#1 Sector Managed Under Veil of Secrecy

Adrian Loveridge - Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

In the editorial column of another publication recently, the writer seized on what I thought was a very pertinent question. ‘How much of the enormous government taxes tacked onto flight tickets actually go toward the maintenance of our airports?’.

In the case of our own airport, Grantley Adams International (GAIA), the taxpayer may never know the answer, because even though the facility is wholly owned by Government, it feels no obligation to publish its annual audited accounts for public scrutiny. A polite request made a few days ago for their latest fiscal statements, met with a deafening NO!

While its difficult to draw any direct similarity, I wonder if ‘we’ the taxpayers had been able to view the accounts of another Government entity, the ill-fated Hotels and Resorts Ltd (GEMS) in a timely manner, perhaps then more pressure could have been brought to bear to prevent the haemorrhage of hundreds of millions of dollars. So to try and calculate any comparison between the amount of taxes paid by departing passengers and what proportion GAIA Inc., retains towards operational and capital costs is almost impossible.

I also posed two other questions to the airport public relations department., and asked if direct air to cruise ship and intransit passengers paid the same amount of ticket taxes as other travellers, but sadly did not receive a response.

This lack of accountability and transparency does nothing to enhance the wider understanding of the industry and the various contributions made by the many component players. I will however compliment GAIA Inc on the statistics section of the their website. At a glance you can compare, on a monthly basis the numbers of embarked and disembarked passengers, those intransit and transfers, together with cargo, number of aircraft movements etc. Especially interesting is comparing the airport disembarked figures with long stay visitor arrivals figures on the CTO website.

Preliminary stay over arrivals for July were 51,253, down 12 per cent for the same month in 2011, while the airport disembarked number was 84,734, a variance of 33,481 or over 65 per cent.

August long stay visitors numbered 43,191 which represented a decline of 13.6 per cent over 2011, but with 77,601 disembarked passengers, a differential of 34,410 or around 79 per cent more.

As transit and transfer movements are shown separately, I think the discrepancy in these figures have to be explained. Are they residents returning home, people flying in for visas for the day and not occupying accommodation or who? Clearly, it could make a massive difference with the sustainability of airlift.

The gaps get even bigger in the winter months. As an example in January, 101,738 disembarked passengers yet only 52,619 long stay visitors. In fact, if you average the first eight months of 2012, the number of disembarked passengers is nearly double that of long stay visitors.

What also appears inequitable is that the same rationale for recovery of costs that is applied to the airport, does not seem to apply to the seaport. We are told the stated justification of massive hike in departure or services fees, is to cover the true costs of GAIA Inc. But if the BOLT financed Sugar Point Cruise Terminal becomes a reality, will the repayments be totally funded by port fees and other charges directly related to servicing the cruise ships?

So many questions, so few answers.

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  1. @Adrian

    In the case of our own airport, Grantley Adams International (GAIA), the taxpayer may never know the answer, because even though the facility is wholly owned by Government, it feels no obligation to publish its annual audited accounts for public scrutiny. A polite request made a few days ago for their latest fiscal statements, met with a deafening NO!

    Is there a legal basis to refusing your request? Is GAIA mandated to make financials public?

  2. David, I sincerely believe that ALL wholly owned Government (taxpayer) statuatory corporations should be made to publish their accounts within a perscribed period (ie: six months from end of each financial year).
    This should also apply to organisations like the Barbados Tourism Authority, which went years without preparing audited accounts.
    It is NOT Government monies they ae spending, it is the taxes we are generating.

  3. Something is fundamentally wrong when tax payers are denied information on how their tax dollars are spent. It there is nothing to HIDE why all the secrecy? This speaks volumes on how the government does its business. It seems that they take out of the pot without accountability and when it gets low they add more taxes to the population. That sounds like a criminal operation!

  4. Death and life have their determined appointments; riches and honors depend upon heaven.

    Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire.

    Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

    Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage.

    Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue.

    Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.

    Go before the people with your example, and be laborious in their affairs.

    Have no friends not equal to yourself.

    He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars turn towards it.

    He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.

