The Violet Beckles Affair, Separating Fact From Fiction Part IV

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Ralph Thorne (Complaint Letter)

Abatement Notice – Ministry of Health

Ralph Thorne receipt

List of documents given to Richard Byer

Plot Plan

Document to develop land at Bush Hall

Central Bank Exchange Control document

List of documents given to Brown & Chapman

Receipt for Well digging

Richard Byer UDC Letter

Payment made to Ralph Thorne for services rendered

Richard Byer Letter (1)

Kensington Oval under dispute

Customer statement – Ralph Thorne

Communication from the Bar Association

Barclays Bank Receipt names of Violet and Beatrice

Philip Nichols accused of misconduct

Philip Nichols accused of misconduct (1)

147 thoughts on “The Violet Beckles Affair, Separating Fact From Fiction Part IV

  1. @ Well Well

    I would not go near that island [Barbados] if I were you. Stay on the outside.

    I sense that things there will continue sliding down hill. It’s ugly but will get worse. Deeds is digging up things that people there don’t want exposed. It’s years and years of cover-up. That island sooner or later will blow up.

  2. So people who currently live there keep telling me, every chance they get. So sad. Let’s hope the ones responsible for all this mess burn while the place is blowing. How could people not realize that the things you do continue to follow you, good or bad???? I heard recently of one former political family from the 40s, to hear it told, the sins of the father continues to haunt to this present day in Bim all his descendants through mental illness, unto i think they said now it’s going into the 3rd generation, the story is mind boggling., it was a huge topic up North about 6 months ago, and the names being called in the mess from that era, shocking. Everyone is saying to me, keep your distance.

  3. I know someone [male] trying to get out. In conversation, he hesitated quite a lot. I sensed that he was afraid and hiding something. Recently, divorced in Barbados. Now trying to link with an outsider, someone outside of Barbados [United States or Canada] for marriage. He’s Owen Arthur’s cousin at the Barbados Water Authority, a fruit cake just like Owen Arthur. Personal vehicle is a 1999 SUV, he calls it a van. Connected with this nut on a social networking site. At moment, he is still resident of Barbados but linked with a Bajan woman in Canada. Not sure that she can ticket him out of Barbados unless she became a Canadian citizen.

  4. It is time for the land worth billions TO be turned over to the Executor, part owner, and trustee of Violet Beckles Estate. This is unfortunate that Violet fought the lawyers as old as 92 years old until she died AND STILL DID NOT GET BACK THE DEEDS FROM Johnny Chelt. Is there no JUSTICE for CROOKS who wear expensive suits in court rooms? Is there no JUSTICE in Barbados? If the land had belonged to C.OWilliams there would be no fuss. It would be accepted that he is the wealthiest man in Barbados. Yet, a black woman like Violet could not be recognised as the rightful owner. Every one of them who stole from Violet will lose more later in life. THOU SHALL NOT STEAL. It is not YOURS!

  5. Part of the problem is that everyone tend to keep so many secrets, that when things start to become exposed, it creates a climate of fear, a lot of people am told know about many unsolved murders on the island, till at one point I understand the FBI continually offered to help with that issue and continually got a NO, WE CAN HANDLE IT, well you know how that was handled, never solved. Too many deep, dark, dirty secrets on so small an island. If that estate is so valuable, people can go to jail.

  6. Am sure a lot of people are feeling discomfort right now and cannot sleep comfortably in their beds. I wonder if being so dishonest is worth the accompanying trouble that’s brewing for those involved???

  7. Of course being dishonest is worth it for these CROOKS. Well Well you understand that they would do whatever it takes to keep what does not belong to them. You also have to realise that this means humiliating, betraying and even killing any persons who comment on this site. BIG THREATS as well. They know what they are doing, and they do not care. Look at the rape cases here on island. The british women were raped and they accused an innocent man. Now the women told authorities for 2 years it was not him, and to find the man who raped them. I smell Corruption.

