international economic adjustments taking place. As a matter of argument it is when there is some form of international economic adjustment taking place that a country ought to maintain and improve its infrastructure. House cleaning and upkeep are top of the to-do-list.
    Island gal if you were to take a trip around the Island starting with the lower Bay Street and travel as far as St. Lawrence you will see how rundown Bim is becoming. Is this the image we want to project to our visitors? Why are we inviting people to our dirty unkempt house?

    I know this would attract the partisan venomous spiel of ac and her racist hate filled cohorts as an attack on the pure, pristine and unlucky DLP with the stupid defence that Barbados was also very dirty under the BLP.

    But I have one reliable soldier in my army to clean up Bim and that is the old Colonel in his Buggy leading the charge to name and shame the authorities and dirty Bajans to do something about their garbage and filth.

    @ Carson C. Cadogan: You are always comparing the Tourism challenges faced by Bim with those of Bermuda and see no differences. Why not do a similar comparison as far maintaining the environment is concerned? Try littering the streets of Hamilton and see what happens.

  29. Miller the termites have taken over the infrastructure and still no one attempting to treat it. Some waiting for something to fall from the sky to save us.

  30. @ Islandgal
    You mean that you can’t tell when your man in a vexatious mood…and not to interfere with him….? 🙂

    Do you want to know the DEFINITION of a brass bowl …?

    ….it is a man with $7 billion dollars in savings lodged mainly with banks owned and controlled by OUTSIDERS.
    ….this man then COMPLAINS that these outsiders only lend him money to buy consumer items…but not to invest in business.
    ….the $7B is mostly used to lend to OTHER OUTSIDERS to come and buy anything of value “in order to employ the locals” so they can accumulate more savings and buy more consumer goods

    Do you understand what a brass bowl idiot is now….?

    What is an ideal business model…?
    As the bible puts it…..EVERY MAN UNDER HIS FIG TREE

    In other words, you work and sweat to manage your OWN affairs- from the individual, to the Family, to the Village to the Parish to the Country.

    The NEXT level is the CO-OPERATIVE one, where groups create a collective approach to looking after common interests – like a FAMILY.

    A BRASS BOWL is the fellow who wants to sit around in an easy job with no sweat, while some fairy godfather meets his every need….the problem is that fairy godfathers are mostly ‘fairies’, looking for some brass bowl to use as a topsy….

  31. @ Islandgal
    You mean that you can’t tell when your man in a vexatious mood…and not to interfere with him….?

    So I have noticed Bushie…yuh Brassbowling all ova de blog dis mawning. Now cool down wid a cuppa bush tea or mawby. I agree wid yuh pon most tings except fuh de religious book yuh following. But why yuh trying to mek people become fambly when dem already fambly and doan knows it? Look Bushie we gots to feel before we learn, some ah wee gine bail, some ah wee gine ded, some ah wee prefer to tief and some ah wee will wuk tah mek it betta. But wee gots to suck some salt furst or else wee ent gine learn.

  32. Someone in the United States invented Bozo, a popular clown. Barbados could do baboons, one named Millertheanunnaki and one named islandgal246

  33. LOOKA you are the biggest BRASSBOWL of them all and it takes one to recognize one. Now BUGGER OFF and shut yuh back door. Tek de roll of toilet paper wid yuh to cork yuh rass!

  34. @ LOOK | January 8, 2013 at 10:22 AM |
    “Barbados could do baboons, one named Millertheanunnaki and one named islandgal246”

    Pity you share only 98% of our baboon DNA. The other 2% you stole from the jackass and he wants it back, thief!
    You will then be the star attraction of the circus clowns.

    Hear no evil, speak no evil, but in your Lookie case, see only evil.

    We set you some homework, where is it?

  35. In the Harry Potter series created by British writer, J. K. Rowling, magic is depicted as a natural force used to supersede laws of the nature. Many fictional magical creatures exist in the series. The Harry Potter series, of course, sets in Britain. J. K. Rowling, perhaps may consider an alternative series set Barbados, implement creatures, the same or different ones so that Miller and islandgal246 will permantly disappear.

  36. @ LOOK | January 8, 2013 at 11:52 AM |
    “The Harry Potter series, of course, sets in Britain.”

    And that is one country you will never be able to reside even temporarily far less permanently .Trust me!
    And you can count on that. Sorry you might be able to reside temporarily but at Her Majesty’s pleasure for your rabid homophobic and other hate -filled statements you make from your socially offensive mouth.

  37. The tourist industry in Kenya [Central Africa] is the 2nd largest source of foreign exchange revenue. The main tourist attractions are photo safaris from its 19 national parks. Barbados we know is only an island, much smaller than Kenya in Central Africa, has lesser and smaller national parks, cannot have safaris. It does have safari animals [baboons], Miller and islandgal246, could try photographing them on the beach. Can’t lure tourist. Miller and islandgal246 maybe could lure in other safari animals.

