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  1. CBC News report Britain’s economy expected to recover in 2018 until then belt tightening for the population. To make matters worse Barbados major trading partner is the UK.
    Britain could use a Owen Arhur or Mascoll to get out of recession. The BLP snake oil salesmen working on the theory that Bajans are born and bred idiots.

  2. Listening said “Bajans are born and bred idiots.”

    Yes many are and will always be BECAUSE they are afraid of CHANGING their ways of doing business and choosing people to represent them. If you are choosing from the fool pool you will only get fools. The same as choosing from the idiot pit you will only get idiots.

  3. Merry Christmas to all of the Ol’ people up dey, Hants, Pat et al … all de young people ‘cross the pond Kiki (Braf come back home now and he ain’ young), the people that like living in hot spots like US and Jamaica (Techie , Georgie and Jeff), all ah de women (ac, roaming, Rambling, Rosemary, Balance, Chocolate, Islandchick, Mrs David, the woman that got bare Ex-men …) and all the rest that live ’bout hey (Sarge, Bush, Amuse, Legal, Obs, Check, Cas, Skins, Adrian, Dennis Johnson, Bourne, Miller, Patcha, Money, Colonel, Hammy, CCC, Hood, Enuff, Just Asking, Deeds and all the Davids … now who I lef’ out nah ..)

    • @Baf

      Here are a few names off the top:

      Simple Simon, James Bynoe, Sid Boyce, St. Georges Dragon, Chris Hassall,Jan Jan, Well Well, Sunshine, erice, ping pong,inkwell,to the point,micro mock engineer,Ryan Thorpe,Terence Blackett (who suffered the terrible tragedy of losing his daughter), Anthony,Kammie,Anon legal,John,Sapadilla,Bentley, Royalrumble, Gabriel Tackle,peltdownman, lawson,prodigal son,Crusoe…

      Other can update as we go along.

  4. Seasons greetings to all!
    Everything in moderation.

    How u cud fuhget Zoe? You like you want she come on here now and dun d thread! Respect due! 🙂

    All the best Zoe!!!!

    • @Observing(…)

      Baffy forget a lot of people…lol.

      Some Christmas humour:


      1: I prefer breasts to legs. 2: Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist. 3: Smother the butter all over the breasts. 4: If I don’t undo my trousers, I’ll burst! 5: I’ve never seen a better spread! 6: I fancy a little dark meat for a change. 7: Are you ready for seconds yet? 8: It’s a little dry, do you still want to eat it? 9: Just wait your turn, you’ll get some! 10: Don’t play with your meat! 11: Stuff it up between the legs as far as it will go. 12: Do you think you’ll be able to handle all these people at once? 13: I didn’t expect everyone to come at the same time! 14: You still have a little bit on your chin. 15: How long will it take after you put it in? 16: You’ll know it’s ready when it pops up. 17: Just pull the end and wait for the bang. 18: That’s the biggest bird I’ve ever had! 19: I’m so full, I’ve been gobbling nuts all morning. 20: Wow, I didn’t think I could handle all that and still want more

  5. David

    All dem names, HA HA HA … But Simple Simon is the chick dat gotta a lotta Ex-Men … HA HA HA … But I call Chec-it-Out, Check, and William, Skins … But Green Monkey so scarce, and Rok and BIMBRO don’ stop by nah more… And I feel fah Scout where ever he is; use to enjoy cussing he … HA HA HA

    Look ac sen’ me a Vidia wid my favorite gal. I hope Hants see de vidia too … HA HA HA

    Happy X-mas … HO HO HO

  6. Seasons greetings to all.May all good things attend you and your families in 2013. You are all defenders of democracy in the Caribbean.. We press on with the same goals of creating a better region and a new Caribbean nation.

  7. meryy christmas to all in the bu households, particualry my friends ac and island gal, who i want to be nice in 2013.

  8. Merry Xmas to one and all.

    David that post at 9:21 p.m. leaves nothing to the imagination.

    Hope every one enjoy the day and go easy on the pork.