  8. AND THAT’S WHY AM ALWAYS WELL ARMED. BARBADOS IS VERY SMALL AND I KNOW EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY FROM THE GHETTOS TO THE HEIGHTS. One of the weaknesses of bajans, they love to underestimate people, that trait forever leads to their downfall. They cannot even keep the island’s prized possessions anymore, because they believe in underestimating people and assuming. There are those right now, if anything happens to certain people in bim or abroad, the culprits will have to go live in the sea, they will not be able to hide, and trust me Terry, you can take that to the bank.

  9. @ Well Well

    The United States FBI continuously offered to help in Barbados [unsolved murders], REALLY. Possible I guess, but hard to believe considering fact that the United States itself has a lot of unsolved murders. A lot of people in BIM are hiding things; that’s believable . . . . homosexuals and lesbians are into all professions, politics too. Miller isn’t the only one STILL “in the closet. . . . Yes, of course, a lot of people in BIM are feeling discomfort right now and can’t sleep They know, possibly have visited this blog and know it’s sequel.

    Barbados, at first denied that Myrie woman’s claim [rape] but later concededd. I anticipate that Sir Richard Cheltenham will concede. If not, we may later hear that he committed suicide. At moment, those are his only (2) options.

  10. @ Well Well

    Your posting stating Prized Posessions should be singular not plural. Barbados’ prized prosession thus far is ONLY Rihanna.

  11. What Prize??? contrary to what many bajans think, Rihanna is not a prize for Barbados. She was pushed into something she is not prepared for, knows nothing about and not interested in. Prize my foot!! They better get off their lazy asses and start using their imaginations to positively, create, produce, manufacture and market. Or they will be literally eating each other soon.

  12. LOOK – Given the size and population of the US, one can understand the potential for many unsolved murders. Given the size and population of bim, when you rate percentages by per capita, do the math.

  13. And beside Rihanna is more interested in promoting her messy life style. Think she got time for Bim and bajans right now, maybe later.

  14. The facts are the laws are on the books and the LAWYERS AND judges use it for their convenience. They owe favours to friends and when those friends commit acts against the law their friends call in the favour owed. MONEY talks in Bim. When you are struggling financially you pay for the crime in prison. Lawyers are allowed to abuse the system too often. They are the biggest crooks in the country. They sell land that does not belong to them and reap the sweets of the fraud they committed. These lawyers we vote for and they run the affairs of this country as politicians. Some do not even come to the neighbourhood to canvass because they are so confident they will win and/or it is beneath them. Where are the people in Bim who can represent the country without filling their pockets illegally? Where are the people who would do right by the people and do it with honour? This nonsense about being a lawyer, doctor, engineer or wealthy business man to get into politics needs to change in the mind sets of Barbadians. Who do you want Barbados? Do you want doctors, engineers, businessmen and lawyers with the highest degrees and titles like Q.C who will deceive you and only know you 6 months before elections? Or, do you want honest people who will not be tempted to embezzle the citizens of this fine nation because they have access to funds?

  15. I must concede and I did hear it out of the mouths of two of the most disgusting lawyers in bim. They do favors for each other, all involved in the justice system, and have been for many decades, that’s why all should be sitting in prison next to each other for not caring about the concept of morals and ethics.

  16. Agree, Rihanna is not much of a prize. She’s young, very confused and uneducated, also mentally off-balanced. Rihanna we know was brutally attacked by boyfriend Chris Brown. Chris Brown as of this date is still on probation for the beating, but the two are again a couple. Now, Rihanna, according to journalist, Billy Johnson on 11/06/2009 “said “I’m glad it happened to me. . . . I can help young girls. . . . I will say to any young girl, come out of this”. She, Rihanna is glad that Chris Brown brutally beat her but won’t leave him alone, won’t stay out of the relationship. REALLY. Rihanna, sad to say is just product of her environment [Barbados]. Rihanna’s mother [Monica] according to journalist, Billy Johnson was frequently beaten by her father, once breaking her nose. Statistics show that domestic violence involving women and children is quite common in Barbados, and well the young Senator Kerri Symmonds in 2009 proved this.

