VIDEO: Morning Edition 10 December 2012

There is a healthy interest by Barbadians in the CLICO Affair as in unfolds in the T&T parent market. A catastrophic failure of local and regional regulatory and political systems. Listen to searching interview by Fazeer Mohammed (known more in Barbados as a cricket commentator) and Afra Raymond, a vocal Trinidadian commentator leading the effort for transparency in the CLICO matter.

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  1. There seems to be many parallels to the CLICO situation as well as a distinct divergence in handling of the matter by the T&T and Barbados authorities. Will we ever get as far as T&T has got in this matter here?

    In addition the references to the IL and FOIA suggests that these acts are useful but are still subject to gross misuse by authorities with possibly vested interests.

    Is our IL foolproof and watertight?

    • @Checkit-out

      It is the point which Bush Tea and a few others have been making that with Integrity Legislation it does not mean slam duck for good governance. The Integrity Commission will have to ensure those mandated submit declarations etc. But it is a good place to be.

      Another interesting point is when Alfa Raymond ask for the financial information which the MoF uses to support speaking notes. We have a similar situation in Barbados where the MoF and other ministers speak about the NIS Scheme but because current financials must be audited and laid in parliament the public cannot inquire about its damn money.

      There was also the reference to key CL Financial executives who were in position at the time of malfeasance not coming forward to speak. But like Alfa Raymond stated, it is a process which has started.

  2. So T&T has moved even further on with its process, the OECS has rolled out and started its solution, the parent group under full investigation….which phase are we at in Barbados again where this issue’s concerned?

    Just Observing

  3. You guys are onto something … but look closer.

    1. Mario Browne and others “refused” to come forward and state what they know. Mr. Browne is no stranger to Barbados and political parties. There is talk of him forming a NEW political party … Fah wah … nah? All he got to do is put he mout’ where he pocket is as opposed to the other way around.Can’ be dah difficult.

    2. The final opinion from Raymond is that it will take overseas concerns and not those of a domestic nature, to make things happen in this case … My God ..! You see now why CARICOM is a hoax …?

  4. We foolishly believe that enacting integrity and FOI legislation in the manner practiced in countries of millions of people will somehow work in an island of 100 where everyone is connected. WTF gine lock up their ‘brother’? Would you? Our continued criticism of political parties without any real action is sad especially in an age of the Third Sector being a key player in shaping society and the way it is governed. In the UK for instance, most social and affordable houses are built and managed by not-for-profit housing associations. If the many contributors here are serious, they would move from being just a blog community to an active think thank, advocacy group or whatever one wants to call it where the Bush Teas, Caswells etc could really make a difference. Affra Raymond is more than a blogger!!
    Given the high level of apathy towards politics and politicians the answer can not be another party; but a non-party affiliated group focused on altering the electorate’s mindset, which by extension would force politicians and political parties to change. This same approach is necessary to encouraging investment, entrepreneurship, innovation and ‘green living. I maintain, however, that the transformation desired would be best achieved by also changing political parties from within starting with the quality of persons nominated and selected to contest elections. Standing on the side i,e, posting on BU without doing anything meaningful is for the most part an exercise in futility.

  5. @ Enuff
    You are mistaken.
    Any process which allows either of the two existing set of joke Parties to continue to dictate the future of Barbados is doomed to continued failure.
    A NEW system of governance is required where our best brains are placed in leadership and where the PEOPLE actually have a meaningful say…
    A New mindset of SERVICE among those put in position of authority is also vital.

    Our current party arrangements are built around a failed paradigm of elected, selfish, largely incompetent dictators.

    ….as to Bush Tea being “active and making a difference”….. Been there and done that! … …much more than Bushie’s fair share.
    LOL Caswell has been there and done that too…but he has a much bigger ‘fair share’ than Bushie… ๐Ÿ™‚ he yet has more to do…

  6. @ Bush Tea
    “A NEW system of governance is required where our best brains are placed in leadership and where the PEOPLE actually have a meaningful say”

    As you dwell in Wonderland, let us agree to disagree.