  5. Annual audited accounts from government agencies, departments and ministries. Now here is an idea that would cause many a civil servant (high and low) to shutter. I can see the headlines now: Ministry implicated in serious embezzlement of government funds; audits revealed irreconciable differences in millions of dollars unaccounted for. Suspects in the case are ministers, permanent secretaries and project directors. Great collusion suspected in the embezzlement of millions of dollars. LOL…Lord let there be audited reports of ministry and respective departments

  6. When that airport was being corporatised the reason given was that it was to attain the accrual process of accounting and publish timely statements. My friend the Anti-American pounced on the Owen Arthur administration with the claim that it was all about raising the salary of the highest paid Civil Servant (an importee was planned) from that which the PS’s make to well over a quarter of a million dollars a year. The number was later significantly reduced to be in line with the PS’s. The Anti-American claimed that the PM had made it clear that all Ministers in Government were entitled to 3% more than the highest paid public servant administrators and a discussion ensued as to whether a Cabinet Minister should be treated as a CEO or an executive board director or just a director with a stipend. (Not sure how much the CJ makes, but he and the rest of the bench do not form part of the general administration of the public service). After all these years it seems like he Anti-American had a point … hmmmm

    • The following maybe of interest:
      Jamaica Welcomes Increased Seasonal Flights this Winter

      Visitors to Jamaica from the United States, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Europe and emerging markets like Russia and the Czech Republic, will now be able to experience direct service to enjoy the island’s diverse culture and natural beauty.
      “We are very pleased to see the demand for travel to Jamaica continue to grow on a global scale, allowing our tourism sector to remain resilient and competitive,” said Jamaica’s Director of Tourism, John Lynch. “Jamaica is more accessible than ever. The outlook for the upcoming winter tourist season seems encouraging and we look forward to sharing our hospitality and welcoming more visitors to our beautiful island.”
      The following flights have been added to boost Jamaica’s airlift services:
      USA• Delta Airlines is increasing its flights to daily service departing from John F. Kennedy International Airport beginning December 15, 2012.• Apple Vacations will reintroduce a weekly flight from the Greater Rockford Airport in Chicago to Montego Bay between January 28, 2013 and April 1, 2013.
      • JetBlue Airways will operate two daily flights from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to Kingston this winter as a continuation of their summer 2012 service.
      • AirTran Airways has increased its non-stop service from Baltimore Washington International Airport to Montego Bay from nine flights to 11 flights per week.
      • Sunwing Airlines will operate a new flight from Quebec City to Montego Bay starting December 14, 2012.
      • Air Canada Vacations will add a second flight from Halifax to Montego Bay from February 13, 2013 to April 30, 2013.
      • WestJet Airlines is serving Montego Bay with a second daily flight that started Friday, November 30, 2012 from Toronto.
      • WestJet Vacations has introduced new vacation packages from Toronto to Kingston, which launched on November 28, 2012.
      Latin America:
      • COPA Airlines will increase service to four times per week to Montego Bay from Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, Panama starting December 17, 2012.
      United Kingdom:
      • On November 16, 2012, Virgin Atlantic Airways added one flight per week from London Heathrow Airport to Montego Bay.
      • TUI has added one additional flight to Montego Bay for the upcoming winter season out of Gatwick Airport in London, which started on November 24, 2012.
      Czech Republic:
      • Exim Tours, a Czech tour operator, will offer a charter service from Prague to Montego Bay beginning December 28, 2012.
      • Look Voyage, a subsidiary of Transat, will reintroduce non-stop service from Paris, France beginning December 28, 2012.
      • Condor has increased its service to two flights per week from Frankfurt to Montego Bay, which began the first week of November 2012.
      • On January 1, 2013, Transaero Airlines, in association with tour operator Biblio Globus, will begin non-stop service from Moscow to Montego Bay for an initial three months.

  7. Can you tell us “How much of the enormous government taxes tacked onto flight tickets actually go toward the maintenance of our airports” in England where you belong?

  8. Jamaica’s crime statistics are so poor that they negatively affect the region when it is pooled as a destination. So this should mean one of two things, crime does NOT affect tourism or two Jamaica has people that know what they doing and we don’t … Hmmmm

  9. My goodness Adrian, it seems as though England charges Government taxes and other charges as well on tickets, not only Barbados.