    Sir Richard L. Cheltenham though is well educated, above and beyond Rihanna. He was not confused about those plantation deeds. He had access. Violet gave him the deeds, Sir Richard Cheltenham. Six months later, those deeds could not be found. Why? Why? How? could they somehow/somewhere surface WITHOUT Violet’s knowledge. How could those plantations be sold and still belong to Violet? Cheltenham knew exactly what he was doing and what he did. He thought he could get away with it just because Violet was an old woman.

  17. Osama Bin Laden before his death was a fugitive, had to be. The United States government was after him, on his trail, riding his tail. President Obama ordered him [Bin Laden] captured dead or alive. Some of these lawyers that were associated with Violet and responsible for her loss may have to become fugitives, Cheltenham especially.

  18. Oh Well, when people learn that the things you do keep coming back at you, these things follow you, and more often than not live after you. They will think twice or NOT. Then we won’t be sitting and waiting for these dramas to play out. This is one for the books though, I definitely would not want to be in the shoes of the people currently being accused. Bim is too small, and now the world has gotten even smaller. All the information is now out there.

  19. The United States is a strong super power. Osama Bin Laden knew this. He knew his fate behind destroying those world trade center towers. BIM, though is small, a lot less smaller than the United States. Until Rihanna came on the scene, Barbados was practically unknown. What those lawyers did to Violet Beckles and others they thought, maybe couldn’t or wouldn’t be noticed not like Bin Laden and couldn’t or wouldn’t injure them and likely never thought of anybody like Deeds putting together all the pieces and exposing it.

  20. Hope the United States is aware of what’s going on in BIM. Hope they know that BIM attorneys recommended at the embassy cannot be trusted.

  21. Seeing that the US is famous for peeping into everything going on around the world, I for one would be stunned if they are not aware of all this information floating around in cyberspace. i definitely would not want to be in the oh so very expensive shoes of the ones currently being exposed. All those old sayings by our ancestors are coming to pass, when you see someone flying high never, ever be envious of the person cause you never know whose wings he/she is flying with, bajans would do well to adhere to that particular piece of wisdom.

  22. After all this revealing information I did not think to see or hear in my life time, I certainly will need a few days rest, so much information to process. Certainly will not be going to Bim for my few days though.

  23. @ Well Well

    The United States you know is not happy about the Raul Garcia situation in Barbados, neither is United Nations Commission, Navi Phillay. That woman, Phillay at the United Nations wants Garcia set free. The United States additionally, knows everything there is to know about VECO (Alaska). The IRS and FBI in the United States were investigating VECO. Soooooooo they know who in Barbados pocketed money, gifts, campaign contributions behind the oil terminal and Dodds Prison projects there. They know. Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall awarded VECO a government contract, without tender. VECO built the prison at Dodds in St. Philip but had no record of building prisons. Surely, VECO gave them something for such generosity, Owen Arthur, Mia Mottley and Dale Marshall. VECO gave Senator Ted Stevens (Alaska) a $44,000 LandRover SUV and 250,000 worth of home renovations and was his largest campaign contributors. Congressman Don Young (Alaska) between 1996 and 2006 had received 250,000 campaign contributions from VECO of which he used for legal fees.

  24. The problem with this whole LAND situation is that Cheltenham is so cunning and never thought that the executor of Violet Beckles estate would challenge him. He is not honourable. Cheltenham you MUST produce those deeds you cheated out of Violet. You cannot sit there and read this knowing you are responsible for the FRAUD of the LAND. You know inside your being the LAND is not YOURS. Stop training aspiring lawyers to be so corrupt. The law is for everyone, including you. All your colleagues should know by now the issue is world wide.

  25. I cannot believe that the leader of this nation can stand in parlaiment and say because of the deeds done in 1926 it is not compatible in days of today because he claims it cannot cope with the modern challenges government has encountered. THE LAW IS THE LAW. The Executor of the estate is waiting.

  26. Got to give them up. Give them up, Cheltenham, [those plantation deeds]. The executor of the estate is waiting.

  27. “ Because the deeds done in 1926 it is not compatible in the days of today” He said that? Prime Minister, Stuart? In Parliament? Shit! Got Damn!!! That, just that is confirmation that Barbados is highly problematic and has been extensively. Either way the votes go, Barbados is shit up a creek without a paddle. Stuart should not be afraid of Cheltenham and or all those other lawyers of whom that old woman was associated with.

