Farmer Bim Agro Confidence….Armtag !

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Sweet potato fries

After watching last night’s news (17 October) on CBC TV, most of the viewers including a latent society of farmers, financial thinkers, and every other recently concerned citizen, were probably left into a state of disbelief, with the bold inventive of Armtag. Finally, good news and common sense seemingly has prevailed and blessed these now bankrupt thinking shores. One well known Barbadian forerunner family, the Armstrongs, has again struck ‘compos mentis’ and a possible gold mine, revealing their eagerness in reinvesting in our “hills and dales beyond recall.” You heard it right, unlike some near Graeme swamp, they have found faith and shown the potential and good foresight, in revamping agriculture…after all…“it’s all we got.”

Have you visited KFC lately? On the menu nowadays you can have golden spigots of a once true Bajan staple, sweet potatoes, instead of lame french fries, with your broasted bajan raised six week tender broiler bird. The novelty, a well thought of spin off from Armtag farms. Delicious too one must admit and catching on like wildfire. Sweet potatoes fries definite not a lame dick chip. Armtag Farms now maverick, last night proudly displayed their investment in machinery, washers and graders. They also informed of 150 acres planted in sweet potatoes, 100 acres in cassava and plans to pursue eddoes cultivation, in order to meet demands. Worthy plans and endeavors by all means. Not only are cassava and sweet potatoes healthy fibers to consume, but by this newly founded thrust, Barbadian business may once more see profitability in arraigning with agriculture.

Maybe now those up there at the Ministry of Agriculture will call up John Deer and enquire as to why those five tractors The Minister informed the public were on order, have not gotten here yet. Ah mean….“we going on three months now and not one of these Green Machines“…Just picture if MOA started planting sweet potatoes, yams and corn again. Our food import bill could be seriously dented and Bajans who are now very responsive to healthy eating and buying bajan…would certainly commit. Gran mudda always used to say “strike when the irons hot“…Mr. Estwick, why ya so hard ears?

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  1. Those ideas are nothing new, If you check you would find that such a plan was submitted to the BADMC as far back as 2002 (which they refused to returned), to enlist the farmers in their so-called “land for the landless” program as suppliers of these crops for processing into convenient foods for the local, north american and uk markets (i.e. where there is a high concentration of west indian communities), But the then arrogant blp pimps who were managing badmc at that time thought such a plan was good for a black boy to be pushing and so it was tossed aside.
    Surely the longest head row has an end!!!!!
    I am watching to see where this will go………..

  2. We got into trouble once with a guest that ‘demanded’ chips. We tried to explain that we refuse to buy imported frozen chips (french fries), and that subject to time, we would gladly peel potatoes and prepare them, heat cooking oil and fry them, but it would not be an instant thing. Even the potatoes (white English) that we buy, are often partially rotten and ridiculously expensive. I wonder if anyone has ever calculated exactly what we spend on imported french fries and potatoes annually.
    Personally, I am 100 per cent behind any local initiative that would reduce our food import dependency and support efficient local farmers.

  3. Gold mine indeed. Using a simple calculation of 2,500 lbs yield per acre
    on 150 acres planted, Farmer Bim is set to reap gold spigots indeed
    150 x 2,500 x $2.50 = $937,500 x 2 turnarounds per season= BIG BUCKS,
    Hope Dr.Estwick is listening now.

  4. It seems strange that Sweet potato chips are nothing new to the USA and has been used by some fast food outlets for many years. Last year I was asked by a blogger from Oregon if we use sweet potatoes for chips instead of the Irish potatoes; She then told me that they were a favorite of hers and that she buys them from a fast food outlet in Oregon. They have been serving these chips for years.
    We should have been trail blazers since sweet potato is one of our main crops. Well it is better late than never so we will see how long this will last. Our excellent yam flakes fell by the wayside and still there has never been a revival. Let us hope this will not follow suit.

  5. @islandgal

    In his last paragraph pushes the government to show more urgency as well he should. However it must be said in the boom years the BLP government focus was on services. Circumstances around us have changed.

    Never too late indeed!

  6. Mr. Ministers how about supplying the cruise ships with fresh sweet potatoes chips,and breadfruit fritters, liver cutters and steak fish even golden apple juice and mauby as a true Bajan novelty….. “Baxters Road comes Aboard “…….no need for casino shortbread….we have here more than enough local delicacies I am sure, cruise ship visitors would prefer ….than losing money every night with the extended birthing..