    “Taxes, Fees and Charges are calculated by reference to the government taxes and airport taxes/charges payable by Ryanair on a particular itinerary. These may include government taxes, airport taxes/charges and passenger service charges. Additionally, Ryanair may charge an online check-in fee, a special assistance levy, an aviation insurance levy, flight delay/cancellation levy (EU261 Levy) and in some cases passenger security charges.

    Explanations of the taxes, fees and charges are detailed below:

    Fees and Charges imposed by the Government and the Airport

    UK Air Passenger Duty (APD) – Taxes such as UK APD levied each passenger on all flights which depart from a UK airport. The fees are as follows:

    £13 (GBP) per person for each UK domestic flight (£26 on a return UK domestic flight)
    £13 (GBP) per person for flights from the UK to an EU/EEA airport

    Government Tax – These are refundable government levied air travel taxes which are payable in certain countries (e.g.UK, Ireland, Germany). A refund administration fee applies to all applications click here for details

    Passenger Service Charge/Airport tax – This is a charge made by the airport authority to an airline for the use of the terminal, runway, emergency services, security facilities etc. In some cases this charge also includes the cost of passenger and ramp handling at the airport. This non refundable charge is made on a per passenger basis and varies from airport to airport.

    Other Fees and Charges

    Aviation Insurance Levy – This aviation insurance surcharge was introduced after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Governments no longer covered airlines for acts of terrorism and consequently airline insurance costs rose dramatically. The charge is €5.99 per passenger/per flight and similar measures have also been taken by airlines worldwide.

    PRM Levy (passengers with reduced mobility) – This charge is €0.50cent per passenger/per flight for the provision of special assistance services at airports for passengers with reduced mobility..

    Flight Delay/Cancellation Levy (EU261 Levy) – This charge of €2/£2 per passenger/per flight has been introduced to defray the unrecoverable costs of passenger care and compensation incurred by Ryanair when flights are delayed or cancelled following ‘force majeure’ events such as the volcanic ash airspace closure, adverse weather, air traffic control strikes, failure of airport infrastructure, unexpected aircraft technical problems etc. Upon reform of EU Reg. 261, to include an effective right of recovery clause and a non discriminatory “force majeure” clause then we will reduce and/or eliminate this levy altogether.

    ETS (Emission Trading Scheme) Levy– This charge of €0.25/£0.25 per person/per sector has been introduced to meet the costs imposed by the European Union on air passengers (but not train/ferry or coach travellers) under its 2012 Emissions Trading Scheme. Ryanair believe that European aviation should not be included in the ETS scheme since it accounts for less than 2% of the EU’s man made CO2 emissions. This new ETS tax is the latest in a long line of cost increases imposed on Europe’s air passengers by the European Commission.

    Administration Fee – To defray the substantial costs incurred by Ryanair managing and maintaining our reservation system an administration fee applies to each passenger per flight. All bookings will incur a €6.00/£6.00 administration fee per passenger/per one-way flight.”

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  10. @Carson C. Cadogan
    “My goodness Adrian, it seems as though England charges Government taxes and other charges as well on tickets, not only Barbados.”

    Yes Carson Cadogan they do, but take a look at the British Airports Authority (BAA) website.


    My goodness Carson, unlike our Airport and other government statutory corporations BAA actually have financial statements and all manner of information and statistics available and they everything is posted on their website.

  11. Eclecticism refers to the studied use of systems or processes from various sources. Generally it assumes improvements on existing paradigms: generally

    The US Senate Way & Means Committee is the primary fiscal committee for the Washington State Senate. The Committee has responsibility for developing operating and capital budgets and tax and pension policy.

    It is one of the most powerful institutions in the US and as part of its operations discloses any and all information on the apportionments it makes rather approves

    There is no single department that It oversees or facilitates that does not undergo the scrutiny of the general public, all of its records fall under the FOI.

    The more one examines the rules of engagement in Barbados for Goverrnment, statutory boards, and the whole slew of government funded/subsidized agency one starts to see the entrenched corruption mechanism which have been purposely embedded to shore up the pockets of ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Directors (by the way what is going on at the Coastal Zone Management Unit?) and of course the mistresses of the incumbent officer.