  28. The PM may try to change what have already past. That is what we call time. People lived from 1926 till 2013 lived with that system of laws,Now today for fraud gains they may want to back date crimes of fraud. As i know the law of fraud never changed. No gains can come of it for the crooks and all must be returned. All involved will be lucky if they can keep the cloths on their backs when all is said and done.
    So to look to change the laws today to what has already happen will not work , as one person said before not all Bajan’s are JACKASSES

  29. Agree, Prime Minister Stuart should not be afraid of Cheltenham and all those other lawyers of whom that old woman was associated with. He’s not afraid of them. Maybe. They support the DLP; the DLP needs their support. Maybe.

  30. If Both side study Plantation Deeds from 1926 to 2013 they will focus on the real problem of Barbados . When the school teach this History and the student cant seem to find what they are looking for at the land
    registry and the Archives the focus will change to the PM and UWI students,@
    The Prime Minister suggested on the weekend that if all the players involved in the resolution of the Alexandra School problem – who are mostly university graduates – cannot solve the issues they should return to the cane fields.@
    We at Plantation Deeds agree , When they all see the ROOTS of the Plantation Deeds and Who pull the sugar cane up , It will not be to sweet for the BLP and the DLP , Let us start the first lesson for all the teacher home sick ,
    After reading all 4 parts then you will get the Picture ,
    Plantations Deeds 101

    Then you can tell the Prime Minister what you all found out when you all went back to the Plantations cane fields , Massive Fraud and down grades by S&P and Moodys , and Sir Cheltenham QC

  31. All of those named lawyers could and or should be charged for all of the following: Fraud, racketeering and embezzelment.

  32. anonymous @ Proof was sent to BU today , I hope its posted to show how write you are…
    Title of Document is from the COMMISSIONER OF TITLES

  33. Shame on you Ham
    It was sham
    The deeds didn’t fly
    Didn’t run away from you.
    COW said. . . . but said LIE
    That old woman cried “my land”
    All that land Ham, you took from her hand.
    What, what could she do?
    Far too many were invited and ALL joined your band:
    Owen, Mia, Mark, Ralph, Mark, Samantha, Philip Nichols too.

    © LOOK


    The land was yours then mine.
    That man Ham though was not kind.
    There was so much – land – in my hand,
    but he was a crooked man.
    The two Ham and COW somehow hooked.
    Yes, of course, they are quiescent about you and the deeds they took.
    I’m sorry I loosened them.
    Yes, of course, he Ham is prominent but a crooked man here in BIM
    Thank you for the gifts Beatrice
    that I just couldn’t lift.

    © LOOK


    this site | April 30, 2014 at 11:04 PM | @ Share the site with the World , We must know the truth to why so many people are going home and out of work. They must know about massive land fraud by the lawyer and Minister of Barbados , And how they try to blame the World on their PONZI fraud on the Voters and Nation of Barbados, Both the BLP . DLP and the new DBLP must go also after the Fraud Elections,UDC /NHC are laundering land that they never own and the AG acting as the CROWN is also fraud, No clear title to land and only fraud titles,We have the Proof as the Police was told to back off the Ministers and Lawyer and the PIMP title holders.

  36. Bare stinking thieves , scumbags and liars in Barbados and they need to be exposed. Taxation is the biggest from of thievery . Why should have to pay taxes on land ? For what reason ? And they take the taxes to socalled provide amenities but they thief the money-( taxes-) and drag more out of the people.


    Codename Octopussy March 23, 2015 at 8:12 AM #

    Bare stinking thieves , scumbags and liars in Barbados and they need to be exposed. Taxation is the biggest from of thievery . Why should have to pay taxes on land

    You dont have to pay for land just land rent of 500 a year, BLP and then the DLP want to move people from land rent to land tax , now which they can move up anytime they want more money.
    This is why the UDC and VAT fraud ponzi came together with PM OWEN and AG MIA and now covered up by the DLP who wants the same part of the FRAUD PIE ,

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