  7. IslandGal246,

    Thank you for the link to Burgerville and the links on their website to suppliers.
    Their Sweet Ptatoe chips seem to be supplied by Lamb Weston who employ 6,000 people and export to over 100 countries.

    What an opportunity for Barbados and I hope its followed through and supported.

  8. Substitute with tings bajan…mother sally, limbo, fire eating, drum beating , folk chorale, local girls dancing, local entertainers……ONE NITE A WEEK ON EACH BOAT……picture the employment, and $$$$ exchanged.

  9. WE LIKE UM……so how come we are this late? Sweet potatoes been here since the donkey cart days. This is definitely a winner.

  10. Those of you who have looked at the Burgerville website you can see how they have used pumpkin in their milkshakes. WE HAVE GOT TO BE MORE INNOVATIVE! We are too afraid of our own shadow than to try out new things. We have to remember that not all of what we like and produce will make a crossover into the export market. We need to have some passion fruit farms processing the fruit for the local market. Passion fruit is another product that has an international appeal and demand. Guyana and Belize are doing a thriving trade exporting this commodity. There is also a purple sweet potato from Hawaii that is used for desserts, the colour alone is vibrant and has an instant appeal. LET US GET OFF OUR LAZY BACKSIDES and START SOMETHING TODAY! STOP WAITING ON GOVERNMENT TO DO EVERYTHING! The problem with government assistance is that there will be too many stipulations from ignorant people who know NOTHING about agriculture and food processing . The government will want their slice too in the form of taxes and so will the facilitators, so my suggestion is to KEEP DEM TO FRANCE OUT and go and do your thing.

  11. Do anyone remember Carmeta Fraser and her intense locally grown food promotion? She created recipes from our fruits and food crops and documented them in a recipe book
    She also had a food promotion program on CBC so this is nothing new. It just show that there has been a lack of vision for agriculture. It’s like sports..never taken serious

  12. i find this totally embarrassing that black bajans should have to wait for some one to (bajan white) to tell them about utilizing sweet potatoes for chips. how simple can u blogger be? most of u are middle age judging from ur writing and u are all acting as if this is some new discovered miracle. why do u have to wait for the man in white to enlighten u? sickening and down right embarassing

  13. @ Pinkie
    i find this totally embarrassing that a plunker should expect a sweet potatoes to just so amorphous-ize, but to a wigging chip. Most middle dick bloggers know that plunkers indicate a porker ready for spickin which ever color it maybe and good but for one thing, a hunker dung drip.

  14. But if the farmer /inventor from Six-Roads, who is a regular contributor on the call-in programmes, had come up with this project, it would have been given the same treatment as his Animal Feed ,and his other projects

    • @Boy Blue

      Vincent Layne has been pushing his blue belly lamb suggestion i.e. to the fast food chains for years without success. Now that Leroy McClean is in position perhaps he (Layne) will get a hearing because BU understands McClean’s phd in about black belly sheep.

  15. @ David | October 19, 2012 at 6:34 PM |

    You will hear from Leroy McClean on the great business opportunities of our black belly sheep when his party is in Opposition and wants to stoke the fire under the government.

    Now that he is at the helm of the BIDC he drops such interest like a Bajan hot sweet potato.
    The black belly sheep population has plummeted in the last 5 years at a much faster rate than sugar production with a concomitant significant increase in the importation of mutton passing as lamb from New Zealand from very old wool producing sheep slaughtered at least 1 year ago and kept frozen with chemicals like some cadavre in Two Sons mortuary.

    Leroy is on a mission to push the assembling of PCs in this age of smart phones and tablets technology. Even a black belly sheep would not be so stupid as to follow this path of 80’s and 90’s “industrialization” by invitation model of economic development.

  16. David did you check the company on the link in my post above.
    10 years ago I did a project for them and was surprised at the size of their operation.
    Sweet potato fries have been around for a long time but I hope this Bajan venture succeeds in producing for local consumption as a forex replacement and to help provide food security.

    As for Vincent Layne. Very bright man but he needs a financier and a lobbyist.

  17. @pinkie

    It is about execution and not if the idea has been around for a long time, EXECUTION!


    Yes, it is good to see a Bajan company actually pushing an initiative which makes sense.

  18. Ask Mr. Layne to approach Leroy CLICO Parris for finance….DEMS must learn to be honey makers and buzz like one. Don’t tell me Layne caller from VOB, could not think of this……or is the stratification too dense to transcend……

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