  9. To the BU Family:
    Seasons greetings!
    May the risen Light of the World shine brightly on each and everyone in this part of our celestial orb.

    As observing (…) advised: “Everything in moderation”.

    To my spiritual son Kiki; Enjoy the day with a special blessing from on High! No ‘skunt’ weed today just pure ‘irie heights’ from the Blue Mountains. Jah bless!

  10. Fame at last – a mention on BU – although according to Carl Moore (Nation Sunday 23rd December), nothing posted on BU is of any substance because most people don’t post under their real names.
    Somehow I don’t think he “gets” blogs.

  11. St George’s Dragon wrote that according to Carl Moore “nothing posted on BU is of any substance.”

    Carl Moore a pompous arrogant ash low.

    Georgie Porgie has given medical expertise. Is that his real name?

    Amused,Legalese Anonlegal have all given sound legal opinions.They don’t use their real names.

    Merry Christmas again to the BU bloggers (whether you use your real names or not) and best wishes for the coming year.
    I will continue blogging on BU, caribbeancricket and Fishing 101 using the name Hants.

  12. things hard.my first xmas without anything to drink but water. nothing to eat but biscuits. a high electricity bill . a raise in water, raise in gas and nothing good aint come my way. hope my future is better next year!

  13. @St.George’s Dragon

    Read Carl’ article and felt he messed up the opportunity to add value to the media space. BU and blogs don’t compete with traditional media. You are correct, he does not get it.


    At least you have Internet connectivity 🙂

  14. And Merry Xmas to you Fed Up (sounds like our old friend OOB), relax and enjoy this offering

    @David: Fed Up knows what’s important, you want him to give up the Internet? Better he live on biscuits and sardines.

  15. Wha happen to Old Onion Bags?

    I thought of him when I come back from fishing this morning(caught a nice rainbow trout.Best Christmas present in years )

    Where ever you are OOB Merry Christmas.

  16. @Hants
    I thought you were a “catch and release” fisherman, BTW into fishing myself but we live close to one of the best fishing spots in the GTA, the wife and I often take walks along the bank of the stream (good walking trail) and we spot some fish. Can’t give the location otherwise everybody and their brother would be coming up here.

    Enjoy it while you can there is some not so good news on the fishing front in the near future….

    I also see a few people from other communities coming in Spring to pick the heads of ferns (fiddleheads) one man’s meat…..


  17. All the best everyone again.

    Re Poor Carl Moore. the best gift we can give him is the gift of silence and ignoring. When persons seek to raise their status by bashing what’s good, distorting facts and presenting half of the story under the guise of bravery and journalistic integrity they deserve no response.

    Merry Xmas Carl. Have a silent night *wink wink

    @fed up
    Next year will be better 🙂

    Thanks to all you beautiful bloggers for the chance to share, learn, digest, discuss and debate opinions and views this past year. A light brought hope to many 2000 years ago. May our presence, words and online unity bring hope to all who read (and peep) that all’s not lost in Bim.

    Walk good!


  18. Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous 2013 to all and sundry.

    Anyone who has nowhere to go for dinner can join me for:

    turkey with ginger and cranberry sauce, curried lamb, smoked salmon, black rice, sweet potatoes, variety of salads, apple pie, black cake, coconut bread, various wines and alcohols, green coconut and Bajan Ju-c.

    @BAFBFP, you can come anytime, not only for Christmas cause I dont celebrate, I just eat and drink as usual.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS TO CARL MOORE – THE SCROOGE OF THE BLOGS. Gimme Ossie any day, he had a sense of humour which is lost on Carl.

    I am sure he has not forgiven Adrian Hinds for outing him.

    BAFBFP, by forgot Adrian, Ian Bourne, and Perlixin Pearlie.

    Gine and check muh turkey.

  19. Blessed Christmastide to one and all, don’t mind nobody didnt call my name. I had a ball dress down and perlixing and pompasetting in de Park this morning with my girlfriends. Hey, when I ketch myself I see de vidia man pointing at me so stay tune I might be pon CBC tonight ef wunna please!