    The unauthorized allocation of an NHC house to my 3 girlfriends that I fuc*ing, the use of myML vehicle by my boyfriend, the trip of my woman wid me to London as my PA the list of misdeeds is unending and the shennanigans that are employed to cover it up will fill this blog.

    If i want a kick back when i issue a tender to build a prison or a wharf, it will rarely go to local providers but will always land on the desk of some unkmown foreign company, sometimes one that i incorporated in the UK and populate with UK denizens of unknown origin and milk my country of FOREX over the years of the neverending contract that i get my PS to sign.

    Darcy would know bout dis for when the BTII do all dem underhand deals he and a few of his cohorts come out swimmingly. But now he wash his hands in the Blood in the Lamb so when he pontificating bout integrity legislation i does tell people doan stan too close so dat when de lightning bolt come down dem doan get hit too.

    GAIA like the MTW was annuder Minister great idea to hide way the gravvy train that feather them pocket during the lean season. Follow the money. Look at the lifestyles of the Accountant ** and the Chief Purchasing Officer at Data Processing and a retard can see that pun de government salary dem earning it is impossible fuh any one of them to have a fully paid mortgage on dem hunreds uh thousands dollar house fully paid off in 5 years.

    That is what integrity legislation and FOI supposed to do unearth the corruption but why would i pass both if it gine be de very gallows and guilotine that i get hang/beheaded pun.

    Saul was also once annointed as a man who upheld the Word of God but fell from grace, the difference here is that these scoundrels were charlatans when they were hired to the respective jobs and as it were, we expect them to be washed in the Blood like Owen, Darcy, Keith, David and Mia, converts to integrity overnight.

    If a third political party were to be launched tomorrow with some men and women wid known backbones, both the DLP and BLP would loose come the next general election.

    GIve us in BIM a few good men, wishful thinking to be sure.

  12. Nostradamus | December 18, 2012 at 7:10 AM

    And where are the statistics about the child who drowned on your property?

    Just asking a question!!!!!!

  13. @Notradamus

    You can make the point that the price structure at GAIA must be sensitive to reflect we are a tourist destination. The financial business at GAIA is the taxpayers business.

  14. This from National Post article at


    “Air Canada unveiled its new low-cost carrier and leisure group Tuesday under a new brand, rouge, targeting several new leisure destinations in Europe and the Caribbean starting in July”

    “Air Canada rouge intends to fly to Venice, Italy, Athens, Greece, Edinburgh, Scotland, and several destinations in Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica”

    There is no indication Air Canada intends to reduce existing routes; but it indicates that future focus to leisure destinations will be on the “new low cost carrier”; which apparently does not have Barbados in its radar.

    • A list of hotels closed from 1996:

      1996- Hotels

      Barbados Howard Johnson
      Club (The)
      Golden Beach
      King’s Beach
      Kingsley Club
      Long Beach Club
      Sand Beach
      San Remo
      Tropical Sunset Beach Resort

      Pink Coral Inn

      Sun Rentals
      Toby’s White Sands


      Andrea On Sea
      Eastry House
      Ginger Bay
      Golden Beach (part of Asta)
      Half Moon (Now Turtle Beach)
      Ocean View
      Robin;s Nest


      Guest Houses
      Tides Inn



      Guest House
      Summer Place On Sea

      2001 – Hotel

      Sunhaven Hotel

      2001 – Apartments

      Leeton on Sea

      2002 – Hotels
      Oasis Hotel (other name was Sichris)

      2002 – Apartments
      Freswater Bay

      2003 – Hotels

      Bagshot House
      Club Rockley Barbados
      Inn On the Beach
      Oasis Hotel
      Regent Hotel
      Sam Lord’s Castle
      Sun Haven

      Guest Houses
      Shell’s Guest House

      2004 – NO CLOSURE

      2005 – Hotel

      Caribbee Hotel
      Glitter Bay
      Villa Nova

      Coral House
      Gentle Breeze

      Guest House
      Pegwell Inn

      2006 – Hotels

      Caribbee Hotel
      Coconut Creek
      Glitter Bay Silver Rock
      Silver Rock

