19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To ONE & ALL

  1. When would this TOM – FOOLERY end ????

    In 1999 just before the GENERAL ELECTION…..Liz Thompson announced that GREENLAND would be opened in JANUARY 1999 !

    That date passed……GREENLAND remain closed !

    Just a few weeks ago Liz Thompson announced that GREENLAND would receive it’s first BAG of Garbage on 2 JANUARY 2008 !

    Now that date is at hand…..we are being told that GREENLAND would be ready by DECEMBER 2008 !

    And how can GREENLAND be within BUDGET…..when there was so much RETROFITTING & DELAYS ??????

    TIME………is…..MONEY !

    In this case……$$$$$$$ MILLIONS of tax payer $$$$$$ !

    And these BLP PARIAHS talking about…..LEADERSHIP ???

    There is no LEADERSHIP……if INTEGRITY & ACCOUNTABILTY are absent !!!!!

    Barbados…..in TROUBLE !

  2. Dear Friends at BU I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and your group for providing us with the window to have FREE EXPRESSION of our views for this I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2008 despite having to contend with these clan of BLP crooks please enjoy your holidays.

  3. Bajan Christmas

    Bright colored door bells and warm woolen mittens
    Are not a part of our Bajan traditions
    Jug Jug and baked ham and great cake to eat
    Are the traditional delicacies of the Bajan treat
    New furniture bought on credit from the department store
    Curtains hung down to the freshly varnished floor
    Hedges trimmed round gardens and the Snow on the Mountain
    Reaches full bloom matching guard walls they’re painting
    I enjoy the Poinsettia and the tinseled Christmas trees
    Sorrel drink, decorative lights and caroling but please
    To really make my Bajan Christmas worth the living
    Make mine full of our true charitable giving
    A midnight Mass, walk in the park and lots of cheer
    Seasons greeting to all and have a Happy New Year!

    From Khaidji
    Bajan Poetry

  4. Dear Barbados Underground,

    Happy Christmas, And yes Santa did arrive bringing me 3 boxes of Cadbury chocolates, a nice ham from Geddes Grant, so now I have ham to eat with my bread and butter. Well, as your resident Obeah woman here I see great things in store for Barbados in 2008, I see a PM that has white in him. A new airline will touch down at Grantley Adams painted in green yellow, red and black. Anyway, Happy Christmas and may God Bless you

  5. Open the Blogs..Open the Blogs!!!!!

    After being Robbed of ouR tax Dollas ($,$$$,$$$,$$$.00) are we the public of Barbados now to be Robbed of Christmas!!!!..With peace and goodwill to all men.the reason for the season…Today’s Nation news states the BLP Govement will kick of election campaign on BOXING DAY. Is this fairr to the public after a stressful year of concerns about national issues?

  6. One Day comin So-n,

    Shut to hell up and and open your mouth WIDE for the big FOUR LOVE we will ram down your throat on 15 January 2008.


  7. BU,

    What’s with this snow?

    Do we have snow in Barbados?

    We should be sensitive to our own cultural and geographical realities.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Black Bajan // December 25, 2007 at 12:40 pm


    What’s with this snow?

    Do we have snow in Barbados?

    We should be sensitive to our own cultural and geographical realities.

    Merry Christmas to you!

    …..ha ha ha ha ha boy don’t mek muh laugh, I hey reminiscing with muh brothers and sisters about de time our Parents use to go all bout de place to get marl to spread around de house. It was our version of a white Christmas in the tropics. So since we pretended back then that marl was snow why not do likewise, with the white dots falling on your pc screen? Um wuk fuh me. 😀

    Soon from now wunnuh gine be telling bajans to stop celebrating Christmas, stop wearing three piece suites, jacket and tie, etc. schuuppssee

  9. FOUR LOVE!!!! // December 25, 2007 at 12:34 pm

    One Day comin So-n,

    Shut to hell up and and open your mouth WIDE for the big FOUR LOVE we will ram down your throat on 15 January 2008.


    For that to happen wunnah would have to stuff the BALLOT BOXES ON…….de 14th Jan 2008 !

    Tek Dat !

  10. BU,

    What a wonderful picture of a POLAR BEAR…….below to the right of the words MERRY CHRISTMAS near the top of this page !

  11. Happy Christmas and A Prosperous New Year to all persons in Barbados from the People’s Democratic Congress!

    Charting a new path of national development for Barbados, and esp. for the masses and middle classes of people of Barbados, and for national industry. We are the party that when we attain the main leadership of the government of Barbados that will, et al, Abolish ALL Taxes, Interest Rates, Make ALL Institutional Loans for productive purposes non-repayable, and that will make constituents debate and pass the laws of Barbados. Such and more in the interest of the greater growth and development of the affairs of the people of Barbados. See our Pre-election Manifesto @www.somassfreedem.org.

    Nevertheless, the important responsibility, right now, is for the majority of voters to Vote this WRETCHED BLP Government Out of Office at the Next Elections!! Each and every Voter who wishes to see the removal from office of this Government must play his or her part, which includes going and VOTING “against” this insensitive Owen Arthur-led BLP. For, since 1994, Mr. Owen Arthur and the leadership hierarchy of BLP have been grossly and recklessly mismanaging the affairs of this country, and have shattered much of the people’s confidence in these BLP administrations. Just look at the GEMS Scandal, the UDC squandermania, the Kensington Oval Redevelopment Project, the NHC Warrens Offices Complex fiasco, and the list goes on. The fact that Agriculture and Manufacturing still remain stagnant and in shambles is exasperating. Such facts have happened inspite of the BLP’s talk, esp. in 1994, that these sectors would be revived and would thereafter contribute greater than say, in the early 1990s, to national output.

    In 1994, Mr. Arthur also promised to the people of Barbados that with the election of a BLP Government, then, that the people of Barbados would witness how the economy of Barbados would become an export-led, private sector-driven one. This is the ending of 2007, and we are yet to see such a manifestation. What we have instead seen is a lousy, underperforming import-led, governmment-driven one. Worse, is that this BLP Government has been the major cause/reason why the government debt has, right now, skyrocketed to stratospheric levels, (75-80% of GDP), and the main cause/reason why the cost of living has presently reached uncontrollably high and rampant levels. The industrial and commercial affairs of Barbados should long ago say, since 1995, have been registering 8-10% average annual real growth rates; the debt of the government, right now, as low as 10 % of GDP, and the current cost of living being less far less than what it is now. But, what miserable and pathetic failures we have had in the prime minister and in this BLP government!!

    To stop these marauding, destructive BLP leaders the vast majority of Voters must go to the polls on the 15 of January and vote this asinine BLP Goverment out of office. We have no other choice!!

    See you at the polls!!

    Have a blessed Christmas!!


  12. BU,

    You could not have captured a better scenario at right in the SIDE BAR !

    The BLP pimp George Belle decked out in his BLP party RED colured shirt in his RED chair !

    Listening to his FATHER Owen Arthur also in his RED shirt ” SWEARING THAT NOT ANOTHER DLP GOV’T IS TO HOLD OFFICE IN BARBADOS AGAIN “…..!

    Chicken GEORGE BELLE……..says that is good LEADERSHIP !

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