Justice for ALL!

Submitted by Loss Adjuster
Justice for all

Justice for all

This is some dynamite!!!! When will justice be served and these dishonest political demons be handcuffed, foot chained and have their bare asses dragged from Bridgetown to Port Ferdinand for they continuous corrupt deeds. There are many other Violet Beckles’ in this country but the only reason you are not hearing their stories is because they were either poisoned away like they tried to do to me!!!

Do I hear you Mr Marshall…Mr Payne!!! Any Thornhills…??? And the rest of them are in the Psychiatric Hospital better known as the mental, watching the green pastures, drooling at the mouth and god knows where else thanks to these so called Lawyers who are our Politicians ..or did someone say fu**??*%%#@ Liars. Does the Barrack Affair, the Clico Mess, Gems of Barbados saga amongst others not put the nail in the coffin for these mother fu&*##@#**.

When will it end.  One day coming soon. Plantation……”Keep on fighting. I will be with you till the end “. Thanks for coming to our rescue!! And thank you BU for your kind opportunity to educate the public both locally and internationally. The Prison at Dodds should be renamed after them.  I am sure willing to flog their bare assess on a daily basis and read them a few scriptures from the bible. E.g THOU SHALL NOT STEAL.  THOU SHALL NOT COVET….. UNDER THE THIRD AND FORTH GENERATION… OR BETTER STILL THE STORY OF ANANIAS AND SAPPHIRA… SHAME ON YOU LOT . TAKE THE  HOLY BIBLE AND REFER TO THE SCRIPTURES NAMELY ACTS 5, ACTS 4- 32 & 35, ACTS 2 44 TO 47 AND 1 John 5:16.  YOU MORONS….


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  1. thank God for “friggin free speech” but wait mr adjuster are you a jehovah witness! boy i am flabbergasted never knew their language was so colorful.

  2. Broadbase statements, name calling, additional accusations will not bring justice to the many victims of the political schemes and cons. Plantation Deeds need recourse on this matter via thorough investigation and some help from the international community. You cannot fight Barbados corruption within Barbados. It is too carefully orchestrated and connected, particularly in light of the fact that many do not believe their actions of embezzlment and fraud to be wrong but on the contrary a very acceptable norm.

  3. Loss Adjuster@ Does the Barrack Affair, the Clico Mess, Gems of Barbados saga amongst others not put the nail in the coffin for these mother fu&*##@#**.@@@
    All of them have 2 things in common LAWYERS and VIOLET BECKLES Land. All the lawyers that were there at this LAST SUPPER for Violet need to be Voted out of office , Better if none were lawyers in the DLP or the BLP. But we can see what a new Group Will do , For we know some lawyers will make it to office , we need to get rid of the ones who gained and watch all the Fraud going on for personal gains.
    Free- Smart Of Information is needed , for freedom kept us STUPID
    If you all want real Justice Remove them from office , If you love the Bible you cant love DLP nor BLP ,You cant serve 2 Masters.

  4. Sunshine Sunny Shine@You cannot fight Barbados corruption within Barbados…..@@ Yes you can . VOTE them ALL out and get a new head of POLICE and DPP., Make the AG not to be a Minister. Give the AG FULL POWER TO GO AFTER ALL UNLAWFUL PERSONS.

  5. And when the AG is just as corrupt????? International countries cannot intervene in local jurisdictions unless international laws have been contravened. In saying, that Plantation Deeds better be careful they don’t look for another way to take him out, poison is now redundant, there are more savvy ways, and remember the local police will not do any investigations that require gathering evidence. It is up to the people to fight and destroy the scrooge, with a strong will and determination, and yes you will need the help of bajans living abroad ( i already see people gritting their teeth at that one). The corruption was allowed by the majority to fester and now the wound has turned to gangrene and needs to be amputated. Stop enabling the culprits, expose them all and they will have to disappear from shame and embarassment. Stop keeping their secrets for a few measly dollars, soon there will be no small change to throw at you.

  6. @ Well Well

    The local police will do no investigations that require gathering evidence. Right. Right on the spot.

  7. I like this blog. It, however, named only a few of those Barbados lawyers: Dale Marshall, George Payne, and those Thornhill lawyers. Others are Sir. Cheltenham, Charles O. Williams, Mia Mottley and so many more. Deeds is a dangerous man and won’t shut up but in Barbados and is IN DANGER. He, Deeds has set fire to many high elites exposing their deep secrets and have angered them. They will attack in some form or fashion. Sad that Kamar Jordan woman lost her job; that was a direct attack. The incident (s) involving that woman Irene Garner-Sandiford at her home and place of business was also a direct attack. Violet was an old woman. She did not know what she was dealing with; she had no idea that those people “high authorities and lawyers she made contact with were wicked, extremely. She, Violet could not fight them; all involved were high elite authorities and lawyers. Now, Deeds, that’s a different story. He has exposed them everywhere they are, or think they are, the Barbados Labor Party (BLP), the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) and even the United States Embassy, Bridgetown, Barbados. LOL