  7. @enuff
    “Starting with the quality of persons nominated and selected”

    I agree, but, who does the nomination and selection within the party machinery? Feels like a catch 22 here.

    How do we get to that new style of governance? Realistically speaking of course.

    Just observing

  8. @ Observing
    Branch members!! And this is exactly my point about getting involved and changing the system from within; whilst Bushie relying on fantasy.

  9. Bush

    My problem with you is that I can not talk to yo as man … You is one a de elders. Respect will always be part of any discourse. But seriously man, seriously…

  10. @ Enuff / Observing
    Enuff knows full well that in order to become part of his system, one has to sell one’s soul up front and buy into the STATUS QUO.

    The kind of principled person that is required for genuine change will NOT be able to pretend well enough to reach the stage where one can make a difference.
    Expecting CHANGE FROM WITHIN is living in Fantasyland.

    David Thompson’s life is a classic case in point.
    He wanted to serve his country and to be an agent of change like EWB from school days. he succeeded in reaching the heights of power….but at what price? He would have been tainted and bounded by the CLICO tag, but without that association, would probably not have had the resources to have reached the position of PM in the first place…

    @ Observing
    There are three main approaches. Pull, Push and BBE.

    Pull envisions a small enlightened group with altruistic motives, that offers an alternative to the current political arrangement which is attractive to the electorate – particularly now that the status quo is so increasingly found to be wanting.
    Pull is the approach that Bushie has been pushing on Caswell… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Push would require a large scale enlightenment among the electorate that forces the politicians to adopt and conform to new levels of governance.
    ….that won’t happen anytime soon in Bim.

    Enuff’s ” change from within” is a non starter… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Basically the whole life experience is a high level project established to facilitate the development of Righteous Character within a set of temporary hosts called humans. (The purpose is unprecedented and breathtaking, but that is not the immediate point.)
    What we are demonstrating during this phase of life is our general inability to rise above wickedness, selfishness, dishonesty and hatred – and hence our failures in community building.

    At some point, BBE will close shop – very likely arranging a period which demonstrates the results that can be had with a righteous approach, and afterwards a final conclusion to the project.

  11. When all is said and done , its the same band of crooks in the Caribbean doing the same crimes over and over in different Islands
    What for the names when all is said and done,

  12. @enuff
    “Branch members”

    Christ Church West, St. Thomas, St. Michael South East, St.James North (just to name a few).

    I applaud the idealism but even your model has a smattering of fantasy to it that is dependent upon people genuinely engaging within a branch to effect the best results regardless of bias, chairperson, committee, executive committee or national arm. It’ll call for more than that and with a more national focus rather than a parochial one.

    Just observing

  13. @bushie
    So even if we find people with enough balls to pull, we’ll “never” have the environment to push, and far to few understand or appreciate the grander scheme of things to be truly transformative in this physical plane.

    Cheese don bread. Ya got me depressed now. I gine back in my cave.


  14. Obey

    Bush speaks well and f#ck, means well. Do not be depressed. Be consoled with the fact the he is a mature commentator. That should mean that their are improved versions of his sentiments …. (there had better be … how big da cave is ..?)

    • Thanks to commenter ‘loadadjuster” for posting the link to the original video and Baffy for demanding it be given a separate posting.

    • @enuff

      Let us be clear to your point, Barbados is a 2×3 island which makes it difficult to implement FOI and IL. You believe because of the incestuous nature of relations it relegates Bajans to being inherently dishonest. Within the very system you condemn as being dishonest i.e. friends and family will not ‘rat’ on each other you expect some kind of advocacy group or think tank to emerge to give voice to many of the issues raised on BU and elsewhere presumably against the same friends and family.

      In the video you should have noted that Alfa Raymond speaks to the journey to transparency and catapulting an ethos where government and the people see doing business for what it is – a process it is!