  20. @Sargeant wrote “I thought you were a “catch and release” fisherman”

    I released the fish. The “Christmas present” was the “battle”. he fought like a small cavally.

    I don’t knowingly eat fish from Lake Ontario.

    The best Trout and Salmon fishing rivers in the GTA are The Credit, Humber,Highland creek and The Rouge.

    I fish them all.100 % catch and release.

  21. A merry Christmas to all the BU family and for those with a special date in 2013, may good fortune smile on “ALL” of you.

  22. Hi All;
    Came in late.
    BAFBPF; Thanks for the mention and best wishes.

    BU is like another home to me I check it everyday even when I’m very busy and can’t contribute as I would like, as has been the case over the past 4 months or so. Hopefully, I’ll finish the last project before the Election bell is rung and can start contributing fully again.

    All the best to the BU family, especially to David our brave, indefatigable and all knowing Blog Master as well as the new Family member “Plantation Deeds”. Now that is a story which I’m hoping will bear positive fruit for Deeds and his ques in the new yeart.

    I can’t immediately think of anyone who has been missed out in the well wishes so far, except Manessah who posted copiously on a few topics earlier in the year but has since been silent.

    Next year should be very interesting with the elections and the spinoffs they will engender both before and after the results are called. (I’m hearing that the DLP is reducing the lead that the BLP held a few months ago and that it could be anyone’s game although the level of suffering in several important voter constituences is still very high and may be a significant factor that might not be amenable to roads and lights and the odd 100 dollar bill)

  23. Did we forget Charles, Ras,Truthman Burton,Senator Irene Sandifor-Garner, Minister Donville Inniss, Sandra Husbands, Fran, Nia,Tell me Why and Brudah Bim?

  24. Hi David,
    I have been involved in a major project and was a little pushed for time but there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

  25. To David and the rest of BU “fambly”.

    Although I left my greetings for all earlier on in the season I will repeat here again:-

    A blessed time to all and here’s hoping for a better 2013.


    Sometimes, abstaining may be far better than “little moderation”. Ah lie? 🙂

  26. well i said it before, but i wish the bu family, peace, joy, happinessduring the festive season and the coming year.


    cause i aint u friend, u cant invite me to dine too, u always inviting baf to everything.


    I hope u aint spend christmas alone cause i did read some place u husband went some place. wait Ac, I hope scout is well cause I miss he though. anyhow a got to wish he a blessed christmas, if he is alive.

  27. @thepoint. Hope your Xmas was filled with lots af love and gifts. i was not alone for xmas .i do have a big family and i spent it with them and friends/

    @david not BU. hope you did enjoy your Xmas.

  28. @Ac

    well it was wonderful the usual family gahering and looking at the litlle ones and reasoning how they will carry on the family tradition, only thing the young ones dont like baking. lol. Healthy new year to you and your family.

  29. Bush tea i hope youb had a wonderful Xmas and everything you wished for.Mr ac sends his greetings and tells you not to pay me attention cause my bark is worse than my bite wishing you the best for the newyear………………………………………………………………DEHOOD all the best to you. ……………island gal .more gal power to you for the NEWYEAR.

  30. @ ac
    Thanks, but Bushie don’t play the Xmas game….and already has everything he wished for… 🙂

    What?! Mr ac has not yet left for Arizona? Guess he will be going in 2013 then…
    Perhaps what he is trying to tell you that he likes your bite much more than your bark…..so get to hell off the computer barking, and let some biting begin….

    Good advice as usual from Mr. ac…..

  31. Its cold in the Bronx it warmed my cockles to read IN THE Nation online:

    {{ hotels are reporting 60 to 100 per cent occupancy levels for this Christmas and New Year, which form part of the winter tourist season.

    The majority of those hotels contacted by the MIDWEEK NATION also indicated that most of their guests were repeat visitors. And while they include people from around the world, most were from source markets such as Europe, Britain, Canada, the United States and the Caribbean.