    The crooked Barbados lawyer [Sir Richard Cheltenham] is one of them listed, at the United States Embassy, Bridgetown, Barbados, REALLY. The June 2009 document DRAFTED by the Embassy of the United States of America in Bridgetown, Barbados a list lawyers recommended for United States citizens who require legal advice and assistance in civil or criminal proceedings or disputes within the Bridgetown Consular District. . . . Barbados, Antigua, St. Kitts and Nervis, Dominica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Barbados recommends a crooked lawyer [Sir Richard Cheltenham] to offer legal advise to United States citizens and or assistance in a civil or criminal matter. LOL

    Owen Arthur, we know is not an honest man, the 75,000 campaign cheque proved that but according to his cousin [Winston Roach of St. Lucy, Barbados] [Barbados Water Authority], “persons of my family has much influence and credibility”. He said that “in writing”. Agree and disagree. Many in Barbados support him [Owen Arthur] regardless of FACT, he is a public drunk, inept and corrupt. He, Arthur is not an honest man; he’s not credibile, likewise the cousin, Winston Roach [Barbados Water Authority].

    Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler just months ago commissioned a special audit at the Barbados Water Authority of which discovered irregularities. The audit uncovered a range of irregularities, including people continuing in their jobs and being paid without authorization, even beyond the time their stints should have ended. It was also discovered that despite not getting goods it paid a United States-based company for, the BWA not only continued doing business with the firm, but never stopped paying for the orders upfront. Winston Roach, purchasing officer at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) hopefully was not exempt. He travels quite extensively but specific areas only, Brooklyn, New York and the Ontario and Quebec provinces (Canada). Proof of whatever he has purchased in Brooklyn, New York and Canada [if] anything should certainly be reported and properly documented. Winston, in early spring (2012) “in writing” said “my credit is good just over extended, waiting for payment from my job and I will be back in good health”. Hopefully, that payment covered ONLY business expenses not leisure in Brooklyn, New York and in Ontario and Quebec [Canada].

    Richard Arthur, don’t forget was charged with 102 rounds of ammunition without permission, violating the Firearms Act of Barbados. Surprised Richard was charged at all “persons in his family has much influence and credibility”

  8. Corruption we know is everywhere and in every place. Some countries, big and small accept and or tolerate it, some don’t. The US fights it, Barbados does not. These individuals are all proof that Barbados tolerates it, does not fight it: Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall, George Payne, Gline Clark, Sir Richard Cheltenham, LeRoy Parris, etc. These individuals are all proof that the US fights corruption, does not tolerate it: Kwame Kilpatrick, Monica Conyers, Rod Blagojevich, Italia Federici, Kevin Ring, Barbara Rose Collins, Nicholas Mavroules, Albert Buslamante, Samuel B. Kent, David Safavian, J. Steven Giles, Richard Tonry, Mario Biaggi, etc.

    On 08/31/2006 Officials of the FBI and IRS raided the offices of several prominent members of the Alaskian Legislation. The investigation involved allegation of illegal gifts to lawmakers from the VECO Corporation home based in Alaska. One of them, Senator Ted Stevens was indicted by a federal grand jury on July 29, 2008 on seven counts of alleging that Stevens received from VECO hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts that he did not declare on his US Senate financial disclosure forms. Stevens was convicted on all seven of these charges on October 28, 2008. All convictions were later vacated. Another, Don Young was under federal investigation for possibly taking bribes, illegal gratuities or unreported gifts from the VECO Corporation. Between 1996 and 2006, Young received $157,000 from VECO employees and its political action committee. Also, the Alaska State House of Representatives Pete Kott, Bruce Weyhrauch and Vic Kohring were all charged with federal crimes as part of the investigation into VECO.

    Senator Ted Stevens (Alaska) BEFORE persecuted and convicted by the United States had received 250,000 home renovations of which included a $5,000 generator. Senator Stevens gave Bill Allen (VECO) a ford mustang worth $20,000 and Allen gave Stevens a Land Rover (SUV) worth $44,000. VECO (Alaska) was major contributor to political campaigns and one of Senator Ted Stevens’ biggest campaign contributors. Congressman, Don Young (Alaska) between 1996 and 2006 BEFORE persecuted and convicted by the United States received $157,000 from VECO employees and its political action committee

    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall gave to VECO a government contract WITHOUT TENDER and VECO had no record of building prisons. Certainly, VECO gave to them, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall something for such generosity. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall in the United States also would have been charged and convicted possibly for taking bribes, illegal gratuties and gifts from VECO. Arthur should be at Dodds, likewise Mia Mottley, Dale Marshall, George Payne, Gline Clark, Sir Richard Cheltenham, etc.