      2006 – Apartments
      Coral House
      Fred La Rose
      Fairholme Hotel & Apartments

      2007 – Hotels

      Long Beach Club

      2007 – Apartments

      Gentle Breeze

      2009 – Hotels

      Sandy Bay
      Tropical Escape

      2009 – Guesthouses

      Just Home
      Sandy Ground Holiday Accommodation

      2010 – Hotels
      Silver Sands Resorts

      2010 – Apartments

      Oceans 11
      Poinsettia Apartments
      Summerset Apartments

      2010 – Guesthouses

      Dreams Guest House Apartments

      2011 – Hotels

      Silver Sands Resort

      2012 – Hotels

      Almond Village Resort

  15. 2001 – Hotel
    Sunhaven Hotel

    2003 – Hotels
    Bagshot House
    Club Rockley Barbados
    Inn On the Beach
    Oasis Hotel
    Regent Hotel
    Sam Lord’s Castle
    Sun Haven????????


  16. 2002 – Hotels

    Oasis Hotel (other name was Sichris)

    2003 – Hotels
    Bagshot House
    Club Rockley Barbados
    Inn On the Beach
    Oasis Hotel???????????
    Regent Hotel
    Sam Lord’s Castle
    Sun Haven


  17. 1997

    Andrea On Sea
    Eastry House
    Ginger Bay
    Golden Beach (part of Asta)
    Half Moon (Now Turtle Beach)
    Ocean View
    Robin;s Nest


  18. Different approach … by far from everything else that I have witnessed this year … Different and for me the good thing is NO WHITE PEOPLE. This is not a kiss ass approach the BTA has got that part right. But is it effective enough …? Man David have them give me a call do

  19. David, Nice –
    BUT its the 19th December – 1 minute 27 seconds, so where is it going and no call to action (website or 1 800 number)

  20. And secondly, if you are trying to get people to log onto the national website (visitbarbados.org) they will STILL find the Food Wine and Rum Festival being advertised even though it ended ONE month ago and Run Barbados which finished TEN days ago. I emailed Clayton Reid, the CEO of the BTA ‘ad’ agency over two weeks ago and he promised that he would deal with it, but nothing.
    Does this look like ‘we’ are on the ball?

  21. @Adrian

    One has to assume that there is other collaterals. This video is promoting brand and other pieces will do call to action.


    Like the MoT stated in the House yesterday, utilising the Ad Agencies on Madison Ave is an expensive business.

  22. The White Paper seeks to bring a structured approach to the development of the tourism sector. The section on inter-sectoral linkages addresses a key issue long ignored by the Barbados Labour Party. The model for tourism development in the WHite Paper essentially provides for balanced development in the different sectors.

    James Paul

  23. David,

    January – August long stay visitor arrivals from UK/Europe

    St. Lucia UP 3.8 per cent
    St, Maarten UP 6.7 per cent
    Puerto Rico (Jan-July) UP 10.8 per cent
    Dominica (Jan-Sept) UP 7.6 per cent
    Curacao UP 6 per cent

    Barbados DOWN 8.1 per cent

    I don’t find it helpful that the CTO now put the category as Europe rather than the UK and Rest of Europe.

    I also heard the MOT tallking on the news last night about seperating the BTA into TWO organisations again and am puzzled why after five years he is talking about it again, knowing that it cannot happen before the next election. This cannot be blamed on the global recession. If anything it would have saved money, rather than cost money.
    WHY hasn’t it happened in the last five years.

  24. David,

    and sorry, I don’t accept the idea about other collaterals as you should use all available avenues. I notice you skipped the [points about the stagnant national website.

  25. Usain Bolt and Bob Marley … Jamaica. Who the f*ck will Barbados have after Rihanna …? People who do not see the relevance of having entertainment icons should refrain from making public comments. How the hell after all the years of failure can the Barbados Olympic Association elect the same Jack Asses to run the affairs of this vital promotional vector. Put me in the same room as the Minister and PS that hold responsibility for the Cultural Industries and sport and you would be guaranteed some good ass whipping ..

