Should BU Exercise More Editorial Control?

The following recommendation was submitted by St. George”s Dragon for discussion.

BUBU needs to consider adopting a set of rules in respect of posts which are vicious or hostile. I believe this is important in order to be able to demonstrate to those who are starting to make noises about banning Barbados Blogs that there is a degree of editorial control over what is posted. If done in the right way this would not be censorship, just make the Blog a more responsible place and elevate the discussion. Apologies to other websites from which I have borrowed wording  but as a start, what about:

  • BU promotes a receptive, transparent and civil atmosphere for comments and users. Critical, in-depth and intelligent discussions and debates are encouraged. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to voice their opinion regardless of identity, politics, ideology, religion or agreement with other community members, as long as those opinions are respectful and constructively add to the conversation. However, this community does not tolerate direct or indirect attacks, name-calling or insults, nor does it tolerate intentional attempts to derail, hijack, troll or bait others into an emotional response. These types of comments will be removed from the community. Individuals who consistently or intentionally post these types of comments will be warned and, if necessary, excluded from the community.


  • If your comments consistently or intentionally make this community a less civil and enjoyable place to be, you and your comments will be excluded from it.
  • Vicious, violent and hostile language are not welcome here. If you use this type of language, you will be removed immediately.
  • Comments which are extremely abusive, off-topic, use excessive foul language, or include an attack on another contributor will be deleted.

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

0 thoughts on “Should BU Exercise More Editorial Control?

  1. David

    There is some merit in this post but you must be careful that you don’t destroy BU in the process of such censorship. I would like to suggest that persons should be asked to provide proof when they make defamatory comments. Failing that the comments should be removed. Using myself as an example, a particular contributor has posted several times that I was brought before the courts for theft. That is absolutely untrue. I was sued for defamation of character a number of times but I always had a good defence: I was telling the truth so I did not end up paying one red cent.

  2. All the censorship in the world will not get the Barbados Labour Party off the opposition benches come next general elections.

    This is all aimed at Democratic Labour Party supporters. However the voters will have tha final say, much to the dismay of the Barbados Labour Party and Barbados Underground.

    You can govern down your blog as much as you want, in favour of the Barbados Labour Party. It is your blog.

    The Democratic Labour Party will still get the word out there to the public.

    By the way we are aware that the Barbados Labour Party has engaged the services of two of Obama’s political stratigists who are presently on island assisting the Barbados Labour Party. You may have noticed that they are many video clips appearing on Facebook one of them is engineering this Barbados Labour Party thrust on Facebook. More to come.

    The questionsi, who is bank rolling their services here in Barbados? I wont mention where they are staying right now, that is for a later date.

    And you can tell ADRIAN LOVERIDGE that we peasants in Barbados have a choice, accept his gobbledy gook or reject it. We choose to reject it.

  3. So, Barbados Underground is now set to be the official blog oF the Barbados Labour Party?

    Congratulations, Seethru!!

  4. The people who DAVID are trying to protect while they fire broadsides at others, simply need to be told, “if you cant take the heat keep to hell out of the kitchen”.

    Simple as that!

  5. Dear David and St. George’s Dragon:

    I am only a Simple Simon, so can you please define vicious or hostile for me.

  6. @St. George’s Dragon “BU needs to consider adopting a set of rules in respect of posts which are vicious or hostile. I believe this is important in order to be able to demonstrate to those who are starting to make noises about banning Barbados Blogs that there is a degree of editorial control”

    I am only a Simple Simon so can you please explain to me what is the difference between this and censorship?

  7. And St. George’s you must be aware by now that some Bajans always want to ban something. And that something is too often something that the “powers” feel will cause then to lose money or status or power over others.

    I mean like who die and made the ban-ers Lords and Masters over the ressa we?

    Damn (sorry darn) nuisances.


  8. @Caswell “Question: Who is bankrolling the election spending.
    Answer: Cost U Less”

    If this is so what is Cost U Less getting or hoping to get outta dis deal?