    Sharon Hugh-White, general manager of the Bougainvillea Beach Resort, said they were experiencing a full house for the Christmas and New Year’s periods.
    White said they had”an incredibly good” winter season last year but this year was better they were so full this year they had to refuse reservations. We are sold out.”

    Sandy LANE, Divi Southwinds, the Hilton, Accra Beach, and the small hotels report a similar bright outlook..}}

    Would Adrian Loveridge, BU, Patricia Dass report on this cheerful news? Dont hold your breath.

  32. @winter wonderland

    I dont think that Patricia Das would have anything good to say, except to carry an agenda to pressure govt. hope she returns from whence she cometh and contribute the negative vibes to that country.

  33. AC
    No Xmas greetings for moi? Wasn’t I a good boy all year? Not one measly attack and now you sending Bush an Olive Branch telling him that de husband going to de desert in Arizona so BT could drink from de Oasis here. Next ting Miller gwine get invite to yuh Old Years fete. Bad boys have all the fun while goody two shoes like me are left in de dust. Talking bout bad boys I was watching de ball game yesterday when one of my scions exclaimed “Isn’t that Chris Brown?” and another said “Chris Brown is sitting beside her”

    Women love the bad boys, its not too late for me to change is it?…..

  34. @ Sargeant | December 26, 2012 at 10:34 AM |

    Since AC got big up in the Sunday Sun by Carl “Sniper Mout” Moore she is no longer interested in small fries like a Sarge. You have to be a captain or above to attract the deceitful eyes of our dear ac.
    You wait late in the early autumn of your life to find out women don’t like nice men. When I was a very young man in my late teens a man by the name of Louis Crichlow (may he rest peacefully in his grave) told me that women don’t go for nice guys. I have lived to experience what he said is true.

    Why you think ac does not like the miller, only his foot.

  35. NO! NO! sarge just saving the best for last, what you really don,t know that i am a secret admirer with a BIG crush on you kind of hessitant to let my feelings know but for you my to gift to You would be exceptional as a matter of fact i was thinking of dedicating Luthers Vangross Xmas song “every year ever Xmas. but…..i was a little hesitant but now i have spilled the beans i would do so later.

  36. @AC Thanks for throwing an “Old dog” a bone

    @Miller don’t bring up dat talk about yuh foot yuh think dat you is a tapir? And in front of de childrun too! No need for de Birds and de Bees – Sex Education 101!

  37. ac, Adrian, Amused, Anon legal, Anthony, Balance, Bentley, BIMBRO, Brudah Bim, Bush Tea, Carson C. Cadogan, Caswell Franklyn, Charles, Chec-it-Out, Chris Hassall, Colonel Buggy, Crusoe…, David, David (Not BU), De Hood, Deeds, Dennis Johnson, Duppy Lizard, Enuff, erice, Fedup, Fran, Gabriel Tackle, George Brathwaite, Georgie Porgie, Green Monkey, Hammilton Hill, Hants, Hot Chocolate, Ian Bourne, inkwell, islandgal246, James Bynoe, Jan Jan, Jeff Cumberbatch, John, Just Asking, Kammie, Kiki, Konkieman, lawson, Legaleyes, Mark Fenty, mash up and buy back, micro mock engineer, millertheanunnaki, Minister Donville Inniss, Moneybrain, Negroman, Nia, Observing(…), Pat, Patchamama, peltdownman, Perlixin Pearlie, ping pong, prodigal son, Rambling Rose, Ras, roaming, ROK, Rosemary Parkinson, Royalrumble, Ryan Thorpe, Sandra Husbands Sapadilla, Sargeant, Scout, Senator Irene Sandifor-Garner, Sid Boyce, Simple Simon, St. Georges Dragon, Sunshine, Technition, Tell me Why, Terence Blackett, to the point, Truthman Burton, Well Well, William Skinner, Winter Wonderland, Yardbroom

    (Carl “Sniper Mout” Moore don’ count)

    Now … Surely da’ is ever’body …

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