    Barbados at moment is chaotic, just a total mess. The S&P and Moody’s said so. There are lots of theft there [Barbados], the United Nations said so this Violet Beckles case proves it. This Violet Beckes fire started with Owen Arthur and the BLP. They know this, can’t hide it. Should have been resolved before that woman’s demise [Violet Beckles] and without difficulty. Al Barack, another out-of-control fire started with Arthur and the BLP. Arthur and the BLP gave birth to Al Barack. They know this, can’t hide it.
    Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall embarrasses Barbados. The Myrie Rape case embarrasses Barbados, The Colin Peter and Terry Schwartzfeld murders embarrasses Barbados, likewise Violet Beckles.

  9. LOOK @


    CROOK : A person given to crooked or fraudulent practices; a swindler, sharper , thief, forger, or the like. Term has been defined as a professional rogue ; a criminal ; or consorting with criminals; a`person recognized by the authorities as belonging to a criminal class.

    CROOKED : Deviating from rectitude or uprightness;not strightforward;dishonest ; wrong ,perverse A “crook” is a dishonest person; one who is crooked in conduct;a tricky or underhand schemer; a thief or swindler.



  10. Amazed there is so much spilled milk here. Like it or not, activists for Violet Beckles are making noise to getting attention. They’re doing it too, getting people attention because they’re exposing Barbados people of prominence and their dirty laundry – Sir Richard L. Cheltenham, Charles O. Williams, Ralph Torn, Mia Mottley and more. That person PLANTATION DEEDS 1922 to 2012 is attacking them, people of prominence everywhere they are or think they are, BLP, DLP also the United States Embassy in Bridgetown. Sir Richard L. Cheltenham is apparently a CORE ELEMENT in that Violet Beckles mess and was among those listed at the United States Embassy in Bridgetown to assist United States citizens in purchasing property or legal disputes here. Not much can or will miss eyes of the United States. We could talk to Bin Laden about that, but he’s dead. President Obama ordered capture of Bin Laden dead or alive. Mission accomplished.

  11. Did anyone here see the Bajan man who was recently arrested at Gatwick Airport for smuggling drugs into London? Check and see where he is sleeping and soon will have a permanent home there. Do drugs and get caught you will do the time unlike our beloved Barbados.

    • A Barbadian drug smuggler has been jailed for 16 years for bringing £2million-worth (overBDS$5 million) of pink liquid cocaine into the UK last July.

      Errol Watson, age 54, from Wanstead in East London was arrested after Border Force officers at Gatwick examined a consignment labelled as oil filters, which had been shipped from Barbados.
      Cylinders inside the filters were x-rayed (see below), revealing a suspect substance inside.
      When officers drilled into the cylinders a bright pink liquid came out. It tested positive for cocaine.
      Acting quickly so as not to alert the crime group responsible, NCA investigators took the cylinders to a specialist laboratory where all the liquid was removed, yielding around 26 kilos of the drug, with a potential value once adulterated and sold on the streets of up to £2 million.
      The cylinders were then refilled with sand and continued on their journey to Wanstead.
      NCA officers listened in as Watson took delivery of the cylinders and attempted to get inside them. When he realized the drugs were missing Watson phoned a contact in the Caribbean to complain, telling them: “Somebody opened this thing and put something in it . . . this thing empty . . . I’m telling you . . .”. Shortly after officers arrested him.
      In coordinated activity, detectives from the Royal Barbados Police moved in simultaneously on two addresses in Barbados where they arrested Watson’s brother. They also nabbed another quantity of pink liquid cocaine. A number of other cylinders were recovered at the other premises.
      Records seized in the two raids showed that Watson had been involved in a number of other previous shipments using several different aliases as cover.
      In some cases cylinders had been recycled, and sent back to Barbados empty to be used again.
      Last week Monday, Watson pleaded guilty to conspiring to import cocaine on what should have been day one of his trial at the Old Bailey.
      He was jailed for 16 years on Wednesday, January 18.
      His brother had previously been convicted in Barbados of cocaine possession.
      Steve McIntyre, from the National Crime Agency’s Border Policing Command in the UK, said:
      “Drug trafficking is a crime that has great impacts, from exploitation in South American source countries to violence and gun crime on the streets of London. I have no doubt that Errol Watson had been involved in this type of criminality for years.
      “This was certainly an unusual method of smuggling cocaine, the first time we have seen it in brightly coloured pink liquid like this.
      “It was also a very deep concealment, demonstrating that the organised crime groups we are combating have access to sophisticated equipment and expertise.
      “Working with our law enforcement colleagues in Border Force and overseas we are determined to do all we can to disrupt and bring to justice the criminal networks involved in international drug smuggling.”
      Laura Tams, Specialist Prosecutor from the Organised Crime Division, said:
      “Errol Watson was at the heart of a sophisticated and organized conspiracy to import cocaine into the UK from the Caribbean.
      “Through collaborative working between prosecutors, the National Crime Agency, Border Force and the authorities in Barbados, he has been brought to justice.”
      (The National Crime Agency)

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