    Take care this does not end of costing us the taxpayers more, a damn (sorry darn) lot more.

  9. Oh dear, sidetracked into politics. That is shame.
    There are two issues here. Defamatory statements and libel is are important issues although how the moderator is meant to know what has been proved in court or otherwise, I am not sure.
    I wanted to bring into focus the issue of insults and intolerance, which in my view could bring this Blog into disrepute.
    I do not feel that it should be acceptable to insult people or use swear words, for example.
    What should the acceptable standard be? Language that you would use in Supercentre in front of the general public? What might be said in a rumshop? Would you want you wife, husband and children to read what you had posted?
    There are things being posted on BU which I think we need to consider whether we are comfortable with.

  10. @ St. Georges Dragon

    How long has BU been here? Has it changed any? Of course bloggers come and bloggers go, but BU has survived. What ban what? BU is not hosted locallly. If you want censorship stick to the Nation and Advocate. How come you trying to manage David’s blog? If you start here where will you end? With a takeover?

  11. @st. george’s

    You get my vote on obscenity, abuse, repeated and targeted insults, violent comments etc etc etc. these are par for the course in any internet forum.

    Now…civility?? enjoyability? respectful and constructive? baiting a response? I object.

    There’s a “small” price for the freedom and openness of the internet. It’s called responsibility and discernment. The purity of social media lies in the ability of anyone to connect, digest, contribute to and collaborate in it regardless of location, culture, knowledge, background, views etc. Civility, respect, constructive, enjoyable?…these are all relative. some can argue the same for obscenity but hey.

    i say let every voice contend in this free and open forum. That’s what makes Web 2.0 the world changer that it is. David’s done a great job so far (applause and hoorahs) and someday we’ll realise and maybe actually admit that Barbados is the better for it. Trying to control it too much will immediately start the eventual destruction of it.

    In the same way that capital markets adjust themselves (for better or worse) to demand and supply we have the capacity here to adjust ourselves to detractors and jack@$$es whenever the time comes and they raise their heads. Ask Carson if you doubt me…lol

    Don’t try to control the medium. Try hard instead to shape and influence the minds of those who use it.

    Just observing

  12. This is David’s blog and he can do with it as he pleases.If he chooses to censor that’s entirely up to him.
    Anybody who has a problem with the blog can start their own.

    If David can be sued for comments written on his blog then he can remove the offending comments and ban the offending blogger.

  13. Mr Dragon the George …I does hopes yuh ent mean ME! Like you want the fun and games to end pon BU! Eff um is all seriousness den BU will become boring like you! Dat does sound like a insult?

  14. The BU household accepts the recommendation from St. George’s Dragon in the spirit delivered. So far BU has subscribed to an approach where commenters are called-out if they are found to be inaccurate or insincere in their postings.

    There is the view that many looking on would like to comment but are intimidated or turned off by the robust exchanges which flare up on BU from time to time.

    BU remains a project (work in progress). We remain open to feedback and promise to continue to exercise our best judgement.

  15. Dragon, yah f#ckin’ jerkoff, I agreed wid your f#ckup semtiments completely … People ’bout hey too blasted liberal and David ain’ all dah smart to f#cking influence nah body ’bout hey’s behavior … You got my vote, yah nincompoop …!

  16. uh gine try to get in a lil offtopic ting, even doh uh might get bann fuf life under the “new” rules:-


    SHOPPERS purchased what they needed and nothing extra over the holidays, some retailers say.

    Items such as clothes and shoes topped the most-bought list during the Yuletide season, according to Francis Kennedy, president of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce.

    Carol Pessoa-Collister, Go West’s managing director, believes people are conserving their cash for the new year considering the increase in price of some essential items.

    “Though consumers bought presents, they shied away from expensive items,” he said. “It hasn’t been good, most of the merchants say their sales were less or same as last year.”

    Sales were low compared to last year,” said Carol Pessoa-Collister, managing director of Go West.

    “The perception that Jamaicans spend a lot during Christmas was certainly not the case this year,” she said.

