WANTED: Fourth Estate Not Beholden To Any 'Party'

Submitted by Hamilton Hill

Albert Brandford (l) Kaymar Jordan (c) Sanka Price (r)

It is 5:00pm on the evening of the tenth day of this the month of October, the day chosen by the extended arm of the Barbados Labour Party known as the Nation Publishing Co. to make what so far has to be its most brazen attempt to hoodwink the Fruendel Stuart administration. Barbados is two short hours away from an act of political prostitution of its fourth estate, headed by a group that over the past few years has perfected the art of creative deception. Only this group could manage to disguise a political meeting so well that it could be sold as a town-hall forum.This political meeting is being held for the sole purpose of trying to force the government’s hand in calling the elections, even though all of the experts {and let me be  first to admit that I believed them} said that a longer wait was to the detriment of the government. The stench of this exercise reaches to the high heavens.

The Nation’s editor Kaymar Jordan who will be the chair person of this political meeting was heard on brass tacks today lamenting the fact that the prime minister had refused to be a speaker at this event. With all due respect I say to the lady that gone are the days when children were made to go pick the whip to inflict lashes to their very own asses. Freundel Stuart nor any member of the DLP for that matter, has any business being in attendance at this seminar of shameless deceit hosted by a bunch of part time journalists/full time party hacks who are driven to satisfy the morbid cravings of Owen S Arthur. Should he ever develop a cancer this bunch should know even before his doctor, for their heads are so far up his ass how could they miss it? One might wonder from whence comes this malcontentedness?

To you I say that even before this government had taken its place, even before those leaving had properly vacated their offices the CHIEF POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT none other than Albert Branford authored a most disgusting, totally disrespectful piece titled “The Money Factor”. Less than two weeks into forming a government this rather than the usual WELCOME adorned the mat that the leading daily chose to lay at the feet of this government. The Dems and a leader with an inbred sense of entitlement, had purchased an election. This piece from the leader of the pack set the tone for the drivel the other members in the kennel of attack dogs fed this country since then, their speciality being selective journalism. No one can deny that this prime minister needs to do a better job of reaching the people of Barbados, but those in Kaymar’s Kennel have no moral authority to request such. Albert, Sanka, Pat and the rest turned a blind eye even when the mess managed to find its way right up to their door steps, or should I say into the editor’s office. These are the same attack dogs that were muzzled when Madame V’s car was pulled over. We know nothing about this news story. Why? Had nothing to do with Freundel. A fraction of what Barbados owes to Al Barack could have and should have been paid. Did we hear from Albert, Sanka, Pat or any of the others? Know why? Not often does a dog bite its owner. Barbados needs a fourth estate that can be seen as not beholden to any party. Like the CBC that cannot be said of the Nation Publishing Co. Let these attack dogs ask Owen Arthur if there is an impending lawsuit against Chris Sinckler or were they really secret meetings about laying off public workers. Let them ask him if divestment will be his chosen path to the same conclusion. {not we….de private sector lay off wunna} From David Gill that answer means nothing. For the sake of good governance like so many others all I ever wanted was balanced reporting. Like so many others I trusted the experts. Those experts tonight were on display.

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  1. it is so amusingly funny and hilarious to see the hypocrites of the bLP kiss Mia arss…… all because they want to win she must be loving every minute of it……………it must be good being mia and loved by all those men.LOL,,,,,

  2. Frank Talk

    You asked if Leader of Opposition is ill or out of the island.

    Onions and Miller nor even Prodigal did not say … however, from my observation, Owen is unable to withstand the rudiments of lengthy sittings upfront facing crowds since he took away the leadership from Mia through no other means but legal proceedings with what is called here in Bim ‘Gang of Five.’

    Owen has not responded to budget speech is not seen in Parliament very long and attend branch meetings just in time to speak and leave.

    My observation is that Owen is not very well – from past attendance requiring long speeches and standings.

    Onions et al refuse to say but if Owen is ill we ought to know. We will certainly find out during elections. He certainly cannot STAND UP to rudiments and rigours associated with canvassing and public meetings.

    Interestingly, he did not spend very long with Hinkson in St. James when Eastmond was being replaced.

    The truth is I don’t know if he is well or at home – I do know that when the leader of Opposition is invited Mia Mottley takes the leadership role (acting leader of Opposition) even when Owen is in Parliament.