  26. From following the debate in the Senate today it appears both Opposition Senators were absent. One would have thought an important debate like the long awaited White Paper on Tourism would have merited attendance by at least one of them.

  27. David,

    Yes! our major industry and the two opposition senators don’t feel the need to contribute. I listened to some of the discussion and much of it was ill-informed. Even heard one Senator describe the USA as a biggest market source. With policy direction coming from people who really don’t understand the sector, its know wonder we are in such a mess.

  28. Sun, sea & sand + nightlife
    Clean up the beaches, both from litter and undesirables. Have police patrolling in dress appropriate for the beach – polo shirts and shorts. Trainers and baseball caps. Make them EFFECTIVE. Take the bums off the streets of Bridgetown. Give them jobs keeping the city clean and give them back some dignity.

    Eco tourism
    Make Greenland the centre for activity. Hikes, horse riding, even mountain biking. Open and sign post the trails throughout the island. Maintain the trails and make them walking friendly. Grade them according to difficulty. Keep the 4×4 and bike scrambler loonies off the countryside, they are destroying it. Greenland is also a natural amphitheatre and could be used for large shows such as Pick o’ de Crop. Sculpture the hillside to accommodate seating. At least something could come out of the $40 million spent there.

    Sports tourism
    Cricket, swimming, football, golf, polo, rugby, hockey, athletics. The National Stadium needs a serious upgrade to make it into an actual stadium, instead of rows of shabby concrete steps surrounded by barbed wire. With an upgraded stadium with proper grass (they have it at the Oval), international teams can be invited off-season – teams from the English Premier league and S. America – tournaments. Organise an international rugby seven-a-side competition. Invite US swimming teams to train here. Push off-season cricket tournaments. I mean you can go on and on with sports.

    Cultural Tourism
    Music, art, architecture.
    We gave birth to the world’s number one superstar, and other groups and solo artists from Barbados are making waves. Organise pop and blues festivals – others have already done the jazz and we will be playing catch-up. Restore the great houses – keep the evocative warehouses on the waterfront and convert them instead of destroying them. Signpost buildings of significance in Bridgetown – tours. Potteries, handicrafts. Cut the taxes on intra-Caribbean travel.

    For each of these areas, the BTA should have a Brand Manager – person who will define the product and make sure that it is marketed within its own niche. BTA offices overseas will tune in to each Brand Manager. I believe that all of the above could be achieved by spending just a fraction of what is needed for Four Seasons. When these things become real, there will be no shortage of private capital to invest in such projects, because Barbados will be alive again – people will want to visit. Each of these areas will give rise to a new generation of entrepreneurs.

    In my opinion we fail as tourism planners because we do not have the ability to put ourselves in the position of the visitor. We ask them what they like and dislike but we do nothing about it either way.

  29. Peltdownman,
    so many useful suggestions and agree with almost all of them. Look at what Sir Charles did with his reservoir and the same could happen with Greenland, plus surplus water could be used to turn St. Andrew into our food basket.
    I would be the first to replace one of those lawyers on the BTA board with you, if I had the opportunity.

  30. @ Peltdownman
    Excellent suggestions.
    However they are all pretty intuitive, and it is clearly through such initiatives that our competitors have passed us.

    Unfortunately, the REAL PROBLEM we face is not the ability to see such ideas, but the ENTRENCHED INTEREST in maintaining the current status quo which does not facilitate the implement of your excellent ideas.

    Take Sport.
    Why would administrators, after having been in position for over 20 years, fight so earnestly to continue in position when it is clear that totally new approaches which are outside of their capability are needed to accomplish the kind of goals that you have articulated?
    Answer that.

    Take Tourism.
    This is a quickly evolving industry. If it is run by persons who have vested interest (in hotels, tours etc) why would they be open to totally new areas (such as cultural development of Scotland District), UNLESS they can first buy land there, or somehow position themselves to profit from this new development? It is FAR easier for them to try to maintain their old ways to the very end….

    The same analysis can be applied to policing, littering etc….