    The Go West manager figures that persons were conserving their cash for the new year, given that prices have gone up for key goods, such as chicken and cement.

    Read more:

    It is amazing to me, that after a political campaign by Portia and her party promising Jamaicans milk and honey if they were elected , now that they are in power tings really brown.

    But we all know that Bajans will not make that mistake. That is why the Barbados Labour Party have brought in two Obama political sratigists to try to assist their campagin and change the people of Barbados minds.

    I recall when we brought in Lazlo they(Barbados Labour Party) screamed bloody murder, “she in from bout hey, she shont had nuttin to do wid Bajan politics”, now they have brought in not one but two Americans to assist them. One of them is a FACEBOOK specialist.

  17. @david
    The beauty of this is that anyone can call out anyone at anytime for inaccuracies!!

    What better way to prepare for work, life, politics, relationships, marriages, court, grievances, love and retirement than robust exchanges!!!!

    Can’t put a value on BU 🙂

    Just Observing

  18. There is some merit to Dragon’s post and he should not be criticized. There is no doubt in my mind as an outsider looking in that he means well. His comments are what we all are about, that is, freedom of expression.

    Having said that, BU/David’s response to the post is well put.

  19. The thing about “OFFTOPIC” topics happens when one comes into spectacular pieces of news that BU people need to know about.

    The only way to highlight it is to break into current threads to let everyone know about.

    The current thread might not have anything to do with this new bit of news. So where does one put it?

  20. BU also needs to weed out the ones trying to practice exploitation of the mind of feeble minded people on it’s website, which is a despicable crime against humanity and one does not even need to be abusive or threatening to practice that evil..

  21. @well well
    Feeble minded??? Who you calling feeble minded???

    I doth protest!!!!!

    So you plan on setting up a complaints link and establishing and investigative sub committee for code breachers? How about a BU Freedom of Information clause? All bloggers must disclose their computer assets once a year and divulge their next of kin, if not their real identity before next elections…..any supporters?

    Just Observing

  22. @Observing(…)

    The challenge for BU is that based on the frame we have to work within, ie. buck the establishment we have to allow comments which are frowned on by the ‘status quoers’.

  23. Seriously, most of us would love to see positive change in Bim, there are those who would love things to continue as they are for financial gain, greed, badmindedness and just so they can slither into Bim and get a free pass to commit whatever sick practice they could come up with and then preach to the masses about what they should and shouldn’t do and how they should think and what opinions they should have about all the sick crap created by their own people, as have been happening for decades. Most of us would love to see this practice stopped. We would love to see less corrupt lawyers, politicians and public officials. Asking for no corruption is asking for too much, but we would settle for less negative interference in taxpayer funded entities, especially the police force, that worked really hard to make themselves look retarded. We would love to see the power of the likes of these families that consider themselves elite, dimmed so they could no longer practice their sick sexual habits publicly, and get away with them no more.

  24. We all owe David a debt of gratitude for given us a forum to communicate with each other.

    We can have heated debates but should not write anything that can cause legal problems for David and BU.

    David will have to let his legal advisors protect him because during elections people go crazy as they fight for the fatted calf.

    David has invited you to his house for a fete. Behave accordingly.

  25. Waaait I missing a low life called Harry. Baffy yuh send him back to Canada? Ah missing dat stinking one call ole onions wha yuh do wid he Baffy? An wha happen to Scoutie? Waaait Baffy yuh like yuh is de serial killa bout hey!

  26. We got anudder one digging nuff wells bout hey. I wonder eff she gine fall in she own well. I ent got nuh rope so she gine have tah stay down in dey.

  27. A White Barbadian committed suicide last year December. He owned a furniture factory and was a caller to the Brass Tacks program… an excellent story teller, and a big fan of Errol Barrow. There is a chance, slim, that he was Harry.

  28. De fella from Lashley and White furniture … a real nice, nice fella … Apparently there was the insolvency that comes with a recession. But who knows …! On second thoughts … no. This Harry was too bitter … On third thoughts maybe yes … Black public servants can mek change yah outlook quick enough …!