  38. BIM has a long way to go if it even survives. Don’t like hearing about all that drama. If it weren’t for family and friends there, I really wouldn’t care.

  39. @ Miller

    rabid homophobic and other hate -filled statements [are/were dispelled] from [my] socially offensive mouth. My mouth is socially offensive, REALLY. Well, I warned you. “I will verbally hurt you”. I did say that “on this site”. You, perhaps do not read and or comprehend quite well, That and or significantly insulted by my intelligence.

  40. @ LOOK | January 8, 2013 at 5:09 PM |

    Bull’s eye! Now shut to fcuk up!
    You have been mortally wounded with a barb with the marking:
    ‘To Look with love’: From island gal and the miller!
    Bang On!

  41. @ Miller

    You insist on being my archenemy, why not Lex Luthor. I’ll be superman. I like superman. I won’t kill you, can’t. Superman does not kill his villains, but they keep coming back. I want you to keep coming back for more, more insults.

  42. is barbados desperate? arrived last week was sent to customs, the officer asked any booze or cigarettes? we responded yes. this is the first time travelling anywhere in the world that i was told to pay taxes on cigarettes for my own personal consumption, we had less than 1 carton per adult.cigarettes are not illegal in bim. did the money go into the country’s coffers or elsewhere? is this really good for tourism?i think not

  43. Well, Barbados according to Clyde Mascoll and Dale Marshall is flat broke “all in the red”, borrowing money to pay civil servants. Contractor Al Barack is awaiting payment, approximately 77 million.

    That Myrie woman from Jamaica has activated a lawsuit against Barbados in the Caribbean Court of Justice and is responsible for her legal bills; that is the order of the court; they [Barbados] must pay Myrie’s lawyers and their own. LOL Barbados at first denied that woman’s claim [rape] but later conceded. Should just go ahead and settle out of court. Pay her.

  44. The Terry Schwartfeld and Colin Peter murders not good for tourism. Both, Terry Schwartfeld and Colin Peter were tourist, ONLY tourist.

  45. I come to Barbados every year and bring in booze and cigarettes from duty free in Canada and have never been charged duty are you a returning national or is this a new policy tax grab

  46. I am a tourist and didnt buy my cigs duty free i bought them in a regular store.this is definitely a tax grab govt should wake up. st lucia is awake

  47. The customs site allows a litre of booze, 200 cigatrettes, stuff for personal use free of duty It seems you got off lucky they screwed you without having you take your clothes off.It must not have been a plane from Jamaica you came on

  48. Lawson, Are you sure about that?

    to the duty-free section on the GAIA website ‘tobacco products are no longer duty free’ so people will be charged duty of any imported tobacco products.

  49. Adrian I am very sorry I just looked up what I thought was the Barbados customs site, and was trying to be helpfull, I have never been charged over the years except for extra meat as I always get an import permit. Trust me I do not want to add to Barbados ,s negative outlook with misinformation.My little joke about the Jamaican plane was sarcasm. As in my own country everybody is sueing somebody,police , teachers govt etc and the one thing they have in common they all come to the court palm up.Not to say there arent valid cases out there but most people who take these jobs are stand up people I will refrain from being specific about anything in the future , … Now that sounds like a politician

  50. Lawson, No problem. I am not a smoker but understand the right for people to do so. I will add though, that Barbados has (in my humble opinion) been spectacularly successful in persuading its population NOT to smoke and therefore limiting health related issues.

  51. When I came into Barbados 2 years ago with cigarettes I purchased in Montreal, I was told that I would have to pay duty. I was shocked. Fortunately, I was let through without paying. Perhaps because I said this is new to me and that I’ve been traveling to Bim since a child and never has this been the case. That it did not make sense since I bought them in Canada . I was back last July but never mentioned the cigarettes in my possession. It makes no sense and it is a turn off.

  52. caribcanadiain | January 10, 2013 at 9:25 PM |
    When I came into Barbados 2 years ago with cigarettes I purchased in Montreal, I was told that I would have to pay duty. I was shocked.
    But surely if you have more that the allowable quota, the Customs is within their rights to ask you to pay duty on the excess. I recall a time, when traveling back to the UK from the Continent, the Customs and Excise would check the level of petrol in the tank, and caution you that duty is chargeable of the excess.

  53. Diane Davies, a british grandmother of nine says she was visiously raped on the beach in Barbados, and in broad daylight. She tells journalist Angela Levin [November 30, 2011] that “ there had been a rape in the exact same loaction two days earlier. . . . [a women] raped in Barbados likely will not get the support she needs. There are almost no procedures in place and the police are way behind in how they tackle crime. LOL

  54. Drinking and driving, since 2006 [without breathlyzers] is legal in Barbados. Person (s) driving under the influence (DUI) can cause a fatal accident, hummmmmm not good for tourism.

    Trinidad and Tobago in 2009 implemented the Breathlyzer Law – Barbados not yet! So, roads in Barbados still not safe.

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