    Bottom line
    Barbados is run by a set of selfish, dishonest persons whose whole interest is self enrichment and self praise. They have lots of skeletons in their closets and therefore CANNOT be open and transparent, and they NEED to stay in position to protect their secrets… Even when it is clear that they are in way above their heads…

    Most strikingly, there is a strong reluctance by most of these people to take decisions which result in SUCCESS for the majority ethnic population. They actually prefer to SELL OUT to foreigners or allow the businesses to fail- before facilitating such a “travesty…”

    Now tell us how to solve THAT problem…..

  31. @ Peltdownman | December 20, 2012 at 7:57 AM |

    Like Adrian Loveridge I also ratify your “To Do List” for the salvation of the tourism industry.
    Barbados is in need of an immediate clean up.
    The thing is that the politicians are aware of this. Heard Senator Bend commenting in the Upper House only this week on the sorry state of the place especially along the main gateway to the city (to use his words) that is, Bay Street.

    What I would add to your list, though, is the building of an offshore reef to attract more fish and divers from overseas. The sea is this country’s major natural resource which we fail to exploit effectively but in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner.

    What can we do with the thousands of derelict vehicles mainly of Japanese disposable vintage now despoiling our once beautiful landscape and cosy residential districts?
    The authorities must understand that the protection of public health is a prerequisite for sustainable tourism. No one will want to visit a country where there is any outbreak of diseases on an epidemic scale. We cannot talk about promoting health or eco tourism when our house is filthy and harbouring rats and other vermin.

    Peltdownman, you are on to a good thing and that is no hoax (LOL!!). But how come you are ‘in like Flynn or even flint’ with this administration and they are not taking you seriously or recognizing your insight and abilities by putting you on the BTA Board or even the SSA?

    The miller still supports you on this quest to diversify attractions and a return to Bajan cleanliness to bring real meaning to the motto “Pride & Industry”.
    These are achievable and can’t be blamed on the international recession or even the last administration.

  32. @Miller
    I think you have the wrong person. I am not “in like Flint” with either political party. I’m totally disillusioned by both of them.

  33. @ David
    Isn’t part of the solution gathering ideas/suggestions like Peltdownman’s to help to mobilze Citizen Sleepers?
    …or do you mean to “frustrate” the few half awake sheep?

    What impact do you think it has on such persons when perfectly logical ,and obvious ideas as those suggested by Pelt are continually offered, and discussed – without any results being seen? why do you think Baffy plans NOT to vote…?

    How does it address our situation when sensible suggestions WILL NOT be implemented because it will upset the petty personal plans of the very ones with the authority to implement?

    …come on David. The obvious requirement is that we FIRST address THE obstacles to implementation….

    • And Bush we all can agree but for change to be mobilized/sustained there must be active participation by John Citizenry within government from ground up. Here is the catch. History shows there must be a ‘spring’ or ‘disobedience’ by ordinary citizens. BAFFY is surrendering and this is why he will not get support from BU by disengaging.

  34. @ Peltdownman | December 20, 2012 at 10:58 AM |

    Glad to know! Now we can deal.
    Good Luck my friend with your suggestions that are perfectly sound and workable; and most of all not involving the borrowings of millions. No need for any long drawn out expensive studies and opportunities to line the pockets of consultants and party friends.
    Only thing required is the political will to start things in motion. Everything must be done with RE and ‘green’ technology at the forefront.

    BTW, PDM, what is your take on this Four Seasons Project?

  35. @Miller
    I think that we are going to dip into the savings of this country’s citizens, then it ought to be on projects like the ones I suggested, which would still leave a lot of change in the kitty. These suggestions will not take years to accomplish, and if they result in making Barbados more attractive for visitors of all income levels, the the private sector both here and overseas will see the value in investing in the Four Seasons project. Foreign direct investment will once again become popular. One caveat. Any future shoreline investment should be ONLY in re-development of existing premises, with no new beachfront areas being exploited. The monstrosities at Road View should be sufficient warning as to how to totally ruin the look and feel of Barbados.

  36. One major omission Peltdwonman’

    Sex Tourism … I say recognize and accept it as fact and show a few brandishing bucks stripped to the waist in some of the tv commercials …!

  37. Baffy, knowing the way your mind works, I should have done. You need to get away from those computers! Merry Christmas!

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