  29. What have you devils been digging up?? Hope you don’t fall on your own sword. Remember you are barbadosed.

  30. They legalizing marijuana just about everywhere now, how soon u think the barbados government will do the same???

  31. David, we are all well behaved and follow the strictest code of code with due respect given. If someone is ever insulting to BU fambly they don’t need to defend themselves as their fambly will

  32. @ Well Well | January 2, 2013 at 3:38 PM |

    We would much prefer if you were to use the phrase “decriminalization of marijuana”. Using the word “legalizing” implies that it is something everyone has to do in order to be in compliance with the law.
    This is a question being posed to you, Well, Well: Do you see the use of marijuana in the same light as you see homosexuality?
    After all homosexuality (according to your previous submissions) was introduced to the black slaves by the white colonial masters and subsequently outlawed by the same colonial masters.
    Fortunately marijuana was always a tropical thing but demonised and outlawed by the colonial overseers who saw it as a threat to their alcohol and tobacco businesses.
    After all, the puppet governments managed by corrupt politicians realize that it’s more profitable for them personally to keep the use of marijuana illegal. The marijuana plant has much wider industrial, commercial and health uses other than smoking which (unlike tobacco) makes little contribution to the public purse except through fines and penalties on the small fry involved in the currently illicit trade.

  33. John Boehner Told Harry Reid ‘Go F— Yourself’ Outside the Oval Office

    The fiscal austerity crisis has been temporarily averted, but given the apparent animosity between the current leaders of Congress its a miracle that any deal was made at all. Politico has a rather lengthy breakdown of the last week or so of negotiations that led to last night’s budget bill and it leads off with an anecdote illustrating the current state of American politics. As they arrived for a much-hyped meeting with the President last Friday afternoon, Speaker of the House John Boehner spotted House Majority Leader Harry Reid approaching just steps from the Oval Office. According to “multiple sources,” Boehner pointed his finger at Reid and without any other fanfare said, “Go f*** yourself.” When Reid asked him what he was talking about, Boehner simply repeated his curse and moved on.

    I guess under the new rules we will not be able to post any more of the above articles because ” this community does not tolerate direct or indirect attacks, name-calling or insults,”

    Oh boy the good old days. Now gone until after the elections when St. george Dragon hopes that the Barbados Labour Party will win.

  34. Personally, I don’t smoke and agree with much about what you said about its limited legalization, however, again for the hundredth time, I am not against homosexuals and understand the underlying and deep seated problems associated with persons practicing because of psychological, biological, psychotic and every other reason that would cause any human to part take. It would be interesting to hear the Barbados government explain why marijuana is no longer demonized.

  35. They did not have much choice, the house of representatives, it was real fun watching them curse each other.

  36. @Carson C. Cadogan | January 1, 2013 at 9:41 PM |
    “All the censorship in the world will not get the Barbados Labour Party off the opposition benches come next general elections.”

    STOP FORCING UR DREAMS AND WISHES ON THE PUBLIC. We already know that the DLP will NOT be voted in….


  37. I would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this post and sum up the overall response.
    15 people responded (including BU/David).
    Excluding David, 10 said don’t change things; 2 said that there might be some merit in the idea but to be careful not to destroy BU in the process; I couldn’t work out what the other 2 were saying – sorry.
    The answer then is clear – there is no support for greater editorial control.
    By the way, for clarity:
    – I have no designs to take over BU and am not sure where that idea came from
    – The suggestion was nothing to do with politics – of either persuasion
    Finally, I note from the thread “The C&E Lacks Balls!” that @ Look’s post was deleted. No comment.

    • @St.George’s Dragon

      Deleting Look’s comment fell into the discretion BU mentioned. LOOK has an agenda of pushing Plantation Deeds’ and we did what we had to do. An example is now unfolding on the Church blog with Miller and Baffy. If it continues we will have to repeat.If commenters have no interest in a particular blog they should consider that others may.

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