    AGAIN fool me once shame on you … the BLP will not get a second chance to fool me.

  3. @ Miller ‘She will certainly be MIA (Missing in Acuity) if she were to commit political hara-kiri.’

    So Miller! Is that what you guys think of Clyde Mascoll???

    Funny, it would be similar. Are you Mia’s counsellor? Lionel Craigg said on air that he speaks with her at least once a week and advises her along the way. Lionel is confident that if she waits in the BLP that she would one day become PM – good sound advice from a veteran. No need for you to get frantic and panic responding to Frank Talk you revealed a lot in that comment.

    Boy are you nervous!!!!!!

  4. @ Brief
    You want to see Owen…..come to his next constituency meeting….I can show you him…..Like Mighty Sparrow says….he big and strong like a tiger..
    Was he not in Parliament this week speaking on TV re: Cuba…evidently Brief you are well endowed and gifted in talking shite profusely and shamelessly.

  5. @ Brief | October 13, 2012 at 9:01 AM |

    The leader of the Opposition is in the Island.
    What else you want to know? You can attend the Ch Ch South Nomination meeting this Sunday and pose those malicious questions direct to him.

    But really shouldn’t you be more concerned about the health of a man who has been in office for less than 3 years and has fainted on a number of occasions in public and is a serious diabetic with a dying appendage?

    Owen was in office from Sept. 1994 to Jan 2008. Fourteen years and by your reckoning should be 4 ½ time as sick as the man you refuse to express concern over his health.

    Just be careful, your remaining stay in this world might just be brief. When you get to the other side you can always consult King David and ask him why the grim reaper harvested him so early with many of his very close friends to follow soon.

  6. Onions calm down, take a deep breath – read my post again – I said MY OBSERVATION – your question then is did you see?

    No I did not see – I shall however research that and take a look at the recording.

  7. Miller according to the word of God it is brief like grass of the field, a flower. I am at peace with that.

    Wow Frank Talk you now have your responses. One question not answered Fellas … was Owen on island for the Talk Back?

  8. @ Brief | October 13, 2012 at 9:32 AM |
    “…. was Owen on island for the Talk Back?”

    You have already been told where and when to go to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.
    Since you are aware of your brief existence on this blue orb like blades of grass or like a flower that blooms in the morning but withers in the evening then you ought to more sensitive other people’s health issues and show some measure of respect.
    The DLP had 2 leaders that died in office we will not wish for a third. Take sense from that.
    I will not be so crude and insensitive to say put it in your pipe and smoke it.

  9. Wasn’t Tom Adams time brief? We did not have the same time to address nor reshuffle his cabinet during illness did he?

    What is your point though Miller? Stay on course the point is, the meat of the matter is – when the leader is called (YOU WANT O HEAR FROM THE PM) then we want to hear from the leader of the Opposition. Is Mia the leader of the Opposition or his representative. She could not speak for him nor his views on privatizing CBC.

    Alan Fields had great research and contacts to bring CBC to level of profit based on my recollection – Government changed – how is it that Mia could not speak to those discussions and research? Harold knows about them very well and he is not Head of Nation therefore he did not forget nor did he skirt around the issue. Does Mia know about them – then she was not the best person to attend the Talk Back because she could not talk back to that issue on CBC she would on the spot (talk back) now have to get back to the same public who was told they would get answers.

    CBC to privatize under the BLP government … hmmmh wonder how many of those employees would vote for BLP. Mortgage, Masters degrees to pay, children’s school fees, etc etc etc.

    The Nation cut and we know that Owen is very very very fond of Tdad aggressive business pursuits and acquisiitions – OCM network.

    AGAIN fool me once, fool me once, just fool me once and shame on you.

  10. If Owen passes he would still be in office (opposition) but office – it can happen on either side he is still MP isn’t he?

    And YOU ARE CRUDE but I forgive you Man, it is our calling to forgive, show mercy, compassion and unconditional love. God honours the humble – he is far from the proud.

    Keep good Boss Man.

    The BLP made DThompson’s health their business and the public’s business because he was MP and PM – face it. Now, use the same application of desire to know the health of leader to Owen Opposition leader TODAY and you will be BALANCE AND FAIR – integrity would be accorded to you.

    Where is Joseph Atherley? Mia asked us not to worry about her back then we should be praying for our PM (DT) when the Gang of Five ousted her should we be praying fervently now for our leader of Opposition to prepare him and the rest of us for the journey ahead?