  15. @ Observing
    In the mode of MME, you know much much more than you are letting on…
    Your summary is exactly the point. However instead of looking for a cave, why not see the value of exploring the “grander scheme of things” and making THAT your purpose in life….?
    ….when all else fails perhaps we should seek to read the instructions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. @baffy
    D cave huge! Even got an indoor jacuzzi wid a 60 inch Samsung Smart TV on hire purchase that I don’t need, can’t use, don’t have the space for and can’t can’t pay for til 2014! Sweet!!!

    btw, I getting problems finding improved versions of Bushie sentiments doh. You could imagine a Bush Tea V.11.4.1 ? Working off rechargeable batteries rather than current? ๐Ÿ™‚

    The cave is a nice place for a little time out from the chaos every once in a while. It actually allows for the type of internal exploration that leads to purpose and reveals the treasure map pointing out how to interpret THE instruction manual. The problem ’bout hey” is finding people of like mind, intelligence and vision! A one man army cud only get so far! Don’t mind what enuff saying, ask Caswell, he would know. Lol

    Just observing

    • @Baffy et al

      Listen at about 13 minutes into the video when Fazeer – no stranger to pressure because of his outspokenness – speaks to how the media is manipulated by people in high places. Perhaps our friend Carl Moore is listening carefully.

    • Public Expenditure – Accountability – Transparency = Corruption

      The above is a little statement which was delivered by Afra Raymond in the interview with Fazeer which is simple in language but thunderous in its meeting and resonance.

  17. @Enuff
    Given the high level of apathy towards politics and politicians the answer can not be another party; but a non-party affiliated group focused on altering the electorateโ€™s mindset, which by extension would force politicians and political parties to change.
    That sounds good on paper but will likely fail because of the reason you previously cited which is that we are an island of 100 people. If one is critical of the Govโ€™t they are immediately labelled pro the other party and vice versa. They are then immediately forced to defend themselves from politically motivated attacks, people with the best intentions often take a backseat when their voice could be instrumental in promoting change.

  18. @enuff
    There are 30 branches! The level of people involvement (a minimum of 30 * 20 = 600) and progressivism (constitution, by-laws etc) needed doesn’t exist. We’d have to take over the branches like true dictators and remould them so that others of similar mind would feel welcome and willing to step forward and play a part. What do you think would happen if I walk into a branch meeting and declare it’s time to change??

    When the real leaders stand up, they are quickly hushed up…one way or the other. It’ll call for an “army” of real leaders and a movement the speed of sound to effect real change. Coupled with a nice insurgent campaign in the halls and corridors of power. Do you see that happening?

    Good idea! Gotta get some tickets print and some popcorn donations. Only problem is d damned light bill now. Chupse. Will hafta use my CLICO policy as collateral for a Republic Bank loan to buy solar panels from China to put on the cave roof. Lol.

    Any idea on how to give these good intentioned nationalistic well-minded people an actual voice without having to fear??? And don’t tell me Constituency Councils neither.

    Just observing

    • @observing (…)

      You should have referred enuff to the motion by Mia to democratize the BLP Constitution before she decided self preservation was a more informed position by toeing the party line.

      She is a MOTTLEY!!!

  19. @ Enuff
    If the likes of Bush Tea and Observing made up branch members then we would have the “PUSH” scenario where the electorate and the candidates would promote transparency, honesty, etc.

    HOWEVER, if a few like Bushie and Observing invite themselves to Branch meetings, they would probably be lynched after the second meeting – when they start to question the routine dishonesty which you admitted is endemic due to nepotism etc.

    … Caswell LOL.

  20. I actually believe that I am dreaming because as I understand it the world came to an end yesterday… So I must be in heaven or something …!

    Wait wait, Sargeant ’bout hey too … This most certainly can’ be heaven … HA HA HA HA. My God I beginning to feel heat from somewhere … I gun look to see I could find Zoe …

  21. For those interested BU added an audio clip of Senator Orlando Marville talking about FOI. Remember he was the Chairman of the Committee. This is from 2008.

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