    We do pray for him naturally I am just asking if the prayers now should be more intense?

  11. @ Brief | October 13, 2012 at 9:53 AM |
    ” Now, use the same application of desire to know the health of leader to Owen Opposition leader TODAY and you will be BALANCE AND FAIR – integrity would be accorded to you.”

    It would do you well to bear that axiom in mind

    A person fainting in public regularly is not a sign of good health.
    Your advice should be just as applicable and directed to Owen’s opposite number.

    Just heed what the son of your god is attributed to have cautioned people like you to do:
    “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

    Now obey the instruction and go and sin no more!

  12. Thanks Guys…
    “Was Owen out the Country or ill” was a genuine and innocent question as I read somewhere that he was absent from the forum. It was not malicious nor mischievous question (as some might assume) but Politics being what it IS I guess it was a question (under the circumstances) to get the reaction that it Got. However you guys got really Heavy. Please RESPECT the DEAD and DYING…for it is a Destination that WE are all heading TO… and remember: WE’VE all started the Journey.

    Now, Back to the ‘WELL and EARTHLY matter. Am I to deduce from Brief “…I do know that when the leader of Opposition is invited Mia Mottley takes the leadership role (acting leader of Opposition) even when Owen is in Parliament…”) that Mia will ‘Lead’ the BLP into the next Election…It sounds very Likely…health issues of the present leader (BLP) or otherwise…or perhaps someone else if not Mia. I wouldn’t know who…I’ve ben out of touch for too long but I have an inkling that it won’t be Owen – for whatever reason.

  13. Owen Arthur is in Barbados and chose to send his field marshal, Mia, to represent the party at the Talk Back forum. And she did a sterling job, to boot!

    Those questioning Mia’s answer regarding CBC are shameless. She said, in essence, that her party has not made a definitive decision and she would not want to make “instant policy” since it would have to be a party decision. What’s wrong with that?

    The shameful part is that the issue of CBC is on the table precisely because the present DLP government has gone way beyond any other administration in memory to silence the voice of the opposition on CBC.

    In the last years of the BLP government, David Thompson was seen on CBC perhaps more than Owen Arthur. Now the Opposition (which is constitutionally an arm of the Government) cannot be seen on CBC TV and are told that they would only be covered if they pay for a political broadcast.

    No Barbadian should try to defend that or ignore what is happening.

    But, I do feel that CBC should be sold, because both parties have misused it for their purposes. But it’s worst now than ever before.

    • A spirited defense was put by John Lovell of the CBC where his main point is: there is always room for public broadcasting. A private entity will not cover national events the way a publicly funded entity would.

  14. David B:

    ‘In the last years of the BLP government, David Thompson was seen on CBC perhaps more than Owen Arthur. Now the Opposition (which is constitutionally an arm of the Government) cannot be seen on CBC TV and are told that they would only be covered if they pay for a political broadcast.’

    I don’t know that your comments reference the DLP whilst in opposition had the same air time as BLP government.

    I do notice the current blatant absence of the BLP coverage and minimal to no airtime more often than not on the CBC.

    I recall the late DThompson saying that he would have been grateful if he was accorded the similar privileges as opposition leader that Mia then opposition leader was seeking on CBC. He said that it would do them well to remember their (BLP’s) actions meted out to the opposition when they (BLP) were in Government.

    I take note that you said ‘in the last years of BLP government …’

  15. @ Brief
    Why a Daniel indeed…a Daniel…..A pound of flesh exact…not as much as a scruple more…or one less…Brief why you are my Daniel at this 18th hour….now I search and ask of thee why?

  16. @ Brief

    I presume you were in Barbados prior to the last election. David Thompson was a nightly feature on the 7.00 p.m. news. It was hardwood, it was political meetings, it was everything the man did and said. And that is as it should be.

    The opposition has to be given a fair chance to make its case on the national television station, without being told they have to pay for a political broadcast.

    Everyone nowadays refers to CBC as “DLP TV”.

    I conceded in my previous post that both parties are guilty of misusing CBC for their own purposes, but it is getting worse.

    Who knows? The next BLP government may do as bad or worse than the DEMS are doing now.

    If there is no way to assure fairness to all political parties, then CBC should be sold. At least then tax payers money would not be used to push a partisan agenda on the national broadcast airwaves.

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